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Friendly Neighbors
I fucked my neighbor's wife. - By Joel

I have got to tell you about this sweet ass deal I made with my friendly neighbor recently. I must say it pays to have good neighbors.  If my wife ever found out about our deal, my head would be instantly severed from my body as well as my dick and served on a platter to the wolves! No doubt about that, but I just can’t resist a sweet deal like this. I doubt any of you would either. Let me tell you how this all started.

My wife and I moved out here to Lawrence, Kansas several years ago for my new job.  Last summer I got promoted to Foreman. My wife and I were thrilled to death, not just because of the raise that came with it, but one of the perks of being in management is a company truck.  I had put a number of miles on my 2005 Chevy Silverado and all it was doing was taking up space in my driveway.  I had always been a Chevy fan but my new work truck was a brand spanking new Super Duty Ford F250, fully loaded. Even I had to admit, this Ford was fucking fantastic!

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I couldn’t keep both trucks on my driveway, there just wasn’t any room.  My wife suggested that we try and find someone to take over the monthly payments. Smart idea I told her. I put a For Sale sign in the window the next day.  Well no more than 15 minutes had gone by when my neighbor Ken was ringing my doorbell. Ken had always told me how much he admired that truck; almost as much as I admired his incredibly sexy wife Brandi! How Ken ended up with her is beyond me really.

She was young, slender with the finest ass and beautiful D cup tits I had ever laid eyes on. She loved to show them off in skin tight almost see through t-shirts with no bra. I loved watching how her tits bounced and jiggled as she walked or how the fabric would rub against her nipples making them permanently erect at all times. One night last summer, Ken had invited me over for a few beers out on his deck and he joked about how he would trade Brandi for my truck! I almost choked on my beer.

Anyway back to Ken, he had come over as soon as he saw the sign on the truck. I threw him the keys and told him to drive the truck for a couple of days and if he was still serious I would make him a really good deal. Ken jumped at the idea and ran out into the truck and drove off to test it out.  When Ken came back to talk business on Saturday afternoon, we jumped into the truck and drove down to a local bar to negotiate a deal.

I told Ken I was looking for $1000 cash and someone to take over the payments on a $15,000 loan balance.  The wholesale value of the truck was $20K.  Ken agreed and felt that was a fair deal. After a few more rounds of beers, Ken countered that he would  take over the truck payments, pick up the bar tab AND let me fuck his wife Brandi for the truck. Again I almost spewed my beer across the table and chuckled, but Ken wasn’t laughing.

“Ok, Ken what is the deal with you wanting to pimp out your wife to me?” I asked.  I told him this was the second time he had made me a similar offer.  He said, “Joel, honestly I have to tell you, Brandi is oversexed and I just can’t keep up to her!  My wife is wearing me down and I have done everything I can think of to keep her satisfied.” I didn’t know what do say or how to respond to that.  Ken assured me that Brandi would go along with it and that she had frequently told him she thought I was pretty cute.  

I told him I needed another beer to think about this, and contemplated what it would be like to fuck Brandi.  I felt my dick growing in my pants already.  I told Ken after I finished my beer that I was definitely up for it as long as he was 100% positive that my wife Lindsey would NEVER find out about it and that if I did fuck Brandi, it would not damage our friendship in any way.  He assured me there would be no problems at all.  The conversation about fucking Brandi played over and over in my mind on the way back home; I just had to jack off when I got in.  I would have happily fucked Lindsey but she was out shopping so I had to resort to ‘plan B’ with my hand.

The next week, I signed the title over to Ken and we worked out the loan transfer with the bank. Friday night Ken invited me to come down for a few beers.  Lindsey was visiting her sister for a few hours so I had the night free to myself.  When I got there just after eight, Brandi had put the kids to bed and came out onto the deck acting all sassy and boldly asked me when she was going to get some of my cock!  Instantly I felt my cock rising in my pants.  Ken and Brandi and I headed up to their bedroom; my heart was beating out of my chest.

