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Soninlaw on 3/20/07: For the last six years I have been fucking my wife's mother she is 64 years old but looks like early 40's. We have been fucking at least twice a a week while my wife is at work. She is very attractive and loves fucking me. She gives me the best blow jobs I have ever had and when I come off in her mouth, she very gently keeps sucking my cock, I usually don't lose my hard on and can come again in her mouth. I love to come off in her cunt when I fuck her and we usually end up doing a 69 afterwards. Her juices mixed with my cum taste fantastic. I would love to fuck her in front of my wife while my wife plays with her cunt.


skeleton in my closet on 3/20/07: My husband doesn't know that I used to be an escort.  I went to LA when I graduated from high school with a girlfriend.  We didn't have jobs.  We both ended up being call girls and strippers and appeared in several low budget porn movies. This was over 20 years ago.  My husband is very religious and conservative and would die if he knew I have fucked and sucked over 1000 men, honestly it is probably closer to 3000.

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memphistraveler on 3/20/07: I recently visited Memphis, where I had lived years ago when I was married. I happened to run into my ex wife where she was working as a waitress at a restaraunt I stopped at for lunch. She was getting off her shift in an hour, and asked me if I would wait for her so we could talk. I waited for her, wondering what was on her mind. When we left, she said she had not thought about me much over the years, but upon suddenly seeing me she started having vivid memories of out time together. She told me she was married again, but she was not too happy since the guy was drinking alot which resulted in very little sex. She stayed with him only for economic reasons, but was considering a divorce. We remembered how we were constantly in bed when we were married, and then I asked to take her to my motel room. She agreed, and a few minutes later we were in the shower together naked, which is how we had usually started our sex sessions. I went down and ate her pussy, then she went down to suck me. She bent over so I could fuck her from behind. We went to bed and did 69, and I made a meal out of her pussy just as she was doing with my cock. After she came in my mouth a few times, I erupted and filled her mouth with sperm, which she happily swallowed, saying it was god to taste me again. After a rest, we started fucking, first with me on top, then her on top, side by side, on her hands and knees, and in a chair with her legs spread wide open. She came several more times, and then I sent a load of sperm deep into her cunt. We washed off in the shower, then as my cock recovered, I went down on her again. She came a few more times, then when my cock was hard again she took it in her mouth and sucked me off, swallowing another load of sperm. I can get to Memphis once a month from where I live now, so we agreed to meet once a month at the restaraunt (where her husband never goes, since he is always drunk when not at work)and then go to a motel to fuck and suck. She hopes I can move back, then we can fuck and suck like this more often.


domywife on 3/20/07: my wife just turned 60... and we have found out it really turns me on if she tells me about her first lover when she was in college.. telling these details is not something that is natural for her, but she is found out how much it excites me and what a good fucking I give her when she tells me these sexy details that she has grown to enjoy it She was still wearing garter belts back then and I love hearing how he put his hand up her skirt and got her wet fingering her thru her panties and then hiking her skirt up around her waist and pulling her panties aside-often ripping them and then giving her a good slamming with his 7" cock..If I havn't cum by then she tells me how enthralled she was with her first experiences with a penis(she was almost 20 and it was the first cock she had seen] she tells me how she played with it.. tasted it..tasted his cum..rolled it on her fingers...played with his balls.. and I cum--hard and fast--wishing we could find him and do it again.. this time with me was in osh kosh wisconson.


anonymous on 3/19/07: Years ago, I was walking home from work and encontered a prostitute. She was hot with a plump body and very big tits. She propositioned me, and I took her to my apartment. We quickly undressed and went to bed. Her pussy was beautiful. She went down to suck me, and told me I could cum in her mouth. I had an enormous orgasm in her mouth, which she spit out in the toilet. Then she let me fuck her. Her pussy was very hot and wet. She did not seem to be in any hurry to get me off then move on, as prostitutes are prone to do. She spent two hours naked with me, saying that she was new to this, and that she was doing it not only for the money, but also because she loved men and loved sex. I asked her to move in with me and be my own private whore as I was in a position to support her. She agreed to think about it, saying she would return in a few days and let me know. But I never saw her again.


PartyCarly on 3/19/07: When I was 17 I was a lifesaver here in Australia and on a weekend away after getting very drunk was gangfucked by not only 7 guys from my club, but 5 guys from another club. The guys ages ranged from 17-35.


Bored on 3/18/07: My wife and I had an open relationship for over 25 years...Unfortunately she got ill, and her sex drive is gone. The medications she needs to take has truly dried her up. It is not easy for a married guy, with no intentions of leaving his wife to find a playmate. I recently met a girl. She was on the dominant side. We went out and while driving her back home, she unzipped me and gave me a fantastic blowjob...She would not let me pull over. She said if I did she would stop. So I headed for an interstate and she got me off and swallowed it all. When I got her home, I wanted to continue and to please her. She said the babysitter might not understand. The next time we met...I did please her orally.... Now I was hooked. She told me that if I wanted to have her again, I would have to let her watch another man blow me. This caught me way off guard...but I said screw it and let it happen...She was naked on the bed next to us playing with her gorgeous pussy...and then shocked me by saying it was now my turn to take his cock in my mouth and get him off, not to swallow but to deliver the cum into her mouth... I did it....Am I nuts? Right after he came, he left...and I gave her his load....and then we screwed and all for the rest of the night...She told me if I want to continue to have her. I would have to do that from time to time...I have done it now a second time...and she continues to get wilder and kinkier...I think I am losing my mind..but she is hot....and totally wild in bed....I guess I will be sucking cock at her discretion from now on.


anonymous on 3/18/07: A married female answered my ad. She lived nearby, and she was really in need of sex as her husband was away alot on business. So she started seeing me when he was gone. One time he was gone for an entire month. I took a week vacation, and she spent the week with me. We were naked the entire time, fucking and sucking as much as possible.. She loved to suck dick, and loved the taste of sperm. I love married pussy.


fatpussy on 3/18/07: Before the spammers and bots took over yahoo chat, I used to go on there with a provactive name (I had several) and could find a guy who wanted to fuck me within 10 minutes. I offered oral sex to completion with the expectation that the guy would fuck me.  My husband lost interest in sex long ago.  Most of the guys I encounter in my day to day life don't give me a second look. I am a very large woman (BBW) but when I go online with a picture on my profile I have found literally hundreds of guys, married, engaged, single and otherwise who want to fuck my fat pussy.  I rarely hear from these guys again, but I don't expect to.  I enjoy the attention and my pussy is satisfied.

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wildbill39071 on 3/18/07: I am currently as I write this in Kuwait with the Army, due to leave month after next. I'm a fairly high ranking officer (Lieutenant Colonel)so I had put out of my mind of ever finding anything to fuck while I am over here. Did not want to risk my career. I am on the largest base in Kuwait so there are a lot of admin type people and civiliam contractors. Anyway, down the hall there was this late 30's red headed DOD employee that was so cute. She has been here about 2 months. She has her desk up front near the hallway. I started smiling at her as I sure everyone was, so I had to do something diferent. I asked her could I email her. A flood gate opened up. Turns out she put her desk there so she could attract some male attention. She volunteered with the DOD because her husband and her needed the money and and she wanted a break from him. Everybody talked to her but she could not really say much because of ears around . By email we could really speak our mind. After a couple of weeks I asked to meet her. Since I had acess to a vehicle I picked her up and we went to talk. I ended up kissing her. Our second kiss, I cupped her breast. By our third kiss that night, I was fingering her. I looked her in the eyes and said that I really wanted to eat her pussy. We went back to my POD, a small 10'X20' trailer. Small twin bed. we both striped and I lit a candle. When I was fingering her, I noticed she did not shave. I like my women shaved. If you have ever been with a true red head you would not want her to shave. Her pink pussy with bright red hair fraiming it was so erotic. We fucked twice and she spent the night with me. We both have to be at work at 05:30. The next morning at 04:00 we woke up and she had to go but before she did, I mounted her and came in her for the third time. Her POD is about 100 yards from mine. So far in the past month she has spent the night with me about 4 times. Damm, I leave the first of May.


