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My Wife is Fucking Her Boss
She told me he wanted her pussy, I said go for it. - By Vince

My wife Sonja got a new job about a year and a half ago. She moved up the ladder to middle management. My name is Vince and we live in Chicago. We have had a swinging lifestyle for years so we are pretty comfortable with the idea of fucking other people. My wife came home about a year ago after getting a new boss from outside the corporation. I was not surprised to hear her tell me that for a young kid, he is only thirty one, was quite hot. You see my wife Sonja is 42, I’m 44 and she stands about five foot seven, one hundred and thirty five pounds with super large D cup tits. They have nice big areolas, hard nipples that poke through the thickest bras and a knock me off my socks sweet ass. On top of that, working in management she is always dressed real sharp in business suits and high heels. She looks to be about thirty five or seven, no where near her age; always smiling and happy to be around.

Anyway not long after her new boss Mr. McLeod started working, they have to work close together in their team setup, he started to hit on her or at least flirt. Every time he did, she would come home and tell me all about it. It made me rock hard just thinking about a younger man hitting on my wife. She sensed the arousal right off and would give me a blow job, which she is the absolute best at, while telling me about the flirtations.

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It was not long, within her first week actually, before Mr. McLeod was making full advances at her, suggesting that they get together for more than just work. Sonja and I discussed it one night as she sucked my dick, her hands fondling my balls, her lips caressing my shaft as it disappeared totally into her mouth. I suggested that if he was as hot as she said and if she wanted to, to go ahead, who knows it might help her get a promotion. After all any good office lady understands it is not who you know but who you blow.

They had a big project going on and as part of the team it required that she and Mr. McLeod work later at night than the rest of the staff. While working late she was leaning over his desk showing him a report, her top was lose and her suit jacket hanging on the back of the office door, he could see right down her sheer blouse at her lacy black bra. He made a comment that he would like to see what was hidden inside of the padding because the nipples poking through looked simply delicious.

It didn’t take her long to stand up and unbutton her blouse, then reaching behind her, she unhooked her bra. She told me that she then sat back on this big leather couch in his office and told him to come take a better look as she slipped the blouse and bra off in a sexy movement of her arms. Well Mr. McLeod, who was also very married at the time, was on the couch beside her, sucking on one of her tits in record time. This drove my wife wild! Her nipples are very sensitive. Wile he sucked at her tit, she played with his hair and tugged at his pants.

While Sonja continued on telling me this story of their first sexual encounter, she was sucking my super hard dick stopping only every so often to talk and then she would stroke me or rub her tits up and down the shaft. So back to her and her boss; once she got his pants free, she pulled out his dick. She told me that it was a thick seven incher with a beautiful smooth head on it and it also had a nice gentle curve that it pointed up to his belly. She also described how he had a full heavy set of shaved balls to her delight and how good they felt in her hands. She continued with further details on how she sucked his cock just like she was doing to me that very moment. I watched as her head swallowed my entire dick, her nose was hitting against my pelvic area. She moaned for a moment, pulling back up driving me crazy with her incredibly warm mouth.  

After teasing Mr. McLeod like that with her mouth, she got up and seductively removed her skirt and panties, leaving on just her black stocking and heels. Standing in front of him, his eyes gazed at her. She watched his eyes travel all the way up her silky long legs to her shaved pussy. She then sat back on the couch next to him and they began to kiss but his lips went back down to her tits. He pushed her onto her back; spread her legs open as he climbed between them while he wrestled his pants off. Sonja’s fingers undid his shirt to expose his chest which was muscular and totally bald, not a single hair on it. She rubbed it and tweaked his hardened nipples as he worked himself forward.

Her mouth was back on my throbbing dick and all I could imagine was her in front of her boss on the couch, naked as she was now sitting on our bed wearing only stockings and heels. Pulling her lips free from my dick again and smiling such a naughty smile, she continued.

Mr. McLeod rubbed his thick dick up and down her wet pussy several times. She said that at that point she was so soaking wet from him sucking her tits. I knew just how horny that made Sonja. Anyway with a now slippery, wet cock head, he pushed forward his purple helmet, parting her pussy. She leaned back against the back of the couch and opened her legs wider and pulled his cock head up into her while her other hand gripped his dick. Then he began to shove his dick deeper into her hungry pussy. He was so hard and long. She then told me how electrifying it was to have her boss inside her pussy.

The curve of his dick rubbed right up and across her G spot and made her body shudder and quiver. Sonja worked her leg at the back of the couch, lifting it up higher, giving him more room to fill her fuller and he did. My dick was back in my wife’s mouth. She sucked and tongued my dick like a pro. She was working me harder with her lips and I was bucking into her mouth. Once again she pulled free, saying, “Easy there boy, I’m not finished the story yet.” So she wrapped her fingers around my pulsating shaft and began to stroke me so sensuously as she told me the rest of the story.  

Mr. McLeod then grabbed her legs and began to fuck her pussy hard. His curved dick was grinding in all the right places. Sonja bucked into him as he slammed his wonderful dick into her. Sonja thought it was so erotic and exciting to be in the office naked and fucking where anyone could have caught them, she came with a roaring orgasm. She scratched and clawed at his back, trying to get more of his wonderful dick deeper into her pussy. She had cum so much, that her cum was flowing and running down her ass crack onto the couch.

He must have been equally excited because he also just deeply groaned, “Oh Sonja, fuck!” as he fucked her harder through Sonja’s orgasm. He gasped again and she could feel him cumming. He was panting and fucking and filling my wife’s pussy with his cum. As she ended her story, Sonja then dove back down and sucked my dick back into her mouth. Her head began to bob up and down with her tongue flicking at the helmet of my dick; her fingers tickling at my balls. Her hands and lips worked across my dick as her teeth scraped at the sensitive skin. My dick was pulsing knowing that her boss had finally fucked her for the first time; she felt my dick swell thicker in her mouth. She looked up at me with her deep blue eyes, her chestnut hair hanging around her face. A smile came across her eyes as she felt me begin to cum in her mouth. Shot after shot of my hot cum pumped into my wife’s mouth, her head still bobbing up and down on my dick.

After all my cum was sucked from my balls she pulled her lips free looking up and me happy and smiling. She stuck out her tongue covered in my rich thick white cream, as a drip ran down her chin smiling more she swirled the cum around her teeth with her tongue and slowly sucked it down her throat. Mmmm. Vince, I have another surprise for you she said while pulling off her panties, she threw them to me. My pussy is full of cum, want some? I inhaled the crotch of her panties and then pushed her on to her back and feasted on the cream pie that her boss had just left inside her. I ate my wife to an orgasm and then fucked her myself.

Since then she has been working late two maybe three times a week and fucking him regularly on the office couch and when she come home she sucks my dick while she tells me all the hot details. In approximately a week they are both going to a conference out of town together. I bet they rent two rooms and use only one. That will be the first time her boss fucked her on a bed instead of the office couch. Sonja is excited to spend more time with him. She has already received a small raise and should be getting a bonus once the project is finished. As for us, our sex life is even better and Sonja gets twice the sex.

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