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archived confessions - 11/26/07 to 12/13/07 - NEWEST CONFESSIONS
True naughty stories and sex confessions submitted by real people.

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Love lickin it 12/13/07: Women need to be careful about telling their friends intimate parts of their lives. My wife's best friend Cindy, always flirts, talks big shit and gets my wife to start telling things that she should not.  One evening when Cindy came over she pulled out a DVD and inserted it into the player. It's my wife's co-worker and another woman going at it. My wife gagged in disbelief at the two women doing each other. She told Cindy it was making her sick to the stomach, so Cindy cut it off. They started talking about the hot young women and Cindy told my wife she had taped it because it happened when they were having drinks.  My wife went on to say she would never consider touching another woman or being in a threesome, but she thought I was freaky and if I had a chance to do it without getting caught, I probably would.  Of course, I started to freak out saying she was wrong. Cindy took it all in.  On Saturday my wife had to work the rotating day they all catch once a month.  When she left out at 8 that morning, Cindy came over immediately, wearing only her gown and holding a cup of coffee.  Cindy started chatting and pulled out a DVD and inserted it into the player. This time it was Cindy and the same young woman we had seen earlier with another partner.  I think I must have reacted saying something like   Damn, you have a pretty pussy!   She laughed, paid back on the sofa and opened her gown to reveal no clothes.  We started making out and as I was licking her bald pussy, she called her friend, who I did not know lives in the same complex.  About five minutes later, the young 19-year-old girl shows up at the door. She came in and dropped her dress and pushed me to my knees to lick her pussy.  I licked them both until they came hard. We went to the bedroom and we sucked and fucked and licked and kissed for hours. They even bumped pussies getting off.  I came five times between 8:45 and 1:30. Then we all laid there exhausted and laughed about it. I licked more pussy, fucked them each again, but I could come anymore.  We cleaned up, changed linens and opened the window to air out the room and sprayed plenty of air freshener.  Since then I ve been sneaking away to the new girl's apartment where she I and Cindy will have our three way orgies two to three times each week. And it only happened because my wife was crazy enough to tell Cindy that I had freaky side that she did not cater to.  I am the only guy fucking these lesbian hotties. I hope neither one winds up pregnant because if it happened, I would have to leave to be a part of their lives.  Just last night I told my wife I was going to the store to get some beer. I went over and we all three had a quicky.  I licked pussy so intensely that I triggered each to multiple orgasms before I fucked them both.  I was rushing so quickly to get home that I forgot to clean up afterwards. When I walked past my wife entering the apartment, she asked what had I eaten. I asked why. She told me I smelled like a pussy! I told her oh, I just ate that last can of sardines I had in the car. I promptly went and showered. This time I did like her. I washed my drawers by hand in the bath tub before tossing them into the linen hamper.


My experience 12/12/07: I met a couple online and he invited me to his place.  He said that he liked to watch and take pictures and that I would enjoy what his wife had to offer.  He was so right.  She was a petite gal about 42 but with a body made in Heaven.  I sat beside her and before long she was rubbing my cock through my pants and I had a hand down her blouse feeling her rock hard nipples.   Well it dodn't take long before we were both naked, kissing and rubbing.  Then she slid off the couch and knelt between my legs to suck my cock.  Oh, how warm her mouth was and how my cock throbbed.  She stopped before I came.  Then it was my turn and I eagerly kicked her pussy and sucked her clit until she hollered and came.  Then we went to a mattress on the floor and she knelt on all fours with her lovely ass in the air inviting me to enter her pussy, which I did.  I stroked her with my cock until we both came after which her husband took over and cleaned up my cream pie with his tounge.  After some rest we went at it again, this time she was riding cowboy.  Man, did this slut love to fuck.  I came even more the second time as she came and squirted all over me.  Her hubby took lots of pictures and sat in the corner playing with himself most of the time.  I have visited her often since then and enjoyed every visit.


