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Sex Starved Sherry
A hot Alabama divorcee finds sex online. - By Danny

Her name was Sherry. She was 41, and lived in northern Alabama. She’d recently been through a rocky divorce. With her 19-year-old son having moved to the Gulf Coast for a new job, she was now alone. Once she knew it was going to take a while for her to get a decent financial settlement from her ex, she decided that, for the time being, and for an indefinite period, she’d move back in with her parents, into the old family home in Florence. She could save money that way, and her parents had a large basement, where she could store her belongings without hassle.

Living with Mom and Dad was a change, to be sure. They were now in their late 60s, and Sherry found herself taking care of business around the house in more ways than she’d imagined she might when she decided to make the move. Her parents weren’t infirm, just kinda slow. But she figured that was the tradeoff: free room and board while her ex got his money situation settled in order for her to get her due from a long, often-difficult marriage.

Sherry wasn’t working. Days got long and slow sometimes, especially with Mom and Dad poking around. Luckily, she had her new PC. She wasn’t very computer-savvy, but she was learning, and it was her link to the outside world.

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Sherry discovered Yahoo chat about two weeks after moving home. Mostly she just observed, occasionally surfing through the profiles of men in the Alabama chat rooms.

It had been a while, too, since she had had any sex. And she pretty well knew that her current temporary situation wasn’t exactly going to put her in position to meet attractive men.

Or men of any kind, actually. Sherry was aware that she was no beauty queen. She was what you might call pleasingly plump. To the good, she had wide womanly hips and a round firm ass. But her breasts were smallish on a relative scale, B cups.  And she knew her face was no beauty queen. She was pretty plain, with rather a sharp nose and otherwise undistinctive features. But she had a nice singing voice—she sang at church on Sunday; tried to be a lively, positive person; and strived to maintain her good attitude. Her marriage was over and it was on to better times, she told herself.

And, she couldn’t deny it: she was horny. She played with herself in bed at night. In fact, she’d already been doing that even when she was last living with her ex, Tommy. He hadn’t touched her for months before he moved out. Unfortunately, furtively playing with her tits and pussy in bed at night—with her parents sleeping down the hall—simply wasn’t cutting it.

Sherry entered the Alabama chat rooms with the idea that she would meet someone who mattered more than on a sexual level, but increasingly that hardly crossed her mind. Some days she just said to herself, “Hell, any dick will do...”

One night in chat, she aimlessly surfed profiles. Then across the chat screen in Room 9, a guy calling himself “champagne_taste_beer_prices” typed a message: “Horny guy seeks N ALA BBW for intimate encounter...PM me...Let’s chat...”

Hmmm, Sherry thought. What exactly is a BBW? She was still fairly new to computer lingo, and while she could make guesses, she figured what the heck. So she clicked the guy’s screen-name, sent him an instant message, and asked “What is a BBW?”

He didn’t answer right away. There seemed to be a pause. Then he scrolled his response across the screen on Sherry’s computer:

“ to explain... Well, specifically it stands for Big Beautiful Women, which can mean plump gals up to even obese ladies. I kinda see it as a catch-all term for referring to any woman with a little extra...uhm...meat on her...”

Sherry was intrigued. She clicked on his name and brought up his Yahoo profile. It had just the basics, along with a picture of a man, shirt off, from the neck down only. She couldn’t resist typing back: “Well, you just found one then...”

“Cool,” the guy typed back. He quickly clicked on Sherry’s profile and brought up her picture. It was an unremarkable shot: a plain photo of a plain lady. It was hard to tell about her overall. She looked a little more than average size.

So they got acquainted. Fast.

His name was Danny. He was 48. He lived in Huntsville. He used to be in the army, but now he was employed on a free-lance basis as a physicist for the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command.

Sherry was impressed.

They made small-talk for a while. Eventually, Sherry gave him the lowdown on her divorce experience. Danny then told her that he was in a strange situation: he had been separated a long time, almost five years; divorce was in the offing, but he had had some serious financial setbacks that had made the divorce difficult to work out quickly.

