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Fisted By My Sister In Law
Confessions of a couple of horny girls. - By Joyce

My name is Joyce and I’m a twenty three year old housewife with a three year old daughter. I met my best friend Kate, in junior high when I was fourteen just after I moved here with my parents. We used to do everything together and still do. We were in the pep squad together, band and a number of other activities. We were inseparable back then and even now we still call each other every day.

Kate also had an older brother who was about ten years older than us. Gary was so dreamy, but he was heading off to his last year in college about the same time as I moved to town. The college was a few hours away and Gary always came home on weekends and for holiday. About a year later, Gary ended up marrying some dumb college bimbo. Kate and I thought for sure he had gotten her knocked up, but he hadn’t. When we turned sixteen, Gary was pretty cool about buying us beer or he would make us margaritas or daiquiri’s to drink while we lounged around the pool, tanning and swimming. By this point, he was already having problems with his ditzy wife. They were always arguing and fighting over every stupid little thing, so he would spend a lot of time with us out by the pool.

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I’m not trying to be conceited, but even back then, I could tell he was hot for me. I had bigger tits than most of the girls my age. I was a full C cup and had long auburn hair and a few freckles. I looked so hot in my bikini and even had one that had a heart cut out in the cheek of my ass so by the end of the summer I had a suntanned heart on my ass. Anyway, as long as I can remember Gary had always wanted to fuck me. I could tell by the way he watched me when I was around and Kate knew it too. More than once she pointed out that he had a huge bulge in his pants or swim trunks. We’d giggle and laugh and I’d tease him little; I didn’t give a shit he was married. I figured it was pretty harmless.

The more I saw Gary, more and more I fell for him. It all came to a steaming head one summer weekend. He was on the outs with his wife, again, and his parents had gone away on a vacation. Kate had asked me to spend the weekend. The three of us were sitting around the pool when Gary asked to see if I really had a heart tanned on my ass. Heck, being drunk and in lust with him, not to mention being a horny sixteen year old, I turned around and mooned him showing my bare ass and my small hairy pussy which was sticking out below that. Both Kate and I noticed the immediate effect it had made on his cock; it was hard as a rock filling the front of his swim shorts.

We both ran off to Katie’s room, laughing and giggling, taking our daiquiris with us. The more we talked about it, the hornier I got. I could not stop thinking about him and his hard dick. Later that night, we all sat and watched a movie together. Kate and I were in long T shirts and panties. Gary was sitting across from us, when he asked me if he could see the heart again. I looked up at him and blushed and asked, “Well what do I get to see?”

He turned three shades of red, and replied, “I can’t show my sister, that won’t be right!”

My sixteen year old panties were soaked thinking about it and I would flash Gary every time I moved.

“How about we go to your room,” I said to Gary a little later when Kate had left for the restroom.

“Well I…I don’t know,” he stammered but I was off the couch heading that way.

I lifted my T shirt showing him my panties as I left. Gary was up the stairs following me in an instant. Once inside his room with the door closed, I pulled the T shirt clear off showing him my tits for the first time. “OK Gary, your turn. Let me see it before you get anything else,” I told him.

He dropped his shorts and underwear and stood there with his throbbing seven inch hard dick sticking straight up in front of him. It was magnificent, my first cock. The one I had fantasized about for the last two years. It was huge! I turned around and dropped my panties and stepped out of them. I wiggled my ass a couple times and with my finger and pointed to the tanned heart. Then I turned to face him letting him see all of my naked body. Just then Kate called, “Come on you guys. Where are you?”

I grabbed my T shirt and threw it on and headed back downstairs leaving my panties on his bedroom floor. I was back on the couch with Katie when Gary returned a smile on his face and no sign of a hard on. I smiled at him; I knew why he was so slow in returning. And the lack of a bulge proved me right.

Later in the evening, I flashed him my bare pussy and asked him if I could touch it. He looked shocked. His sister was right there with me. “I…I don’t know,” he stammered again. I lifted my shirt in front of him and said, “Kate you can touch mine.”

Kate pushed my shoulder, “Joyce! You’re so bad, he is my brother!”

Off I ran up to his room with Gary was not far behind me slamming the door. “Ok, but we gotta be quick,” he said.

