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Selling My PUSSY
It was my husband's idea.- By: Sheila

My husband Jerry and I live in a western burb of Chicago. We grew up in this area, about 20 miles apart. Our backgrounds are very similar; our birthdays are only a week apart. I met Jerry at the College of DuPage. We were both taking an evening economics class.

We had a whirlwind romance. Within a month of meeting Jerry , I had moved into the small apartment he shared with his best friend Mark. Mark moved out and four months later I got pregnant. It was a huge shock to both of us and neither of us were ready for the demands or responsibility of being parents. Jerry insisted on doing the "right thing". We broke the news to our families and a shotgun wedding was quickly planned so that we could have a ceremony before I started showing.

This wasn't exactly the way I imagined it would be, but Jerry and I made the best of things. Jerry quit school and took a job at a local factory as a forklift driver. I was working at Linens 'n Things near the mall. I continued to work there right up until our daughter was born.

We moved into a larger apartment in Carol Steam in April 03. Jerry worked second shift and I took a job at an upscale department store cosmetics counter.

I dated lots of guys before I met Jerry. I blossomed early and had my first sexual experiences with some older boys when I was just 13. It was the summer between 8th grade and high school. My mom didn't know that I was hanging out with the older boys. She would drop me and my girlfriend Rachael off at the mall on the weekend where we met these older boys. I thrived on the attention. It wasn't long before we were going out with them and practicing the sex acts we had only recently become aware of in the back of an old conversion van that one of the boys drove.

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By the end of that summer I had slept with several different guys that hung out with that group. Rachael and I would get naked with these guys in the back of that van. We had sex in the open and in groups with those guys. They had even got us to go down on each other. It was pretty raunchy but it was exciting and I had no guilt or intention of stopping. That fall when we got to high school all the guys were talking about me and Rachael. I'm sure we were known as the two biggest sluts in school.

I think my reputation intimidated the guys that were my age. They were friendly and polite, but no one asked me out. I continued to go out with older guys until I got my license in February my Sophomore year. That year, I got a job at Home Depot as a cashier. It was my first real job and it was where I met the man I dated throughout the rest of high school.

Steve was an assistant manager when I met him. He worked in the lighting department and he was very handsome. Steve was 10 years older than me. I noticed the wedding band on his hand right away, so when he started paying attention to me and flirting with me I didn't take it seriously. Steve didn't work very often during the weekday evenings when I worked, but I would see him on the weekends. He made a point to come talk to me and we started taking our breaks together.

Even though I knew it was wrong, I agreed to go out with Steve one night after the store closed. We went to a park and made out in his car after drinking some wine coolers. Steve told me he was planning to divorce his wife. It was the start of an affair that lasted over two years. Steve was an experienced and talented lover. I had my first multiple orgasms with him and he was the first man to make me cum through intercourse. I never expected that we would have a future together. But I ended up falling in love with him and he broke my heart when he took a job in another state and moved away with his wife. During the time that I was seeing Steve which was right up until the month before I graduated, I never went out with anyone else from school.

Even though everyone I had slept with had graduated two years before me, my reputation had a life of it's own. Occasionally someone would gather the nerve to ask me about one of the rumors. The truth was scandalous enough, but the stories had been repeated and retold so now they had me sleeping with 20 guys at the same time. It was pretty embarrassing. I think the entire class of '99 claimed to have fucked me at least once

I had hinted to Jerry when we started dating that I was "no angel". I knew my reputation was going to catch up with me sooner or later. Jerry actually got excited when we discussed our sexual histories. He encouraged me to provide details when we were having sex. He started out by asking how many guys I had slept with before I met him. I suppose this is a natural curiosity that most couples deal with sooner or later. Jerry had slept with two other women before he met me. When he first questioned me, I told him it was "a few". He continued to press me for a specific number. I didn't want to lie to him, but I didn't think he could handle the truth. I delicately avoided being specific. One night during a particularly intense and passionate lovemaking session he stopped pumping me just as I was about to cum and he grabbed me firmly by the back of my head with both hands and looked me in the eye and told me that someone he knew from my high school told him that I was "a slut". He told me that it didn't matter. Now I was "his slut" but he really wanted to know how many men had been inside my pussy. He said that he had to know right now. He started fucking me as hard and as fast as he ever had. Slamming his cock deep inside of me. It felt so good, but I knew from experience I was going to be hurting for days.