Then the chat became more personal.

“So, you like larger girls?” Sherry typed across the chat box.

“Actually, yes,” said Danny.

“Why is that, do you think?”

“Hmmm...not sure. I just like a woman with something to her. Not skinny.”

“Well, I’m not skinny. But I’m not exactly one of those REALLY big girls.”

“Oh yeah...they call them SSBBW...Super-Size...that’s probably a little extreme for me.”

“I’m not extreme. Not too hard to handle. LOL.”

“Aw, I’ll bet I can ‘handle‘ ya,” Danny joshed. Then he flashed the “little devil” emoticon into the chat box.

“Oh, do you now...? You little devil...”

“Well, it’s been a while for me. But I think I remember HOW...LOL.”

“I like your pic, Danny. But I wish there was a face attached to it.”

“Yeah, I understand. My work’s a little weird. Would just rather that my face isn’t on the ‘net. But I can email you a head shot.”

So he did. Sherry liked it. He looked younger than 48. He was in the “cute” category, with close-cropped brown hair with a hint of gray.

“So,” Sherry typed. “About this ‘intimate encounter’ you’re seeking...”


“Were you looking for just a one-shot deal, or what?”

“Well, I’m pretty gun-shy where relationships are concerned. Kinda been there, done that. But it’s been a long time for me. I’m a decent guy. Just lonely, I guess. And I really need to touch a woman. I long to know what that feels like again.”

Sherry almost shivered. She could relate completely. “I know what you mean.” She paused. “So...what do”

“LOL...What DON’T I like,” Danny typed across the screen. “Well, for one thing: I’m very oral.”

The very thought of it excited Sherry. Her fingers nervously clattered across her keyboard. “ too,” she typed.

“I’m not a 25-year-old stud anymore,” he continued. “But God I love to eat pussy.”

“I like to receive...and give,” Sherry said.

“God, me too,” said Danny. “Hey, ya wanna talk on the phone?’


“Sure, why not? It’s fun to hear what people’s voices sound like. Kinda the next step here.”

So they exchanged numbers. Then Danny called Sherry on her cell phone.

She liked the sound of his voice. It was low, sexy.

“You sound nice,” she said.

“So do you. VERY nice...”

“You think so?” Sherry asked seductively.

“I know so,” Danny said. He paused. then he said, “We should be ‘nice’ to each other.”

“That would probably feel good,” Sherry breathed.

“Touching feels good,” Danny purred.

“Yes, it does,” said Sherry.

“All over.”


Danny sensed that Sherry was eager to hear more.

“You know what feels really good to me?” he said warmly.


“Your soft fingers stroking my cock.”

“Oh, yeah,” she said. “I’d love that.”

“Would you like me to touch you?”

“Yes, baby.” Sherry said. She moved uneasily in her computer chair. She spread her legs, her skirt open, and moved her hand down into the waistband of her panties.

“Where would you like me to touch you?” Danny asked. He had already unzippered his blue jeans. He had the phone in one hand, and his aching cock in the other.

“Baby, all over,” Sherry breathed hotly. Her hand was now in her panties, cupping her wet pussy.

”I wanna use my tongue, Sherry,” Danny said, his cock growing bigger. “I love to eat pussy, baby.”

Sherry moaned. She rubbed her pussy more. Her fingers slipped in eagerly between her juicy cuntlips. “I love it when you eat that pussy, baby.”

“Mmmmmmm,” said Danny. He made juicy slurping sounds with his mouth. He flicked his tongue quickly in and out of his mouth, letting Sherry hear his hungry mouth at work, “La la la la la la la la la la la la....mmmmmmm, yeah, baby...”

“Oh, Danny, that’s good,” Sherry gasped.

“Are you playing with your pussy, baby?”

“Yes!” Her fingers spread her twat-lips wide and she began to tease her wet clit.

“I’m playing with my cock, Sherry,” Danny continued.


“God, it feels good. I wish you were here to touch it and stroke it.” Danny continued to fondle his throbbing cock. “Oh God, Sherry, I need your mouth on my cock!”

