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Strip Poker
Getting acquainted with my new neighbor. - By Darcy

    Most women might be offended or ashamed to be called a slut.  I’m not most women.  My name is Darcy.  I’m single, twenty-four years old, and I love sex.  LOVE it!  I can’t get enough, and I don’t see anything wrong with taking all I can get.  It doesn’t matter to me what a guy looks like, how old he is, or if he’s married or single; if he has a working cock, then I know how to work it.  And, believe me, I can work it in a way most men have never experienced.  I’m good at what I do, I love what I do, and I do it as often as possible.  Where’s the shame in that?

    I masturbate to stories from all the time, so I figured I’d write in to share some of my own sexual experiences.  I have a lot to tell.  I’d like to think I can make your readers cum without even being there.  Just the thought of men whacking off to pictures of me and fantasies of fucking me makes me horny.  That’s why I spread my legs for your camera, and that’s why I’m submitting my personal stories.  This first installment I’ll call Strip Poker.  It’s about my summertime adventures last year, when a new neighbor moved into the duplex next door.  Enjoy.

    Fort Worth, Texas, sizzles in the summer.  You can literally fry an egg on the sidewalk.  I love the heat – getting sticky and sweaty and wearing next to nothing all day.  It seems the air is just ripe for sex during those hot months.  Last summer, I had a two-week vacation from my dental hygienist job and hadn’t really planned anything other than to hang out around the pool sunbathing with a cold beer in my hand.  That and regular visits to Ed’s adjoining duplex for a good fucking.  Needless to say, I was disappointed to see the moving trucks outside our complex on day one of my vacation.  Ed wasn’t much to look at and he must’ve been in his sixties, but he damn sure loved pussy and could eat me out until I gushed.  It was so convenient having his eager tongue living right next door to me and knowing that, at any time of the day or night, I could knock on his back door and he’d greet me, in his boxers, with an erect cock and a shit-eating grin.  When I realized he was moving, I decided to slip into his back door for one last playtime.  Ed was more than happy to see me and wasted no time removing my swimsuit, spreading my legs, and going face-down into my hot cunt.  We took turns sucking each other off, then went at it doggy-style until we were both wet with sweat and cum, just the way I like it.  When we were finished, I asked if I could snag the six pack of Coors Light from his fridge, if he wasn’t going to take it with him.  He gladly gave it away, saying it was his good-bye gift.

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    The following week was pretty boring around the duplex.  I wondered who’d be moving in next door, just praying it wasn’t some single mom with a lot of bratty little kids.  That’d be no fun.  I was so restless that I ended up spending most of my days at this great little hometown biker bar called Mickey’s.  Holly was the daytime bartender – a cute little number with a banging body and a dirty sense of humor.  She really liked to get the party started and all the guys liked to go in and see her, so the place was always packed with men.  She made it a point to get to know her regulars, and knew enough about me to know that I was looking to get fucked.  Every time I walked into the bar, she’d wink at me and then walk to the jukebox to play something sexy like The Door’s “Backdoor man” or Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” – anything to get the sexual tension up while I worked the room.  Most of the time, the smoky bar was full of blue-collar workers who were either laid off or just getting off the graveyard shift.  Either way, they were men who wanted to have some fun and, besides Holly, I was usually the only woman in the place.  I liked teasing the guys at Mickey’s by flashing my tits and dancing on the bar so that they could get a good look at my trimmed pussy.  I never had underwear on and wore the shortest shorts I could find, just to see the men squirm trying to hide their hard-ons.  It was easy in that environment to find at least one cute guy that I wanted to take home, and once the beer got flowing I knew that I could pick and choose.  It was a lot of fun.  Most of the time, we wouldn’t even make it to my house.  Who needs a bed when the back seat of a truck works just fine?  Besides, I think it’s thrilling to fuck in a car in broad daylight, knowing that I could be seen and not caring because I’m in ecstasy.  I can’t even count the number of guys I fucked and sucked in the Mickey’s parking lot.    

One evening I returned home from Mickey’s to find another moving truck in front of my duplex.  I was at first disappointed to see a homely-looking woman who appeared to be in her mid-thirties carrying a box into the house.  No way was I into that.  But then I heard her yelling at someone inside, “Gerald, get your ass out here and help me unload this shit!”  I could make out some arguing back and forth between my new neighbors, enough to conclude that they were husband and wife, but neither of them emerged again before I made it up the front steps and into my living room.

    The moving truck was still out front the following day, and I decided to put a plan into action to meet this new guy, Gerald.  Of course I’d have to get past his drill-sergeant wife, but I knew that’d be no problem if I disguised my true intentions with some good-girl behavior.  My grandma’s recipe, home-baked chocolate cookies, would get me in the door.  I baked a dozen, all the while fantasizing over the many other ways I could show Gerald what I good little neighbor I was, then headed next door, piping-hot cookies in hand.

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    Wifey greeted me at the door.  Up close she was even mousier than I’d first imagined: brown hair pulled into a messy pony-tail with a “just say no to sex” scrunchy, thick, oversized glasses,  and a look on her face that immediately said she hated me.  Of course, next to her I looked like a summer sex goddess.  And I’d dressed the part, wearing the shortest cut-off jean shorts I had and a skin-tight, belly-bearing pink tank top that put my large breasts and huge nipples on display.  It seemed like an eternity before she took her gaze off my tits, “Yeah?”  Her eyes shot darts at me.  It was amusing.

