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archived confessions - 06/29/07 to 07/31/07 - NEWEST CONFESSIONS
True naughty stories and sex confessions submitted by real people.

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Banging wife's sis 7/31/07: My sister in law had tempted me many times and had made sexual comments, but I never moved on her because I was not trusting enough to ruin my marriage. She would do stuff like come over without a bra, her hard nipples showing through her tee shirt or blouse. She would cock her legs open briefly, showing her panties, then close them up and smile. My wife had even witnessed her behavior because Sis is always over our house. One night we all went to the country to my wife s relative s house for a huge party, complete with a pig roasting, barbecue and a live band. My wife and the kids left when it got dark. I agreed I would stay behind and drive Sis home because she was drunk and talking all kinds of craziness. I was still playing 10 cents poker with the guys. We left there shortly after 9 p.m. About a mile down the road, Sis said she had to piss and couldn t hold it until we got to a gas station or restaurant. I pulled over on this dark country road and Sis walked to the front of the vehicle, about 10 feet in front of the headlights and pulled up her skirt, pulled her red thongs to the side, squatted down and peed! I was seeing everything. Sis wiped with a tissue from the vehicle, dropped it on the ground, rearranged her clothes and got back into the vehicle. Sis asked if I liked her pussy. I told her I had not seen it fully. Then she said if I had not seen it then, I never would. I proceeded to drive this hard 40 minutes of rural highway and Sis immediately laid the seat back and started to lightly snore. I shook her, but she was still asleep. So I rubbed her thigh, rubbed her tits lightly and saw her nipples stand erect. I rubbed her crotch and nothing happened. As soon as I moved her thongs to the side and tried to rub her pussy, she awoke and grabbed my hand. I almost shit my pants because I figured she would tell it. I was busted big time. Sis looked at me and told me to stop the car because she needed to be eaten out. I was shocked and asked her what she had said. She told me she wanted me to eat her pussy. I pulled off to a stand of woods and parked. Sis pulled off her panties and guided my head to her pussy as she leaned back in the seat. I was eating her pussy in that cramped space and she started to moan and buck. She came twice within five minutes. I begged her to suck me off. She wouldn t. Then she told me to walk around to her side of the car. She stripped down and leaned over the seat. I squatted down and started to fuck her from the back. I hammered her a good five minutes, came and continued to fuck her as she moaned and talked loud, telling me to fuck the shit out of her. She came again and about10 minutes later, I came as well. We wiped up with tissue, got our clothes on and got back into the car. We were five minutes away from where we had fucked when a state trooper zoomed in behind us, cut on his light and pulled us over. Trooper asked where we were coming from and we told him relatives up the street. He said he knew them well. He asked if we had seen anyone else because a farmer had called in a trespassing complaint. I lied and told him we were passed by a couple teenagers in a blue truck. The trooper shined his light onto the floorboard of my vehicle and laughed. Sis had forgotten to put her thongs on. They were laying in the floorboard. Then the guy wished us goodnight and he headed up the road. I sure as hell hope he never mentions to anyone what he saw because I would be busted. Me and Sis still continue to fuck. But we ve learned to be really careful about when and where. Sis and I have concluded, we are not the only persons who have done something that is taboo. I wished I could get her pregnant, but we know it is not an option.

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LovePinkSatin 7/30/07: I have been married for 16 years and have been secretly enjoying sort of a cross dressing fetish without my wife knowing! As I type I am wearing a pair of her satin panties and very aroused! Before the kids came along, I would send her off shopping and have the house for my own for hours at a time. During this time I would dress in various pieces of her wardrobe... I especially love satin and silk. I usually would do light household chores will wearing panties and a skirt or even one of her bathing suits... I love the feel of the soft tight fabric enclosing my manhood! I would refrain from pleasuring myself all day if I could and release the pleasure with her later... she gives the best blow job I have ever had! I am waiting for the day when I can get her to participate in my fetish... I would like to take it even further with her. My ultimate fantasy would be for her to dress me like a slut and arouse me to the brink of orgasm, take a stap on to my ass, and give me the reach around! Then I would like to watch her suck another cock while I take her magnificant pussy and watch her bring another man to orgasm with her talented mouth and watch him come on her tits as I begin to climax again and unload all over her stomach!


Lee in Raleigh NC 7/28/07: My husband and I recently went on a camping trip with our friends and ended up swapping partners and fucking in the small camper.  I never imagined I would have a sex experience worth sharing.  I am sending you a long version of the story to post on your site.


Nympho Wife 7/25/07: Beth I have been reading the stories and confessions on your page almost daily since I discovered your site.  My husband works second shift and gets home around midnight.  I play with my pussy and rub my wet clit until I get close to having and orgasm and then stop.  I do this over and over until the whole house smells like my wet pussy.  When my husband gets home we fuck like animals.  He wants to know what is making me so horny but right now it's my little secret.  I am sending you my picture, feel free to post it.  If I get up the nerve I will send you a topless shot for your naughty friend pages.  Keep up the good work on your site.


