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archived confessions - 05/10/07 to 06/28/07 - NEWEST CONFESSIONS
True naughty stories and sex confessions submitted by real people.

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no name 6/28/07:  Beth, I have been reading your site for quite sometime, and might I saw, I love it. I have a secret I would love to share. The other night I was sitting at home and a girl that I had been talking to on yahoo IMed telling me she was horny. Well, I am engaged to someone and didn't want to cheat on them. But, before she had IMed me, I wouldn't have even though about it, but I found out that my fiance had cheated on me, so I figured that I deserved a freebie. Well, after about 45 minutes of convincing this girl that I deserve this after what has happened to me, she gave me her address. I went over there as fast as fast can be. I spent about about two hours over there and had a blast. We did the normal stuff, but the fact that it was taboo was the best. Well, after that, I left to come home a fell asleep on my couch. Well, that wasn't even the best part of everything. I woke up the next day and I was already late for work. I didn't have time to take a shower, so I just got dressed and hit the road. Later that day, my girl wanted to go do something after work, and I still had the other girls dried cum on my cock. After doing what we had to do....we came back and we fuck and suck each other. It was so AWESOME. well, I hope that it happens again, but I am not being too pushy with it.


Taboosex in San Jose Calif. 6/28/07:  Its 1:30 in the AM and I just got home. I was at my sisters house, we fucked like rabbits. I'm 45 and she's 55. We've been fucking for a few years now. We started fucking because she is sex starved and never gets to go out so I take her but she's too nervous to mess around with other men. Now we fuck every chance we can. Her husband is working out of town this week so I'm stopping by her house to check on her every other day. She gives the best head.


Becky 6/27/07:  I'm married with 3 beautiful children. My husband travels with his job and is gone a good portion of time. I'm 34, considered cute and attractive with thick, shoulder length blonde hair. Last year, I started an affair with a woman who attends our church and it continues to this day. She is 53, African American, full-figured, and extremely topheavy. I was nude sunbathing in our backyard the morning Irene came over with some church flyers. My kids were in school and my husband was out of town. We stood in the kitchen talking, me struggling to keep my towel around me, and she standing across the counter looking at me. Suddenly my towel fell, and I found myself completely naked. When I reached down to pick it up she said that I had a beautiful body and should not be ashamed to show it. I retrived the towel and layed it on the counter feeling awkward and excited all in one. I asked Irene if she wanted a cup of coffee and walked across the kitchen to the cupboard. With my back turned to her, I heard her say, "Oooh, girl, you nice - and I don't need anything to make me hotter." I felt a sharp twitch deep in my uterus as I turned around and met Irene's gaze. I couldn't believe i was standing nude in front of her - and loving it. Smiling nervously, I said, "Maybe you should take off your's, too." She laughed and replied, "Oooh, girl, you don't want to see this ole body - and these big things hang down to the ground." I jokingly whispered, "C'mon, if I can do it you can do it." She looked me up and down and said, "Girl, you know I want to, you so beautiful and all, but I so fat." I whispered, "I don't care, let me see those big things." She turned and and slowly walked to the bathroom and a few minutes later I followed her in. I couldn't believe my eyes. Her breasts were incredible. They were so long and fat that they hung several inches below her navel and her swollen nipples were two inches long. By this time I was soaking wet and very aroused by all of it. Irene put her arms out and said, "See, I so fat." I walked up to her and put my hand on her shoulder and assured her she wasn't fat, that she was beautiful in her own way. I looked into Irene's eyes before glancing at the clock. My daughter would be leaving school and coming home for lunch in a half hour. Looking back into her dark eyes, I reached down and squeezed her fat tit before kissing her mouth and telling her, "I like these." She rested her hands on my hips and said, "Baby I like you too, and want to show you how much." We both got dressed and I distributed the flyers across town feeling on cloud 9 knowing that Irene would be back by 9:00 a.m. the next morning.


Love coming off  6/27/07:  Hello Beth, I am 23 years old and my wife is 21. We have been married for 7 months and are still enjoying honeymoon sex. We are both very oral and enjoying eating each other in a 69 and fucking three to four times a day. My wife found your site and showed it to me several days ago. She asked me to jerk off in front of her while she masturbated and read the confessions to me. Her sex voice and watching her play with her cunt, gets me off everytime. Yesterday we both got off twice while reading the confessions. My wife then used some lube to get me hard and proceeded to jerk me off while she fingered her cunt and ass. She got me off three more times after which I needed a nap. Love your site.


Nine Inch Mother Fucker  6/26/07:  My mother in law is a kind person, very loving in her own ways. But she s also bossy, nosey and conniving. For the 11 years we ve been married, MIL has always stopped by when she pleased, walks through inspecting our house, tells my wife what to do and my wife never stands up for herself, it s just Yes mom. A few weeks ago I was at a local restaurant with my friends on a Friday night. We guys were having a steak and some beers since our wives have this bridge and poker league they play with three times a week. As I m glancing out the window, I see my MIL pull into the parking lot of the large luxury hotel next to the restaurant. She gets out of the car and places her purse in the trunk and is fumbling around back there. I walk out to speak to her and invite her to join my friends and me. When I walked out, she dropped to her knees behind the car, hiding from me. I pretended I did not see her and went to my car, goofed around inside a minute, then returned to the restaurant. MIL moved her car to the rear of the hotel and walked inside. I got up immediately, jogged across the lot and saw her sitting in the bar with this guy who appeared to be her age, about 60 or so. After a few drinks, he was rubbing her ass and thighs and she was looking around like she suspected someone was watching. They got up and headed to the elevator. I grabbed an elevator and held it until I saw they had stopped on the third floor. I go up the elevator and when the door opened, I see them trying to enter the room, but she s pushing the guy back as he s on his knees at the door running his hand up her skirt. They finally go in. I went back downstairs and thought a few minutes. After about 20 minutes, I went back upstairs and called the hotel on my cell phone and asked to be patched through to their room. When the guy answered I scared the shit out of them! In a husky voice, I told him if my wife Jenny didn t come downstairs immediately, I was coming upstairs to room 312 and whip his ass. He asked loudly, who the fuck is this? I was standing in the elevator, holding it open with my little camcorder peering at the door of the room. In under two minutes, my MIL Jenny steps out, wiping her mouth and the guy is standing in the door, pulling her back saying wait. Just wait a fucking minute. I m going down with you. Dude was dressed in a pair of white boxer shorts, his semi-hard dick almost peeping out of the hole. They stood there is this pull-push struggle for a couple minutes with MIL saying no, I gotta go. I gotta go, I gotta go. I was sort of semi-drunk so I yelled out, Cheaters! They both looked my way and Jenny yelled out, wait! as she tore towards the elevator. I closed the door and went down, then quickly left and ran across the parking lot to the restaurant where I finished my meal and told my friends I had run across an old acquaintance. Jenny got into the car, looked around like she was worried as hell and left. The next morning I called her up and told her that I had seen some porn videos of her and the guy she was with. She started freaking out, yelling what the fuck are you talking about Sonny? What the fuck? What the fuck are you saying? I hung up. Within 30 minutes, she was at my door. My wife and kids were gone shopping. So she came in yelling, telling me how I had better never talk down to her again. I gave her a convincing story about having seen a secretly recorded video of her and the guy who I described to a letter, even his car and the tag number. Then I dropped the bomb, I ran a clip of the stuff I d shot the night before. She was livid! After about 10 minutes of discussion, we wound up fucking in the guest bedroom for more than an hour. Her 62-year-old body is so hot it s incredible. I sucked her, she sucked me, we fucked and cummed so much that we had to spray the air because the whole house smelled like her well fucked pussy. Since then we re getting together four to five times a week in our home, at her home and twice at a hotel for most of the day on Saturdays. I m glad she s past having babies because if she were still fertile, she d be pregnant with all the cum I m pumping into her long lipped, hairy brown Paris Hilton looking pussy. The craziest thing we ve done was to pull off the highway heading home from the mall and fuck inside the car in some farmer s corn field. It was so intense! And I m only 36 with a lot of stamina.Beth, I've asked her to let me send in a pciture of her perfect pussy. Hopefully she will one day.


Golf Buddy  6/25/07:  After a day of golf and 3 bars of drinking, my best friend of 12 years and I went back to our hotel room. We slept in separate beds. After 2 minutes he climbed into my bed and grabbed my cock and said, do you know what I want? I said I think so. that night I let him try to fuck my ass. He couldn't get it in me. I sucked his cock and deep throated it. I jerked him off till he came and I kept jerking him off till his cum was dry on his cock. After he came he didn't want to get me off, so I did myself. I didn't want to do it with him. Years later I asked him if he wanted to do it again but he didn't. Now I fantasize abou tsucking guys cocks.


Cousin  6/24/07:  I am 24 and I have always had a thing for my step cousin. Ever since I saw here tits when I was 10 or 11 and she was 18 or 19. Well a couple of weeks ago at a family gathering I was showing around her our grandparents old barn when she asked me if I'd eat her out. she said her husband of 4 years thinks its gross. I immediately put her on a hay wagon pulled her pants and panties down and went to work. She had about 4 orgasms in 20 min. I had gotten such a hard on from tasting that sweet pussy that she offered to let me fuck not being one to turn down a good thing I dropped my pants and slammed my 7 inch cock in her wet cunt as hard as I could. after what felt like for ever but must have only been 5 min I was ready to cum when I told he she pulled away and dropped to her knees to finish me with her mouth. She then swallowed, smiled, said thanks, pulled up her pants and went back to the party. Can't wait till the Christmas party!!! 


Anonymous  6/23/07:  One night my wife and I were sitting at the kitchen table talking.  I asked her if she would let me watch her give another guy a blowjob.  I was shocked, she said ok.  The next night she was flashing a trucker and we both pulled over.  We climbed into his cab.he and wife got dream came true.  She gave him the best blowjob he said he ever had.  He was crazy shooting his load in her mouth.  I almost came.  We went home for the best night of sex ever.


