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I Took My Girlfriend To A Strip Club
We took Candy home. - By James

    I smiled at Melody, who had barely thawed even after dinner and three glasses of wine at La Ventana.  Apparently she was going to remain pissed about whole lying/strip club situation.

    I swore to myself when a red light forced me to stop right beneath the garish lights of Angel’s Showclub.  The flashing neon declared Live Girls with blinking arrows leading down to the gleaming pink outline of a naked woman.

    “Have you been in there?” Melody demanded in a voice that told me the ice had been thawed, and quickly, by another molten blast of rage.

    “Yes!” I snapped.  “Not recently, though.”

    “Not recently.  As in not in the past two weeks since you were busted, you mean?”

    “Oh come on!” I yelled.  “I didn’t tell you because I knew you’d react just like this!  Going to strip clubs with the guys is no big fucking deal.  It’s what guys do, okay?  I’m not fucking them, I’m just looking!  Just like you enjoy looking at the men on that stupid show you can’t miss every Thursday night.”

    “The guys on that show don’t climb out of the television and wave their dicks in my face for a couple of dollar bills!” she shouted.

    I glared and said nothing, because frankly, she had a point there.

    “Can we fucking drop this?  I already told you I won’t go any more.  I didn’t ask you out so we could rehash this goddamn argument.”

    “I’m just trying to understand,’ she said in a tone she probably thought sounded “reasonable”.  It succeeded in pissing me off.

    “You’re trying to understand,” I repeated in a deceptively soft tone.

    “Yes,” she said adamantly.

    I turned right and pulled quickly into the parking lot beneath the multicolored signs advertising beer.

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    “Fine.  Come on inside and maybe you can understand better,” I said.  Her mouth rounded into a pretty O of shock.

    “No!  I can’t go in there!”

    “Of course you can.  I’ve seen women in strip clubs plenty of times.”  Well, not plenty of times, but on occasion.  And most of them had not even been lesbians.

    “James, this is stupid.  Let’s just go home.”

    “No, Melody.  You said you want to understand, so come inside and put your money where your mouth is.”

    I grinned evilly, knowing she could never resist a challenge.  She flung the car door open with a curse.

    “Fine, damn you!  Let’s go see what’s so goddamn exciting that you’re willing to lie to me for it!”

    I scowled as I plucked the keys from the ignition.  She slammed the door.  I did feel a twinge of guilt about lying to her about going to play poker at Ben’s whenever the guys felt like going “stripathon” as they called it.  Still, for all of Melody’s kinky hijinks in the bedroom, she was pretty conservative, which meant that porn magazines and strippers were forbidden.

    I locked the door and joined her at the club entrance.  I could tell she was already regretting her angry impulse.  I gave her a challenging stare and her jaw set once more.  I laughed and paid the cover to the burly bored guy standing in the caged booth.  The place was pretty busy, which was typical for a Friday night.  I spotted a couple of guys leaving and maneuvered Melody over to the table they had vacated—right next to the stage.  I couldn’t see very well in the dark, but I knew my girlfriend’s cheeks were bright red.

    A stripper dressed in nothing more than a red G-string gyrated against a pole over Melody’s head.  Melody looked anywhere but at the girl.  She had long dark hair and a nice smile.  She slid down the pole a bit and made a motion toward one nipple with her tongue, keeping her eyes on Melody the while.  I smiled at the dancer, who said, “Hi honey.”  She wasn’t talking to me.  Melody stammered a greeting and the stripper continued, “You tired of the man meat and looking for something a bit softer?”

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    “No!” Melody said adamantly.  The girl laughed.

    “Well, I’m Candy, if you change your mind, sweetie.  You’re awfully cute.”

    Melody looked at me in horror and her lips moved as she mouthed, Candy?!  I shrugged.  Yeah, so some of their names were pretty cliché.  Candy was hot, though.  And hitting on my girlfriend.  That was new.

    Candy danced over Melody for awhile, and I noticed she wasn’t nearly as mortified as she’d been earlier.  I ordered a couple of drinks and Candy leaned close to whisper in my ear.  I nodded.

    “Come on,” I said and grabbed Melody’s hand.  The music was loud, and strobe lights were giving me a slight headache.  I could only take strobes in moderation.  I led Melody upstairs to the VIP room, glad to be away from the blaring music.  We could still hear it, but it was no longer painfully loud.

