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Dana's Painful & Humiliating Initiation
My true initiation into a fetish group. - By Dana

You can call me Dana, because I can’t tell you my real name, and I have a secret that would be devastating if anyone knew. I live in Dallas and I have done something that could ruin my husband’s career.  You see, I finally got accepted into a local fetish group, and fulfilled a fantasy of mine.  Let me explain….

My husband is a high profile political figure in Dallas and the State of Texas, and a total pussy. I need to be dominated, to be used, to be forced to do things that no “self-respecting” woman should do. I have been trying to be accepted into a secret society of fetish loving swingers….and I finally did it. I had to wear a mask to hide my face, and I hope you don’t recognize me on TV standing next to my husband.

I got the call last night. The invitation to be initiated. To be a slave- to be fucked like the whore I really am. The call was simple and short. A demand for me to check into the hotel at 8pm, room 304. I got there a little early, nervous and not knowing who else would be there, unsure of what they would make me do.  I dressed in a short black dress and answered the door full of excitement. My pussy was wet before I even got it open. Two of the most beautiful women I had ever seen came in without speaking, and immediately started laying out their toys. Ropes, strap-on dildos, wrist ties, a gag, a paddle with a dildo on the other end. I started to speak and the blonde told me to keep my fucking mouth shut.  She told me my name was bitch now, and I wasn’t worth the dirt on her shoes.

She put the wrist straps on me, and tied me to the lamp making me stand against the wall. I was shaking, and wondering if I had done the right thing, but the juices running down my thigh from excitement told me I had.

They put their hands over my dress, running them over my tits, inspecting my body for worthiness. They both grabbed handfuls of my dress and pulled so hard it hurt and ripped the dress off of me. I was shocked by the forcefulness, amazed that women could be so rough and uncaring. I told them to stop, that I would take it off for them – they just told me again to keep my mouth shut.

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I bowed my head and looked at the floor, full of shame, as they used something to write horrible things on my body. I couldn’t look, but could hear them talking about what a slut I was. Telling me I was worthless, how I would pay for my stupidity. I had no idea what they would do, and now I was really nervous.

They took off my bra and underwear- put a collar and leash on my neck. Using the rope to tie up my tits so they were squeezed together nice and tight. Pinching me, squeezing my tits so hard it hurt, slapping my pussy and ass as they shoved me onto the bed telling me to get on my hands and knees. I didn’t see her grab the paddle, but sure felt it when she smacked my ass with it. She was slapping hard, while another one kept shoving a ball gag in my mouth. She kept beating me, telling me the whole time that I deserved it, that I was just a bitch, that I would learn my lesson tonight. She was slapping my ass with that paddle fast and hard, and she kept missing (probably on purpose) – hitting my thighs, my pussy – and it hurt so bad I started to get tears in my eyes. I could feel the welts coming up, and was getting really verbal. In one quick motion, she stopped, the other one pulled out the gag and shoved my face into the bed. They got up, pulling me by my leash over to the couch.

She shoved me into a sitting position on the couch and straddled my face forcing my chin up and telling me to fuck her pussy with my mouth.  Her taste was so sweet, her pussy juice running down my face as she came. I liked pleasing her, feeling her rock her pussy across my mouth and face, cumming so hard that I could feel her shudder and explode. Then she got off and slapped my face. Told me that I couldn’t do anything right and that it was time for real punishment. I was dragged across the floor, back to the bed and forced back into doggie style position. One woman was feeling me all over, rough and hard. Forcing her fingers in my pussy and my ass, slapping my ass with her hand, telling me I would never forget what they were going to do next.

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I was feeling helpless now, scared, knowing it would be painful. So dirty and used, I dropped my head and knew that to ask them to stop would be useless. When I looked up, I saw the women putting on a dildo, but I didn’t see any lube. I hoped I wouldn’t need it in my pussy, and was afraid they would fuck my ass. She laughed at me as she mounted me like a dog and slammed that dildo hard into my pussy. I squirted cum everywhere and she said, “the bitch likes it!”, and started going hard and fast. Fucking my pussy like it was just a hole.  She grabbed my hips and started to slam me back into her as hard as she was coming forward. Twice the force, banging that dildo balls deep into me, so deep I was starting to feel like it was 3 feet long. Bruising the inside of me, and she just fucked harder. Slamming her hips into me, using all of her body weight as momentum, and I just kept on squirting – the orgasms coming one after another harder and faster.