Love fucking her Mom, Patterson, NJ  6/21/07:  Hello Beth, I enjoy your site and enjoy reading the stories and confessions submitted. I especially like the confessions of married men fucking their mother in laws. I am a 37 year old black male and have been married for 12 years to my wife who is also 37. Her mother is 57 years old and looks to be in her 40's. Her name is Linda and I have been fucking her for over two years, sometimes 3 to 4 times per week. She is 5'6" and on the slim side with the exception of her tits that are 34D. I was always attracted to her and 2 years ago, I got the courage to touch her ass through her shorts. She wiggled a little and said "I will give you a half an hour to stop that". That was a go ahead as far as I was concerned, I took her shorts off and knelt in front of her and licked her cunt. I loved her taste and when she got off she became very wet, I licked and sucked her cunt dry. She sat me in a chair, took off my pants and gave me the best blow job I have ever had. I came a giant load of come in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. Her cunt was and still is completely shaved and can take all of my cock (7 inches) She is a better fuck than my wife and always says how much she loves my cock buried in her cunt. When I am coming inside of her, she contracts her cunt muscles and sucks the come right out of me. My wife dosen't know about this of course, and neither my mother in law or I want to stop fucking and sucking each other. The other afternoon after fucking her twice, she stroked my cock into a hard on and started to blow me, she asked me if her blow jobs and fucking were better than her daughters and I had to reply yes yes yes as I came off in her mouth.


Nipplicious  6/20/07:  When I was 24 and had been married for 4 years, this older man, a friend of ours, told me he would pay me to clean his house one summer. He wasn't some old horny geezer, but I sensed that he was lonely after not having a woman for a very long time. I had so much fun teasing and turning him on by seductivly sucking his fingers and watching him rub his cock through his pants. I even used to remove my bra from under my shirt, sometimes, just to see his reaction. Once I even took his hands and put them under my shirt and let him feel my hot, full tits. He lived near the beach so one time I brought my swimsuit over and he took me to the beach after I got done working. Before we left, I let him rub sun screen on the parts that my one-piece didn't cover. He used to tell me that he thought about me when he masturbated. That really turned me on! To this day, my husband still doesn't know all that had happened.


Madmax  6/19/07:  I have been visiting your site on and off and have enjoyed the stories, I have been married for 20 years and have a high sex drive even though I am 46. My wife has a sister who is two years younger than her and has a 19 year old daughter i had been flirting with my wife's sister for years and once or twice had a feel of her tits and kissed her but it never went further. A few weeks ago i met her for coffee and we were having a good chat and teasing each other I used to tell her if she wanted a decent cock to come and see me or let me know when her pathetic husband was out and I would show her a really good time. I am pretty lucky and have 8.5 inches to play with and I am pretty thick in girth. While we were talking she aksed if I really was as big as I bragged about we were sitting in a secluded corner of the shop so I said to her have a feel and see for yourself and so she did her hand slowly felt me through my jeans and I started getting hard she let out a sigh and said wow, then she asked if I wanted to go back to her place as she knew her hubby was out I said of course. When we got there we were all over each other she is a redhead and I have always wanted to fuck one. We could not wait to get to the bedroom i slipped her panties off and went down and started sucking her bushy red pussy which was already wet and slowly licked and sucked her inserting a finger after a short time she shuddered and her legs went weak and she let out a little moan I took this as my opportunity and stood up picked her up placed her on their dinning room table and slid the tip of my cock into her wet pussy, I slowly worked into her and the deeper I went the more she moaned until I was giving her my full length I fucked her for a good 15/20 minutes until she cried out for the third time and shot my load into her pussy. She laughed out saying fuck I have never had it like that. i told her it was just the start we went to the bedroom and she began sucking me getting me hard again. After a while I got her kneeling on the edge of the bed and was standing there sliding my cock deep into her when her daughter walked in her eyes were glued to my long thick cock mouth open her mother looked up and said oh shit, then the daughter said if I can have some of that I will not say anything her mother at first was saying no then after she explianed that she was sure Dad would be intersted to know she was fucking her Uncle it would change so she agreed, her daughter was out of her clothes in a flash and got down and began stroking and sucking my cock murmuring how wonderful and thick it was then she lay on the bed and I slid into her and fucked her pussy as she cried out I spent the afternoon with them fucking them another tow times before I left with an agreement to come back or they would tell, as you can guess my sex drive is loving it.

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Lovin2atonce  6/18/07:  Beth, I am addicted to sex, I have been having sex with this guy i met online, and i am married but the sex with him so words can't ever describe. I try to meet him as much as i can,, we have sex for hours on end, over and over again, we have played around with handcuffs,, breathe play, and more. When I go home it is not the same, i do not want to be with there I want to be with this other man, and yes i have fallen in love with him. He has said he also loves me too. What am I to do, I don't want to stop having the sex with him, but I don't want to break my husbands heart, he knows I am addicted to sex.


Donnie  6/16/07: I am very disgusted with myself for what I have become. After 10 years of marriage I lost my job &, with my encouragement, my wife took a job dancing nude. I have always been sex obsessed, & with my wife at work from 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. I began hanging out in adult bookstores. These places have arcades in the back, with preview booths where you can watch porn. After a few times going to this one particular arcade, I began taking all of my clothes off while I masturbated. It felt so sexy and free to be completely naked in a semi public place. One night I was in the booth like that, when suddenly the door flew open. I thought I had locked it, but, as I found out later, it had a defective lock. There was a man standing there - a black guy. I froze. I just sat there with my cock in my hand. Before I could compose myself he stepped inside, closing the door behind him. He was rubbing his groin, and he reached over and pinched my tits. He was wearing a basketball jersey & athletic shorts. He reached down and ran his hand over my smooth legs. A thrill went through my entire body! My cock, which had softened a little, hardened right up again. 'Omigod!' I thought 'He thinks I'm a queer!' He slipped his shorts down and let them drop around his ankles. His cock was SO hard! "Get down and gimme a blowjob," he said. It wasn't a question. All kinds of thoughts were going through my head as I knelt before him. It was like I was on auto pilot. I knew how to suck cock because I had watched women do it over and over again on porno. Before I knew it I had his cock in my mouth and was sucking him off. Suddenly he tensed and I felt my mouth filling with warm semen - so much of it that I had to gulp some of it down to get it all in my mouth. It was my first taste of cum! He pulled up his shorts and made a hasty exit - leaving the door wide open. I felt like such a whore. I stayed there for another 6 hours and sucked off at least 16 more men. I sneaked into the house just an hour before my wife got home. For days after I was disgusted with myself. But then the thought of what I had done with those men got into my head and I soon found myself back in the booth. That was almost a year ago. Since then I went to TJ Maxx and bought myself a pair of high heels, some red lipstick and a bandana at CVS pharmacy, and have turned into a total cocksucking sissy. I know that my wife is having sex with the customers at the club she works, because that's how the girls make most of their money. Now I'm just like one of them - except I'm sucking cock for free!


doomedonna 6/15/07: Beth, my husband has a very small cock.  My boyfriend and I have been tying him up on the weekends and forcing him to watch and listen to us fuck.  The boyfriend has a big black cock and he makes my husband lick his cock, balls, and ass after fucking me so hard that I can't stand up.  When I untie my husband I make him lick my sloppy pussy clean. I sent you pictures of my short dicked husband in a typical helpless bound position and a picture of my boyfriend's wondeful cock.  I hope you will post them to your site.  Donna in Indiana.


AD  6/15/07: My sisters ex husband has a huge cock. When they were married she used to brag about its length and thickness. I saw it through his swimsuit a few times and it was longer than my husbands when it is hard. We used to joke about it but I never got to see it. I cock-watch him every time I see him then masturbate in the car on the way home. I am happily married and we have a good sex life but all my fantasies revolve around a 10 inch thick cock I've never seen and probably never will. I'd suck him off just for a look.


Scorpion from Northborough Massachusetts  6/14/07:  I masturbate all the time! I usually come like 2-3 times a day. I've done it at work once or twice while thinking of the women i work with. Ever since i've found this site i masturbate thinking of all the naughty things you guys write in here. I'm addicted to your confessions, they make me cum so hard.


Horny Husband, Salem MA  6/14/07: I am 30 years old and married for six years. For a little over four years I have been having an ongoing affair with a 42 year old woman. She is divorced and lives 25 miles away from me. Our relationship is strictly lust, I am not going to get a divorce, nor does she want me too. I did fall in love with her tits. They are 36D (same as my wife) but her nipples are gorgeous and very suckable. We usually have sex two to three times a week, mostly in her house but on lots of occasions, in one of our cars. She loves sucking me off while I am driving on an interstate which makes me very horny. One night last month, we spent several hours in her house, she is multi-orgasmic and I made her come off 6 times in four hours. She in turn got me off four times, twice in her cunt and twice in her mouth I got home at about 10:30PM and my wife was awake & naked in our bed. As I undressed she told me she was horny and wanted to blow me. We got into a 69 position and ate each other to climax. As we lay resting in bed, my wife said that my cock tasted very sweet when she sucked me off. I think she could taste my girl friends cunt on cock, but didn't know it. In three days I going to my girl friends house but I think I will fuck my wife first and see if my girl friend can taste her cunt on my cock.


Antonio  6/13/07: I work at a local transport company as a driver and share a truck with a guy who works nights and I drive days. I first saw his wife about a week ago when she came to pick him up one morning. I thought to myself "Damn this chick is hot!" and I noticed that as she hugged him good morning when he got off shift that she was checking me out over his shoulder. As each day went by from that point I caught myself stealing looks at her and she seemed to be doing the same. Then yesterday he and I were switching out and as she hugged him and sent him off she gave me a look that said "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?". I thought to myself I needed to quit looking so hard before it became obvious to others who work there and are checking her out. Because on this day she was dressed very sexy, half shirt, no bra, and really short skirt that just showed a hint of her butt cheeks. She walked to her car as I did to mine and started out of the parking lot. Seems we both had a cold beer in mind and at the same time pulled into the local beer store parking lot. I waited a minute to watch her get out of her car first. When I went in and walked to the beer isle there she was. I started a conversation with her and learned she doesn't get out much because her husband works night. I invited her to go with me to The No Frills Bar and Grill in Arlington and she quickly accepted. A few drinks into the night she told me about how horny she's been lately and bored at home because he is to tired to go out or is always working. Eventually we ended up at my house )my wife is out of town on business), were listening to music, playing darts and drinking and she started rubbing her ass on me asking me if I liked the way she looked. I said "Hell yes! I've wondered what you looked like naked." And then she took the rest of the little bit of clothing she had on and let it drop to the floor. She bent down, unzipped my jeans and took my cock in her mouth and started devouring me. From there we ended up in my bedroom in a 69, and after I couldn't stand it any more I turned around and we fucked all over every inch of the bed and room. Beth, we fucked for hours, from 10 pm till 3:30 in the morning. She does not live far from me, but out here in the country it's easy to get lost if you're not familiar with the roads, so I led her to her house and once we got there she wanted me to come in for a night cap and we fucked for another hour there before I made myself go home. We have plans to get together more after this and will probably share our stories here with you. She also enjoys your site too and in between round of hot sex we took pictures for her to send in to you. Hope your readers enjoy!