Not so clean 12/12/07: Beth, this is a dirty topic I want to confess. It is immoral according to society. I have only seen it confessed on your page which I thank you for. You are a gift for those of us who need to tell something but cannot confess it publicly because of how perverted society would say we are.  Right after my father died, my mom changed. For months she did not want me to come around nor did she want the grandchildren around. We knew it was tough early on, so we gave her space.  I am the only one who still lives in our city, my sisters and my brothers all live out of state. Three months after dad had passed my oldest brother took off a week and stayed with mom. When he left she told me he had tried to come onto her and had massaged her breasts and tried to touch her crotch. I was so shell shocked I asked her not to repeat that because it sounded so outrageous. She gradually came back around, allowing my children to stop by and visit and I resumed my visitation of her. One evening my sons, 15 and 16, came home and told me they were over visiting and flipping channels when a porno movie accidentally began to play. They said my mom rushed to pull it from the DVD but not before they knew what it was. I told them not to tell anyone else. I figured she was pleasuring herself because she had always been a good looking, hot natured woman. At 60 she was alone after 43 years of marriage, so I knew it was tough. Mom looks more like 40, has large tits that stand out, a long sort of flat butt that s sexy and she has little stomach. She s sexy. Mom fixed soup and called me at work and told me to pick it up. I went by and mom was wearing her usual gown around the house. Then she went to telling me the story about my brother again. I tried to cut her off, but she kept going, telling me how he had massaged her and when he got to her front, he rubbed her boobs and rubbed across her pubic mound. I listened and again told her it had to be accidental and she should forget it.  Right then, she held up her leg, letting the gown open so her panties were exposed. I glanced, but then focused back on her face. I told her I had to go, gave her a hug and then left.  I thought all night about what she had said. The next day I likewise thought about it. She called right before I was to leave work and said it was OK to visit my old lonely mother. I stopped by and sat with her on the couch in the den. After a few minutes she said to come back to the bedroom where she was watching television. I went back and sat on the edge of the bed and mom began turning around, asking me did she look that bad that no one wanted her. I told her it would take time to find the right companion. Mom then laid back on the bed and spread her legs showing her exposed pussy. I was so shocked I stood and was about to leave when she asked me did it look bad. I told her no and she pulled off the gown, totally nude and asked me to lie beside her. I did as asked and she rolled over and started French kissing me.  Within minutes she had my cock out stroking it. Then she bent down and took me into her mouth. Within minutes again, I started to cum and told her so. She continued, sucking my cum into her mouth. Then she got up, walked to the bathroom spat it out and gargled. My mind was going a thousand miles an hour as she stood over me and pulled my head to her hairy cunt. I started licking her. She was already wet and slightly musky and salty. I pulled her onto the bed and onto her back and licked her pussy until she moaned and bucked cumming in my mouth. I continued until she came again really heavily. Then I licked my way up her belly to her huge breasts and held both nipples together, sucking and licking them until she came again. My third leg was hard as steel and I laid on her and gently entered her, slowly fucking my mom like she was my wife. Mom came several times before I came once. That went on for another hour before my wife called and I got up, washed off and left. It has been happening since then so often it has become routine. Mom dates an older man, a guy who is 72, pretty well off and who still runs a business. They go to dinner and such, but she said they have only had sex once because he cannot get it up and cannot take Viagra because of his heart condition.  I love having sex with my mom and have kissed and explored every inch of her body, except her anus which I have only tongued. I have become obsessed with the taboo topic of incest now, wondering if there are others have crossed the forbidden line and wonder how often, if ever it happens. I recently took photos of mom, her face hidden of course, and posted them on a web site. My secret internet name was attached. I got over 300 emails in a week from people saying she was awesome. I know I should not be telling this, but I have to get it off my chest somehow. I sure cannot mention it anyone in this world, in this lifetime.


ad 12/11/07: i am a designer , and have to often travel for work. a town i travelled to, had a junior designer who i had taught in college. i am married,. she is not. we soon found that we loved each other. every trip i went, she came to the hotel in the evening, and after dinner, we went to the room, and made love till late. she has the sweetest body, and a smooth shaven cunt, thats so good to eat. and full taunt breasts, that feel great when i maul and massage them.


phreakykouple 12/11/07: we have been to a sex club a couple of times. Our firts time was at a club in dallas texas.   We were excited about our first time being there and how free and friendly everyone was.  as the night went on and the drinks lossened us up we met a friendly older couple that plyed with.  This was the first time My wife had kissed another woman and i was so turned on by it. My wife and I got really drunk and naked and other women rubbed her breast. we had a great time.


OTR_Bi_Trucker 12/11/07: I am a married man, but I really love to suck cock, and swallow his load.  When I was married to my ex-wife, we would go to swingers parties and she would fuck about 3 guys.  Then she would come over to me, with me laying on my back, and lower her pussy down on my face.  I would lick that pussy clean, swallowing every drop of cum that came out of her.  We divorced and I still want to taste cum, so now while out on the road, I hook up with people that I meet online, or just as the truckstop.  Most times I don't even care about my needs, I just want to suck on a cock.  Also, the bigger the cock, the better.  Nobody that knows me would think such of thing of me, but I am a "cock-whore".

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Betty 12/10/07:  Over the past five months my son in law and I have been having an intense affair. He turned me on to this page and I can say now that I feel better and have shed a lot of the guilt I first felt about going behind my daughters back and fooling with her husband.  My son in law would look at me lustfully sometimes and when he hugged me he would linger and sneak an extra peck on the cheek. Nobody ever noticed, but he flirted a lot too.  We had a family gathering at my sisters house some months back and we all had some drinks and started to dance, all the girls did. I noticed him doing his usual stare really hard at my crotch. Before he could catch himself he uttered something like damn, black panties over that sweet hairy pussy!  No one heard him, but I did.  Later that day one his sons, my grandchild of 5 years old, told me his dad said he wanted tap grandmas ass. I was floored, but said nothing right away.  That night my emotions got to me and I went over to confront him about it. My daughter was gone to her regular bingo sessions. The kids were in bed and I asked him why he had said it. He seemed shocked that I knew. Then he told me he meant it and had wanted me since he first met me. He started talking stuff that turned me on. I crossed my legs and he caught a glimpse of my panties and said damn, I want to eat that. He stood up, came to me and got on his knees in front of me and parted my legs, pushed my skirt up and pulled my panties to the side and started licking me there. I must have cum as soon as he did it. Within a few minutes we were both undressed and his tongue and mouth were everywhere on my body. He made me cum so hard that I felt I would pass out. Then he placed his humongous cock into me and slowly, very gently started to grind side to side, in and out. I had to bite my dress to keep from screaming.  He fucked me like that for at least 15 minutes until I could not take anymore. I begged him to fuck me harder. He started slamming into me at the right tempo and asked me where I wanted him to cum. I told him inside of me. He did and I came multiple times when he did. He did not stop. He continued fucking me like a master. We fucked another 40 minutes and I came so much the carpet was wet beneath me. Then when he finished he brought me off again by licking my cunt as gently as a cat licks milk. We have gotten together at least four times each week since then and I really cannot see how I could end it. I have grown in love with him and I fear my daughter will someday catch us. He is such an expert lover that he gives me everything I have never had sexually. He has a large cock. But I want him to have his fantasy of fucking me in the ass. We re working on loosening me up so that can happen. I finally fell in love, but I cannot have the man who I do love.  He said my clitoris is the biggest he has ever seen anywhere, even on the internet. He has taken pictures of my body minus the face and posted them on a web page. I love this man so much that if he wanted a threesome that would not damage my relationship with my daughter I would cave in to it.


