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Sex On The Subway
A memorable encounter with my hot horny fuck buddy. - By Mark

My name's Mark. I'm thirty-eight years old and I'm a mid-level ad executive. I've been married to a total fox named Lisette for the past fifteen years or so. She's a part-time model, full-time party-girl. We live and work in Manhattan; we own a huge loft in soho filled with all sorts of toys and high-end tech gadgets. I love this city. I always have. I love everything about it - the buzz, the nightlife, the people . . . even the subway. Sometimes lately, I especially love the subway.

Lisette and I have an wonderful marriage - it's a totally open deal. Hey - don't knock it - it works for us. Lisette is hot; she's really hot. She travels a lot for work. In fact, she's gone more than she's around. We both have voracious appetites. And both of us like variety in our partners. We've had some remarkable sexual experiences together. But she's in Venezuela for the next two weeks doing a photo shoot in the daytime and most likely fucking the photographer at night. I miss her.

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In fact, I usually get pretty lonely when she's gone, so I have a few websites I go to when I'm looking for female company. That's how I met Molly a few months ago. She's a hot little redhead who lives near Central Park on the upper west side. She's twenty-five and married to a high-powered Jewish neuro-surgeon who's fifty-five years old and already he can't get it up. She and I have only seen each other two or three times so far. The woman's a real buzz junkie. On our first meeting, she followed me into the men's room of the restaurant and gave me a mind-melting blowjob that I still remember in detail.

I got home one hot and sticky afternoon a little short-tempered after a busy day full of problems at work. My boss could be a real asshole sometimes. I made myself a stiff drink and sat down to check my e-mail. I saw the one from Molly and opened it first. This one is a real live-wire. She always makes me laugh.

Just reading about her latest idea now was giving me a massive boner. She wanted us to meet and have sex tomorrow afternoon on the # 5 train going from Manhattan to the Bronx. Hell, I was game . . . I knew already that tomorrow at work was going to be no picnic. This client was a real ball-buster. A little release afterwards wasn't a bad idea at all.

I had several meetings and presentations, but the next day at work just d-r-u-g past. Every second felt like it lasted as long as a full minute. I couldn't wait to be finished with work and on that subway train, on my way to the Bronx and blowing my wad.

Finally I was finished and outta there and dashing down the subway steps on my way to that # 5 train. It seemed like I stood there waiting on the platform for the train forever. There were a few other rush-hour commuters milling around, waiting with me. At last the train pulled into the station and emptied out. Not too many people got on.

And then there she was - my Miss Molly - looking for all the world like a cheap hooker all dressed up for me in a super sexy, super short blue dress that fit her amazing body like a second skin. On her feet was a pair of what must have been five-inch stiletto heels. Deep ruby red ones. Her long red hair hung in shiny waves around her creamy white shoulders. She looked gorgeous. I couldn't wait to get my hands on her. (or my penis into her)

I went and sat in the empty seat next to her. She moved over to the seat across the aisle from me. She smiled and flashed me to show she wasn't wearing any panties. My dick was jumping around in my pants. It was growing bigger and harder by the second. Molly licked her lips and moved her legs even further apart. I loved how she kept her snatch shaved and smooth. Meant my tongue could get right up there on her juicy clit. The last time we'd been together, I'd about sucked her dry. The memory of that night was making my cock even harder. Man, she was a tasty little bitch ! I couldn't believe her wrinkly old man of a husband couldn't get it up for her anymore - she was probably the sweetest piece of tail I'd ever had - I mean, the guy must have a weiner made of warm jello or something . . .

It was a warm, humid summer evening and I'd swear I could smell the sweet scent wafting from her eager pussy. The smell was absolutely intoxicating. I couldn't believe every single guy on the train couldn't smell her ripe cunt. She moved over next to me and put my hand in the inside of her thigh. I could practically feel the heat coming from her pussy. I worked my hot hand up the inside of her damp thigh until I was fingering her fat little clit. I was smiling and she was smiling and squirming. I leaned over, wrapped my arm around her shoulder and shoved my tongue into her mouth. She immediately began sucking on it. My dick was rock hard now. I was fucking Molly's warm, wet mouth with my tongue and she was sucking the shit out of it. I was fast falling in love with this woman.

Her magnificent pussy was really sopping now with her slimy cunt juices. I was sliding my fingers in and out of her sweaty, steamy cunt - rubbing her clit every time I pulled them out. She was moaning a little and arching her back and spreading her legs wider and wider apart for easier access.