gangbangpussy  6/13/07: When I was 22 years old.I moved out into my own apartment. I never drank before.I went to a smal bar and got really drunk. I cant remember everything from that night but somehow I got back to my apartment and was fucked by several men. Im not sure how many but I do remember at least 20 of them that night that was all over me. When I woke up the next morning I completely naked and had dried cum all over me including in my hair and thighs.I was very sore even my butt was burning my door to my apartment was wide open. I dont know who or how many used me that night but Im sure they must have had alot of fun.


drmakeyoufeelbetter2  6/12/07: I found my old high school sweetheart after 30 years. We had a bitter breakup. But after 30 years we now have the best sex we have ever had. Her husband does not know nor does my wife. My wife also does not know I fuck her sister twice a week.


no name 6/11/07: In college I worked the mail room as a part time job. There I became friends with a older lady Pam. She was in her late thirties, petite blond, married with three kids. One Saturday we got done with the sorting early and I asked her if she would like to come to my apartment and smoke a joint. She looked at her watch and said sure, but she had to be home on time so we only had an hour. When we got to my studio apartment we kicked off our tennis shoes and sat on my bed. I pull out a joint and we started to smoke it. We were giggling about nothing at all and decided it was such a good time we would have one more for the road. This time she asked if I had ever done a turbo for someone. I said sure took a big hit then leaned close to her and blew the smoke to her mouth. She inhaled a little then laughed and said that's not the way it's done. Pam had me lay down, she put one hand under my neck and lifted a little, told me to relax and breath in. She took a monster hit then covered my mouth with hers, it was intensely erotic as she exhaled. Just as she lifted up I pulled her down to me and gave her a very long, wet French kiss. Pam sat back up put the joint down and we just looked at each other for a moment. It must have been a mutual drug induced idea, she got a devilish grin stood up untied her shorts and pulled them down about the same time I was lifting up to pull my pants off. Even though she had blond hair her pubic hair was thick and jet black. With both still had our tee shirts on and were lying facing each other. Pam licked my lips then pulled my bottom lip into her mouth sucked on it a bit then asked if she could get on top. She told me after the birth of her son she had the daddy stitch so she was a bit small and it would go in easier if she was on top. Of course there was no objection from me. After she straddled me I got hard almost immediately as she leaned down and nibbled on my ear and kissed on me. Pam lifted up spread her pussy lips with one hand and guided my cock to her with the other as I held her waist. Pam grimaced and wrinkled her nose a little as her pussy stretched around the head of my cock, I felt a pop on the ridge as it went in. I slid most of the way in, she was really warm and wet inside. With her hands on my chest she lifted up until I felt the ridge being squeezed by her opening then pressing down all the way where I felt the tip getting squished at the back of her pussy. She stopped for a second and pulled off her shirt and had me do the same. Pam laid down on top of me pressing her soft warm body into mine. With her left hand in mine I felt her wedding ring. For some reason I started to play with it which drove her wild. She started nibbling on my ear again and telling me how hot it was making her to have my bare cock in her married snatch. She whispered that she could tell I was getting close, and how she wanted me cum inside her. After a few more strokes I grabbed her waist, holding her tight. Pam quickly shoved her tongue into my mouth as I filled her with cum. I had never kissed a girl at the moment I climaxed, it was really cool. Pam told me that she actually felt my cum going in. She said that never happened with her husband, she can feel his body tense when he is about to cum, but does not feel it inside her. I asked her if we could do it again some time, she said sure.


p_on_me_please  6/11/07: I like for girls to piss on my mouth, on my face...anywhere. Then I lick them clean.

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worththewait 6/9/07: I found a girl who I had met while I was in the military on yahoo messenger. She was the little sister of a buddy of mine and was only 13 when I met her. She had spent the summer with my buddy and his wife. She would playfully flirt with me back then, it was totally innocent. I didn't know that it was her when we first met online. She was 23 by then so I didn't recognize her at first nor did she recognise me. We had very sexual chats and made plans to meet. As time went on I finally figured out who she was when she talked about the summer she stayed with her brother. I finally told her who I was and she was all excited. She told me about that summer when she was 13 that she wanted to fuck me so bad. We finally met up when I went to southern cal on a business trip. It was a week of awesome fucking.


Steve 6/6/07: I often watch my wife suck my dick and wondered just how a dick in your mouth would feel like. She made it look so easy to suck and stroke my dick. While on a camping trip with my friend and his wife, we started talking about how nice it is to watch a lady suck cock and wondering just how much fun it is. Mary thought I wanted to see her perform oral sex on her husband. Mike was all for it. Mary wasn't so sure she wanted to do it with me watching. Mike assure his wife that it would be okay. After all, we have been friends for over 5 years. With a little bit of sexy talk and a few beers, Mary agreed to give her husband a blow job. I was only a couple of feet away as I watched Mary suck down Mike full 8 inch cock. I was amased as to how easily she could put that monster all the way down her throat. My eyes could not leave the sight of Mike big dick and Mary's mouth all over his huge cock. I even asked Mary how she does it. She said it's easy, just suck and open your throat to allow the cock to slide down your throat. I got within a foot of Mary sucking Mikes dick to get a closer look. She took her mouth off of his dick and pointed it towards me and asked if I wanted to try it. I started laughing and said, "Hell no"! Actually, secretly I always wanted to suck a man's dick but was afraid of what others would think of me. Mary started sucking and deep throating Mike dick again. Once again, I'm about one foot away from Mike's dick and I'm in awe. It's looking so-o-o-o good. Then Mary pulls his dick out of her mouth and says, "c'mon Steve, suck some cock"! Mike starts in on telling me to suck his dick too. Mary comes over to my face and plants a big wet kiss on my lips, then said, "Okay Steve, you now have some of Mike's dick germs on your lips". I looked at Mike and he said, "go ahead Steve, just put the head of my dick in your mouth". I looked at Mary and she was coaching me to suck her husband's cock. So I thought, "What the hell" and I put my mouth over Mike's dick before I changed my mind. It was instant bliss. Mary's hand was still stroking Mike's dick and my mouth was sliding up and down on his dick head. It felt so good!!! Mary started telling me to go farther down his shaft. I could only take in about 6 inches of his dick in my mouth before I felt like I was going to choke. I started feeling Mike's balls and then I grabbed his cock and I started jacking him off with my mouth still sucking the head of his dick. After awhile Mike told me I better slow down before his loses his load in my mouth. Mary told Mike that it was now his turn to suck some cock. Mike started laughing. Within no time at all, Mary made Mike suck my dick. I was watching him suck it and it really felt good. I wanted to suck Mike dick again. I think Mary was reading my mind. She told Mike and I to get in a "69" position. So both of us was sucking each others dick at the same time. I don't know about Mike, but I know I was loving it!!! Mary enjoyed watching two men suck each others dicks too!!! She said it really turns her on. All of that took place about two years ago. So I've been sucking cocks now two years and really getting into. I've join bath clubs and their I get all the cocks I want. Mike and Mary have moved. But every chance we get together, that's the first thing we talk about and then do. Mary loves to watch her husband suck my dick and I especially like sucking Mike's dick with Mary participating. 


horny husband 6/5/07: I just found your site today and I love it. My wife and I are both 27 and have been married for three years. Our sex life is great and my wife loves to masturbate in front of me, (I love it too!) I have read all of the confessions and the ones that involve husbands fucking their mothers and mothers in law turned me on the most. When my wife is at work and I get horny, I love to fantasize about being in bed with her mother. Recently while jerking off thinking about that, my own mother snuck into my fantasy for the first time. I fantasized that I was in bed with my mother in law and my mother at the same time. They took turns sucking my cock and then I fucked each of them, I was so turned on that when I came, it was the biggest load I have ever had. My wife came home from work at 10PM and I had a giant hard on, I told her I had jerked off thinking about her mother and my mother fucking me and it got her very excited. She said she would help me with the fantasy and that she would shut off the lights in our bed room which made it impossible to see. She then straddled me and started to rub by cock on her cunt lips, which were now very moist. She then slid my cock into her cunt and started talking to me in a sexy voice about how much my mother enjoyed having my cock in her cunt. And that after I came off in her I would have to give my mother in law a fuck also. I loved the fantasy, and I love my wife for playing it out for me. Now when I am fucking my wife I am fantasizing about two other "well known ladies"


Horny mom, Nashua, NH 6/5/07: I just read "Horny Mom's from Somerville MA conession and it sounds similiar to my own. I am thirty nine year old, black female, divorced and live at home with my eighteen old year old son. Since his seventeenth birthday he has been sleeping in my bed every night. I did not seduce him, as a matter of fact he made the first move on me. I was wearing men's style satin pajamas making his breakfast, when he walked up behind me and cupped my tits in his hands. At first I was stunned but I loved the way it felt. I asked him what he was doing and he confessed he had been thinking of fucking me for a long time. I could feel his cock against my ass and he started rubbing against me. I thought that I should not let him do this, but I could feel my cunt start to get moist, I turned around in his arms and we started to grind into each other while we both kissed each other with our tongues. I reached down and touched his cock and was very plesantly surprised at how large and hard it was He took me into his room and stripped off his shorts, surprise # 2 was he had shaved his cock and balls and was completely bald which made his cock look even larger. He started to masturbate in front of me and asked me to strip for him while he looked at me and jerked off. I tore off my pajamas and stood in front of the bed while we both played with our selves while watching each other. I came off in less than a minute while I had two fingers in my cunt. We ended up spending that first day in bed and I loved the fact that after he came off in my mouth or cunt, he would get rock hard again in a very short amount of time. We have since spent every night in bed together, I love blowing him and love the taste of his come which is very sweet and copious. I also love it when he masturbates me with his fingers. I get on my hands and knees in front of him and he puts some lube on his finger and puts it in my ass. At the same time he jerks off and trys to come off at the same instant that I do. We can see each other in the mirror on my bedroom wall and it is like watching a triple X movie and we both are the stars. He fucks me with his cock in my cunt till I get off two or three times and then puts his very hard cock in my ass. I have told him that he was the first man to fuck me there. When he comes in my ass and I feel his hot come squirting in me it gets me off every time. We both love to sixty nine and try to come off together while eating each other. After we both come off, and while I am recovering he spends about ten to fifteen minutes licking my ass hole while I gently suck all of his cum from his cock which usually gets hard again. When I was married to his father, he hardly ever licked my cunt, let alone my ass hole. I keep my self shaved for my sexy son which makes eating each other and fucking feel fantastic. We love fucking each other and neither one of us intends to stop.