Now a slut 12/09/07: Once the wife and I were watching a flick where the wife straped her hubby. She asked me if I wanted that type of sex. Now understand, we are a normal couple and had normal sex. I hesitated, but said maybe we should try a finger in my ass and see what happens.  We began our sex in the usual manner with caressing and fondling. She went down on me and inserted a finger in my ass....I couldn't resist and began rotating my hips on her finger.  OMG!  She said,  you like it ....I blushed and couldn't stop myself from enjoying her probing. My wiggling and moaning increased when she inserted two fingers.  You want more fingers  she asked? Ok is all I could answer and she inserted four! I loved it! After about 5 minutes she said  wait I'll be right back . Wifey returned with a 9" carrot and began inserting it with her eyes directly looking into mine.  You like this and want more?   Yes , I said and blushed again. Slowly she began inserting the carrot with her eyes fixed on mine.  You really like this honey , she said and pushed it further in. In fact she pushed  it in all the way......the wifey and I began to become concerned for fear it wouldn't come out!  Ok ,she said,  squat like a girl and push . I did and slowly my ass released the carrot reluctantly. Wifey then went to the kitchen and returned with a cucumber (3" X 6").  you need something bigger  she said. She shoved it in and began fucking my ass like crazy! I came just by the motion of the cucumber fucking me. She pulled the cucumber out, and told me to eat her pussy. She was soaked as I buried my tongue into her and licked until she came.  After work the next day, wifey and her girl friend were at our home when I got there. Her girlfriend Lisa said my wife told her about last night.  So your wife said you like to be fucked in the ass!  she said. I didn't know what to say and stammered I was trying something different with the wife, I said finally. My wife said, "he likes to be fucked in the ass"! I hesitated and could only say I loved her.... she laughed and said  I know, but you have a horny asshole and it's my duty to take care of you . All I could do was watch as they lifted their skirts, showing me their large dildo strapons (10" x 5") and I looked on in amazement. They began by talking to me like a bitch...."undress bitch , my wife told me. Then Lisa told me to kneel on the sofa, and to spread my thighs.  You are so sweet and look at the nice tight hole"  Lisa said as she inserted a now lubed finger into it, and my wife did too.  You want more fingers bitch!  Each put another finger in my ass and I couldn t resist and began to wiggle my hips.  Yes!  exclaimed Lisa, he's loving it!  Lift up your legs bitch  my wife told me, and of course I did.....furthering the probing of their fingers, each now had three fingers in me.  I began moaning and Lisa slapped me hard stating  I want to fuck you bitch! You have such a horny hole and a bitch boy like you needs dick!  Spread your legs she said and take it all for me . I spread my legs like a bitch and Lisa entered me with her lubed dick and slapped me as she did saying,  yes you are a good bitch ! My wife stuck her dick in my mouth and pushed as hard as she could to get me to take it all. Lisa had it in half the way and said...... look bitch you need to push back so I can enter you all the way . I tried but it didn't work and Lisa said..  ok whore on your knees!  I got my head down low and ass high....she entered me like a bitch.  Now push back on the cock boy and relax so I can get it all in...  OMG....all ten inches were in and she began slapping my ass calling me a cheap fuck and a bitch. My wife said,  I want some too!  Lisa pulled out and my wife thrusted the strapon in deep and began slapping my ass and humiliating me to no end....meanwhile Lisa began fucking my mouth and slapping my face.  Finally I came just by being fucked so hard and fell to the floor. It was then my wife said   he's been fucked like the bitch he is and from now on will be our fuck toy!  I laid there and what happened next flipped me right out I watched as they kissed and fondled each other. Then they took off the strapons and spent the next half hour enjoying the others pussy. I had no idea my wife was bi, but loved watching them. Ever since then, I have been their bitch  giving my mouth and ass to them whenever either or both want it, doing any man they bring for my mouth and /or ass ( and there have been quite a few), and yes, watching as they pleasure each other with their mouths or  cocks .