LoveMySis 7/23/07: My sister is two years older than me and she is the best litle cock sucker thanks to me. When we were younger, I caught her and her boyfriend when she was jacking him off, they thought I was out playing baseball. Her boyfriend threaten to beat me up if I told but my sis knew that wouldn't work, and this was too good. Our parents came in shortly after her boyfriend left and my sis stoped me in the hallway and whispered in my ear "If you don't tell, I'll do it to you" I said "Do what" and she answered "You know". Ok I said. Now, where we live it gets hot 3 or 4 weeks out of the year and all we have is a swamp cooler so it was not uncommon for both me and sis to sleep in the hallway under the cooler vent. Mom was used to seeing us curled up together laying in the hallway on hot nights. That night I got to the hallway first and waited for my sis to show up. When she did she started jacking me off and I said that I want her to give me a blow job to which she protested and said she didn't know how. But, I wouldn't give in I told her to put her mouth over my cock and lick which she did. I climaxed shooting cum into her mouth. It was heaven, way better than jacking off dreaming about it. She didn't want to do it the next night. Then a couple of nights later laying next to her I convinced her to let me jackoff her. I put my finger into her pussy and really without a clue as how managed to get her to climax. The remainder of the summer was the best ever. We had such a good time exploring each other. I wanted to fuck her and she finally let me after we scored some rubbers. But only once she was just too scared of getting pregnat. It became our connection, we would fuss and fight during the day just like any sis and bro, but almost every night we serviced each other. The following summer she met her future husband and I had my first girlfriend. But that one summer was the discovery of life meaning for us. She is as fond of it as I am.


John 7/23/07: I have always wanted to bang my mother in law ever since I met her, I have on occasion teased my wife with the idea, she is a hottie just like her daughter. She is not shy, she has always flirted with me as well as other men in the family. She is divorced now and after a couple of years of depression has began to recover to be her old self. While at her house in San Fransiciso this last week Lin confided in us that she had been fantasizing about me, to my surprize my wife didn't seam the least upset. She began to tease her mother saying "Oh mom you can have John anytime you want him! You just can't keep him" As I was sitting on the couch Lin came over and put her head in my lap. After a few moments my cock was rock hard and my mother in law was groping it though my shorts. Soon my wife was along side Lin and the two of them were stripping me of my pants. I got a double blow job from my wife and mother in law. The first of many for the week. Thanks to Viagra I was fucking both of them all week long.


27 and fucking a 44 7/22/07: For the past year I ve been getting the best loving I ever imagined possible. I m working in the south and dating a married black man. Early on he showed interest in me, but backed away when he figured I was too uppity and didn t like black guys. One day after work I told him straight up that I wanted to fuck him and suck his cock. He responded and came over to my house that evening. We went at it like animals, his tongue penetrating my pussy and licking up all the juice I could release. He has about 8 or 9 inches of solid cock that he filled me with for hours. We were so exhausted that he hurriedly showered and left so as not to fall asleep. Now we re fucking three to four times every other week. And I suck his cock to completion when I am on my monthly cycle. He can never fuck me once and be finished. He has to have more and more of me. If this man were not married, I would marry him. He has admitted to me that he and most of the guys he knows are very attracted to white women but don t know how to approach them to get things going. Beth, one day I m going to send you a photo of his magnificent cock coated with my love juices. I have never had anyone to so expertly lick my pussy and to fill my holes as my 6 foot tall, 200 pounds of well put together muscular, brainy, smart and tenderly loving Aquarian black lover. There will never be anyone to compare with what this man can do for me.




No name 7/22/07: Dear Beth, I found your site a week ago and have been a daily reader. I love the confessions of men fucking their mother in laws. My wife and I have been married for 12 years and are both 37 years old. Her mother is 57 and looks like her mid 40's. 2 months ago, my wife had to attend a conference in another state and was going to be there for 6 nights. My mother in law volunteered to stay at our house and take care of our two children age 7 & 5 while I worked. She stayed in our guest room during this time. I usually get home at 6PM and would help getting dinner and feeding the two kids. We put them to bed at 830PM. My mother in law said she would take a shower and do her hair. About an hour later she walked into the living room wearing a short house coat over an even shorter nite gown. I could not help admiring her legs while she sat opposite me while I read, and actually felt my dick getting hard. I think she saw me looking at her legs when she opened her robe and I saw she was not wearing panties. My biggest surprise was her cunt was completely shaved. I walked over to her and gently kissed her while I touched both of her tits. She started to unzip my pants and took off my shorts. She was also surprised that I am completely shaved, as my wife and I usually shave each other. She put my cock in her mouth while I fingered her cunt, I came a very large amount of come and she drank it all. I wanted to please her so I started to lick and suck on her cunt, I could tell she loved it by the way she squirmed and pushed her cunt to my mouth. She was on the verge of coming, when I put a finger in her ass while licking her cunt, (something I do with my wife often.) She had a long lasting orgasm, and I continued to suck her cunt tasting her juices. For the next six nites we slept in my bed and I fucked her every nite. We both cant wait till our next time together.


Stuck 7/20/07: I am a college student at Cal State, San Diego. I am in my second year and I have been working full time and at a 7-Eleven while carring a full load at school, I am a biology major. So belive me I understand what it means to carry a full load. One of my regular customers is a lady i'll call Wanda she is 46 years old, never married, no children and living in a house she inherited from her parents. Wanda and I have been buddies ever since I started working here. She comes in early in the mornings for coffee and hangs out for 20 minutes or so and just chat, I always look forward to seeing her cherfull face and she is a great listener. On several ocassions I have gone over to her house a couple of blocks from the store after work to help her with odd jobs which she always paid handsomly 20 or 30 bucks for a couple hours of yard work. One morning a couple of month ago I was almost in despair. The rent on my apartment is 3 times what I can afford alone so I had two room mates which made it tolerable, now both of them had moved out leaving me to pay a whole month by myself which I could do for one month but then I would be broke and unable to pay the next month. My delima, give my notice to move or suffer through until I could broker a deal for more room mates. Wanda upon hearing my plight suggested that I give notice and move into one of her bedrooms. I didn't want to do that because I feared that she might want somting more from me than just the rent. She is a nice looking lady and fit. I just didn't want to get involved with somone twice my age. However, I needed a way out and I told myself that I could control myself and the situation by keeping my cock in my pants. WRONG! every fear I had came true. I am infatuated with her she fulfills my every sexual desire. I love to be near her, I hate to be away from her. She is a sex goddess to me. She does everything for me. Draws my bath, lays out my cloths, prepares my meals. She waits on me hand and foot. I quit my job at her behest, she gives me money. She drops to her knees when I come in from school to suck my cock before I can even get the door closed. I have no idea where this is going to lead to. I have no idea where it will end. My parents want to know all about this "Woman" I am "Rooming" with. I really have dilema on my hands. I love Wanda but I know that ultimately I will have to leave her.

