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archived confessions - 08/26/07 to 10/06/07 - NEWEST CONFESSIONS
True naughty stories and sex confessions submitted by real people.

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Jenn 10/6/07:  Once I helping my husband's aunt cook dinner for a family gathering the next day. We had a couple glasses of wine as we cooked and talked. As I bent over taking pies from the oven, she sneaked onto her knees, lifted my skirt and yanked my panties aside and gave me the most heavenly lick across my pussy that I had ever felt.  I turned around, embarassed and asked what the fuck was she doing. She smiled and told me she had always desired to lick my box. She crawled to me, pulled my panties to the side as she hiked my denim skirt again and planted her face into my pussy. I wanted to fight her off because I am not gay. But the way she did what she did was something I had never felt before. It was like she had unleashed a box of delicate butterflies on my pussy and before I knew it, I was grabbing her head grinding into her face.  I came and she licked every drop of my juice, never easing up her pressure and what felt like two mouths on me, one sucking and licking my clit, the other going inside me at the right depth, the right pressure.  We went to her bedroom, where she undressed me, sucked and licked my breasts and returned to my pussy. I came violent orgasms in her mouth and she never missed a beat.  After draining me, she stood by the bed, rubbing and squeezing her breasts and turned around asking me to put two fingers into her pussy. Within minutes, I was fingering her and she was squeezing my fingers with her pussy like someone shaking my hand. She came so hard that she started panting and had to lay down.  She laid beside me with her juices flowing and she tried to kiss me. I would not suck her tongue. We talked about what happened and I left. Over the next few months she sought me out everywhere. She came to the house to eat my pussy. She ate my pussy in the parking lot of the shopping center. She ate my pussy as we drove down the road from shopping. It lasted about 9 months total when I just felt so guilty I told her I had to stop because I loved my husband. I have never done that again with a woman and do not intend to. I don't know where she learned her trade, but that woman is so dangerous she made me feel things that I have tried to imitate and have tried to get my husband to do, but I have not been able to get the feeling she gave me.  I was 31 at the time and she was 67, but great looking, had a great figure. And I can't say anything when people in the family get behind her back and call her a secret dyke.  I am not lesbian. But I loved the way she made my pussy feel. I never did lick her. I sucked her tits a few times and fingered her pussy, but I have never kissed her with my tongue or touched her pussy with my mouth.

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Arthur 10/6/07: I have never told this before. But I see everybody else has no problem telling you their secrets. Back when I was 14, my mom walked in and caught me just as I was pulling my dick out of this 17 slut I had fucked at my house. The girl was a classmate of my 18 year old brother, who had just gone off to college the week before. I had been fucking her for a year and got too comfortable doing it, thus getting busted. When mom yelled my name, I leaped to my feet, my 8 inch dick, dripping cum. The girl started crying as she covered up in the quilt. Mom stared at me, saying nothing. The anger in her eyes scared the shit out of me. Then she stepped to me, slapped me in the face and told me to  Cover that thing up. She tossed me my pants and underwear then pushed me into the hallway, slamming the door after she kicked me out. She and the girl stayed in there for what seemed an eternity. I got dressed, sat on the sofa and as she and the girl walked through the house, she hugged the girl, kissed her on the cheek and said loudly that she hoped we would be more careful next time. Then mom turned and walked back to her room. I walked out apologizing to my girlfriend and she laughed and told me my mom had asked a lot of stuff about us and wasn t mad. But my mom insisted that we did not have unprotected sex again because she did not want grandchildren out of wedlock. I sneaked a kiss and my girl said we would talk later. Mom didn t say anything about it. Before dad got home I asked her if she would give me a pass and not tell my father. She said she would think about it   and if she did, I owed he big time.  I begged and pleaded I would do anything. Then she gave me the lecture about safe sex. I agreed I would use condoms from then on. Next day after school, mom came in as soon as I got home. She went straight to the bathroom, took a bath while she warmed leftovers. I was being cool because I didn t want dad on my ass for screwing that girl. Mom walked into the den with nothing but a towel wrapped around her and said Timmie, show me that cock. I asked what. She said show me that big cock right now! I dropped my pants and she dropped the towel and laid on the sofa, spread eagle and said fuck me. I asked what again and she pulled me by my cock to her and said give me that cock now!  I was hard as a rock and I mounted her and started screwing her, scared as hell and wondering how in the world my mom could be wanting this. We continued to fuck about 20 minutes as she uttered every cuss word under the sun. Then she got up and we walked to my bedroom, where she laid me down and got on top and rode me. Mom came so much her juices were running down my asshole. When I came in her, I did not get hard because she flipped me over and kept working her ass and waist. My mom was a hot 37 year old woman, really cute with a wife ass and big tits. We fucked so much that it was me who told her when the clock had struck 6 p.m., we had better stop before dad came home. As she and I ran the bathwater to get the scent of sex off of us, she squatted over the toilet and started pushing out the ejaculate I had fired into her. It was globs of thick white stuff.  She bathed quickly and then I bathed. I was still hard, but knew I could not touch her again because dad would be home soon.  That night was rough. I slept well, but had dreams of her pussy throughout the night.  The next morning when dad left mom and I had roughly half an hour to fuck before we had to leave. She bent over on the edge of the bed and milked me in about 10 minutes. We fucked like that non-stop for the next eight years until I moved out. The best times we had was when I was in high school and dad went on six week sabbaticals every summer and since mom was a teacher and had summers off, we would travel by driving for a day, getting a hotel room and spending a night or two, go sight-seeing and continued some serious fucking. After I got married we stopped it for about seven years. But since dad doesn t give it to her much and she is still great looking, I still fuck her like we are newlyweds. I m sitting here an hour after we have finished one of our marathon fuck sessions and I am getting hard looking at the picture of my mom, wife and son that I took of them yesterday when we went shopping. Moms have the best pussy on earth. I ve had nine women in my life. None leave me with the feeling I get from freaking with my mom's sexy ass.


Gone nuts  10/5/07: I,m a computer guy. My mother in law asked me to fix her computer after it froze up. I looked at it in their home and I couldn t do anything there that would not take a couple hours. So I brought it home. She told me to keep her business records named after her business. I started zipping corrupt files and got to some that had strange names that had to do with incest.  I started opening the files and soon saw she had an interest in mother in law and son in law sex. I viewed her emails to a woman 1,500 miles away who claimed she had done it. Interesting to say the least. I copied those emails and files and over the next few days learned that my sexy as hell mother in law, had said she wanted to fuck me. She had written my name on her correspondence, described me to a letter and had fantasized about me to the point of masturbating when I was around and after I hugged her. Her computer files is where I learned about this site Beth. She clicks onto My Naughty Story several times each day. After I got fixed I took it over on Saturday when my father in law was on the golf course. He would be there for about five hours I knew.  I took it in, plugged it up and got it started and asked her to sit down so I could show her how to start up the anti-virus program if it failed to appear when she logged on. As she sat, I reached around her, making sure I touched her, then I placed my hand over hers, guiding the mouse and clicking. I could tell she was getting aroused because our faces we so close. I intentionally let my face rub hers as she smiled. Then I went for it. I kissed her smack on the lips and sucked at her tongue. She returned the kiss and we wound up making passionate love there on the floor for the next hour or so. We talked about it and agreed it would continue. That was four months ago. We fuck now every other day, sometimes for days in a row when we can do it. Last month she opened a small business that sells cellular telephone accessories. I often help her total out the register and check the inventory throughout the week because my father in law only cares about golf and gin rummy. She has a terrific figure, long, lean body, firm pushed out ass. She has giant tits with lovely nipples and I have enjoyed pleasures my wife would never dream to give me. I have never known anyone who had everything like she does. This woman reminds me of the Norwegian Goddess Valkyrie she is so fine and beautiful. And her pussy is so good I wished I could put her juices in a bottle and drink them all day. I know it's wrong, but I can t help myself because I have finally fallen in love. The only problem is she is married and I am married to her daughter, so it's only you I can tell about this Beth. I do not want money for telling this. I just wished someone else could tell me they have fallen for an older woman like this and that they too have can understand my predicament. I've never cheated on my wife before now, but I really cannot help myself any longer. I am in love with mother in law and I cannot bring myself to leave her alone.


BiFirefighter 10/4/07:  I am a 41 mwm and I have been seeing a 25 yo man that is also a mwm.  We meet about a year ago in a chat room for bi-curious men and decided to meet after chatting, email and phone calls for a while.  When I got to his house we were a little uncomfortable this was new to both of us.  We started off talking on the couch and decided to shower together and as we showered we played with each others cock and when it got to hot to be in the shower, we got out and dried each other off.  We then went into the bedroom off from the den and climbed into bed together and I had him lay back as I began to explore his young dark toned skinned as I began to suck his hard cock he let a moan escape and that did it I wanted more of his cock.  He managed to get me moved so that we were in a 69 and matching each other sucking and licking, it did not take long after that for him to blow his load in mouth and then I blew mine into his.  We still see each other about twice a month and it has gotten better.  I fucked him for the first time about 3 months ago and his ass was so tight I did last long.  We have meet in hotels and played for hours.  Our wives have no clue about what we do but they know about our friendship.


HBxNYer 10/4/07:  I sell appliances for a small chain in SoCal.  A woman jokingly offered me a blowjob for a better price on her appliances...after we both stopped the nervous laughing, I said "when and where?".  She said in your store or in my car?  I said in your car and I want the bj first and if it's good I'll knock $100 off the bill.  It was heaven in the back of her husbands suv, so she got a deal.  A week later her friend came by and said she was remodeling her kitchen and wanted the same deal.    Now you ladies know how to get a better price on appliances.  Who says bartering is dead?


runningshorts  10/4/07:  I was out for a run by myself for my college team my freshmen year.  it was a hot day out and I was wearing nothing except my shorts and shoes (its pretty common to free-ball).  I finished my run and sat down to stretch in a park.  an attractive older brunette woman, maybe in her 30's or 40's walked by and happened to notice that my uncut dick and balls were hanging out of the side of my short running shorts, clearly visible.  she glanced down, looked up, and then took a double take to make sure. she then stopped and said nice dick honey. I looked down and tried to cover up but she told me to stop.  she then told me to follow her behind a building in an alley where she pulled down my shorts and starting licking and jacking my cock, saying that she had been horny all morning.  she then pulled her shorts down and her panties over and shoved my cock inside her. in only a few thrusts, we both orgasmed and I spilled my cum onto her shoes.  she then pulled my shorts up, and then hers and told me I could meet her there on most weekend mornings.  I met and fucked her only a few times after that but it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.


Horny for husbands ex wife 10/4/07:  I do have a bisexual secret.  My husband of the last four years is divorced for 7 years.  He once confessed to me that his first wife introduced one of her girlfriends to their bed room the first year they were married. It was then that he found out his wife was bisexual.  When he told me about the times the three of them were naked in bed together it got me very excited and wet.  He further explained that he loved fucking the other woman in front of his wife while she fingered her self.  But his biggest thrill was watching his wife lick and suck the other woman's cunt.  After fantasizing about having sex with her for several months, I finally got the courage to tell my husband I would be willing to have sex with his ex wife while he watched.  We arranged for her to visit us under the guise of signing some real estate papers for a property that was sold.  She looked as hot as some of her photos that I had seen and turned me on immensely. I boldly walked up to her and kissed her on the lips, though she was surprised, she saw the look on my husband's face and immediately started to feel my tits throught my blouse.  To make a long story short, she now spends one weekend a month at our house.  She is the best cunt licker I have ever met and I enjoy eating her cunt also.