Slut for a night 12/09/07: For some time now my husband has expressed a desire to see me fuck another man.I didnt think he was really serious until the other night when I lost a bet with him and I had to do whatever he wanted from 7PM till 7AM. He instructed me to get cleaned up and to dress like a whore and he would tell me later what I was to do.I dressed in a mini skirt with no panties and a see through blouse without a bra. You could clearly see my hard nipples and I truly looked like a prostitute.When he told me we were going out to a bar I tried to get him to let me change clothes but he informed me I had to go the way I was dressed.In our previous talks about me fucking another man I had informed him that if I ever did that I would like the guy to be black as that was my fantasy.I was very surprised when he took me to a bar that lots of black guys go and on the way he informed me that he was dropping me off and would return in about an hour.I was to go in and set at the bar and flirt with the guys and I wasnt to turn down any offers if someone wanted something.OMG my husband was going to turn me into a black cock whore. The way I looked I was sure I would be hit on and I asked him what I should do if some black wanted a BJ or something.He told me he expected me to be a good whore and not tease too much and keep my eyes out for someone he could invite to come home with us that night to fuck me.When I entered that bar my pussy was soaked from the excitment of what I was doing.It took just a few minutes for a guy to hit on me. He came and set next to me and asked if I wanted some company? He couldnt keep his eyes off my tits and he soon touched my inner leg and moving his hand under my mini skirt. When I didnt stop him,he soon had his long black fingers in my soaked pussy.Ididnt want to say no when he asked me to go out to his van with him so we finished our drink and went out to the parking lot and got into the back of his van where my fantasy came true.This guy fucked me hard with his big black cock and I lost count of how many times I came.I was so turned on that when he asked me where I wanted him to bust his nut I begged him to cum in me so I could feel it.When it was over and we looked up there was several other guys outside the van and it was clear that they all wanted a shot of my white pussy.Oh well my hubby had told me not to turn anybody down so I ended up with 4 loads of cum in my pussy and 5 loads shot down my throat before my husband returned. My husband invited Rick>the guy with the van to our house where Rick fucked me several more times as my husband watched and now I am fucking Rick and all his friends several times a week. I getting all the black cock I want now and my husband loves eating my pussy when he get home from work and finds that I have been with one of my black lovers. Word is getting around that I put out so it is getting very exciting in my bedroom.

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housekeeper 12/08/07: While attending collage I took a part time job as a motel housekeeper. One day I went into this room unknown to me the guy was just getting out of the shower. I looked at him and said sorry I'll come back. But that is not what I was thinking. I was looking at that chunk of meat hanging between his legs and nasty thoughts were running through my mind. He said no no go ahead and make the bed and I'll be done here in a minute.  That day I was waring a rather short skirt and when he came out of the bathroom with just a towel around him he said looks like you forgot to put all your clothes on this morning. I didn't have any panties on, I smiled and bent over a little farther so he could really get a good look. I heard his towel hit the floor and turned to see him standing therewith a really nice hardon long and fat. I didn't move just raised my butt up a little. He moved closer and introduced his joint to my now very waiting pussy. He had sent me to heaven and was now getting ready to deliver his very creamy package. After making his delivery he aske if I wanted to get together with him and a friend of his for the evening. We met later and the three of us went out for a while then returned to his room. When the next morning arrived I should have sloshed when I walked I had cum in every immaginable place.


ratman 12/08/07: A couple years ago my Mistess had me go to work in some frilly panties with a medium size butt plug in my ass. She called several times in the morning and early afternoon instructing me to go into the restroom and jerk off. She called one last time telling me to do it again about 4:30. When I was jerking off she walked out of the other stall with a smile. She knelt down and finished me off with her mouth. After catching all of my cum in her mouth she rose up and kissed me with her mouth still full. She forced my own cum into my mouth with her tongue. All in all it was a great day on the job.


mara 12/04/07:  Sex At Work Question: I was working with a small bank and the girl in note dept had an ass to die for. Always wearing pants so tight you could see her cunt outlined in them but that ass was a sight to behold. Kidding with her one day she ask me what I thought was her best feature. I told her she had the sexiest ass I had ever seen ,it would put J Lo to shame. One evening we both worked late and she was in my office talking and a cousin of mine came to back door of Bank I let him in to see what he wanted. But after seeing who was in my office with me he set down beside her and soon the talk turned to sex and she admitted she had never tried two guys before. Well next thing I know My cousin was kissing and feeling her up. Off came the tight pants and she was so hot he fucked her silly on the sofa in my office while I watched and after he shot a big load in her hot cunt ,he got up and I got sloppy seconds though she was not sloppy but a sweet piece of ass. I fucked her royally  while my cousin watched. Then we all figured we had pushed our luck and vacated the bank before cleaning crew showed. Not long after that she managed to stay over again and after hours we went up to the board room where I bent her over the boardroom table and pulled her pants and panties down and fucked doggy style.  We had just finished dressing when night janitor walked in on us. He didn't catch us but you could tell he was suspicious.  The last time I had sex where I worked the Cousin mentioned came by to see me after hours at a branch I was managing.  We have both always had bi tendencies. So after a few minutes the conversation turned to sex and what we would do and would like to try and I admitted I would love to suck his big cock. To my surprised he dropped his pants and shorts and once I saw that beautiful cock I had to have it. I sat him on my desk and he leaned back on his hands and I pulled my office chair right up to his legs and bent forward and took his hard cock all the way down my throat and I sucked him like I would want to be sucked. I enjoyed the feel of his cock in my mouth and when he started to tense up I knew I was going to get a mouth full of his hot cum, but to my surprise he changed from just leaning back he came forward grabbed my head and held it on his throbbing cock and started talking dirty to me I loved and just about the time he called his cock sucking cum loving bitch,he shot his hot load down my throat, his dirty talk had me so horny I drained him and kept trying for more until he made me stop as it was getting to sensitive for him. I loved draining him that afternoon, while he set on my desk. Would love to do it again sometime ..all the above his true but I may not be good at writing or telling about it.


Sexaddictlustin4u 12/04/07: Sex At Work Question: Oh my! Yes I have, with another women. In the bathroom. It was sooo good. I could not stop cumming.

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Frustrated 12/04/07:  I was spending time with a woman I work with, lunch, happy hours, that sort of thing. She would always hint around about not being satisfied at home by her husband. One day we had lunch in my office. Once finished, I was walking her to my door when I abruptly took her by the shoulders, turned her around and gave her the most sensuous kiss I could. I began kissing her neck and shoulders listening to her make low moaning sounds. I slid my hands under her shirt and stroked her nipples until they were rock hard. I took her in a  side room attached to my office and finished undressing her. I bent her over a desk and slid my extremely had dick into her from behind.  The more she moaned the faster I fucked her until I shot my load deep inside her. We cleaned up afterwards, kissed and went about our business like nothing happened. We still meet from time to time in the  side room  for a quick release.