In one fast motion, she pulled back and out of my pussy…and slammed with the same force as before right into my ass. I could see the other woman putting on a dildo too…and knew then that they were going to take turns on me. When she forced it into my ass, I screamed with pain. No lube except my own juices, no gentleness, nothing but a hard slam all the way in. I kept screaming, and she kept fucking hard and fast. Telling me I liked it, that I would take it like the fucking whore I was. No mercy, just balls deep with every thrust.

The other woman moved in front of me, forcing the dildo she was wearing down my throat making me gag and stopping my screams. She was face fucking me as my ass was being fucked with the same uncaring force. They were laughing at me, making me feel worthless and loving it. The woman fucking my asshole would slip it into my pussy to get it lubed up a little every once in a while and then slam it right back in my ass – balls deep and hard. I was being fucked hard in my ass and having my face fucked  t the same time, with the same force.  Every time she thrust into me, my face shoved forward –pushing the dildo further down my throat. I was choking, ass hurting, and my pussy juice running down my legs. I was so ashamed that I was so turned on when it hurt so badly.

pain collar leash abuse molested dallas swing club fetish

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I felt the whip on my ass again, harder this time – and the woman in front of me pulled on my lease, tightening it around my neck. They were laughing the whole time, telling me how stupid I was, how ugly I was, and that I should feel lucky they decided I was worth punishment. Making fun of me while they were fucking me in two holes – and then they got a new idea. They stopped for a minute and started to move around me, slapping me all over my body with the whip as they moved. They switched places…the woman who had been fucking my face slid the dildo into my pussy real slow, like she was enjoying watching it go in. The other one moved around to the front of me and rubbed the dildo on my face a few times. Then she shoved the dildo that had been in my ass into my mouth, and whipped me when I tried to turn my head.

I could taste my ass and my pussy juices mixed and it made me gag and choke even more. She started whipping me and told me to take it all, to quit whining and be a good little bitch.  I realized I didn’t have a choice, closed my eyes and tried to relax my throat. The woman behind me was slowly fucking my pussy, stroking me from the inside, and it felt so good. I was dripping again, loving the way she was rotating her hips as she pumped.

Caressing the walls of my pussy, I had an orgasm like I never thought possible. The whipping stopped with a final hard blow that stung more than the others….and then I knew why. While my face was still being assaulted with the dildo, and my pussy being stroked with passion and care, I felt the hard wooden dildo shape of the other end of that paddle slide into my ass. She slid it in slow to start, and then started ramming it in with no mercy.

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 It was the strangest feeling. Ashamed and used were the feelings I got from her fucking my throat with her ass tasting strap-on…hot and passionate from the gyrating fucking my dripping wet and still squirting pussy was getting from the other strap-on….worthless and helpless from the wrist restraints and collar and lease around my neck –held tight for control…and the rage from the ass fucking from the wooden dick that I was getting.

Fucking all three holes at the same time, gagging and choking, squirting as I came again and again, my ass hurting so much. I wanted to tell them to stop, but couldn’t do anything but grunt between thrusts down my throat. My neck was raw from the tightness of the collar, and I could hear them still laughing and reminding me how stupid I was, that I was nothing but a trashy whore.

I don’t know how much time passes, but they finally stopped, and I collapsed on the bed.  My eyes closed, I felt one of them pull on the leash so my head came up and they could look at my face. They laughed at the mascara running down my face from the choking tears. They each leaned down and kissed my mouth then – telling me that I would someday be a good slave, and that they would let me know when my next lesson would be.

I was too worn out to hold my head up when they let go. It fell back onto the bed as my body finally was limp and numb from the pain. When I opened my eyes again, they were gone. I got up and showered to go home to my husband, knowing that I would never be the same –and hoping they would call me again soon. I loved being their slave.

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