We all climbed onto their king sized bed and let me tell you, it got hot. Brandi knelt at the foot of the bed while Ken and I sat back with our hard dicks in our hands and watched her give us the hottest strip tease.  I thought I was gonna blow my load when she was down to her sexy black lace push up bra and lacy thong.  She had the most beautiful shaped ass I ever laid eyes on.  She crawled over to me in her under garments, looking me straight in the eye the whole time with this naughty sex kitten look and gripped onto my eight inch cock and swallowed it whole.  Ken giggled as he watched his wife devour my cock as I gasped and moaned. “She’s good at that huh Joel,” Ken said as he nudged my rib.  “Oh God have mercy! FUCK YES!! She’s fucking amazing!” I stuttered as she completely engulfed my nut sack into her mouth while she stroked me. I had never felt anything so amazing.  She didn’t want to let Ken feel left out and she bobbed back and forth over our dicks. God I just HAD to fuck her!

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We grabbed her and threw her onto her back and Ken straddled her big tits and fucked her face while I climbed down and feasted on her beautiful little snatch.  You know… for having had a couple of kids she still had the most amazing cunt.  I spread her sweet smooth lips open to reveal the sweetest and juiciest pink hole I’d ever seen.  Her juices smelled so divine and I drove my tongue into that sweet fuck hole. Her legs wrapped around my head as she groaned with Ken’s dick in her mouth as I sucked and licked and probed her sweet cunt.  Within moments her legs clamped down around my head like an alligator until I couldn’t breathe as she came hard, squirting her sweet honey into my mouth.

By this point I thought my dick was going to explode if I didn’t get inside that pink hole. I told Ken I needed to fuck her NOW.  Ken gladly slipped off his wife’s tits and we pulled her into a doggie position and shoved several pillows under her hips.  He wanted to watch me pound his wife’s cunt and got the best seat in the house with his dick in her mouth once again.  I watched for a few seconds while she massaged his big balls with one hand and how she took his cock deep down her throat. Fuck me, she was amazing!

With my dick in hand and one hand on that beautiful ass, I guided my cock up to her soaking wet cunt.  I rubbed my dick up and down her slick slit, soaking my cock with her glistening juices and lined it up with her hole.  She pulled her mouth of Ken’s dick and said, “Do it Joel, fuck my hot little pussy for me, fuck it good and hard like it’s the last fuck of your life. Give it to me.”  I looked up and Ken and he said, “Go for it Buddy, she’s begging for it, fuck my wife!”

I didn’t need to be told twice and rammed my dick straight up into her cunt until my balls slammed into her pussy hard.  She cried out, “OH FUCK YES!! AGAIN! DO IT AGAIN! FUCK ME!”  Well I couldn’t let the little vixen be disappointed now could I?  I slammed into her over and over and over again, deep and hard the way she wanted it.  My God it felt so incredible being deep inside her.  I fucked her hard for a good 20 minutes.  I thought I was going break her hips I was slamming so hard. But she loved every minute of it and couldn’t stop begging for more of my cock.  With every hard deep thrust into her it drove Ken’s cock deeper down her throat until she was choking on it.  Seeing this was enough to send me over the edge. I gripped Brandi’s hips as I felt my sperm boiling up through my balls and shot my load deep inside her gripping cunt.  It was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced in my life.  I shot off several large squirts of cum into before I finally pulled out.  Ken then took his place behind her and rammed her some more as I watched while I got my strength back.  

I could hear his dick slapping into her gooey snatch full of my cum.  It turned me on even more and soon I was hard again.  I decided I needed to feel how good it felt to deep throat this little slut wife.  Brandi had to have been fucked a good 45 minutes in that position by both of us.  She had climaxed several times on each of our dicks as we slammed into her.  I had my cock down her throat until her nose was firmly planted in my groin.  Precum was leaking from my cock and dribbled down her chin onto the bed sheets. What an amazing site to see her impaled on both our dicks.  

Ken cried out he was about to cum, and I too was about to erupt my load once again.  Brandi clamped down on both our cocks and milked us dry until all three of us fell onto the king sized bed in an exhausted heap.  Brandi then got up and said, “Who wants to go for another round?!”  My god this woman truly is insatiable. After a short refreshment break, Ken and I pumped her cunt few more times that night until she finally fell into a restful sleep.  

Since that night Ken let me fuck his wife on four other occasions.  Ken is really appreciative that I am helping him to keep her satisfied.  I definitely got the better end out of our deal.

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fucking my neighbor's wife

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