G.D. 12/03/07:  An update from my confession of Sex at work on 11/23   Well, it really wasn t a dream.  I had confessed on my favorite web site, I guess a week or so ago about telling my coworker of a website that I had a story posted on, and her response after reading it and how she wanted proof of my genital size, and getting a pretty fair blow job in the break room at work out of the deal, though it was way to quick, I got my rocks off, and sometimes that is all that matters, isn t it?  She had her proof that I indeed had a fairly thick ten inch dick.  I had said I would give an update if and when she decided to further the proof about my  sustainability ; she was intrigued by the story s boasting of how long I could maintain an erection.   So, today she comes up to me out on the sales floor and asks me to help her in the walk-in cooler with some things that were too heavy for her to lift.  So, being the  ready to be of assistance type , I said sure, not thinking anything about it.  We went to the back of the storage area to where the cooler is, and she opens the door for us to enter, then closes it behind us.  I looked around, and nothing seemed to be out of order, nothing needed moving.  I turned to ask, and found I didn t need to, she had her dress pulled up tightly around her waist revealing her naked mound and neatly trimmed bush.  Her smile said it all, she was ready and willing to find out if I was up to her challenge of finding out how long I could fuck.  My jaw must have hit the floor because she started to laugh aloud; thankfully the walls are pretty soundproof in the cooler.   I told her  there s no way I m going to fuck you here, you re out of your mind.  Firstly there isn t enough time, and more importantly, it is fucking cold in here!   She nodded and said  well, you can t just tease me and leave me to suffer, at least give me something for my trouble of finding a place without a camera.   I gestured for her to come farther into the cooler, and go behind a tall pallet full of boxes, the sight of her walking around the pallet was funny, her dress clutched tightly around her waist and her fine ass jiggling in the cold air, covered with goose bumps.   I followed her to the back side of the stack of boxes and put my hands on her waist pulling us together and then asked  you sure about this?   Her reply was one of authority  eat my pussy, I deserve a return favor, and I want you to make me cum at least as much as you did last week .  I lowered my hand to her waiting groin and felt the warmth of her willing pussy, not hampered by the chilling 36 degree temperature, and began to slide my fingers in and around her outer labia and slightly enlarged clit.  I ran my other hand up to her breast and was pleased to find that she wasn t wearing a bra either, her nipple was hard as a rock and about the size of a large marble, she moaned as I fondled her on both the upper and lower parts of her now trembling body.  I knelt on one knee in front of her, both of us out of immediate view, should someone open the door unexpectedly.  Then I slid my hand from her pussy to her knee and lifted her foot to my elevated thigh as I leaned to take my first taste of her warm moist loins.  My lips found her clit first thing bringing a spasm of pleasure to her, evidenced by her moan and quivering legs.  As I lowered my aim a bit to lick on her sweet petals I found the aroma of her juices already filling my nostrils, spurring me onward.  She broke the silent tease of my tongue and lips with a commanding  eat me, dammit!  and pulled my head into her pussy full force with one hand.  I obediently followed her command, tilted my head back and began to plunge my tongue in and out of her wet canal while roughly squeezing her clit with between my thumb and index finger.  Her hips started to lunge to meet my face as I scooped the juices from her vagina with my tongue, drinking all I found.  I brought my other hand to her groin and inserted two fingers into the canal and finger fucked her hard and fast as she neared an orgasm, my lips, fingers and tongue working hard on her engorged clit.  She spread her legs apart and gasped  Holy fuck, I m gonna cum.   I removed my fingers and opened my mouth as wide as I could, placing my mouth over the entire opening of her raging vagina and petals, now swelled and puffy from her impending flow.  She dropped her dress over my head as she grabbed my hair and pulled me into her wetness, then filled my entire mouth with her sweet wet honey.  I swallowed the first mouthful, only to swallow the next, and the next.  Oh my God, this woman was shooting out more sweet nectar than I could have imagined.  As her orgasm ebbed, the flow did as well, thank God, I thought I was going to be drowned in her onslaught of cum.  I licked the remains from her upper thighs and pussy while she stood before me quivering from her flood of joy.  I pushed the dress back off of my head and looked up at the satisfied expression on her radiant face and smiled.  I said  next time I get to choose where  in as commanding a voice as I could muster, my swollen dick ready to be satisfied as well.  I stood up and retrieved a paper towel from my pocket I keep to clean up messes that occur in the store, never realizing how handy one might be at a time like this, not that this happens very often.  I wiped the sweet juices of her orgasm from my face and watched as she put her clothing back in place, we walked to the door silently, and left the chill of the cooler behind.  Thankfully my erection had subsided enough to allow me to go out in public again. ...To be continued


Female 12/01/07: Sex At Work Question: We were working late one night trying to get a presentation put together for the next week. I had planned to go out after work that night so I was wairing a short skirt. I hate panties so I didn't have any on. I was bent way over the table and the boss came in the room behind me. I guess my shirt had ridden way up because he said well thats a part of you I haven't seen before. All I could say was thats because you haven't looked. I knew that the other guys in the office had seen up my skirt before. I like letting men look up my skirt. The boss is a young stud and I was willing to share if he was so inclined. He looked at me and suggested we go in his office and take a break. I looked at the front if his pants and said it looks like you need a break. I tookmy blouse and my skirt off and stood there in front of him wairing only my bra, garter belt and stockings. He took his clothes off and stood there with one of the most outstanding wangers I have ever seen. He took my bra off and we went to his couch. I am sure I have had better but I really can't remember when.  