SomeguynearSeattle on 3/16/07: I met an 18yr old girl online when I was 25 and we started dating . She was a little slut and after getting to know her I found out it was because her mom was a swinger and was always open about sex . In fact she had seen videos of her mom having sex when she went to use her moms camcorder one day . Her mom always let me stay the night at there house and she knew I was fucking her daughter . It was strange for me because I grew up in a very conservative household . One evening I was fucking my girlfriend and her mom walked in the room without knocking as usual which kind of bothered me at first. So she is sitting there talking to us while my cock is in her daughter ( we are in a position laying on our sides so it might have looked like we were just cuddling ) So my girlfriend started moving her hips and I was like almost in shock but didnt pull out . She started moving it and her mom kinda stopped talking and looked at us and asked if we were fucking . Her daughter said yeah and then the mom said "do you mind if I watch" and my girlfriend said "I dont care" and so we just pulled off the covers and I fucked her. It was sooo erotic and really surreal who would ever think that would happen?  Her mom started masturbating while we fucked and it was over in about 5 mins because I blew the biggest load of my life. After that night we fucked in front of her mom all the time while her mom masturbated. I wasn't really attracted to her mom who was in her 40's and over weight because at the time I was banging an 18yr old gorgeous hard body but the situation was intense all the time and thinking back now and me being 30 I wish I would have boned her mom. Worst thing is I broke up with her what was I thinking!  I have tons of true seriously kinky experiences if anyone wants to swap true stories send me a message on yahoo at the name the_red_emperor.


naughty son in law on 3/15/07: I just read "naughty mom's confession. She has been fucking her daughter's husband for 2 years. I am 35 years old and my wife is 27. Her mother is 45 and looks to be in her 30's. We have a pool at our house and last summer my mother in law would come over for a swim with us. She always wore two piece bathing suits and after the first couple of visits she graduated to thong bottoms. I got horny looking at her ass and my wife who also wears the same kind of bottoms noticed I got a hard on looking at her mother's ass. After dinner that night, my wife mentioned my hard on in front of her mother. The three of us ended up in bed together and I got the chance to fuck her mother while my wife watched us and masturbated. We now spend at least on night a week together in our bed. The most exciting thing that ever happened to me was last night. My wife and her mother did a sixty-nine while I watched and jerked off. They both came off at least 2 times each and then took turns sucking me off. I am wondering if other men have been in bed with their wives and mother in laws like I have?


anonymous on 3/14/07: My youth group went on a trip and we had to stay in this crappy hotel...four guys to a room, two to a bed. I've been curious about the whole "gay thing" (i recently came out as "bi") and when everyone else was asleep, I totally felt up the guy next to me. Shawn is hot - thats what the girls think, and so do I. He was 19 years old then, and his body was perfect. He played soccer in high school, and after I felt his entire chest, I went for the goods. He was only wearing a thin pair of shorts, and I felt EVERYTHING. I got hard, and started jacking off. Best thing was, Shawn got hard too, and I just kept rubbing him until I cummed. I didn't realize I was rocking the bed so much, and he woke up. I freaked - my hand was on his crotch! But he just looked at me and rolled over onto me. He kissed me and started grinding and pounding me. It was great...Even though he's "totally straight", we've had a few more "encounters", and its the best sex I've ever gotten.


DavidMinGarlandTX on 3/13/07: David shares his story about fucking a 17 year old he met on a chat line. This story is long, click here to read.


NaughtyMom on 3/13/07: I am 52 year old married female. for the last 2 years I have been fucking my daughters husband. He loves fucking me and I really love it when he licks my ass hole. (never had that before) Two days ago, he came to my house and I was very horny. He explained that he and my daughter fucked that morning and he had not showered yet. I sucked his cock and could taste my daughters pussy juice on him. I have masturbated to the fantasy of being in bed with my daughter and son in law four times in the last 2 days.


1st BJ on 3/13/07: i put an add on craigslist in the morning looking for a lunch time encounter. a guy responded and we met at my place. after 2 minutes of small talk, we were both naked and i gave him my first blowjob. he cummed on my hand and left 15 minutes later. we literally said about 5 things to eachother. im a 29 yo male but cock just doesnt do it for me. i had to try it though to see and now i know..although i am tempted by the nature of those encounters to try it again. I want to try a cock in my ass.


retooh on 3/12/07: Before I was married to my current wife, I used to fuck her mom on a regular basis. She was 19 yrs older than me, and had great tits and a nice ass. We would have a couple of beers then make out for at least a hour, tounging each other and fondling each other, really getting in the mood. Then she would suck my cock for awhile while i slooowly licked an tounged her fat pussy till she came, which as at least twice, then we would fuck and rest then start over again, kinda wished I'd married her instead!


Anonymous on 3/12/07: I caught my ex cheating on me and shortly therafter we broke up. after awhile we started to talk again and then became fuck buddies. one night i was out and met this other woman. one thing led to another and we ended up back at her place. we sucked and fucked all night long ending with be fucking her in her tight ass. i got home at 6a.m. and at 7 the phone rang. it was my ex wanting to now if she could "stop" by, of course i said yes. as she came into my room she was undressing the whole way to the bed. she came up under the covers from the foot end of the bed and immediately took my cock into her mouth. what a great feeling it was knowing that i was finally getting a little revenge on that cheating slut. as she was sucking feverishly on my cock i kept asking her if she liked sucking it and how it tasted, the whole time knowing that just hours earlier it was in a complete strangers tight little asshole !!!

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allinthefamily on 3/11/07: My nephew and sister visit me in my new home in newport beach and while she was sleeping I told my 19 year nephew to come to my room to watch tv I ended up putting in a home made porn of me and my ex he noticed right away it was me and got rock hard.  I pulled his shorts down and gave him a bj.  After he came in my mouth I got him hard again and we fucked 3 times.


wildbill39071 on 3/11/07: My wife who is not very sexual invited her married niece who was having husband problems. The three of us started doing shotsand the wife doesn't handle alcohol very well. I put on some soft music and the wife went to sleep in my arms. I pulled up her skirt and started rubbing her pussy. Her niece watched. I started fingering her and pulled her panties down. Her niece came over and knelt down and started licking her aunts pussy. I held her pussy lips open for her. I woke the wife up and said lets go to bed. After getting into bed, I waited until the wife was back asleep and crept into the spare bedroom finding her niece nude and hoping I would come in. I fucked her twice that night.


domywife on 3/10/07: I have taken pictures of my wife over the last 30 years and shown them to many men.. some of them masterbating to them....she is very modest and made me promise to never show the pictures to anyone....I have lifted her skirt in the car as she slept letting truckers see her panties as well as pulling motel curtains apart enough for people to look in and see her..[after she was asleep of course] I would desperately love to see her with another man[which the thought of would hurt her feelings].. she also does not know i have had numerous bj's from trasy women as well as a brief affair with a black woman.


blondie_val_chgo on 3/9/07: My husband has been finding men online a couple of times a month and he blindfolds me and lets the guy do pretty much anything they want with me.  I was reluctant at first, but now I look forward to our game.  We have been having the most amazing sex since we started doing this.  I am planning to write a story about it.  We both love your site.


anonymousONE on 3/8/07:  I have gone to adult bookstores several times and jerked off in the video booths. I often go there after I have been drinking because my "false courage" is up, as is my libido. One occasion, I opened the screen to look into the booth next to me and the guy in there signaled that he wanted to come into my booth. I let him in, and gave him a handjob. I have given two more handjobs since then, though only let one of them touch my own cock, and that was with a finger through a glory hole that was too small to fit a penis through, just a finger. Secretly I also want to suck on a cock to see what it's like.


Horny brother in law on 3/8/07: I've always been close to my sister in law. She is a large woman with a beautiful face and a great personality. Additionally, she has huge boobs that jiggle when she walks, and she always wears a low cut blouse to reveal cleavage that you could drive a truck through. Her and her husband only live two miles from us, so she comes over a lot in the mornings to have coffee with my wife and I. I eventually got to the point where I would fix the coffee for us. After a few times I started filling her cup with a full load of cum and blending it with the coffee. Then one morning we were sitting around the table talking, my wife was in the shower, and she casually told me how she loved the taste of my cum in her morning coffee. I about fell over, got red in the face, and almost choked. She told me the taste was unmistakable and knew what I was doing from almost the first time. Then she asked if I would like to take it further too which my answer was an enthusatic yes. My eyes got large when she unbuttoned her top, pulled her boobs out of her bra and asked me if I would like a morning blow job. While my wife was finishing in the shower I blew a huge load of cum down my sister in laws throat. That was about five months ago and we have fucked approximately once a week since. I would love to get my wife and sister in the same bed together at the same time and have been trying to talk her into mentioning it to my wife.


anonymous on 3/6/07: After i was married my wife came n contact with her sister that she hadnt seen in many years, they have differnt fathers, it was her sister's graduation and we went to were she was living,(wife,mother-in-law and myself) after her graduation she wanted to move back to where we were living, in the car on the way back i fingered her sister the whole way home which was a two day trip. Once we got back home her sister moved in with us, we i first had sex with her she was still a virgin and was very scared but after some convincing we had sex, this went on for about a year and a half. When my wife was on the rag her sister was my fuck slave it was great. My wife to this day does not know about it. :


commandment breaker on 3/6/07: After ten years of cockteasing and her using me to get her drugs...I fucked the hell out of my wifes sister...Suzy and I continued to fuck for almost 6 years...hell I even left my wife for her and was planning on marrying her sister until the bitch found someone else after I got sick of the whole drug thing and went to rehab...She continued to fuck me and him until one night I found them both and beat the living hell out of him and sent Suzys husband a videotape we made of me eating her pussy in a hotel room...haven't seen her for 8 years now and the bitch owes me alot of money...ain't life grand!!


an9100x on 3/3/07: Me and my mother-in-law were home alone. She liked the song on the radio and said "come on I'll teach you to dance" so she grabbed my hand and started going through the steps. It was still early in the morning and we both were in pajamas. She spun in close to me so her ass was against my crotch. She doesnt wear underwear so my cock pressed right into her ass. I already had a semi hard on so it immediately got rock hard. She stopped and let my cock rest in between her ass cheeks. She then started working it so my cock would fit deeper. I held her closer and was just about going to pull her pants down to start fucking her when my wife and kids pulled into the driveway. She just said "they're home" and walked away without looking at me. We never talked about again. I haven't seen her since she went back home out of state. I can't wait to see her again, alone.