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Fucked a boy before 7/19/07: I did some kinky shit. I met this girl with an awesome body downtown during lunch break. We chatted and exchanged numbers. After a few times of talking on the phone and sharing a few lunches, she told me she would fuck me only if I fucked her boyfriend. I shied away for a few days, then she and I had lunch and I finger fucked her under the table in the corner. I was so hard, but she wouldn t agree to fuck me. When I walked her to the car, she pulled up her skirt, spread her pussy and told me I could have it if I paid her price. I ain t gay, never wanted a man, never looked at one in a sexual way. But I went by her house that night and we started making out. Her boyfriend came out wearing panties and stockings. His little dick must have been all of 5 inches at the most. She made him stand in the corner and watch as she and I made out. After I ate her pussy, the guy jerked his dick and came on the rug. She made him scrub and clean it up. I pulled out my big 10 inch cock and she hollered, Shit! I don t know if I can handle it. She sucked me a little bit and then called her fag boyfriend over to finish me. He sucked dick better than any woman I have ever had. Then she told me to fuck him or I wouldn t fuck her. I took the condom from her, then the guy got on his knees in front of the couch and spread his ass cheeks. I was pushing into his ass and he was moaning louder than any woman I d fucked. I could only get half of my dick into his tight ass and the guy was on the floor moaning and crying as she rubbed her pussy and tits to a couple orgasms. Finally the guy falls flat on the floor, begging her to get me to stop. Aaah, he s too big. Too big, too big. Please Ann. No more. No more. No more. He can fuck you! She told me to stop. I pulled out, dumped the rubber and wiped off before pushing all my meat into her tight pussy. We fucked twice on the floor while her boyfriend sat at the table, jerking off twice more. We went to her bed and I fucked her without mercy for the next two hours. Now we re fucking every chance we get. I have told her, and I think the guy realizes it, that I want her for myself totally. The guy can t even look me in my face after realizing a real dick is too much for a bitch boy to handle. But I secretly want to fuck him all the way. She has agreed that they will tease his asshole so I can sink all my meat into him. I have to admit, I have never fucked anything as tight as another guy s asshole. I know I never will because of the threat of disease, but I would love to shoot my load up the crack of his ass and see if he jumps when it hits him. 


Jerry 7/18/07: I found a video on the internet made by a female doctor called "Bend over Boyfriend" I read about the story line and its all about a couple using a strapon dildo for the woman to fuck the man in his anus. My wife and I have been married for a couple of decades and from time to time we will look for somthing to spice things up for example in the past it has been public bath houses, threesomes and swinging for awhile. I sucked a cock for the very first time with my wife holding the guys cock for me. I ordered the video and we both watched it was really exciting, the doctor lady fucks her boy friend making him bend over and take her dildo up the ass. We went on line that evening and ordered all the strapons and lubricants and etc. this look like somting we will both like. I have always loved for my wife to finger fuck me while giving me head, I have the really mind blowing orgasms that last for minutes. When the package finally arrived my wife called me at work I could not wait I left work right after hanging up telling the secretary to cancel the afternoon. When I walked into the front door my wife was already dressed with red tennis shoes, white socks, a black stapon dildo about 7 inches long, and red bra and a red ball cap. As soon as I walked throgh the front door she lead me by the hand to the arm of the couch where upon her command I droped my pants and boxers I then bent over the arm of the couch. My wife used the remote to turn on the big screen tv playing a porno movie with a man fucking a man in the ass. She lubed my ass and inserted the dildo as first very slow but all the way in I could feel her body against mine as she pushed it in , The strapon she was wearing has a ball at the base that pushes her clitors as she fucks me. She really got into it fucking me very hard to bring herself to climax, she was calling me a "cloest fag", a "cock whore" a "cum sucker" it was a blast she cummed hard and pull out and went down on my cock sucking me to climax. We have since gone out on the town with her wearing the strapon harness then slip into the mens or women room where she pulls the dildo from her purse hikes up her dress attatches the dildo and fucks me its really hot. We have also dressed her like a man putting her hair up in a ball cap, we go into a mens bathroom and she pulls out her dildo at the urinal while starring at the man next to her. Once she pull it out in an elevator where I was sucking it as people came in and out of the elevator. You would be surprize at how some people react. Most don't say a word they just watch. Other will either not get on or get off early.


