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archived confessions - 03/20/07 to 05/09/07 - NEWEST CONFESSIONS
True naughty stories and sex confessions submitted by real people.

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serves pussy 5/9/07: I was sharing a house with a married couple. One day when I was on vacation, the guy had left for work and his wife was preparing for her waitress job. I was in the living room watchng tv, and she called out to me to close my eyes as she wasn't decent and needed something from the kitchen. I closed my eyes and heard her walk by. Then she told me to open them. When I did, she was standing before me naked with her pussy right in front of me. I reached around her with both arms and pulled her towards me, and buried my face in her pussy. After she came, I undressed and she sucked me off, kneeling down between my legs. After we fucked in my bed, she called in to her work to tell them she was not going in that day. We stayed naked all day, and I ate her pussy as much as possible, and she sucked me off and we fucked again. We dressed just before her husband came home.


The Happy Historian 5/9/07: I am a male college professor who has become enamored with sucking cock. I love sucking cock so much that I orgasm while sucking off other men. I love the thrill of picking up other guys at places such as bars, malls, conferences, and hitchhikers. I start flirting with them, and then ask them bluntly after we laugh for a bit if I could suck them until they explode in my mouth. Only one guy in about 40 has said no.

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barb's sil 5/8/07: here's my secret , i want to fuck my mother-in-law ,i want to fuck her long and hard for hours her name is Barb she is 58 years old ,she isn't a beautiful women she's not even in good shape, but i just want her. i want to suck on her tits,fuck her in the ass ,have her suck on my nipples and cock. she drives me crazy. she flashes me and flirts when she wants to. she has some big 40 D tits and she bends over in front of me with her ass sticking up ,and will look back at me,she goes braless when she knows iam coming over she asked me once if i gave her a dido , since then i have . i need to suck that pussy she smells so good ,i ve taking many pairs of her panties i, have comed in her panties then i have put them back ,i lick the ones in her drawers along with her bra's . her nipples are hugh, like her pussy and her ass she is around 225lbs, there is just something about smelling her panties ,and wanting to fuck her.cant wait to slow fuck her.


lorraine 5/7/07: I am a 31 year old divorce black female an very full figure. I have 4 kids an a 2 month old baby girl. My kids father is doing time. I attend the community college for medical assistant training an am unemployed. A woman in the class is 47 an white with thick blonde hair an she is so pretty. She slender an always wear a skirt an heels. She have beautiful legs with big calf muscles that are very sexy. She always park her car by mine an so we always talk after class. One evening we go to Applebees for a glass of wine an she tell me that she is unhappy in her marriage. I tell her she need to leave her husband if she is unhappy an she tell that she ready to do that. The next week we go to Applebees again. I tell her about my childrens an their father who is in prison. She tell me I am so easy to talk to an she like being with me. We drive to a park an sit close an talk. I tell her she so pretty an I love her legs. She look at me an tell me I am very attractive. She stare into my eyes for a long time then place her hand on top of mine. My nipples so big an hard an sticking through my blouse and my milk start to release. Our kiss is so beautiful. I take her tongue deep in my mouth an slowly suck it back an forth an she rub my tittie an nipple thru my blouse an it make my milk release. Her deep kisses an touch feel so good an she tell me that she love my huge titties. I tell her I think about them kiss an sucked by a pretty lady. She tell me she want that very much. Now we have a beautiful secret that no body in our class room know about.


pregnant pussy 5/6/07: A guy I worked with had been in prison for a few months, and when he got out I let him stay at my place for a few days. He was going back to work in a few days once he got his own place. He asked if I would let him bring a pregnant girl he was fucking to stay with him. I told him he could if I could fuck her, too. He brought her over, and we took turns fucking her. When he got his own place, she moved in with him for a while. I would go by to continue fucking her.


baddestfee69 5/5/07: I'm 42 and was on holiday in Crete late last summer with my boyfriend Dave,we got chatting to a young lad of 17 who was there with his aunt and getting bored, Dave got him a few beers and we all 3 mucked about in the pool,as we were drying off the lad James whispered "your bikini is transperant now its wet" i blushed a bit then he said"your pussy looks lovely"we all layed down on the sun loungers and soon Dave was asleep i looked down at James and noticed his cock hanging out one leg of his baggy shorts gosh he was sooooooo well hung and not even erect,he caught me looking and stared at my pussy lips and licked his own lips very suggestfully,i was as wet as the pool water,loked down at him again and his cock jerked to full attention,my eyes nearly popped out of my head he must have been 10-11 inches and so thick n veiny,i whispered meet me in the ladies in 5, i waited my heart pounding hoping Dave didn,t catch us,James arrived on cue and in no time i was on my knees sucking his monster he came in seconds great wads of young hot cum gushing in my mouth i gagged a bit then said" that was quick i wanted to fuck you"he said "and you will i,m ready to go again"he turned me round and bent me over the toilet and the next thing i knew he was nudging his hard helmet against my wet pussy i had to guide him in due to his inexperiance but as soon as he had a few inches inside he drove himself all the way home gosh he felt big inside me i,d never taken a cock anywhere near the size of him,he pounded me hard n deep for about 10 minutes it hurt good and i was panting hard and about to cum when he stiffened and said in my ear "fuck i,m gonna spunk right up you bitch" then i felt him cum just as i had a big orgasm i was reaching between my legs n frigging my clitty fast,then we cleaned up n returned to the pool,Dave woke up 5 minutes later and to this day knows nothing.


Sharing Wife 5/4/07: I love to write true stories about my ex wife & my 5 year threesome with her big dicked black lover.