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oral slut 10/3/07:  My brother and I were out hiking one day and we had to stop so my brother could take a leak. He turned as much as he could whipped it out and started to piss. It had been a long time since i had seen his thing and my how it had grown just looking at it made me wet. When we got back to the lodge that night had diner and all of that I went to his room to watch tv. He had changed to a tank top and a pair of gym shorts and it was obvious he had no underware. As we watched some show I looked over at him and could see up the leg of his shorts I was looking right at his ball sack. Without even thinking I blerted out damn you have large balls. He looked at me smilled and asked if I wanted to play with them. Without hesitation I said yes. He said ok but you have to let me play with your boobs and without hesitation I took off my shirt. It wasn't long and we were both completely nude and I was licking the head of his dick. I had never thought about sucking my brother off before and I had sucked a lot of guys off. I love feeling a guy cum in my mouth. We sucked and fucked all night long. I am a slut and I know it but it never entered my mind to do it with my brother. The next night was even more intense.  That was over three years ago and we still do it every chance we get. I love feeling his hot rod filling me up.


nick  10/2/07:  hi beth ,my names nick. i'm very much in to big girls, bigger the better..theres a sexy ssbbw that works were i work at.she allways dresses a little sexy. tight shirts and short skirts,she has big blond hair, she has a very pretty face and knows how to do her makeup. looks sluty,,she looks so sexy. her lips are to die for. her ass is about 55in and her boobs are damn big..54ff.. i've been talking to her and it allway ends up talking about sex, she tells me she gives damn good night after work the parking lot going home..i say her fussing on her cell to her boyfriend..she was upset ..we started talking and i was looking at her big titts...she ask you want to play with them..hell yes i said...we were in her van, me all over her big boobs and rubbing her very big ass...i told her i had allways wanted her...her lips were red and sexy ..she started sucking me right there , omg she was good at sucking a dick ..i pulled her skirt up a rubbed her ass ...started licking her pussy , and her pretty asshole..she told me she love geting fuck in her ass...i licked and sucked her was ready to be fucked ..i put my dick in her ass.i had never fucked a girl in the ass before..i love the way it felt.we fucked and i cum in her big ass....we now see each other off and ..theres no way i'll stop fucking big ladies, i love all of them...nick


Duke  10/2/07: Several years ago my wife had a serious bout with depression. It went on for a couple of years, and her sex drive was in the basement. I had become friends with a woman at work, and the friendship led to a desire for her. I had never cheated on my wife, but Terri's sexiness and flirtations, along with my wife's total lack of sexual interest, well, things happen. New Year's Eve came and we went to a party with a bunch of friends, including some from work. Terri was there. At midnight my wife and I had the traditional kiss, and a few moments later, Terri gave me a peck on the cheek. Taking a chance, I said I would give her a real New Year's kiss soon. That week at work, we had a moment alone. Nervous as hell, I pulled her close to me and kissed her. Instead of pulling away, she returned the kiss, and embraced me closer. I was getting hard, and asked her if she felt it. She said yes, and ground her crotch into mine. She said she would have to think about taking it further. Later that week she called me and said she was ready. We met one evening and went to a local motel. I was so nervous. No woman other than my wife had seen me naked in 15 years. Terri was beautiful, and I had no problems making love to her. She let me lick her to several orgasms (my wife won't), and when I entered her she told me I felt good inside her (my wife never gives feedback). That night Terri had 17 orgasms, and I had 3 myself. Even in my wilder youth I had never come 3 times in one night. Terri just could not get enough, and I was glad to oblige. We carried the affair on for several months, and several of those times Terri got me off more than once in one night. One time we did not have the time or place to have full sex, but she let me rub her off inside her pants. She came 22 times. No lie, 22 times just by me masturbating her. It was the best sex of my life. I hope she is doing well after these years gone by.


Love to fuck girlfriends sister  10/1/07: Hi Beth, I am 35 years old and divorced for three years.  I met a new girlfriend this past August who is a very attractive tall (5'10") blonde and is 30 years old. Several days after meeting her, we went away for a weekend and it turned out to be a fuck fest. She is great in bed and loves sucking me off.  In turn, I spend a lot of time licking her pussy, which she loves.  About a week before Labor Day she invited me to a cook out at her sister's house in NH it is about a 1/2 hour ride and I agreed to go.  During the ride there, she was stroking my cock throught my pants which got me very horny.  She explained that her sister's name was Linda, and was married with two teen age daughters.  When we arrived, I was introduced to all of the family members present and to Linda. To my surprise, Linda and I had an affair about two years ago, she was newly separated and was planning a divorce.  We dated for about three months and Linda had been sex starved. She loved me fucking her and loved anal sex which was great for me.  In the end, Linda explained that because of her daughters, she wanted to try to  get back with her husband.  I was disappointed but moved on to some one new.  During the cook out, Linda flirted with me openly, but once alone in the kitchen, she rubbed my cock and kissed me.  Two days after Labor Day, Linda showed up at my house, knowing her sister would be at work.  One thing led to another and we ended up in my bed for four hours.  She said she missed me and the sex we enjoyed while she stroked my hard on.  I rolled her over on her stomach and started kissing and licking the back of her legs and her ass cheeks, I put my tongue in her ass and licked and sucked her to a giant climax.  After she caught her breath, she begged me to fuck her ass.  I came off inside her ass and went down and licked my cum from her tight ass till she came off again.  We have been fucking at least twice a week for the last month.  My girlfriend does not know about this and my biggest turn on is fucking both of them on the same day.


Wife has no idea  10/1/07:  I've been Married for 8 years.  For the last 3 I've been having sex with another woman.  We fuck at her place mostly or at motels.  My wife doesn't have a clue.  I'm lucky. The other woman makes no demands. I'm able to see her when I can.  Sometimes it's 2-3 times a month, sometimes we go 1-2 months without fucking.  I recently fucked them both on the same day. Never did that before.  It was great!


luckyinsanjose  10/1/07:  I met a married girl online who was looking for a chat friend because her marriage is boring she wasnt looking for sex, just a friend.  We exchanged a few emails then she invited me over one morning just to meet.  I got there and there was another gal there who lives with her so we just all talked and got to know each other.  She said not to worry because her friend knew about everything and was cool with it.  We had a lot of fun conversation then i left. That night we were chatting online and she asked me if i would help her fix her computer and although she couldnt pay me she would make it worth my while.  The next day I went there and fixed her pc then she told me to follow her into her bedroom.  She turned around and put her arms around me and started kissing me passionately.  My hands explored her body like crazy then she turnd around and bent over the bed and told me to take her from behind.  I quickly whipped out my fat cock and shoved it in between thos awesome ass-cheeks and hit it good.  I asked her for a blow job but she refused and just said "come inside me".  I unloaded inside her.  That nite we were chatting online and she asked me if she was good which of course I said yes. She then apologized for not giving me a blow job but if I wanted one to come over the next day.  I called in sick the next day and went right over to her place.  I knocked on the door and i was amazed to see that her friend answered the door wearing a very sexy night gown. She said that she was told to take care of me.  I walked inside and followed her into her room and she quickly got naked.  Her boobs were HUGE.  She called my friend in the next room and they talked for a bit and then she came back and dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock while my friend was watching us the hallway.  After a while she stopped sucking and got on her back and invited me into her pussy.  I plunged my cock inside her and banged away.  The married gal started talking to me from the doorway telling me to cum inside her friend like i did to her so that hopefully both of them would be pregnant.  At first that surprised me and I got scared then after a while and their wild talk I couldnt resist and exploded inside her friend.   I hope neither is pregnant but damn that gave me a powerful feeling cumming inside them both.  They want me to come over for a second round next week.  Damn I feel lucky.

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Learned a lesson  9/30/07:  I used to buy pussy at the strip clubs, but they went from $60 for a suck and fuck to $125 or more. So after two years I could not afford them. It was convenient because all you had to do was go to the club, pick the girl you wanted and tell her you wanted a couch dance or you wanted to get a VIP treatment. You fuck them right there in the building, they supply the condom, they clean up your dick and dump the condom when you finish. But they fucked so many men in one night. Then I started putting up hookers who charged $25 to $50 for a suck and fuck. Then I started to fuck the nicer looking crack heads who had just started to smoke crack. These were really nice looking women who would ball you half the night if you gave them enough to smoke crack. I sometimes spent $40, sometimes as little as $10 to fuck them. One night I met this out of the world lovely blond who looked so good she appeared to be a dream. I picked her up, gave her $20 to buy crack with and we went to the hotel room where she sucked me off right away. Then I put on a condom and fucked her. We repeated that for four hours that night. She had a bad cough that she said was a cold. A few days later I got chills and found out I had pneumonia which I had contracted from being around her. My doctor kept pressing me about where I had gotten it because there was a lot of this particular strain going around. I did not tell him. But I called the health department and reported anonymously, the source of my infection. They picked her up, treated her and she is still out there. The health department told me that girl was suspected of infecting 63 men with that pneumonia. After a week of pure hell getting over it, I was so scared that I will never ever buy pussy again not even if it is never touched virgin pussy.


Love sucking sis  9/29/07:  I am having an affair with my sister in law. She is 7 years younger than my wife, very attractive and hot sexually. It started after she began sneaking over to my neighbor's house, giving him pussy when his wife was out of town on business. His wife found out and she confronted me, saying she was hurt I did not tell her and she felt betrayed. Well neigbor's wife left his ass high and dry. She divorced him, got the house, the money and all. My wife told her sister she was wrong. But my sister in law confessed to me that she was a nympho and needed to cum every day. As we sat and talked one day while she was over, I kissed her and we wound up in our guest bedroom where we fucked for hours. My sister in law loves getting licked and dicked. If I could not get hard I could stil please her by licking her love petals like I have on several occasions when she has drained me. She has been living with us for 15 months, attending college here. She lives in a two bedroom apartment over our garage. We originally thought we would get about $1,200 a month for the apartment with two students. But I am happy with the $400 we get from her sister. I am always fucking and sucking on this girl. She is so lovely,if she told me to eat her shit from the toilet I probably would. We have never done anal, but I have licked her back there and she loves it. When my wife goes shopping, goes to play tennis or gets with her sorority sisters, I am always fucking my sister in law. I would say on average we fuck five or 10 times a week. Sometimes we fuck in my house, sometimes in the apartment since all I have to do is open the garage door and walk up the stairs. I would marry this girl if society and our families would not condemn us. But I will not do anything to hurt her in any way.


Under Control 9/29/07:  There is a wonderful, professional black guy who lives across the street from us. He is married to a really cute white woman and they have three kids who are gorgeous. I noticed how he always looked at me with that I want to fuck you look. So I started teasing him when we were alone, as in my husband and kids gone and his wife and kids gone. I would walk out and sweep off the driveway or sit out and sip coffee, but always I showed him a flash of panties. I would cross and uncross my legs, or I would bend over so he could see. It felt so good when I thought he must be going into the house to jerk off after my little show of ass and snatch. On Memorial Day we had a huge cookout, the community gathering for the year. I wore a short silk dress and after it was over, he and I agreed we would gather all the empty pans, toss them and clean up then lock the clubhouse. My husband and kids and his wife and kids were whipped from being in the sun all day. When everyone was gone, I pulled up my dress baring my red silk thong panties and his eyes must have grown as huge as silver dollars. I told him to eat me. He didn t say a word, but dropped to his knees kissing and licking my sweet muffin as I came three times within 10 minutes. I had to tell him I had enough. I wanted his dick. I traded places with him in the chair and unzipped him. I was floored by the stiff 10 inch dick this tall, slim man carried. I sucked him a few minutes and he could not stand it. He pulled me up, placed me on the counter and slowly entered me, backing out, going in, savoring the moment as our tongues danced together. He would drop his head and suck my breasts. I came so many times before he fired into me, I can t count them. But he was not through. We laid on the couch and he continued to fuck me until I got so weak from orgasms I almost fainted. After an hour of the most intense fucking and pussy eating I have experienced, we headed home. We now fuck at least twice a week. And it is the perfect setting. Our kids play ball together. His wife and I are best friends and he and my husband are best friends. Our wildest fuck was in the bed of an abandoned pickup truck in a barn that he owns in the country. I used to hate black people because my mom and dad trained us that way. But I am literally in love with a black dick attached to a sweet and gentle black man. I love to suck him off, but I have not learned how to take him in my throat yet.


