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Truth Or Dare
I watched my boyfriend suck a cock. - By Brianna

My best friend Whitney and I waitress together, and we both attend Houston Community College. I recently moved out of my mom’s house and now live with Whitney. We love our new place, but with not much money coming in, we have to be creative about entertainment. Last week, after we got off our shifts at Outback, we took turns taking showers and invited our current boyfriends over. We ordered pizza, picked up way too much alcohol for one night, and got some board games out of the closet. We were all set to play Pictionary when the boys arrived.

They showed up at almost the same time and made some awkward hellos. They’d only met each other a few times in passing.

All four of us drank heavily while Whitney went over the rules of Pictionary as if none of us knew them. The boys kept asking stupid questions and making jokes. I rolled my eyes a few times. Whitney was supposed to go first, and I don’t even remember what she was supposed to be drawing, only that without intending to, she drew what looked a giant cock and balls on the sketch pad. We were laughing so hard we couldn’t guess. Then Ted suggested we play a drinking game for a while and come back to Pictionary when we were drunk.

Whitney agreed, so we set up the kitchen table for a game of quarters and proceeded to get wasted. I don’t know if the boys were trying to lose or what, but again and again they had to drink, until Greg argued that he couldn’t play anymore. I razzed him a little, but Ted of all people stood up for him.

truth or dare

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We decided to head back to the living room and play some Truth or Dare. Greg shot me a look when he made this suggestion and I blushed. We’d met at a party when someone dared him to walk up behind me and grab my crotch. I was wearing a super short skirt and he and his friends kept checking out my ass, and when he wouldn’t answer some truth, he agreed to sneak up behind me and grab a handful of snatch.

He did it and probably expected to get slapped, but instead he got a mouthful of pussy that night and found out what a sex fiend I was. Since we hardly had any money to go out, my favorite thing to do was fuck. Greg’s friends were all pissed they hadn’t been the snatch-grabbers. One of Greg’s friends, Owen, told Greg that I owed him a fuck for hooking the two of us up. Greg told me this as a laugh. Owen had no idea he would actually tell me, but the idea of Greg asking me to fuck his friends had me really hot. I ended up blowing Greg on the rooftop of our apartments that night, making him promise to tell his friends about it. I kept waiting for him to ask me if I would fuck his friends, but he never did. Every time we hung out with them though, I made sure to dress like a whore and flirt with all of them. If any of them had the balls to grab my snatch, I planned to reward them with a fuck.

“Who’s first?” Whitney said. She was always taking charge. I didn’t mind. Some days I actually fantasized her coming into my bedroom and taking control of me. When she came out of the shower all steamy and hot, I always caught site of some tan part of her and got all hot. I wondered if she thought the same things. Maybe if I felt frisky enough, I’d ask her for the truth tonight.

“Truth or Dare?” she said to me.

“Truth,” I answered. Gregg put his hand on my thigh and I smiled.

“Did you fuck Greg the first night you met him?”

Everyone laughed.

“I’ll say if you’re lying,” he said. I pretended like I was shy, dancing around the answer, but I didn’t mind telling the truth.

“I fucked him before we even got home,” I admitted. “I fucked him at the playground down the street.” Greg laughed. Ted smiled and sucked down his beer. Whitney looked at me shocked.

“What?” I said. “He’d already grabbed my cunt and knew I was sopping wet. Plus his dick was hard from the moment he met me. And it was huge.”

“Sliding boards are surprisingly convenient for sex,” Gregg explained. “The angle is perfect for really ramming your cock into a girl.”

“And the swings,” I added, “If you get your balance right, the swings are an incredible place to get fucked.”

“She made me eat her pussy under jungle gym,” he said, and we all cracked up. My cunt tingled from the mere memory.

Ted shifted around on the couch, very discreetly adjusting his cock. He probably didn’t want Whitney to know he was getting horny from my story.

“Truth or Dare,” I said to Whitney. She looked a little scared.

“Truth,” she said delicately.

“Have you eaten out another girl?” Her eyes grew huge and she glared at me. The boys’ mouths were hanging open, waiting for her response.

“You already know the answer,” she said.

“That’s not a rule,” I said, looking at the boys.

“Yes,” she said. “Now it’s my turn.”

