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    These are some of my naughty tips for making things really hot in the bedroom.

Premature Ejaculation.  Do you cum too fast?  I got an email from Carmen about a problem she is having with her boyfriend shooting his load too soon.  More Info

Girls shave your pussy. If you are in a monogamous relationship, have an open conversation with your man about his preference for a hairy, trimmed or totally shaved pussy. There are some guys who prefer a hairy bush, but otherwise you need to shave that pussy girl.   In my opinion there is no excuse not to at least keep your bikini area trimmed up.  A poll on shaving I did a little while back showed that a huge percentage of guys prefer just a little landing strip or totally shaved.  Here are my tips for shaving your pussy.  I shave mine once a week.  Try to just make one pass of the razor over delicate areas. Pubic hair tends to be thick and dense so crank up the warm water and shaving cream! Don't be afraid to get crazy with the shaving cream or gel. A nice, thick lather will help the razor glide and keep your skin moist. With the hair growth or against the hair growth, it's up to you. Keep in mind that shaving against the grain gives you the closest shave. But if you're sensitive to razor burn, try shaving in the direction of your hair growth. Once you've finished shaving, use an alcohol-free, unscented lotion. my pussy shaving pictures

Anal Sex.  Most of the guys I have known intimately have shown an interest in getting in my back door sooner or later. I was very afraid to try anal for a very long time.  Some of my girlfriends had told me about their experiences which were usually quite painful.  Giving your ass to someone is a very submissive act.  Of course your ass is very tight so it hightens the feeling for the guy.  It is both a mental and physical thrill.  If done right it can be fun for both partners.  I posted a poll about anal sex awhile back. The responses from the men and women didn't exactly jive.   Over 50% of the women claimed to either like or occasionally participate in anal sex, while only 18% of the guys said it is a regular part of their sexual routine.  Perhaps this can be explained by the open sexual attitudes of the women who visit my website.  Speaking for myself,  I have to be in a relaxed and horny mood to enjoy anal.  The horny part isn't a problem, but if I have had a stressful day at work, I am not going to feel like being butt fucked that night.  It also helps to have a few drinks.  There are several positions that will work for anal sex, but my favorite is to being laying on my back with a pillow under the small of my back.  I usually give my partner one of my smaller dildos and ample ky or other sexual lubricant and coach him to slowly insert the dildo while I massage my clit.  Your guy has to be really hard to make this work and his cock needs to be covered with the lubricant. Do not even attempt this without a lubricant made specifically for sex. Even after using the dildo to relax my sphincter muscles, my man has to be very careful when inserting his cock.  Once he eases the head in, he can slowly thrust his cock up into my colon a little at a time until it is totally inside of me.  Length isn't a problem, but an exceptionally thick cock just may not work no matter what.  I have been with guys who were as big around as a beer can.  I'm sorry even a bottle of Jack Daniels and a case of KY lubricant isn't going to help with that.  For me it takes a full two minutes for my ass to be fully relaxed even after my guy is fully inserted.  When I am having anal sex for the first time with a guy I always talk openly with him about it first and tell him what to expect and what I need from him if it is going to work.  Sometimes a guy has trouble keeping his cock still enough for the time it takes me to relax and still maintain an erection.  His instict is to thrust too soon which can ruin things.  It helps to talk dirty to your man or rub his nipples or even put a porno on the TV for him to watch.  I talk nasty to my man and tell him to be a good boy for a little longer while I play with his nipples.  I slowly grant him permission to start thrusting his cock in me.  Once things get rocking I start playing with my clit and I can usually cum a couple of times before he does.  I also tell my guy that once things get going, he needs to just forget about me and concentrate on getting a good nut.  This isn't the time or place for any prolonged orgasm control tricks.  More than one guy has been ejected from the party before finishing because they couldn't play by the rules.   Most of the guys I have been intimate with seem to be attracted to the slut in me.  I can be a nasty girl and cross the line from naughty way into the nasty zone. I totally love it when my man gets a thrill from watching me do something especially nasty.  If I know my man can handle it, I will have him take a ring side seat after shooting his load in me and while I am still on my back I will pull my legs up and do what I call a cum fart.  I push like I am going to fart and let him watch his cum drip out of my ass.