Bigglover  9/28/07:  I have a secret lover. moved to vero beach fl from pittsburgh pa, with g/f in march , but before I was to move I made a search of the area to find me a playmate b4 I got here!had a few inquiries before I found what I needed, a discreet hot sexual woman. well moving in day was a long and hot finished moving everything in, along with my girls mom and da, they showered and went to bed I showered and told my gurl I was going to get something to eat at a fast food joint, as she was going to sleep. jump in the car went down the road to a pay phone and call my discreet lover I was in town, she was excited and super horny to meet me . with her living only minutes away , she said come on over the door is open. mind you I never met her face to face, only on webcam so I knew what to expect. as I drove to her house, cock excited with anticipation I reached my destination, got out my car and took a really deep breath!! as I came in the house I started to take my shirt off because im raring to go and confident in myself that I was gonna get this pussy post haste . there she stood in a sexy nightie, nervously sly smile and shaking with anticipation, i scooped her in my arms with wild abandon, kissing deeply tatsting her hot mouth and toungue knowing I reached my destination. kissing her all over , hands roaming, kneading her sweet succulant flesh I knew she was mine for the taking. i threw her on the bed I finished taking off my clothes as I watched her touch herself with wanton lust , i moved quickly over her kissing and touching her , suckilng her sweet breast feeling her convulse under me. i moved down kissing her belly , which she tried to move my hands away from(little shy about belly)i force her hands above her head and proceeded to take her pussy with my mouth , tongue probing deep up inside her, having her cum all over my face. i rolled over and she got at my cock taking it deep in her mouth and throat looking me in my eyes knowing she was in for a treat. she rode me hard and fast cumming again and again on my cock , the it was doggie style hard fast and furious, spanking her sweet white ass after every stroke. then she said fuck my ass as it was all wet with her juices pouring down her hole I had no problem sliding in . banging her hard and pulling her hair she screamed with delite afte we exploded together her sweet body convulsing under me again. as I slid my cock out we cuddled for seem like and eternity . i showered and b4 I left she says"i definately made the right choice" I smile and said, "yes you did" and we get together 2-3 times a week and we share good sex with toys, lots of scenerios and happy with our arrangement 


Dan  9/28/07:  I've had a secret lover since June. I'm 49 years old was unhappy with the current state of my relationship and wanted to find a lover to share some intimate times.  I started looking on Craigs List, but got disgusted after a while. So I started looking at websites where married folks can meet up. Well, after about a week I was in contact with a few women and started the process of finding the right one. After meeting these women I decided on a 53 year old married blond woman who was very flirtatious the first time we got together. So we decided to get a motel room and see what would happen. Well, it didn't take long, but she was all over me like she hadn't had sex in a year. We just started ripping our clothes off and I quickly started nibbling on her breasts and fingering her pussy. Well, she was soaking wet in an instant. So I decided I wanted to go down on her and revealed a totally shaved snatch. I started eating her and sucking on her clit and she was going wild. After doing this for a few minutes, I took my dick and shoved it in her face and she just started devouring it.  I was rock hard in an instant and mounted her. She whispered to me she likes it hard and she didn't have to tell me twice. I stuck my cock inside her and started pounding away. Boy, did she go crazy, calling my name out and moaning like nothing I heard before. Her pussy was on fire and was squirting her love juice all over the bed. I screwed her for about 15 minutes and ran out of breath and to stop. This went on three more time until I finally filled up her cunt with a bucket of come. While we were lying in the bed resting, she confided to me that this was the first time she orgasmed through intercourse. Well, needless to say we've been doing this every 3-4 weeks and it just keeps on getting better.

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Sexy Girl 9/28/07:  I've never told this to my boyfriend but, my best friend's brother Joe has a slight learning disability. I've known both of them since I was I was very young.  He stopped by one day, really down on himself because a girl he was seeing broke up with him. (He was always putting himself down). Well, he was feeling so bad and I felt so sorry for him that I fucked him.    He was sitting on the couch talking, when I got up and walked over to the couch. I started rubbing his cock through his pants and he was instantly rock hard. I opened up his pants to unleash what had to be close to ten inches of cock! It was of average thickness, but had a large purple, bulbus head.  At this point I was so wet, I had no reservations about his large head piercing my tight swollen pussy. I hopped up on the sofa straddling his shaft and slowly eased my dripping pussy down on his cock. I rode his dick with incredible pleasure as he moaned very loudly. After about five minutes, I rolled over with him on top of me. He continued to fuck me like a wild animal.   A few minutes later, I could tell he was about to blow and told him to cum on my belly.  He pumped a few more times and with one final deep thrust, I screamed with pleasure as I could feel him unload shot after shot of semen deep within me. He left his penis in me for a few minutes as he laid over me. I finally had to tell him to get up, because I could feel his cum running out of my pussy and down the crack of my ass and I didn't want to mess up the couch! As got up I had so much cum in me, it was dripping out of my pussy all over the carpet!  It was one of the best fucks I ever had. Joe still comes over to fuck me whenever my boyfriend is busy.


Michelle 9/28/07:  Hi name is Michelle. I'm 45,,, 4 kids,, slim built sexy body milf, husband got me some big titts. 44dd, I guess thats were it all started looking at me more and more. It made me so turned on by it all.. I was working in a store in the mall selling makeup,you know us girls that sell makeup  tend to wear a little to much looking sluty. Makeup that is, dressing a little sluty. I met a younger girl that I worked with...Tina... .we started hanging out..she is very pretty and sexy as hell..shes married but fooled around on her husband...She is in to blackmen..we were out at a little bar drinking .and two black guys asked us if they could buy us a few drinks. The guys were very hot and built nice. Tina had told me she liked black guys because there dicks were bigger. I have only been with my hubby before that..after a few drinks Tina was off to her guys car to talk, yeah right. More to give him head, anyway the guy I was with told me, how hot I was and how he'd love to have me as his lady. Ok he wanted to fuck, he liked the way I was dressed.  That day I was wearing a short tight leather skirt and tight sweater, red 6 in heels, showing off my big titts. I never wear a bra, my nipples are big too. He started rubbing my legs. I was geting very wet and turned on by all this and I was pretty drunk too...he began to kiss me and I have never been kissed like that.  As we kissed he made it to my pussy and omg it was great too...his finger felt so good in me..fingering me as we kissed ... I told him we had to husband would be waiting for me at home...he asked me to ride to a park near the lake. He fingered me the whole way over there I was so fucking turned on...when we got to the park.he parked where there was no one at.  He showed me his dick.  Beth it was so big and thick.  I played with it and his precum was all over my hand.  He pulled my shirt up sucking and rubbing my big boobs. My skirt was around my waist.. fingering my pussy and my ass... he told me to suck his dick... he pulled my head down pulling my hair, forcing me to suck his black dick.  I wrapped my red lips around it. I sucked it like a whore sucking a dick..he told me I sucked dick very good.. I never suck my husband's dick at all.  This man was fucking my mouth and I was loving every minute of it too.  He pulled my mouth off his dick, telling me to get out of the car... I did as he told me, he got out too.  He told me to walk around the car, with my skirt pulled up around my waist.  He called me a whore for the way I looked walking in front on the car, shirt open showing my big titts and my skirt up showing my ass and pussy, standing there looking like a whore in my red highheels.  He told me to put my lipstick on as he watched me calling me a slut.  I was a whore at that time for him.  I never felt so turned on in my life.  He made me get on my knees, sucking him once more like a whore.  After I sucked for a while he told me to get up.  He bent my over the car omg this man fucked me like no man has ever fucked me. It hurt and felt so good it was the frsrt real time I'd been really fucked by a real man.  He fucked me very hard for about an hour and the whole time he called my very bad names but it was true.  I was now a slut and my black lover came deep in me and filled me up with his cum.  When he was done with me he put me out at the mall parking lot.  Cum was dripping out of me as I was driving home. My husband called me to ask how my day was.  I told him it was a very good day at work.  He told me he was horny and wanted to fuck me when I got home.  I didn't have time to take a shower, he was in the bedroom waiting for me. He told I have never looked so sexy, he started licking, told me my pussy was the best ever. He fucked me about 10 mins and it was over.  I have fooled around a few times after that but I never saw my frist black love anymore. I hope my husband never finds out about all I've been doing ....


Closet Nympho 9/27/07:  I am a 52 year old married white female from Florida. I'm 5ft 4 and 125 lbs. My secret lover is the young black man who moved into the house across the street. He is just 19 and a student and lives with his parents. My husband hired him to do some work for us and after laying out in the sun in my thong in front of him a few times it was not hard to get in his pants. I had always wanted to try a black guy and now we fuck at least 2 times a week after my husband goes to work. He has a 10 inch cock and can keep it up for the longest time. He is young but he can really tear up that pussy and always leaves me dripping with his cum. I told him that he can come over as much as he wants and believe me I look forward to it. I am thinking of giving him my virgin ASS HOLE. He keeps asking to take me in the ASS. I think next time I will surprise him.


Female Traveler 9/27/07:  I guess you could say I have a secret lover. I travel for work a lot had have a great husband. However, my husband is very old fashioned only wants to do it with the lights off he is always on top and it is wham bam thank you mam. At one of the places I go there is a roadhouse next to the hotel I stay in. One hot summer night I decided to go to the roadhouse for a couple of drinks. I had slipped into a nice sun dress that was cut a little low and had a rather short skirt. This guy asked me to dance and as we danced very close I could feel him become erect and it felt so good. After a couple of dances we went outside so he could have a smoke. We were leaning agains a car in the dimly lit parking lot talking and I told him how good it felt when he was pressed against me. I reached down and unzipped his pants and pulled it out he was twice the size of my husband and had a set of balls like a farm animal.  We decided it was time to go to my room. I haden't had a man eat me like that since a professor in college. We fucked three times that night and each time he delivered his package deep inside me.  I get back to that town about twice a month for two days and I always get my injections updated.


Cindy 9/27/07:  My name is Cindy and I am about 5 feet tall, 100 lbs. with long brown hair, blue eyes,full lips and am 36-24-35. I currently live in an apartment. One day recently, the dryer was making an odd noise and since my boyfriend wasn't home, I called the building manager.   He sent over the repairman, Kevin, who turned out to be in his late 40's. But he had a very muscular body that I could easily see, since he was wearing a snug fitting T-shirt and shorts.   As he worked on the dryer, I was in the kitchen, ocassionally looking over at him as he spoke to me.    At one point while he was leaning and stretching to the back of the dryer and talking to me, I looked over at him and noticed that leg of his shorts had ridden up his leg to expose a large,hot,uncut cock.   As he continued struggling with the task at hand, I watched as his exposed shaft bounced around on his thigh with it's bright purple head (I love a cock with a purple head) barely poking out from the foreskin.   The fact that it made me so horny, and that I never turn down a hot cock, I walked over to him and grabbed it. He immediately stopped working and I told him that it was hanging out of his pants and I couldn't resist.  He quickly unzipped his pants to reveal his now fully erect penis. I took his penis into my eager mouth in anticipation of tasting this hot guy. His cock was huge. It was as thick as my forearm from base to tip. I had to use both hands to get a grip around it, but I was able to get my mouth all the way around it and it really hurt my jaw. The taste of his hot shaft with the initial taste of sweat turned me on even further.   I sucked him hard, while alternating licking around the head and where the foreskin meets the bottom of the head. I massaged his balls as I sucked only on his head and rubbed his ass with my other hand. He tasted sooo good.    After about five minutes of sucking his cock, he turned me around and slid my panties off beneath my skirt. He then bent me over and with a couple of fingers he opened my dripping hole and slowly started to penetrate my tight pussy.  After a number of slow short thrusts to "break me in" he started pounding me hard. His penis was far thicker than my boyfriend's or any other man I have had so far and it really hurt. But it felt tremendous also!    After six or seven minutes of heavy fucking, I could tell he was getting ready to cum. As his body started to tremor, he stopped thrusting and drove his cock all the way into my pussy. I could feel his thick cock twitch and pulse inside me as he shot warm torrents of semen deep into my pussy. It must have been over a minute before he finshed shooting his load.  I then swung around and grabbed his cock and while I sucked on it. I slid my hands from the base to the tip, extracting the remaining juice from his cock and licking it from the edge of the foreskin. I could taste my juices mixed with his cum. I rolled the last of his load around on my tongue and played with it with my fingers before swallowing it. It was one of the best fucks I ever had.  Later that evening, I repeated the same routine with my boyfriend, except as he ate me out, I wondered if he tasted anything "different".    And yes, Kevin still comes over when my boyfriend's not home and fucks me!