The boys exploded in unbelieving hoots and hollers.

“What?” was all Ted could say, “When?”

“You have to tell us!” Greg screamed.

So she told them the story I’d asked her to repeat a million times. When she was a freshman and her first college boyfriend Chad broke up with her, she’d cried to her best friend Megan who insisted that boys were jerks and she’d never be happy for as long as she chased them. Megan consoled her for over an hour, telling her how she was too good for him, how she was so hot, any boy—no, any person—would be lucky to have her. And then Megan had rubbed one finger from Whitney’s forehead, down her nose, and chin, softly down her neck, and stopped right between her tits.

Whitney was only wearing a robe with nothing underneath. She got chills and couldn’t believe it when Megan leaned over and started kissing her. Before she knew it, Megan had untied her robe and was kissing Whitney’s nipples and flat tan belly. Finally, she began to kiss her shaved clean cunt. Whitney had a perfect little hairless body, and I got why Megan couldn’t resist it. Lucky Whitney: She’d spent that whole semester learning how to eat pussy from the hottest lesbian on campus. Chad knew what was going on. He begged to get back with Whitney, hoping he could squeeze into being the third in her girl-on-girl relationship, but Megan talked her out of it while patiently flicking the folds of her pussy with one of her manicured nails.

"Don’t you remember how he made you feel?” Megan asked.

“No,” Whitney said in a voice strained from holding her breath.

“Exactly,” Megan said, “but you’ll never forget how this feels.” And then Megan and Whitney made out all night, rubbing against each others’ legs and pussies, cumming over and over.

I loved that story. I made Whitney tell it to me a million times, always hoping that the telling would get her so hot, she’s act some of the story out with me. No such luck. Ted and Greg continued to watch us with their mouths hanging open.

“Truth or Dare?” Whitney said to Ted.


“Have you ever been with another guy?” she asked him.

“No,” he said too quickly and chugged his beer.

“And you?” Whitney said to Greg.

“It’s not my turn,” Greg said. Whitney shot Ted a look. She wouldn’t be happy until everyone admitted whatever same-sex acts they’d been involved in.

“Truth or Dare?” Ted said to Greg. He always followed Whitney’s orders.

“Dare,” Greg said, making me think he had been with a guy and didn’t want to admit it. Ted closed his eyes for a minute thinking of something good.

“Give Whitney a motorboat.”

Whitney let out a little scream. Greg walked over and buried his face in her tits, making a sound like a boat chugging through water. We all cracked up and refilled our drinks. Even Whitney loosened up. Her shirt had come unbuttoned, but she didn’t rush to close it up. She left it open, making me picture Megan’s finger on her chest—then, my finger.

“Truth or Dare?” Greg said to me.


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“Make out with Whitney for five minutes,” he said “while we watch.” I looked over at my sexy roommate. She was blushing and couldn’t meet my eye. I walked over to her and sat Indian style in front of her. I could feel the boys’ eyes on me and their breath getting deeper. I touched her forehead as softly as I could and let my fingertip trail down to that space between her tits. She blushed even more.

I leaned over and, just as I had daydreamed all those times, put my lips on hers. She surprised me by biting my lower lip and sucking. I explored her mouth with my tongue and slipped my hand into her shirt so I could cup her perfect breast. We continued like that, her kissing me back and leaning into my hands for a while. I leaned into her and pushed her back on the floor. I climbed on top of her. I was pressing my body into hers, wondering if she’d imagined my big curvy tits the way I fantasized about her tiny tan body. I wondered if like me, she’d had dreams about one or the other of us heading to the other’s bed, pulling back the blankets and sliding in.

“Times up,” one of the boys said and I backed up. We kept our eyes on each other for a few seconds after the kiss. She pulled her shirt closed but didn’t button it.

“What the hell did you say that for?” Greg yelled.

“Sorry,” Ted said. He shifted again. I could see his cock through his pants now, and I couldn’t get over how big it was. Lucky Whitney. I turned back to her, leaned over and planted one more soft kiss on her lips.

“To be continued,” I said, and she blushed and looked at Ted.

“Yeah, in like, every one of my fantasies,” Greg joked.

“Truth or Dare?” I said to Ted. I was determined to see that massive cock, and to help Ted loosen up. He was a good guy, just a little uptight.

