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I Fucked My Step Father
Sex in the family....  Crossing the line. - By Jenn

When my mom got pregnant, my real dad disappeared before I was even born. My mom hung out with a bunch of losers and I’m not even sure she knows for sure who my real dad is. My Dad is Ernie; and has been for as long as I can remember. Mom met him when I was 5 and they got married shortly after that. She cleaned up her life and we are a happy family. It wasn’t until I turned 10 that I found out that Ernie was not my real Dad.

 My name is Jenn and I am now nineteen and living with a terrific boyfriend and this is how I came about having sex with my step-dad.  As long as I can remember, Ernie was my main parent. My mom always worked nights as a waitress and she made good money doing it. Ernie works in an office and it was convenient for them both and me because I always had one parent taking care of me, no daycare or stupid babysitters. Ernie and I grew to have a very close and loving relationship with one another.

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jenn fucked her step dad

I spent my nights with Ernie playing and wrestling and watching TV or playing games. We liked to wrestle and Ernie and I were always pinching or spanking each other. As time went on Ernie spanked my ass more and more and pinching my titties. I didn’t mind; it felt so good.  By twelve or thirteen, I had developed a full blown crush on him. Ernie is a really good looking guy with slim waist and muscular arms and chest, and chiseled face with the nicest dimples and smiling eyes; a real hunk according to all my friends.

Like all girls, I started wearing sexier clothes and with this crush on Ernie, I would wear even less around the house at night when mom was at work or not around short thin nighties and cute cotton panties. We continued to wrestle a lot and more often than not, we would wrestle in his bed sometimes while we watched TV before I went to bed. I also sat on his lap in his big lazy boy reclining chair as we cuddled while watching something together on TV.

I would squirm and wiggle my ass against him and could feel his cock grow against my cunny until I was soaking wet and dripping from excitement. When it came time for bed, I would kiss him good night, pressing my budding tits, bare under my nightie into his chest.. When I climbed into my bed I’d slide under the covers and slip my hand into my panties to play with myself sometimes making myself cum three or four times fantasizing about my step-dad before I’d drift off to sleep.

Some nights I got a little too loud and I knew he could hear me. Many times though I could hear him through my bedroom wall as he stroked his dick until he came. I wondered if he fantasized about me. When I eavesdropped on him, my fingers would be so deep inside me, I would dream about how he would feel sliding his cock into me, I would completely soak my sheets when I came.  

One night while Mom was working late, I climbed into Ernie’s bed to watch some TV. We started our usual play fight, with him constantly pinching and twisting my nipples. They were tingling and fully erect poking through the thin fabric of my nightie.  I had just recently turned fifteen and I was curious about boys and thought I would ask Ernie since he was a guy and would know these things.  

Ernie then told me he knew. I looked at him and asked him what he knew. He looked at me, and told me he knew I had a crush on him and had known for a long time. I turned a deep red. He told me it was so obvious that even my mom knew I had a crush on him. I was mortified; she would kill me. Ernie then said that my mom told him many times that if he ever touched me, she would divorce him and slap his ass in jail so fast that the world would hear the loud crack of the sound barrier breaking.

Ernie said her threat scared him to death… almost. I sat quietly in front of him and told him I would always keep things between us a secret. I also told Ernie how I loved him so much and that he was the best thing in my mom’s life and in mine. I snuggled up to him and told him I wanted to keep talking. He wrapped his strong arms around me and held me as he listened to me as I continued.

I told him how turned on I got thinking about boys and that sometimes just the thought of a boy would soak my panties. I confided in him that I was scared my pussy was deformed. I told him I had seen some of my friends pussies while changing for swimming class and thought mine was so small compared to theirs and said I was scared that a guy would never fit inside me,

Ernie told me that most guys were not that big and that women were amazing creatures and our pussies could accommodate a lot. While we talked, my pussy became increasingly wetter. I told him how much I liked it when he pinched my tits, how they got hard and made my body feel full of electricity. Again I said I still thought I was too small to take a dick inside me. He argued with me that I definitely wasn’t. I insisted he was wrong and I pulled up my nightie, “Look Ernie, let me show you!”

My white cotton panties were almost transparent from being so wet; the patch of fine brown hair on my pussy was slightly visible through the thin fabric. I pulled the crotch to one side and showed him my pussy, “See!? It is small, way too small to have a dick fit in there!” I pulled my panties further aside and began to rub myself, showing him just how small I really was.

His eyes just stared transfixed on my pussy. “Jenn you really must not do that in front of me! Your mom will kill me!” he gasped.  I reassured him I wouldn’t tell anyone and expressed how worried I was that I was a freak of nature. “Look Ernie, it’s like there’s no opening at all!” I used both hands to pull my pussy lips open. I glanced at Ernie and saw his dick growing in his pajama pants. Looking into his eyes, I gave a coy smile and asked, “Ernie? Could you show me what a real dick looks like? I have seen pictures and a movie at Debbie’s house once but we giggled and never got a good look. Will you let me see it?”

