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I Fucked My Step Brother
By Maureen

When the phone rings after midnight, you know the news isn’t going to be good.  Such was the case last April when the phone woke me and my husband up at 2 am. It was a Monday night.  It was my mom calling from Michigan. She was crying.  My step father had been rushed to the hospital suffering from chest pains.  He died a few hours later.  The doctors said it was a massive heart attack.  The next morning I began planning my trip back home to attend the funeral.  The thought of returning home was a little unsettling.  Almost 10 years had passed since I had left for college in Berkley CA. That is where Bryan met me, seduced me and married me in just six months.  We had a quick little weekend wedding in Las Vegas and didn’t even let Mom and Jack know for another six months.  By then our daughter was on the way followed quickly by the twins.  Months soon became years and while Mom and Jack made an annual trip to San Diego during the Christmas holiday to visit us this would be my first trip back home since I left at 18.  I didn’t want to take the kids out of school, plus we couldn’t really afford for the whole family to go to Michigan so I told mom I would be coming alone.

Bryan knew I was a little stressed about going back to Michigan.  The night before leaving he did his best to make me feel more relaxed.  He started by giving me a total body massage and finished by sliding his hard, thick dick deep inside me moving gently and deliberately until he filled my cunt to the brim.  It felt great but I wouldn’t allow myself an orgasm.  Something held me back, something I carried deeper than his cock could ever reach.  I tossed wildly on the bed tightening my pussy muscles, moaning, releasing and tightening them again.  I don’t think Bryan realized I faked an orgasm.  Bryan trusts me.  But I wasn’t sure I trusted myself.

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I flew into Detroit and my cousin Cindy picked me up at the airport and we drove the 90 minute drive to Lansing.  Jack’s death was sudden.  Cindy remarked Jack’s only child Devin had called her and would try to attend the funeral.  Jack and his son hadn’t seen each other in years.  It was an anxious walk from the parking lot and up the carpet covered steps into the funeral home.  Mom was already inside with Devin thanking mourners as they paid their respects.  Quietly I sat down on the couch next to my mother and took her hand.  Devin made his way to me and smiled.  “Hi, Mo, it’s good to see you”.  I avoided looking into his steel blue eyes.  I told him I was glad I could be here for my mother and how sorry I was about his loss.  As the words came out I could feel a stinging blush covering my cheeks as he took my hand.  Even in the middle of Jack’s viewing his touch transported me back to the summer I never forgot.

Later the family decided to gather down the block at a neighborhood pub for a few drinks.  My widowed aunts Rita and Anne sat with mom, their baby sister Mary at a round table with a pitcher of diet Coke and pretzels.  The cousins were playing pool.  When I came out of the ladies room Devin motioned for me to join him at a corner table where he sat alone with a frosty bucket of Michelob.  

Devin opened up about all those years he was away.  He dated and had a couple long term relationships but he never settled down.  He admitted the estrangement with his dad took a toll and he was consumed with guilt because it was too late to make things right with Jack.  “Maybe we should change the subject,” I suggested.

Taking his hand in mine we talked about the good times so many years ago.

“I don’t think I ever thanked you for that summer at Dad and Mary’s”, he whispered.  “That first blow job in the tool shed was the best I ever had.” I crossed my legs under the table.  I felt wet imagining his fingers inside me.

We had taken shelter in the tool shed behind the main house as a sudden summer storm moved across the lake.  A steady downpour pounded the tin roof.  Devin spread his beach blanket on the floor.  We sat facing each other and for awhile and played the same kissing game we first experimented with the summer before.  It was different this time.  After a few juvenile pecks my moist tongue met his.  Guiding his hand under my bathing suit top he found my nipple.  His other trembling hand touched my belly.  He made a little sighing sound stopping just below my navel.  I loosened the drawstring on his trunks.  Flushed with fear and desire his cock grew stone hard in my grip.  His reaction to my touch caused made me drunk with lust.

We stopped kissing both opening our eyes at the same time taking a long look at each other.  This was it.  We both knew this would not stop at simple child’s play.  Leaning back I wriggled out of my bottoms.  Slowly he used his fingers to explore the tuft of hair finding my clit engorged.  Devin tentatively reached for my glistening beaver gently manipulating my bud.  Feeling his unwavering touch I tightened my grasp on his swollen prick.  Hearing my moaning surprised him and he stopped.  Taking his wrist I pulled him toward me again.  Masturbation had become a routine activity for me.  It felt good to be fingered.  I wanted him to feel my silky juices he watched me show him what to do.

Soon his trunks were around his ankles.  I was now on my knees and examining his cock close up. I wanted to taste him.  I wrapped my lips around the head.  It was warm and firm it felt pleasant on my tongue.  Devin shivered in anticipation.  “May...maybe we…we should stop!,” he stuttered as I continued to suck and bite his prick gently.  I took his cock deeper into my throat.  I gagged.  “Mo, oh my God, I’m choking you,” he wailed in alarm.  Shaking my head to let him know I was okay coating the shaft with my saliva.  The thunder continued to rumble outside, bolts of lightening crackled.  Lying in the classic 69 position Devin penetrated me with his index finger.  My tits tingled.  The sensation of his entry thrilled me and I moved my mouth more quickly over his pulsing dick.  Jiggling up and down on his hand the rhythmic movement of his hips thrust his cock further into my eager mouth.

