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Drugged And Fucked
We slipped some shit in her drink. - By Joe

So ok, a couple weeks ago a friend of mine at work told me he had scored some GHB, you know the date rape drug, from Mexico when he was on vacation. Now that he was home, he was having second thoughts about using it on someone. “Hell man! Sell it to me, your good buddy Joe. I’ll put it to good use.”

 I’m your typical twenty five year old male, about five foot ten inches tall, a hundred seventy five pounds, nice muscles but not buff or anything. I got my pussy but we’re nothing steady. So I paid my friend the forty dollars he said he paid for the drugs and set about with a plan.

To pull it off I enlisted my best friend Randy. We are a lot alike but Randy has a beard and mustache. We decide to each have a capsule handy and the first to get a lady would drink and dance with her and the one left behind would drug her drink. All week long we joked about the three D’s, Drink, Dance and Drugs! Woo hoo! We were going to have a party.

the slutty bar slut got drugged and fucked

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We decided to go to a nearby college town, Lawrence. It was known as a party town and the chances of us returning to the club anytime soon would be slim. Friday night we hit the club and sure enough, I saw this cute little blonde chick. She was pretty hot looking in her short skirt and sweater, nice looking tits and a great ass.  I could tell she was cruising for trouser trout by the way she was checking out all the guys and licking her lips and laughing about something with her girlfriends.

Finally a good dance tune hit the walls and I decided it was now or never. I went over and asked her for a dance and sure as shit, she was willing. The chick, Caitlyn was hot right off the bat. She was grinding on my leg as we danced. One dance led to another. I cupped her ass as she ground my leg, forcing it into her crotch. She was working my leg hard.

When the song stopped, I asked Caitlyn if she wanted a drink. She said sure and we went back to our table and I order rum and coke and for her a Long Island ice tea. She sipped her drink a couple times and another good song hit the dance floor so I motioned to Randy it was time.  Back out we went, my hands went right back onto her luscious ass. I pinched and cupped it as we danced.

Her crotch was rubbing my leg and she was shaking her tits moving like a stripper in heat. I leaned in and asked her if she wanted to step outside and smoke a joint as I had some killer weed.

She chirped right up, “Sure I’d love to!” When the song ended we walked back to our table. By the time we had got there, Randy had the GHB in her drink and mixed up good. I grabbed my rum and coke, motioned to her and said, “Bottoms up babe, I’ll buy new drinks when we return.”

Yeah right, this is the last drink of the night, I thought, laughing to myself while I watched her finish her drink.

Caitlyn, Randy and I walked outside to the car where I told her I kept the weed. By the time we got to the car, she was beginning to get wobbly. I lit the joint and she smoked probably two hits of the joint before she was gone. Randy handed me the joint as I drove off to my house, about thirty miles away.

That fucking Randy! No sooner was I on the highway that he had her top off playing with her tits. They were the size of a grapefruit cut in half and had tight nipples that popped out from them, encased in a nice brown areola. He was sucking and playing with them. I drove fast but wasn’t speeding. I wanted to get home quickly but without getting stopped by the cops.

When I looked back in the mirror, there was Randy with her skirt up and his hands in her panties fingering her cunt. “Shit Dude! Cut that out! I’m first ok? I danced with her and got her outside, I will tap that cunt first! I knew you should have driven.”

caitlyn passed out drunk

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 Randy just laughed, “Damn she is fucking wet!” He finger fucked her cunt hard and Caitlyn was moaning; she must be enjoying it. The drug had zapped her good but she was still with it enough to have some control of her body. I kept looking back in the mirror at them sweet tits. The last ten minutes to my place seemed to take forever.  

My dick was hard as a fucking rock. Randy and I had taken a Viagra each before heading to the club and our dicks were going to be hard all night long. When we got to my apartment we were pretty lucky there was a spot to park not far from my door. Randy didn’t even bother to put her top back on. He just yelled, “Get the door and I’ll carry her in.”

I walked quickly to the door and unlocked it; Randy was right behind me with her in his arms. He carried her right into the bedroom and tossed her right into the middle of the bed. There she lay, topless, her skirt flipped up showing her panty covered cunt. I kicked off my shoes and shirt while Randy was pulling off her shoes and then her panties. Not a prettier cunt could there be; shaved bare except for a thin landing strip that got a little wide the higher it went.  I had my pants off and was climbed into the bed. I licked at her delicious cunt a couple times but my dick was hard and I wasn’t fooling anyone, she was not here for her pleasure.  