Embraced in fear, he quickly covered himself, “NO!” he firmly replied. “That is out of the question, your mom would kill me! No way in hell.” My body was on fire, my wet pussy was hanging out my panties; I leaned over and began to tug on his pajama bottoms, “Please…I won’t tell!”  My fingers grazed across his hardness. “Stop!” he scolded, “Ok, I will but only if you sit back and you can’t touch! You have to promise. I really shouldn’t…maybe you should just go to your room and maybe talk with your mom about this or something.”

No Ernie, she doesn’t have a cock, I need to know!” I argued. “Well, if you sit back and promise not to touch, I will show you just this once,” he replied.  Ernie pushed his pants down along with his boxers and out sprung the very first real dick I had ever seen. He held it in his hand and it stood out about an inch or two beyond his hand. It was not nearly as big as I’d seen in the pictures, but it still looked too big to fit in my small pussy. I don’t know how long I stared at it and without thinking my fingers were back at my pussy rubbing my hardened little nib.

When I came back to earth, I asked Ernie, “Can I watch it cum? What does it look like when it spits? Does it hurt when it’s hard? Ernie I want to know so much. No one tells me anything and just assume I know.” Slowly Ernie began to stroke himself and said, “Let me watch you.  I want to see you without panties and play with yourself the way you do when I hear you at night.”

Without a word, I pulled my fingers from my pussy, grabbed my panties and tossed them off onto the floor.  I moved to the end of the bed so I could get a good view. My pussy ached and I began to rub it hard. Ernie stroked his dick as he watched me.  Then he said, “Take off your nightie Jenn, let me see your tits. I’ve hungered to see your tits for years.

I pulled my nightie over my head and was completely naked before Ernie. Ernie jacked off faster, his breathing heavier, licking his lips his eyes travelled up and down my young naked body. Seeing a real man for the first time made my pussy so wet, my body tensed and my orgasm hit me hard. I forced my eyes back open; I had to watch Ernie’s cock. Ernie groaned, and then suddenly his dick spewed. Cum flew through the air, arching it landing on his bare chest. Still pumping his cock, more fluid spewed out only not as high as his first spurt. Then it just bubbled up out from the tip, covering his hands and fingers.

I laid there panting; I wanted more. I looked closely at his deflating dick examining his cum while on my knees in front of him. I wanted to touch it but he motioned no as his breathing slowed. “Jenn that was amazing, truly amazing,” he said as I started to lick my wet fingers clean. Ernie then asked me to put my wet fingers in his mouth. I gave him my wet fingers and he licked and sucked and said, “You taste so good.” Surprised, I asked, “Do you really think so? Can I taste yours?” Before he could answer me, I scooped some cum off his chest.  I slowly brought it to my tongue and tasted it. It had a thick musky taste, not bad but different, sort of the texture of raw egg white.

Then Ernie told me that it could never happen again because he would go to jail if I ever told anyone as he pulled up his pants. I promised that would never happen and went to my room. I played with my pussy until it was raw thinking about the events that just happened. The following few nights, I did the same thing as I thought about Ernie’s fantastic dick. A week later while we watched TV on his bed, I started to play with myself again. I had to see his dick again.

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I slipped my hand down the front of my panties, rubbed my clit and found him staring. He slipped his hand into his pants, rubbed himself but kept his dick out of site. “Let me watch again Ernie,” I begged. He hesitated but then slid his pants down and stroked his hard dick. I stopped what I was doing so I could watch it all this time.  I pulled my nightie off and played with my tits just inches from him. His eyes devoured my body, his paces quickened and he moaned once again. He came hard just like the week before.

As soon as he stopped, I rolled onto my back, pushed my panties off and fingered myself until I came so hard. It excited me greatly to have Ernie watch me. As I came back down to earth, I felt the bed shake as Ernie got on his knees over me as he jacked his dick hard, his eyes glued to my tits and puss. I smiled at him as he jacked, then he moaned, pointing his dick at my tits, he exploded again all over me. Warm spurts after warm spurt hit my tits and ran down my young body.  

For the next few years, we would watch each other masturbate. It was so hot to watch him and then to listen to him and my mom fucking in the next room. I knew he was dreaming of fucking me, not my mom. One night after one of our masturbation sessions, he told me something I never forgot. He said, “Jenn you don’t have to give yourself away before you want to. I’ll tell you a secret; no man or boy ever went home mad from a date because they got a blow job. They may go home wishing they got pussy, but never mad because they got a blow job. That is the secret to keeping your virginity. Save it for someone you truly want.”

Then the next week he let me suck him off for the first time. I had sucked off a couple boyfriends but they were a little rough; holding my head, shoving their dick in my mouth trying to ram it down my throat. Ernie was different. He just laid back and let me suck him.  He enjoyed every minute of it and when he came, he filled my mouth. I had learned to like the taste from the few times he had let me stroke him. Over the years I had learned how to please a boyfriend with a blow job, but it was really him I wanted to please.

He always said he would never fuck me until I turned eighteen.  A few weeks after I turned eighteen Ernie was the man that took my virginity. It was the most amazing thing I ever experienced. His cock felt so good when it finally filled my pussy. It was definitely worth waiting for all these years. We have been fucking regularly ever since. I moved out across town with my boyfriend but Ernie and I still manage to meet once or twice a month while mom is at work bartending and my boyfriend is out with his friends. I still love him more than anyone but I know it is never going to be just him and me.

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