nextdoor fuck 12/01/07:  hi beth ....i live in a apt..theres a sexy thick white married girl nextdoor to me...she hott dresses like a slut in her short skirts and highheels..her and her oldman fuss alot..she takes walks after they fight..last friday night .i heard them fighting and i heard the front door shout ..i looked out my window there she was walking down the side a tee shirt with no bra..some very short shorts and highheels..i ran out walked behind her for a min..she stoped and i walked by her .asking if she was ok..we started talking ..she said her oldman was mean to her told her she was not good looking and was a whore..we started walking .i told her i knew were a park was we could talk and rest..i was geting turned on by watching her nice big ass. her nipples were very larger too...she ask me is i ever dated white girls..i told one or two..she said see had never dated a blackman.but she got turned on by black guys hiting on her...we sat down on a beanch.i told her how sexy she was..she was geting red faced..she said she had allways wanted to suck a blackman cock..and she reached of my dick...i was allready hard ..i ribbed her very big boobs as we kissed .then she pulled my cock out and sucked it right there.


Sabian 12/01/07:  I couldn't figure out why this girl was always ofering to give me an enema. Latter fund out that she just wanted to clean me out, so she could fuck me in the ass with her strap on. At first it felt unconfortable, but giving me a hand job slowly change that quickly. The harder I got the more I enjoyed it and lost myself in pleasure. One day her girl cousin arrived from N.Y. and stayed in her apartment for a week. We were having sex in her room and she was pumping my butt with her dildo and waited to get me as turned on as she could, and called out to her cousin to come in and join us. In a flash she came in and caught me in that embarrassing posture. She was fully dressed and kneeled in front of me, grabbed my hard dick and began sucking it hard. I was blushing with embarrassement, but soon surrendered to the kinky sceen. Getting a blow job while your ass is being fucked at the same time, made me cum like never before. It was the best sex I ever had and got and a prety lustful week.


Loves to watch, Andover MA 11/29/07: Hi Beth, I have been an avid reader of your site for several months and I love it.  My wife and I have been married for six years and are both 30 years old.   On several occasions we  have read your stories & confessions together and it usually gets us both horny.  Some of your confessions deal with couples who mnasturbate in front of each other, we have been doing that since before we were married and continue to this day.  The first time was about 8 years ago, we were on vacation in Aruba, after unpacking I showered and shaved prior to going for dinner.  When I walked into the bedroom Susan was lying on the bed naked.  She looked at me, spread her legs and rubbed her cunt and clit in front of me.  I got an instant hard on while I watched her.  She said she often had a fantasy of playing with her self while I watched and asked me if I liked it.  I of course replied that I loved it and I think my hard on proved it.  She told me to sit in a chair in frot of the bed  and watch her while I jerked off in  front of her.  The sight of her beautiful cunt with her fingers inside of her excited me to no end.  Susan stated she thought I looked very sexy stroking my cock in front of her.  We came off together and then ended up eating each other and fucking for several hours.  We missed dinner and had to order room servcice at about 10PM   We now masturbate together very often.  I love to have her walk into the bedroom and "catch" me jerking off.  Susan also does this for me and we both love the sex sessions we have during and after jerking off.  


Can_deepthroat_12" 11/29/07: I was 16 and he was 17. I went on a school trip to new york during the summer. We were fundraising all year for the trip, and got enough money together to have really good one. There were 16 kids and 7 adults, so he and I were put into the same bedroom unchaperoned. He was around six foot three, with a lean build and toned abs. The room was small, only enough to fit a large mattress and a TV. It was humid as hell that night.  I woke around 1 a.m., and looked over to him to see if he was awake. I thought about sucking his dick...but i knew it wouldn't end well if I tried. So i thought why not just cop a feel....a short slink of my hand under the covers and onto his leg later I felt this extremely warm spot underneath his baggy basketball shorts. I couldn't believe the size of cock this guy was packing. Easily his meat was 11 inches and thick as my wrist. It was fully erect and throbbing. I couldn't resist....  I tightened my grip on his cock and then I felt his hand on mine. I was getting ready to be punched and probably maimed by this football jock, when I entered the twilight zone porn reality. He put my hand under his shorts and let me feel the entire length and girth of his uncut meat. I couldn't help but drool. I took it out, and in the glow of the alarm clock I surveyed the freakishly big dick in front of me. I gobbled his cock. I took all 11 inches in my mouth at once. Luckily, as a kid i practiced on pickles then bananas and eventually cucumbers, so a cock this big was no problem. I sucked until my neck cramped up and my jaw almost locked from the sweaty arm sized cock in my mouth until his nut busted. His cum was a runny, massive, salty sweet mess, more than enough to fill two mouthfuls. I had no choice but to swallow the first shot and cradle the next splooge with my tongue.  Every night for the next two weeks he let me have at his cock all i wanted. I sucked, jerked, licked, and swallowed. After that two weeks he never spoke to me again, and eventually knocked up a cheerleader. Sometimes I think if he ever told his preppy wife he splooged in a dudes mouth and loved it so much he wanted it for 2 weeks straight every night and sometimes the afternoon.  I bet she'd be jealous.