Avoided Herpes 5/4/07: To the guy whose wife has cruddy panties, I agree with Beth. Your suspicions are right. She s fucking someone else. The same thing happened to me. My wife had a routine where she would go to the bingo hall here every other night. Then it got to be nightly. Or she d go to the gym early in the morning before anyone else was awake. Our sex life was a disaster and she lived in one bedroom and I in another. We may have had sex once every three months because I could not trust her. Her niece, 17 at the time, was keeping our kids and often was there when I came home and my wife who got off work at 5, would be gone until 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. My wife would bounce in and bathe, then go to bed. We rarely talked until Saturday or Sunday. I was in our home office one morning installing a new printer and there behind the laundry basket, covered with a towel, were a pile of about six panties. Each of the panties were so cum filled that the odor immediately saturated my nostrils when I moved the towel. My wife normally put her panties in the linen hamper in the bathroom, but these were stashed there. I had suspicions and asked her niece some questions. Her niece told me things I didn t know. Her niece even knew of one of the guys listen to me one of the guys my wife was fooling around with. Turns out her entire family also knew, but no one was telling me. So I watched the next couple of days, begged for sex, but my wife refused. It cost me $540 to hire a private investigator to watch her for a week. In that week, I discovered she took two hour lunch breaks sometimes, went to her guy s house, fucked him and then went to his house at night. She was parking her car at the bingo parlor, getting into his car and they were going to his house, then returning her to her own vehicle. On one of the nights, the detective taped them in a porno shop buying videos and lingerie. Hell, she and him were kissing and he was rubbing her ass beneath the skirt. That night they went to a public park and fucked in the dugout at the baseball field. The detective got it all on tape. When I confronted her, my wife denied up and down that she had done anything. Even when I mentioned the guy s name she swore she didn t know him. I hit play on the VCR and let it roll. She was shocked as we watched the close up footage of her acts. She started to apologize. But I told her she had three months to find someplace else because my attorney had a copy of the tape and the divorce papers had already been filled out. She tried to fuck me so hard, begging, crying and laying on my bed fingering herself. But I didn t want her anymore after what she sent me through. So we split within a week. She moved out with her broke ass boyfriend who booted her out within a month of her moving in with him. And, the stupid whore caught herpes from the guy and it really is giving her hell. I kept my sons, total custody. Her niece, with whom I now have a secret relationship, still keeps my boys and is in college. I say that to say, if you suspect something is wrong, it probably is. Do what you have to do.


naughtyladyinga 5/4/07: I am a 52 year old married lady. Ive been married for 27 years and have 2 kids, a son who is 21 and a daughter 24. My daughter recently got married to a hot young guy. My husband and daughter dont know this but i fucked my son in law 3 times one week before he married my daughter. we have continued our little dirty affair ever since. god i cant keep my hands or mouth off of him!


Bunny 5/3/07: Several years ago my son was visiting so I set him up in his old room. I always ware either a dress or a skirt to work so when I got up for work the next day I had a particular dress I wanted to wear but it revealed some buldges so I decided to wear my girdle. It was one of those that zips up has the garters attached like a garter belt and has an open crotch. I didn't ware any panties because it would be difficult to pee. I had a nice day at work even though several of the guys were up to their old tricks trying to look up my skirt. When I got home I went up to my sons room where he was sitting at the desk. I noticed a girlie mag sitting on the dresser and looked through it and there was a section where people sent in pictures of wives, girl friends, etc. I looked them over and remarked to my son that even though I was middle aged I looked better than some of those girls. I thought about it for a second and said to my som take my picture I want to send one in. He asked if I was sure. And I said grab your camera and go to my room. When we got to my room I had him unzip my dress and I slipped out of it. I was standing there in my bra, girdle and stockings. The bottom of my butt was showing and my son gently taped it and said nice butt what were you doing today taking every bodys picture. I said no, well maybe a few. Then I said let's get with it get me out of this bra. It felt good to let those puppies out. They hardly sagged at all for a woman my age. I turned and sat on the bed facing my son with my knees together. He took a couple of boob pictures then he had me lay back with my legs apart. I was wet now and my pussy opened as I opened my legs. He took several more pictures. I have a dark room so he went to develop the pictures. When he returned to the room I was laying across the bed rubbing my clit. He looked at me and said when you finish I will show you the pictures they came out good. Later that night when we were getting ready for bed I went in his room with him watched him undress and asked him to masturbate for me he did boy did he lots and lots of gooie cum. 


Ashley 5/3/07: I am 23 and married to a great guy. We have awesome sex and on average atleast 6 times a week if not more. I have to admit, it is the best I have ever had. However lately I have been fantazing about having girl in the mix. I have told him and he is interested, but I really want all the attention on me and not on him. So far I cant seem to get the balls up to talk to a girl about something like that. I just keep hoping one will approach me with the idea and I will go with the flow.'

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MMF 5/2/07: I'm in the military. A coworker and I replied to a w4mm craiglist add. She was in her late 30's and we are in our mid 20's. We met her in a bar in Seattle and hit it off right away. She liked the risk of our direct and right to the point conversation in the crowded bar, and our hands simultaneously running over her body as we sat on the stools. Before long, the 3 of us were back to his place and she really enjoyed having us both in her at once. I was feeling like some risk would be fun, so I opened the blinds to the big window, allowing anyone who wanted to see in from the adjacent apartments. Someone was definitely watching us! The next day, my coworker discovered that the person in the apartment who had been watching was also from our office. Hopefully he didn't recognize us!


female 5/2/07: My hubby does not know this but on the night of my bachlorette party, some 17 years ago I sucked off a male stripper. He was so hot and cute and I was 23 I guess at the time. The girls surprised me with him at a club in aprivate room. He had abs like steel and a cock that was bursting out of his g-string. Apparently, the girls paid a little extra to have him undress and rub his cock in front of my face. Well when faced with that I had to suck it and suck I did. His hands were on the back of my head and the girls were cheering as I sucked him to completion. I actually fucked my my boyfriend now husband later that evening. I often wondered if he could taste the stripper's cum when we kissed.


babysitter 5/1/07: When I was in high school I spent the summer working as a live-in babysitter with a family at their beach house. It was wonderful tank tops most of the time and no bra. The people were great very laied back and extreamly liberal as to their dress. Their little boy would wonder around nude most of the time and when we would go for a nap in the afternoon the man and woman would go out in back and sunbaith nude. I coulden't get over the size of the guys dick it was huge compaired to what I had seen in the past. One week the woman had to leave for three days on an urgent family matter. That night when everything was quiet he went in to take his usual shower And I went in and changed into my night gown. It was hot and I didn't bother putting on my robe. It was a short night gown with no back a very deep V in front. There was also a slit up the front that almost went to my crotch. When I returned to the sitting room he was there just wairing a short robe. He looked at me and asked if the slit was there to show off my legs. I smiled and opened the slit to give him a better view. When I did I also exposed my well trimed red bush. He got a large grin on his face and motioned for me to sit with him on the couch. Next thing you know he had my boobs out and I had the front of his robe open looking at and touching the biggest rod I had ever seen. I started sucking him off while he played with my pussy and my butt hole. It was a hell of a night when we finally went to our rooms I was full of cum in every opening I have. When His wife returned he told her what happened and it seemed to realy turn her on. The next day after the little guy went down for his nap we had a threesome and almost every other day for the rest of the summer.


