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I Fucked A Dead Girl
The night shift janitor has a key to the hospital morgue . - By Jason

My name's Jason. I was born in a small town a little north of Birmingham Alabama and I've lived here my whole life. I work down at the county hospital. I'm the janitor on the night shift. I don't really like my job, but there ain't many jobs in these parts. To tell the truth, ain't much of nothing in these parts. Besides, no one around here likes their job - they just go to work, that's all. I'm twenty-four years old now and I been working since I was almost fourteen, and this is the best job I ever had. It ain't that hard. It's a regular paycheck and I got benefits like insurance and two weeks paid vacation coming to me every year. They even gave me a uniform.

I never bothered to finish high school. Didn't like it much. No one in my family ever went to school, and they're all doing alright. My ma don't do much besides eat, sleep, smoke cigarettes, drink beer and watch tv. I live at Ma's house. My big sister lives here, too. So do all her filthy nasty little kids. My sister don't know who none of their daddies are, and she don't seem to care.

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When I say Leeann's my big sister, I mean she's my BIG sister. My REALLY big sister. She's always been a little on the heavy side, but ever since she started drinking and having babies, she just got fatter and fatter until she's a real oinker now. She don't hardly never wear no clothes. I guess the guys who come to fuck her enjoy looking at all that stuff hanging everywhere, but I sure don't. I hate having to see her fatness, but I can't help it. Her huge tits hang down on her big belly. She has rolls and rolls of belly. She waddles her fat-assed body through the house all the time, letting everything shake and jiggle everywhere. It almost makes me sick. Sometimes she smells funny - like wet dirty clothes or moldy old cheese or something. She never finished school and she's not too smart and no one wants to hire a big, fat pig like her, so she don't have no job. She and all her brats get money and food stamps from the government and sometimes she gets money from the guys who have sex with her. I guess a lot of guys like that stuff because she has sex all the time. I hear her squealing through the walls. We all hear it. She ain't nothing but a big old fuckbucket.   

I go out with girls sometimes, but they're a whole lot of trouble. More trouble than they're worth. Besides, I done had most of the available pussy around these parts and most of it ain't worth having again unless I'm real drunk, real desperate - or both. So most nights it's just me and Rosy Palm and her Five Sisters, if y'know what I mean. I'm a cheap date, too - I don't cost myself much. I get drunk, jerk myself off and then go to sleep.

I bought myself a blow-up sex doll that one time when I went down to Birmingham with my best buddy Jimbo. For a whole weekend, me and him done nothing except get wasted and go to strip shows. It was the best time of my whole life. I'd never seen nothing like this doll before. You could stick your dick in her mouth, in her cunt, or in her butt. She was life-sized and I named her Amy. Once when I'd filled her butt full of hot, sticky cum, I rolled over on her by accident with a lit cigarette, and that was the end of Amy. I tried to fix her with scotch tape, but it didn't work for very long. I never threw her away though, and sometimes I still plowed her ass or used her mouth to jerk off in.

One Wednesday night last September there was a bad wreck out on the highway by the county line. We all heard the police cars and the ambulance. It was that asshole Nathan who owned the Nissan dealership in town. I'd never cared much for him - him and his friends always acted like they was way better than me. Like they was smarter than me. They's definitely richer than me. Made me feel lower than dirt. The bastard had been buzzing around a tight curve when he somehow lost control of his snazzy red sports car and smashed it right into a tree. He was already dead when the paramedics got there. They said he'd died right away.

Of course, he hadn't been alone in the car. Him and his friends always dated pretty girls. Rich girls. Daddy's little princess. Snotty tight-ass bitches. The girls usually made me feel even worse than the guys did. This one's name was Amanda. I'd known her since we was real little kids. I'd always liked looking at her. She was tall and thin with big round boobies and a hard little butt. She had long blonde hair. Light blonde, like an angel's hair. And she had white, white skin. But she was a nasty stuck-up bitch like all the rest. She'd been popular in high school - a cheerleader and all that. She'd never bothered to give me the time of day. I'd be surprised if she even knew I was alive. She'd gone away to college and had just graduated and come back here to live. We all wondered why. This little town didn't have nothing for her.

This is a little tiny shithole of a town. Everyone knows everyone else, and everybody knows everybody else's business. And people talk. They said Amanda was alive when cops got to the site of the accident. They said she'd even walked to the ambulance. And I heard she lived for a couple of hours after they brought her in. But she had a concussion, and her brain was bleeding. And with the closest neurosurgeon being more than two hours away from us, Amanda went unconsciousness and died before he got there.