SHARING MY BBW WIFE 11/28/07: hi beth ...i'm a married man.i'm married to a sexy bbw wife is hott as hell loves to dress sluty. looks hott in her 5 in highheels in bed and out..i met my sexy wife at a bbw party..i saw her theree a few times before we talked..she allway had guys hiting on her in the club..mostly black guys..i had been told she give very good head in her one night i hit on her and yes she sucks dick damn good..thats why i share her with other men..i love to watch her in the club and at home with other guys in bed...she has white guys and black guys too...i really love to see her in the arms of a blackman.....

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Mrs. J's lover 11/28/07:  Beth, I love this website. You are the bomb!  The story on the guy who smelled sex scent on his moms friend reminds me of one I need to tell.  This is long, but every word is true. I wished I could relive the story I m confessing now because it was the best sex of my life.And I wished I could have videotaped it.  I have never confessed this to anyone until now. I tell it now because I can remain hidden.  Back when I was 15, I was having an intense sexual relationship with my best friend s mom. It started at 12 when she took my virginity and continued until I was 19 and into my second year of college. I would go to my friend s house after school and sometimes we would play, watch television or do homework.  His mom, Mrs. J, was a teacher and would come in soon after were got there and go to her bedroom, plop down on the bed, take off her clothes except for her slip or underwear and sit wide-legged in the middle off her bed grading assignment papers and other stuff, or she would draft her lesson plans. At 12, I would leave my friend watching Scooby Doo, the Archies, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and The Electric Factory, those shows went from 3:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m.  A few times I walked in and would look at Mrs. J and stare between her legs and at her breasts.  One day she got up, told me to sit and she would be back. She went and told her son, who was my age, to go out and rake leaves and I was going to help her with her work.  Within minutes of her coming back to the room, she pushed me back onto the bed and stripped naked, started kissing me and then pulled out my dick. She said WOW, you ve got 10 inches and you re still a boy!  She sucked me and then rode my dick. I must have fucked her for 30 minutes before I had my first orgasm.  We continued to fuck twice more that evening. When my friend came in, he was exhausted, so he bathed and went to bed.  I fucked his mom another time.  That went on for years. When I was 15, my mom started asking me where I had been. I would tell her I had been at my friend s house. Sometimes she accused me of lying saying that was not where I had been. But I held firm to the story.  One day mom asked me straight out was I fucking Mrs. J, I totally denied it and told her that was the craziest thing to think.  My dad and Mr. J, my lover s husband, both worked for the same company and would spend 14 to 17 days away from home, then they would have either a week or four days off.  When dad got home the following week my mom blurted out at Saturday dinner that I was fucking Mrs. J. I was in total shock and could not believe it. Luckily my dad didn t ask me if it was true.  Dad chided mom telling her she had an overactive imagination and to never say that again because she might let   that lie   slip out in public. When dad and Mr. J left to go back to work three days later, I told Mrs. J. She said not to worry, that mom was fishing, just trying to figure a way to keep me close to her all the time since I was an only child.  We got more clever and fucked even more. My friend C, was addicted to video games and would sit in the floor and play for hours while his mother and I fucked long and hard in the evenings. On weekends, she began to take us to the movie theatre. For one price you could see up to 8 movies a day, from 3 until 11. I would tell C, that I was going to theatre 1 and he would go to theatre 5. I told him we would meet up later. But after paying my money, I would sneak out and get back into the car with Mrs. J and we would go back to her house and fuck and suck all day and night and go back to pick up C, later. Then she would drop me off at home. One evening when C was at his Cub Scout meeting, Mrs. J and I were fucking and the telephone kept ringing. We never answered it. After an hour, there was a knock on the door. She didn t answer it. Then there were knocks on the side windows. She peeked out and saw it was my mom. She didn t freak out. We continued fucking and after we finished, I left. She told me to say I had been with this girl I fooled around with. When I walked into the house, mom stood there asking where I had been. I told her to see that young girl. She accused me of lying and told me  You ve been fucking that old woman and I know it. I told mom that was silly because Mrs. J was my friend s mom and she was married and too old for me. Mom grabbed me in the collar and started to sniff me up and down and told me I smelled like a woman s pussy!  I tried to back away, but she told me she would slap me if I moved. Then mom stuck her hand down my pants, grabbed my dick and rubbed it. She pulled her hand out and sniffed. Her eyes got crazy and her accusations got more angry. She kept saying she knew I was fucking Mrs. J, which I continued to deny. Mom told me she had been sniffing and checking my underwear everyday and had smelled a woman s pussy for more than a year. I was floored. The sex odors had given me away!  As I stood there wondering how to counter what she said, mom told me I had a choice to tell the truth or she would tell Mr. J her theory. Then mom left the room. Three minutes or so later, mom called me to her bedroom. She was laying there totally nude!  I asked mom, what?  She said to  come here. I want what you ve been giving Mrs. J. Then mom grabbed my pants and unbuttoned them. My dick slapped my stomach and mom opened her legs and had me to eat her hairy pussy. I remember well how I fucked her that night. It was 9 p.m. when we started and it must have been about 1 a.m. when we finally stopped. We fell asleep in her bed and that sort of thing continued for years with no one ever knowing. Mom and Mrs. J taught me everything about pleasing women. We talk about it now, but have not been together sexually for more than 15 years. And I still on occasion, will fuck Mrs. J, just like I used to. But I never admitted it to anyone and never will in person.


