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I Am A Sissy Cocksucker
Dressing like a girl and sucking anonymous cock. - By Howard

My name is Howard Reynolds and I am a sissy cocksucker. A bold but true statement and I have a very dirty secret. The feel of women's lingerie against my skin makes my 7 and half inch uncut cock harder than steel. And it’s more than just the cross-dressing. I am bi sexual and love to submit to dominant older men.  For me it all started one summer back when I was 15.

My older sister Janette had the best and softest bras and panties I had ever worn. The first time had been out of sheer curiosity, I wanted to know what girl's underwear felt like compared to my plain white briefs. So when everyone left the house I made my way to the clothes hamper and grabbed a pair of my sister's undergarments and then ran back to my room. The finger clasping her dirty things were trembling a bit. Locking my door I stripped down naked.

At the time I was just starting to fill out so I still had a bit of a slim girlish build to my body. Janette wasn't that much bigger than me so they fit rather well. When I looked at myself for the first time in the mirror, I knew this was the thing for me.

Now most homosexual people say they knew from an early age about their orientation. Well for me it was the same way. I knew I would always want to wear panties and bras. Sucking cock would come later on in high school. I pranced around in Janette's things for awhile and then collapsed onto my bed, my cock throbbing and leaking cum.

The underwear were already dirty so it’s not like I felt bad for jerking myself off to the strongest orgasm of my young life. Then it became a nightly ritual. After everyone was asleep I would sneak downstairs, grab the bra and panties she'd worn that day and then put them on. I was always careful to not make any noise or get caught.

High school came and I reached another turning point in my life. Realizing I liked girls and guys. My first crush/boyfriend whatever you want to call him was my best friend Daniel. The two of us had always been close so it’s no surprise that he was my first and vice versa. I think I had always known he was a little different. It wasn't obvious, but we had always known each others secrets from the world.

We were twins almost. Similar build, same shaggy dirty blond hair. Daniel's eyes were green where mine were blue and he had a bit darker of a tan. Since his family had moved to the neighborhood when we were both 7 we had been inseparable from day one. The two of us did just about everything together.

The first time it happened we were at his house watching television. His parents were on vacation and I had come over to keep Daniel company. I don't even remember what we had been watching but one nudge led to another and then we were wrestling. It was a hot July day and we were both shirtless.

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Daniel was a bit more defined than me, but just as slim. It was hard not to notice him when our torsos rubbed together as we struggled for dominance. I realized I was getting turned on by our rough housing and tried to pull away. Daniel saw that as an opening and flipped us over; me on my back and him and on top of me. While I silently hoped he didn't feel my hard on I noticed that I wasn't the only one, with a small problem.

My eyes met his and Daniel blushed a little. It was clear he had been thinking along the same lines I was. Both moving as one our lips met hesitantly, both never really having kissed anyone else before, let alone another guy. It might have been awkward, but it was the best. One of us moaned, didn't really care as we ground out hips together. Both of our cocks were straining against the denim of our jeans.

We pulled our lips back and laid there staring at each other for a long time before I finally broke the silence.

"I won't say anything if you won't." Daniel's sea green eyes lit up as he nodded.

Getting off me Daniel kneeled next to me and began to unzip his pants. I was surprised to see he was wearing nothing underneath, but the thick thatch of hair around his base soon caught my attention. I was quick to join him in stripping away my jeans. Both of our uncut cocks were long, but his was a bit thicker around than mine, but just as tasty looking.

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We spent the next hour or so exploring and tasting each other's bodies. At first it was just masturbating each other and a few licks, kisses and sucks here and there. Eventually we would spend our sleepover bringing each other to climax with out mouths. We never got the chance to go further than that. When school started for our Senior year his father got a job in  Washington and they moved.

Daniel and I tried to keep in contact but as it was bound to happen we grew distant and apart. There were no other guys that appealed to me so I set my sights on girls, like a normal horny teenager. Kelsey Miller was my first girlfriend. She was a sweet, girl and by graduation I had my first straight sexual encounter.

In college I met and dated the woman I would eventually marry. Brenda was a sweet girl and only the third I would ever have sex with. I had never found someone like Daniel so I settled. Things were fine for awhile and then for our 3rd anniversary Brenda went and bought the most beautiful piece of lingerie that I have ever seen. The sex that night was awesome, due very much in part to the feel of her lace teddy against my body and wondering how I would look in it.

I would start to buy her more pieces, but more for my pleasure. Brenda gets off work at 7 pm I get off at 5pm. More than enough time to come home and change into one of her dainty underwear. Unlike when I had masturbated in my sister's items I came on them. Now to avoid being caught I would stroke my pulsing cock underneath me onto a hand towel. Easy clean up and no evidence that I had been up to anything.

