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I Fucked My Son In Law
A shameless MILF fucked her daughter's husband.

Margaret rolled over lazily and blinked her eyes against the bright California sun pouring in through the windows. She stretched luxuriously and arched her back, giggling as her nipples brushed against the sheet. She was a small woman, and this bed was enormous. Sitting up and looking around the room, she realized her daughter's taste in home decor was nothing like her own. The room was fussy and full of chintz and pastels and roses; absolutely nothing like Margaret's modern black, silver and red. 

It was the first morning of her vacation. Before she did anything else, she intended to put on her new bathing suit, make her body shine with suntan oil, squeeze herself a pitcher of cold mimosas and plop herself down by the pool to soak up some much-needed sunshine.

She got out of bed and caught her reflection in the full-length mirror. A huge smile spread across her face as she inspected her body. All those long months of diet and excercise had definitely been worth it. She was leaner, harder and more toned than she had been in years. Checking herself out from every angle, she was extremely pleased. Her ample breasts jutted out firmly and proudly over a small waist and a flat stomach. She'd worked especially hard to make her bottom both round and hard. She couldn't wait to get herself all tanned and healthy-looking.

Before this trip, it had been several years since she and Jean had seen each other. Jean was the oldest of her two daughters, and the two of them had long shared a rocky relationship. But the girl had somehow managed to marry a drop dead gorgeous man. Doug still took Margaret's breath away. His lanky, easy manner was especially appealing. All three of Margaret's husbands had always been the sensible, controlling type. Perhaps that's why Jean had married a man exactly the opposite.

She raked her nails up the insides of his thighs and felt him shudder. Next she reached inside his boxers and pulled his cock out and held it in her hands

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A knock at the door startled her. It was Jean, with a breakfast tray, coming to say good-bye before going off to work as a legal assistant. The only thing Margaret could see that Jean had inheirited from her was her heart-shaped face and cat-like green eyes. Both of Margaret's daughters were tall and thin like their father. Jean leaned over the bed and gave Margaret's left cheek a quick peck. Then she stood up, handed over a set of door keys, and promised to be back before 6:00 p.m. She said she'd bring dinner home with her, and asked if Mexican was o.k. Margaret recognized this as a welcoming gesture. Jean knew Margaret loved Mexican food - even if she didn't especially - and it was much better here than in Detroit, where Margaret lived. Then she smiled, turned and walked out the door and down the hall. Margaret heard the door open and close. She heard Jean's BMW start and back out of the driveway.

She idly poured a cup of coffee from the pot on the tray, added a splash of milk, and raised it slowly to her lips. She really needed this vacation. She had to figure out what she was going to do next. Phil, Margaret's husband, was away on a business trip in Belgium. He'd been gone a week so far, and would be gone another ten days. Margaret enjoyed Phil's business trips and the freedom they gave her. He was her third husband. They'd only been married a year and a half, but they'd reached that seemingly inevitable place in their marriage where she was beginning to rapidly lose interest in all of it. The same thing had happened with her two other marriages as well, but much later in the game.

She quickly put on her new turquoise bikini and admired her flat stomach again. Then she grabbed a beach towel and threw it over her shoulders, picked up the breakfast tray and walked out of her room, down the hall and into the kitchen. Doug was on his way out the door, but stopped to say hello. They'd not spoken the night before because her plane had been delayed, and he'd been sound asleep when she'd arrived. She was struck with his rakish good looks. She'd lost a good deal of weight and toned up her body since the last time they'd seen each other, and was pleased to notice his eyes dancing over her body with obvious surprise and delight. She gave him a broad grin as she idly scratched her flat tummy. His eyes followed her hand as it delicately circled her navel. He said he'd be back in time for dinner and shot her one last appreciative look as he left.

Margaret poured herself some juice and walked outside. The California sunshine was blindingly beautiful. She strolled over to the pool and slathered herself with oil before lowering herself to a chaise lounge. She spent the rest of the day doing nothing more than drinking juice, working on her tan and thinking about her existance.

She'd been married more than half of her life. The girls' father had been her high school sweetie; the first boy she'd ever had sex with. No one but the two of them knew she was pregnant when they got married the day after graduation. The girls had come along quickly, one right after the other. As soon as they were both born, he'd been gone. Before that, she'd believed in happily ever after. After that, she'd believed in very little for a very long time. She'd been absolutely miserable after Kevin had left. Being a single mother hadn't suited her at all. So she'd run out and rushed right into marriage #2, which she'd known was a Big Mistake right from the beginning. The sex was awesome in the beginning, but t hadn't lasted four years before they were both sleeping in other people's beds more often than they were sleeping in their own.

 But at least her second marriage had afforded her the chance to bring her daughters up in a stable, two-parent family. She thought this was important, since she'd not had that luxury. Her own father had been the town drunk, and her mother was famous for opening her legs for anyone, anytime. So Margaret took great care that both of her own girls grew up right and graduated from college Then they both married and moved away. Her youngest daughter, Lynette, lived in New Jersey. Both she and her husband, Jack, were veternarians. They had one son, Matt. He was six years old. Every two or three months, they'd come and visit Margaret and Phil. New Jersey; Detroit..... both cold and unforgiving.

But she was in California now. California; warm and dreamy. Doug got home first and came out to chat with Margaret, who'd been dozing. Pleasantly surprised to see him, she stretched languidly and looked up at him through heavy sleepy-lidded eyes. She sat up and swung her legs over the side of the chaise lounge. Then she leaned over groggily, giving him a good view of her generous cleavage.