Caught and confused 7/18/07: My sister in law Dee, is a constant begger, always asking for money to go out and drink beer. She s always at our house, and always has her hands out. Back in February, she and I went and had some beers at a honky tonk downtown. Dee ain t the best looking girl in town, but pussy is pussy when you ve never fucked it. So Dee and I wound up fucking at her place that night. It was great sex and we fucked four times before I left for home. Over the past months she and I have fucked everywhere and I mean fucked good. Dee has a way of arching her body and making her pussy suck on your dick while you re diving into her pussy. Her high pelvic bones makes me have to fuck her from the back a lot, but she s horny as hell and cute. I told Dee we would have to break it off because I can t keep giving her money every week, usually $35 to $40. Dee politely told me she would tell my wife and everybody else if I stopped giving her money and fucking her. So I have no choice in a way. Dee likes to fuck me and suck me until I m spent. And she wants me to spend every night, or close to the whole night at her house. I keep telling her one day someone will figure out what s happening. Her response is always, Well, everybody s got pussy on the mind. You ve got pussy in your mouth, so fuck it. If she leaves you, you can come to me. I really fucked up and I can t see a way to end this thing, despite me loving her pussy, but she wants me to fuck her too much.


Chuck 7/18/07: My girl friend ask me if I had ever had sex with another man I ofcourse had not and said so. She ask me if I had ever thought about it and I admited that I had. She ask me If I would do a threesome with her and another boy. I said yes. The next night she brought the boy over to my apartment somebody she knew well and I didn't know at all. She intoduce us to each other. We had some beer and started kissing her, she started telling us what she wanted and she wanted me to suck his cock while he licked her cunt he layed on his back and she straddle his face. I sucked his cock, it was the most unique thing I have ever done. I had no idea how much I would like doing it. They both cum very nearly at the same time him first he shot cum up into my mouth and all over my face and she climax watching this. The we trading position with me laying on my back him sucking my cock and me eating her pussy. It was not his first time like me, he was very good at it and when I climax he slipped his mouth over my cock all the way to the base and he continued sucking and licking until my cock was clean and soft. My gf cummed soon after me. This was the most awsome sex I had ever had. I cannot wait to try this again but I want my gf to suggest it. I don't want her to think I have turned gay or something. But I really enjoyed sucking his cock and letting him suck mine. I really barley notice my gf being there all my thoughts were about him


Honyhole 7/18/07: My bf & I recently had a 3-some with another girl he knew following a party. I made her eat me out whilst my bf fucked her from behind. The sensation of another girl eating you is great!! (although I didn't care too much for eating her).


Incest Boy 7/18/07: My sister & I (a years age difference) used to play truth or dare when we were teenagers & home alone as a result of our parents nights out. These games usually involved stolen booze & always ended with either mutual masturbation or with us giving oral sex to one another.....


Brit Guy 7/18/07: I love to watch my wife suck my cock & always take the trouble to tell her how great she looks whilst doing so. She always tells me she loves the sensation of my cock in her mouth whilst she awaits the explosion & that I don't know what I am missing. What she doesn't know is that a few years ago whilst I picked up a fabulous looking lady-boy whilst visiting the Philippines & spent a memorable night back at the hotel I was staying in that included a 69, some serious ass fucking (both) and a lot of cum.... I have never (nor want) to go with another man but would recommend a night with a lady-boy to everyone (the experience so turned me on that during the same holiday I paid the same lady-boy to fuck a girl whilst I watched).


John 7/18/07: We live in a really big house big enough for my mother-in-law to stay with us and never get into each others way or so I thought. It is not uncommon for all of us to prance around the house in our bed room attire after evening showers, so every evening we would all be piled up on the couch in front of the TV to watch Leno before going bed, My wife, her (adult) sister and my mother-in-law. Over the course of a couple of days my mother-in-laws pajamas got smaller and skimper dressing more like her daughters, she even came down one night wearing one of my wifes nighties a very sexy one that revealed all of the panties and very low cut at the top. A couple of weeks ago I went down stairs to the kitchen to find a snack in the refrigerator it was way after midnight. I was just wearing my boxers standing in the light of the refrigerator rubbing my half hard cock looking for a can of beer to go with my chicken leg. I grabed the beer and close the door I had the chicken leg in my mouth opening the beer when I felt two hands reach around from behind and a person hugging me. Her hands slid down to my boxers and she grabbed my cock stroked it a couple of times and then hooked her fingers into my underwear and slide them down to my ankles. I didn't really at that moment know who it was and before I could find out a warm mouth slipped over my cock. I was insantly hard, very hard and very erect and it was far too late to care who was sucking my cock with so much expertise, it was about then that I recognize that perfume it was without a doubt my mother-in-law. I stood there eating my chicken and drinking my beer while she sucked my cock and swallowed my cum. She licked my cock clean and then pulled up my boxers, stood up and kissed my on the forehead and said "thank you, Steve, you don't know how much that meant to me" then she headed off towards her bedroom. The next morning she told us she needed to get back home and would be back in the fall to stay with us again. I am so looking forward to seeing her again.

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Brianincanada 7/18/07: I like to wear my wife's panties and even masterbate in them. I let them dry and leave them in her drawer for her to wear. She has no idea my cum is on her pussy all day long. Smelling her soaked panties with both our juices on them is a huge turn on and I am soon masterbating into another pair of her panties for her to wear tomorrow.


Ryan 7/18/07: My girlfriend's mother loves to suck me off when her daughter leaves the house. She is 51, but quite hot for her age...long legs, perky tits, round ass, and a pretty face. it started not long after we began dating, i came over to pick up my girlfriend who was in the shower, her mother noticed me checking out her ass (as well as my quickly growing cock) and offered to relieve it. the last time we were together she did something new...apparently she had found the rabbit vibe i had bought my gf. my girlfriend never really cleans it off after she uses it, so it smells strongly of her pussy (which is wonderful). her mother started by sucking the vibe...probably the hottest thing i've ever seen. she let me cum down her throat, which made her pussy squirt. my next target is her letting me fuck her ass and pussy.