no name 5/1/07: Recently my wife and i started going to swingers web sites and been to a few parties, but haven't played yet. A few weeks ago we meet a nice couple on line and chatted with them several times before we met them at one of the parites...m wife hit it off with the male and i hit it off with the female(aka Sarah) but we didn't play that night, even thought we both wanted to, because nither one of us knew how to bring it up to the other couple...three days after the party i was on line and chated with the Sarah, while my wife was sleeping...Sarah and i started talking and we both agreed we were horny for each other and her man was at work but she it was her time of the mouth but asked if i wanted to come over for a blow took me a second to say yes...i went over to her house and we talked, then kissed then got naked she sucked me off an let me cum in her mouth which my wife don't let me returned i fingered fucked her pussy and asshole making her cum...she sucked me off once more before i went home woke my wife up and fucked wife or Sarah's man don't know anything about that night...the four of us are to get together for dinner this weekend hopefully there's be more to tell.


Trumptar at aol 5/1/07: Please, Beth, can one of your readers help me? My wife has the occasional outing with her friends or she claims she's working late. One three recent occasions when she has come home, she bathed and after checking her panties from that night they have a strong odor and are literally covered in the crotch with a yellowish stain that turns flaky after drying. Is this a sign that she's fucking someone and their cum is draining from her pussy? Someone please give me the advice I need to figure my next move. Thanks in advance Beth. I love your your site!  Message from Beth.  [I'm not sure if you are yanking my chain or not.  You wife is definately getting boned by someone]


Bookstore guy 4/29/07: A few months ago my friends and I went to the adult book store near strip club row to buy some items for a bachelor party we were giving a friend and to buy a couple of DVDs to play at the hotel room. As I was looking over titles this awesome young woman of about 5 1, and two heavyset girlfriends were looking at titles next to me. Suddenly the really small chick blurted out, I wished I had somebody who would lick my pussy like that, as she s looking at the box. We looked at each other, but said nothing. As we were checking out, I wrote down my telephone number, passed it to her and said I wanted to eat her until she passed out. Her eyes lit up and she put the number into her wallet. Within the hour, she called. We hooked up at her place. She was wearing nothing! We kissed and I stripped down. She immediately laid me back and sat on my face rocking like she was riding a horse. She came quickly and often. After about 15 minutes, my face, chest and the bed were covered in her sticky juice. She laid back spread her legs, passed me a condom and told me to fuck her. We fucked for hours, went through five condoms and I ate her several times through the night. Well, it was good. But I can t get rid of this lovely nymphomanic, even though I m married. Almost daily, I ll go by either before work, during lunch or on the way home, sometimes after sneaking out at night, and at least eat her. I fuck her too. But she is absolutely a freak for having her pussy eaten out. I ve never had anyone like that before. And when she cums she gushes. It s been three months and the only time I don t eat her almost daily, is when she is on her period. Then she wants me to suck her nipples and finger fuck just inside the rim of her pussy. I once fucked her on her period. But she said the cramps she got afterwards almost killed her they were so intense. Is it normal for a woman to enjoy oral that much that she gets off jus by having it sucked and licked as opposed to fucking her? She s 23 and I m 41. She s even gone so far as to get a tattoo on her shaved pussy with my name on it. She says she will never disrupt my life or tell anyone about me.


Mississippi Boy 4/29/07: My wife and I had a party at our house in March. It was a cool Saturday night with plenty of food and alcohol. We had over about 70 to 100 people and everyone was having a blast as the DJ spinned records and people danced and all. My sister in law Sherry, a hot redhead with a huge pair or tits and an ass that looks like it belongs on a mule rather than a woman, started talking about sex and how most of the guys she had been with had little dicks. My wife, her sister, had been drinking a little much and started to talk about me and how I had big dick and how I was freaky and always wanted her to suck, but she mainly refused. My wife even spoke something that embarrassed me more. She told of how one night when I was fucking her from the rear, I mistakenly had tunneled into her asshole. She got really animated telling that one and about how she jumped to pull away and I held her close and got in a few thrusts before she let loose a blood curdling scream which forced me to release her. My wife even went on to say she jumped out of bed and ran to the restroom and backed up to the mirror to see if I had damaged her asshole before letting me finish off missionary style. Well as I was trying to stop her from saying it, the women all kept pushing me back, talking shit. As the party wound down and I announced the last call for alcohol, my wife, her sister and some of the women started to clean up. Friends were packing plates of food to go and all seemed well. Once everyone was gone, I went inside and my wife was asleep on the couch, snoring, which she does after drinking anything alcoholic. My sister in law, standing there nursing a margarita, winked her eye at me and pulled up her skirt to reveal nothing covering her red-haired muff but her pantyhose. I looked, but then looked away and told her she had better take it easy on the alcohol because she had to drive home. She told me she was staying the night and she was going to fuck me. I was shocked. Then she told me her sister, wouldn't stir until morning because she had plied her drinks with double liquor throughout the night. She shook my wife violently, calling her name all along. She didn't budge, but continued to sleep. We left her there on the couch and went into the guest bedroom where we stripped and then Sherry sucked me, I sucked and licked her. Then we fucked hard and heavy for a couple hours. During that time, I got my first true anal fuck and it was wonderful. She let me fuck her, cum in her ass and everything.