Deciding to jump into the pool, she stood up and sashayed slowly past him. She brushed her breasts lightly against his arm before she jumped into the water, did a quick few laps, and climbed out, glistening droplets of water clinging to her skiin. She shook her hair and stretched her arms up to the sun, knowing full well what the cold water had done to her big nipples. She enjoyed the way he was enjoying her. He handed her the towel, touching her hand lightly.

Then Jean appeared around the corner, seemingly out of nowhere, bringing with her a bottle of wine and three glasses. Margaret wondered if it was her imagination - or was Doug as disappointed as she thought he looked ? Was he as disappointed as she was ? Well, none of that mattered because her mousy little daughter plopped herself down between them, and stayed there for the rest of the evening.

But while they were eating dinner on the patio, Margaret noticed Doug staring at her cleavage every chance he got. She noticed how blue his eyes were, and how large his hands were, and imagined how they would feel against her smooth skin. Thankfully, Jean excused herself early. She was tired due to working long hours these days because it was a busy time at her law firm. Doug and Margaret opened another bottle of wine. They drank and talked and laughed. The sun had gone down, and the candle light cast warm, sultry shadows on everything. The warmth of the night was like a soft breath caressing her skin. Margaret looked at her son-in-law and wanted him very badly. She was disappointed when he got up, kissed the top of her head, and announced he was going to bed.

The next day both Doug and Jean were gone from the house before Margaret woke up. She spent the day swimming, tanning and fantasizing about her son-in-law. By the time Doug got home, she'd worked herself into a tizzy. A day of laying in the sun had relaxed her, and the pitcher of mimosas she'd drank over the course of the day had loosened her up considerably. The reggae music playing on the cd player added to the playful atmosphere.

Doug had said hello and was on his way into the house when she grabbed him playfully by his tie and pulled him close to her, staring into his eyes and lifting a drink to his lips. To her surprise, he took the drink and downed it in one gulp. Then he smiled, loosened his tie and removed it. The music was making her hips move. She placed his hands on them and moved up against him. She pulled his shirt out of his pants and slid her hands into his back pockets, pulling him closer to her, grinding her pelvis into him.

She lifted her face to his, and welcomed his full lips. Her warm tongue lightly licked them. He groaned softly, and she felt his warm breath on her face. Then his tongue tentatively searched out her own, and she felt his hands tighten on her hips. She threw back her head and danced into him, laughing. His hands slid up to her waist. She stood up and reached behind her and untied her bikini top, letting it drop to the ground. Her round breasts bounced free and her nipples grew hard in the breeze. She moved his hands up to her breasts and sighed deeply as his big thumbs rubbed back and forth against her nipples.

She felt her shaved cunt beginning to get wet. Instinctively, she reached out and felt Doug's penis through his pants. His dick was hard, but not as hard as she wanted it to be, so she undid his jeans and slid them down around his ankles. She raked her nails up the insides of his thighs and felt him shudder. Next she reached inside his boxers and pulled his cock out and held it in her hands. Then she knelt down in front of him and kissed the tip of it before slipping it between her lips. He moaned out loud and grabbed her head, holding it firmly in place, fucking her mouth.

She was a natural cocksucker; she always had been. She absolutely loved the feeling of a big, fat cock sliding in and out of her mouth; choking her. She sucked on it greedily, all the while fondling his balls, which began slapping against her chin. Her son-in-law was ramming his hard cock down her throat - harder and harder and faster and faster. She was eager to swallow his load but he pulled out at the last minute, shooting his hot wad all over her breasts.

Then without a word, he pulled his jeans up and walked into the house. Margaret watched him quizically as she rubbed his still-warm jizz into her breasts. A few minutes later, he returned with an open bottle of champagne. He poured two glasses and handed one to her. The cd was still playing. Doug was trying to move his hips in time with the music, but it was futile. He was hopeless. Margaret laughed and danced her way out of her bikini bottom.

Doug leaned down and licked the very tip of her nipples with the very tip of his tongue. Margaret shuddered and felt herself getting ever wetter. He lifted her up and perched her on the edge of the picnic table.

She leaned back and opened her legs wide, feeling the wind blow on her bare clit. Doug plunged his index finger into his glass of champagne, then deep into her cunt, stopping briefly to circle her swollen, naked clit with the ball of his thumb. Then he flicked it lightly with his nail. Margaret gripped the edge of the picnic table, and rolled her ass from side to side as Doug slowly fucked her cunt with his finger.

Then he leaned forward and began licking her throbbing clit while he slid his finger in and out of her heated pussy. Margaret found herself losing control, sliding off the edge of reality when the phone began ringing. She heard her daughter's voice leaving a message; it jerked her back to reality: that she was naked and having sex with her daughter's husband. Her orgasm was thunderous. It left her weak and covered with a flim of sweat.

Doug stood up and sauntered over to the answering machine and came back with a smile a mile wide. He told her that was Jean on the phone. She was on her way right then to the airport and would be flying toNew York for several days of important meetings.

His stiff cock could be seen through his jeans. Margaret smiled and rolled over on her belly. She smeared her asshole with the warm goo from between her legs and thrust her ass at her son-in-law. He reached underneath her and grabbed her breasts as his penis sliced between the cheeks of her ass. His weight smashed her clit against the table, rocking it back and forth. She felt him fill her ass with hot cum at precisely the same second she rushed towards her second draining climax of the evening.

Margaret had the feeling this would be the best vacation of her life..

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