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Worth the wait  9/25/07:  I ran into a female I have not seen in 25 years. I had been fucking her sister a few years earlier. Back then I wanted to fuck her and heard she had a reputation for giving blowjobs. She didn't seem to be interested as she was fucking some guy she eventually married and, as she told me, divorced years later. She never remarried, and after talking for a while I told her I was still hot for her. She confided that she wished we had fucked, even after she was married. We came to my house and she spent the night. We fucked and sucked, and she realy lived up to her blowjob reputation.


Donnie  9/21/07:  My best friend's wife has been flirting with me for years.  A couple of years ago she kissed me open mouth at a party. She was drunk so I blew it off.  No one ever knew about it and we never spoke of it.  She is fat but cute and my friend recently changed jobs and he is working on second shift now so we don't see each other as often as we used to.  The other night his wife called me and asked me if I would come over and look at her washing machine because there was something wrong with it.  When I got there she had put the kids to bed early and she was wearing silky pajamas with no bra.  Her nipples showing through.   She took me to the utility room where the washer and dryer are and I could see that the only thing wrong with the washer was that it was unplugged.   I realized Lisa had lured me over, when I turned to look at her she pounced on me and begin kissing me.   I hopped up on the washing machine and she sucked me off right there.  I hadn't jacked off in four days so I blew a giant nut in her mouth that she tried to swallow but she ended up choking and the cum ran down her face and dripped all over her cleavage.   The next night I went back around 10 pm and fucked her tight fat pussy in her bed.   We fucked for about an hour and a half before I had to go.  I am debating whether to keep tagging this needed girl and risk my friendship or to tell Lisa we need to stop.  I am worried that my friend is going to catch us.


Wetlady 9/21/07:  I have been married for almost 7 years.  My husband just doesnt satisfy me.  I have had so many affairs.  I love getting drunk at the bar and fucking a total stranger.  Im getting wet just thinking about it!


Dirty Landlord  9/20/07:  I recently rented an apartment unit to a young waitress that I know can't afford it.  She is young enough to be my granddaughter.  She is hotter than hell and flashed me when I went to work on her leaking faucet.  The next day when I went back we ended up having sex.  I am hoping we can keep fucking and I will cut her a break on the rent.  My wife would kill me if she knew.  I wrote you a story about it. Read It HERE.


Porn Lover in Napa CA 9/20/07:  Beth I love your site, I found your link on girlsgonepro.  I get off looking at pictures of other women and reading stories about girl on girl sex or MFF threesomes.  I am married and my husband has no idea that I am looking at pictures of naked girls and playing with my pussy when he is isn't here.  I recently created a profile on an adult site hoping to meet an experienced bi female to show me the ropes.


need blowjobs  9/19/07: My first wife would not suck me, although I constantly ate her pussy (which I did because I enjoyed it), so I resorted to getting blowjobs from an old girlfriend who loved to suck. We had broken up on bad terms, and two years later, after I got married, she was just 18 and pregnant and decided not to marry the guy because she wanted her freedom. She sent word through a mutual friend that she was available to me again even though I was married. I contacted her and said we could start having sex again, since my wife was working second shift and I needed sucking. I ended up having  sex with her on a regular basis. The blowjobs were even better than before.


HORNYGUY  9/18/07: I have had sex with three of my five sisters, all of them older then me. My sister that is year and half older, other sister is four years older and the other one is ten years older. My two younger sister of the three and a brother and me would have sex when our parents were gone and would change from one to another very often this went on for about 6 yrs then my brother and sister thats 4 yrs older moved out as they turned 18, that left me and my other sister  we would continue to have sex untill she moved out at 18 as well. When i turned 21 i moved to arizona with my oldest sister and about three months after i moved to arizona she and her husband remarried and my other sister came for the wedding, we were in the back yard drinking and then everyone desidec it was time to call it a night but not me and her as there was more beer and we were having to much fun so we stayed up after about  an hour i startes tickling her and she became very horny, we ended up having sex for about three hours as the sun was starting to rise, i would say this was the best sex i had from any of my sisters, i would love to have a repeat if the time and place were to present it self.


Damn Freak  9/18/07: I once worked in a mall. A retiring maintenance man showed me how to stop the elevator between the 1st and 2nd floor and get out and walk the little maintenance alley from which you could see into the woman's dressing room of the department store, the dressing room of the woman's fitness center next door and into the restroom of the restaurant to the rear of the department store. Once upon a time management had used the alley way to monitor surveillance equipment, but had since moved it. He told me about it and we smoked a joint and got off and stood behind the heavy glass looking into the woman's dressing room. The old dude told me no one but him knew about the passage. I used to go there and watch women undress standing behind the smoked mirror and jerk off. They never knew I was there. And I would jerk off watching from the mirror of the restaurant bathroom as they women used it there. In the fitness center, I always had a ball because women would go in there, undress, shower, come back and lay out on the bench after drying up. On a few occasions, I would wait until the fitness center closed and I would use a ladder to climb up over the wall and remove the white, square panels and enter the locker room when the place closed. I came in so many women's dirty panties and in their workout outfits it is a wonder they never knew. I remember standing in that secret wall and jerking off everyday, sometimes three times a day looking at high class pussy that I knew I could never have. The old maintenance man told me he used to jerk in the morning and before he left, he would just go watch women getting dressed, using the toilet or trying on clothes, get a hard on and go fuck the hell out of his wife. I hated it when I left that place because I knew I would never find anything else like it. To my knowledge, no one has ever found out about the secret hallway. I never took pictures, but I sure can still savor the aroma of the panties that I always had access to after the center closed at 9 p.m. I jerked enough watching those women it's pitiful. And they never knew someone was behind the wall wishing he could get that pussy.

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devilishdesires 9/17/07:  I will have to say I masterbated at work after watching my boyfriend jerk off on his webcam .Then we talked on the phone for a few minutes...talked about sex and what we were going to do with eachother when we were together again.His strong body and huge cock on display for me on the camera had my pussy throbbing for him and I was so wet I was aching ...I told him on the phone how horny I was after watching him and he told me to go into the bathroom and rub my clit until I came.Which was no time at all actually since I was already close to cuming just from watching him.Afterwards I called him back and told him that I had please "his pussy" and he told me I was a good pet for listening !!  The most unusual object I have ever used to masterbate with is.... Well lets just say objects.I like to entertain my Sir with visual delights and he loves it when I have new ideas that will please him visually and sexually.One night I decided I was going to use a kitchen syringe to inject honey into my pussy and let him watch it drip out.The hard plastic with the warm honey in it felt really good running over my clit and I could tell he was enjoying the show just by looking in his eyes. I have since then used a small pitcher of milk and filled my pussy with the creamy cold liquid holding it in me until my Sir tells me to release.. If you haven't tried this I recommend it for it feels wonderful running over my pussy and down my ass and it looks wonderful too ;)


Old Dude  9/14/07: I've read all those bullshit stories about guys fucking their moms, but I actually did it. When I was 15, I was in the family room jerking off to John Holmes and Seka fucking on video. I had done it many times and always knew how to get by without being caught. My dad was at work, as was mom. Dad worked from 7 p.m. until 5 a.m. four days a week, mom worked from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. It was about 6:40 and dad had just left for work, mom usually got in at about 7:20 to 7:30. I was on the couch, pants around my ankle, towel next to me wipe up my cum and I was playing the movie as I masturbated. The television was on mute as always when I jerked off. All of a sudden mom eased into the door and I was caught with my 10 inch dick out, working back and forth on it. Mom stood like a deer in headlights, mouth open, eyes wide and she blurted out Well Now! I stood up, covering my dick the best I could, ran to the television and cut off the VCR. Feeling like shit, I grabbed up my pants, the tape and towel and ran to my room. Mom took her bath, called me into her room where she was reading a book. She asked if I liked her body, then pulled back the covers and she was totally nude. I told her yes and she kissed me. From there we fucked for hours that night and went on to fuck for the next seven years before I got married and had to move away. I see her when I visit home and I want to do it again, but we never do have the time. She was the best fuck I could have had, a young boy with a constantly hard dick who had a woman at his disposal is really the stuff of dreams. But mine happened.


Kate 9/14/07:  When  was about 17 I used to look after a neighbours child while she went out with her friend every Friday. She was 25 and very attractive and she always left me some wine to drink. When she got home we would share some more wine and then go to bed( I would always stay at hers as she got home quite late and me going home at that hour would wake my family  ). I used to sleep with her in bed but we would just chat and then drop off. One Friday just after I got there her friend called to cancel their evening out. She asked me to stay anyway and I agreed as she was good fun. So we cracked open the wine played some music and chilled out. After an hour or so we were feeling really good and started dancing, then holding each other during slow tracks. She put her hands on my ass so I did the same to her. She then put her hands inside my joggers and pants and caressed me as she pulled me closer. God this was horny. Our breasts were rubbing against each other and she was pushing her pussy up to mine. We were still talking and laughing as we did this as we were a bit drunk. Anyway she suggested we dance naked ! This was ok by me as we used to sleep together in skimpy underwear so the idea didn't freak me out she had seen my body before. I should add this was twenty years ago and my body was quite hot then. No sooner were we naked then she held me again grabbed my ass and pulled my cheeks apart and ran her fingers right up my ass crack and stroked my hole. God I nearly came at that, point no-one but me had ever stroked my asshole before.  She then bent me over the couch and started to lick between my cheeks. We then got into a 69 position and I tasted my first ever pussy, wet sweet and lovely. We went on to have fantastic sex with fingers and tongues in all available holes and orgasms aplenty.  It was a great night and we repeated it another three times before we both sort of decided we didn't really want to carry on down that road as we were both missing cock too much. Besides she had just got a new boyfriend and I had my eye on someone. I didn't look after her child anymore but we did remain friend until she left the area about a year later. I've never had sex with another woman since and am now married. I have never told anybody this story including hubby. But believe me when I have the house to myself and and put aside an hour to get naked and play with myself the memories of those times are still strong in my mind as I rub my clit and slip a lubed finger in my ass.  Wring this has really turned me on as well so I'll be looking at some lesbian ladies on the net very shortly as I'm ready to come.

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youngblood  9/12/07: My first sex experience was with a guy friend of mine when I was a teen.  He was a year older than me and we hung out all the time.  Of course all we talked about was sex and girls we wanted to fuck.  We started to confide to each other how much we liked to jack off. and when we were alone we did all of the time.  My friend got the idea of getting naked together and jacking off.... after doing that things quickly got out of hand so to speak. The next time we got together he asked to try something.  I said ok and he had us get undressed and had me lay face down on his bed.  He then straddled me and laid on top of me....he was much bigger and atheletic...and I now knew his cock was really big...his dick was pressed into the crack of my ass.  he then began to hump me in my crack and after a few minutes he kept pressing and rubbing his really big dick in my crack, his full weight on top of me.  My little cock had gotten hard too and I was feeling like I was going to cum.  That humping felt so good I soon came on my bed and my friend came shortly after me and shot a big load all over my back and smooth ass.


green364u2  9/11/07: When I was working a sports car race as a monitor for a corner on the track I became arroused and masturbated and shot my load all over the car I was sitting in.


handsome.nerd  9/11/07: I have masturbated numerous times in the bathroom at my church, especially on Sundays.  I use my Windows based Cellphone and call up your website and have at it.  I really love your new pictures but the stories and confessions are really what turn me on.