Senior Ass Fucker, Boston, MA 4/29/07: I recently turned 65 and my wife Terry of 37 years is 64. Though I don't have a confession, I felt like telling you something about us. Terry looks like she is 40 years old and has a fantastic pair of tits. Her nipples are very suckable and just looking at them gives me a hard on after all of these years. We both masturbate in front of each other which turns us on a lot. For my last birthday, she bought me a digital camera. After learning how to use it, I asked her to pose naked for me and masturbate while I took her picture. At first she was reluctant, till I explained I would look at them and jerk off. She agreed and we now have about 100 pictures that I have downloaded to our computer. Some of the pictures are of her sucking my cock and of me coming in her mouth. My favorite is one of my cock in her ass while I fucked her doggy style. We look at the pictures together while we masturbate each other. This camera has improved our sex life to the point that Terry regularly asks for an ass fuck, which wasn't too often before I got the camera. My cock is 6 inches long and not too thick and fits entirely in her ass very nicely. Terry always comes first when I fuck her ass, when I tell her that I am coming, she clenches her ass muscles and milks the cum out of my prick. It feels better than a blow job.  Message from Beth.  [I would sure love to add a couple of those pictures to this confession, would you email them to me?]

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fuck around 4/28/07: Years ago I lived across the street from a married couple. The husband had had a vasectomy. She fucked her next door neighbor and got pregnant. He suddenly moved, and her husband lost interest and was considering a divorce. One day he was drunk and passed out. She came over and asked for sex, saying she was extremely horny. I obliged and took her to bed. She asked if she could move in with me if they divorced. I consented, but eventually they had reconciled. But we were able to continue meeting for sex whenever he got drunk and passed out.


Straying Husband 4/25/07: I have been married for 33 years this year. My job requires extensive travel so I am away on business on a regular basis. I used to unjoy chatting in Yahoo chat rooms but the bots have almost ruined that. I would chat with women from areas that I was going to visit and arrange a meeting with them. Married women were the best. Most were very dissatisfied with their home sistiutation and where looking for some fun. Haveing sex with them is a real treat. They don't hols back and almost always will do things with me they never dream of doing with their husband. I always try to treat them to the best oral sex they ever had and try to make sure they have mulitple orgasms. I never had a woman hesitate to return the favor. I have several ladies I visit on a regular basis and they all enjoy our secret meetings as much as I do. 


hornyinTexas 4/25/07: i have to confess that i have been fucking my wife's best friend and yesterday was no exception. she's a squirter and she drenched my cock with her juices...well, she left and when my wife came home from work, i made her suck me off and taste her friends cum on my was so hot!


Mike 4/24/07: My wife has an incredibly hot friend that all the men like. She dresses sexy and flirts with all the husbands. I tell the wife that she is not that good looking and she gets on my nerves, but I am lusting after her. Her name is Missy and she is about 5'10" with blond hair and blue eyes. She has the sexiest long legs and her stomach is cut. She has three kids and is a milf for sure. We were over her house for a party recently and I stole a pir of her dirty panties. I've been jerking off in them for days. I cannot stop thinking of her and I want to fuck her so bad.


married or not 4/23/07: When I was married, my wife and I had a 3 way with her best friend, who was maried. The girl sucked me off while I ate my wife's pussy, and I fucked her while my wife watched. After the divorce, the other girl wanted to keep giving me some pussy, so I continued to fuck her.


like mother like daughter 4/23/07: When I was married I fucked my 18 year old step daughter. She,too, sucked cock. My wife never found out, at least not while we were married.


Marissa 4/22/07: I had to endure fucking hubby again last night. There was no foreplay, no oral to set the mood. He immediately put his cock inside me and began pumping in me. I guess he came in like 5 or 6 minutes. I moaned and groaned for him but never came once. He is such worthless fuck. I finished myself off in the bathroom after he fell asleep. Don't get me wrong I love him dearly but he is so bad in bed.


New Pussy 4/21/07: My girlfriend came over tonight wanting sex, but I told her I was not feeling well. The truth is, after she left another female I recently started fucking came over to fuck more. 


Horny son in law, Prov. RI 4/21/07: I have read more than several confessions from men who are fucking their mother in laws and also from women who are fucking their son in laws. Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to fuck my wife's mother. I love fantasizng about her when I jerk off and usually come very intensely. I have managed to get hold of her worn panties and love sniffing and licking the crotch area to taste her cunt. She is 44 years old, divorced and very sexy and horny looking with a great pair of tits. My best fantasy is when my wife and I are doing a 69. I love licking her cunt and fantasize I am licking her mother's cunt. It gets me very excited and some times my wife, who swallows all of my come will comment that I squirted a lot of cum while she sucked me. I hope I get lucky enough some day for my fantasy to happen. I think it would be fantastic to spend the day fucking and sucking my mother in law and come home to have my wife suck me off and taste her mother's cunt on my cock. Then again I think I would also enjoy fucking my wife and then visiting her mom and have her suck my cock and taste my wife's cunt. Right now I am jerking off thinking about all of the above.


Marissa 4/20/07: I am a professional women, wife and mother but I have an insatiable sex drive. Unfortunately for me my hubby is a bit too boring. I love to go out with my girlfriends and tease younger guys at these dance clubs. Last weekend we went to a club and I dressed a tad provocative. Short skirt, heels with stockings and garter. Well I was dancing with a college age kid and it was very sexual. He was grinding on me from behind and my thigh was usually between his legs. God this kid had me hot. At one point his hand was up my skirt and he rubbed my little kitty. I moved into his hand and whispered in his ear that I wanted him inside me. He lead me to back of the place and paid bouncer to let us in a back room that was more like a llarge closet. Once inside, I went str8 for his cock and took him in my mouth. I sucked him on my knees for a good 15 minutes before he stood me up and bent me over a stool. He entered me hard and fast. It actually hurt at first but once he started pushing his cock in and out I was no longer any good. He pulled my hair and fucked me hard until he finally came inside me. It all happened so fast I did not have him use protection. It was the best fuck I've had in my 17 years of marriage. If you could have only seen the look of amazement on my girlfriend's faces when I came out. Priceless!


horny mouth 4/20/07: My wife went to visit her mother for a few days. Her married girlfriend came by to check on me. She said she knew I was horny and offered me a blowjob. I told her I wanted to eat her pussy and fuck her. We went to bed and she told me to fuck her in the mouth as if it were a pussy. Sex with her is better than with my wife. I have had sex with her since then whenever possible.