‘Yes, baby,” she purred. “I can do that. I can put my mouth on your cock...”

“Oh fuck yeah. I wanna eat your pussy while you suck on my big cock, Sherry...”

Every time Danny uttered her name, Sherry got turned on more. She ran her hand up to her breasts and ran them across her nipples, firmly concealed behind her blouse but tingling with desire. Then she moved her hand back down into her moist panties. She fingered her slit, then winced with pleasure.

“It would feel good to really touch you, Sherry,” Danny said.

“I know, baby. I know.”

“You wanna?”

“For real? When?” The idea of hooking-up excited her. Danny seemed really nice. It was a risk worth taking.

“I’m off work tomorrow,” he said. “You free?”

“ a matter of fact, I am.” Sherry’s mind raced. She remembered that she was supposed to take her mother to the doctor in the morning. She’d probably be done by about 11.

“Well, we could meet somewhere. We could meet halfway. Something like that. Just meet know...”

So they plotted out a course. There was an exit on I-65 that was about halfway between Huntsville and Florence. Sherry remembered a Home Depot there that had a large parking lot. They agreed to meet at 12 noon. They put an end to the phone sex in anticipation of tomorrow.

It was a warm September day. It took Danny about 40 minutes to get there in his Camry. Sure enough, he found the Home Depot. He pulled into the parking lot and waited. He smoked a cigarette to help pass the time and to ease his nerves.

Fifteen minutes later, he saw a white pickup truck enter the far entrance of the parking lot and barrel its way over to him. The truck backed into the parking space next to his. He could tell from her photo that it was Sherry.

She got out, walked around the front of the truck, and headed toward him. She was in jeans and a blouse with buttons. Sherry was pretty plain, Danny decided, but actually she was better-looking in person than she was in her Yahoo profile pic. She was a bit on the hefty side but not bad at all. She had a firm-looking ass and womanly thighs. She was a little round in the middle, with tits that surprisingly appeared rather average.

Clearly, they were both excited as Sherry approached him.

“Hi,” Danny said expectantly.

With hardly a word, Sherry bent down to the car and started to kiss him. It was hot, electric. He kissed her back hungrily. Their tongues darted back and forth, and they held a deep soul kiss for about 15 seconds. Yes, this was gonna work for both of them.

“Wow,” said Sherry. “So whattya wanna do?”

“Well, there’s plenty of places around here. I’ll spring for a room. That okay?”

“Yeah, well... You know what? My sister’s house isn’t that far from here. There’s no one there this time of day. Both she and her husband work. Their daughter is at school. You wanna go over there?”

“Anything’s cool with me,” Danny said. “As long as you’re comfortable.”

She got into her truck and said, “Follow me.”

They crossed back over I-65, took a right turn, then wound their way down through a country road. There were some very nice small houses interspersed along the byway, then about 10 minutes later they came into a residential area with some larger ranch-style homes. Danny followed Sherry down into a long driveway. He parked behind her.

“This is it,” she said. “Come on in.”

They entered through the garage and up into the kitchen. It was a spacious place. There was a piano in the living room. Out back was a large open patio with a hot-tub set up nearby.

“Wow,” Danny said. “Cool place.”

“Yeah, this is Barb’s place. She and her husband are cool. And I just love my niece, Carrie. I had to make sure no one would be home first. Barb said to go for it.”

Sherry made halting attempts to show Danny around. Then they were in the middle of the living room. It didn’t take long to get started.

Like they had when they first met 15 minutes previous, they were all over each other. Danny was a little taller than Sherry had imagined. She stood there anxiously, as he dipped his head down and crushed her eager lips. They held each other and kissed with abandon, sucking at each other’s tongues, exploring each other with their hands.

Danny fondled her plump ass through her jeans and ran his hands up her jittery back. Sherry swooned as he kissed her harder, then she thrust her wet tongue in and out of his hot mouth.

“Oh God, Danny,” Sherry moaned. ‘Kiss me!”