“Dare,” he said quickly. I guess the homo question had freaked him out. Too bad.

“Take out your dick and let Greg jerk you off for one whole minute.”

Ted blushed and glanced at Greg, who was finishing up his 3 billionth beer of the evening.

“Hey, I don’t mind,” Greg said. “I have a lot of experience jerking off. A lot. Your dick, my dick: What’s the difference?”

Ted looked at Whitney, and she nodded. He unzipped his pants and took out the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. Even Greg was struck silent by the beauty and size of this cock. It was probably ten-inches long, thick and veiny. I glanced at Whitney. She had a sly smile on her face. She was proud.

Greg put down his beer and walked over to sit by Ted.

“You ready, big boy?” Greg said. Whitney and I laughed. Ted nodded. He leaned back on the couch and watched as Greg took that giant cock in his right hand. He squeezed the cock really hard, and Ted grunted. He leaned back as Greg began to jerk him off.

“Wait!” Whitney shouted. I was afraid she was going to put an end to her boyfriend being manhandled by mine. “He likes it when you spit on your hand first,” she explained. She took Greg’s hand in her own and spit on it.

Greg shrugged. “Doesn’t everyone?” he said. Then he looked right into Ted’s eyes as he squeezed his cock, this time with lubrication, and pumped the shit out of it. I couldn’t take my eyes away. It’s not often you get to see a guy give another guy a hand job in your living room. Well, not in mine anyway. I was looking for pointers. The room was silent except for the sound of Greg’s clenched fist hitting Ted’s crotch every second. Ted leaned back and closed his eyes.

“How’s that?” Greg said after two minutes.

“Best hand job I ever had.” Ted smiled. He’d officially loosened up.

“Hey!” Whitney yelled.

“Sorry babe. It’s true.”

“Your turn,” Greg said to Ted.

 “Whitney, you take my turn.”

“Okay,” she said. I could tell by the tone of her voice that she already had a plan.

“Truth or Dare?” Whitney said to Greg.


“Suck Ted’s cock,” she said. “And don’t fuck around. He likes his taint played with.”

“You didn’t give a time limit,” Greg said.

“’til he cums,” I added.

“I’m going to need another beer for that.”

We all went to the kitchen to refill our drinks. Ted stayed in the room to take off his pants. He wasn’t arguing with the dare, which surprised me. Once he swigged half a beer, Greg walked over and got on his knees in front of Ted. He took that cock in his hand again and started where he’d left off. Ted moaned, and then I felt a hand on my leg. I looked down to see Whitney’s perfect fingers on my thigh. Before I knew what was happening, she leaned over and licked my bottom lip delicately. Her hand moved up my thigh toward my crotch.

“Truth or dare?” she whispered in my ear.

“Both,” I whispered.

“The truth is,” she smiled, “I’ve always wanted to make out with you.” Her hand was on my crotch now. She pushed aside my short shorts and slipped two of her perfect fingers into my wet snatch. “I dare you to make out with me.”

I attacked her. I climbed on top of her, pulled open the shirt she’d been teasingly opening all night and began to suck on her nipples. She kept thrusting her fingers into me, softly playing with my clit like no boy had ever done. I looked over to the boys. Greg was sucking cock like a pro. Our eyes met and I could tell that he didn’t mind. He was enjoying this. He wanted to watch me get fucked by a girl while he sucked off a guy. I smiled, stood up and took off my shorts and top. Whitney did the same.

We explored each others’ bodies with our hands and tongues. Ted looked like he might explode at any minute. He was watching us, and he was moaning. His legs were clenched tight and I saw how muscular he really was.

We tried everything that night. My favorite part was when Ted walked over to Whitney and me. I was sure he going to take her away from me and call it a night. Instead, he pulled us apart and took me to the couch. He laid me down there and looked me in the eye.

“Truth or dare?” he said.


“I want to fuck you.”

”I dare you.”

He thrust that giant cock into my sloppy snatch. I looked over and saw Whitney on her knees in front of Greg, pulling his cock out as he brushed her hair back from her face.

I wondered how many ways we could pair up, how many sucks and fucks I was going to be involved in tonight. Then I shut my eyes and let Ted’s giant cock ram into me as Whitney deep throated my boyfriend’s cock across the room.

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