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Azsamuel 6/4/07: I had a girlfriend who lived an hour away from me, so every week I'd go spend the weekend with her. Sometimes her best friend would spend the night and the three of us would sleep in the same bed. We never did anything other than sleep due to exaustion from going out and having fun. My g/f was 18, 5' 3", 36D, long blond hair and cute. Her best friend Michelle was 19, 5'2, a little plum, 38 DD and cute. I was 30. One night I couldn't sleep and was really horny. Rebecca slept on one side of me and Michelle on the other side. I was spooning Rebecca and started massaging her breasts. She was enjoying it but said she was too tired for sex. I whispered to her that I was so damned horny and couldn't sleep till I came. She whispered back "why don't you ask Michelle if she wants sex. I was very surprized and asked "are you sure?" She said yes, I know you'd never leave me for her. So I rolled over to Michelle and asked her if she was still awake. She said yes. I asked her if she'd like to have sex and she said "sure". So I just climbed on top of her and pushed my cock into her pussy which immediately became very wet. She was tight and so hot! Taking her big tits into my mouth and sucking as I pumped my cock into her. She thrust her hips up taking my cock all the way up to my balls with every push. God it was nice. We swithched places and she got on top for a while and pumped up and down on my cock. You could hear the wetness with every stroke. Hanging onto her ass I helped pump her up and dowm ny shaft until I was ready to blow. I told her and she rolled over, underneath me. I pumped deep and hard till I could feel the cum start to shoot. I pulled out and she grabbed my cock and stroked it pumping squirt after squirt of hot cum onto her big breasts and stomach. After I finished cumming I layed on her and we rubbed our bodies over each other, massaging my cum into our skin. I then rolled over onto my back and laid there relaxing. Next thing I know I feel Rebecca reach over and take my cock into her hand and start stroking it. She said that hearing us fucking got her all hot. She was surprized at how horny it made her watching and listening. She didn't want to have sex in front of Michelle that night so I just fingered her to orgasm. She watched me with Michelle a couple more times and loved it but she would never have sex in front of her. oh well. At least we all enjoyed it.


The more the merrier 6/4/07: I was sharing an apartment with two females, one 38 and the other 20. The relationships with them was platonic at first. They both got pregnant, and their boyfriends soon disappeared. The older one came on to me as she was extremely horny. We fucked and fucked, and although she was not into sucking cock, I went down on her. She later told the younger girl. She want to fuck and was into sucking dick. I wanted a three way with them, but they declined. I did eat each pussy and fucked them both everyday, plus the younger one sucking me each day.


Aunt's lover 6/3/07: It was a rainy Monday night and I had gone to my aunt s house to check the work on a hot water heater she had had installed earlier that day. A friend of mine had installed it and my aunt had called to ask that I come by and make sure the work was satisfactory. So when I left work I rode by my aunt s house and rang the doorbell. No one answered. Then I saw the door was not completely closed. I walked in as I had done countless times before. The television was up pretty loud and Cops was playing. I walked toward her bedroom and was taken aback to see my aunt laying ass up, on the foot of her bed, legs spread open totally nude as her poodle Edith, was licking her pussy like she was thirsty and licking a bowl of water! I was in complete shock! The dog was lapping her pussy as my aunt s ass wiggled side to side, back and front as her head laid to the side on her folded arms. I must have watched for two or three minutes as my aunt moaned and Edith licked her pussy fast with such a long tongue for such a small dog. My aunt suddenly looked back and saw me there and jumped up off the bed, grabbing the sheet to cover herself. She started to apologize as Edith turned to me and started climbing on my leg seeking her usual petting. I was taken with lust as my 67 year old aunt started crying, constantly apologizing for what I had seen and saying she hoped I wouldn t tell it. I walked to her, hugged her and then French kissed her as she gave back the kiss with deep passion. Within minutes, my aunt was on her back in the bed and I was nude laying on top of her putting my dick into her very wet pussy. We fucked for a couple hours with her tight wet pussy leading me to cum five times before we were done. We talked about it afterwards and she said she had not had sex since my uncle Walter died 15 years ago. She won t have that problem anymore. I had never once glanced at a woman who was more than 60 years old. But honestly, if my aunt s pussy is any indication how good a woman can be past 60, I will certainly see if I can find more. My aunt s pussy is not only good and tight, it s juicy and lovely. Damn, I never thought I d do something like this. But I guess circumstances create opportunities that can change our lives. I ll fuck my aunt whenever she wants it. So far it s been close to everyday. And of course, Edith can t eat her pussy anymore. That s my job. I would have told someone they were lying if they told me a woman had let a dog eat her pussy. But seeing is surely knowing the truth!


LOVEBLACKDICK! 6/3/07: My kinkiest deed was committed with my mother and her older sister, my aunt Lil at Mardi Gras in New Orleans in 2006. We flew in from New York for the weekend, arriving Thursday evening. We ate, rested and sat in Thursday, sort of observing the madness of the carnival on the streets near our hotel suite in the Quarter. On Friday, we shopped, went site seeing and had dinner before heading into the massive crowds that roamed the streets that night. There were guys and girls flashing, kissing, filming nudity and snapping pictures. It was something neither of us had ever seen. We all had been drinking and I wore a denim skirt, cotton blouse and tennis shoes. Mom and Lil each wore blue jeans, tennis shoes and white pull up sweaters. The favorite slogan during Mardi Gras must be show your tits! Everywhere we walked, women were doing as the cameras snapped pictures. Guys asked us and we kept walking then mom decided to go for it. Up went mom s sweater and the cameras started flashing. Lil followed suit, but I didn t. After a bit, I showed a few times. The guys tossed down loads of huge trinkets beads. Then mom and Lil got outrageous and pulled down their jeans showing their bushy pussies to the crowd before quickly fastening up again. A crowd of guys, there must have been close to 100, began following us around chanting show your titties. Show that bush! I felt like going to the room and suggested it to mom, but she wouldn t listen. As she and Lil again showed their bushes, guys started groping them, trying to push their fingers into their pussies as mom and Lil struggled to pull their pants back up. There was this really nice, tall and athletically built black guy who was trying to film the action who stepped in and started telling the guys to leave us alone. One guy had his dick out as his friends started flashing dollar bills telling mom and Lil to let them take a picture of them holding the guy s dick. The black guy ran them off and asked if we would be OK going to our room. We said no, we needed him to escort us. He did and we got to the hotel to discover he was staying in the same one. We invited him in and my mom was the one who initiated everything by peeling off her clothes, laying down and commanding the guy to eat her pussy! My aunt and I were shocked to say the least as the guy began licking and sucking on mom. They did a 69 as we re looking and then my aunt started feeling the guy up. He fucked mom for what must have been 20 minutes before they broke free. Lil wiped him off and started at him. They sucked and fucked another 40 minutes as I stood there so hot that my panties were soaked. Then mom and Lil said it was my turn. I was hesitant at first being in the room with my mom and aunt, but I got over it and me and the guy made hot passionate love with him running his tongue into me the right way. I must have cum 10 times before we started to fuck. I came four more times with his nice 9 inch dick in me before he blew sperm all inside my hole after close to an hour of intense, loving fucking. Then it repeated with him and mom, then him and Lil, then him and me. Mom was so wasted from cumming she rolled over and fell asleep on the opposite bed as Lil and I continued to alternate fucking. We went more than three hours before we were all burnt out. The guy was worn out. We had taken all his strength. But mom, me and Lil never did anything lesbian because we never touched each other. The next day us and the guy hung out and toured the city, came back and repeated the performance. The following morning we all left and we stay in touch with the guy who is a powerful public figure in his city. Us girls only laugh about it when we re alone. I get all hot in the panties thinking about what we did. If the guy lived close I d be fucking him every chance I get. Hopefully, at least he and I can get together somewhere before long. I sure miss that deep passionate fucking and the way he kissed my pussy like he was making love with French kisses to my mouth. I'm sitting here trembling as I write this strange and kinky confession. I told mom I was going to submit it to your page. She said OK under the condition that I didn't name myself or her because there must be at least a million aunt Lils in the world. Take care Beth. If I ever do something else like that I'll let you tell the world about it!


Paula in Delray Beach FL 6/1/07: Beth, I left my boring husband last year and met a kinky guy recently through your site who has brought me out of sexual shell.  We have been playing all sorts of nasty games and recently hooked up with a couple and swapped and did everything that two men and two women can do to each other.  My boyfriend loves it when I strap on a huge dildo he bought me and fuck his ass while he is bent over and stroking his cock.  I will be sending you a full length story in the very near future.  


Anonymous 5/29/07: One day my very hot sister in law stopped over just after I finished a shower and was only in a robe. We had flirted a little before so I "accidentally" let my robe open and flash her. I apologized and she flirted back saying it was fine with her. I opened it again saying she could look all she wanted. I sat there naked in front of her and feeling her eyes on my cock. I had never felt so desired and asked her what she was thinking. She said she wanted my cock in her mouth so I said so ahead. My wife never gave a blow job. I came in her mouth almost immediately. After that she stopped by once again, this time I was expecting her and was in my robe again. I let it drop as soon as she came in and she knelt down and I took of her shirt and she gave me an amazing blowjob. I didn't come so quick this time. I came in her mouth and I remember vividly her head tipped back, eyes closed, with my come on her lips and she was rubbing my cock on her tits while I finished coming all over her. We met once more and I went down on her, she sucked me some more and I fucked that beautiful babe and came inside her pussy like I always wished I could. From that day on, we've never fucked or mentioned it again.


Taboosexincalif 5/28/07: I'm 44 and my sister is 50. We have always been very close and share our deepest secrets with each other such as our extramarital affairs. Her husband is a bore and doesn't let her go out with her friends. He was working out of town last Friday night so she met me for a few drinks. She had a good time flirting with all the men. One guy hit on her really strong but she chickend out because she didn't know him. It really flattered her and after a few more drinks she was more in the mood and decided to go with the guy but by that time he had already moved on and left. She was so drunk when I drove her home I had to put her to bed. I helped her get undressed and she began to ask me if I thought she had a big ass and nice tits. She then whipped them out for me to see and asked me to touch them. I just went for it at that point and started sucking them like a wild teenager. She went for my cock and gave me an awesome blow job but was afraid to swallow so I fucked her and came inside her. We fucked a few more times then fell asleep. I woke up real early and went home. I just told my wife that I put my sister to bed and fell asleep on her couch. My sister called me the next day and was so embarrassed about it but she wants to do it again. Taboo sex is great!

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TNgirl 5/28/07: I love masturbating. I really love it while I am driving. I make sure I have a vibrator within easy reach while i am driving - and I always wear a skirt without panties...just so its easy. So, tonight as I was driving back from Atlanta (to Nashville) - i was playing with my vibrator and I would let truckers and SUVs watch me...I had my sunroof open and my skirt hiked up! Needless to was an amazing car ride home!