Horndog51 on 3/2/07: My ex-wife used to take topless pictures of herself in a photo booth on the boardwalk, leave the pictures when they came out and we would sit on a bench across from the booth, watch who picked them up and see if they would recognize her. It was really hot when they did, especially if they said something to her.


WG6907 on 3/2/07: I have twice been with a Transgender and had one of the best sexual experiences of my life. I have fantasies about doing it again, but I don't know where to meet them.


Chocolite on 2/28/07: I have always fantasised about discreet sex with strangers and co-workers. Once while in a training class for my job I started a conversation with a female co-worker and although it was not about sex, we could feel the tension between us. She asked where I was going for lunch and I said wherever and we left together in her car. On trhe way to a resturaunt I told her that I wanted to fuck her and she said she wanted to fuck me too and that she was very horny; she had not had any cock for a long time. We went to her house annd she lead me into her room and could not get her clothes off quick enough. I have a 8 inch cock that is chocolate and perpetually horny. She moaned and groaned while I put her legs over my shoulders and fucked her until she could not breathe. If you live in the Los Angeles area and want some hot black cock from a prdiscreet professional, email me at

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Forever, Elaine on 2/28/07: In November 2006, I met someone in person after corresponding with them for 14 months on the internet. I couldn't believe I was actually going through with this. I was 43 and my husband and I had divorced the previous year following a 22 year marriage. The girls were in college and for the first time in my life I went blonde. I dropped 40 lbs. and liked what I saw reflected in the mirror for the first time in years. Taking the Amtrak to Detroit that day I questioned my decision during the entire trip. I was so nervous. But, when I saw her dark face at the station I felt a sharp twitch deep in my uterus She was taller and more fuller figured than she had appeared in pictures and she was so attractive. I had never even heard of a FFFF bra cup before, and they were just huge. Stepping off the train, we hurried to her car and raced back to her apartment gripping each other's hand and talking a mile a minute. Our chemistry was so right and I felt elated. At her small apartment, I showered while she waited in the bedroom. I couldn't stop trembling as I slipped beneath the covers next to her and felt her heavy, warm arms wrap around me. I took her fat tongue deep in my mouth and let out a deep sigh knowing how badly I needed this. I couldn't get enough of her sloppy kisses and I suddenly realized first hand that "black really is beautiful." Like teenagers, we just kissed and kissed and kissed as if given catnip or something. As she rolled on her back I moved on top of her and squeezed her huge breasts together with both hands. They were the weight of long, fat watermelons and we were drenched in perspiration. Our eyes locked and I whispered, "I could really get used to these." She took my face in her dark hands and told me she was falling in love with me. Her eyes said everything and her words were so beautiful to me. They hit me like a sledgehammer. I want my queen to know that I have found a permanent home and my lifemate in Detroit, Michigan.


Mr. Clean on 2/27/07: Four years ago my wife and I were visiting New Orleans and in the French Quarters when my wife wanted to buy some lingerie. While trying it on a young black man was watching her in a mirror placed to discourage shoplifters. My wife is gorgeous with 34D breasts and an eye full for anyone. She saw him looking and teased him by letting him see everything she had. While waiting to pay she whispered, asking if we could ask him back to the hotel for a drink. that night the three of us had sex while he and I filled every hole with our cocks and left her full of cum. As much as she loves to suck cock she could not get both of us in her mouth at the same time, although we both took turms in her pussy and ass at the same time. That was the first time for us doing anything like that but havee repeated it several times since with the movies to watch later. We are looking for a woman to join us. Any volenteers??


2care1967 on 2/27/07: I am addicted to yahoo chat rooms. I luv to show my naked sleeping wife on cam to couples and ladies. My email id : if anyone is interested just pm me


robyn on 2/27/07: When i give my husband a blowjob i always stick a finger in his ass. He loves it and it makes him cum buckets.


extraincome on 2/26/07: I am a 22 year old white female living with a girlfriend.  We are both making extra money by selling sex on Craigslist.  She did it first and I saw how easy it was to make an extra $200.  Most of the guys are older married guys who aren't getting satisfied at home, some are freaks.  You would be surprised we are both very average looking overweight girls.  That doesn't seem to bother the guys, we put our pictures up with our ads.  We have also started offering threesomes for $300.  People who know me would never suspect I am doing this.  picture of motel escort


Bama on 2/26/07: When I was building my house I tried to do most of the work myself, When we stared painting my wife told me one of her co workers had a daughter who could use some exta money so we hired her to help paint. Most of the time it was several of us painting. On this day it was just me and the 17 year old highschool student, she was wearing shorts and a softball shirt with the arms cut out. she had a sports bra on and when she reached above her head I could see her nipples through her bra. when we changed rooms she went outside to wash the rollers out and It started raining. she came back inside soaking wet and you could see her nipples through her shirt. She caught me looking and just smiled. I was scared she would tell, so I quickly turned and started pouring the paint in tray. As I was kneeling over the paint tray she came around and sat cross legged in front of me, and just started talking about the paint color, i couldn't help but look and see up the leg of her shorts and she wasn't wearing any panties.. she saw me staring and said "oh I never wear any panties they are always crawling" I smiled turned ten shades of red and said I can see were that would be a problem. That was all that happen that day ,but a couple days later my wife had to go and pick out the light for the house.. that left us alone again.. I wore a pair of old gym shorts with no underwear that day... was curious if she would look... about and hour into painting the trim I was on the ladder and she walked beside the ladder and I could see her look up. She said I see I am not the only one who doesn't wear underwear. I asked if she liked what she saw. she said I do from this view. I climbed down the ladder and walked into the back of the house she followed, When she got into the room I pulled her to me and started kissing her rubbing her breast.. she said she would give me a hand job and thats all she would do.. she got down on her knees and pulled my shorts down and started jacking me off.. after about five minuted she said her arm was getting tired and I talked her into giving me a blow job to finish me off. That is the only time we did anything and I have never told anyone about it till today.


showinfsonly on 2/25/07: internet is a great thing for getting thoughts and actions out into the world that you would normally not share... when alone and horny i'll bust out my webcam, log onto yahoo and hit up the chat rooms... i'll start off just showing my average cock...or my 6inch butt plug... once i find a willing female or 2 to view...i'll shove the plug up my ass and jerk off... i often fantasize about a woman using a strap-on on me, maybe one day i'll get my gf of 2 yrs to do it.... but she has yet to find out about me and what i do online


Horndog51 on 2/25/07: My wife and I used to set it up so my card-playing buddies would find her "passed out" naked on our bed to see what they would do. Our bedroom was next to the bathroom and she would go to bed saying she was too drunk to stay up, strip down and lay on the bed with the door half way open. Doing this, she has been felt up, had her nipples sucked, finger fucked and one guy even jacked off on her face and tits.




charjohn1 on 2/24/07: As I have said here in confessions I have secretly cummed in my wife's foods but always wanted someone else to secretly cum in her food and us watch her eat it. Well I talked with her uncle when we would be drinking and he told me she was a cutie. He said he used to change her diapers (he is 15 years older than he) and would pat her on the pussy. So finally I got the nerve to ask him if he would cum in her salad and us watch her eat it. It was so hot to set and watch her eat all her salad that evening. Now we are planning some other things that we can do to her.


BostonMom on 2/24/07: My husband thinks that because I have gained a lot of weight since we got married that no one would be interest in me.  He thinks I went shopping this morning and to the spa.  Little does he know that I spent 3 hours in a cheap motel fucking a guy I have been seeing for 3 months.  I went home with my panties soaked with Paul's cum.  .