He kissed her harder, practically chewing on her willing lips. Their tongues danced frenetically, sloppily. Then Danny trailed his tongue out of her mouth and down to her smooth firm neck. He suckled her flesh passionately into his mouth, his tongue licking her neck back and forth.

As Danny’s teeth nippled gently at her throat, his hands went up the front of her chest. He cupped her titties and Sherry gasped.

‘Oh, baby....Yessssss....” She threw her head back as Danny started to unbutton her blouse. He got it off quickly, and it dropped to the floor. He grabbed a hold of her plumpish abdomen and felt her all over. Then he smashed his face between her breasts as his hands reached around to undo her bra. He fumbled with the clasps for only a moment. Then the bra was loose and her titties were free.

They weren’t as big as Danny usually liked. Still, they were firm and round and they bobbed enticingly in the air. Her aureolas were smallish, but her pinkish-brown nipples were spiked out, beckoning him forward.

“Mmmmmm,” Danny moaned, as his mouth descended on her right tittie.

Sherry gasped. “Oh, yessssssss.....ohhhhhhhh...” Danny suckled that hard nipple into his mouth, pulling it in, running his busy tongue all around that fleshy nub. He moved his head to her left tittie and pulled that into his salivating mouth. His hands moved up and he cupped her firm aching titties, as his mouth quickly darted from one nipple to the other, tasting her delectable female titflesh.

“Oh God, Danny,” said Sherry, gazing at him as he worked over her titties with his hands, his fingers plucking her hardened nipples.

Danny’s breathing got heavier. He reached down and fumbled with the button on Sherry’s jeans.

“No, wait,” she said. “Let’s go in here.”

She grabbed his hand and led him around a corner and into the nearest bedroom.

“This is Carrie’s room. I’m sure she won’t mind.” Sherry raised her eyebrows playfully, as Danny looked around at a room just perfect for a 10-year-old girl. There were a few toys and many dolls, posters on the wall of youthful movie stars and pop music icons, and a pink coverlet on the bed. It seemed a little silly to Danny, but then he figured, why not?

Sherry kicked off her shoes, walked across the room, and began to slide her jeans off her waist and down her legs. Danny looked at her wide hips and shapely thickish thighs. She looked good.

Then he kicked off his shoes and threw off his t-shirt. Sherry grabbed him, with only her bikini panties separating him from her complete nakedness.

They kissed again, her round titties rubbing up against his chest. Danny reached down behind her and slipped his hand into her panties, groping at her fleshy asscheeks.

“Mmmmmmmm,” said Sherry. Her mouth left his lips and she trailed her tongue down his chest. She pushed him back a few feet, closer to the bed, and then she began to suck on his nipples.

Danny was surprised, but then it started to feel good. He played with her right tittie, squeezing her flesh like a piece of fruit, while his other hand probed down into her ass-cheeks. He ran the edge of his hand through her hot ass-crack. Sherry wiggled her ass sensually. Her soft, round butt felt good, and he plowed his fingers further down into her ass, his middle finger flexing out and gently probing her steamy tight asshole.

“Ahhhhhh,” Sherry moaned. She froze momentarily and let him explore her asshole. “Oh yeah....that’s good, Danny...” He played with her hot puckered asshole. Her ass moved voluptuously under his touch. He inserted his finger down deeper into that horny anus. Sherry was loving it. Danny watched her titties shake, as she closed her eyes and moaned. “Oh, yeahhhhhhhh...”

Suddenly, Sherry pulled away and flopped down onto her knees. “I want you, baby,” she said huskily. He stood before her, looking down at her lusty eyes, her upraised mouth, and below, her perky proud erect nipples. Sherry’s hands moved up over his crotch, and Danny moaned softly. She deftly undid his belt, popped the button on his khaki pants, unzipped his fly, and slid his pants down his legs. Danny had been prepared. He wore no undershorts.

Before he could hardly step out of his pants legs, she was on him. Despite all the lead-up to this moment, he wasn’t very hard, and he needed attention. It had been so long for Sherry that she just needed cock. Any cock.