The subway train just kept barrelling towards the Bronx - stopping occasionally and people would get on and off. I could feel their movements all around me, but my thoughts were on my woody and the hot, wet, naked cunt I was furiously finger-fucking. Our liplock was taking my breath away and making me dizzy. I bit her lower lip slightly and pulled my tongue from her mouth. My Molly was breathing really heavy now; her big soft titties rising and falling with each breath. What a gorgeous sight she was ! I dropped down to my knees right there on the subway floor and began eating her luscious pussy - trying to lick and suck every drop of delicious juice from her hot box. My face was totally covered with her liquids; I was completely intoxicated. I kept licking and sucking on her wide-open cunt lips and her swollen clit until she grabbed ahold of my head and started moaning loudly. Her hips were thrashing wildly; banging up and down against the hard subway seat - and she was beginning to make funny little noises coming from way down deep in her throat. I knew from experience that she'd be screaming soon. I loved the sounds of her orgasms.

When she started making some serious noise, the few remaining passengers on the train came to see what was going on. When they realized I was on my knees with my face wholly buried in the bald snatch of a beautiful sexy redhead, they started pushing up around us in order to see better. Then their cell phones came out of their pockets and I knew they were taking photographs and videos of us. About that time, my Miss Molly went sliding right over the brink - rubbing and rolling her hard nipples between her fingers, humping my face and screaming my name.

As we got closer to Dyer Avenue, I stood up and shoved my rock hard cock into her mouth. I fucked her beautiful face for a few minutes, then pulled her to her feet and bent her over the hard subway seat and took her from behind. I went in easily because she was so wet and slimy from cumming only minutes before. The train was rocking back and forth, adding to our stimulation. The last few people on the train came to watch us. They clapped and cheered us on.

I couldn't remember a time in my life when I'd been hotter or harder. I was fucking her like a madman. The fact that we were having incredible sex in a very public place only made it more exciting. She was screaming like a monkey and leaning back against me so I could get in as deep as possible. As we neared the Baychester Avenue Station, I stepped up the action and shot my wad in her tight little cunt. Filled that bitch up; I did.

Then I pulled my dick out of her sopping hole, grabbed her by the hand and we popped off the train just as the doors opened. We ran up the stairs and across the street to the Oasis Motel, a cheap no-tell motel where I'd reserved a room for us for the next few hours.

We hurriedly checked in and went to our shitty little room. I'd paid a little extra so the willing and greedy desk clerk had a bottle of cheap champagne waiting and cold in the fridge for us. We frantically tore each other's clothes off and spent the next few minutes rolling around on the bed, licking and sucking everything we could wrap our lips around. Every once in awhile we'd come up for air and drink some champagne.

The part of this little adventure I remember best is right after I'd shot my wad all over her lovely face, I was laying there on the bed on my belly recovering. I was just laying there, panting, right on the verge of passing out from too much pleasure when I felt kiss my shoulders and then work her way downwards. She was kissing my ass when I felt her pull my ass cheeks apart and begin to blow softly on my butthole. She proceeded to pull my ass cheeks - as well as my asshole - wide open. Then gently - oh, so gently - I felt a very wet tongue licking at and probing my asshole. She was licking up and down the length of my butthole - then putting her tongue just barely inside my pooper. This feeling was exquisite. I couldn't ever remember feeling anything like it before. Then I felt her make her tongue hard and start to fuck my butthole with it. I slowly repositioned myself, rolling gently over on my left side. She rolled with me and continued to ram her warm, hard, pink tongue into my asshole. Then she began to get bold and sort of swish her tongue around a little bit everytime she drove it home. It hadn't been that long since I'd had an orgasm, but my guy was getting ready to shoot again. No one had ever done this to me before.

Suddenly, she rolled me over on my back and then climbed on top and started riding me fast and furious. I just laid there feeling good and watching in amazement as her big soft breasts kept bouncing up and down practically right in my face. But it wasn't too long before I felt the all-too-familiar explosive feeling bubbling up in my groin. I grabbed her ass and held it tight as I plunged my cock even deeper into her hot cunt. She gasped and moaned and started doing this weird little twisty up-and-down thing on my dick. Molly moaned again and mashed her clit against me and continued rocking and doing that weird up-and-down twisty thing. She started playing with her nipples again. She collapsed against me and started humping me in earnest then. Before long, she was moving up and down on my pole so fast I couldn't believe it. Then she jerked upright and arched her back and started cumming. The walls of her cunt started squeezing my prick. Right away, I shot a huge wad of hot thick creamy cum into her steamy cunt. She fell over against me and we fell asleep. We woke up later in the same position.

We both got up, got dressed and got gone. We didn't talk about meeting and doing it again because we both knew it would never happen again - at least not ever again like this. Too bad . . .

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