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Bad Wife on 2/23/07: One weekend my Husband was out of town on business and I went out to a club for a couple of drinks. I met this guy and we ended up going back to his place were I had sex with him and his room mate until we passed out. I don't know if it was from all the drinking or we were just worn out. I woke up in bed with both of them were the preceded to do me again. When I finally made it home I could barely walk and had 5 VM from my husband. I felt really bad the rest of the weekend but was fine by Monday. It was so much fun...:


Perv008 on 2/23/07: I am a black male, when I was 25 I moved to a new town. I was riding around to get to know the place and I seen two young white girls at a car wash. It was weird because they seemed to be just there hanging out. Both were blonde one slim and the other with more shape. So the perv in me pulled into an open bay close to them and I kinda flirted with them. I asked them there age and I think they lied but they were both 16. They were waiting on two older guys to meet them. I started talking nasty about my dick being really big and they said they wanted to see it. So I told them i was gonna get in my car and they could look at it. I got in and started rubbing it thru my pants and asked them to let me see their lil tits. The thicker one had about 34 B, very perky of course. Anyway my dick was real hard from just looking so I pulled out my dick. I know alot of people lie about their dick size but mine is 8 inches from the side and real fat, with a big round head. The girls started laughing saying they never seen one that fat before. I let them touch it and one of them got in and sat next to me. She told me my dick was huge and she wanted to play with it all day. All the blood in my body rushed to my dick cause it was fatter then ever. they both put their hands on it at the same time and made lil sound effects of going up and down. They could not touch their fingers to their thumb my dick is so fat. I touched one of them on the butt for a few minutes and I wanted to slide my finger in her but I changed my mind. I asked the thicker one if she could fit it in her. She said it would kill her cause she only had one before and it was shorter and MUCH thinner. I jacked off a lil bit in front of them then some cars started coming so I put it away. And just drove off.


Anonymous on 2/23/07: I met this guy online in a chat room site that kept messaging me and wanting to meet up for some fun i was not into this at all but he kept pushing the issue saying it was harmless fun, it happend that he lived half an hour away so i agreed to meet him and it was just to be a quick blow job and thats it. We meet in an industrial estate and i got in his car he had the seat laid back all the way ready i pulled my pants down and layed there as he began to suck me off after a few minutes i cum in his mouth and he swallowed my full load i then pulled my pants up said thanks and left not a word more was said and that was it. :


No Panties on 2/22/07: A couple of weeks ago I was sitting in a waiting room at Jiffy Lube getting my car serviced.  There was one other person waiting there with me.  He was a guy who was probably the age of my dad.  He was sitting directly across from me and pretending to read a magazine but he was really trying to look up my skirt.  Something about the situation was turnng me on so I went to the bathroom and took my panties off and put them in my purse.  I went back and took a less modest seating postion.  I was too shy to make eye contact, but over the next 5 minutes I slowly opened my legs until they were wide apart.  When they called me up to the counter,  I glanced at the man and he was smiling like he won the lottery.  I paid the bill and turned and blew the guy a kiss and was on my way.


Play Toy on 2/20/07: When I was 15 my aunt started to play with me. As the play times went on more and more was done. It took about 6 months before I first fucked her. Every since then I have fucked her anytime I was in the area. I am now 35 and we still fuck many times each year. We are both married with kids. But we have always enjoyed each other. Over the years we have done some kinky stuff...she loves to eat fresh fucked pussy while getting fucked...I love to fuck her and will keep doing it as long as I can.


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Cumwhore on 2/17/07:Last week i responded to a craigs list add from a couple who wanted some male companionship. I was totally fucking boned out but didn't know what to expect. When I arrived to their place it was obvious that they were already a little high and quite horny. I quickly joined them and got a little high myself. We all sat around talking and getting to know each other for awhile but soon they ended up making out and doing some real heavy petting. I just sat and watched and got really hard. Well needless to say they soon got down and dirty and began to fuck right there on the couch. The whole time the beautiful lady (denise) kept looking over at me. She was totally getting off on me watching. Since they were having so much fun I felt that I could too, so I pulled out my cock and stoked away. Denise's eyes lighted up when my cock came out so I gave a real show. Denise got so hot and horny with her dirty talk. "Yea fuck me, he's jackin off and watchin you fuck my wet pussy. Cum in my slut pussy while he strokes his big cock. Fuck me fuck me fuck me....etc..." Her mate (boyfriend or husband I don't know which) quickly came and rolled off of her, his dick already limp. Denise locked eyes with me and rubbed her cummy pussy while I continued to stroke it. I didn't know what to do but I wanted so much more. Luckily Denise's mate came over and whispered to me that Denise's fantasy was for another man to eat her pussy after her mate had fucked her. I didn't have to even think about it, I literally dove into her spread crotch and lick and sucked away. Oh god she was so wet and sloppy and cummy. I slurpped up every drop of her mates cum that leaked out of her sweet pussy. I loved every minute of it. I've never thought about it but that cum tasted really good and naughty and I think I wanted more. Denise quickly came and I came as well. After we had calmed down Denise ordered me to lick up my own cum off of her sheets and I couldn't help but comply. Denise told me that I had done well and that I should go now. Denise headed to the shower while I got dressed to leave. Her mate quickly stopped and asked if I still needed something more. I asked him what he had in mind and he just bent over and spread his cheeks. I couldn't help myself and I fucked his ass. I grabbed his hips and pounded him like I was gonna die soon. He obviously had been ass fucked before and he quickly milked my cock. As soon as I came I collasped on the floor to regain my strength. I need to do this again. The biggest problem is that I'm married and my wife is almost always around.


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blonde357 on 2/8/07:  I once fucked 3 different guys in one day... the first was my husband before he went off the work. the second was an old fuck buddy i went to visit later in the day; we fucked in his mom's house with his little brother downstairs. later that night we went to a titty bar with his cousin, who i fucked in the backseat of my car in the parking lot of the club. then i went home to my man...  


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Karla on 2/8/07: I had sex with this hot guy in the back of his car in a hotel parking lot the first time we met. I have also begged him to have sex at his office but he won't.


AwesomeAunt on 2/6/07: When i was 14 i i went over to my aunts house who was about 40 for a week while my parents were on vacation. I was finishing up in the shower when i heard my aunt knock on the door. I stepped out and then she suddenly just opened the door while i was just standing there completely naked. She was wearing sheer bra and panties and after looking me over, she walked over to me and passionately kissed me and whispered in my ear that she had wanted this for a while now. I had jacked off several times thinking about her so i had a massive hardon that she was stroking by this time, she got on her knees and started sucking my dick and in no time i came in her mouth and all over her face. Then she took off her panties and bra revealing her beautiful breasts and nice pussy. I fucked her right on her bathroom floor and we've been fucking every now and then while im over for the past 8 years.


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horny cock sucker on 2/5/07: I have a 9 inch cock and I have been sucking myself since I was 12 years old. I learned how to do this from my sister who was 14 at the time. she caught me jacking off one night when our parents were at the movies and asked me if I would like to see her pussy. after touching her pussy and her jacking me for a few minutes she asked if i ever tried to suck my dick, when I said no she said it's easy and if I tried she'd let me watch her masterbate all the way. I said ok and after she helped me get my legs over my head, she was right, the rest was easy. I got so horny sucking my dick that I cumed in a very short time and she jacked off watching me. We have been doing this for the last two years together and i have been sucking myself every night since.


iowa boy on 2/3/07: When I was 28, I fucked my estranged wife, my girlfriend, and a nineteen yr old girl I just met in one 24 hour period.


torn between sisters! on 2/2/07: I had sex with my girlfriend's sister one day while my girlfriend was at work. It was exhilarating because when we all would be together watching a movie or whatever, the sister would flirt with me, unbeknownest to the rest of the family. (winking, licking her lips, not wearing panties while wearing gym shorts,etc...) She had gorgeous boobs and was soooooo sensual.


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TeXaSbOy8 on 1/30/07: when i was 18 my girlfriend at the time was 27. We were at a party at her sisters place. My g/f started gettin horny so we went into her sisters bedroom and fucked. I'm sure everyone there heard her screamin for more. After we finished she started saying that she had seen me checking out her sister and she got mad at me and went home for the night so i went home as well. About 30min pass and the sister calls me and says to cum back over cuz the party aint over yet. so i head back over and a couple of hours pass and by the time i know it the sister and i are the only ones left at the party. We sat on the couch and surprisingly she put on porno. As we watched the porno she starts sayin how horny she's gettin. I slip my hand down her pants and she returns the favor. We find our way to her bed (the same bed i fucked her sister not 4hrs earlier) and i did her every position i could think of only to blow my load all over her bubbly butt. The sister and i hooked up a couple of more times before my g/f and i broke up.


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grandmas boy on 1/25/07: Im a 19 yo guy. Since i was 15 my grandmother has been paying me money to fuck her once a week. Shes now 63 and i fuck her every monday night. Shes not to bad to look at and shes got some great saggy big tits as well.