    “What are we doing?” Melody asked as we sat on the sofa in the tiny, dimly lit room.  She sipped her drink and nearly choked on it when Candy sauntered in.  “I bought you a private dance” I said as I took her glass and grinned.  Candy stood before us and stripped naked and slowly crawled up Melody who was leaning back on the sofa.  She draped herself over Melody, swaying her bare breasts over my girlfriend, and then brushing her nipples across Melody’s face.

    She looked at me in alarm and I said, “Damn, that’s hot, Melody.  Did you ever think about doing a girl?”

    “No!” she squeaked, but she licked her lips and Candy leaned forward until they were nearly kissing.

    “You two are hot.” Candy purred.  Have you guys ever had a threesome?” she asked.  I was suddenly rock hard at the idea.

    Melody stammered and looked at as her hands cupped Candy’s breasts.

    “Do you want to?” she asked.

    I shrugged.  “Doesn’t bother me.  She seems more interested in you than me, so it’s your decision.”

    “I’d love to suck you all over,” Candy said in a throaty whisper, close to my girlfriend’s ear.  Melody made a delightful squeaking sound and I knew she was a goner.

    “When do you get off work?” I asked.

    “About thirty minutes,” she said and went back to whispering in Melody’s ear.  “Got the early shift today.”  Whatever she said made Melody moan lightly and I thought I might have to make a quick trip to the bathroom to jerk off.  I’d been to strip clubs dozens of times, but I never been so turned on before.

    Candy finished the private dance, but not before slipping her hands inside Melody’s top.  I could see Melody’s nipples poking through the sheer fabric of her blouse.  We agreed to meet for a drink at a nearby bar when she got off work.  I thought Melody might freak out once we got back in the car, but she was quiet.  I drove to the bar and we went inside.

    “Are we really going to do this?” she asked.

    “Not if you don’t want to,” I said casually.

    “I think I want to,” she admitted and I grinned.

    “Good, because I can’t wait to watch.”

    “Really?  You don’t want to fuck her?”  A bit of the old jealousy surfaced, there.

    “No, I’d rather fuck you, but the idea of her getting you hot and bothered is driving me crazy.”

    Melody buried her face in her hands, but when Candy showed up (dressed in a surprisingly conservative outfit of jeans and t-shirt), Melody made no protest.  Candy told us her real name was Michelle.  She explained that she had only been stripping for a couple of months since losing her job as an accountant at a well known Fortune 500 company.

    Back at our apartment, I sat in the bedroom chair and watched while Michelle undressed Melody and began to kiss and lick her all over.  Soon Michelle was naked, as well, and I watched with rapt interest as Michelle’s tongue laved over Melody’s clit.  My girlfriend writhed and gasped, eyes fixed on me the whole time.

    I nearly came just from the sight of it.

    “Why don’t you come join us, handsome?” Michelle said after Melody cried out with her explosive orgasm.  I tore my clothes off in record time and joined them on the bed.  I pressed my hard cock into Melody’s hot, wet—oh so wet—pussy, and gasped when I felt Michelle’s face against my ass.  She licked my balls, and then sucked on them gently while massaging my ass.

    “Fuck, I’m not going to last,” I said and Melody laughed.

    “Don’t worry, somehow I think we can get you off again,” she said.  I groaned and let go, coming hard with Michelle’s mouth sucking me from behind.  I collapsed in relief, and then rolled away from Melody, who said, “I think Michelle need a proper thank you.”

    I moved to the edge of the bed and watched while Melody reciprocated on Michelle, sucking at her mouth and breasts before moving lower to lick and nibble at Michelle’s pussy until the brunette was panting and crying out in ecstasy.  In the midst of it, Melody reached over and fondled my cock.

    True to her word, it wasn’t long before I was rock hard and ready for Round Two.  Michelle came with a loud scream and then Melody moved over to take my erection into her mouth, sucking me in harder and deeper than she’d ever done before.

    We shifted positions a bit, and I lay on my back while Melody attacked my cock with single-minded determination.  I propped myself on the pillows, enjoying the sight of Michelle behind Melody, eating her from behind.  Her tongue was everywhere, visible now and again over the pale globes of Melody’s ass.

    Melody cried out now and again, sending hot vibrations thrumming through my cock.  We came together, and Melody’s cry of bliss mingled with the come pouring into her mouth.  It trickled over her lips and I pulled her up to give her a kiss, grimacing at the salty-strange taste of my own ejection.

    “Holy shit,” Melody said when she could speak again.  “We should keep Michelle.”

    I chuckled.  “Still think strip clubs are evil?”

    “I’ll get back to you on that,” she said.  “After more research.”

    Then she reached for Michelle again. 

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