Kim  from Georgia 9/10/07:  Well let me start saying have have allways be little little whore..I started out very young. I was little little chubby girl my boobs were big for my age, my ass was round and plump. I was having oral sex, at the young age of 13.  It all started with my dad friend from were he worked. He was much older ,about 35, He had nice nice big dick, he gave me ride ride home from school..he told me my boobs were nice. He ask if he could feel me up. I let him. I rubbed his dick.  It got very hard and took it out and started sucking him..he love the way sucked sucked him, he said his wife never sucked him. I don't know why after few few times of oral sex.. he got me to pull my panties down, omg he fingered me and loved loved it too.. He fucked me that night. I knew then was was whore whore and needed dick all the time in my mouth and pussy.  By the time was was 17 had had been around alot..every guy dated dated fucked me the frist night. Guys knew I was easy. I've been gangbanged and all. I was drunk one night and went to black black pool hall, I dressed sluty short skirt and red fuckme pumps, omg blackmen know how to fuck.  Two guys fucked me in the restroom. I wanted blackmen after that night more than ever, now I'm 25 yes I'm thick,with big boobs 44dd, and big ass. I got married a year ago to a very sweet man. He's white guy.  He's older he likes me to dress like a slut we go out to the mall and he plays like he doesn't know me and watches me. He loves seeing men try to pick me up. He loves seeing blackmen hit on me most of all. He doesn't know what a whore I can be.  He thinks I was with only with 6 guys in my life, its more like 120. Someday someday maybe he'll let me take it to the next step..we'll see...thanks kim


Dookie-Girl 9/9/07:  When I was in college, I had a professor who was a bitch! He flunked everybody in their senior year, ruining many dreams. After three weeks in his class my 3.89 average started to fall. I asked him what I could do to pass the course since the dean of the school never intervened for students. He asked could he suck my musk-burger, and he would give me all A-B grades. I let him do it, but I never let him fuck me. He would lick my pussy and jerk himself. Then he could lick my asshole and suck my toes. At the end of the semester when I had a perfect 4.0 average and was graduating, I told him I was going to give him a special treat. I sipped castor oil all day before going to his office that evening. When he started to eat me out, I pissed on him and he went nuts with pleasure. Then I shitted all over him and he was eating my shit, actually eating my dookie! He left to get plastic freezer bags to store my shit in. I have not seen him since. But I sure felt vindicated by shitting on him and making him lick my asshole clean.


Bad Boy 9/7/07: When I was 15, my neighbor Ms. Roy, was an older woman who lived alone and she would cut her yard and everything by herself. She had a really hairy lip, a well pronounced mustache that we all laughed about. She always wore an apron over her clothes, wore a black wig that she never put on right. It would sort of be floppy on her head and looked stupid. She dipped Tops Mild Snuff and was always spitting. I was cutting yards in the neighborhood and one evening I approached her and asked if I could cut her grass for her for $5. She asked me into the house and when I got inside she pulled up her skirt and apron and told me she could cut her own yard. She said I could mow her grass for $5 as she showed me her big hairy pussy! Needless to say her ugliness disappeared and I fucked her right there on the floor. We fucked for more than an hour because my dick stayed hard and I could not find a girl my age to fuck. I continued to fuck her until I turned 20, I fucked her so much there would be times when I smelled her scent coming out of my skin. She gave me $5 everytime I fucked her. Some weeks I would earn more than $50 fucking her two or three times a day. One day alone I got paid $30 for fucking her six times. That old woman never grew tired of me. And I know I was banging the shit out of her, trying to plant my dick in her. She told me as long as I pleased her I would never go broke. After I moved away from home, I came back on occasions and would sneak out with her and fuck. I fucked her was the week before I got married. She's now about 75, still looks the same and still dips that stinking ass snuff. Last Christmas when I visited the folks she was out in the yard and we chatted. She told me I needed to come by sometimes and get some more. I walked into the house with her and she popped in a porn tape with an old woman getting it from a young man. She plopped down a $10 bill and asked me how about it. I went ahead and fucked her, came in her gray pussy and put her to bed. But I m never doing it again because I feel guilt being married.


Going broke buying batteries!! 9/7/07:  Hi Beth, I came across your site a few months ago.  I love you site.  I wanted to share with you a little secret about me..... I think about sex all the time. It doesn't matter where I am or what I am doing, I want it non-stop.  I masterbate every chance I get. I love looking at pix and videos of other people.  I also get very hot reading stories on your site!!  The problem is, my husband doesn't want it like I do.  We have thought about having a threesome or another couple.  The idea is a huge turn on to me.  I would do it in a heartbeat.  I think just the idea of a threesome  is what turns my husband on.  I will keep tryin~~~


Did one time 9/5/07:  Back in 1975, I went to the store for my mom in her old neighborhood. This old man who ran the store gave me back change in some silver dollars and some old confederate paper bills, apologizing, saying he would have regular money the next day. That night my husband saw it and said it was rare. The next day I took it to this coin dealer who bought $12 in old money for $200. He said he would pay me likewise for other money. I went back to the store the next evening and the old man said he had plenty of confederate bills but wanted to keep them. He looked me up and down and smiled and said he had to lock up. I stood there and pulled up my shirt to expose my boobs. He almost fainted. I said please sell them to me. He said no. I pulled up my skirt and pulled my panties aside. That did it. He locked the door, led me to his office, showed me the money and asked if he could touch my pussy. I let him finger me, then I pulled off everything and he said if he could fuck me he would give me everything. He was already hard, but had a small dick. He licked my boobs and then my puss and I put a rubbed on him and turned around. He started fucking me from the rear and as soon as he was in me he came and fell back into his chair smiling and huffing for breath. I put my clothes on, he gave me the cigar box with $200 in confederate bills and asked me to come back tomorrow. I said I would, but I never went back. I sold the money for $4,800 and my husband and I bought a new house. I've never sold pussy since.I


justchiln 9/5/07: My wifes family was getting evicted and she kept begging me to let them live with us. i told her she has to suck my dick and swallow and i would let them. if i would have known they would have been with us for a year i would have asked for alot more than that.


Guy named P 9/5/07: There's a woman i used to go out with in Austin named Meredith. She is the best pussy I have ever had, she will let you do whatever you want. I miss that pussy so bad!!!!!!! i know i could fuck her again if i wanted to. and she's married, so i could just hit it when i felt like getting some pussy. i alway wanted to fuck her up her hot ass but never did. maybe i'll have to call her.


Jilly 9/4/07:  I have paraded around my office naked on more than one ocassion.  I have also driven my car totally nude more than one time.

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A man who knows better now 9/3/07: Anyone thinking of having an affair with their spouse's relative think carefully before starting and my advice is DON'T DO IT! My mother in law seduced me two years ago. She was always around our house, always visiting and bringing things over. She cooked full dinners, desserts just something all the time. She's sexy as hell. She's about 5 feet 8 inches, weighs about 140 pounds and has some of the sexiest, puffy nipple tits you've seen. She can be having a conversation with you and make her nipples harden before your eyes, showing well through her bra. Over a period of weeks my mother in law would come by dressed really sexy. She had accidentally I was to think back then, let me see her panties as she crossed her legs or sit on several occasions. She once reached into her bra to get money when the two of us were here alone and pulled out her breast. She had talked to me about sex, telling me how crummy it was with my father in law and how she had not been romanced in years and how she wanted someone to just fuck her brains out. One Friday evening when my wife and kids had taken the twice monthly trip to her cousin Ellen's home four hours away, my mother in law came by dressed in a short black skirt, white silk blouse, black stockings with a garter belt and black high heeled shoes. She grabbed a beer to drink and stood in front of me and spinned around asking me how she looked. I told her great. She asked did she look good enough to eat. Before I could say yes, she had began to kiss me. From there we made love in my home for hours. She was insatiable and knew how to handle her body. The next two days it was the same thing. I grew very fond of her and found the time and place to fuck almost daily for more than a year. But then it seemed we were always close to getting caught. I was fucking her one day when my wife was supposed to be at work. Just as I came in her, I heard my wife's car pull into the driveway. We barely got by that time. My mother in law had to put a face towel inside her panties to keep from leaking everywhere. Then there was a time we were at a hotel an hour away and one of her neighbors saw her leaving the building and started chatting. She told the neighbor she had stopped to use the restroom. On another occasion, my wife got pissed with me about something and said scoldfully that she wondered why her mother was so crazy about me and why she was always at the house when my wife was gone. We argued and my wife said to me if she ever found out anything was going on with us she would cut off my dick and disown her mother. That was the last straw. I was through. I explained it to my mother in law, but she didn't care. She wanted it to go on. But we had escaped getting caught barely. Now that I knew some folks were having strange thoughts on us being together all the time, I said fuck it. She cried and boo-hooed, but I was through period. Over the next few weeks she tried to get it going, but I said no, people were watching us. Well, now she does not speak to me. And people find it strange that she is so cold toward me. I try not to be around her at all when I can manage. On occasion she might call the house and if my wife is not here, she will cuss or say something stupid then hang up. Just today, Labor Day, I went over to their house to take some barbecue. My father in law was more than cordial. We had a beer, chatted and enjoyed conversation. She gave me a dry  Hey. She treats me so indifferent one of my kids asked her why she acted like she hated me. Of course, my mother in law said she wasn't acting that way, just had something on her mind. And my wife pays special attention. Man, I keep hoping my mother in law never slips up and says something or I'm fucked. I'd lose everything over a decision my dumb ass dick made. So I tell anyone it's not worth the relationship you will destroy fucking your close relatives. Go buy some pussy, but save the relationship.


Female 9/2/07:  My Most Regretable Fuck - Several weeks ago I went to this club and met this real hot guy. I was waring this low cut top with a lot of cleavage and the impression of my nips were quite visable. I was waring a short skirt no panties and I was ready for bear. When this guy and I would dance slow I could feel him get hard. After sitting at the table for a while and letting him pet the kitty I was ready to go out side. We went to his van. We took off our clothes and started to play. When he slipped it to me he made about 6 or 8 slow thrust and went off. That killed it for me.