Gary on 1/19/07: about two years ago my wife, her sister and her husband went out to party. They always love having me along because I am the driver as I don't drink. We got back to our house about two in the morning. Everyone had to much to drink so I helped everyone get in the house, first my wife and then the others. I got my sister in laws husband in next. After I got back to the car for my sister in law I noticed her panties on the floor. It was obvious they were playing around on the way but was to loaded to get anything done. She was so loaded she was completely out of it. I immediately got some ideas myself. She was three years younger than my wife and a true knockout, she knew it, and very sexy. Her tits were small so she rarely wore a bra and her nipples seemed to always be hard. Everytime I got around her I had a hard on. Well I finally got her in the house and set her down on a chair in the living room. I turned all the lights off except the ones in the kitchen and went to put on my robe. She was still there when I got back so I decided to play a little. Slowly I spread her legs (she was wearing a skirt) and just stared at her pussy. I couldn't help myself, I started fingering her. She was still so loaded she didn't move. Finally I couldn't take it anymore I opened my robe and slide my cock as far in as I could. I hadn't planned on it but I cum in about thirty seconds, and I didn't take it out to do it. It was dripping out of her and I tried to wipe as much off as I could. I then helped, carried her to bed. The next morning I thought I was caught when she said did I enjoy myself last night, but she was talking about the partying. No one was ever the wiser for it. I'm waiting till the next time with a smile on my face.


Tim the Tool Man on 1/17/07: I was working at a hardware store when this lady with a big ass and barely any tits walked into my area we begin to talk and she told me she was working on a home project that she couldnt get her hubby to do I was talking with her and told her i knew how to do some of the things she was having problems with so I go over to her house after work and she answers the door totally naked I for got all about the project and fucked this lady she was HOT and her pussy was so tight we fucked for a long time and then I told her i would have to come back to help her and the next day when I came back we fucked again I dont know if she ever got the project completed.


Shopping in Tennessee on 1/16/07: Well a few year ago I was out grocery shopping. I was wearing a white skirt with a few ruffles and a white scoop blouse. As I was shopping this gentleman (salesman type) married man was going the opposite way as I was and he kep smiling at me as we passed each other. As I was getting some canned goods I could see him trying to peek down my blouse and I was not wearing a bra which I never wear anyway... so I pushed my cart away and ignored him... but as I went on I started to wonder about him.... don't ask me why this has never bothered me before... the next aisle I found myself peeking at the small bulge in his pants and then I looked back at his face and he new that I just looked at him... and he gave that I would like to have you smile... Again I pushed my cart away... I avoided him the nest aisle.. anyway as I finished shopping and pushed my cart out the store he also came out the other door at the same time... again he smile at me and I just gave him a little smile... turns our he was parked next to me... and he said hello and as I was trying to load my grocery's I could see him trying to get peeks of me as I leaned over loading my grocery's in the car... an then I noticed his bulge was getting bigger... tried not to look but he was sort of magnetic... and I found myself glancing at his now fully erect member thar was pushing his pants out about 3-4 inches.. quite a bulge... he saw me looking at it and I started to quiver and shake and I was also feeling excited in my private part which was also starting to get wet... I have been married 25 years and could not believe what I was thinking about... he passed behind me and brushed my ass with his member and I reached behid me and touched it... hw stopped and I started to rub the head of it.... and then I felt a hand come up and touch my left brest and nipple... and I was trembling like crazy... he was now fully erect as he pushed his dick agains my ass throuch my dress... I turned around to face him and both my hands grabbed his pecker as his hands rubbed both of my tits and a rock hard nipples.. We got into the back of my van which we use for camping so therefore it has one seat out.. and he put his his hand under my skirt and just slid my panties off of me... and I let him do it... then he just put his head under my skirt and started to lick up the insides of my legs right up to my shaved pussy.... as he stopped for a second and said he like my fully shaved wet cunt... he took my blouse of as I undid his pants and yanked them off and let his weiner fly into view... we then got into the 69 position and were totoally enjoying each other.. and since we were getting excited quickly I rolled over on my back and he put his hard dick into my very wet throbbing cunt and gentley stroked up and down as kissed my lips and pinched my nipples ... I could feel him tensing up and then he thrust down while he moaned in delight as his cum shot from his dick deep into my pussy..... we laid there for a couple of minutes when I realized what I, we did and I was horrified... I put my skirt and blouse on as fast as I could with tears in my eyes and he new I was so upset... an he tried to comfort me.... he told me this was his first also and he was married for about 20 years and had 3 kids as I have also... we parted... both of us shaking.. I went home and as I was walking in the house his cum was running down my legs, so I just jumped into the shower until the hot water ran out... I was horrified for the next week or so... anyway I started to think about it an how wonderfull it was and how I really did enjoy it .. that after a month or so I went and did it again. Now I do it several times a week and have been for the past few years. I only do it with married family men (40+) that I don't know since they are generally clean and not likely to do anything stupid and are out like me just looking for a good quality quick love affair with no strings attached.

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Julia on 12/10/06: I pretend I'm sleeping when my husband wants sex, or I tell him I'm on the rag just because I know he will masturbate. He even asks if he can do it next to me. I let him stroke and fondle his cock while he's laying next to me. I love the sounds he makes as he's trying to be quiet, but the bed still moves. I just let him come on himself. When he's done, he wipes up and goes to sleep. WHY does that turn me on?!


Gwen on 12/05/06: I've always been something of a wild child when it came to sex, literally up for everything. But one day, my friend with benefits took it to a whole new level. We were all three sitting on a 3-person couch, watching The Matrix, me on the left, my friend in the middle, his cousin (I think... I'm not quite sure who the guy was) on the right. I was cold, so I had an afghan over my lap, and my FWB, saying he was cold too, pulled a part of his afghan over him too. I was huddled under the blanket, when I felt his fingers undo the top button of my jeans and he quietly unzipped my pants. He slowly slid his hands under my silk thong panties, and began to finger my clit. Oh my God, did that make me so dripping wet!! He was so good with his fingers, teasing and playing with me, it was hard for me to not start moaning, but somehow I managed as I had my first orgasm. I returned the favor by sliding my hand under his sweats and rubbing his throbbing cock and massaging his balls With his cousin still sitting right next to us. My FWB got really hard, and I was having what must have been my second or third orgasm because by this time he had his fingers deep inside of me. His cousin, totally oblivious, was completely engrossed in the movie, and didn t even notice what we were doing under the blanket. After about 10 minutes of finger play, his cousin got up to go to the bathroom. No sooner was his ass off the couch and in the bathroom, I stood up, threw off my pants, and sat square on my FWB s lap, my back to him, taking his cock totally in my wet, tight, pussy. He started fucking me harder than I d ever been fucked before. I felt his finger start rubbing my tight ass and he bit the back of my neck. He put slid his free hand up my sweater and pinched my nipples and rubbed my breasts as I banged up and down on top of him. Suddenly, we heard the toilet flush! I grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around ourselves and kicked our pants under the couch, just before his idiot cousin came out of the bathroom (I swear to God, he couldn t have been in the can for more than a minute who pees that fast? Part of me had hoped that he knew what we were doing, and was in the bathroom jacking off). I was still in my FWB s lap, but he had stopped thrusting into me and he was perfectly still. I could tell he was going to try and roll me off his lap and give up, but me, the good bad girl who doesn t like to leave a job half finished, stayed on his lap. The blanket was tucked just under my chest (my shirt was still on) and wrapped around us as I closed his legs and straddled my FWB with my back still to him, my ass hard against his stomach, and I put his hands on my thighs. I gently grinded against him, barely and slowly moving, and rocking back-and-forth really slowly with his cousin back to sitting next to us (my right leg was actually touching his). I was barely moving and grinding against him and I had one of my hands under the blanket (the other arm holding the blanket in place), rubbing his balls and the base of his shaft, and my thumb massaging my clit. My FWB was trying as hard as he could to keep himself quiet, which was starting to look like a losing battle the more I played with him and myself, because I felt his nails digging into my thighs harder and harder, which only made me hotter and hotter. When I knew he was on the brink of cumming, I finished him off by grabbing his nuts and doing my trusty kegel exercises, squeezing my muscles tight around his shaft and grinding down. He slid his hands up to my waist, and pushed my pelvis hard against him, pushing himself deep inside of my wet pussy, and I felt him explode in me. He made the smallest groan, which was totally muffled by that huge final fight scene in the movie (thank you "Matrix"). It was easily one of the best sexual experiences I ve had, and his cousin who was sitting next to us the whole time was completely clueless. Thank goodness for big blankets! When the movie was done, we waited for his cousin to go to bed before we uncovered ourselves, ran to my FWB s bedroom. Fucking under the blanket next to his cousin only made us hornier because it was just so naughty, so we went at it again Only this time it was impossible keep quiet because we were so fucking hot for each other. I m sure his cousin heard us that time. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if the neighbors heard us...:


kinkytexasguy on 12/04/06: I had a mom and daughter team at the same time, mom was 38 and daughter was 17, i was 20