He dropped his pants once again and my fingers grabbed his cock. I held it tight, feeling the blood pulse through his shaft. I sat on the bed, with him standing in front of me. I spread my legs and his fingers went to my pussy; the first fingers other than mine to ever touch it. I shivered with excitement. They slipped in deeper and I lay back to enjoy the sensations shooting through my body. I was so wet, I ached for his touch. I pulled at his dick; the head seemed as big as my wrist. I pulled him forward leading it to my open pussy.

“Gary let me feel it, put the tip in, I want to feel it,” I begged. He stumbled a bit as I pulled him between my legs. His tip rubbed against my clit, and then it sank slowly into my hole. “Oh god yes,” I cried and grasped his ass. It was big, stretching me more than I ever imagined. He held it there a second and then began to push. I rocked and he pushed, my body trembled on fire as he broke through and I managed to work him all the way in. I held him tight; he had just entered me when I rocked in orgasm. He continued to shove his dick in and out of my pussy, moaning and telling me how good I felt. Then he groaned and pulled out and he came with a torrent, shooting his hot cum, coating my tummy and tits. He told me he did not want to get me pregnant.

That night was the first of many nights we spent together. Kate covered for us because she hated his wife and she knew how much I loved her brother. Everything went great for about a year until I spent the night at his house. His wife was out of town on business and returned earlier than we expected and caught me sleeping with him in their bed. A divorce soon followed and a week after my eighteenth birthday, we got married and now we have our beautiful three year old daughter.

Kate on the other hand was never as lucky in love as I was. She had a series of loser boyfriends in high school and then fell in love with and married Mr. Wrong. He was nice at first but eventually he ignored her. He couldn’t keep a job any longer than six to nine months, so he never made any money. All he did was sit around drinking until he’d pass out and was unable to satisfy Kate. When she did get him into bed, he blew his load within minutes, leaving Kate frustrated.  

Kate works third shift as an Aide at an adult care facility. She changes diapers on incontinent seniors. She was very depressed with her job and more so with her sex life. Every morning after Kate’s shift ended, she would come over and we’d share a coffee together. Our conversations were often about her total frustration and not being sexually satisfied. She had long given up on Mr. Wrong and needed to find a new man but because of her job and home life there just weren’t that many opportunities. She just wanted one good earth shattering fuck.

One morning, we decided to surf the internet to find her a man. We stumbled on to a local on line personal site. I convinced her that we should set up an account for her just to see what happens. We spent the better part of the morning setting up her profile and then I took some pictures. I helped her do her hair and face, loaned her some sexy panties and took several pictures of her clothed and a couple in panties and braless. I must say she did look amazing in her C cup tits, they still defied gravity due to the fact she had been smart enough not to get pregnant by her loser husband. She was anxious as we hit the final send button with the pictures. OMG! What if some one recognized her we thought but it was too late now. She had to get off to bed and sleep before her husband came home wanting dinner. Kate didn’t think much more about her profile until the following Monday when she came over after work.

She was pretty pissed as usual because of a bad day at work and a lousy weekend with her hubby. The drunken limp dick never touched her. We opened the e-mail account and were both stunned at the response; there were dozens of replies. We spent the entire morning going through them but there was one from a guy calling himself ‘King Kock’. He had sent four messages attached with several pictures over the weekend. He was a nice looking guy with a great body but he had a dick that was every bit of ten inches and as fat as a beer bottle. They began to share steamy e-mails back and forth. I got to read them all since her computer was broken and they couldn’t even afford the internet.

After a week or so of two or three e-mails a day, he said he was dying to meet her. But Kate was too scared to go to his place or a hotel. I agreed to let them meet at my house. I have no idea what got into me but just looking at the pictures of that dick, I knew she needed it. The arrangements were made for him to show up at ten in the morning. That gave Kate three hours to get there and cleanup after work. I made sure our bedroom was neat and presentable. Kate looked perfect in a sexy black nightie and panties. When King Kock arrived he was very pleasant and polite. Within moments he and Kate went off to my bedroom.