Need to Play Powerball Now 9/2/07:  Last week I must have been the luckiest man in the world. We were at a nearby city for my cousin's wedding. At 1 o clock on Saturday the wedding started and in walked my wife's cousin Tracy, who is one hell of a knockout. She's about 5 feet 9 inches, must weigh no more than 150 pounds, has implanted tits, long blond hair and the most fabulous legs and ass you ve ever seen on a human. She's so fine women in the family are jealous of her and talk behind her back. Tracy was with my cousin's sister. She walked in, gave the usual hugs to all the family. Tracy had on a one piece short black see through dress. Her tits were at full attention as usual. Standing close, you could see her nipples because she had on no bra. She was wearing satin black thongs beneath it. Standing in the light it almost appeared she was nude. And the black high heels she had on must have made every man's dick hard. After the wedding, we all went back to the hotel where everyone was staying enjoyed the reception. There was to be a break from 5 p.m. to 7p.m. so everyone could rest, change clothes and get ready for the big party that night where a band and DJ would be. At the reception, my wife danced with the other women and had two pina coladas. She said she was feeling tired and a little high about 4 p.m. and was going up to lay down a bit. Tracy was on the dance floor shaking that ass with a couple cousins dancing. She asked me to dance and I reluctantly did. My dick got semi-hard and I said I was going to head to the room until the party started later. As I got onto the elevator, Tracy came and got on with me. She stood in front of me and as soon as the door closed, she backed her ass up onto my crotch and wiggled. I grabbed her breasts and pulled her close as she turned her head to kiss me. My dick was standing at attention. We got off the elevator without saying anything and went to her room. As soon as the door closed, we were laying on her bed kissing and groping each other. She pulled off the dress and I pulled off her panties. She had a bald cunt. I started eating her pussy, caressing her tits and she started a series of five orgasms over 25 to 30 minutes. I didn't want to stop eating her because she tasted so good and her pussy felt so good to my mouth. I got up and started fucking her. She came more and more and all I could smell was her scent in every breath. My dick was so hard it took me about 35-45 to cum. By then she was spent. As I came she started purring and moaning, then breathing hard. She had cum so much she collapsed beneath me. I was still hard and started to fuck her from the back until she told me to please stop. She couldn t take anymore because she was weak and needed to rest. She invited me to take a nap with her, but I refused and got washed up and left the room. 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Her breasts are smaller and her ass more spread, but she's damn sexy to be 62. My mother in law took off her shoes and started playing with my leg beneath the table, sliding her foot across my leg, smiling. I eased my hand beneath the table, rubbed her stocking covered leg and she continued to smile. Then I eased my hand onto her crotch and rubbed her pussy through her panties. She got a serious look on her face and told the others that she was going to turn in because she was spent for the day. I took the occasion to leave as well. When we stepped onto the elevator my mother in law grabbed me in her arms and started kissing me. We embraced as we kissed and she asked me if we should be doing that. I said yes. She told me she didn t know, but apologized for doing what she had done. She said she just felt a little frisky and lost her head. I said don t worry. We needed each other. We went into her room and sat on the bed kissing and rubbing one another. When I put my hand on her crotch and started to pull aside her panties, she stopped me and started to cry. I asked what was wrong. She said she didn't want to think of her as dirty and maybe we should stop. I said no. But I would if after I kissed her she felt we should stop. She smiled and I laid her back on the bed, pulled up her long pink dress and pulled her panties to the side and started licking on her pussy. She started calling my name over and over, saying it very softly. In a few minutes I had her getting orgasms, tensing up, holding her breath and letting it go when the orgasm had completed itself. I pulled her panties off, she pulled off her dress and bra and slip. I licked her pussy probably another 15 minutes when she released so much orgasmic fluid on me I could only smile. It was musky, really slippery and seemed to be of heavier consistency than pee, but lighter in consistency than a man's sperm. She started saying  fuck me now baby, fuck me now. Come on fuck me baby. We fucked from about almost 10 p.m. until shortly before I left her room at 2 a.m. I had cum four times with her and we had fucked almost non-stop. The next morning we all met for breakfast at about 11 a.m. We ate, chatted and I asked Tracy when she was coming back because she lives six hours away. She said we d get together for sure pretty soon. I asked for and received the pair of panties she had worn the day before. They smelled wonderful! My mother in law, who lives only five miles from us, also gave me her panties before we headed home. My mother in law said she was worried how we would continue what we started without raising suspicion. I told her we d think of a way. If this didn t happen to me, I would not believe it myself. Anyway my mother in law and I fucked three hours yesterday at a hotel in the neighboring city.  It was just as good as the first time. As lucky as I was that day I fucked both those women, I should have been playing the lottery. I would be rich today.

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Marty 9/1/07:  I wanted to tell you about this married woman I met at a bar a few years ago. I seen her from across the bar and knew that I had to have her. She was shooting pool with this guy, but they didn't act as if they were together. I just continued staring at her and went on to shoot some pool with friends. Later in the evening she was doing one of the line dances, and you couldn't help but to be hypnotized by her motions. As she was leaving the dance floor I asked her if the guy she was shooting pool with her boyfriend. She replied "no, he's my husband". I said to her "damn, that's even worse". She asked me why I asked her, and I asked her did she look in the mirror? Well, as we started walking back to the poolroom area she says "just because I’m married doesn't mean I’m off limits". I said 'oh really"? Well, I went back to the table her and her husband were playing at and she introduced me to him. I was a little apprehensive of course, but continued talking to her. Well, by the end of the night she had asked me what my plans for the remainder of the night were. I told her that I was going to grab some breakfast, and then head home. She told me they were just visiting her father and would be returning home in a couple of days which was about a 12 hour drive away. She asked me for my number right there in front of her husband and he didn't react as I would if it were my wife, so I gave her my number and said my goodbyes. I didn't think too much of it after that. I went to eat breakfast with my friends and then went home at about 4:30 in the morning. After I was home for about 20 min, my phone rings. It’s her. She asked me what I was doing, and I told her that I had just gotten there. She then asked me if I would like to come to their hotel room. I asked where her husband was, and she said he was laying right next to her. I asked if he was ok with it, and she said she does what she wants to do, and he does as he wants to. so, I agreed. I was talking to her on the phone on the way there, and she asked me how big my cock was, and I told her just 7. She said she like it that size, although she said her husbands was ten. She asked me was I going to take care of her pussy when I got there, and I said I would with everything I got. When I got there, she opened the door and there stood the hottest looking thing I have ever seen in this lovely teddy. she had made her and I a little pallet on the floor. She pulled me toward her and went to her knees. she then took her teddy off, and what a vision she was. She pulled my hips toward her and I fucked her apprehensively in fear that her husband would wake since he was right there in the bed the whole time next to us. He didn't move an inch. I was wondering if he was dead, but he was just a very hard sleeper. a few months later, they came back to town. She called me up and asked what my plans were for the evening. I said "hopefully fucking the shit out of you". She said definitely. Her and her husband came back to my apartment and sat in the living room for a bit. I went to the restroom and then to my bedroom to get my lighter. She followed behind me and laid a liplock on me that had my cock throbbing instantly. She then said I want to fuck you senseless, but I want to know if you mind my husband sitting in the same room? I said if he was ok with it. The first time he was there, but this time made me a little more nervous, but went on with it anyways. I had a recliner in my room that he sat in while we were on the bed with the lights off. She rode me till I burst my shot inside of her. She then reaches over and turns on the light. She and I sat there with me still inside of her talking to her husband. It was kind of awkward for a moment. I told him that I could never have let my wife fuck another man in front of me, and couldn't see how he did. But I was interested in seeing what he might get out of it, so I asked him to switch places with me but he refused saying he probably couldn't perform. so she then turned off the light and said ya'll are done talking and started riding again. I was felling a little more comfortable at this point and flipped her over and started fucking her as hard as I could with her loudly groaning with pleasure. I lost my cell, and had to get a new number, and have not heard from her since. But boy, I sure do have the memory.


Rachel 8/31/07:  Hi everyone, my name is Rachel and I am 18.. This story is about me and my first love, Alex...I was a senior in high school, and I had been used to getting a ride home from Alex, and since my parents both had jobs and weren’t home until late,  I would give the occasional blowjob, or get oral from him, nothing more than that.. On my 17th birthday he told me to expect something special, and I had some idea what he meant, because my parents were out of town, and I had been thinking about having sex with him, but hadn't mentioned it to him..  We got out of school at 4pm, and got to my house around 4:15, at which I opened the front door, and he and I immediately starting kissing and groping each other.  We made our way to the couch, where he got on top of me, and continued to grope me.. I pulled of my tank-top, and bra, and let my 34c breasts out.  He kissed them and sucked on the nipples, after about 5 minutes of intense making out and tit sucking, I was so wet I was afraid I was going to soak my juices into the couch! I suggested that we take this party upstairs, and he followed behind me, me in nothing but my boy short panties, and him in his blue and white boxer-briefs. We went upstairs, and I went into the bathroom, to take care of girl things, and prepare myself for a night I wouldn't forget.  I came out naked, and found him on the bed his seven inch dick erect and waiting, I was so excited I was afraid I might cum right then and there! He was way ahead of me with a condom on and everything arranged so that it seemed like he had planned this.  So I crawled onto the bed, and lay down next to him, letting his old spice scent envelope me, we sat there and stared into each others eyes for what seemed like hours, until I made the first move, and pulled him on top of me (I didn’t want him to go soft) I told him that we had to take it slow, because I wasn’t sure if it would hurt or not.. We started out in the missionary position, and I didn’t hurt at all, so I suggested doggie style.. I got up on all fours, and was shaking my ass and pussy right in his face .He took the cue from there and plunged his dick deep into my hot pussy.. He was pumping over and over into me, while grabbing my heaving tits, spanking my ass. I felt this weird sensation crawling up throughout my body as Alex pumped his huge dick into my throbbing pussy, I loved the sound ad sensation his heavy balls made on my ass, we kept this up for 10 minutes, until I wanted to get on top..  So I layed him down, and straddled his giant cock, and slowly grinding down onto it. I started bouncing up and down onto his cock, while he pressed on my G-spot with his hands, and grabbed my tits, I bent down so he could take one into his mouth and suck on it for a little while. The sensation that had been going on was exploding within me, and I felt myself cum over and over again, and as I finished cumming he shot his load into my pussy...I got off and we laid there for a while. Just sitting there.. I gave him a kiss, and told him I was going to take a bath downstairs, and if he wanted he could join me...I was just getting into the tub, when Alex came in and I motioned for him to come into the tub.. I turned on the jets, and used me feet to rub his cock...and he used his to touch my pussy.. After a bit of playing footsie and kissing, I wanted to show him what I did when I thought about him..  I positioned myself ass and pussy against the jet and let the pulsating water hit my clit.. I let the water flow strongly against my clit, and grabbed my tits, and started moaning, and saying his name over and over again...It was hard not to see his growing erection at the sight of me masturbating, and pretty soon he was fucking me against the tub side, the water splashing all around us as he fucked me so hard that I almost passed out when I came, apparently a little too early, because he wasn’t done. He pulled out and I set him onto the tubside, and started to suck his cock. His took his head into my mouth, and stuck my tongue in between his little slit, and started to deep throat the whole thing, I felt his body shudder, and he shot his cum into my mouth, and onto my tits and face.  I sucked him dry, before returning to the water and cleaning myself..  I was about to get out of the tub when he grabbed my waist and told me he wanted to return the favor, he stuck his face into my pussy and licked my clit, and stuck his tongue into my pussy, I enjoyed this, but I was pretty sore from all the fucking so I let him finish and faked an orgasm, before going into the kitchen to eat some food. About ten minutes later after eating frozen pizza and drinking soda, he felt offended that I had not thoroughly enjoyed him giving me oral. Honestly, he isn’t that good at it.  So I made up this lame excuse about being tired. He said he was too, so we went upstairs to get some sleep. We slept until 10pm, and I woke up to him getting dressed saying that he had to go...I felt very offended, and assumed that he was still upset about earlier. I told him that I wasn’t so tired anymore and he stopped buttoning up his shirt.. He looked at me and I said lets get some water, he immediately stripped down into his boxers again, and followed me downstairs into the kitchen. We had our water and then I asked him if he wanted to fuck me up the ass .He said he never ad with anyone, and I asked if he did ( I had always wanted to) He said that it wasn’t really his thing, I heard a knock at the door, and Alex opened the door, I scrambled to grab a towel from earlier, and he revealed his friend Zach.  They exchanged hellos, and Zach suddenly realizing that he interrupted our night, smiled shyly and asked if I wanted him to wait outside, I was about to say yes please! when Alex stopped him and said, hey man, you like pounding tight asses right? I was astounded and slightly turned on by the fact that Alex said that. I smiled sheepishly, and looked away as I felt my pussy get wet. Alex smiled at me and said I'd like a blowjob, and Zach wants to fuck you up the ass, you interested, it would sure make up for earlier.  I hesitated but the thought of Alex fucking my mouth, and Zach pounding my ass was extremely erotic...I dropped the towel, told them to shut the door, and lock it. Zach looking utterly bewildered, smiled slapped Alex high five and locked the door.  I brought them upstairs and asked Zach to be easy on me. He nodded, and lubed up his dick, while Alex stood there with his dick in hand.. I got on the be on all fours, and let Zach stick his dick in my pussy to get it slick with my juices, and he pulled out after a few pumps and slowly entered my ass...It felt good to have my ass stretched, it was a weird mix of pleasure and pain. All of the sudden I was screaming for Zach to fuck me harder, and deeper, and he followed my directions shoving his whole 10 inches into my ass...I loved the ways his balls felt against my pussy slapping and hitting my swollen clit. All of the sudden I saw Alex in front of my and he shoved his dick into my mouth. I was surprised, but it was a good one! He started fucking my mouth, pushing my head all the way down his dick with Zach fucking my ass and Alex fucking my face, I was about to explode!  Alex came first and pulled his dick out of my mouth and rubbed it all over my back. He told Zach to lay down ,and Zach obliged with me still clinging to his dick, and Alex took his dick and shoved it into my pussy! I had never experienced this before, and I enjoyed it so much! Two hot guys one fucking the shit (haha no pun intended) out of my asshole, and the other my pussy was amazing! Zach would pull out all of the way, and then ram himself into me causing me to cry out in ecstasy, Alex started to follow his lead, and I was like a human seesaw! I came form here until kingdom cum, and we all collapsed onto the bed, heaving and me being felt up. I told them to never mention this to anyone, and they haven’t. Not that I know of...I still get together for these parties once and a while, and we all have a good time.:)