Devastated Daughter 11/27/07: Even though this happened 5 months ago I cry almost every night. I still can't believe I witnessed this. I know it is something that will devastate me for the rest of my life. My mother is petite and very attractive and I've always been so proud of her. She has thick, shoulder length blonde hair and many of my friends have commented half-jokingly that she looks like a movie star. I will always love her because she's my mom and nothing will ever change that. Over the summer, I drove more than 200 miles from college to her rural farmhouse to surprise her on her birthday. My plan was to be standing in her kitchen when she got home from work to sing happy birthday to her - something I've always done. I parked my car in her barn out back and slid the door closed knowing she always parked in the garage. It was only minutes before she was due home. I was in the bathroom brushing my hair when I heard the automatic garage door opening and a car with a loud muffler pull in. "That's not my mom's car," I thought. All of sudden, someone was unlocking the door and I panicked. I ran down the hallway to my mother's bedroom and hid in the closet - partially closing the door behind me. My heart was beating like a drum and I heard the sound of the garage door closing. All of a sudden, I realized someone was standing in the bedroom. I peered through the crack and a dark figure came into view. I recognized her immediately. It was the black woman from the local laundromat. The one with the huge boobs and really big butt whose husband is incarcerated. My first thought was to rush out and confront her but my mind started racing and I was so confused. Then I heard the automatic garage door opening and quickly closing again, realizing this must be my mom. When I peeked through the door I couldn't believe my eyes. This woman was standing completely naked next to my mother's rocking chair and her long, fat breasts were hanging halfway to her knees. I couldn't believe how heavy and low-hanging they were. In the next instance, my mother was standing in the bedroom. From where I was standing, I could see her staring at this woman's swollen nipples. I had never seen that kind of an expression on her face before and I will never forget it. I was horrified as my mother's soft voice filled the room, "Nobody saw you drive in, did they? We have to be so careful." I plugged my ears but it was useless. "No, baby, I was careful, I closed the door right away so nobody driving by would see," was the reply. A voice deep inside my head screamed out, "Oh my God, they're queer." I felt paralyzed and I couldn't move and I wanted to disappear. My mother walked to the dresser and took off her earrings and started undressing. "I need a hot shower then some good loving," she whispered. I looked down and buried my face in my hands but I couldn't escape the sounds beyond the closet door. I could hear them kissing and rubbing each other and getting really turned on. Suddenly it was totally quiet and I felt that maybe they had left the room. When I glanced out my mother was on her knees in front of this woman and sucking her bloated nipples. At first I thought it was their perspiration but then I realized it was not. I was horrified. My mother's arms, chest and face were covered in this woman's breastmilk. I couldn't believe my mother was drinking it. I became sick to my stomach and was close to vomiting but I couldn't stop staring at what was happening no more that 8 feet away. It was so surreal. Finally, I watched as my mother stood up and led her friend out of the bedroom and down the hall to the bathroom. No words can describe my relief when the shower faucets came on and I heard the sliding door to the shower stall close. I was a mental mess but I quietly rushed out of the house to the old barn in back and drove away. I'm 99.9% sure my mother has no clue that I was in her closet that day and that I saw her with this woman. I know it would really hurt her if she knew. At least as much as it continues to hurt me.

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texasboy8 11/26/07:  Sex At Work Question: i'm in the medical field and for the most part my clinic is pretty slow so i find myself with tons of free time on my hands. one day i decided to reorganize our supply closet. while i was moving boxes around our secretary walked by and asked if i needed any help and of course i said yes. she's a really petite gal but has curves in all the right places. we started flirting and before we knew it we were kissing.i then bent her over some boxes. she finished me w/a bj and didn't spill a drop of my cum.


fucking the boss 11/26/07:  hi beth i work in a store in a mall in florida, its a big girls store. i have allways loved bigger ladies, there better in bed and give the best blow jobs,anyway theres a sexy big girl that works with me she dresses sexy and i have never saw her with out highheels on..the night it all happen we had to work late seting the store for a hoilday..this night she dressed very sexy she was wearing a short skirt with a nice sexy shiny top her leggs looked so sexy in her pantyhose and some sexy gold highheels.the girl knew what to wear to get guys to hit on her.her boobs wre also big as hell,i allways saw men looking at themas they flirted with herher lips were full and made to suck dick.with her bright red lipstick on.we were talking and she said her boyfriend didn't like to fuck as much as she liked...she told me she loved anal sex and loved to suck a dick most of all..she told me how good she was..i watched her all night and i got horney as hell.looking at her big round ass in that tight skirt..looking like a sluty hooker..she bent over i could see she had crochless panty hoce on..her pussy was so wett..before i knew it i had run my hand up her skirt fingering her pussy and ass...i took my cock out and rubbed it as i fingered her deep and hard...she then turned and started sucking my cock. she was damn good as she told me before..she sucked my balls tasting my pecum..she then stood up and walked thu the store with her skirt around her waist.her ass was moveing from side to side like a true whore..i then came up behind her bending her over the table,with one hand i ripped her pantyhose so i could see her big ass more. then i pushed my face in her wett pussy and ass.i ate her a licked her ass...then i pushed my dick in her wett pussy..i started out fucking her slow and deep..i got harder and harder,,,she told me it hurt but i fucked her harder and i have her on her knees fucking her big a flash i put it in her ass. her ass was better than her pussy..i could tell it had been fuck before.i fuck it hard as hell...i couldn't stop i was in heaven for this big sexy slut..i then fliped her over with her thick leggs in the air with her sexy gold heels up in the air too,,,i reached up ripping her shirt open her bigg boobs fell out ..i began to kiss her sexy red lips as i fucked her harder i told her she was a whore and a slut made to be fucked hard as hell.she said yes i 'am a whore fuck me plaese fuck me hard ..and in a flash i shot all my cum on her big boobs and we got up and when home and it never hapen bad i would love to fuck her more...  


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