No Name 5/28/07: Fifteen years ago when I was in high school, I dated this really hot well to do girl. Her house was the place to go. They had a huge swimming pool, big house and a mom who was really cool. Her mom would smoke weed with us, let us drink and would allow her daughters to have sex at the house. Her mom was awesome too, about 6 feet tall, fine as everything you d want to see and high yellow looking, like her two daughters. When someone accidentally got drunk, her mom would take them home and park the car, and let her daughters drive back home. I used to fuck my girlfriend, get up, smoke a joint and go home. One night I went by and my girlfriend was working, going over some of her mother s financial books from one of the three franchised restaurants she owned. Me and her mom smoked a joint and her mom told me she was going to bed and to let myself out when I got ready to leave. My girlfriend called and said she would be close to midnight before she finished her work that Friday night. It was only about 8 p.m., so I got ready to leave and called back to her mom to say I was leaving. Her mom said to come back a minute. I walked into her bedroom and she was lying on the bed naked, legs spread wide open with her fingers holding open her pussy and another finger rubbing her clit. I immediately dove in and started licking and sucking on 42 year old woman until she started to howl her orgasms got so intense. We fucked with my young, 10 inch long dick going all the way into her. I came three times before she begged me to stop because she was weak, feeling faint and starting to really feel woozy. Well, fucking like that went on inside of her home, her restaurants and inside the apartment buildings she owned until my third year of college when her daughter and I broke up. There had been a lull. But I saw her mom last week at the grocery store for the first time since college. We stood and chatted close to an hour before I finally told that sexy ass older woman I wanted to eat her pussy again. I m married and she knows my wife and my wife s parents. But she agreed. I took the grocery home and went to Cathy s house. When I walked through the door, Cathy, my ex-girlfriend s mom, had on a long, red shirt and nothing else. We kissed and hugged. I sucked her long black ass nipples and then went to the job of eating pussy. She was cumming like a gusher, breathing hard and moaning her ass off. After about 30 minutes of eating her pussy, we started to fuck. I mounted her and fucked her long, slow and deep to keep from cumming too fast. Cathy flipped me over and started to ride me like a horse, moaning and saying all kinds of nasty shit as I played with her huge tits and fucked her in unison. When I came in her, Cathy did something I ve never had done before. She clamped down the muscles on her pussy and started to milk my dick and rock, sort of glide back and forth instead of letting me thrust. My dick stayed hard for two more hours and we fucked in all positions. When we finished and laid down to rest, both sweaty, Cathy got up over me, squatted and told me to be still. She pushed out three huge globs of cum onto my chest and stomach, then she turned around and started sucking my dick, and put her pussy into my face. That pussy was musky, but good as I licked and fingered her. She had my dick as hard as it had ever been before and she placed two pillows beneath her stomach, cut the lights on and spread her legs. She told me to fuck her like I wanted to get her pregnant. I entered her from the back, watching as my dick went in and out of her sloppy hot pussy. On the outward thrust, Cathy would tighten her pussy muscles like she was choking my dick. I must have been hitting her G spot because she really went crazy, yelling and screaming, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh. Fuck down. Fuck down. Fuck down. Right there, Right there. Right there dammit.! A stream of milky white cum flowed out of her pussy and from around the edges of her pussy. It looked like a gallon or better it was so profuse. Finally, as I started to cum, she jumped up, spun around and sucked my dick and sucked in all my cum. It drained me. Cathy then told me I could have her anytime if I drank the juice from her pussy. I laid back and she squatted over my face, rubbed her pussy a few times and then let that milky white juice run into my mouth as I licked into her hot and musky pussy. Since then we ve fucked at least twice a week. Now Cathy, who is is close to mother s age, but looks like a doll, has said she is going to confess this to her daughter, who doesn t need to know and lives out of town.


Horny Mom, Somerville Mass 5/28/07: I am a 47 year old woman and divorced for four years. My son Ronnie is 23 and has been in the Marine Corps for two years. He recently came home for 2 weeks leave and stayed with me in his bedroom. The first morning he was home I walked by his bedroom, the door was opened and for the first time I saw Ronnie stroking his cock. I got very turned on and walked in on him. He looked at me and said he was having very horny thoughts about me and wanted me to walk in on him while he was jerking off. I couldn't take my eyes of his prick and was pleasantly surprised when he told me he was thinking about me sucking him off. I got in bed with him and started sucking his beautiful cock. He told me he was going to come, and started to pull away, I took him deeper in my mouth sucked him till he flooded my throat with a large load of come. He pulled my panties off and started to eat my cunt, in about 1 minute I was having orgasams that went from one to another. By this time his cock was rock hard and he got on top of me placed it in my cunt. For the rest of his leave he spent every night in my bed fucking and eating each other. On his last night of leave, I offered him my ass, first he licked my ass hole till I came and then put his cock deep into my ass. I now have to wait 4 months before he gets leave again, I have been playing with my cunt every day just thinking about it. He has a bigger cock than his father did, and I loved fucking him.


hornyguy 5/25/07: Well i have always wish i could fuck my motherinlaw for some reson i am infatuated with her. She lives with me and my wife. I have seen her naked twice with out her or my wife knowing. We do not close any door in our home (bathroom), I waited till she got in the shower and sneeked into a spare room that has a ladder in it and i put it by a vent on top of the door. It gives me a clear view of the bathroom she showers in and got to see her naked and damn i loved it. I have been smelling her panties from the day before ans she showers at night i waqit till shes asleep and smell them and jack off. I have been doing that since i started dateing my wife and her mother has a pussy that smells so good that i really want to fuck her. My wife will be going out of town soon and im trying to think of a way that i will be able to ahve my dream come true.


Ugly Betty 5/24/07: I work at an upscale bar where businessmen come after work to have martinis and smoke stinky cigars.  I am overweight and plain and most of the smug vain guys treat me like a piece of shit.  A few weeks ago I started stuffing my pussy with big Spanish olives before I head off to work.  After I get to work I remove the olives in the ladies room and then sneak them into the garnish tray and then place them in their drinks.  I know this is sick but it is my sweet revenge on these cocky bastards.


Buckbuster 5/24/07: Every hunting season, I take the first week off for deer with guns for the past 10 years. When the kids got old enough, I took them to camp with me and we stay in my mobile home there and usually come back with four or five coolers of meat, enough to feed my family and to give away. I had won the big buck contest the past two years and was ready to win it again and the $7,500 cash it paid. We left Thursday night since the season opened Friday morning. We lived about 90 minutes away, but typically stayed at the camp all week, driving no more than an hour to the Wal-Mart. I had left my daughter's little .243 rifle at home and called my wife for the better part of Friday evening. She never answered. So I left the camp to rush home and get it. When I got there, I saw this strange Toyota Camry in the driveway. I didn't think much of it, I thought it might belong to one of her friends. I opened the door and walked in and the music was blasting. So I walked to the bedroom where my daughter had left her rifle in a case on the bed and I looked down the hall and there was my wife Amy, on all fours and this scrawny little guy who I didn't know, was fucking for all he was worth in her big pussy. I walked into the room and didn't say a word, just stood there staring. After a few minutes the guy looked in the mirror on the wall and saw my big frame and jumped straight up, screaming. Amy turned around and she started screaming too. I should have been angry, but all I could was laugh seeing this guy's little 4 inch dick standing out there. He grabbed his clothes and ran past me to the door. Amy covered up and started to explain what happened. I told her don't say much. I'd caught her and I'd have my way with her. Needless to say, she bathed, rode back to the deer camp with me, sucked my dick on the way up and for the first time, swallowed my cum. That night she fucked me every way she could think of. We have a deal now that whatever I want, including her virgin ass or if I want to fuck some bar slut, I can do it. If you catch her cheating, don't get of her, reap the benefits. They'll do things you can't imagine, like eat another woman's pussy and let you fuck them, once you got the good on them.


UR PROPERTY MANAGER 5/23/07: I used to be a property manager and would take people around to show them rentals. At times I would be bored so I would snoop around in the current tenant's rooms. I used to snoop through their dirty clothes looking for used panties so I could smell their sweet aroma. I dug through their drawers and found their vibrators, dildos, anal beads. One time I was so horny I used the womans vibrator on my clit, she must have loved sticking that long thing all the way in her pussy because it was crusty all the way till the very end. I had to get a taste so I sucked on it. It was very tasty. Her anal beads were huge if only I had someone there to share the moment with me. There was this other time I went to an asian womans house and she had just gotten married but I found a journal she had in her closet. I read about a night she went out with this guy and how she was so horny but she didnt want to have sex with him on the first date. She talked about how badly she wanted his hands all over her. Just the thrill of snooping thorugh their rooms made me so wet. I must have masturbated in every house I went in to! LOVED THE THRILL!

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Very lucky guy, Andover, Mass 5/23/07: I am 38 years old, divorced for two years and have a new sexy girlfriend who is the same age and also divorced. My secret is for the last three months I have been fucking my girlfriends 18 year old daughter. For her 18th birthday I gave her a $100 gift certificate from a nice department store. A week after her birthday, I went to pick up my girlfriend at her house. When I got there she called and said she was going to be 2 hours late getting home from work. Her daughter then asked me if I would like to see what she bought with my gift certificate, I said yes and she asked me to stay in the living room and she would be right back. She came out in a minute wearing a see through bra and a pair thong panties while she modeled the outfit for me, I got a giant hard on. She then took off the bra and panties and started to masturbate in front of me. I took out my cock and started to jerk off in front of her while I watched her fingers going in and out of her pretty cunt. She knelt in front of me and gave me what she said was her first blow job. I told her I was going to come and she put my cock deeper in her mouth, I came off and she swallowed all of my cum and kept sucking me till I was completely drained. She now comes to my apartment 2 or 3 times a week and I love fucking her. She is on birth control pills and I come off in her cunt every time we fuck. Her mother dosen't know about this, and a big turn on for me is fucking her daughter in the afternoon and fucking her mother at night in the same bed.