She grabbed his short, thick dick and played with it, running her hand around it and pulling at it. She heard Danny exhale with pleasure. Then she opened her hungry mouth and engulfed his entire cock, stuffing it in eagerly, her tongue instantly slithering around his sensitive dick-head. She began to move her wet mouth up and down on his growing shaft.

“Yes, baby,” Danny said. “Oh, yeah. Suck that cock.” Sherry’s eyes glanced upward at his for a second. His gaze met hers, and he watched his meat-stick moving pulsatingly in and out of her desperate mouth as they stared at each other. “God, Sherry, that’s hot!” Danny cried.

Around and around her tongue went, lashing out at his growing cock. She pulled vigorously at his cock-head, while running her snakelike tongue up and down his length. Then she took it all into her mouth again, moving her face hard against his pelvis, her fingers reaching down to play with his balls.

“Yes, balls,” Danny stammered. She sucked on his cock frenetically, madly moving her mouth up and down, quickly, washing it in her lusty drool. She hefted his balls with one hand, then slid her other hand under and up into his ass.

Danny spread his legs wider, and Sherry’s itchy fingers moved up to tease his rotating ass. Then she split open his ass-cheeks and found his asshole. She probed with her index finger.

“Fuck yeah, that’s good, baby,” Danny grunted. As she fingered his asshole, his cock started to grow in her hot hungry mouth. She fingered and sucked him with abandon now, her mouth pistoning faster over his elongating cock. Then she flipped that glistening prick out into the air, grabbed a hold of it with her open hand and started to stroke. Then her mouth dipped underneath his cock, and she suckled his tight balls into her sweet lusty mouth.

“Jack that cock, baby,” Danny heard himself say. He watched her fingers stroking and fondling his sensitive dick. At the same time, he felt her moist tongue lapping at his balls. He could hear the wet smacking sounds of her lips as she drew first one of his balls into her eager mouth, and then the other.

His cock began to grow larger in her hand. Then she lifted her head and moved back up to his dick-head. She eyed it with lust, moved forward, inserted her tongue into his pee-hole for a brief second , then she spat some warm drooling saliva onto that hardening cock.

“Oh yeah!” Danny said. She grabbed his erect cock firmly now and began to jack it up and down, very fast, her hands sliding easily on his glistening prick.

Then she bent his dick down toward her opened mouth and she stuffed that cockmeat between her hungry lips, taking it all to the hilt. She sucked his cock with abandon now, as Danny reached his hands down to press her head forward. He grabbed her head firmly, lowered his hips just a tad and then began to fuck her mouth with intensity. It felt unbelievably good. “Suck it, baby,” he said. “Suck it hard.” Humming, slurping sounds emitted from Sherry’s throat as she engulfed that now-throbbing penis. She sucked his cock with desperate need, swallowing it whole and feeding it down into her open throat. She thought she would gag for a second, but then she braced, adjusted the angle a little, and then had the entire length of his cockmeat in her mouth. As she moved her mouth all around, up and down, sucking and blowing him, Danny could see the head of his cock bulging out from her left cheek.

“Oh yeah,” he breathed. He ran his hands through her hair, pulling at her tresses and pushing her head forward as he fed his cock hotly into her gasping mouth. She used her tongue artfully, swishing it lustily around the head of his cock then savagely licking the length of his pulsating shaft. Her wet slurping mouth-sounds turned Danny on even more.

“Yes!!” he cried. Now he fucked her face with abandon. He drove his cock deep into her straining mouth, drew it out carefully and then thrust it hotly back in through her open eager lips. His hot thick cock slipped in and out, faster and faster, Sherry’s mouth humming and whimpering, her salivating lips closing hard on that tumid penis.

Then she grabbed his cock stiffly, pulled it out of her hungry mouth, and said, “Fuck my mouth, Danny. Fuck it like a pussy, baby...” Then she placed both her hands on the back of Danny’s thighs, and, hands-free, engulfed that throbbing shaft with her mouth. Danny obligingly slammed it deep into her throat.

