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Lori's Big Surprise
A Phoenix wife gets a surprise fantasy. - By Lori

II was introduced to my current husband Jesse by my older sister Jan. She works with Jesse at the hospital in Sun City. Jesse and I started out slowly. My divorce wasn't even final when we first went out. Jan fixed usd up to boost my self esteem. My ex-husband had left me for a 19 year old stripper from Phoenix. I was devastated.

Jesse and I got married last July after dating for the past five years. Jesse looks a bit like Antonio Banderas but with a lot less hair. We are both in our early 40s. Jesse and Jan confessed to me a few weeks before the wedding that they had slept together a half dozen times before she fixed us up. They had an affair. They both felt that it was a secret that must be revealed before the marriage and had wanted to confess for a long time. I think they were surprised by the fact that I had pretty much already figured that out and that it didn't bother me.

Over the years I had shared things with Jan about the intense sexual relationship that I was experiencing with Jesse. She seemed to have a certain familiarity and gleam in her eye when I would tell her about the wild things we did. I had a sense that she knew exactly what I was talking about.

I knew Jesse loved me and I knew that anything that had happened between Jan and him was just fun. Jan was happily married and she wasn't a threat to our relationship. Jan has always looked out for me and wanted what was best for me. She had told me for years that my first husband was a loser and urged me to leave him.

"My ex-husband had left me for a 19 year old stripper from Phoenix."

"My ex-husband had left me for a 19 year old stripper from Phoenix."

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Jesse is always coming up with elaborate role playing scenarios and takes great joy in surprising me. He pushes my boundaries and has helped me become a very open person with my sexuality. I think part of the way that I am now is due to what happens to a woman naturally as she ages. With Jesse I feel like nothing is ever dirty or embarrassing. He has a way of coaxing the devil out of me. He has opened doors that I didn't know existed and I have no desire or intention of closing those doors. I look forward to the weekends when my boys are with their dad. By urging me to verbally express my fantasies during lovemaking, Jesse knows my boundaries and he has worked to delicately move those boundaries out to a point that they are almost non-existent. When we are pursuing one of our fantasy weekends, I know I am always safe with Jesse and I know that whatever he wants me to do I will gladly do. He calls me his nasty slut. It is a label I am happy to bear. It is a role I am happy to fulfill. A role that is as opposite from the ME that everyone else knows as it could possibly be.

As a teacher in a parochial elementary school there is certain expectation of conservative appearance and manner. I could be the poster girl for parochial teachers across America. People at work probably assume that I have only had sex twice in my life and that was for the purpose of getting pregnant. No one at work has ever heard me say a four letter word. I can imagine the shock if one of the homemade videos Jesse and I made ever found their way into their hands. The video like we made a few weeks ago.

I knew Jesse was planning something. He had been spending a lot of time emailing someone on the computer. Jesse doesn't usually get online very much, but he had been spending a lot of time on an adult dating site lately and I think he had placed an ad for us. I could tell he was up to something secret because when I would come near he would minimize the screen and pretend to be doing something mundane. I just gave him his privacy and space because I knew that whatever he was planning was going to center around me.

As the weekend approached I was expecting something big. Friday and Saturday night came and went without anything unusual happening. On Sunday morning Jesse suggested that we take a drive to Yuma to go to some antique shops and to have lunch there. It is about a three hour drive from where we live. We arrived in Yuma just before noon. We stopped for gas when we got into town and we both went to the washroom. When I came back to the car I noticed Jesse was talking on the cell phone. He finished the conversation before I got to the truck. I didn't ask him who it was and he didn't volunteer and information.

As we drove north on route 8, we approached a couple of male hitch hikers. One of them was carrying a duffel bag. They were not your normal scruffy hitchhikers. These two guys appeared to be in their mid 30's, they were clean cut and dressed nicely. I asked Jesse if he thought it was safe to pick up strangers and he assured me that it would be ok. The two guys seemed very appreciative that we pulled over. They said that their car had broken down and they had dropped it at a nearby garage but that they couldn't get it fixed before Monday. They said they needed a ride to a motel that was a couple of miles up the road. The Cabana Motel.

As we pulled into the motel parking lot one of the guys asked us if we had eaten lunch. Jesse told them we had not. The man asked if he could buy us lunch. Jesse said sure without hesitation. We drove up the road a block to a sports bar called Famous Sam's. The two men walked ahead of us and I grabbed Jesse's hand and jerked him back and scolded him for not asking me. He kissed me and told me to chill out. He was right. There was no harm in having lunch with a couple of friendly guys.

Baseball games were playing on the wall to wall TV screens. The discussion soon turned to the Arizona Diamond Backs. There wasn't a lot for me to contribute to the conversation, but I listened politely. Jesse seemed to be pushing drinks on all of us. I was drinking Rum and Diet Coke. I lost count of how many I had.

Right in the middle of lunch, Jesse excused himself to go to the bathroom and left me alone at the table with the two men. By now I had learned their names were Ben and Mark. Actually they were both pretty good looking guys. I was wearing a low cut blouse and I noticed both guys were constantly looking at my cleavage. Before I met Jesse, I was shy and uncomfortable with my large breasts. Jesse had encouraged me to show them off. He insisted that I wear low cut tops when I wasn't dressing for work. It was something I had become very comfortable with. Jesse seemed to be taking an unusually long time.

Ben began to compliment me. He said things like Jesse was a lucky man and told be how beautiful I was. Mark agreed and chimed in. I was blushing like a little kid when Jesse finally returned to the table. The drinks were starting to take their effect on me as well.

Mark told us that they needed to raise a few bucks to pay for the work on the car. He told Jesse that he had a new IBM laptop computer in the duffel bag that was outside in our SUV that he would sell it to him very cheap. Jesse agreed to look at it when we finished with our lunch.

I found it a little odd that that Mark had offered to buy lunch, but when the check came, Jesse didn't hesitate to pick it up and hand the waitress his debit card. Neither Mark or Ben made any effort to pick up the check.

When we got back to the truck Mark produced the laptop which appeared to be brand new. He said the battery was dead and he needed to plug it into an outlet to prove that it was working. We drove back to the motel and waited while the two of them went into the office to check in. We followed the guys down to their room and Mark plugged the computer into an outlet and set the computer on the dresser and turned it on. We all stood there waiting for the computer to cycle through its startup process. When the desktop graphic came up I was shocked. The wallpaper on Marks computer was a digital picture that Jesse had taken of me a few weeks earlier laying on our bed and playing with myself with a large pink vibrator!

I looked at Jesse and he had already began to move toward the door to lock the deadbolt. Ben and Mark were wasting no time stripping naked. Jesse told me that my fantasy of having a gang bang was finally going to come true. The whole meeting had been an elaborate setup that Jesse had arranged with these two men he had met through an adult dating website.

Mark took out a small video camera and a blindfold from the duffel bag. The men blindfolded me and undressed me. Over the next couple of hours I had sucked each man to completion and had sex with them in every possible position. I was so exhausted that I slept the entire way back to Phoenix. Jesse and I have watched the video several times and had some of the greatest sex of our life. Jesse promised me we would erase the tape or destroy it as soon as we do something to top the last adventure. I can't wait!

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