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youngblood 8/31/07:  My wife and I have had a pretty open relationship. we have had a few mmf 3somes, and my wife had gotten to enjoy a man one on one a few times.  The first few times it was with a guy she knew from when she dated, but lately it has been guys I find on line.  There is one guy we met on line that I know she now fucks on the side.  Since I am really small she loves it when she gets a nice big fat cock. We did it as a threesome once with this guy and he was really big,  He fucked her 3 times and between each fuck he had me suck him clean and get him hard again. We did it again but they were only into each other.....since then I found out they are fucking every chance they get, even in our bed!  She has a a job where she is out all of the time and I think she met him today and fucked.


Senior server 8/30/07:  Hey Beth, a few weeks ago I responded to a newspaper ad for a $300 violin. My daughter needed one for school, so I called the number to see about it. The woman was telling me about the instrument and we started talking about other stuff. Before we got off the phone, she knew most everything about me, my age, my occupation, my wife's occupation and all. She lived nearby, about two miles away so she knew we both lived in a really nice area. The next morning, I called and said I d be right over. She asked me if I was coming alone, I said yes as it was Saturday and my wife was gone playing tennis and the kids were still asleep. When she opened the door, there stood this immaculate, gray-headed woman in a pink terry cloth gown and wearing house shoes. She invited me in and asked me to sit at the kitchen table. I looked over the instrument as we talked, I played a few notes and agreed I d buy it. She made small talk, asked me if I d like coffee or anything and I said no, I was heading to the golf course. Suddenly she opened her gown and had on nothing beneath. She asked why not stay and play with her. I didn t need to be asked twice. She had the hairiest pussy I ve ever seen. We made love all morning. She drained me of four orgasmic cums. She came so many times her bed was soaked. I had arrived at her house at 9 a.m. It was about 1 p.m. before I left. Needless to say, she gave me the violin and refused to accept payment. I ve been seeing her on a regular basis now. She is awesome in the bed and she has such a lovely body. Why I ve never seen older women in the light I see her in, I don t know. But my golf game will have to suffer because I d rather play with her than chase that little white ball in 90 degree weather.


Alpha Dog 3-E-1 8/30/07:  Hey Beth, I have to give you cudos, you have a web site that people love. I am a senior in college and I let my 247 frat brothers, some of out sorority sisters and some friends use my computer to look at porn and other stuff. Many of them frequently go to your web site to look at pictures and to read the stories since they don t own computers and cannot access some stuff from school lap tops. My frat Robert, told me he submitted a story and several others have to. Last weekend we all were sitting around drinking beer and watching the game on tv and this girl who lives off campus, but loves the frat boys, came by and we sneaked her into the dorm. She sucked off four of us, fucked another five of us and left us stunned and out of breath when she left. It is the first time I ve ever participated in running a train. It was awesome and she said she would do it as many times and with as many guys as we liked. She would not take money, but said she just loved fucking frat boys. Now when a guy sees someone he wants to fuck there is a saying that I want to tell Beth about that one!


Yawn_yawn 8/30/07:  My Most Regretable Fuck - When i was 15 years old i decided to (try to) lose my virginity to the most popular guy in school. I thought it would turn out to be great since he had tons of experience and all. Well i was wrong he was so thin that he didnt even pop my cherry. Then he didnt do but 2 minutes of foreplay then just hopped on top and stuck it in, which i dhdnt even notice, i even asked him if it was in yet. Then he just pumped me till he came then left. I regret that.

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onumku 8/30/07:  My husband's fantasy was to watch me do a really well hung man.  The truth is that I was completely happy with his 6-incher.  But somewhere along the line he read that every woman's fantasy was to experience a huge one, and that turned into his obsession.  I humored him by sharing aloud his fantasy, always during sex and, to be honest, it was a real turn on.  After three years of prompting and urging I finally agreed to do it -- for him.  So we went online and after meeting with several "no way in hell" would I with him we finally met someone attractive and respectful, so we went to a motel.  Hubby sat in a nearby chair and watch as I got naked and onto the bed.  This guy had a 10-inch cock that was as round as my wrist.  I tried to suck it but could scarcely get the head into my mouth.  He ate me and that felt good and, mostly, I enjoyed seeing how excited my husband was.  Then he fucked me.  I was thrilled when he first entered me but that soon turned to pain, and that went on and on forever.  I pretended to enjoy it, at least for the first few minutes, but after that all I could do was cry.  He finally came on my belly, got dressed and left.  Being naked with another man didn't bother me, but the pain sure did.  My husband hasn't brought up fucking another man since, and our once great lovelife has turned boring and routine.  So now I'm wondering if I should bring it up, maybe find a guy with a nice, comfortable average cock to fuck?


Hot Boy 8/29/07:  After 15 years of marriage my wife made a sudden change and has become a sexual freak. She had never sucked me to climax, only sucking me enough to get me hard for intercourse and that was it. She hated porn and despised anyone who looked at it. She hated to hear about other people's sex lives, she hated to see kissing on tv or people making out and would flip the channel everytime. New Years Eve, she changed. We were out of town at a company funded party and we got back to the hotel room, she showered, put on perfume and told me to lay down. She said she wanted me to cum in her mouth. We did it and it was fabulous. She drank my cum, turned around on top of me and we were locked in a 69 as she got me hard again. The sex was great. Back home, she asked me to jerk off for her while she played with herself. The sex was a total turn around. I think she had been cheating and someone taught her these things, but I had no proof. Then out of the blue in February she started telling me about her younger sister's huge clitoris. At first I sort of went, yea, OK. What the hell was I supposed to say?? She was talking about her sister's body and anything I said could have been a trap. The talk went on about it and how her sister's husband had a small dick, didn t eat pussy and how Carla's clit looked like a small strawberry it was so big. One day my wife asked me if I wanted to see Carla's clit. I said yes. The next day she brought me a picture of her sister revealing her clit and asked me what I thought. I slipped and said she had a suckable clit. I ll cut to the chase. That weekend Carla came by as usual and we all chatted. My wife asked Carla to show me her clit, that I would suck it!! I was floored as shit and didn t know what to say.  Carla disrobed and there between her legs, at the base of her hairy pussy stood the biggest clit I ve ever seen in real life. My wife begged me to suck it. In three minutes she had promised not to divorce me, this was not a setup, and that she wanted her sister to the same level of sex that she had. Carla and I got busy right there on the sofa. My wife pulled up her skirt and started masturbating as we fucked. When I had blown a load into Carla, my wife sucked my dick clean of her sister's juices and we then fucked in front of Carla. We spent the whole day fucking and many other days since then doing the same. Two weeks ago we went to New Orleans and it was incredible to see how much respect a man gets with two knock-out women on his arm. They have not done each other, only rubbing each other's backs, stomachs or tits when we fuck. But I am sure I can convince my wife to make the first move and suck her sister's clit. They both have told me I can have them anytime, all the time if I never cheat with another woman. And I have promised not to. I ve had the best sex of my life the past eight months. 


Chris 8/28/07:  I had just met a lady from Conn via the Internet.  So, I went up tp her house for the day not expecting any action.  We talked while we sat on the couch until her roommate said she was going out for a few hours.  She put on her jacket and walked down the driveway to the street. It was then my new found Internet friend jumped up from the couch pulled my by my arm and pushed me into her bedroom.  She ripped my clothes off and gave me a blow job, the best I've ever had.  She wouldn't stop to come up for air or anything, she just kept on sucking my dick.  As my cock began to swell, and my hips thrashed  all around, I shot a juicy wad of cum to her throat.  She took it upon herself to imitate a vacuum and suck the cum out with all her might.  The sensation was fantastic, it felt like I was going to pull the sheets out of my ass. I tried to recover, just laying there in a daze. She wasn't done by any means.  She mounted me, stuck my hard cock inside her and rode me with all she had.  I came again just as she flooded my cock with her juices.  I was all done, i have never pooped out at this time.  She told me again and again how much she loved her orgasm.  It felt like a bomb going off inside my pussy. Since that day, we have gotten together many times.


Kiki 8/28/07:  My Most Regretable Fuck - There have been times when I have fucked just because I could.  The most regretable that come to mind was the time I picked up some stranger in a bar and fucked him between two parked cars outside.  Just hiked up my skirt and bent over-felt like a shit protection..hell didn't even get the dude's name and never saw him again.

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Daddy 8/28/07:  I went out to a bar last night with some friends and my daughter-in-law was there.  I knew she had the hots for me so after a few beers, I started rubbing her pussy under the table.  When the bar closed we went back to her house and I sucked on her tits and finger fucked her till she came.  We are making plans for her to cum over to my house and spend the night.  She said she has wanted to fuck me for a long time..... more to follow.... :)


Never again 8/28/07:  My most regrettable fuck happened about two years ago when this drop dead gorgeous Italian girl started with my company. I am a tenured manager with 15 years under my belt. The rule is that managers and non-management can t have romantic interest in one another. This girl was tall, shapely and totally gorgeous. Everybody wanted her, but she only paid attention to me. My boss, the top guy in management, made so many passes at the girl it was unreal. He would walk by, look at her legs and tell her she could have anything she wanted from him. He totally embarrassed himself in front of everybody. She sat at a desk next to me and she would do things like sing my name, stick her tongue out at me and offer to share her lunch. One day she came in and had a rip in her panty hose. She changed her hose and came back to her desk and dropped the worns ones onto my desk and winked. I tossed them into the trash, she got them out and stuffed them into my briefcase and said to smell them when I got home. When I got to my car, I sniffed them and got terribly aroused. The next day I said I wanted to visit after work. She agreed. We had intense sex that evening. It went on for nine months. When she got ready to leave for another job, on her last day at work, we were giving her a going away party at the office. She got up thanked everyone and said I was the best thing to happen to her. Everyone gagged in disbelief and my boss, the fat bastard who was nuts for her, asked loudly and abruptly what she meant. I almost shit my pants as I awaited her answer. She smiled and said I had been the perfect mentor and that I had helped her develop her skills to the level that she could accept her new job, which gave her a $27,000 raise. I sighed in relief. As she hugged folks goodbye, I could see my boss start twitching his mouth in anger. When the girl got around to me, she hugged me, patted me on the back and said thanks for everything. I ll love you for life, then kissed me on the cheek. My boss has been an asshole ever since, once asking me straight up  Did you fool around with that young girl? If I ever found out you did, I would fire you on the spot I told him hell no. I ll never in my life fuck a non-management woman again! To this day other guys will tell me the girl had the hots for me and I should have fucked her. I'll never make that confession. But every now and then I will jerk off to the steamy videos she and I made.