Mother in law fucker, Lawrence MA 4/20/07: I am 24 years old and have been married for two years to a very sexy Hispanic wife. Our sex life has been great as we both enjoy playing and masturbating in front of each other. Though my wife is a great fuck, her blow jobs are just fantastic, she loves me coming in her mouth and swallows all of my cum. Several months ago my 47 year old mother in law who lives several hundred miles away spend two weeks at our house. The first three days she was with us my wife and I had no sex, I think she thought her mom would hear us. On the fourth day, I was very horny and getting involuntary hard ons. My wife was out shopping and I thought her mom was with her. I got into our bed and starting stroking my prick. I was almost ready to come when my mother in law walked in on me. At first I was stunned and stopped stroking myself. My mother in law asked that I not stop as she had never seen a man jerk off, she sat next to me on our bed and I started jerking off again. I came off shortly and shot my cum all over my arm and stomach. My mother in law then bent down and started to lick my cock tasting my cum. I immediately got another hard on and took off her panties and fucked her till we both got off together. That nite, my wife couldnt stand not having sex and I fucker her twice till we both came off. For the rest of her stay with us my mother in law would suck me off and fuck me every day, and my wife would suck me off and fuck me at nite. Yesterday, my mother in law called me on the phone and we had phone sex together. She told me she had two fingers in her cunt and was thinking about my hard cock fucking her. I was jerking off and then she said how lucky her daughter was to have a husband who has a beautiful cock and that she knew my wife must love sucking me off, I had a very powerful orgasm and told my mother in law I was sucking and licking my fingers fantasizing that I was licking her cunt and she came off. Next month she is going to visit us again, I will try to talk her into staying for 4 weeks this time. I am looking forward to fucking two very sexy ladies every day and having my cock and balls drained.


Interacial Wife 4/19/07: I am a 42 year old married white wife and mother. My husband gets off watching and video taping me have sex with black men.  He has been finding guys online and setting up encounters.  At first I was reluctant, but this cuckold lifestyle has made our sex life betther than ever.  

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icklescuck 4/12/07:  My wife is a senior manager at a company while I only work in a factory. I've discovered Jane prostituted herself to her boss at least twice for promotion. The pain almost destroys me but.... I feel secretly aroused. Married seven years to a GORGEOUS little sexpot of a longhaired hippy-style brunette who was once a model, and now in her early 30's, I never thought it would happen to me. She's 5 foot 2, slim, sexy with dark eyes like pools and little dimples when she smiles. She's a flirt, yes, but I never thought she would go so far as to.... Her boss was constantly emailing her awhile back mostly about work, just before her promotion to manageress. Always on the cellphone to her too, and she is dedicated to her job. But I got concerned at her tone of voice in one conversation I overheard... Flirtatious... And he was at this time coming to our home sometimes after hours to go through work details with her. Often when I would be out, as I worked evenings then. Well, one night I came home early. He boss had just left, and she had just her nightgown on. There was an empty condom pack on the lounge floor, and a used condom in the shower. I said nothing about it and pretended not to notice but I felt sick. I jerk off about it a lot. Especially since I found out he was having her in the asshole too. Made me feel worse but more excited.


tastykitten on 4/11/07:  I have been dating a man that lives very far south of me. he came to visit me and take me away for a weekend of fine dining and wonderful sex. see he was the second man i had ever been with and he can make me cum like no other.... but it wasn't enough. I started fucking a guy that i work with, it bacame an every night thing. and this man is HUGE. one fuck and i can't walk right for a week. the first night he dropped me off at home and i told him that he wouldn't last more than ten minutes with me cuz i'm the same size as i was when i was seventeen, and i was right but it was the best lay of my life!


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Stepdad on 4/9/07: my step daughter is a 20 year old virgin thats not interested in boys ,she never dates, just tv,vidio games and sleeping. shes always wearing tight jeans or short shorts that shows off her very hot ass. she has small boobs with very large nipples and she likes to sit on my lap and watch tv when we are alone and sometimes i will pinch her nipple and she pinches mine and that winds up in a wressling match where i will squeeze her boobs and rub her ass and a couple of times i have gotten my hand under her shirt ,she never wears a bra, and felt her boobs. thats has happened for several months but last night everything changed. her mom was at work and she was sitting with me on the couch watching a movie.a guy was taking about oral sex on tv and she made a face and said somting about that being nasty i told her that when she experinced it she would change her mind about that, well she started asking questions and i started explaing and the talking made me get a hard on and she noticed it i was wearing thin shorts without underwear, she didnt say anything but just kept looking at it. i was explaing how she would love her clit licked and when she ask what that was i just ran my hand up her shorts leg and rubbed it to show her , she said to stop but didnt move so i kept rubbing and it got so wet. she was enjoying so i said let me show you how it feels to get licked ,she let me take off her shorts and pantys and i went down on her and licked her clit then i tongue fucked her she was moaning and came quickly, i just went back to licking her clit and inserted a finger into her hot wet pussy and she wrapped her legs around my head and ran her fingers into my hair and held me against her pussy untill she came again. i stood up then and ask her if she had ever seen a hard cock before. she said no so i dropped my shorts and stood with it waiving in her face. i ask her to play with it but she wasnt sure about that so i sat back down and started playing with her boobs again,sucked them and ask if i could lick her pussy again , she said she loved that so i laid down on the couch and put her on top of me 69 ,and started sucking her clit and fingering her. it wasnt long before she started rubing my cock and i told her to lick it. before long she had it in her mouth and the more excited she got the harder she sucked and bobbed up and down. she started quivering and came on my face so i just came in her mouth with out telling her ,she pulled off it and i finished myself with my hand and squirted all over her face. she got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned up, when she came back still naked and sat next to me she ask questions about how girls sucked cocks and what to do. i am looking forward to our next night alone.


R on 4/8/07: I love it when my wife tells me about fucking her previuos bofriends. She won't tell me everything though which is a pisser cos I know she sucked and fucked my brother just before i started dating here. I would love to see here with another cock depositing cum in her bald wet cunt.


