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The Submissive Wives Club
A groups of swingers share their submissive wives. - By Donnie

Peggy and I have been married for four incredible years. We both married in our late twenties, I was twenty nice and Peggy was twenty eight. We both had our share of lovers before we met but since we married our sex life has been the best either of us could ever imagine.  

I’d have to say Peggy is a nymphomaniac. We always enjoy a little role playing here and there. Peggy likes to be a bit daring and during our ‘games’ she asks for bondage stuff, begging to be tied up and blindfolded while I fuck her. She also enjoys getting fucked in public. People call it ‘dogging” while strangers get a chance to watch us. I didn’t mind because Peggy responds like no woman I have ever been with when our sexual escapades get daring.

One night Peggy went online and found some websites that were about domination; where men or ‘Doms’ would tie up and use their women, often applying some pain in the process. While I watched TV, she yelled for me to take a look at a site she had found. I went in to look; there on the screen was a man who had his wife blindfolded was being fucked by several men..

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It didn’t look any different than any of the other sites she’d shown to me until she said excitedly, “Look, they are located right here! In our town! They have a club right here called ‘The Submissive Wives Club’. Donnie, I want to e-mail him and find out what goes on.”  

“I don’t know,” I told her, “I’m sure they won’t want strangers bothering them.”

Then she replied, “I know, but tie me to our coffee table, nude and some pictures of me so we can send it to them; then they will know we are serious. Donny, I love you but I want to fuck and be fucked. I want and need to be tied and taken by force and enjoyed. I want to watch you fuck someone else and be watched while you fuck me. Donny… I want this. I need this. PLEASE!”

I love Peggy more than anything and knew that if we were ever going to stay together she was going to need more than I would ever be able to give her alone. I told her to clean off the coffee table while I looked in the garage for some rope. When I returned, Peggy was already naked, rubbing her pussy with the camera out and ready for use. Her nipples were rock hard and she was so excited.

Being a novice, I tied her arms to one end of the table and her legs to the other. I took pictures of her from every angle. My dick grew harder with each picture. The thought of us sending these to a stranger in the hope of her getting fucked by more strangers was seriously exciting me. Peggy talked dirty to me while snapped the pictures and my dick had a mind of its own. Within minutes, my pants were down and I shoved my hard dick into her pussy, fucking her senseless. “Don’t cum inside me Donny,” she cried, “cum on me, take a picture of me looking used as a dirty cum slut.”

I continued to slam my dick in her juicy cunt. As my dick neared the point of no return, I pulled out. The first shot hit her shaved cunt. I pointed my dick higher as I moved to the side of the table. Another rope of hot cum hit her tit and I finished the last few shots onto her face. “Donnie! Not my face!” she screamed. But it was too late and she was in no position to do anything about it. I took some close up’s of her cream pie, tits and lots of her sweet cum covered face.

I untied her and gave her the chip and dared her to e-mail the pics to the guy on the website, figuring she wouldn’t. Peggy took my dare and emailed him. A few days later she checked her e-mail and screamed, “Donny Quick! Saturday night! Saturday night at the Holiday Inn! We are invited! Donny!”

Stunned, I asked, “Where? What?”

“The Submissive Wives Club; we’ve been invited!” Peggy exclaimed excitedly.

We had four days to get our heads together. She was excited as hell and I was a feeling a little apprehensive but by Saturday we were both hyped. We spent the day shopping and Peggy got a cute set of black panties and thigh stockings with a matching bra. I also got a pair of blue boxers with smiley faces on them. We went home, showered and dressed. Peggy wore a simple little black dress and looked stunning

When we arrived at the Holiday Inn; there were three connecting rooms with two queen beds in each room. We were introduced to the other group members and had a few drinks. Blindfolds were then handed out to every male in the room. We blindfolded and stripped our wives naked. I removed Peggy’s dress, panties and bra but left her stockings on. Next we had to draw a colored chip out of a cloth bag. The color of the chip matched the blindfold we would get to fuck.

I had an orange chip and it matched up with this petite hot blonde with small tits. I though great; I’ve missed small tits. It didn’t take long when I saw Peggy on her back on the bed having her pussy eaten by a short stocky man with a fat dick. Her hands were tied to the headboard and a spreader bar tied to her ankles. I saw several of the husbands were busy with my wife and several wives were paired together sucking each others pussies.

My dick was throbbing but all the action was new to me and I was on sensory overload. A redhead was being fucked from behind over a stuffed chair. While the man fucked her, he watched my wife, who was sucking a different man’s cock. The man that was eating my wife slipped between her legs, stuffing his fat dick into her cunt. Peggy was breathing hard and begged for his dick while the one in her mouth was thrusting in and out.

I went over to my blonde lying on the bed when a man handed me a crop, “Here dude, she loves this on her tits. Turn them red for me.” I was a little shocked at first and nervous and slapped her tits a little. “No dude, like this,” and he swung it harder across her tits. She begged for it harder. He handed the crop back to me and I struck her tits harder. She cried out for more. I looked down at her cunt spread wide and saw it leaking cum by the gallon. I slapped her clit with the crop, she yelped as I climbed between her legs. I rubbed my dick against her clit a couple times and shoved it deep into her cunt. For a petite girl she was loose, not near as tight as Peggy’s but I fucked her anyway. It was not long before I dumped my nut into her pussy.

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I rolled off and saw my wife being fucked by the man who had fucked her mouth and the first guy told me how tight she was and a great fuck. Donnie, she was great; you gotta give my wife a ride! I think she’s in the room over there, brown hair, green eyes. Man I’m going to have to fuck your wife again, if there’s room, she has a quite a waiting list though.” Peggy’s big tits were flopping about as the man fucked her hard. She was moaning and begging for it hard. A lady on the bed next to Peggy screamed out in orgasm and Peggy followed right behind her as well as a couple other ladies in the next room.

My dick was stiff again as I stood there jacking, watching my wife take a third man on her hands and knees. Her wrists were untied but the spreader bar was still tied to her ankles. I walked into the next room and saw the green eyed brunette; a man had just pulled out and cum flowed from her cunt. It was a site to die for. I rolled her over and began to fuck her doggy style with her pussy full of sloppy cum. “Yes hard, fuck me hard,” she screamed, “yes do my ass, fuck my ass with that big dick,” she yelled. I pulled my dick free and pushed it at her anal opening. She opened right up, it was tighter than her cunt and I drilled her ass hard. Her fingers rubbed her clit and she burst into orgasm just before I filled her ass with my cream. I rolled over beside her and collapsed when I felt someone climb up and take her right after me. I rolled to my knees and struggled on shaky legs to my wife. Her ankles were untied and she was taking a dick in her ass and pussy at the same time, crying out with one large orgasm after another.  

I put my pants on and collapsed in a chair, watching as my wife was being fucked. I’m sure all eight guys there that night fucked her and then some. We went home several hours later and slept most of Sunday. That night we fucked like mad, Peggy was still on fire from the party. For days after our first encounter, all she could talk about was being blindfolded and fucked, not knowing whose dick was making her cum. She had never orgasmed so many times in her life and how much she loved us making love for days after.

There are people at the holiday Inn almost every weekend if we want to go, but usually if we go, it’s only every two or three weeks. Wives always wear blindfolds and get fucked and treated however we want. Occasionally we invite single men to fuck our wives just to see how many they can handle. I love Peggy even more now then before and life just keeps getting better.

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