Need advice 5/23/07: I am baffled and need advice. My wife and I have been married for 19 years. She was one of my college professors when we started when I was 19 years old. We got married when I turned 22 and she was 27, and have kids and a good life. My wife has always despised pornography and has refused to watch it until lately. She has a videotape of her sister Cindy, masturbating and using dildos to have episodes of gushing cum from her pussy. Now she watches the video, insists that I watch it with her and has literally forced me to jerk off while watching it. My wife gets so hot watching her sister in the 42 minute video that she needs no warming up to fuck because her panties get soaked. My wife recently asked me how I would eat Cindy s pussy if I did it with her. I was shocked and told her she shouldn t be watching her sister on video and should not be asking me what I would do to Cindy because they are sisters. Cindy has an abnormal clit that looks like a small dick when it s excited. My wife just goes on and on about Cindy s clit and how wonderful it must be to have one that rare. And my wife was on the telephone last night telling Cindy that I could eat her pussy and make her pass out. I stood around the corner and listened to her going on and on. She even said stuff like how she wanted to see Cindy pissing pussy juice all over my face. This recent change in my wife s behavior has me worried. Could she and her sister be doing lesbian shit? She keeps telling me not to worry when I asked who filmed the video and why she suddenly has this interest in her older sister s clitoris. My wife has been a prude all her life, but now literally plays that video all the time, even before we've fucked several times over the past month. If I did participate with her sister, would this come back to haunt me?  


Jeff 5/22/07: My kids and wife were out of town last weekend at a graduation about 300 miles away. I had to work Friday, therefore could not make it. Saturday morning my mother in law Helen stopped by at about 9:15. She brought me some breakfast and we sat and chatted a while. Helen sat across from me crossing and uncrossing her legs, giving me glimpses of her panties. I stared, really stared each time she did it. After a bit she asked what was I doing. I was at a loss for words and sort of said nothing. Then she opened her legs completely revealing gleaming nude colored see through panties. And she said nothing. I said nothing. We just stared at each other. Then Helen motioned her finger for me come to her, just feet away in the recliner. She pulled her panties to the side and revealed her hairy, wet glistening pussy with the mature lips. I ate her pussy until she had wet the bottom of the chair and begged me to stop. Give me that dick. Give me some dick right now! Helen said. She laid on the floor and stripped off everything. Needless to say I gave her what she wanted right there on the carpet. We fucked for probably an hour before getting up to go to the bedroom. We fucked the rest of the day, getting up only to eat and to let her rinse some cum from her pussy. She went home at about 10 p.m. and returned the next morning. I felt like the 53-year-old woman had taken all of this 35-year-old s sperm. But we fucked a few more hours and she went home about 2 p.m. I have never done anything that wild in my life and don t really know how to explain it. But it happened. We re due to meet up at a hotel this Friday night. I ve never cheated on my wife, but I don t consider this really cheating. My mother in law is one lovely woman with a pussy that sucks me into her everytime. Maybe it s the thrill of the forbidden, but I don t think I ve ever had sex this good. If I were not married, I d be trying to marry her. Besides, she said my father in law who is 64, refuses to eat her pussy. I consider it a pleasure to eat such a wet and vibrant pussy! Let me re-emphasize, I have never cheated on my wife before. But now I know why people do it.


Bryan 5/21/07: My wife is from a conservative Latin-American family background & was still a virgin at 24 when I met her. However she was a quick learner & these days we have a very experimental & active sex life. Previously she admitted that she was bi-curious although to date our sex life has (sadly) been limited to the 2 of us. We lived in Europe for 4 years due to my work & returned last year. My work involved the odd bit of travel & spending the a night away. My wife didn't like to be at home alone on these occasions, so would spend a night out with her friends & then sleep over at her best girlfriends house being traveling back across town the following day. Recently during a particularly hot night of fucking we were discussing her interest in pussy & she confessed that whilst in Europe she had fucked her best girlfriend. She told me that after during a night out with friends & after a few drinks they had gone to the toilet together & whilst sharing a cubicle had started kissing. Later that evening when they arrived home over yet more wine they had continued where they had left off & progressed to touching & licking each others tits. My wife then told me that having retired to the bedroom to avoid being disturbed by her girlfriends flatmate, they both stripped down to their panties. Her friend then started playing with my wife's pussy, before removing her panties & eating her pussy. My wife said she returned the compliment & whilst scared at first she found eating pussy more exciting than sucking cock. She told me they rubbed their pussies together for what seemed like ever & that her friend had a vibrator in her bedside drawer that they both took turns to bring each other off with. Apparently the flatmate slept through the whole thing & to this day does not suspect a thing! This was my wife's 1st & only bi experience, although she says that she would happily repeat it; we have discussed using a contact site to meet up with a women so this time I can watch & also fuck my wife from behind whilst she eats her pussy but so far we haven't acted on it.....


Teacher's Pet 5/21/07: When I was a senior in high school I almost didn't graduate because it was a requirement to pass US History.  I had skipped school so many days that even though I passed the final exam I was going to get a failing grade which meant I would have to go to summer school to graduate.  I started wearing a low cut blouse and short skirt and blantantly hitting on nerdy Mr. Twyman.  He turned out to be a pretty good fick and I passed by the skin of my teeth.


Jody 5/21/07: When I was 17 I fucked my sister, after we had been drinking cheap booze all night in front of the tv. She wasn't on the pill so I spunked on her tits & stomach. That night she also sucked my cock. The best thing was that I supposed to be looking after her as our parents were out of town & being a year older than her was more responsible!


Jack G 5/21/07: My wife's cousin, Karla, from Spain recently came to stay for a week with us. Neither of us were especially happy about. We live in a 1 bed apartment, I work nights & my wife told me she didn't like her cousin in any case. However family is family..... When her cousin arrived I understood why my wife didn't like her; she was very, very cute! After 3 or 4 non-eventful days my wife seemed to be warming to her cousin & things were cool. 1 morning, having arrived home from my data-center night shift as usual I showered & headed for bed. An hour later I woke in need of some water & made for the kitchen. Without thinking I entered the living room on-route for the kitchen to find my wife's cousin lying on our sofa bed clearly playing with her pussy. Apologizing & excusing myself I closed the door, embarrassed & excited by finding this hot girl fucking herself in my house. Karla then came running out of the room apologizing & begging me not to say a word to anybody. I didn't plan to but Karla was clearly very scared the whole family would find out & kept repeating how sorry she was. By now she was standing directly in front of me & had her hand on my chest, saying she would do anything to keep what i had just seen a secret. Never one to miss an opportunity & in a no-lose position I moved her hand down to my (now hard) cock bulging under my running pants. Sensing what I was asking Karla dropped to her knees & took my cock in her mouth. It wasn't long before I was spurting my load into her beautiful mouth. Without allowing her to think that her secret was now safe I lead her back into the living room & sat her on the sofa bed, removing her t-shirt & panties & opening her legs buried my face in her pussy, eating her like a hungry man. When I was done I stood back up & placed my cock into her wet pussy, fucking her for as long as I could hold back. She must have sensed I was cumming because she told me not to do so inside her, so (reluctantly) pulling my cock out I again stood up & taking the back of the head pulled her forward before once again releasing my load in her mouth. We spent the rest of the morning fucking & because I was begging to cum inside her, Karla even allowed me fuck in the ass - something my wife never does. The best thing is that to this day my wife doesn't know a thing.

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Cobe 5/21/07: I have been married for 6 years & have a hot wife & 2 children. A couple of years back whilst on a 3 day pharmaceutical conference in the mid-west & after a particularly boring day I was knocking back the drinks in the hotel bar, watching ESPN & ended up shooting the breeze with a guy from NY about family, sport & the general state of the world. Feeling hungry & with the hotel restaurant now closed, on the advice of the barman, we decided to order room service club-sandwiches & made our way to my room. Haven eaten & made helped ourselves to the contents of the room mini-bar my "new-found friend" took the opportunity to tell me about his varied sexual exploits, that had included group sex & also men. Feeling slightly uncomfortable I never the less listened on further. He must have noticed the growing bulge in my trousers because without any further comment he walked over & proceeded to take my cock out & suck it. That evening he sucked me off twice & I fucked him hard from behind on another occasion. To this day my wife doesn't know a thing.


TJ 5/21/07: My wife gives GREAT head. Recently she confessed to me that she used to "practice" on her brother, who is a year younger, from the age of 14 until she was 18.


blow dry or blowjob 5/21/07: The place where I use to get my haircut, a very attractive female with extremely large tits would wash ny hair. One day she kept bumping me in the face with her tits while washing my hair and kept apologizing for it. I told her no apology was neccessary as I enjoyed it, adding that I would enjoy it more if she were not clothed. She took me to the back of the place into a small bathroom and locked the door. Then she took off her shirt and was not wearing a bra. I went after those delicious tits with my mouth and tongue, and she reached between my legs and pulled out my hard cock. Soon we were naked. There was not enough room to lay on the floor, so we took turns sitting on the toilet and going down on each other. When I knelt down between her legs to eat her pussy, she massaged my cock with her foot, and I felt her tits when she sucked me off. We managed to fuck standing up, and by the time we were done my hair had dried so she had to wash it again. We always had sex there when I went for a haircut, once a month. I wanted to date her, but she was married.


Peg-a-sis 5/21/07: My mother in law (Mom) was a recovering alcoholic and she was struggling with it. Periodically she would fall off the wagon and get really drunk. I was the one who would go to her place about 10 miles away and drive her in her car to the recovery ranch about 75 miles away in Napa. If her husband did it she would rip into him and he would want to kill her before they got there. The same with my wife and her two sisters. I was elected because she didn't attack me. She would sit on the other side of the car and sip her drink silently till we got past SF and then she would start asking me about my relationship with my wife. We would get there about 2AM I would drop her off and carry her luggage in and drop it in the hall then they would shoo me out the door. The fourth time I was driving her up there She slid over to me and put my arm around her shoulder and my hand on her breast. I knew she wanted me to feel her up, so I pulled over and parked. I kissed her and slid her over so her behind was against the door and her head was in my lap. Then I started driving again and with my right hand I massaged both breasts till she had an orgasm twice, and we were there. It took almost two hours for her to orgasm twice. We got out of the car and her bra was up over her breasts, her blouse was unbuttoned to her navel and she was sated. The director told me that if I fucked her while she was drunk, it was rape, in California. I asked if it was rape in Reno, He said no. He was a retired Hwy Patrol officer, and was running this 'clinic', making a killing. The fifth time I took her to Napa She asked me how my relationship was with my wife. I told her that it was strained. She asked if I was getting loving from my wife and I said "no". She said she hadn't had sex in over two years. She asked if I thought she was attractive? I said "Yes, Very much so". She asked if I would consider having sex with her! I said "Yes, I Thought about it often". She was over 6o and still had the body of a 30 year old. I told her that and she got really excited. She asked me if I would take her to a Hotel and have sex with her! I said "Yes, I will take You to the hotel and rape You." Then I told her what te Director had said at the drunk tank. We joked about raping her and she got really turned on. When we got to the hotel and she was acting pretty sober. We checked into a room. The clerk asked her how long we were staying, She said "Only long enough for him to fuck me three times. He jokingly said "Oh, 1/2 hour!" I said "No, four hours, the lady will be cumming 10 times." The clerk, who was gay, went all queer". Mom looked shocked then laughed. It turned out that we stayed only three hours because she was able to orgasm 10 times in 2.5 hours. The last one was a 5 peaker multi-orgasmic shocker. I was worried that she was having a heart attack. We showered left and continued to the drunk tank. After her husband died I would go to her place and do gardening, or cleaning out old stuff or rearranging the garage. My wife would bring the kids up to swim. We would have a late lunch and my wife would take the kids home. I would stay to finish the arranging and come home. The arranging got done in about in about 10 minutes and I would make love to 'Mom', for usually two hours, then shower and go home. I loved getting into the shower with her and washing her body, taking her out, drying her off, putting her into bed naked, kissing her all over and leaving. She was so contented and she quit drinking. Too bad she moved away to a retirement community. She is a really sexy woman. So are my wife's sisters, there are four of them!