She choked, but only momentarily. Then she gained a rhythm and his cock methodically slipped in and out of her accommodating mouth, his prick now purplish-red and straining to its sensitive maximum length.

“Hmmmmmmmm....ahhhhhhhh...ah...ah...ah,” went Sherry’s busy gurgling mouth.

“God, that’s so good! Face-fuck, baby!” Danny hollered. Then, as he watched his cock assaulting her determined mouth, he cried, “Oh fuck, Sherry, I wanna eat your pussy, baby!”

At that, she swooned, and made a little whimpering sound. “Uh-huh,” she said throatily. Danny pulled her up and pushed her back onto her niece’s girlish little bed, with the pink coverlet, various stuffed animals strewn about it. It was almost comical, but there was nothing funny about the sight of Sherry tossed back on the bed, her eyes closed, her ripe nipples erect, her thick thighs splayed apart. She still wore her bikini panties.

Breathing heavily, Danny reached into the waistband of her panties, then practically ripped them off her. “Ohhhhh,” Sherry gasped, as he tore them off her legs and threw them aimlessly aside.

She was spread now before him, a chunky gal with a lot of hot ripe needy flesh. Her pussy was bald, her pink girlmeat shaved completely clean. Danny went wild when he saw her snatch.

He fell to his knees before the bed. He grabbed her fat ass- cheeks and pulled her closer. Then he began to suck at her left thigh. Sherry gasped. He moved his mouth closer to her hot dewy cunt, then trailed his lips back outward. Then his head moved quickly to her right thigh. He licked her achingly, his tongue trailing down toward her snatch, moving in small circles.

Now his face was near her twat. He could see moist girl-juice glistening on her big pink pussy-lips. He could smell her musky womanly scent. He could hear her heavy breathing.

Danny licked his lips, then he couldn’t wait any longer. He pushed his face into her steamy, gamy pink pussy. Sherry exhaled loudly.

As she began to moan, Danny devoured her twat, his lips hungrily suckling in her moist flesh-flaps, his tongue slashing through her tender cunt lips. He thrust his tongue deep into her love-hole, spreading her cunt lips wide so he could get a good look at that gaping pink maw. She had a big pink meaty pussy, and she threw her thick thighs out widely apart, shamelessly.

Now Danny pulled back to look at her steamy twat. Then he immediately thrust two fingers into her cunt. He was figuring that maybe she could take three fingers, but the two fit in nicely enough, but not too tight. With that, he thrust his jittery fingers into her love-hole.

“Oh, yeah,” Sherry said quickly. She threw her head back, her eyes closed, as Danny finger-fucked her juicy twat. His fingers slipped in and out, her fleshy pink girlmeat splaying out to his lust-crazed eyes.

Then, with his fingers hotly pumping her needy pussy, he bent his head down to her clit.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh,” Sherry gasped as his tongue snaked out and lashed across her hot distended love bud. Her clit was big and tender, big, pink and wet, and he gently suckled that misshapen glob of fleshy girl-meat into his hungry mouth.

His fingers plumbed the depth of her quivering, dripping snatch, as Sherry lewdly spread her plump thighs out wider. She cupped both her titties into her hands and squeezed her nipples hotly, emitting a constant stream of low moans.

“Ooooh, yeah,” she seethed. “Eat my pussy, baby.”

Danny’s tongue moved back and forth quickly across her fleshy clit, then he nibbled it gingerly and pulled his mouth free, punctuating the air with a hard, loud slurp. Then he moved his tongue down into her dewy gash. He licked into her juicy labia, tasting her pungent pussy juice, as his fingers continued hotly slipping in and out of her wide-open twat.

“Yeah, give it to me, baby,” Sherry squealed. She moved her hips forward in jittery rhythm to his plunging fingers, which probed down deep into her tight, hot cunt. He slammed his hand into her now with violent intensity, Sherry grunting loudly with every thrust.