    “I made these cookies for you and . . . are you living here alone?”  I spoke loudly so as to get Gerald’s attention from the other room.  This clearly bothered Doris (as I learned her name was), but she had no choice but to introduce us when he stumbled into the foyer to say hi.  From the looks of his beer-gut, he’d most likely just followed the scent of cookies, but his mouth dropped open and he practically began drooling on himself when he got a load of my womanly goods.  Doris caught on to what was happening and gave me a quick “thanks” before shutting the door in my face.  That’s when I made up my mind that not only was I was going to seduce Gerald, but that  I was going to give him the ride of his life.  It wasn’t that I was attracted to him.  I mean, he’s not exactly the type of guy I go home and masturbate over, but the fact that his wife kept him on such a tight leash made him a challenge.  For a woman like myself, who can find a fuck-buddy with no problem, it’s nice to have a challenge once in a while.  Also, knowing that Gerald most likely never got a good, mind-blowing fuck was a real turn on when I considered how hungry he’d be for my sweet, eager pussy.

    It took about three days for Gerald and Doris to settle into the place enough for her to return to work.  I took to sunbathing topless in our shared backyard area and Gerald made a habit of “accidentally” walking out on me.  He was very nervous around me at first, stuttering every time he tried to spit out a sentence.  It was cute.  I did my best to flirt with him and make him feel comfortable and he eventually opened up to me, and even did his best to flirt back on occasion.  I learned that Gerald worked from home as a systems administrator.  Basically, he was a computer geek.  Doris had a nursing job and worked odd hours – four days on, three days off – and had to work four night shifts a month, providing Gerald’s only opening to have guy-time with his buddies.  When I asked him what he usually did those nights Doris had to work, he said he either had World of Warcraft LAN parties or hosted a poker and beer night.  That’s when I saw my in.  It took hardly any convincing to talk Gerald in to inviting me to his next guys-only poker night.

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strip poker

    Now, I’m no dummy.  But I sure as fuck can play one when it comes in handy.  I’ve found that a lot of guys are most relaxed around me if they think I’m a bimbo.  So that night at the card table, I put on my best bimbo act.  Growing up with three older brothers, I knew how to play poker.  I even knew how to play well enough to pretend that I couldn’t play.  By the time I lost the twenty bucks I’d come in with, the guys had enough of a beer buzz to agree to a game of strip poker.  My plan was to lose every hand so that I’d end up being completely naked in a room full of guys.  It worked.  It was so much fun watching five  sex-deprived grown men drool all over themselves as I removed my tank top and fondled my hard nipples.  By the time I was completely nude we were all shitfaced and no longer paying any attention to the poker game.  I put one leg on the table, spreading eagle to expose my shaved twat, and began to finger myself.  Part two of my plan was about to go into action.  “Guys, I lost the only twenty bucks I had on this poker game.  I need a chance to get it back.”  

Gerald’s shy friend Tom quickly took the bait, offering me twenty dollars to give him a lap dance.  I gave him the lap dance of a lifetime, allowing him to examine every crevice of me as I gyrated over his body, rubbing my heavy titties into his face.  I knew he’d be too scared to touch me, so I really teased him and his friends, including Gerald, who hooted and hollered as I put on my show.  After Tom broke the ice, each of Gerald’s friends took turns offering me money for lap dances.  I made two-hundred dollars that night, and I’m sure I made every one of those men cum in their pants.  They were all too nerdy to try fucking me, but I wasn’t disappointed because my plan all along had been to seduce Gerald.  When the night wore down and his friends started dipping, I offered to stay behind and help clean up.  After all, he’d invited me to his party.  It was the least I could do.

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Gerald obviously hadn’t guessed that by “clean up” I meant “fuck your brains out.”  As soon as I shoved the last house guest out the door, it was on.  I took Gerald’s hand and let him to his bedroom, pushed him on the bed, and unzipped his pants.  When he realized what I had in store for him, he manned-up rather quickly, scrambling to get completely undressed and sitting up for his blow job.  Knowing it’d probably been a long time since Gerald had gotten good head, I took my time, licking and gently sucking his balls before tracing the shaft of his short, thick penis with my tongue.  I sucked slowly and methodically at first, paying special attention to his mushroom cap.  When I could tell he was getting really worked up, I stopped for a moment to tell him that I wanted him to cum hard, in my mouth, and that I couldn’t wait to taste him.  Then he went to town, pumping aggressively, deep into my throat.  I moaned with pleasure as he came explosively and, as promised, I sucked every last bit of cum out of his happy cock.  I knew I needed to give him some time before round two, so I took my place on the bed and spread my legs wide open for him.  Licking my fingers and inserting them into my creamy cunt, I said with a sweet smile on my face, “Now come over here, big man, and eat me out.  Please.”  

Just as I’d predicted, Gerald was hungry for some good pussy.  He lapped my juices up like a thirsty dog and had me cumming all over his face in a matter of minutes.  Guaranteeing him that we were not yet done, I laid him down on his back and straddled his rock-hard dick.  Gerald let out a deep moan as I slid my wet hot snatch down his shaft.  I could tell he hadn’t been fucked like that in a long time and I rode him like a wild animal, delighted in the feel of his throbbing and eager cock inside of me.  I took my time, getting us both to the brink of orgasm then backing off to let the tension build over and again until neither of us could take it anymore.  When I came, I came hard, and the contractions of my climax were enough to gravitate his orgasm to a whole new level.  He literally cried out in ecstasy while I sat over him, convulsing with pleasure.

Clean up time that night involved more than picking up some cards and throwing some beer bottles away.  Clean up involved me, Gerald, and a shower.  Rushing to avoid being caught by Doris, we ended the night with a shy goodbye . . . and an invite to his next poker night.

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