Dormlife 5/21/07: During my girlfriend's freshman year of college, she had a cute little roommate named Amy. My gf hated her of course and one time joked that she wanted to make me cum into some of her lotion bottles, which she used several times daily. I knew she was kidding but, couldn't stop thinking about the idea of watching Amy rub my cum into her skin several times a day. A few days later, I was alone in their room and found myself pumping a huge load into Amy's favorite bottle of pear-scented lotion. I shook the bottle like crazy to mix it up and not a half hour later, Amy returned to the room. I waited with bated breath until just a few moments before she left, Amy grabbed the pear lotion, and without looking twice, she squirted a bunch into her hand and rubbed it all over her legs and feet, arms, hands, and neck. She smiled at me and said goodbye and left. I ran to her closet, dug out some of her worn panties and jerked off into them, I was so turned on. A few days later, I did it again in the same bottle of lotion, giving her an even more concentrated dose of my seed. She sniffed the bottle though before she put it back this time and I was too scared to try it ever again. I still beat off in her panties though, when she left and continued to do so the entire school year. 


daytons4life 5/20/07: I caught my girlfriend back when I was in high school eating my step sisters cunt in the middle of the kitchen floor. All this while watching a copy of one of my step mothers homemade fuck flicks. Watching that got me hard so I started jerkin my cock off and got noticed by the two sluts in the kitchen. I ended up stiffcockin my step sister and my girlfriend, when I came my girlfriend jerked it all over my tiny sisters a cups.


no name 5/19/07: A co-worker of my wife took a job in another town. On his last day he confessed that he had a huge crush on her. Nothing happened that day. But, she told me about it that evening in bed. Over the next few weeks, she told me how hot it made her feel to have him make a pass at her. He was so horny all the time and I enjoyed it. Last Friday, she called me at work and told me that he had come back to town to sign the papers for the sale of his house. I knew why she called and I gave my permisson. I didn't see her till 10AM the next day. I didn't sleep a wink.'


Kissing Cousin 5/17/07: I'm a 45 year old male, my secret is a bit naughty and taboo. It has been about 10 yrs since I saw my Cousin last, so when met up with her and her family i was not ready for the feelings. It took a few visits to her home before i worked up the courage to approach her on it. To get to the point, we both wanted it. Now I regularly fuck her plump bare pussy as i play with her big 38dd's. I know incest is the worst taboo, but we both love it. She loves it bareback as i cum in her. Th last time we fucked i took her ass, no resistance oh her part at all. let me describe her; 5 foot 3 inches about 155 pounds, auburn hair, pale skin and freckles down to her big heavy 38dd's. We fuck about 2 times aweek in her bed or in the hot tub. It has been going on for about 8-9 months, neither her hubby or 3 daughters know.


Epping NH 5/17/07: Hello Beth, I wrote to you 4 days ago and explained that I have been fucking my mother in law for two years and that my wife knows about it and the three of us have been in bed together on a regular basis. It has been almost two weeks since my mother in law has moved into to our house and we have been sleeping in the same bed every night. This afternoon my wife went out to have lunch with some of her friends and as soon as she left I took my mother in law to bed. We did a 69 for about 20 minutes which gave me a very large hard on. For about two hours all we did was fuck and I made her come four times, I came in her cunt twice and laid back to rest while she licked all the cum from my cock. My wife came home and saw her mom licking my cock, she wasn't angry or jealeous and said we looked great in bed together, I told my wife that I came in her mother's cunt twice and to my surprise she got out of her clothes and kissed her mother and I and told her mother she wanted to lick her cunt to taste my cum. She got between her mother's legs and ate her cunt for about a half hour making her come off two more times. I got so horny watching them I got another hard on and fucked my wife in her ass, which we both love. My wife came first and I flooded her ass with a large amount of cum. We all were exhuasted, but my mother in law proceeded to lick my wifes ass and taste my cum. I don't think it gets better than this. Every man fantasizes about being with two women at the same time. I realize how lucky I am to be able to fuck my wife and her mother just about every day.

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HAWAIIANSTUD 5/16/07: My company blocks alot of websites due to "adult content", "lingere" and "sex" as they would classify the websites. I recently stumbled on to this site due to being VERY bored at work. I sit next to a window and I see attractive women walk by all the time and constanly being turned on by them. For the past 2 weeks I been printing up some of the hot stories that many of you have written and been taking them to the bathroom and locking myself in the stall. I been reading the stories and masturbating in the bathroom stalls here at work and it has been such a turn on. I sit here writing this as I just got back from the bathroom with my "reading material" and feeling nice and relazed right now! Thank you all and thanks you Beth!!


Uncle 5/16/07: My niece, Lacy, from the time she was 14, stayed with us a good bit, baby sitting our boys and being there because my wife s sister, Lacy s mom, worked an evening shift or night shift as a nurse. From the time she was there, Lacy would make slight remarks like uuuhm, uuuhm. I want some of that, or stuff like, my sexy uncle. I told her to be quiet, stop saying stuff like that, but she continued and everybody else thought it was cute. When she turned 15, Lacy would walk through the house with revealing gowns on, showing off her bra and panties. Some of the gowns were so short her ass cheeks showed. Lacy had the body of a woman and she was smart in school, witty and very attractive. As time moved on, I never thought of her in a sexual way. Then at 17, when my wife was gone, Lacy would sometimes wear a see through bra and underwear, flirting around and bending over letting me see her tush. She would sometimes even leave the shower wrapped in a towel and would let it open so I could see her nipples. Then on Dec. 26, 2006, the day after Christmas, an annual shopping day for all the women in the family, including Lacy, my family and my in laws loaded up and headed the 68 mile trek to the Florida malls where they caught the big sales. They left about 6 a.m. and I thought maybe Lacy had gone, but she didn t. About 6:30 a.m., I feel someone get into bed with me and straightaway pull my dick from my underwear and start to lick and suck it. I looked up and it was Lacy! I got up, pulled away and told her no. She was totally naked with her hairy pussy sitting there, rubbing it, saying she wanted me to fuck her. Then she jumped up, pulled me down to her and started pushing tongue into my mouth. I couldn't resist and made love to her virgin body, licking her all over, the tits, her virgin pussy and everywhere.


sweetheart26 5/15/07: No one knows that I would love to have a girlfriend to play with while husband is out of town, I love to eat pussy more than i like to suck dick.


visiting pussy 5/13/07: My roomate and I worked together and we had an unusual schedule where we would have five days off in a row during a two week work cycle. A married couple he knew came to visit from out of state during one of our off periods. My roomate and this guy left, saying they would be back in a few hours. I went upstairs to my bedroom, and the wife came up to take a shower. When she finished, she walked into my bedroom naked and asked me to eat her pussy. She said her husband won't eat pussy. I undressed and obliged her, then she sucked me off. We had a good long fuck, then we got into the shower together to wash off the smell. We had sex a few more times during their visit. After they left to go home, my roomate said he was taking the guy to prostitutes for blowjobs. The guy said his wife won't suck him. I know she would if he would eat pussy.


Best of both worlds, Epping NH 5/13/07: I have read more than several confessions from men who are fucking their mother in laws. My story is different than the ones I have read, my wife not only knows that I have been fucking her mother for two years, she joins us in bed and I fuck both my wife and her mother in front of each of them. Getting a blow job from my wife while her mother fingers her cunt is a giant turn on for me. One of the things we all love is while fucking my wife I eat out my mother in laws cunt. After a brief rest, we switch and I fuck my mother in law and eat my wifes cunt. I love tasting my cum and usually suck all of it out her pussy. Last week my mother in law moved in with us, we have a large house with several bed rooms, but so far we have only been using one bed. I would love to see my wife eat her mothers cunt, but so far they have only touched each other and lick and suck on each others tits.


mikelikesmarried 5/13/07: It was the late 1970's or early `80's. We were at a wedding and flirting with each other all night. I was 20 and she was 17, my first cousin. We left the reception together and went to a party in our home town. Not thinking anything of it, when I dropped her off at home, I gave her a kiss, something we've always done. This time she grabbed me and gave me a big long passionate kiss. I asked her if she wanted to go somewhere else and she said sure. I drove two blocks away and we hoppped into the back of my SUV, though back then it was called a truck. I had no back seat, so that made things a lot easier on us. We continued making out and she took her top off for me revealing the nicest firm 34a's I had ever seen. I think that's why I love small tits to this day. I was sucking and nibbling on her tits and said if she wanted more she'd have to get all the way undressed. Almost without hesitating she bared her beautifully trimmed pussy for me. I couldn't resist. I went down on her in an instant. She didn't cum for me but she was moving her hips up and down rythmically letting me know she was enjoying me as much as I was enjoying her. i told her I didn't have any condoms with me and if she wanted me to stop I would. She started stroking my cock and with the cutest, devilish smile she said that's ok, let's fuck. I fucked her for all I was worth, I'm sure with both of us really into it like we were my truck was really moving. I came inside her, and that was the first time I came in a girl with no rubber, it was fantastic! I dropped her off at home, made out a little more and that was that. We haven't done it again or talked about it. But both in our forties now, I would love to do it again and again with her. I just hope she reads this and recognises out fun time together. If you read this Cous, send me a Yahoo instant maessage at mikelikesmarried. Maybe we can relive old times! ;)


Swingers 5/13/07: my girlfriend and I have been in the swinging scene for several years now, this has progressed to an open relationship,,, we no both play seperatly also, tonight she has a date with a guy whom she has fucked several times and is planning on coming home with his cum in her pussy and fucking me also. she is so incredibly hot and with our relationship being open, she continues to be even hotter all the time.