I took a deep breath and told him the answer. I wasn't exactly sure but I knew it was between 22 and 25 guys. Jerry never told me how that compared to what he was expecting, but he seemed to take great pleasure in the knowledge that by anyone's standard, I really was a slut.

Shortly after we got married, Jerry got layed off from his job. He made no attempt to look for another job because he expected to get called back soon and he was collecting unemployment. Even with the unemployment, money was very tight. We soon fell behind on our utilities and credit card bills. We were so late on our rent that the landlord was now expecting us to pay weekly.

Jerry began spending a lot of time on the computer and even though I was working part time we were always broke. We were bouncing checks every week and the bank was charging overdraft fees that just made things worse. I had already borrowed $500 from my parents and Jerry had sold his motorcycle. Just when it seemed like things couldn't get any worse, Jerry got the news that his company was closing the plant and he wasn't going to get called back to work.

One afternoon when I got home from work, Jerry told me that he had an idea for making some money. He told me that he wanted to take some digital pictures of me stripping and submit them to a website that paid for amateur nude photos. He said that he could make an easy $100 and no one we knew would ever see the pictures. Even after having a baby, my body is in good shape and my breasts still stand up without a bra. I am not bashful and it seemed like it could be fun. Jerry assumed he could talk me into this because he had already borrowed his brother's digital camera.

Jerry had me put on several different outfits and strip seductively out of each one. He took close-up shots of me fingering myself and playing with my vibrator. He had me kneel in front of him and took pictures of me sucking his cock. It seemed like an easy way to make $100. I asked Jerry when he would get the money and he said it would take a few days .

I rarely use our computer. I get on AOL and check my email or to chat with my sister who lives in Madison Wisconsin. Jerry on the other hand has become very knowledgeable with the computer. I told him he should look for a job in the computer field. I have never been to an adult website, but I know Jerry likes to look at porn and go to adult sites and it doesn't bother me. He comes to bed horny and fucks me every night and sometimes twice on the weekends.

About a week after Jerry took the pictures he told me that I needed to get the lady that lives across the hall to watch our daughter so that we could go out. I told him we could hardly afford to pay a sitter, let alone go out. He told me not to worry and assured me that it would be ok. Jerry told me to put on short red skirt he likes and low cut top and not to wear any panties. He told me to put on his favorite musk perfume and he told me to wear my high heeled pumps. I wondered where he was going to take me dressed up like a whore.

When we got in the car, Jerry assured me that he loved me. He said he needed me to do something for him. He told me that we were going to go to the Hyatt hotel at O'Hare airport and meet someone he had been talking to on the computer. He told me that the man was a businessman from Omaha and he was going to pay me to have sex in his hotel room. Before he could finish explaining, I was already wondering how much the guy was willing to pay. Our money situation was desperate. We had disconnection notices on the electricity and phone. I realized that this was something that I could do. My only concern was about getting arrested.

Jerry told me that the man agreed to pay $300 for an hour of "companionship". The expectation was that I would suck the guy off and let him fuck me with a condom. Jerry was surprised when I agreed to his scheme without hesitation. Jerry coached me on our way to the hotel on the finer points of escort etiquette and how to avoid being arrested for prostitution. He said he would wait for me in the lobby.

It turned out that the pictures Jerry took of me were for an ad he placed on a website. Jerry told me that he had gotten 30 email inquiries in the first few days of placing the ad. He told me that we could easily make over $1000 a week cash. I couldn't believe that so many men would pay that kind of money for sex. I was so wrong! The truth is that I could make 5 times that much if I wanted to.

Jerry and I have both gone back to school. I don't intend to be an escort for more than another year. In the meantime though I have been able to quit my department store job. Jerry handles the scheduling of my dates, usually 4 to 5 "dates" per week. Our money troubles are behind us and our relationship has thrived. Jerry likes to hear the details of my encounters in the various hotels around Chicago. The men are mostly in their 30s and 40s, in town on business. I have also been with more than one couple. I get paid extra for that, and I am getting into fetishes and domination which also seems to be very popular. Who knew that I was sitting on a gold mine all this time and didn't even know it. 

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