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Anonymous on 12/03/06: A few years ago, I was obsessed with yahoo chat and was on pretty much all the time. I would of course post my age, sex, and location. Well I got curious and went into the Tranny room just to see if there were any cute, umm, people in there. I started talking to this one guy (kind of a crossdresser) and he seemed really cool. He was about 15 minutes down the road but I was only 20 and was very nervous about meeting someone on the internet. After talking for quite a while, I decided to make a trip at about 5 o'clock in the morning. When I got over there, we sat on the couch and just chatted a little to get to know each other. Then we went to the bedroom and he got on the computer to talk and then logged off. He turned to me as I was laying on the bed and told me to take my pants I did. He crept up and started rubbing my cock and balls. Then he began sucking my cock, the whole shaft. After getting head for a few minutes, we grabbed some oil and began jacking each other off. This was actually really fun. I was jealous though because the tranny had a bigger cock then I did. We put on a porn on the tv and jerked each other off until we blew our loads on ourselves. It was kind of fun but I have never said anything to anyone about it. It's a little bit embarrasing.

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Thomas 43 on 12/02/06: i am a truck driver and i am gone a long time over the road and my wife has always given me a very hot welcome home with every return. naturely i assumed it was becauce she had gone without sex for two or three weeks and and was in need of some loving from hubby, little did i know.... last week my load was canceled and my run rescheduled so i decided to have a long overdue beer at the corner bar after finishing a few beers i thought i should get home to wify. and suprise her with a little unscheduled love'n but jesus thoes beers hit me like a ton of bricks so as to not jeperdize my license on a stupid d.u.i. i walked the three blocks home. by now the sun had gone down and the lights were on in the house as i walked up the drive and totaly by luck her shadow caught my eye as her shaply figuer passed by the narrow slit in the bedroom curtin well me being a natural perv. got the idea to do a little peeking as she got ready for bed i felt my cock harden as i creeped to the bedroom window and quietly peeked in. i found myself holding my breath as i watched her remove her night gown and let it gently slip off her sholders to a heap on the floor compleatly naked she stood there for just a second or two and as if she knew i was peeking she ran her fingers gently from her lips slowly across her full breasts stopping for an instant to tug at her fully erect nipples i tried to be quiet this was way to sexy of a moment to waste by being a fucken kluts and and letting her know i was there . then with long strides she walked towards the bed. wholy shit!! i thought so loud i thought she may have heard me there was scott the neibor down the block lying in my bed with a massive hard on i didn't know weather to be pissed at my soon to be cheating wife or jelous of that monster he had between his legs. i turned to go inside and fuck some people up but then somthing stopped me i turned and went back to the window and peeked back in again. now she was straddling him and kissing him hard on the mouth pressing her sexy body tight aganst scott as she went down on him working her hand in a stroking fasion on the lower half of his enormus shaft and sucking what she could of the the rest, my cock went hard again as i watched. scotts hips begain to buck as she sucked him like a wild woman i could almost feel the blowjob i'd gotten from her just hours before when she had sucked me much the same way. she pulled her mouth of his hard meat and set her self ontop of him and slid herself down on him her titties begain to jiggle then bounce as she begain to fuck him riding ontop of that monster dick like it was a toy. there bodies beaded with sweat as there fucking grew more intence i knew when she was about to cum because she always came the same was she tucked her cnin tight agaainst he chest as her hair fell over her face and she slowed to a hard rough grind her ass jiggeling as she was fucking him for her own pleasure now her body went into spazums as she fell against scott her hips moving in small circles as she worked her amazing cunt mussles on him the way she would on me when she would cum with me. they lay still together, him still inside her as they kissed the way lovers do when they have just made love . they made love many times as i watched that night the way i felt when i walked away is hard to explain but i know my wife better now and i havn't said a word about the night her and scott put on that show for me. and our sex life hasn't changed so i guess ill just keep it our little secret!!


Mia on 11/30/06: Last night we had our friends over and went in the spa.My husband does not know but his best friend and I love to have sex together. I took off my swim suit bottoms without anyone knowing and his friend was sitting next to me and started to finger my pussy. it was so hard for me to pretend nothing was going on.after we all got out i met him in the bathroom to suck his huge cock. then about one hour later we went back in there and he ate my wet horny pussy.


Alan on 11/29/06: My girlfriend is from England and we've been going out for four years. I've been in love with her for all that time. I am 30 and have always been conservative when it comes down to sex. She is 24 with no sexual inhibitions. I guess she is the dominat one in our relationship because she likes getting me in these embarrassing situations. It started by letting her girlfriends walk in on me when I have no clothes on and getting a kik out of it. It seems she gets aroused by expousing me nude to other people. Mu shame level has come down through the years since I've been going out with her. Ones we were swimming in the beach and took off my bathing suite, swam to shore with it and handed it to two girls on the beach and convienced them to returned them to me. She through a party for her friends, got drunk and gave me a blow job in front of everybody. She gets a girfriend to drive us some were, and fucks me in the back seat. She got me to have sex with two of her friends, while she watched and played with herself. Last week we were watching TV and having some drinks. She most have slipped some sleeping pills because I woke up buck naked in the middle of a buch of her girlfriends. She later showed me the photos. Although I,ve come to enjoy her kinky sexual games and end up having great sex, I worry about what shes going to do next. I hope she knows were to stop before she gets us into serius trouble. Mine while I tell my family that we are having a wonderful relationship without filling in the ditails.


franky53 on 11/29/06: i have always thought that my wife would never be unfaithful to me, until i talked to an old buddy of mine.he told me that every one had a price.we made a silly bet of 200 dollars that my wife would not fall for it.he was going to hit on my wife, and if within a period of 2 weeks,he cuold not have convienced her he would lose. this is how it went.he began by calling her at work and telling her that she was his secret admirer(SINCE SHE HAS NEVER MET HIM)and so on. at first my wife who is 50 did not pay attention to him.but as he insisted on phoning her every day and telling her things that every woman wants to hear, she began to pay attention to his conversation, and after 4 days they were exchangingsex fantasies and experiences.i could not believe it when she told him about our sexfrom the previous night, i could not believe it when she told him how she had suck my cock,and how much she would like to suck his. any way i lost my wife turn out to be a slut and my firend wants to keep on talking to her on the phone and maybe to meet her someday.


scottie on 11/28/06: I often fantasize about my girlfriends younger sister, she has the most gorgeous boobs and a horny body, she always wears tops that show off her big tits! she has a history of fucking other girl's boyfriends and im hoping one day i will get to enjoy her naughty body


frank on 11/27/06: my wife loves to be fucked up the ass, and she wants a big thick cock for her birthday,i am trying to get her somebody real nice and big. i will let you know how it works out.


darth21785 on 11/25/06: i met a girl through yahoo, and we got to know each other for a night or two. after talkin about where we lived, and it turned out she lived in a town 10 min away from me. What sweetened the deal was that she also went to school with me. So we set up that we would meet in the parking lot of school at the end of my classes and just before her classes started. we were both nevous obviously, but my cock wasnt shy at all. we made small talk for 5 min or so then she said, "well lets see what you have to work with" she pulled my pants down and my raging 7 and a half inches popped out. she licked my head and got it all nice and wet. she then started to bob up and down slowly on my cock taking it deep inside her wet mouth. she swelled her cheeks to make a vaccum around my shaft as she went up and down slowly, she twirled her tounge all around my cock and continued up and down. i held her hair back so i could see her sexy eyes as she went up and down. i asked her if i should cum in her mouth or if she wanted more. she said with my cock in her mouth, "shoo whe ever ou ant" so she continued going up and down while massaging my balls with her free hand. i said, " im gonna cum" and a wave of my juice shot into her mouth, she continued bobbing up and down, drooling the cum back on my cock and then taking it back in, she kept going and i shot another 2 waves of the baby batter into her juicy mouth. she swallowed it all, with a smile. then she took both of my balls in her mouth and sucked them hard, and said, "just in case someone asks if you have ever had your balls sucked you can say you have" i chuckled, pulled my pants back up gave her a hug and never saw her again. the next day on yahoo she said she was so ashamed that she did that and didnt want to talk again. it hurt my feelings a little bit. but no biggy cause it was the best bj i had ever gotten.

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justme on 11/25/06: Ive gotten a few bj's from a glory hole and enjoyed it. it was hot getting sucked off by a stranger and would do it again.


