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My Step Daughter Wants To Fuck Me
I found my step daughter's diary. - By Joe

Three years ago, I got married to a cool lady named Hillary. We liked to hang out at the bar together, get drunk, and then go home and fuck each other’s brains out. We decided to get married, and aside from my new wife, I gained two beautiful young teenage daughters: Madison and Tina.

Life after the wedding was pretty good. My wife was a freak in the bedroom and she wanted me all the time. As the girls got older, and curvier, I started getting hard every time one of them ran downstairs in their clean white panties and t-shirt. I was in a constant state of worrying that I’d get caught staring too long at their wide soft breasts.

I took to spending a lot of time in the bathroom where I’d fish through the hamper looking for their dirty clothes. I’d smell their moist sports bras, and on my luckiest days, their sexy panties. One night, when Madison came home from a date and showered immediately, I went unto the bathroom and gasped when I found her x-rated black panties at the top of the laundry. I took them in my hands and felt the sopping crotch—the wettest panties I’d ever found. I immediately held them to my nose and smelled the unmistakable sent of jiz mixed with her flowery juices. I knew I’d be unable to hide my instant erection—so I jerked off in the shower. The warm cave still smelled like her freshly washed body and I imagined her rubbing soapy water over her thick just-fucked breasts. I came in no time and blew my spunk right into the washcloth she’d left on the floor of the shower. I tossed it in the hamper and went to bed.

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I’d always enjoyed the bodies of both of the girls. Madison was softer, more voluptuous, and older. Tina was petite and brunette, a cheerleader, all tan and smiley. They each had their good qualities. Tina wore sexier clothes. Her mother was always making her go back upstairs and change. She liked to wear her shorts so short that she exposed the bottom half of her ass cheeks. She’d pair that with a t-shirt not long enough to cover the bottom of her sports bra. She’d always peek at me and we’d share a secret smile as she bounded back up the stairs, her ass cheeks clenching and releasing, swaying back and forth on each step.

When Madison went away to college, there was a definite shortage of panties in the hamper. Occasionally, I’d get lucky and find a sexy thong or a cute pair of white cotton panties all sopping wet, but for the most part Tina didn’t seem to wear any panties. One day, all alone in the house, I searched through the hamper and found nothing. Since no one was home, I sneaked into Tina’s room and started fumbling around looking for some dirty panties on the floor. I found her cheerleading t-shirt slung over her desk chair and took a great big whiff. I smelled her sweat and her girly perfume, and I grew a chubby.

As usual, she didn’t have much for me to enjoy on the floor of her room, so I found myself snooping around her bedside table. She had a pile of magazines on top and when I took the Teen Magazine off the top of the pile, I found a Playgirl. I then caught site of a small metallic dildo. I picked it up and felt the dried crusty remains of Tina’s 17-year-old cunt juice. I smelled the dildo and my chub turned into a full-on erection. Then I spotted her diary in the corner of a drawer with a pink pen holding the place where she left off. I opened up to the last entry and read my stepdaughter’s pink bubbly cursive writing:

I fucked Tommy in the auditorium at school. He sat front row center and I straddled him and bounced on his cock for about three minutes. Then he shoved me onto the floor and came all over his jeans. He just sat there with his head leaning back onto the seat, his cock poking through his open fly, and his eyes closed. I hadn’t even gotten close to cumming!

I got up on my knees, took his cock, and licked his cum off the tip. I heard something from behind me. Someone was on the stage. I turned around and Mr. Ubrey was standing there watching us. Tommy zipped us his pants and ran out of the room. I met Mr. Ubrey’s eyes while I buttoned up my white shirt and then wiped the drop of cum off my lips and slowly walked out of the auditorium, making sure to shake my ass. I’d left my panties on the floor under the seat, and air blew up my cheerleading skirt. It felt awesome against my wet cooch.

Before I walked out of the auditorium, I turned around and saw that Mr. Ubrey was still standing there watching me. And I also noticed that he had a full-on woody pressing against the front of his pants. I love fucking older guys. They at least try to make me cum. So I said, “Mr. Ubrey, are you here every day at this time? Like, will you be here Monday at this time?”

He swallowed. His Adam’s apple moved in and out, and he nodded.

As I read, I started rubbing my cock. When I finished the entry, I grabbed some mango-scented lotion from Tina’s desk and squirted some on my hand. I flipped to an earlier page in the diary and saw my name on the page. I stopped and began to read:

Ever since I fucked Brian, all I can think about is doing older guys. They fucking give me shit, and pay for everything, and they look at my body like it’s a fucking Buddhist temple or something. Brian’s wife has no idea that I fuck her husband on their fucking bed, and that turns me on so fucking much. Plus, his cock is huge and hairy. I love how he thinks my hips are so narrow that he worries he’s going to break me apart. He likes me to leave my cheerleading skirt and my socks on. Sometimes he asks me to bring my pom poms, and he jerks off while I do cheers wearing nothing but my socks and my skirt. He says he likes to watch my tiny tits bounce. Weird, but whatever.