Brenda would freak I am sure, even though she said she once had sex with a girlfriend of hers. I love my wife dearly, but I can't change what I am, so I hide it. Her panties and bras are nice and tight on me. They hug my balls and chest. When I log online and talk to other gay and bi men about it, watch them stroke themselves online while I fantasize about sucking every last drop of cum from their cocks makes me explode harder and stronger than just thinking about it alone.

This eventually led me to, a site for bi married men looking for discreet hookups with other men. I soon met a few dominate males some older some slightly younger that loved the idea of me servicing them while dressed up like a sissy. The one that really caught my eye and made me hard was Jonathan R. Jonathan was 45 years old and despite his lightly grayed hair could pass for much younger. He was a former athlete and in perfect shape. After several long conversations and sending him several pictures of me dressed up we agreed to meet. It’s why I am sitting in my car with an over coat on and nothing underneath but a black lingerie set that I had bought specifically for him to see me in. It was a black halter top teddy with matching leggings and panties. Very tight and very sexy.

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My fingers drummed the steering wheel nervously. Jonathan would be the first gay encounter I would be having in over a decade. I felt like a virgin, it was thrilling, but also scary at the same time.  We had decided the covered parking of the Eastland Mall would be the best place to meet up. The second fourth level was perfect and I sat in the next to last spot near the wall. We’d have great coverage from prying eyes.

The flash of headlights caught my attention as a sleek black Benz pulled up alongside me. The windows were darkly tinted and the headlights flashed twice. It was him. After he turned his engine off I waited a minute before making my way over. My heart felt like it was going to burst from my chest as I opened the door and slid inside.

"Take off your coat, slut," Jonathan ordered in his smooth English accent. I nodded and slipped the coat off as he ran his hand down my bare shoulder.  My cock was half hard against my panties and already starting to leak. "Something new? Nice."

I kept my eyes downward as he reclined his seat back and unzipped his grey slacks. He wore no underwear and his cock sprang into view instantly. It looked bigger in person than it did on the computer. A full thick 10 inch cut cock pulsed and throbbed for my mouth. It was straight and topped with a thick mushroom head. Precum was already gathered at the tip Licking my lips I asked, "May I suck your cock sir?"

"Yes, slut. Suck it all you want." He then closed his eyes and relaxed as I bent over and ran my tongue along his shaft. My taste buds exploded at the first taste of cock in so long. I moaned softly and wasted no time and taking him into my mouth. Slowly my mouth began to glide up and down his cock, sucking and swallowing. He would moan every so often and even pet my hair, but soon the Dom began to come out as he pushed my head down, making me take all of it.

"Good slut, take Daddy's cock," he purred and began to thrust up as he pushed my head down on him, nose touching his pubic hair. God the scent of him was so manly and thick. My cock ached and the urge to stroke grew, but I wasn't allowed to cum until he did. As his thick head filled my throat I swallowed, making him groan out and thrust more.

My right hand slid down to cradle his thick balls. Fingers caressing and rolling them around in the silky flesh. His balls drew up to his body the skin growing taunt around them. He was close, I could taste more precum with each upward stroke. Jonathan's hand slid to the back on my neck and with only a bit of pressure pushed me down as his cock exploded. Gagging a tiny bit I pulled up when able to. It was salty and sweet at the same time. Thick as well, clinging to the back of my throat but I didn't care.

There was a huge cum stain on my panties. I needed to cum, badly. "May I cum sir?" He grinned and nodded. I pulled the black panties down and pulled at my cock. Licking his cum from my lips my cock and balls exploded. I made sure to tilt my cock against myself to keep cum from hitting Jonathan or his car. Moaning I fell back against the door. Thick white blobs of cum decorated my stomach panties and the top of my black teddy.

After the world stopped spinning I reached into my coat pocket and pulled out a cloth handkerchief and cleaned us both up and tucked Jonathan's cock into his pants. As I slid on my coat and prepared to exit the car he spoke. "That was good.  We should do it again soon.".

"Yes sir. You know where to find me." I had a smile on my face as I slipped from the car and returned to my own. He left first and soon I started my engine and drove home. I picked up my cell phone and dialed my wife's number.


"Hi hun, it’s me. Listen how about we go out to Fasulo's tonight? It’s been awhile since we've gone out to a nice dinner."

I could hear her smile through the line, "Oh that sounds wonderful. Let me call Kathy and I will be home in about an hour."

I smiled, more than enough time to shower and hide my outfit. "That's fine. See you at home, love."

"Bye Howard," She hung up and I headed home. My mind was on sucking Jonathan again instead of dinner on my mind. Maybe next time we'd go a bit further. Who knew? All I knew for sure is that it would happen again and I looked forward to it greatly.

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