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fred on 4/6/07: my sex secret would be that i was a gay sex slave to my room mate for over two years. he was a well built guy with a huge 9 inch cock, and i was a fat pig with a cock that measured hardly 3 inches. he totally made me his bitch. i used to wear ladies underwear for him. and constantly take his cock down my throat or up my ass.


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truckerstud on 4/1/07: I'm a long haul trucker married 4 2 1/2yrs and i have a girlfriend in 7 states and thay all know im married my wife just dont know


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Blacklover on 3/30/07: I am a 37 year old, white male and married for 12 years. Two months ago I met a very attractice black woman who is 40 years old at a business meeting @ Boston. She is 5'7" about 130 lbs with 36D breasts. After the meeting I asked her if she would like to go for coffee or a drink and she said yes to coffee. She has a pretty face and very attractive chocolate colored skin. While we were having coffee she saw me checking out her tits at least twice. We ended up sitting in my car talking for about an hour, she suddenly unbuttoned her blouse, moved her bra aside and exposed her tits, I could not believe how pretty her nipples were and immediately started sucking one then the other nipple. She unzipped my pants and took out my hardon, and started kissing and sucking on my prick. After about 5 minutes, I told her I was going to cum and started to pull away from her mouth. She grabbed my prick, and shook her head no and kept sucking me. I came in her mouth and she swallowed all of my cum. I moved her panties aside and fingered her wet cunt to an orgasm. We arranged to meet one week later at a motel and spent about 8 hours together. She undressed in front of me, touching her nipples and then her cunt. She confided that although she sucks off her husband, he never reciprocates by eating her cunt. I went down on her and licked her cunt till she had three orgasms. She had the biggest clit I have ever seen, when excited it protrudes about 1 inch. She came so hard she had tears in her eyes, and confessed that I was the first man to eat her pussy. Knowing her husband does not lick her pussy, I decided to go further with her. I rolled her over on her stomach and started kissing and licking the back of her legs till I reached her ass. After kissing both cheeks, I spread her open and licked her ass hole. She gasped and leapt forward about a foot when my tongue entered her ass. I kept licking her ass hole and sticking my tongue in her and she exploded into anouther orgasm. I asked her if I could put my cock in her ass and she said yes. I fucked her ass for about 10 minutes and came inside her. She later licked my cock clean and said her husband had never tongued her ass before, I replied I knew that if he wouldn't eat her pussy, he wouldn't lick her ass either. We see each other once a week and she is the best piece of ass I have had.


have suitcase will fuck on 3/30/07: Today a female who lived next door to me with her boyfreind came by. I have not seen them since they moved to another part of town two years ago. She brought a suitcase with her, explaining she had a serious argument with the guy and was seeking someplace to hide out for the weekend. Having no money for a motel, she thought I would be willing to help her in return for some pussy. Since my girlfreind is out of town on vacation, I accepted her offer when she assured me her boyfreind would not think to look for her here. So far she has sucked me off, I have eaten her pussy, and we have fucked. She said she will return often after this weekend.


Mr.Convenience on 3/30/07: I was working at a convenience store in midtown Atlanta, in an area that was swarming with prostitutes. There were a few who were regular customers, and would come in several times a day. We became acquainted, and they started to offer me their services. The store opened at 6 am, so I would arrive at 5:30 each day. Someone would show up, get in the car, and suck me off.


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MMF on 3/29/07: My wife and I had a 3 way with a 17 year old female. She was no virgin, but had limited experience. My wife taught her how to suck cock. She was understandably apprehensive at first, but quickly warmed up to the idea. She took it in her mouth while I ate my wife's pussy, and when I warned her I was about to cum, she kept it in her mouth. She said it tasted much better than expected, and wanted to do it often. I ate her pussy,then I fucked her while my wife watched and played with her pussy.


No Name on 3/29/07: I was dating this girl Debbie who sucked me everyday for 8 months. We broke up when she met someone else she thought she liked better. After two weeks of no sex, her friend Diane came by. Diane knew I was in need, and offered me a blowjob and asked me to go down on her. We undressed and I took her to bed for 69 and a good fuck. I sent a two week load of sperm into her mouth, and a second load in her pussy. Later she called her boyfriend to break up with him, and moved in with me that weekend. A week later Debbie wanted to get back together with me, but I told her I was with Diane now. I just didn't tell her Diane's sucking was much better than hers.


Pornoguy on 3/29/07: I went to an adult bookstore and purchased an xxx rated video. The cashier said she had purchased the same video, and that I would enjoy it. She was closing the store in a few minutes, and said we could watch it on a vcr she had set up in a back room. As we watched it, she put her hand down inside her pants and rubbed her pussy. I offered my tongue, and she unzipped me and started sucking me. We undressed and did 69 on the floor, then fucked. The next day I bought a bed for the place.


J on 3/28/07: when i was 14 i had my first sexual experience. i gave blowjobs to four boys in 6th grade. they were popular and some really nasty bitchy girls told me that all the popular girls did it so i did. it carried on for ages with boys before i found out. but i never got over the reputation and for the next few years all the guys knew me for what i did. worst of all was that becuase all the boys thought i was easy they would come onto me stronger, and they usually got what they wanted by the end of the night becuase of persistence. but something no-one knows about (except people involved) was that i had sex with my best friends boyfriend a week after he proposed to her. (thier marrige ended after a year, she never found out though)


nick on 3/28/07: I am a boy, im 18 from london. With all my friends im a stright guy who loves women, but really i love to be dominated by men. about 2 years ago i began talking to strange men on chatlines and the internet. i would meet up with them and do what they wanted. soon enough i got penetrated for the first time. now its an addiction.


hornyfriend on 3/28/07: When I was dating my wife, she told me her best friend, who was married, asked if I eat pussy. She told her I did. One day, when she was at work, the friend came by. She said she knows I eat pussy, and wanted to try me out. She told me her husband never eats her, although she sucks him frequently. We undressed and I proceeded to eat her pussy as she sat on the couch. After she came, we switched positions and she gave me a great blowjob. Then we went to bed and fucked. We would meet two to three times a week and continued to meet after I was married.


