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A true gang rape story. - By Susan

My relationship with my man, I use the term 'man' lightly, was coming to a head. We were fighting and I decided to go somewhere and blow off some steam, to find someone to release my tension. I dressed in my mini skirt and tank top with the wedge heel shoes; wearing a peach colored thong with a matching bra. I figured I could get the attention I needed dressing this way. I went to the local do-drop inn, walked up to the bar and ordered my first drink. I didn't take long to figure out there was a bachelor party going on, with the group of men drinking and watching me all at the same time. I had my eye on one of the guys in particular, and he came up to me at the bar, ordered me a drink and told me that one of his buddies was getting married, and it was indeed his bachelor party.

As we drank and talked, he kept trying to get a look up my skirt, so I kept opening my legs to give him something to see. As he spoke to me, he put his arm on my shoulder. The all too familiar tingling sensation sizzled through my body, and of course the alcohol didn't help. It severely afftected my better judgement as you will find as this story continues.

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He invited me back to the hotel where they were going to party that night. I figured I would at least get what I needed, so I accepted without hesitation. He went back to the table and told everyone we were going back to the hotel. We all walked out together and I drove my car so I could leave when I wanted to.

We went to the hotel where he met me at my car to walk me inside, making himself at home with his hand on my ass outside my skirt.

His friends were walking behind us, and he pulled my skirt up so they could get a look at my ass, which made me a little nervous.

But the alcohol did it's job making me comfortable and a little excited.

As we all got on to the elevator to go upstairs, the guy started kissing me, touching my breasts, putting his hand up my skirt to touch my pussy over my thong. I suddenly started feeling a little uincomfortable realizing I was outnumbered, hoping this guy would keep it cool and treat me right.

Once we got into the hotel, the guy who picked me up was asking me if I would strip for the bachelor. He offered me $500, and being a little inebriated, not looking at the situation, and the safety factor, I agreed.

They turned on some music and I came out. As I started dancing, I was pretty lightheaded as I circled the room. I slowly took off my tanktop, exposing my breasts in my peach colored bra. I danced around in front of all the guys, paying attention to the guy getting married because he was talking to me. I slowly took off my skirt, showing off my heart shaped ass. I was excited and apprehensive. As I danced around the guys again, they started putting their hands on me. I started to think this was not a good idea. One of the guys decided to take my bra off for me, which I didn't really sweat, but he was forceful about it, and that made me nervous.

I decided to move closer to the groom and the guy that picked me up, hoping they could keep it under control. When the future groom decided I was going to take my thong off, I realized this was not my intention at all. I didn't realize he had already unzipped his pants and taken out his cock, at this point I was just getting plain fuckin' scared. But I decided to play along, sliding my thong down my thighs, in case I was over-reacting.

At this point he grabbed my hips and pulled me directly down onto his hard cock. It felt good to feel him slam deep into my pussy, but as he did this, the other guys stood up and came towards me. Now I knew exactly what they wanted. I tried to stand up off the grooms cock, but he held tight and wouldn't let me get off him. I saw a guy move to either side of me and each of them grab an arm. At the same time the guy who picked me up and another moved in front of me. They reached down and each grabbed a leg.

All four of them lifted me off the soon-to-be groom, and started to carry me to the bed. I didn't like this at all and started telling them I didn't want this. I could see the groom following us, and he hadn't bothered to put his dick away. It was still hard for me, and I knew this was just the beginning. Now I was terrified. I didn't know these guys, and the alcohol was wearing off because I wasn't feeling brave anymore. They carried me to the bed as I tried to wiggle out of their death grip on my legs and arms. Begging them the whole time to not do this to me. They were talking among themselves, but I was too busy trying to get free that I didn't comprehend what they were saying at all. Obviously, I realized, I wasn't getting out of this. The more I wriggled, the tighter they held and the more it hurt. I started to cry, but tried to hide it from them.

They did not let go when they set me sideways across the bed. Even when they flipped me over onto my stomach, they kept their grip. The groom put his fingers in my pussy like a six-pack lifting my hips in the air and shoved 3 pillows under me, so they would have a better angle. Then they switched places in a swift clockwise motion. At this point I wasn't struggling as much, it hurt when I did, so I figured I had better just take it and get it over with.