Her daddy was super-rich and powerful and he was in Mobile on business that night. So the hospital kept Amanda's body in a private room in the E.R. until he could get there. After that, they took her down to the morgue til the funeral home could come get her body the next day.

Man oh man . . . I couldn't think about anything else . . . her naked body . . . just laying there . . . and nobody around . . . just thinking about it gave me a monster boner.

All the janitors have a masterkey that fits just about every room in the whole hospital. That key got real heavy and it started to burn a hole in my pocket. Finally, I couldn't stand it no more. A little past my 4:00 a.m. break, I finally decided to go ahead and give into temptation. I snuck downstairs and let myself into the morgue. I was real quiet. I left all he lights off and locked the door behind me.

It was dark and cold in here. I flicked my flashlight on and looked around. I'd only been down here once before. This place gave me the heebie jeebies. I had to look and look, but finally I found her. I pulled the sheet back a little bit, and there she was. I pulled the sheet totally off of her body and stared at her naked body for the longest time. She was by a long shot the prettiest naked woman I'd ever seen, even if she was dead. Except for a cut on her head, she was laying there looking like she was just sleeping.

I turned my flashlight off and stood there in the morgue in the dark and thought about it for awhile before I actually did anything. I tried to talk myself out of what I was wanting to do - I mean, she's dead, right ? A corpse. A cold, dead body. But what the fuck . . . I turned my flashlight on again. I couldn't stop staring at her. I reached out and touched her left nipple. It was hard and cold. I rolled it around between my fingers. Then I leaned over and kissed her on the mouth. I kissed her real easy at first, then a little bit harder. I put my tongue in her mouth but it felt weird so I stopped and I started playing with her nipple again. I looked down between her legs and noticed she didn't have any hair on her pussy. I thought that was weird. I ain't never seen a grown woman with no cunt hairs before.

My cock was massive now. It was as hard as concrete and was about to bust out of my pants. I was getting ready to jerk myself off when I had a better idea. I leaned over her body and touched her nipple again. Then I tongued it. I kept my eyes open and looked up at her pretty face while I slowly swirled her nipple around in my mouth. It was creepy how she just laid perfectly still and let me do it. Girls like her never let me do it. Girls like her never let me do nothing to them. I'd never even touched a girl like her until now. I felt the blood pulsing through my pecker.

I stopped and just looked at her again. She was so pretty and peaceful I forgot for a minute she was dead. Then I realized I really didn't care. I really wanted some of that. I reached out and grabbed her gorgeous breasts, one in each hand. They felt round and firm. I cupped them in my hands and tweaked her nipples. Then I kissed them and sucked on them. My cock was bucking like a wild bronco.

I ran my fingers over her cool, flat belly. Then I moved my hands slowly up the insides of her smooth white thighs and paused for a few seconds before I reached out and touched her bald pussy. I'd never touched a hairless one before. I wanted to touch it with my tongue. So I spread her pussy lips and stuck my tongue in and licked around in there for a couple of minutes.

I couldn't take no more.  I unzipped my pants and hauled my dick out. I couldn't remember the last time my johnson was this hard. I climbed up on the table and moved her thighs apart. Then I pulled her cuntlips open and shoved my penis deep inside her and started riding her.

I kept telling myself I was fucking a dead girl. Screwing a corpse. I also kept telling myself I didn't care. She felt good.

I'd always wanted to fuck a girl in the ass - bend her over, pull her buttcheeks apart and shove my hard dick right up her dirty old poopchute and work it in and out til time to shoot my hot gooey spunk all over her ass. But no one would let me. All the girls around here said it was gross and they made me feel bad for even asking. Most of them had started having kids really young, and their poor old pussies were all loose and used-up. I imagined a butthole would be a lot tighter. Just thinking about shoving my hard dick way up in a puckery little butthole always gave me a giant boner.

So I climbed off and rolled Amanda over on her belly. I spit on my hand and smeared it around her asshole. Then I pulled her buttcheeks apart and shoved my cock in her ass and shot my wad right away, which really pissed me off. I pulled out of her, climbed off the table and put my dick back in my pants. Then I rolled her over on her back again and covered her with the sheet. I left the room and locked up after myself. No one saw me leave.

I did my work, finished my shift, clocked out, and drove home. Like always, Ma was passed out in her chair with a beer can in one hand and the remote control in the other. Leeann's bedsprings were squeaking and I heard her moaning. I grabbed a cold beer and went in my room and turned the tv on. Damn. Just the news. But hey ! There was Amanda's picture plastered all over the tube. I remembered what I'd done to her. I pulled my dick out and started stroking. Man ! I was going to sleep g-o-o-d tonight.

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