“Uhh!” she groaned. “Oh God, yeah! Uhh!” Sherry’s hips were shaking all over. With that, Danny stopped eating her pussy, moved his head back, and watched his fingers slamming in and out of that horny, needy drenched cunt. Then he got bolder and slipped a third finger in. Her twat stretched wider. Sherry’s thighs began to slam down on Danny’s thrusting hand, now slick with her oozing girl-juice.

Danny figured, what the fuck, and he now added a fourth finger into her roiling twat. “Oh, yessssssssssss!” Sherry cried, his digits slamming into her, his fingers exploring the depths of her hot, slimy, hairless hole.

The sound of her moans of pleasure turned Danny on, egged him on further. He drew his fingers out, then slid them back in her drenched pussy, only now he added his thumb.

Sherry gasped loudly, then added, “Omigod...Omigod...Ohhhhhhhhh...” She emitted a constant animalistic groan now, as Danny’s entire hand delved into her gaping funhole. He probed her twat deeper as her cries got louder. He shoved his hand into her steamy, pink fleshy maw, grabbed deep inside of her, pulled out, then started to fist-fuck her. His clenched hand sliced through her sopping, gaping labia, and Sherry drew in a huge breath.

There was a brief pause, then Sherry hollered, “O-mi-GODDDDDDDDD!!” She came, as Danny slammed his fist down again into her hot twat. Her hips were pumping back and forth like a jackhammer, her thighs spread wide, as he now fist-fucked her with abandon. He saw her tits jiggling up and down, her body shaking, her eyes closed tightly, her head thrown back. Then, with one final thrust, he rammed his hand into her pussy, and she came once more.

“Ah...ah...ah...ah...oh...oh...oh...” Sherry felt her cunt muscles tighten hard. Then she tensed and felt a hot wave of pleasure flood through her body. She gasped and moaned loudly, her desperate cries bouncing off the walls of her niece’s cute little bedroom.

“Omigod,” Sherry muttered, continuing to catch her breath.

Danny slowly pulled his hand out of twat. Then he gently massaged her swollen cunt lips. Sherry lay back in spent ecstasy.

Danny moved up to the bed to join her. He sidled next to her. He kissed her lips briefly then dropped down to give her left tit a quick suckle.

“God, that was intense,” Sherry said.

“Uh, yeah,” said Danny. “It was.” Then he leaned close to her ear and whispered, “Baby, I need you to finish me off...”

His words turned her on. She looked at him, licked her lips, and then moved her body around the bed, her face moving toward his crotch.

“I don’t know how long I can hold out once you start,” Danny muttered.

“That’s all right, baby,” Sherry said throatily. “It’s your turn.” She was on all fours now, her plump ass up in the air near Danny’s face. She cupped his balls with one hand, and steadied herself with the other.

“Oh, yeah,” Danny said. “Touch it. Do me, baby.” His cock had retracted to about half-mast, but it tingled with electricity. He felt Sherry’s hot breath on his balls, and then her tongue lashed out and licked his nut-sack up and down.

“Mmmmmm, good,” she said, her eager lips smacking loudly against his manmeat. Danny gasped as she laved his balls, her slippery wet tongue sliding up and down. Then she took his balls into her mouth, using her tongue to gently roll them around between her skillful lips.

“Fuck yeah,” he gasped. Danny’s right hand went up to her ass, thrust high in the air beside his face. He played hotly with her ass-cheeks, running his fingers teasingly into her soft ass-crack. He heard her moan as he smacked those plump cheeks.

“Oooohhhhh,” Sherry breathed. Then her mouth left his tightening balls and she took his stiffening prick into her hungry mouth.

“Yes! Suck it, baby!” Danny cried. He slipped his middle finger into her tight asshole now. He pushed it in as deep as it could easily go, then he began to finger-fuck her asshole: in and out, in and out, going faster with each new stroke.

His probing finger drove Sherry on, and she was now sucking hard on his growing shaft. Danny’s hips were moving in rhythm to her busy mouth, his cock growing ever larger. She sucked harder now, and Danny could hear the desperate sounds of humming and smacking lips, as she suckled his entire cock into her accommodating mouth. Then she grabbed his cock hard in her right hand and began to stroke it quickly, harder, faster. His cock pulsed hot blood and stood up proudly, his shaft now engorged and thick. Sherry’s tongue danced all around his hot purple cock-head, as her hand stroked his shaft up and down.