Smiling Coach on 3/27/07: I am a married 48 and jr high teacher and coach. There is a mom ( very good looking blonde with 36 D tits) at my school who is always at school helping out. She is married to a preacher. One day I was flirting with her and I made a comment about if she was my wife and I was home during the day that she would be home with me. She smiled and said that her husband hadn't wanted any thing from her in years. She was sitting at a computer and I started rubbing her shoulders and she couldn't sit still. She looked at me and told me not to start any thing I wasn't going to finish. I told her to wait a few mins and come to the gym. When she came in I walked over and kissed her while walking to my office. We locked the door and started ripping each other cloths off. I licked and sucked on her nipples and then started licking her wet pussy. She went wild and told me her husband had never ate her.We sucked abd fucked for a hour. That was a month ago and we do the same every day after school.


Horny husband on 3/27/07: Last night my wife and I were watching a tv program called dancing with the stars. One of the contestants is the daughter of boxing great Muhammed Ali. She is a very sexy looking woman and last nights dance was very provocative. I got a hard on which my wife noticed. She unzipped my pants and jerked me off while I watch a very sexy woman dance. This was the first time my wife ever jerked me off while I fantasized about another woman. Later on when we went to bed, I repaid her my eating her pussy to three climaxes. I had a constant hard on during all of this, which she relieved with a fantastic blow job. I came in her mouth and she swallowed all of my cum. We are looking forward to next Monday's show. I think I will let her jerk me off again while I watch a beautiful black woman.


MrGoodwrench on 3/27/07: Back in 1976 I was working at a full service gas station that did repair work. A regular customer was a topless dancer who worked at a nearby club. One afternoon before starting her shift she brought her car in for some work and had to leave it overnight. I took her to the club, and she asked if I would come back when she left at 9 to give her a ride home. When I arrived she was waiting for me outside. We got to her apartment, and she invited me in. She said to repay me for helping her she would give me a private show, since I arrived too late to see her at the club. She undressed completely, showing me her giant tits and one of the hairiest pussies I have ever seen. She put on some music and danced a while, then asked me to dance with her. As we danced she started undressing me, and once I was naked she turned off the music and we went to bed. The next day I took her to work again since her car was still not ready. When we arrived, she sucked me off in the parking lot. After I left work for the day, I returned to the club to watch her perform, the only one there knowing she had a load of sperm in her stomach. We were in bed regularly after that night.

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backwoods on 3/27/07:I went with a guy that wanted me to a party at his fire captains house. While the captains wife and my date were at the house party, The captain took me for a ride in the woods on his quad. We parked, he riped off my pants, and ate my pussy til my legs quivered. I sucked his cock and then he fucked me so hard from behind on the back of the quad til he came all over my ass. Then we rode back to the party to find my date and a few others naked in the pool. I did a lil striptease before joining them for a swim. My date was suspicious but didnt want to believe it. He was so hard from seeing my wet naked body, i couldn't help but to suck him off before we left.


Night Shift on 3/25/07: I was working the closing shift at a convenience store with a married female. After closing, we would count the money and complete the daily shift report. Then, with the store locked up, we would go into the stockroom to fuck and suck. Sometimes, we would lose track of time and her husband would call looking for her. She would just tell him that we had more business than usual, and so had more money to count.


Friendly Neighbor on 3/25/07: Today I was mowing my front yard. The house across the street is for sale, and a female came to look at it. She came over to ask what I know about it. I told her what little I know, then invited her in for a diet coke. We sat at the kitchen table, and she suggested I take a shower to cool off, and said she would wait for me. So, I undressed in the bedroom, and put on a robe and headed to the shower. I got in the shower, and heard her come into the bathroom. She pulled back the shower curtain, and was naked, getting in with me. We washed each other, and took turns going down on each other. Then we went to bed and did 69 and fucked. I pumped alot of cum into her mouth and pussy. I told her about this site and that I would be writing about this experience. She had a great idea: As I am typing this, she is down between my legs with her mouth wrapped around my cock.


bestbjgirl on 3/24/07: My husband had been bragging to his brother for years about how well I gave head. He would tell me about it and I always got turned on. One day when my brother in law stopped over without his wife my husband brought up the subject again in front of me and told his brother that I wanted to give him a blow job.  I ended up in the bathroom on my knees sucking him until he came in my mouth while my husband kept the kids occupied.  My brother in law told me it was the best bj he ever had.  


Karen Sandwich on 3/23/07: My husband and I just had our first threesome experience.  We have been talking about it for a long time. I told Roger if he found someone I would do it.  Last night we met the guy that Roger picked from over 200 responses to an ad that he place on Craigslist and we met him a local sports bar and had a few drinks before going to a motel and getting wild.  I think everyone was happy with the way it turned out.  I think I am going to write a detailed story and submit it to Beth for consideration for the story collection.  I am looking forward to doing it again.  So is Roger.


frikitikigik on 3/23/07: I've had bi feelings for quite a few years now and a couple of years ago I went into an adult bookstore/theatres/peeps with gloryholes place that I sometimes go to and eventually went into a booth in the back row to watch a movie. While I was watching it and jacking off, a finger came through the hole and motioned to me. I leaned down to the hole and a guy on the other side told me to "stick it through". I moved to the wall and shoved my stiff cock through. Instantly, he took it into his mouth and began to suck hungrily. He sucked me long and hard, until I thought that he would suck my whole body through the hole into his booth. FINALLY, I came,squirting my hot man-load into his waiting mouth.

There was a tranny who used to go to the same adult bookstore. One night, I sat next to "her" and another guy sat on the other side of "her". We both began to rub her tits (she'd had hormone therapy) and she took them out. We both began to lick, suck and kiss her tits. Then the other guy moved down and began to suck on her man-clit.


pussybandit on 3/23/07: My wife and I knew this 18 year old girl who married some moron. Right after the ceremony at the justice of the peace, he dropped her off at our house and went out drinking with his friends, and said he would be back the next day for her. My wife later went to work on 2nd shift, leaving me home alone with the girl on her wedding night. I ended up fucking her as if it were my wedding night. I fucked her regularly after that, fucking her more than he did.


hornyneighbor on 3/23/07: I had a roommate who was fucking some girl who lived nearby.One Saturday she came by, but he had to work and didn't tell her. She said she was horny and asked if I would take her to bed. We fucked and sucked for an hour in my bed, and then she called the guy at work and said because of his inconsideration, she would no longer be available to him. I then started going to her place for sex, but he never found out.


anonymous on 3/23/07:I fucked my brothers wife. He was working late alot and they weren't really getting along so I said I would watch the kids while she went out and it got so late I put them to bed. When she came home she went to her room and got in a bikini (it was summer) and told me to follow her. She sucked my dick like a pro then I bent her over the swimming pool side and pounded her till she screamed.