Sharron 7/16/07: When I met my husband for the very first time I was dating his cousin Dave. Dave and I had been together for over a year and we had a very healthy sexual relationship. Dave is a really sweet guy and I have all ways loved him. We broke up when he met his now x-wife Linda. I started dating his cousin Steven about 4 months after breaking up with Dave. All that was 12 years ago. Dave and Linda have been divorced now for over a year. About 3months into there seperation Dave came up to Idaho to stay with us for a week. We don't have any children and plenty of room with a three bedroom house and a huge basement which we use to enterain guest. Ofcourse our plan was to introduce Dave to some of the local women that we know. So we had a party and invited a few couples and several of the single women. The party started early around 6 on a friday evening and had thinned out to just 4 people by midnight. With just Us and Dave and the women (Sara) that liked him best. Steven put on a porno flick to watch on the 68" big screen tv. With the lights down low it wasn't long before there was as much action on the couch as there was on the screen and we had all been drinking. I kept peeking over at Daves massave cock and remembering what our sex life was like it wasn't long before Steven was noticing me noticing Dave, but he didn't say anything. After Sara left and we went to bed Steven was saying how turn on he was and how hot it was watching a live couple having sex which we had never done before. The conversation drifted around to me and my old feeling for Dave. Thats when my husband started telling me about some of the girls that he and Dave had sharred before he met me and they had always wondered what it would have been like to share me. I was shocked but very intrigued. I knew this was my chance to fuck Dave again and so I told him I would be willing if he was. I could hardly sleep all night. The next morning I got up and put on a really hot nighty and went into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee by the time the boys were up and coming in for breakfast it was all prepared and served on the table. Steven was in his boxer's and a tee and Dave was wearing a house robe. With the boys dishing up there plates I went to my husband first and siwveled his chair around so that I could pull out his cock in plain view of Dave. Dave just watched is awe as I began sucking Steven's cock but the real shock on his face is when I turned to him and pulled apart his robe. Dave just looked at Steven waiting to get his reaction with just a smile on his face Steven said "Remember all those times we talked about Sharron and having her together" We have been doing this for months and it has really spiced up our marriage. When Dave is away we watch our videos we made and when Dave come out we are together again. I love them both.


Col 7/16/07: This story goes back a long way. I'm 55 now. My secret goes back to when I was 16. I lost my innocence to my schoolfriend's Mum. He said to me with a grin one day "My mum fancies you !".I know it sounds like a teenage fantasy but it really did happen ! I wouldn't believe it if someone else told me ! Anyway,after he said this to me I began to view her in a different light;she was in her forties at the time and walked "pigeon toe" which I have always found very sexy and submissive(a few days into our relationship I experienced one of the reasons when I watched her walk naked across her lounge and her bum cheeks pinched together !). I was quite highly regarded as a rock guitarist at the time (big headed !) and I used to play to her as she danced around the room naked ! What memories..Mrs Robinson..I'll never forget when she dropped to her knees and sucked my cock ! After I gained a bit more confidence I would shag her in her son's perverted ! It seems nasty now but she chose to start it and anyhow, who knows what her husband was up to ?


Motherinlaw Lust 7/16/07: I have been married for 10 year now and from day one I have always wanted to have sex with my mother-in-law. There have been time in the past where I have gottn a little peek here and there under her skirt down her top and have even brushed against her boobs and her but like while passing each other. Well while setting at home reading the stories on your site, my mother-in-law just showed up out of the blue. Being a nice day out I was setting out on my deck with my laptop when she showed up. I knew some thing was up when she got out of her car, now I have seen her in a dress before but never like this one. I really really got a shock when she steped up onto the deck her dress was so short that I got a very good view under it and to the fack that she was not wearing panties the only thing she had on under it was her stockings. We talked for a few and I ask if she would like something to drink she said yes and we went inside. After getting us both some tea we set and chated over our tea. After a few min she ask to use the restroom and I told her to use the one off the master bed room. After about ten min or so I went to see if ever thing was ok, when I walked into the master bedroom I seen that every thing was just fine, there she was laying on the bed with her legs spread wide and two fingers opening her wet lips,and with her other hand she was pulling on one of her nipples. She then asked me if I liked the view, all I could do was stand there drooling and sakeing my head yes. She then set up and reached out and took my hand pulling me to the bed with her she then told me that she wanted me to fuck her like some trap off the steet, she wanted me to cum in ever hole. We kissed a few times and then I stood up undressed she then took my hard cock into her mouth after a few min of the best blow job I have ever had I came in her mouth, then I sucked on her nipples and kissed my way down to her hot wet shaved pussy and ate her untill she could not take any more. She then told me to lay on my back while she set on top and slid my hard cock into her very hot and very wet pussy, after a few mins of her rideing me she stoped and set up and aimed my cock for her ass. Slowly she eased it in her hot wet tight ass stoping only till the pain stoped then she took more in untill she had ever inch of me in her hot wet ass. It did not take me long to cum in her tight wet ass and that is when she told me that "I was her first and I would be the only one to get her ass." After resting for a few she started strocking and sucking on my cock untill it was hard again then she got on her hands and knees and told me that I had one more hole to fill, I fucked her pussy for over an hour before cumming deep in her. After recoveing a bit we took a shower together fucking again in the shower we got dressed and I walked her to her car, after she got in her car she handed me a small box and told me to open it when I was alone and to pick out wich one I liked the best and call her later and let her know and she would come over in a few days wearing the outfit that I picked out. I can not wait to see her again.