How to give the perfect blow job.  I gave my first blow job when I was in 8th grade.  I didn't have a clue what I was doing back then, and I was surprised when my 18 year old cousin Jeff ejaculated in my mouth.  He started saying "I'm, cumming, I'm cumming and I didn't know what he meant.  I tasted the salty slippery fluid leaking from the tip of his hard penis as he pushed my head down firmly.  I had no idea he was about to erupt in my mouth. Jeff called out with pleasure and his cock began to jerk and shoot his sperm down the back of my throat.  I tried to spit the funny tasting fluid out, but Jeff had a strong hold on my head and he kept thrusting his slippery cock to the back of my throat.  I started to gag and choke and he told me to swallow it.  That was the start of my obsession for sucking cock.  By the time I was in 10th grade, I had developed some serious cock sucking skills which I take great pride in and continue to perfect.  
Girls this is my technique for giving a great blow job.  A great blow job is planned and your man will remember it if you take the initiative.  Make sure you are looking good and smelling good and you are somewhere where you can kneel between his legs while he is sitting.  The location for the perfect blow job is very important.  You need to be somewhere where he can relax and not have to worry about being seen or heard.  Whisper in his ear that you want to suck his cock and then take his hand and lead him to a chair and push him down to a seated position.  Remove his shirt and suck on his nipples and slowly kiss your way down to his crotch.  Don't take his cock out yet.  Put your mouth over his cock and blow your hot breath through his pants onto his cock which should be throbbing right now.  Slowly unzip his pants and help him out of them.  Don't try and give him a BJ with his cock sticking through his zipper.  Get him out of his pants so that you have total access to his balls.  Stroke his cock while licking the shaft while making eye contact with him.  With your mouth a couple of inches away from his cock, spit onto his cock.  Make a dirty nasty show of it.  Stroke your spit up and down the shaft and slap the head of his cock against your tongue.  Now make your way down to the base of his cock and push his cock back onto his stomach so that you have total access to his balls.  Make sure he is sitting forward in the chair so his balls are kind of hanging out there.  While you stroke his cock, begin to lick his ball sack.  Take your time with this.  He may be anxious for you to take his cock into your mouth, but believe me he will appreciate this if you take your time.  Gently take his balls into your mouth one at a time.  Some guys are extremely sensitive so be very careful.  If you are brave enough and really want to blow his mind, run your tongue behind his balls and lick the area between his balls and his asshole.  Run your tongue as close to his asshole as you are brave enough to get.  Most guys get really hard when you are doing this.  Continue to make eye contact often and encourage your guy to watch you.  Now make your way back up to the head of his cock and take the head into your mouth.  Get up on your knees so that you are in a good position and angle to get his cock deep into your mouth.  I will not go into deep throating, but if you learn how to get your guy's cock into your throat, you will own him.  Use your dominant hand to grip the shaft and take your other hand and with your forefinger and thumb, grab his testicles close to his body so that you are gripping the loose skin above the testicles.  Be careful not to squeeze his actual testicles, make sure they are below where you are gripping with your finger and thumb.  As you suck on his cock apply constant downward pressure on his ball sack.  Don't jerk or stroke his balls, but apply a constant pull.  As he gets closer to an orgasm, you will be able to increase the force.  Take it slowly.  Now the best way to describe the perfect blow job is to think of it as a face fuck.  You will start the rhythm, but you need to let your guy set the pace.  As he gets into it make sure you match your rhythm to his.   Let him be as aggressive as you can handle.  If he gets aggressive, moan with pleasure and approval.  Let your mouth and tongue do most of the work, and use your hand only as a slight assist.  Avoid long strokes of his shaft.  Most guys find this annoying and avoid any twisting motions.  Remember that the most sensitive area of your guy's cock is on the underside just below the tip.  As you suck, give this area some firm pressure with your tongue and lips.  At some point during this face fuck you will take a short break and look your man in the eyes and tell him you love to suck his cock and tell him you want him to cum in your mouth.  Go back to work and get into a synchronized rhythm with your guy.  Don't make the mistake of trying to go to fast.  When your guy is close to cumming you will know and this is the time to go gonzo on his cock.  Hard fast sucking and milking with your hand.  Pull down on his balls and let your stoking hand go all the way to the base of the shaft to simulate how it would feel for him if he was slamming his cock into your pussy right now.  Now there are two proper ways to finish the job.  The first way is to take his cock into your throat as he starts to cum and let him pump into your throat until he is ready to pull out.  Milk his cock with your mouth and hand but keep the head as far back in your mouth or throat as you can comfortably handle.  Don't be the first one to stop. Let your guy be the one to pull his cock out of your mouth when he is ready.  The other way to finish the job is to take your mouth off as he starts to cum and grip the shaft firmly just below the head and jack him off while putting on a nasty show for him.  Jack him off and onto your tongue and lips and let him see it shooting into your mouth and onto your face.  When he has finished cumming take his cock  into your mouth and gently suck it clean and swallow all of his cum.  Take your finger and wipe any cum from your lips and eat it while he watches.

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