I felt a new dick near my pussy, a small one, and wasn't impressed when he slid it in. It wasn't enough to even hit my G-spot, but the fact that he started fucking me like a rabbit fucks was too much. I felt so used, so unappreciated, so dirty, and this was only the beginning. One of the men that had an arm held tight, moved directly in front of my face and unzipped his pants, taking out a huge hard cock. I was never good at deep throat, it always made me gag, so I hoped that he didn't get carried away. He put his raging cock in my face, and when I didn't open my mouth, he grabbed a handfull of my hair at the back of my head with force and yanked up. He gripped my hair tighter and it hurt so bad, I knew I didn't have a choice but to open my mouth. I slowly opened it, and he warned me not to bite. He slid his cock across the roof of my mouth and started pumping my face mercilessly. I started to cry, and his grip got tighter on my head. I was gagging, crying and he was slamming his large cock into my face like it was just another hole to fuck. When he came he made me swallow all of his cum while making me deep throat him, he was very rough and forceful with his uncaring thrusts down my throat. Not giving a damn that I was choking and gagging the whole time.

The little dick guy got off with the same swift motion that he started with, he had never even changed his stride, and pulled out.

I felt them move around and they switched again, but I couldn't see who was where because of the tears in my eyes. I recognized the groom's curved dick sliding into my throat, and he began to fuck my face much like the one before. Hard and rough, having to hold my head by my hair because I was trying to fight it. His cock wasn't as big as the guy before, but long enough to make me cry again. Gagging, and choking on it only made him harder, and he fucked my face viciously holding my head in total control. Each guy forcefully took their turns shooting their loads of hot sperm down my throat,( which I never did) barely getting one guys taste gone before another would cram their cocks down my my throat, deep throating their cock  in one swift move, filling me full of their cum. I had no choice in the matter.

While my face was being fucked, I felt a hand on my ass, smoothing my skin, as though he was preparing it for something. He started finger-tipping my asshole, and I got scared again. I didn't have any lube, and knew they wouldn't bother to find any if they wanted to fuck my ass. I started to sob through the dick in my throat, and tried to speak, to beg him not to fuck my ass. I heard him spit, and then I was jolted by a split second slam clean into my ass. I'm lucky it wasn't a huge dick, but it still hurt so bad that I screamed around my gagging face fuck. He spit on his cock again, and then started pumping without hesitation, without reserve. Like he had never fucked an ass before.

All this time, my face being assaulted, balls slapping my chin, gagging and choking and my ass hurt from the no lube fucking it was getting. The spit wasn't enough for me, but obviously, it was enough for him, because I could feel him swell as he slammed into me. It didn't take the ass fucker long to cum, and he sprayed my back with his jism. He lingered for a minute, watching me get faced fucked while he took his hands and rubbed his cum into my skin. It was almost like he wanted to leave his mark on me, his scent, It was disgusting, and that is when the groom exploded into my mouth. He pulled out about half-way through his orgasm, and squirted my face with it. Holding my head, cum getting in my eyes and all over my face. Each of them fucked my ass without any lube to the point that I actually bled some, that probably happened when the biggest guy fucked me so hard  in my ass that as he slammed his cock in with all his weight, he hit bottom and made my body move forward as I sucked off the prick in my mouth.

They kept on like this for what felt like hours. Switching places, fucking my face like I was a blow-up doll, fucking my ass and pussy without preparation or lube, until they had all cum at least three times. Once in my mouth, once in my ass and once in my pussy. When they were done, it took me a minute to realize they were letting me go. The groom found my clothes, came to the bed and threw them at me. All he said was,"get out bitch, we're done with you."

I grabbed my clothes up pretty quick and tried to put them on as I moved fast toward the door. I grabbed my purse off the table and was out the door like a flash. All I could do was cry. But I had gotten what I wanted, I wanted to get fucked hard by the 1st guy but he had different plans, and that is exactly what I the extreme. That is when I knew I was done having group sex without a safety person with me. They could have done anything to me, and just about did.

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