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Size matters.  My husband has a Pinky Dick.

Size Matters

A few days later I finally let Connor fuck me. He had been begging for it for weeks. It was one of the biggest let downs of my life. Connor moaned while he humped against me. The thrusting felt OK but I wasn’t much different than the dry humping we had been doing for the last few weeks. I wasn't even sure his dick was inside me.

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My Husband Has A Small Cock.

Mark pressed me again about rating his size compared to other men I had been with. My fascination for the questioning was turning to annoyance. When he asked me if he had the smallest adult penis I ever saw, I said yes even though I wasn't exactly sure. The truth was that at least half of the cocks that had been inside my ass, mouth or pussy were one-night stands whipped out in a moment of passion after a night of drinking in a pitch black room or back of a car.  

Jean slid the briefs down revealing my hard little cock.  She couldn’t hide the look of disbelief.  A look I had seen many times before.  I told you it was small.
Richard's Shortcomings

Even though Carly had seen my cock on the webcam, I was uncomfortable getting undressed in front of her.  Being naked in front of people is very difficult for me.  I undressed with my back to her and walked over to turn out the bedroom lights but light shining in from the streetlight still lit the room enough for Carly to see me.  I summoned my courage and turned to face her.

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A Mercy Fuck For Stuart

We started talking about school and what our plans were for our futures and eventually the talked turned towards sex. Stuart admitted to me that he didn’t have a whole lot of sexual experiences. I wasn’t overly surprised by that. He began to blush and shyly admitted to me that he had a very small penis.

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The Sissification Of Doug

On our wedding night, I found out why my rich new husband had not been pushing me into the sack.  Doug has the smallest dick I have ever seen.  When he is soft, you can barely see his little cock at all.  Even hard, Doug has no more than four inches.  Imagine how I felt when he showed me what he had.  He fucked me, but he was so short and also so narrow that I barely knew anything had happened.

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Samantha's Short Dick Hookup

When he turned around to face me, my heart sunk. John had the smallest penis I had ever seen in my entire life.  Seriously, it was maybe five inches erect. It took everything in me to hide the disappointment on my face! I thought to myself this guy BETTER be damn good at eating pussy.  samantha's pictures

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Bonnie's Big Cock Experience

Last night I found out what it’s like to finally get filled up with cock.  I’ve been with my boyfriend Paul for about three years now.  He’s a nice enough guy but he acts like an asshole and I think now it’s because he’s got a tiny dick.

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Emilie's Short Dick Dilema
My new boyfriend has a small cock.

I straddled his body and lowered myself down. I'd intended to lower myself down onto his dick and start riding it - but his weenie was so small, that wasn't going to be possible because I couldn't even tell if he was inside me or not.

Courtney Is A Club Slut

I wasted an hour and a half dancing and talking to this guy at the club.  He was a great looking guy but when we got back to his place he was very reluctant to take off his boxers.  As I feared, he had a short little cock between his legs.  I was so damn dissapointed I wasn't up for pretending.  I told him he should tell girls about his short dick problem before wasting their time.  I felt like I had been ripped off.  I only get to go out once a week when my mom watches my kids and I wasn't up for spending the night with a guy who's dick was the size of my pinky finger!  I went back to the club and found a guy with a big dick and fucked his brains out.I

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What do you think you are going to do with that pathetic little cock?
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My husband has a small cock.

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