The plan was for me to stay outside as some sort of security for Kate, if she should need it. It was not five minutes after the bedroom door closed that the noises of him fucking Kate began.  She was moaning and screaming, obviously enjoying the great fucking she was getting. I couldn’t let my daughter hear all of this, so I took her outside to play. But even outside you could hear the bed banging and their moans and screams. I grabbed my daughter’s hand and decided to take her for a walk to the park three blocks away. We played on the swings and in the sandpit for over two hours until my daughter was getting tired; she was ready for her afternoon nap.

I figured they would surely be done but I was wrong. I could hear them still going at it as I walked into the yard. I let my daughter ride her trike up and down the sidewalk for another half hour before things quieted down. Then King Kock walked out the door with a big smile and got into his car, waving as he left. This was too much to believe. My husband had never gone three hours straight! I had to know what had happened! Not since I was teenager had my panties been so wet.

I quickly put my daughter down for her nap and went in and checked on Kate, who was lying back on the bed naked with a smile I had never seen her have before. When I walked into my bedroom, all you could smell the sex. My bed was soaked, there was dried cum on Kate’s face, and tits. Her pussy was red and puffy with cum still running down her inner thigh. Her eyes were glazed over and her smile told it all. She had been fucked and fucked good. I sat on the bed and began to listen to the details of how he started licking her pussy and how she tried to suck his dick but it was too big, she could only get the head to fit into her mouth. While she talked, my fingers slipped into my pink sweat pants. I fingered my clit and dug my fingers into my pussy as she went on with her story. With his tip in her mouth she could jack him with both hands and still not cover the entire shaft with both hands.

He sucked her pussy and licked her ass. He fingered her while sucking her clit to her first orgasm within just a couple minutes. I could not believe how hot and turned I was just listening to her story. I slowly pushed my sweat pants and panties down as she continued of how he first mounted her. His King Kock split her pussy lips wider than ever before. She could feel him pressing the head of his monster against her cervix and still having more dick than her husband ever dreamed of having still sticking out of her wanting cunt.

At that point I was kicking my sweatpants off along with my shoes. My pussy was on fire. I pushed my top up to get my tits free. I had never been so open with anyone like this, masturbating in front of my best friend, but I was in need of release. Kate continued on with her story of how gentle he was with his big dick but still forceful, how wonderful it felt to be fucked and appreciated. My pussy was soaking wet around my fingers. I leaned back and grabbed my vibrator from the night stand and pulled my top off along with my bra. I was now totally naked on the bed with my best friend, who was also naked and covered in the creamy cum of a man she never knew until now.

I handed Kate the vibrator, “Please, help me! I need help! I need my hands on my tits and something in my pussy. Don’t stop your story!”

I handed her the vibrator, my legs high, Kate fucked me with it as she continued with the steamy details of King Kock. He turned her on her knees and fucked her from behind, forcing her cervix to open and accept his massive head.  With a few more strokes of his big dick, he filled my friend with his first load of cum. Kate fingered my clit when she asked; “You want to feel a big dick?”

 I screamed, “Oh god yes! Give me King Kock!”

My legs were spread wide open when she pulled the dildo out and pushed in all four of her fingers. She wiggled them and worked her thumb in with them. Kate said, “He rolled me back on my back like you are now Joyce, and shoved his dick in me deep and hard…” With that said, she pushed her hand deep and hard, making me scream in ecstasy. Her hand was in my aching cunt up to her wrist. She began to slide her hand in and out of me, harder and faster. My fingers pulled at my tits. I sucked one as I pinched the other; her fingers pushed at my cervix.

“…He didn’t stop Joyce..,” she went on, “…until he was in my cervix all the way.”  She pushed deeper spreading my pussy wide open with her fingers. I exploded with the biggest orgasm of my life. My pussy clamped around her wrist as her fingers caressed my insides like nothing in my life. I screamed for her ‘King Kock’, she felt the pressure in me building and rubbed my clit with her free hand as she pulled her hand out. When her hand came free of my pussy, I squirted like a roman fountain, covering the bed and my best friend in my pussy juice. It was so incredible.

We held each other for a few minutes before getting up. We then stripped the bed; two happy house wives flipped the soaked mattress. I sprayed Febreez and opened the windows to air out the house. When Gary came home from work that night, I was so very ready for a real man. I fucked him as hard as I knew how that night. I can’t wait for Joyce to bring home another ‘Mr. Right’ again.

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