Jorel on 11/18/06: She came to our place for vaccations... WE had known each other since we were kids and i didn't see her in any other way.... One night siblings and she had to sleep in the same room and she slept next to me.... I didn't feel anything... but in the night she hugged me tight and wouldn't let go... I kept oushing her but she didn't go at all.... SHe put her legs over mine and i could feel the warmth of her pussy... I slowly turned towards her and felt her hot body.... I Put my hand beneath her dress and felt her soft boobs..... Then i slowly and partially pulled the shirt off and sucked her boobs.... I tried touching her pussy but she didn't let me.... Soon i got scared and we stopped... Inearly hours of morning my siblings went away to their colleges and we both were still sleeping... This time she came over me... I couldn't resisit anymore and pushed her off... Pulled her pant slightly down and put my pussy inside... I sucked her boobs and we both were exhausted on the bed.... Later guilt over came us and she apologised to me... I like her but can't see her in this way... I must admit.... this experience was something that'll always be on my mind


p3dennis on 11/18/06: I have joined three other men to help a guy fuck his wife while they visited new orleans


anonymous on 11/18/06: When I was 14 I moved in with my aunt so I could attend an upscale school. Then once a month and over the summer I would go home. My aunt was a good looking woman in her 40's with big boobs. She always wore skirts with shier top pantyhose or no panties and I was always trying to look up her skirt then go to my room and jackoff. One evening she came in the bathroom just as I was getting dry from my shower. She looked me over pritty good. Later that night she came into my room and sat on the bed. I was laying there in my pajama bottoms. She started rubbing the inside of my leg then she undid the top of my pajamas and pulled them down. It was a fanticy come true. She looked at me and said she thought it was time she came in and saw what I was always playing with. By that time I think I had the biggest hardon of my young life. She started stroking it then her mouth surrounded it and I couldn't hold my cum back. She swallowed every drop and kissed the head of my dick and licked my balls. It was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. A week later she had me come in the bathroom and wash her back It was the first time I had ever seen a woman completely naked. She had me wash her big boobs and her pussy. Then she had me drop my pants and jackoff. I never knew that jackingoff infront of someone could be so much fun. In a couple of days we were having all out sex. Now 20 years later we still do our thing.


sub_bottom4use on 11/17/06: When I was still married my wife and I met a guy on line. He had a nice big cock and she said she wanted to fuck him, so we invited him over. He sat on the sofa next to her, and she was wearing a nice silk teddy. I excused myself and stepped into the bedroom and just after I left I watched from the dark and saw him start playing with her tits. She started stroking his cock through his pants. They got up and headed to the bedroom, so I went into the master bathroom and closed the door to just a crack. I watched as she sucked his big cock, and as he ate her pussy until she begged him to stop. Then he slid that big cock in her pussy and pumped her for all he was worth until he blew his load in her pussy. He got up and got dressed and left, then I came out and got between her legs and licked his cum from her pussy.


Stefano on 11/16/06: I can't wait sometimes for my wife to leave for work, so I can masturbate online with other, sometimes married women. I use my web cam and if the moment is right, I show her my body and how sensual and openminded I can be; just by having another woman besides my wife look at my body is so erotic. I fantasize about her "catching" me chatting with this woman an seeing how aroused I am pumping my shaft, all moist with my precum and ky...i'd love to tell more......

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Bronzemouse on 11/11/06: My wife P and I had both been married once before. She was pretty lose with other guys and not bad to look at. Before we married I talked her into having a 3some with a stranger. She said she never thought she could do such a thing. With her first husband, he too wanted to have her shared with a stranger. She never did it for him.


Jimbo on 11/11/06: I'm a married white guy that travels a lot and love having my cock sucked while I'am on the road. Last week I checked in to my motel and a hot younger guy smiled & said if I need anything let him know. I was tired and blurted out, "a backrub & a Blow job". I then got my key & went to my room to shower & slide in bed. As I came out of my shower with just a towel on I saw him sitting on the edge of my bed. He walked over and took the towel off me and smiled as he slid down. OH was he great, as he sucked me off and I blew a huge load down his throat. He licked the last of my load off my cock head and said he would stop by every nite while I was there, and left. True to his word, I was awoken every nite by this very sexy guy in my bed sucking my cock, and after the first nite, I never let him leave there till I got to be his cocksucker. I now love sucking off younger black studs and will be drinking their delicious loads often. If you work in a motel, and your a hot black stud I might be the older white guy that wants to drain your cock down my throat, so SMILE.


martyni on 11/6/06: Fascinated by the choices of video porn in the booth at the adult bookstore, I didn't notice at first when the erect penis was put through the gloryhole. When I did see it, I realized that my fantasy had finally come true. I was about to touch another man's hard cock. I reached over and held it tightly; it throbbed in my hand. I knew that no one would ever know, so I opened my mouth and wrapped my hot, wet mouth around it and began to suck as hard as I could. I heard a moan and then felt the cock grow in my mouth. It began to spray hot cum on my tongue and I swallowed as fast as I could but a little escaped and ran down my chin. After his orgasm had subsided, he pulled his still semistiff dick out of my mouth with a plopping sound. I quickly opened the door to my booth so I could see the stranger that had so willingly fucked my mouth. As he left his booth, he looked me in the eyes and smiled and nodded. Then he quickly left.


no name on 11/4/06: I was stuck in this little one stoplight town for two weeks on a service call. I got to be really good friends with the waitress at the only restaurant in town. They weren't very busy and she would sit at my table and talk. She confessed that she wanted to see her husband get a BJ. The last night I granted her wish. It was the one and only time I have ever done it to another man. We were both so nervous. She was so excited. I left right after he came and never saw them again.


sirfuksalot on 11/3/06: I am a married male who can not get enough of oral sex, and found a married female online and started having a very intense sexual affair, for about three years. I even met this womans husband, and was introduced as a cousin, just as we loaded up my vehicle to go out of town on a business trip for four days. this girl could suck and fuck for hours... and we even fucked on her couch while her husband was asleep in his recliner on the other side of the living room...he never woke up ( we guess) even tho she is sometimes a very loud cummer. My wife has never found out about this affair, and we have since stopped our encounters, as her husband was transferred to another city to far away for me to visit...dammit.


joyce on 11/1/06: one night this past summer my boyfriend and I were riding around with some friends. We were in my boyfriends beat up pickup. with four guys up front and me I had to sit on my bf's best friends lap by the window. I still had my bikini on because we went swimming that day, and a towel over my lap. My bf's best friend stuck his hand under the towel and I let him play with my pussy. I think the guy next to us knew what was going on, but my boyfriend still doesn't know.

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Soldier on 10/30/06: About 15 yrs ago after returnin from Iraq I stayed with my father and step-mom until I was able to find a place of my own. One night i awoke to my step-mom giving me a blow job, she had been drinking. It was great I spun her around and began to eat that sweet pussy. She then climbed onto my cock and road it until I had cum in her twice. I then got on top of her and fucked her and came 3 more times before we fell asleep. The next morning she said that we could not do that again but that I could eat her when ever I wanted, we must have had oral sex at least 4 times aweek.


Youth on 10/29/06: I helped this older lady load her trunk with her groceries, it was summer and she had a nice big ass , she caught me looking, smiled and asked if i would like a reward stroking my face, she told me to get in the car and drove to some apartments nearby, as soon as we were in the apartment she grabbed me and kissed me passionately , she was so anxiuos i felt overwhelmed . she pulled away and told me her hubby was fucking his secretary and hadnt touched her in awhile take off ur clothes she said pulling at my shirt .then when i was naked my cock pointing to the ceiling she got on her knees and made love to my genitles moaning saying lovely cock taking it in her mouth it was too much i shot my load filling her mouth told me i was a bad lad to get dressed and go home but gave me her phone number


Too much vodka on 10/26/06: We were at a party and my wife got plastered along with many of us.. anyway after she passed out they put her in a room to sleep it off. Later I went to the room and they had her leaned over a couch with her head on a bunch of coats and pillows. They had her dress over her head and her tits hanging down and her legs spread apart and they were fucking her pussy while she was semi passed out and they were sticking their dicks in her mouth... atleast 4 guys plus myself fucked her pussy.... the cum was running down her legs... and one other wife was sucking the cum off of her...she was never told... but there was a video made ... but I don't know what happened to it.


gary1973 on 10/14/06: I had sex with a married couple i worked with. I didn,t know the husband was going to join us until I was fucking his wife.