Ed 8/27/07:  My Most Regretable Fuck - My Job called me to the Oregon Coast for a week and my girlfriend couldn't go with me.  The work I had was in an office and all day long the women around me were drop dead gorgeous.  It was also the middle of summer so the dress that week was mini skirts and tank tops.  I was so horny at the end of the work day I needed to fuck.  So I went online and answered a CL ad to a woman who lived close to where I was working. She replied and gave me her phone number, so I called and got directions. When I got to her house,I was greeted by a 5 foot 250 pound crazy woman. She had a beer in her hand, gave it to me and pulled me into her bedroom. She was gross and sweaty and her bed was cluttered with toys obviously masturbating. I got naked, she sucked me hard, I put on a condom and rolled her on her stomach.  I fucked her as hard and fast as I could just wanting to get out of there. When I was about to cum, I rolled her over, ripped the rubber off, and dropped my load on her face and tits. I didn't even say goodbye, put my clothes on, and tore out of there. On the phone... you see.. she told me she was 5'9", 160.


Tennessee Teacher 8/27/07:  My Most Regretable Fuck - I am in my late 30s now, but when I was in my early 20s and just started teaching, I had an affair with a teenage student.  The young man was very mature for his age.   I liked his attention and crossed the line, inviting him to my apartment.  We had sex a dozen times before I told him we had to stop.  He kept in touch with me for years.  I realize now I came very close to ruining my life.  Even now I could be ruined if the young man came forward with his story.


Texasboy 8/27/07:  My wife went to visit her parents a few months ago and i stayed home because i had to work. anyways, i was so horny one day so i decide to get a motel room and call an escort.the girl that showed up was on the chunky side but had the biggest tits i have ever seen. when she got there she got straight to work and gave me the best blow job i've ever had and she let me cum on her tits. after she left i felt really guilty but now that i think about it i don't regret it at all :]


food for sex 8/27/07:  Today I went to the post office for a few stamps. The stamp machine in the lobby had been removed, so I got in line to buy some from a clerk. This female in line ahead of me turned around, and we started talking about the post offices decision to remove the stamp machines from all of their locations. She bought her stamps, then left as I bought mine. When I left the building, she was outside the door, and asked if I wanted a blowjob for $10 so she could buy some food. I told her I had no money, but plenty of food at my house and would prepare her a decent meal for a blowjob, adding that I would prepare the meal first. She accepted, and we came home. I grilled chicked, baked potatoes, and made a salad,broccoli, and corn muffins. After we finished eating, she said she was ready for her dessert, and knelt down between my legs. She unzipped me and pulled out my cock, already hard in anticipation. She took it in her mouth and gave me great sucking, and I soon erupted. She went to the bathroom and spit it out. Then she said she would come by often to suck me for a meal, adding that when she gets to know me better she would start swallowing. I told her if there are times she does not feel like sucking me, I will still feed her.


Boobluster 8/27/07:  My Most Regretable Fuck - Here I was, an 18 year old horny kid on a typical Saturday night seeking a pretty slut to suck clit and fuck when i drove down an alley in the back streets of our  red light streets. Out of the blue appears the most beautiful woman, 6 ft, DD cups and the longest legs. I stop next to her and start by asking her what she is doing in a dump like this, she smiles back tracing her long red nails along my arm which gave my 9 incher something to salute to.. She looks me in the eye and says in a quiet voice, " I want you to do me in the ass". Even though i was experienced I knew this was a once in the lifetime act so i told her to get in. She told me where to drive until we stopped in an old lot. She said it"ll be 50 so i gave her the money and she said "Today i feel horney , its your lubky day!" and with that she started french kissing me. This went on for about 5 min until she opened my zip ajnd pulled my stiff cock out. "mmm she purred as she started to give me the best bbbj that i had up till then! Just before i could come i eased her off me and said i'm ready. She pulled her tiny skirt up turned around and pulled her thong down.As i was about to put my cock in her hole i caught site of something under her so i reached out and screamed. It was a cock! I pushed her out and sped off!


Anonymous 8/26/07:  My nightmare fuck happened years ago when I saw single. I picked up this hot girl at a nightclub. We went to my car started some heavy petting and I got her tits out and started to suck on them. She still would not say yes, so I went down on her right there, parked in the lot. She wouldn t lay back, so I was crooking my neck to lick her clit and her labia. She was into it, rubbing my head and moaning then all of a sudden yelled it was her boyfriend out looking for her. I raised up, cranked up and got her to lay back in the seat as we left the parking lot. We rode by a few motels, but she didn t want to go into a room. She agreed we could ride out into the country and fuck. A little while later, we pull onto a dark road out in the woods. She was telling me to come on, she was hot and needed fucking right then. I got out, went to the passenger side and she got out. I let down the tailgate of my SUV and she pulled her skirt up and I put on a condom and started to fuck her. We were fucking good and she was moaning really loud. I asked her to stop so no one would come out of the woods on us. She didn t. I started fucking her harder and I came. She told me don t stop to change rubbers, keep on. I kept on fucking as my dick remained hard. About 15 minutes later, she yelled out that I had cum in her and she wasn t protected. I pulled out and sure as shit the rubber was busted, In our excitement neither one of us had noticed all of her orgasmic fluid had run down her legs and had wet the front of my pants. Worse of all, she was bleeding. She had started her period and didn t know it. I looked like I had slaughtered a hog. Blood covered me from the waist to the knees. The tan pants I wore were ruined. I looked for paper towels and had none in the vehicle. I had to pull off my underwear to wipe off my dick. I used hand sanitizer to rub down my dick because I didn t know the girl at all. She wiped her pussy with my underwear and we left them soaked wet with cum and blood laying on the side of the road. She kept freaking out on the way back to the city that I had cum twice in her, that she may be pregnant and that her boyfriend would know something because my big dick had stretched her so wide. I took her to her apartment and when she got up, my gray cloth seat was ruined. It was drenched in blood. Her white skirt was drenched in blood. She started crying saying she had to have something to cover her skirt with in case a neighbor saw her. I gave her my Mohair jacket to place around her waist. She invited me in, so I went up with her. We both looked a mess. We looked terrible. And after she had washed off and I washed off, I told her I needed something to place over my pants. I wound up getting a black plastic garbage bag to cover with. As I was standing at the door her boyfriend started banging on the door yelling he knew she was home and she d better open up. This asshole was about to open the door. I begged her not to open it and I had to physically restrain her for about 5 minutes before he finally left. After that night we never saw each other again. And by the way, I was driving a new SUV when she bloodied my seats. It cost me $237 to get new padding and new upholstery in my vehicle. I was afraid of AIDS, hepatitis and every other blood borne disease and went to the doctor for the next three months for monitoring and testing. I was safe, I had missed the bullet. But the emotional drain from it all really was too much. I ve never done any risky shit like since.

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Fred 8/26/07:  My most regrettable fuck was with a lady I worked with.  She was the daughter of my boss.  We flirted at work all the time.  Several times at work when I wore shorts she would walk up to me and put her hand up my shorts to get me hard.  We never fucked at work.  She tested me one day and said come over after work, thinking I wouldn't show.  Well I showed and we went at it for awhile, but knew we had to get finished quick because her daughter would be there soon.  GREAT SEX, but never again.


A truck driver 8/26/07: My Most Regretable Fuck - I was driving over the road for a fill in job when my other work was slow, I got to Vera Beach, Florida on a weekend and had to wait until the next monday to unload, I was in a Union 76 truck stop alongside the interstate, and a long way from my home in the Dakota's.  I got to talking to this woman and found out she was a driver also, and I suggested we get a motel to get away from the truck stop scene, to which she replied, only if you can behave yourself.  I replied I wasn't thinking of anything sexual, just to get away and have some company.  We checked into this nice motel nearby, and had dinner together and when we went back to the room, she said she would shower and go to bed.  She came out of the bathroom with a sheer nighty on and hung over me leaving no doubt about her desires, and I really had not anticipated anything happening but I didn't want to dissapoint her either.  So I showered and came to the bed naked and got in, she started sucking me off immediately, and when she had finished making me come, I thought the only proper response was to give her pussy a good licking and tounge her clit, she moaned throughout this session, had an orgasm, and said wow after I finished, and by then my cock was hard again so she pulled me into her and we began to fuck until she had another orgasm and I had come again and was pretty well wasted.  We didn't have any drinks to get all this going, it just worked out that way.  She then told me she had a boyfriend back in Alabama but her real hangup was big cocks, she showed me a porno magazine she had with her which was filled with pictures of men with big cocks, some blacks, some were whites.  She said her ambition was to find a man with a huge cock to fuck her, mine wasn't in the running, she didn't say that, but I know my own limitations.  I was dissapointed I had got my self into this situation, as I had a wife at home and felt guilty about the whole thing. She was not fat and sloppy, but not a raving beauty either. It was the only time I had strange pussy while trucking, I guess I learned my lesson.I was driving over the road for a fill in job when my other work was slow, I got to Vera Beach, Florida on a weekend and had to wait until the next monday to unload, I was in a Union 76 truck stop alongside the interstate, and a long way from my home in the Dakota's.  I got to talking to this woman and found out she was a driver also, and I suggested we get a motel to get away from the truck stop scene, to which she replied, only if you can behave yourself.  I replied I wasn't thinking of anything sexual, just to get away and have some company.  We checked into this nice motel nearby, and had dinner together and when we went back to the room, she said she would shower and go to bed.  She came out of the bathroom with a sheer nighty on and hung over me leaving no doubt about her desires, and I really had not anticipated anything happening but I didn't want to dissapoint her either.  So I showered and came to the bed naked and got in, she started sucking me off immediately, and when she had finished making me come, I thought the only proper response was to give her pussy a good licking and tounge her clit, she moaned throughout this session, had an orgasm, and said wow after I finished, and by then my cock was hard again so she pulled me into her and we began to fuck until she had another orgasm and I had come again and was pretty well wasted.  We didn't have any drinks to get all this going, it just worked out that way.  She then told me she had a boyfriend back in Alabama but her real hangup was big cocks, she showed me a porno magazine she had with her which was filled with pictures of men with big cocks, some blacks, some were whites.  She said her ambition was to find a man with a huge cock to fuck her, mine wasn't in the running, she didn't say that, but I know my own limitations.  I was dissapointed I had got my self into this situation, as I had a wife at home and felt guilty about the whole thing. She was not fat and sloppy, but not a raving beauty either. It was the only time I had strange pussy while trucking, I guess I learned my lesson.


Construction Guy 8/26/07: Beth, I was about 600 miles from home and my wife, doing construction work in Rockford, Illinois, and had rented a room by the week at a Red Roof Inn which has unit doors facing the parking lot outside.  As I approached my room in the early evening hours this teeny bopper popped out from between two vehicles and startled me by asking me if I wanted a blow job.  I was a country boy and had not had anything like this happen before, so I said sure, and let her go into my room.  She immediately shed her panties and when I got in the room she was already laying on my bed with her bare pussy gaping up at me, and said, hurry up and get on.  I was totally taken back by this and I said, I thought you wanted to give me a blow job, which I doubt I would have let her do anyway, I was just curious what makes this young girl tick.  She replied, I changed my mind, I want to fuck instead.  I said, I think you should just leave.  She got up and ran out the door crying, left her headband behind, and I felt sort of bad for her.  I saw her the next morning at Hardee's across the street with a big black dude, probably her pimp, and I was glad I didn't do anything with her.  I have never shared this incident with my wife or anyone else before.

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