Seaman_Staines 5/12/07: About 15 years ago,when I was 26, my girlfriend was staying home studying, and I ended up at a boring rave event in some kind of big military tent in some industrial area. I don't remember cos I was pretty drunk by that stage. Anyway I lost my friends, but ran into this cute but chubby hippy chick, who I think I knew via my girlfriend. I wasn't attracted to her, but she was cool, and we ended up kissing, and then taking the huge walk back to her trashed goth student apartment, and got naked on her bed, where I quickly realized I was far too hammered to get it up, or to do hardly anything. I lay on my back on the bed while she tried mouth-to-dick resuscitation. Back then I used to get my girlfriend to stick a finger in my ass at times, so I guess I guided this girl in that direction too, or else it was her own initiative, and she saw that I seemed to like it. But I remember, she really enjoyed it, and little by little I was really loosened up, and she was, if not fisting me, then fucking my ass with her whole hand. That's really not my thing, but drunk as I was, I liked the kinkiness of it, and being administered by this odd stranger. We just had the light coming in from the street, and the door to her room was open. Then her roommate's door opposite opened, and he came out. It turned out I knew him a little too, another like 18 year old art student, skinny but good looking, who was going out with a beautiful 16 year old punk girl, who was asleep in his room. At first he couldn't see what was going on, and came in to talk a little to the girl. But just as I said to her " hey, you can continue if you want" I guess he was taking it in. I lay back again and shut myself off, but I was aware he came around to watch her pumping me. They were talking and joking a bit, about other stuff, but suddenly she withdrew her hand, and I felt myself get penetrated deep by his dick! My ass was so loosened up by that stage that I probably hardly felt it entering, and I didn't even get the chance to really see what I thought of it, because I think he took maybe 5 strokes, and then came, and like 30 seconds later had run out of the room! Well, luckily we all kept it a secret, (well, okay, until this confession), and he didn't give me anything nasty, and my sphincter tightened up again. And I don't know if I can recommend being fucked in the ass, cos it was like I was hardly there myself, and I'm not planning on double-checking, but somehow its a good kinky memory all the same.


Hard 5/11/07: I am 25 years old, my wife is 22 and we have been married for two years. Our sex life is great and includes lots of oral and anal sex as well as straight fucking and fantasy masturbation in front of each other. My wife is constantly horny and we usually have sex at least once in the morning and at night too. Three months ago I had to go to Arizona for 5 days for a business conference. My mother in law lives in Scottsdale (where the conference was) and insisted that I stay at her house instead of a hotel. On the second day there after two days without sex I was getting hard ons constantly. I said good night and went to bed in the guest room at about 11:30PM. I was thinking about my wife and started jerking off my very hard prick. My mother in law walked in on me and just stared at my cock, I had stopped jerking off till she told me not to. I was so horny when I came off it squirted all over my chest and the sheets. My mother in law then said she was going to bed to masturbate. I was still horny and told her that I usually jerk off in front of my wife while I watch her. She stripped off her shorts and halter top and climbed in bed with me. After playing with her cunt till she came, she then said she wanted to suck me off. I did not object and we ended up in a 69 position and ate each other to two climaxes each. She spent the nite in bed with me and woke me up to another blow job in the morning. We spent the next three nites naked in bed and I enjoyed fucking her and coming in her pussy several times each night. I am back home now and fucking my wife every day, but I still think of her mother sucking me off and swallowing my cum.

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Stlouis Couple 5/11/07: My wife Peggy can't get seem to get enough cock.  I really get off watching her with other guys and I have been arranging gang bang parties in the St. Louis area for the last several months.  We have been hooking up with guys and couples from AFF.  Last weekend she fucked 8 guys.  That is a new record for us.  We plan to top that pretty soon.


Anonymous 5/10/07: I was out of town with a junior representative from my company. We stayed at a casino hotel and when we had dinner this 24 year old hottie took off her shoes and was rubbing her feet all over my legs. I reached beneath the table and started rubbing her legs. After dinner, we got onto the elevator and kissed. We went straight away to her room, got undressed and started to make out. Her hot, tight young pussy ran like a fountain when I ate her. I must have eaten her snatch for 30 minutes, until she told me she was getting too weak and to please stop. I then proceeded to fuck her in many position, cumming four times in a span of two and a half hours before we dozed off. We woke up, cleaned up, had breakfast, went to the seminar and came back for more of the best sex I ve ever had in my 46 years of life. Fucking and sucking was our pattern for entire four days at the conference. Since we ve been back, I m a regular at her apartment. This pussy is so good, I don t want to wash it off my face when I leave, but I know my wife would smell it. I m so addicted to this girl that I have her to give me a pair of panties or panty hose each week that I inhale from before fucking my wife. I am such a naughty freak for this young girl!


One Lucky Guy 5/10/07: I did the unthinkable twice! I m 40, have a wife and four kids. We live around the block from my wife s parents, so my mother in law, 55 years old and sexy, is my tennis and swimming partner. Well, after about a year of doing everything together, we began to have sex. It is intense, awesome sex too. After about nine months of going at it two to five times a week, we had just finished up on the floor of my living room. We wiped off with a towel and she wiped the cum from her pussy and left. As soon as she had pulled out of the driveway, my own mom came by unannounced. I rushed to pull up my shorts and throw on some jeans and a tee shirt. When mom came in, the house smelled of sex and I had forgotten to toss the towel into the laundry. Mom talked generically about stuff and then noticed the towel on the floor and she picked it up and sniffed it! My mother in law s cum was still saturating the towel and mom gave me a once in a lifetime look and said, I know you didn t! I couldn t lie about it. I was busted as busted could be. I had to confess it as mom stood there just looking at the little cum drenched towel in her hands. I grabbed it and went to toss it in the washing machine. Mom washed her hands in the kitchen sink and went on about how stupid and careless it was for me to leave the towel on the floor. Then mom asked what time my wife would be home. I told her it would be a few hours still. To my amazement mom unzipped her skirt and dropped it to the floor. Then she pulled her sweater over her head and took off her bra and her huge tits fell out, nipples erect as .44 caliber bullets. I was going nuts in the head figuring what the hell? I said mom, what are you doing? She said keeping your secret so you can keep mine. I stood there bewildered because this is my 61 year old mom, the woman who birthed me. You pull these off, mom said as she pointed to her black panties that covered a thick black bush of hair. I still stood there in shock as she walked to me, put my hand on a breast and put her tongue into my mouth, forcing a kiss as she rubbed my crotch. Within minutes she was laying on the couch, I was eating her out and she was going nuts! We ended up in the bed having some really hard core sex for over an hour. We ve done it repeatedly for the past four months at my parents house, at my house and once on the side of the road leaving my grandparents farm. I know it s freaky and I could never in a million years have thought that would happen. I know I would never have come on to my mom not even in the stupidest state of mind. I also know that it s a once in a lifetime experience that I certainly never would have thought to utter not even in a drunken dream. I feel somewhat strange around my dad knowing I m boning my own flesh and blood. But it is what it is and it happened like it happened. I see incest sites all over the Internet. But I don t think anyone out there has had the things to happen to them that I have experienced in recent months. I send this to your site because I have to tell someone about it. I sure can t tell my friends or other family members. It s strange as hell, but it sure is true. This weekend for mother s day, my mother in law and father in law will be visiting their other kids in Oregon. My mom has arranged for my sisters and my wife and the kids to have a Girls Day dinner and movie outing. She also has arranged for dad to have a golf outing at a really nice course after lunch. I know where that places the two us. I can hardly wait to take off those baby blue Victoria Secrets panties and see how many licks it takes to get mom moaning and twisting around before she lets loose her natural juices. 


onto her 5/10/07: Beth, thanks to you and the guy who wrote about catching his wife, who also hid her cum-filled panties. After your advice, I had my friend go into our computer hard drive and I found her emails to her boyfriend. They were all sexual in nature. She had also emailed the guy 147 photos of her nude, showing her pussy, her playing it, opening it for display and so forth. My wife even had pictures of her sucking her guy s dick and getting a cream pie! All this from a woman who won t let me play with her pussy. When we did have sex it was always come on and get it over with. After she was asleep Wednesday, I checked her cell phone and saw more disturbing shit. She was being text messaged and saving them. One on April 7, when she was supposed to be at work said, I m in the room now. What do you want from room service? How long before you arrive? That message was at 8:08 a.m.! She was supposed to be at work that day! So Friday after renting a vehicle and parking it in my neighbor s garage to hide it, I followed her. She went into the grocery store, came out and got into the car with a guy. They chatted about 15 minutes, kissed a few times and she got out, and back into her vehicle. She went home. Next day, Saturday, she claimed she was going shopping. I had the vehicle hidden in my best friend s garage. I went to get the vehicle and followed. Sure enough, same grocery store. But when she came out she had a 12 pack of beer and she doesn t drink. The same guy got out of his car, walked up to her and got into the damn Toyota Sequoia that I m paying for and they proceeded down the highway. They drove five miles and pulled off at the Latin Heritage festival site. They got out with a cooler in hand, full of beer. They went and sat on a blanket enjoying the music and drinking beer, mind you, she never drinks at home. After about an hour, my wife laid back and pulled off her dress, exposing a bikini so she could sun tan like other women there. They started kissing and rubbing on one another. Then they wrapped up the blanket, grabbed the cooler and headed back to MY DAMN VEHICLE! They got in the back seat, rolled down the windows and started making out! A saw the guy s head duck down and I knew he was eating her out. My wife looked around to see the coast was clear. She looked back at me in the rental vehicle with a sort of shocked expression, but she didn t make me out or see that I was filming her with a camera. She reached her arms down onto the guy s head and threw her head back just rolling it from side to side. I got out of my vehicle, went to the side of the vehicle where she was and filmed about five minutes of this guy eating her out and groping her tits. When he came up, they kissed and the guy looked right into my face and into the camera. He jumped back, she looked and they were busted. The guy jumped out of the vehicle without his shirt and hauled ass. My wife sat there trying to cover up and she must have thought I would hit her because she was so frozen with fear, she just sat naked staring at me, her eyes wide in disbelief. I opened the door and continued filming. Some people passed by and they were floored to see this naked woman sitting in the car. A small crowd gathered and she and I said nothing. I turned around and left. I went home and five minutes later she came through the door. Five minutes after that it seemed our entire family, my parents and her parents and her sisters were at the house. They re begging me to let it go for the kids sake, but I can t. We re not yet divorced, but it s going to happen. I can t trust her ever. And as a present for myself, I went to a local strip club that night, paid my $20 to get in, had a couple of beers and paid a stripper $100 for a couch dance that included oral and vaginal sex. That stripper was so good that we now are seeing each other regularly. Imagine all that I had been giving up trying to stay straight and do the right thing! Thanks again Beth. Your site is awesome and your readers and submitters are the best! 

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