Nipplicious 7/13/07: When I was around 11 or 12 I had my first lesbian experiences. I have always been straight, but these past experiences still excite me to this day. One girl I used to "play" with was my age and more developed than I. Her breasts wer slightly bigger and she had hair on her pussy. She would lie on her bed and ask me to rub her tits and pet her pussy. Of course I didn't really know what I was doing so that was about the extent of our playing around. Another friend of mine was 1 year older than I and had huge tits! Once when we were in my room we played "Spin the Bottle" (just for an excuse to get naked) and when it landed on her I dared her to remove her top. She did, and I can still remember what she looked like sitting there in her bra. Then, it landed on her again and I dared her to remove her bra. Her tits were so incredible! They must have been at least a C cup. I touched them and fondled them, all the while scared to death that my mom would walk in. I may be straight, but if I had a chance to fondle tits like that again, I would gladly take it!

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In Pearl, Ms. 7/12/07: After getting a divorce from my wife of four years, I moved in with my aunt and her daughter to a trailer park in rural Mississippi. I transferred to a new store on my job and went to work right away. The first weekend that I was there, my aunt s neighbor, a sexy 45-year-old woman who looked like she could be twins with her hot ass daughter, called out to me as I got out of the car, coming from the store. I went over and we chatted as Vera offered me a Budweiser. I drank the beer sitting on her porch as folks went back and forth. Vera asked me to come inside and she got up, me behind her, we went into the house. Vera pulled off her shirt and told me to suck her tits. Hey, I m 29-years-old and horny, so I started to suck her tits and play with her pussy beneath her pants. We sucked and fucked a couple hours, then I got ready to go to my aunt s house. When I got inside, some nosey assed neighbor was calling to say I had been inside Vera s trailer a long time that evening. My aunt, who is 55, and sort of heavy, started asking me about stuff and I got tired of the questions and said hell yea, I ve been in there with Vera and Vera was going to be my girlfriend. My aunt started to talk about the men that Vera had gone through. I didn t care. But out of respect because I was living her and paying no rent, I listened. Before I know it, my aunt pounced on me after I had gone to bathe. I was sitting on the couch when my aunt sort of jumped on me, laying me flat on my back and kissing me with her tongue. I returned the favor and she eased down, sucking my dick. Within minutes, I was fucking my aunt without mercy on the couch. I was drilling her, with her legs around my waist. I came once, and she kept going. I was in the midst of our second fuck when my 19-year-old cousin Kerry walked into the front room where we were. I think I should something like Shit! As my aunt tried to cover up and I tried to get up, Kerry started talking saying she would tell if she didn t get hers. My aunt ran to the back room, slammed the door and would not come out no matter how much we hollered to her. I felt terrible about being caught with my mom s sister doing it. But I couldn t take back what had happened. Kerry s young fine self came over grabbed my wet slippery dick and stripped down, laid on the couch where her mother had been and told me to get to it. We must have fucked an hour as her mom refused to come out of her bedroom. After a while, we parted ways and she went to her room, I went to mine. The next morning Kerry left early for work after giving me a good fuck in her tight box from the back. I called in sick. My aunt and I talked about what had happened, why it was wrong and how we would have to speak to Kerry to be sure she never told it. Then we fucked some more. When Kerry came home, we all talked about it and agreed no one would ever tell. I am still here after two years, unable to give up the pussies I m fucking here. I ve had each of them with a girlfriend of mine. But Kerry and her mom refuse to fuck me in the same bed and same time. I ve fucked each every way I know how to. But Kerry s mom won t let me take any photos of her. I m going to be here a while. I ve fucked 11 other women over here and they re OK with it. Lately, Kerry has talked about having a baby. I ve told her relatives cannot have children with each other. But if I could marry Kerry s sexy, freckled face red headed self, I would. This has got to be a dream to have two women beneath the same roof that you re fucking. Only thing that would be better is having them both at the same time. Maybe that will happen though. You don't know how bad I want to be able to show someone the fine ass women I'm fucking. But I know I can't say nothing or people will think I'm some damn freak. Thanks for this page. I can tell it, but I can't tell my name. If I ever get rich I'm going to move to a trailer park where Budweiser is the beer to drink and women don't care what you drive, they just like hard dicks.