“Oh God,” Danny cried. “Omigod...” His cock was fully erect, straining upward and glistening, as Sherry’s wet lips moved all along its length. She played with his balls again, then she moved her mouth down on his turgid manmeat, devouring it, taking his full length down her throat.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Danny shouted. He couldn’t hold back now, and he threw his hands outward, reared up his ass, and pumped that hot throbbing cock deep into her mouth. She strained to take it all, then moved her mouth back a little and started sucking him up and down.

“Yessss!” he cried, driving his cock hard between her gasping, slurping lips. In and out his cock went. Faster. Harder. Sherry sucked it in deeply, ran her tongue all over his sensitive cock-head, then released his cock to the air with a loud, sloppy popping sound. She felt his cock strain to maximum length, and she started to jack him off.

“ good,” Danny moaned. “Soon, baby...soon.” Sherry’s eager hand grabbed a hold of that thick hard cock and she jerked it up and down firmly, quickly.

“Yes, baby. Yesssss,” Danny gasped. “Nowwwwwwww!” With a huge spasmodic jerk, he thrust his cock higher into the air. Like a dog on a bone, Sherry gripped his cock tightly, felt the surge of his lust, and then, just as she sensed he was about to cum, she gobbled his manmeat into her moist mouth.

“Ahhhhhhhh...I’m cumming...I’m cumming!“ Danny cried. His balls tightened, his cock thickened and strained purple, and then he gushed a big load of hot white man-cream into Sherry’s waiting mouth. He grunted loudly, then jerked again stiffly, despositing yet another load into her jittery gasping mouth. He heard her lips piggishly smacking over his cock, felt her hand pawing at his balls, as he surged one last time and expelled a final spurt of sticky cum down her throat.

“Omigod...Omigod...Omigod,” Danny panted. Sherry pulled on his prick, squeezing out the last of his jizz through his sensitive pee-hole. Danny tensed a little.

“Wait, stop,” he told her. “Wait...”

“Sensitive, baby?” she asked.

“God, yes,” he said. “REALLY sensitive.”

“Mmmmmmm....good,” Sherry chortled. “And did you notice?”

“Notice what?”

“I swallowed it all. Didn’t spill a single drop.”

Danny chuckled to himself. For some reason, that seemed to be a point of pride for some women: To get every ounce of man-juice into their mouths, to swallow every single drop of cum. Which was kinda funny, since if he’d had a choice, he would have preferred cunming sloppily all over her face, drenching her lips and nose and cheeks with his gooey viscous sperm. But why, he thought, destroy her illusion?

They cleaned up shortly thereafter and got dressed. Sherry took a moment to take Danny out to the rear of the house, and showed him her sister’s hot-tub.

“Pretty nice,” Danny said.

“Yeah, it’s great.” She paused. “So, you think this is just a one-time thing or what?”

“I don’t really know, Sherry. I did have a really good time. We’ll have to see.”

She looked at him tentatively, her eyes expressing some hope.

Silently, they walked out to the driveway. They said goodbye and then drove out their separate ways.

A day later, Danny checked his phone messages after returning from work. There was one from Sherry.

“Danny? It’s Sherry. You’re not gonna believe this, but you left a big ol’ hickey on my neck! My sister noticed it and I didn’t even know! Omigod...Was I embarrassed...So listen, you give me a call, willya?”

But he never did. She remained on his Yahoo Messenger “Friends” list, and he could see when she came online. A few months later he noticed she’d gotten a Webcam. He was always tempted to message her and ask if he could see her on cam, but he was afraid that would open the door to something more than what he wanted.

She was horny. Her body was soft. She sucked a nice cock. She even swallowed him whole. He was definitely glad he’d met her.

He was sure there was no future in it, though. But maybe, just maybe, there’d be occasion for them to hook up again. Just for fun.

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