I rubbed her cunt a couple times; she moaned lightly and spread her legs. Drugged or not she was a slut. I plunged my dick forward; it went in just past the head. I pulled back and shoved again driving it deeper. I yelled “Damn Randy This is fucking great! She’s got a perfect tight, wet pussy!” A couple more thrusts and I was balls deep in this dumb college cunt pounding it for all it was worth. The cunt felt so good on my dick.

Randy was trying to get a blow job out of her but she was too far gone for that. I grabbed her ankles and yelled at Randy. “Look at this Randy.” I shoved my dick in and out of her cunt. “Grab my camera buddy, come here and film this bitch! We can watch it later.”

Randy had my video camera off the dresser filming my dick as it plowed and abused the passed out cunt. Her legs pushed wide and fully open, I slammed deep and moaned, "Sorry dude, sloppy seconds," and began to fill her unprotected cunt with my hot cum. My dick was hard as steel and I just kept filling her with more and more cum. I finally finished and pulled out. “Shit Randy that was great! Hit that hole!”

Randy rolled her over onto her knees, placing a couple pillows under her stomach shoved his dick in doggy style. There was no working his dick in; her cunt was sopping and sloppy full of cum. “Damn Joe! She is still tight!” he screamed as his dick plunged in deep from behind, his balls slapping her clit. “I’m going to stretch this bitch out before the night is over,” he grunted. He pounded the little coed’s cunt with hard and long strokes as I videoed them. He pulled her ass cheeks apart and opened her up by fingering her asshole.  

“OK Joe, time for a new hole,” he muttered as he pulled his dick from her cunt, covered with my sticky white cum. He placed it at her ass and shoved hard. Caitlyn groaned and moaned but could not do anything to prevent it. He worked his thick long dick deeper into her ass.  “Joe if you think her cunt was tight, fuck man, you gotta hit this hole. It’s like a fucking vice!” He fucked Caitlyn’s ass hard, slapping her ass. He screamed as his nut burst, filling her ass with his cum.

 I had been jacking my Viagra hardened dick the entire time Randy was fucking her. As soon as his dick came out of her ass I shoved mine right into it. “This stupid bitch probably had a virgin asshole before tonight and I’m going to break it in good,” I grunted. I pointed the camera at my dick as I slammed into her back door. It was fucking awesome!” Looking up, I watched as Randy shoved his dirty brown cum covered dick into her mouth, forcing her to clean it. He then took the camera from me, placed it on the dresser with a shirt under it so it would catch all the action.

 “Roll over on your back with your dick still up her ass; I want to hit that cunt while you pound her good! Let’s break that bitch UP!”  I rolled over pulling her with me leaving her cunt wide open in the air for Randy's dick. He grabbed hold of her legs and slammed his dick in hard and deep. Poor old Caitlyn moaned in pain, unable to move or fight. We both pounded her good and hard for a long time before each of us filled her again with our hot cum.  

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her pussy was soaked

It was getting late or early should I say since it was beginning to get light out. We piled her half naked ass back into the car and drove back to the club. Randy found some Nissan keys in her purse. We hoped that it was in the lot some where. When we got to the club sure enough there was a pathfinder in the lot. Hitting the door locks the lights flashed, we were in luck. We opened the back door and put her on the back seat. I pulled her in from one door and Randy pushed from the other side. She looked so fucking hot topless in her short skirt. I could not resist staring at her fine young body. My dick hardened again. I pulled it out and began jacking off looking at her sweet tits. I was excited as hell and came in just a matter of seconds covering her face and tits. I yelled at Randy to take a look. He came around and saw her cum covered face. Excited, he yelled, “Joe that is sweet! Take a picture of me doing that from the other side.” I ran back to the car and grabbed my camera and watched Randy jack off. I reached in and flipped her skirt up revealing her pussy. Randy's dick was just inches above her head and tits. Quickly I snapped a few pictures; one right as he was cumming.

I shut and locked the door as randy did the other. We jumped back into our car to leave when randy saw her panties sticking out of my back seat. “Wait! Let me toss them into her car!” he yelled.  He jumped out quickly, but when he got to her truck, he found her doors locked with her keys and purse inside. He giggled doing what any other guy would have done as he hung her panties from her antenna.  While Randy and I drove back home, we began to plot about us going to Kansas City the following weekend. Maybe we could attempt an all weekend fuck fest on some other dumb unsuspecting cunt. Randy and I gave each other a high five and headed home for a good rest. After all, we were going to need our strength for the upcoming weekend!

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