steveofGJCo 7/11/07: Married for 36 years I have been a cock sucker since the age of 18. I joined the US Navy when I was 17 just before my 18 birthday. I went through basic training in San Diego, Ca. and completed it just days before my 18 birthday. I was stationed at the 32 st Naval Station. A couple of buddies and me when out on the town to score some beer to celebrate my coming of age so to speak. Neddless to say we got ourselfs a little drunk. We were picked up by shore patrol and taken in to the drunk tank on the base. My two buddies were realeased upon arrival because they were both over 18 but I still had one more night to go and so I was held at the dentention center. There was a Chief Petty officer there who was about 36 a really nice guy who let me out of the cell and into the office to sit with him and have a cup of coffee while waiting for the sun to rise. He was scaring the crap out of me tellling me how much trouble I was into for getting drunk and had me beliving I could be put in jail for weeks if not months but he thought that I was a nice enough kid and he may be able to help me out of the jam I was in. I agreeded to do pretty much what ever I had to do to get my self out of the trouble I was in. I just sat there quitely waiting for him to process my release agreeing all along I would help him out with what ever it was. We left the office together after he was relieved, we went by car off base to his apartment. This being a Saturday I had the weekend off somthing that I had assured him before leaving the base. Once in his apartment he lead me into a bed room and open some drawers and pulled out some panties and a bra then told me to strip and put them on, I suggested that I didn't want to and he said well ok lets just take you back to the detention center. then I reluctly agree as soon as I was dress in the panties and bra he lead me into his bedroom with a big king size bed with all kinds of porn pitcures on the wall. But I didn't really expect what came next. He started man handleing me and slapping me around, calling me names like "Whore", "Lil Bitch", "Cock sucker" he was slapping me and pushing me around he being larger than me by 40 pounds there really wasn't much I could do. After a few minutes somthing strange began to happen, I suddenly had a raging hard on I was as much suprized as I was excited and my excitment was not hidden. My attacker became gentle and soon was kissing my thighs and fondling my now raging cock. Then he stood up and undress, striped naked and I was mesmorized watching him, when his cock fell from his unzipped pants I was scared and thrilled at what he might do with it. He knelled onto the be and walked over to me on his knees and dropped his half hard cock onto my lips and said "I will give you just one chance to open your mouth" I was still very excited my cock stretching the panties I was wearing. Mostly fear, but strangely desire alow me to open my mouth and recive what I knew it would. He dropped his huge cock into my mouth and began to tell me how to suck it, I did as he told me, I began to suck my very first cock. I had no idea what a huge thrill it was going to be I had never been so excited at my very young age. I sucked and he cumed into my mouth and I tasted man juice for the first time. I was scared, excited and ashamed and looking into his face as he cumed I thought I my also be in love.


Use Me  7/07/07:  I have been fucking one of the assistant managers at the fast food restaurant where I we work.  He is married and it is just sex.  Sometimes when we are doing cleanup we go into the office and I suck him off.


Jack Mehoff  7/06/07:  My wife and I live in Scottsdale AZ and we both like to go to the glory hole adult video booths in the area and suck cock.  Last weekend she sucked cock non stop for over three hours.  Eleven different guys busted a nut in her mouth and she swallowed every drop.  Her mouth was worn out by the time we left.  Word had spread while we were in the booth that a cock hungry slut was sucking cock and there were about 20 guys waiting for a turn when we left.  My girl promised we would be back on Saturday night to suck some more.

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Love fucking my sister, Concord, MA 7/05/07:  Hello Beth, I love reading the submitted confessions and secrets. I have a secret of my own involving what some people have called "taboo sex" I am a single 30 year old male and live in a very nice house with a pool and hot tub. A year ago my twenty three year old sister graduated from college in California and moved to Mass for employment. She needed a temporary place to stay till she settled in and I offered her to stay in my house in one of the extra bedrooms. About a week after she arrived, both of us decided to use the hot tub one night at midnite. She changed into her bathing suit and was in the hot tub before I got there. When I joined her, it was the first time I remember looking at her tits and thinking how great she looked. She saw me staring at her tits and smiled, she then reached under the water and grabbed my cock, I got a hard on instantly. After kissing her, I removed her bra and kissed and sucked her tits, while I rubbed her cunt through her bathing suit bottoms. She had my cock out and was stroking me and asked me to fuck her in the hot tub. We ended up fucking till three in the morning and when we came inside the house, there was no awkwardness and she spent the night in bed with me. She has decdided not to move out and stay with me. We usually fuck almost every day and both of enjoy eating each other. She spends a lot of time undressed and keeps me in a state of constant horniness. She is the best fuck I have ever had and has told me that no one else made her come like I do. She is on birth control pills so we dont have to worry about her getting pregnant and I love coming off in her cunt.


still horney and wanting more 7/05/07:  About 10 yrs ago while my husband was on a business trip, I started sleeping with his best friend, OMG the sex was intense, he would last forever and when that stopped I was still so horney for something else.  I met up with the neighbor (during another business trip) and I had him also, then I turned around slept with my neighbors best friend, the sex with both of them was good only because i shouldn't have, but it wasnt the best sex because all they wanted was to get fucked.


Horny Couple in Austin TX  7/05/07:  Beth, I have been trying to talk my wife into swinging for over a year. I turned her onto some of the stories on your site and she got really turned on and we had some very hot sex.  We also started talking openly about our fantasies which has brought an amazing new spark to the bedroom.  We have agreed to some ground rules about the swinging and we are going to place an ad online in the next few days.  I will be sending you a story about our first experience when we actually go through with it.


The Traveler 7/04/07:  About a month ago I had to travel to London England on business.  I was there for about a week.  Attitudes about sex and escorts are a lot more liberal in England.  I found the website of an upscale escort service Angels of London and was blown away by the beautiful young women.  I made an appointment with sexy redhead who arrived at my hotel and was even more beautiful in person.  She was amazing.  I am supposed to go back to London in September, I can't wait.

happy husband 7/03/07:  So about three years ago my wife started to date other men. I was the only man she had ever been with and she was very curious. We had talked about her trying it and then she did it. She has had many really hot experiences and stories since starting. She just broke up with her boyfriend and I am not sure who is sadier me or her. I reccomend thislifestye to any husband. Beleive me you will benefit too.


Ruth and Mike Pontiac MI 7/02/07:  My husband and I are swingers we enjoy reading the stories on your site.  My husband likes to watch me fuck other men.  We meet guys through craigslist and AFF about once a month.  We both enjoy this lifestyle it has made our sex life more exciting and we are very happy.