One older guy I really want to fuck is Joe (That’s me!). I see him checking me out every fucking day. I wear the sluttiest clothes when I’m at home, and I try to get away with wearing nothing. Yesterday morning, I went down to the kitchen in panties and an undershirt and ate cookies and milk at the counter while Joe pretended to read the paper. Really, he was watching me. I didn’t hide the fact that I was watching him. I stared right at his cock, which was popping a tent in his pajama pants. He totally could have thrown me on the countertop and fucked me. I was so fucking horny that morning, and my mom was out at the grocery store. I would have fucked him on the countertop until we heard her car in the driveway. If only Joe had the balls to fuck me.

I blew my load all over her lavender comforter. I couldn’t fight it. I’d been worshipping this girl’s body since she was fourteen, and on that moment of cumming, I learned that she had been thinking about fucking me. Even better, my stepdaughter was apparently a raving slut! She loved to fuck. I got another hard-on at the thought, and read a few more entries.

So mom comes into my room yesterday morning and says I have to stop flaunting my body in front of Joe. She says I’m getting too old to show so much of my shit. Joe’s only human, she says. I have to stop making him so uncomfortable. What a bitch.

I have a good mind to fuck Joe in her fucking bed. I had a dream last night that I was taking a bubble bath and Joe stepped into the bathroom sporting a giant hard-on. He made me get up on my knees in the tub and suck him off. I didn’t mind. I filled my hands with soap bubbles and jerked him off as I gave him the best fucking blow up of his life. No way my mom sucked off each ball and massaged his taint. No way she knew about the crazy sex shit people did nowadays.

After I sucked him for a while, Joe got in the tub with me and fucked me in the warm water. I swear to god that dream went on for like two hours. I know from hearing my mom and him through the walls that Joe is a kinky bastard who likes to fuck. I woke up all horny as fuck and put on a tiny pair of shorts. I went downstairs and saw Joe passed out in front of the TV. I turned off the TV and kneeled on the floor next to him. The house was silent. I wondered what he would do if he woke up to find me sucking his dick and looking into his eyes. Would he think he was dreaming? Would he put his big hand on the back of my head and force his dick farther down my throat?

Again, I blew my like a volcano, this time on Tina’s plush carpet. I had to let her know that she was welcome to wake me up with a midnight blow job or give me a morning fuck anytime she wanted. I spent the weekend reading through her diary, jerking off all over the house. I made sure the diary was safe in her drawer before she returned on Sunday night.

On Monday, I stared at Tina at dinner, but she didn’t seem to realize that I now knew her secrets. She spent the night in her room, while I imagined going up there and fucking her right through her canopy bed.

On Tuesday night when Tina finally went out with friends, I sneaked into her room and got her diary out of her drawer. Just as I hoped, the pen had moved and a brand new entry was ready to be read.

I checked into the auditorium today and Mr. Ubrey was sitting in the last seat in the front row. I opened the door as quietly as possible and walked down to Mr. Ubrey.

“You’re wearing your skirt again,” he said.

“Yeah,” I flipped up my skirt to show that I wasn’t wearing any underwear, just my smooth shaved snatch. He smiled and patted the chair next to him. He was too afraid to do any real fucking. He unzipped his pants and took his out his cock, and then he put his hand on my back and pushed me down toward his lap. I gave him a pretty standard blow job and he pushed on the back of my head when he came so that his hot spunk ran right down my throat. When he was done, he zipped up his pants and walked out without saying anything. All in all, he was a big fucking disappointment. The best thing about fucking older guys is that they get me off, so this was a fucking suck-fest (no pun intended).

I NEED a good fucking. If Joe gives me the go ahead, I am going to make a move on him this weekend. Mom is going to a conference in the city and we’ll be alone from Saturday night into Sunday morning. That would give him a whole night to make me cum.

I’ve been a walking hard-on ever since I read this. I stopped at the sex shop at lunch, jerked off for a half hour in the pay booth, and then bought a few supplies. I plan to give my little girl quite a treat this weekend.

She wants an older guy to make her cum? That’s what dear old step-dad is here for. I might have to take off from work on Monday so that I can read her diary. I really want to read about what she thinks of me and my cock and the pounding I plan to give her. I want to give her the fuck of her seventeen-year-old life, and then I want to jerk off in her bed as I read what the little slut thought of me.

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