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My Husband Took Me To A Swing Club
Hot wet times in Pensacola. - By Hope

My husband Russell knows that after he goes to bed, I get on the computer and give in to my late night horniness. I love to cruise the sex sites: look at amateur photos, read about what activities local people are dabbling in, rub my clit while I read true naughty stories on my favorite website. Russell couldn’t care less. He knows that he married a woman who loves getting fucked.

In the morning when Russell gets up for work, he usually asks me what kind of things I enjoyed on my nightly trip around the web. If I had a particularly steamy night, I may print out the conversation so he can read it at work. He’s always been turned on by the idea of me getting off with other people. He says that reading erotica makes him ten times hornier when he thinks about the fact that his wife is one of the stars of the story. He loves the idea that anonymous guys and girls are getting me off and that I’m doing the same for them.

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Recently, I came across a cool story on ivillage about married couples and swinging and swing clubs. Russell and I had talked about swinging but we had never taken any solid steps toward joining a real swing club. The article said there were a lot of swing clubs right in our area. When I went to the grocery store the next day, all I could think about was who the swingers were. Each guy I saw I pictured naked. If his wife was with him, I pictured her sucking my husband’s dick. All of this imagining got me horny as fuck right in the middle of the grocery store. I had to drive right home and rub one off before I brought the groceries in.

When Russell came home from work, we talked about the site over dinner. He listened with wide eyes as I told him how worked up I had gotten at the grocery store. When I told him how the idea of watching another woman suck his dick had gotten me all hot, he said that maybe it was time we got into some swinging action. He told me to forward the ivillage story to his email so he could enjoy it too.

We ended up leaving the dishes on the table, our dinners unfinished, so that I could suck his dick in the living room. While I stroked his cock and gave him a hand job he kept me turned on with his words. He told me how all the guys in the swinging club were going to shit when they saw his wife, how he was going to stand back and enjoy how much those other bastards enjoyed his wife’s cunt.

Listening got me all worked up again. I stroked his cock harder and sucked the head. I pretended that I was sucking on somebody else’s shlong, some stranger’s cock. I imagined his wife watching me as my husband licked her nipples with his amazing muscular tongue. My increased horniness must have showed in my cocksucking because next thing I know Russell was shooting streams of hot jiz down my throat. As he exploded, I tightened my clench on his shaft and swallowed over and over. I emptied his balls and kept stroking until the last drop oozed out onto my tongue.

“Oh baby,” was all my husband could say. I loved making him cum into speechlessness.

A few days later, Russell told me that he had a surprise for me. He was going to take me to a movie and then we would go out for a late evening dinner. He said he knew I had been working extra hard lately and he thought I deserved a treat. A lot of women would be taken aback by this kind of niceness coming from their husband, but I was lucky enough to get this kind of treatment all the time. I kept my husband’s cock happy, and he liked to keep me happy.

Russell said that we would be hitting the movie first, and I was pleasantly surprised when we pulled into the adult theatre by the highway. I like a good old fashioned romantic comedy just as much as the next wife, but I preferred a good raunchy porno.

We were one of only a handful of people in the theatre. We found a couple of seats away from the other people and settled in. The movie was a cockbuster about a man who passes his wife around among his friends. The husband liked to jerk off in the closet while secretly watching his wife convince his friends to fuck her in their bed. The film got me hot. Before long, Russell’s big chunky fingers had found their way to my sloppy wet cunt lips. I opened my legs to reveal that I wasn’t wearing anything under my flirty skirt and he immediately started fingering me as we watched the movie. There was only one problem. Russell kept getting me to the point of almost cumming and then backing off. He knew me well enough to understand exactly what would make me cum, so I was sort of confused, but I went with it.

After the movie, Russell told me the next stop was a surprise. I wasn’t really hungry. I was too worked up from the movie and our play. What I really wanted to do was head back home so that my husband could fuck the living hell out of me, but Russell insisted that I would love the place he was taking me.

“What kind of food?” I asked. I could tell he was really excited, and I wanted to show him that I was too.

“All you can eat,” he said with a sexy smile.

I was surprised when he began to drive away from the main boulevard where most of the restaurants were. He turned into a suburban neighborhood and navigated down a few streets. Next thing I knew we were parked in front of a private home. A few other cars were parked outside and my husband had an excited look on his face. I looked down to his crotch to see his dick was so swollen it was pushing his pants to the limits.

“I found that swing club you were talking about,” he said. He pointed to the house. “This is it.”

I looked at the unassuming little home. Nothing about it seemed out of the ordinary. It made me wonder what other houses in our hometown hosted these kinds of events.

“Let’s go,” I said, and my husband smiled and opened his door. I could tell that he couldn’t wait to get inside.

