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Stuff My Pussy
My boyfriend and I got naughty at the pub. - By Misti

I fucking love to masturbate! I really do! I have been masturbating almost daily, sometimes three or four times a day ever since I hit puberty.  Now I am twenty six years old and I use anything I can find to fuck my horny pussy with. I’m Misti by the way, and I am so addicted to masturbation and stuffing my pussy.

I started puberty when I was around the age of twelve and found that my little pussy was always wet and horny.  I’d lay in my bed at night with a pillow rammed between my thighs and I’d catch myself grinding against it. It made me so horny, so I’d slip my hand into my panties and begin to rub my clit. Well, let me tell you, the first time I had an orgasm, I thought I was having an epileptic fit! My whole body convulsed and jerked wildly as my fingers brought me to orgasm. I then graduated to inserting my fingers inside my pussy and eventually, I wanted something bigger, thicker.  I loved the feeling of stretching my pussy.  I snuck downstairs into our kitchen when everyone was asleep, and grabbed cucumbers or large carrots and ran back to my room and fucked myself silly with them. Then I’d sneak back carefully, washed the vegetables and put them back so my mother wouldn’t notice the missing veggies.

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After a while, that wasn’t enough, I needed more.  I began finding other large objects to stuff my pussy with.  I began using objects like the end of my favorite hair brush, some perfume bottles, my thick barreled curling iron, and numerous kitchen utensils like my mother’s favorite rolling pin until I built up to using beer bottles. The more stuffed I was the greater the thrill for me and I’d have such a fucking intense cum session. I even borrowed my brother’s baseball bat and managed to slide it deep and hard into my pussy.  You should have seen my pussy lips spread tight around the bat. It was intense and so damn hot!

About two years ago, a few girlfriends and I went to go see Korn and a few other heavy metal bands at a heavy metal festival and I there I met my boyfriend, Lyle. He was there with a group of his friends and was behind us and we just hit it off immediately. The first night Lyle and I had sex, I confided in him about my masturbation fetish. He sat and listened intently as I told him how much I love to shove large objects into my pussy. He thought it was pretty cool and asked me for a demonstration. I hopped off the bed and grabbed his beer bottle and laid back onto the bed, spread my legs wide open and slowly began to slide the beer bottle into my pussy and began fucking myself with it. His eyes were glued to my pussy while he stroked his hard dick and came all over my pussy at the same time I exploded in orgasm. I found it extremely exciting to have him watch and since then we have enjoyed experimenting together. Lyle loves to shove his whole fist inside my pussy while he fucks my asshole with a big fat dildo.  I just love it and have the hardest cums ever when he does that to me.

Recently, we went to our favorite pub after work with several of our friends to hang out. Someone in the gang brought up the subject of extreme pictures they had seen on the internet. Another one of the girls then mentioned a picture she has seen recently of a woman with a beer can in her ass and in her pussy.  Most everyone had recalled seeing that picture. Lyle, my sweetheart, piped up and said, “That’s nothing! It’s not a big trick. Misti could do that easily!”

I know I turned ten shades of red when Lyle bragged about me.  Everyone started to spur me on and thanks to drinking one too many of Captain Morgan’s rum, the next thing I knew, I was being hoisted up on top of the pool table in the back of the bar. The cheering gang gathered round the pool table, while I slid my mini skirt up to my waist and Lyle slipped my thong off with his teeth. I don’t know what possessed me but I reached down and began to rub my clit and finger fuck myself in front of all our friends. The more they cheered me on, the hotter and more turned on I got.  My pussy was soaking wet and my juices were trickling down my ass onto the felt cover of the pool table but I didn’t care.  My pussy was hungry to be stuffed and wanted right then and there.

One of the girls suddenly stood next to me and she began to rub my slick pussy and inserted three of her fingers into my wet hole. She was stunned when she slipped in a fourth and then her fifth digit.  The guys cheered her on to fist fuck me and her fist was soon thrusting in and out of my pussy, driving me crazy.

Lyle unzipped his pants and whipped out his hard dick and I turned my head to begin sucking on it. I sucked his dick deep down my throat while my pussy was getting a great fisting, while another one of the girls reached over and began to play with my clit. I suddenly arched my ass off the table as I had a violent intense orgasm.  I screamed out around Lyle’s dick, “Oh my god yes! Fist my dirty cunt!” The girl who rubbed my clit quickly replaced the first girl and slid her whole fist up to her wrist deep inside me.  Her fist felt so damn good inside my pussy as she flexed her fingers and teased my walls forcing me into another intense cum, only this time, whatever she was doing to my pussy, she caused my pussy to shoot out a stream of cum that shot clear across the pool table, soaking one of the guys who was busy stroking his cock while he watched. I had never seen my pussy do that before, but I liked it!

When Lyle saw my pussy contract and shoot that stream of hot cum, his dick swelled up thick and filled my mouth full with his warm creamy load.  There was so much cum pulsing into my mouth; I found it hard to keep up to. Some of it leaked out of my mouth onto the pool table beneath me as I scrambled to swallow his load. He quickly pulled out and moved aside to allow one of his close buddies to push his throbbing dick into my mouth.  My lips were stretched tightly around his large member, as he gripped onto my head and made a steady rhythm in and out of my mouth.

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My pussy had never felt as stretched as it did when the next girl took her turn. She rubbed her fingers and hand in all my juices, making sure she had her hand totally lubed up. She teased my pussy when she formed her fingers into a point and partially inserted them into my opening and shoved them in and out and in and out, making me cry out, “Shove it all in, stuff my cunt now! Stuff it full!” Without warming she shoved her whole hand deeply into my pussy along with more fingers of her other hand. I could feel the walls of my pussy straining to accept the added fingers, feeling wonderfully stretched, and my hips bucked harder, trying to get more of her hands inside me.  Two guys then held my legs wide open as she worked both hands in a jigsaw motion in and out of my pussy slowly working my pussy open more and more. One of the guys leaned over and spit onto my pussy making it easier for her hands to slide and suddenly both her hands were completely inside my pussy. I yelled out, “Oh fuck yeah, stretch my dirty cunt, Fill that fucking hole!” It was the most incredible feeling I had ever felt!

For the next while I sucked four more guys and swallowed one load while the three others shot their cum onto my face and pussy while it was getting fist fucked by a few more of the girls. It was one of the naughtiest and yet incredibly exciting things I had ever done in my life, and my pussy has never been so stuffed and fist fucked as I had that night.  

Lyle and I enjoyed it so much, that this coming weekend we have invited our friends over for drinks and another fist fuck party. Except this time, anything goes; they can use anything they can thing of to stuff my pussy with. I can’t wait to feel my pussy stuffed beyond my wildest fantasies.

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