SANDI, Cincinnati, OH 7/01/07:  I've been fucking two black brothers, one who lives in our condo complex for the past 3 months. My husband has no clue. OMG, these two guys are huge. I've never been fucked cocks the size of these before. picture of white slut fucking black cock


janie 6/30/07:  I had a onenightstand with a stranger one night I was out with friends. When I went home my husband wanted to fuck me too. He was licking me and never knew someone elses cum was in me.


Anonymous 6/30/07:  I had made online friends with a gal. So good in fact that she would masturbate for me on her cam. We met at a local bar and had some beers. well must have been quite a few beers because we went out to my car and made out. We were BOTH drunk and horny (always a good combination)! We want to fuck so she got into her car and followed me to a good spot. I drove up on to the top of the parking garage of a hospital. I got out of my car and she got out of hers. I pulled out my cockc and she dropped to her knees to suck it. Suck it she DID! I almost blew my load in her mouth before she stopped. I then picked her up off the ground and bent her over the fender of my vehicle. I then entered her from behind (her favorite position) and proceeded to "pound her" until we BOTH came outside on the roof of that garage!

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Sneaky 6/29/07:  Our clothes dryer broke one day and it would be a week before the warranty service could get someone to come over and fix it. So we hung clothes in the back yard, on a clothes line. My wife noticed two panties were missing the first day. We looked around the yard and nothing else was gone. So we figured it must have been that someone had come over the fence and took them. The next day, I placed panties and other clothes on the line before heading out to work. And I placed the camcorder in the window hidden by the blinds. I got home, the missing panties were returned and two other pair were missing. I looked at the video and saw my next door neighbor placing a ladder to the fence, coming over, staring around and then grabbing the panties, sniffing them and sticking them in his pocket. He put the others back on the line that he had stolen the day prior. I called police and showed them the video. They confronted my neighbor and gave me the option of charging him with trespassing, petty theft, voyeurism and committing an unnatural act. I told them I d mull it over. My neighbor and his wife begged me to not press charges. I told them I d think about it, but was pretty certain I would proceed. A couple hours later, the neighbor s wife, Paula, called me up and she pleaded, saying how they would be ruined if her husband, a two-bit preacher, were charged and people found out about it. She told me about his addiction to panty sniffing and agreed she would get him treatment. Then she blurted out, I ll suck your dick, I ll fuck you everyday of your life if you work with me on this, please! I went for it. That weekend she sent him off to a six week treatment program. On Monday, I took the day off so I could fuck her when my wife left for work. She came over and to neighbors, it was just a social visit like always. But she stripped down and what a body! We sucked and fucked until noon. I knew her pussy had to be sore because I had filled her hole for hours with my 9 inches of dick. Her pubic hair was caked up with cum as she got up to leave. The cum dripped out of her pussy. A couple hours later, I was sitting on my patio in the back, just watching the deer come out of the woods and eat corn. She was in her garden, picking vegetables and we chatted across the fence. I slipped out of my back gate and into her yard. We went into the house and we fucked again, her laying doggy style on the couch as I pumped her. That went on for three weeks and I convinced her to try anal with me. We got prepared and decided to do it. She was worried that I would be too big for her butt. So she got on top and slowly eased down on my dick. When the head finally popped into her, she shuddered and had an intense orgasm that flowed heavily from her pussy down over my crotch and onto the bed. Then it happened again and she got so weak, she leaned over onto me telling she couldn t sit straight. She then fell over onto the bed and my dick popped out, making a sound like a pop gun, just pop! I leaned into her and eased back into her tight little ass and slowly worked about four to five inches into her, easing back and forth. She grabbed the pillows, started pulling the cover off the bed and screaming, Bust my booty dammit. Bust my ass. Oooh my booty feels so good. Bust me open. Bust that booty baby! It was so hot and tight, I shot my load into her and continued fucking because my dick wouldn t get soft. I continued to ease into her and before long, the cum inside her had allowed me to get all my dick into her. I m fucking long, slow strokes in and out of her and she s cumming so hard that the bed was wet. Her cum was spurting out of her pussy as my fingers worked on her clit and inside of her pussy while I m deep fucking her from the back in her ass. She started screaming my name at the top of her lungs, telling me I owned her, she loved me and how her pussy was on fire. After 10 minutes or so, I shot into her bowels and she started howling like a dog, Aaaaah, awwww, aaaaaah shit!. I feel your cum going up my ass . So hot, so hot, so hot baby. I pulled out and collapsed onto that wet ass bed. We kissed and she kissed like she was trying to take my tongue out! We rested for a while and agreed we d both had enough. Her husband is due back in a few days. But we ve arranged the strategy to continue fucking. He will go for it. She told me he likes for her to give him her worn panties in the evening and he ll sniff them and jerk off while she fucked herself with a dildo. She had refused to fuck another man while he watched, as he had asked her to do for years. Now she s found the man right next door. She was the first woman I ve ever fucked in the ass and it was awesome. We ve done in many times now. And I can never last as long in her ass as I can in the pussy. I can fuck her pussy three to four times without going soft. But I can only fuck her ass once or twice because it drains my strength. She is 34 and I am 45. Her husband is 52 and suffers from the fetish problem and erectile dysfunction. Beth, this girl gives me enough reason to never stray too far. She has an awesome body. I want to fuck her in front of her husband, cum in her panties and hand them over to her husband to sniff and lick!

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