At first, the place just seemed like an average dinner party. People were standing around in the living room sipping wine and making conversation. A couple greeted us at the door and introduced us to everyone. They all seemed incredibly happy to meet us.

Immediately, I felt those men eyeing up my big tits and my already wet snatch got all juiced up again. A black guy in particular couldn’t take his eyes off me, and I kept making eye contact with him. Aside from his chocolate black skin, he was tall and had a healthy muscular body. I couldn’t help wondering what size package he was holding for me.

The female half of the couple who greeted me at the door came over to my side and put her hand on my back.

“Hope,” she said in my ear, “you wanna come with me?”

I went with the woman. I noticed that all of the women had been slowly leaving the room. She led me to a bedroom where women were taking their clothes off to reveal sexy lingerie and other erotic surprises. At that moment I wished Russell had told me about his plans. I was wearing nothing under my clothes. The women, however, calmed me down right away. They were looking at me hungrily, and one came over and started unbuttoning my shirt.

“Your tits are beautiful,” she said. “Can I see?”

I didn’t stop her from taking off my shirt and exposing my chest to the entire room. I was too turned on. Another woman unzipped my skirt and before I knew it I was standing amongst all of these hot women buck naked. They were feeling me up and softly kissing my skin.

“She’s already sopping wet,” one woman said excitedly. They pushed me to the bed. Those women, about eight of them, ravaged my body. Dainty hands pulled on my nipples and pushed my breasts together. One woman fingered me while another licked my pussy with the lightest possible touch.

When I opened my eyes, I saw that the bedroom door was open and the men had started to filter in. My husband was watching as these women all fought to please me. But soon, the men started to select women and take them away. One woman, a hot blond with a tight body and fake tits walked up to my husband. She was completely nude as she unhesitatingly unzipped his pants and took out his schlong and began to rub it. He looked at me and I attempted to smile, but a woman leaned in and frenched me right then. As my husband left the room with the woman, she closed the door.

The woman I was on the bed with was the only woman left in the room with me. We grinded into each other as we passionately kissed. She was a Latina and I loved the spicy taste of her skin. She said her name was Rosita. She had a curvy voluptuous little body and big pouty lips. I enjoyed her, but I wondered how to move from person to person, how did this swinging thing work? Then, I heard a shuffling in the closet. She stood up and grabbed my hand, leading me over to the closet.

Inside, the floor was coated with comfortable blankets and a glory hole had been cut in the wall. I had never seen a real one and I began to get excited as I watched a big anonymous cock appear in the hole. I laughed nervously as Rosita rubbed her hand through my cunt and then grabbed the dick with her hand. She began to jerk off the anonymous cock and we could hear the man’s voice saying yes, yes, yes. I got comfortable on the floor of the closet and began to suck on the head of the cock while Rosita continued to stroke it. It didn’t take long before we had made that cock explode. We let the jiz spray all over our blankets. Then the dick simply disappeared and Rosita and I went back to entertaining each other.

Of course, it wasn’t long until another penis appeared in our closet—only this one wasn’t so anonymous. A big black cock stared at me. I couldn’t wait to wrap my hands around it, so I did and precum instantly formed at the tip. I leaned in to suck him off, but Rosita held me back. She positioned me so that she could reach my ass, and then she began to finger my cunt while I kept tugging on the strange black dick.

“Suck it bitch,” I heard him through the wall, so I leaned up and began to suck on that foreign schlong. It had been a long time since I had another man’s cock in my mouth and it tasted deliciously new. I sucked and stroked. Meanwhile, Rosita got down on her knees behind me and sucked me off. I felt her tongue dart in and out of my pussy and the growing feelings of euphoria began to build up. I sucked and stroked harder.

I heard the man on the other side of the wall again.

“Yeah, you like the taste of black cock, don’t you?” he said.

I sucked harder and squeezed tighter, and Rosita must have felt something in my snatch because she began to thrust in and out of my cunt with one hand while the she used her other hand to finger my asshole. My whole body was in the throws of sex. I knew I was about to cum. I sensed he was too. I squeezed and pumped and felt the hot jiz begin to shoot down my throat as he pushed his dick through the hole even deeper. I pulled away and continued to jerk him off, letting his jiz shoot all over me. Simultaneously, Rosita thrusted even faster and I began to cum. I had never felt anything like it. Hot cum sprayed on my tits while I bucked into Rosita’s hands.

After the craziness subsided, I turned around to face Rosita. I leaned back against the closet wall and looked up to see my husband watching the most erotic experience of my life. His cock was completely horizontal, pointing at me.

He, Rosita, and I spent rolled and fucked on the blanketed floor. We’d stop every once in a while to please an anonymous cock. My husband grew harder every time he watched.

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