My labia wrapped around the three fingers that deeply fucked my sopping wet cunt.  The sounds of cock slurping and the smell of finger fucked pussy filled the shed.  Devin’s thighs tightened. I steadied him taking his balls in one hand, stroked the shaft with my other hand and sucked and tongued the head of his cock. Devin chanted my name.  “M...m...m..Mo! Oh!oh!oh!...oooooooooh!” I felt the slit at the end of his prick open.  The rumbling began rising from his nuts spilling a thick, salty load of cum over my tongue.  I started to gag as Devin’s sperm shot down the back of my throat.  I spit him out as he released a river of hot jiz all over my face.  Devin continued to finger my beaver reacting to my gyrations helping him find just the right spot inside my ripe hole.  When I came I felt it from my tits to my toes.  My heart was beating so fast it was hard to catch my breath.  Afraid someone would hear me I bit my lip hard.  By then Devin had pulled away and looked scared.  Lying on the blanket next to each other I began to feel guilty.  I knew it was wrong to take the virtue of someone younger than me especially the person I called my brother.

We didn’t say much after that and the rain suddenly stopped.  We heard Jack calling from the house.  We grabbed our suits and crawled out the window on the far side of the shed so he would not see us.  We got dressed standing in the tall grass near the edge of the lake.  Walking up the stone path we saw my mother join Jack on the front porch under the yellow bug light.  I felt all the blood drain from my face.  “Looks like you two managed to keep dry.”  Jack chuckled as I handed the beach blanket to my mother.  

For the rest of the summer we worried our parents knew what happened.  We avoided each other and although I spent the rest of the summer thinking about Devin’s cock and playing with my pussy, we didn’t have a chance to fool around again.  Devin never spent another summer with us.  After high school he joined the Navy and was stationed overseas.

The recollection of our experience at the lake aroused me as we sat together in the corner.  By now it was midnight.  We walked my mother and her sisters to my cousin’s station wagon.  Cindy offered me a ride back to the hotel but Devin quickly offered to take me.  Mom reminded us to be at the funeral home the next day at 8:30am.  We would both ride with her to the cemetery in one of the limousines.  Devin’s slipped an arm around my waist.  “Don’t worry Mary,” he smiled, “I will deliver her safe and sound.”

On the ride to the hotel Devin turned on the car stereo and we absentmindedly sang along.  Devin’s right hand found the hem of my skirt and then my thigh.  Bryan’s face flashed in my mind.  At first I thought Devin saw him too but he just removed his hand to adjust the volume.  Once we arrived at the hotel we decided to go to the bar for a nightcap.  I ordered scotch on the rocks and Devin asked for the same.  He asked questions about California, Bryan and the children.  I felt a little embarrassed not having thought about any of that since I saw Devin earlier that evening.  Climbing into the elevator I reached over to press the button for the fourth floor.  He took me in his arms pressing his lips to mine.  Feeling the rock in his pants I melted.  The bell sounded and the doors opened.  He followed me down the hall to my suite.  He took the key card from me, “Here, let me”.  Once inside the room he removed his jacket and settled in a chair near the window.  I sat on the edge of the bed and kicked off my shoes.  Devin began to unbutton his shirt revealing his muscular chest covered with a blanket of dark curly hair.  My mouth felt dry as I tried to swallow.

“Sure would like to finish what we started last time,” he grinned standing in front of me, “I’ve learned a lot since then”.  The scotch had removed any lingering reluctance.  “We’ve kept our secret this long,” I remarked unzipping his fly, “I bet we can keep this one even longer.” The change fell out of his pockets as his pants dropped to the floor.  Devin’s familiar cock sprung forward tapping my nose.  I took it firmly in my hand and flicked it lightly with the tip of my tongue.  One tasty bead of cum hit my bottom lip and slid down my chin.  He pushed me down backward on the bed.  Bending my knees he removed my black silk panties harboring the huge wet patch that had concealed my aching twat.  The palms of his hands polished my legs and found their way around to my ass.  My skirt was hiked up to my waist and I struggled to take my camisole off over my head.  He moved over me to reach and suckle my tits.  

Electricity coursed through my body as Devin pressed his crotch against my throbbing pubic mound.  The lips of my hungry pussy enveloped and swallowed his erection and he began to pump slowly and deliberately.  The sensation was overwhelming.  I spread my legs wider and Devin rammed his hot poker deep into my slippery crack.  I gripped his throbbing rod with a vaginal vice grip.  He thrust even harder and deeper inside me.  Devin’s balls slapped against the slim patch of skin between my cunt and ass hole as he pounded me.  It stung but I begged him to fuck me harder and deeper.  We kissed passionately, our tongues intertwined. It was just as electric as that summer day in the shed, but this time I had no guilt.  Devin was gorgeous and he had amazing stamina and control.  The pounding continued for several minutes then suddenly Devin grunted and made a final stabbing thrust against my cervix.  Every muscle in his body stiffened and I felt the warm flow of his cum as it leaked out of my pussy and down between the cheeks of my ass and soaked the sheets.  I began to have my own orgasm that seemed to last forever.  Devin relaxed on top of me with a heavy sigh.  His sweaty flesh felt good against my own and his semi erect cock was still inside me.  My nipples remained upright, my breathing began to slow down and we lay there like that until we fell asleep.  

When the alarm clock went off Devin was gone.  I showered and pulled on my black dress and went to the lobby to call for a cab.  Outside Devin sat smiling at the curb in his sports car.  We stopped and ate breakfast at a Diner. We never discussed what happened the night before.

After the funeral Devin hugged my mom then kissed me softly on the cheek.  “Now I remember why you’re my favorite sister!” he grinned and headed for his car.  He disappeared over the midday horizon just like he did at the end of that certain summer so long ago.

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