North Carolina Man on 3/23/07: I was in the Coast Guard, stationed at a base on the North Carolina coast. I had a small studio apartment off base in a house that had been converted into two apartments. Two college girls rented the other apartment for the summer. One Friday night they went out and returned drunk. One of them, not realizing where she was, was able to enter my apartment since her key fit the locks on both her and my locks. I was in bed, and woke up when she stumbled in. She undressed and passed out on the other bed. In the morning I got up and made coffee, and she was still passed out and naked. She finally came to, wondering where she was, but did not seem to be embarrased about being seen naked by someone she hardly knew. I offered her some coffee, and she remained naked as we drank coffee and talked. She said she did not feel too bad, and asked if she could take a shower. She also said she would not feel so conspicuous about being naked if I were naked too. I was hoping to hear something like this, so I undressed and joined her in the shower. After the shower, we had more coffee, then went to bed and had fantastic sex. She gave me a blowjob to, as she put it, "get the bad taste out of her mouth". After an hour, she dressed to go tell her roomate in the other apartment that she made it back okay, and ended up in the wrong place. Then she returned and undressed again. We spent the entire weekend together, and she said sucking dick was much more fun than getting drunk. For the rest of the summer, whenever I was off duty, she would spend the night with me.


dicktease on 3/23/07: When I was 16 and a sophomore in high school, I had a brief affair with my geometry teacher.  I was a virgin when he took me to bed.  I came onto him very strong and initiated the contact by flirting and seeking him out when no one was around. I was a classic tease it made me feel powerful to see the effect my sexuality had on a grown man.  He was married and worried about the consequences if we had gotten caught so it ended after about a month. That was 15 years ago.  I still think about the experience when I masturbate.  I recently confessed the whole thing to my husband who freaked out and wanted to report it to the school board.  Some secrets are best to stay secret.  My husband has been fucked up since I told him this :(


Beach lover on 3/23/07: My wife and I are both 35 years old and have been married for 10 years. A week ago we returned from a 10 day second honeymoon trip to Aruba. We rented a suite of rooms with the front door 20 feet away from the sandy beach. On our first day my wife asked me if she could go topless, I immediately said yes, and every day she would increase her topless time gradually till our last two days when she spent the entire day topless while wearing thong bathing suit panties. I was in a constant state of being horny and loved it when other men looked at her tits. We fucked and sucked each other every morning, afternoon and night. On several nights we fucked on the very secluded beach. I was coming off six or seven times a day and by the end of our trip I was completely drained of cum and had what my wife said was dry climaxes. My hard ons stayed constant and every time we fucked we would afterwards do a 69 to taste and drink each others cum and juices. I have already booked a return trip to Aruba next month. When I told my wife she was estatic and said she was horny just thinking about the sex we had. She took me to our bedroom and did a slow strip and masturbation show for me. I jerked off while watching her and came off while she watched me.

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vegasguy on 3/22/07: I hooked up with a woman reporter for a major Las Vegas newspaper, answering my ad on the internet. We would meet at bar near my place. She would ask for some money to help her out. I would usually give her $200. Then She would ride home with me late at night, fuck my face, make me lick her ass before she would suck me off. I'd drive her back to her car and not hear from her until she wanted to meet up again. Always at my place, always late at night, usually once a month for almost 2 years. It was very hot!


hotelfun on 3/22/07: Last summer I took a girl to a hotel on a lake. She went to the swimming pool for a while, but I didn't go since I had brought some work with me that I needed to get done. A housekeeper came by to clean the room. She was a very attractive female, someone I would bed down with. We got to talking about my work, she asked about the girl I came with. I told her she was at the pool and would not be back for a while. She then asked if I would be interested in fooling around. I replied yes, so we undressed and went to bed for 69 and a fuck. We were done in 15 minutes, as she had to get back to work. We dressed, and she cleaned the room and changed the sheets on the bed. She gave me her phone number, and said to call her to make plans for any weekend there. I have seen her a few times since, and she spends the night with me after work, plus stopping by during the day for a quick blowjob or fuck.


love18yearoldpussy on 3/21/07: When I separated from my wife, a guy I worked with let me move in to his apartment. This guy had a girl who would stay there every other week. The weeks she was not there, she would stay with her mom. She finally got tired of him, and decided to move back to her mom's apartment. One night during a week she was not staying there she came by and asked me to help her move her stuff, which was just some clothing and a few books. The guy was out somewhere with another girl. So we loaded the car, and when we got to her mom's, she asked me to wait while she took her stuff inside. She returned, and got back in the car, saying she wanted to thank me proper. She reached over, unzipped me, took out my cock and stroked it until it was hard. Then she leaned over and took it in her mouth. Holding her head still, she ran her tongue around the head, and before long I came powerfully. She asked me to eat her, and dropped her pants, giving me access to her pussy. I went down and gave her a good licking as she held my head tight. We fucked and fucked the next night in her bed when her mom went out for a few hours.


Mary on 3/21/07: I am 35 years old married woman and resently I had sex with my older sister. After a drunk night at the bar we went back to her place where she lives alone. Both being very drunk we started talking about sex and we ended up touching each other and licking our pussys. It was an unforgetable night.


Fuckyourwife on 3/20/07: When I moved here the married female who lived next door at the time came over to introduce herself. Turned out her husband was working second shift, so he was gone by the time I came home from work. By the end of my first week here, she and I were in bed together. She just suddenly asked if she could give me a blowjob. I replied only if I could eat her pussy. So we undressed, took a shower together, and went to bed. We sucked each other until we were both worn out, but also managed to fuck. She said her husband would not eat her, and didn't want to be sucked, which she loves to do. I told her to come by anytime to suck me, and she did every day for six months until they moved. I have not seen her since, so she must have found someone new to suck.

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