Mark on 10/11/06: I've fathered 3 kids by my sis in laws over the years. the oldest is 19 now and is as good a piece of ass as her mom is. the other two are a boy 13 by another sis in law and another daughter by the first sis in law 11. quite the family id say

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Guilty pleasures on 10/11/06: I wasn't into cybersex until I met a married but separated woman in an on-line chat. I myself was married to a wonderful wife. Having an affair though thrilled me. So,after getting acquainted with her for a few days, I was soon able to coax her to strip in front of her webcam. She obliged and exposed to me one mean pair of tits and one hungry and wet pussy. The strip actually made her so hot we both masturbated together. After that, we constantly communicated with each other via SMS. One evening while my wife was asleep, I was sending her hot messages over her mobile phone. It turns out it made her hot that she began describing to me through SMS how she touched herself to orgasm. I was turned on as well that I likewise shot a load of cum inside our bedroom while my wife was asleep. As we could not anymore contain ourselves, we decided to hook up (she lived in another not so faraway city). So I met her in one of the apartment motels in our city. As soon as she opened the door and saw her wearing only a towel around her, I couldn't contain myself and, stripping all inhibitions, yanked her towel away, kissed and sucked her tits with reckless abandon, while fingering her already wet and hungry pussy. She returned the favor by sucking my manhood and balls dry. We ended with my cock piercing her pussy in every possible place of the apartment motel unit. After the encounter, guilt crept within me that I instantly cut off all communications with her. With the experience though, I'm still contemplating of reviving my affair or having another one soon.


pantyfied&loveit on 10/10/06:I am a forty year old MWM and i have a pantie fetish it all started when i met my wife she had the sexist panties all made of nylon or silk .and then one morning we were in bed and she pulled her panties off held them up and said I"m going to put these panties on you .she did:nt that morning but after we were done having great sex she gets up and leaves those little red panties in the bed with me so I took that pair of panties to the bathroom with me and pulled them over my little cock ahh they felt so good .I hated to take them off .but I did and i put them in the extra sink under some towels well a couple days go by and she finds the panties brings them to me and asked whos they were and who put them there i was shocked i did not no what to say .surely she did:nt forget about trying to get me to wear those little red panties.and then my pantie wearing began she started bringing panties home from her sister they wear a size seven and a perfect fit i came home from work one day and there on are bed was three pairs of high cut satin lace panties ooh i thought whos are these and then my wife comes in and tells me her sister bought them and did'nt like them so she brought them home but she could'nt wear them so i dont say anything and we go on as usually go to bed that night the next morning we decide to go to the lake i go to my drawer to get some clothes and there on top of my uderwear draw is the three pair of panties that she had the day before well i just could not resist i put a pair of those silk &lace panties on and ooh they felt so good so off to the lke we go drink a few beers and i get about to pee we find a spot pull over and pee well i go to get back in the truck she puts her hand up my shorts leg .she dos'nt say a word she just smiles real big at me and we go on about the day after that i have been her little pantyman ever since i dont own any male uderwear but she keeps me plenty of silk panties i love it when she takes me pantie shopping with her my favorite panties are victories secert second skin satin in hipster style they are good and roomy for my cock and balls i love being pantyfied and i believe she new all a long.


HotwifeJudy on 10/07/06: I cant fall asleep at night with out reading someones confession on here and masturbating to it.


Josh on 10/04/06: I go to the porn theatre in Gastonia,NC and have oral with guys there!!!!!!!

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Dave on 10/02/06: my favorie thing to do with my first wife was to eat her out after she came home from dates with other men


Tanis on 9/29/06: I have had sex in a threesome. I first fucked the wife then sucked off the husband. My current wife uses a strapon to me and wants to video us with other couples. I enjoy the taste of cum, the feel of a cock and a very wet pussy


Mufflove on 9/27/06: I have been having an afair with a cute little married blond at work for 6 years. SometimesI go by her house in the morning before work for a little hot action. One morning when I got there she was sitting on the couch with her legs pulled up to her chest showing me her wet fresh pumped pussy. She informed me that her husband had just fucked her and left 10 minutes before and insisted that I clean her up. I dove onto her wet mound and loved every drop. There is something so sexy about cum dripping from a beautiful snatch. Now I beg her every week to do it again.


Karen on 9/23/06: I'm 26 and in love with someone who is 61. This is a significant age difference but we get along so well. I'm Karen, a Customer Service Representative at a local bank. Thelma is widowed, semi-retired and one of the sweetest human beings I've ever known. We met online 4 years ago. Our relationship is very private because people in this community wouldn't understand. I don't have children but Thelma has 5 that are grown. She also has 9 grandchildren. We are very different physically. I am 5' 6", 135# and white. She is 5' 10", 245# and black. I am a dress size 8, B cup size. She is a dress size 20, FF cup size. We meet at my apartment Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from approximately 7pm to 9pm. On Saturday we drive to another town to have dinner together. Our one night out. Saturday is always very special. Sex and intimacy is a very big part of our relationship. My skin color is very light and her's is very dark which is a turn-on for us. I love sucking her enormous nipples and her swollen clitoris. Her vagina is so hairy. She never shaves it and that's fine with me. Both our families would just die if they knew about our involvement. Sometimes we talk about it and wonder if we're doing the right thing. Most of the time though we feel blessed that we have each other.


BiJim on 9/18/06: I'm a bisexual married male. My wife does not know. I have been with several bi couples where she uses a strap on on me while I suck his cock. God.. I love this type of sex. the openess and frolic we share is truely a turn-on. I have a girlfriend that want to fist m ass. She has tried before but has not gotten it all the way in. I'm looking forward to her fisting me soon. I also enjoy BIG vibrators placed in my ass and hen turned on. I cum like a horse.


Triple Threat on 9/16/06: I've been married for over 10 years, and have hooked up with BOTH of my wife's sisters. All 3 of them are great looking and completely different in bed. My favorite memories are the 2 times I fucked all 3 in one day. Before work one morning I went to 'work out', slipped into one sister's back door, and into her bed. She's an incredibly lay just because of the way she moans and hisses into orgasm. She doesn't like to give head, but the 2nd sister loves to give blow jobs like no other woman I've ever been with. SHE worked as a secretary in a privately owned business, so at lunch that day I went to HER office. We locked the door, ate and fucked each other right there, hoping that the owners wouldn't come back before WE came. And, of course, when I got home that night I HAD to complete the I fucked my wife. This is one family that has kept me busy...and happy!!


imgold on 9/14/06: I have bisexual fantasies. I wonder what it would be like to have a cock in my mouth. A MMF would be a dream cum true. The thought of being with a couple drives me crazy


blak kjak on 9/13/06: I am...a peeping Tom. I try to stop, but can't help myself. Lately I've been going back to a house in my old neighborhood, watching the woman there through her blinds. I can see all of her living room and part of the bedroom. Yesterday morning around 5:30am I looked in to see her legs as she sat on the sofa rubbing her feet together. She must have just showered, because when she stood and faced the window her robe fell open to reveal nothing underneath. For just a moment...I got full view of her beautiful breasts and the hair between her legs.

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Friendly hubby next door on 9/13/06: My ex girlfriend and her hubby invited me for dinner one evening. after dinner, and with the kids asleep in bed, hubby ran out for more beer. While he was gone the ex started climbing all over me kissing lots of tongue, her hand rubbing my cock. Hubby gets back, and I try to be cool and hide the spot on my pants from the precum. We talked a while and before you know it they were making out right next to me on the couch. I finally figured it out (duh!) and joined in. my hand slipped under her skirt, and sure enough... no panties. We took turns fucking her and eating her pussy until the wee hours of the morning.. Months later she had another child.. Blond hair, blue eyes... who knows??


Charjohn1 on 9/9/06:  I have secretly cummed in my wife's food (different foods) for many years but always wanted another guy to do it (secretly) so I could watch her eat it. And I wanted him to see her eating it all secretly from her of course.


Aboutyou on 9/9/06:  I am married and 38 years old and I run 4 stores in the Central Iowa area, two of my employees female employees seduced me. Neither one knows about the other one, they work in different locations....I fucked and ate their pussies one week apart from the other after closing time...I would love to have more hot, sexy encounters!!


ChunkyFuckSucksCum on 9/9/06:  I Have Been Married For 15 Years And Have Gained A Few Pounds Since First Meeting My Husband,but I Have A Good Number Of Guys Who Love My Looks And Love To Screw Me All The Time,my Husband Included. I Am A 33 Year Old Latina Born In El Salvador,5ft6in,225lbs Of Luscious Cock Loving Woman,curves With Big Full Lips And Deep Dark Brown Eyes.48EE'S With Big Dark Nipples,rounded 52in Hips,nice Big Round Ass,thick Meaty Thighs,a Belly Thats A Bit Chubby But Not Extremely Huge,just Not Very Flat But Guys Like It Just Fine. Im Willing To Screw Anywhere,anytime And Suck Cock As Much As I can. Sucking Cock Is My Specialty And Men Always Say It Was The Best Head They Ever Had And Many Have Wanted A Relationship Based On My Skills,im Also A Super Nasty Screw And A Total Secret Slut.


Listener on 9/7/06: the other night at work i called my wife at the house just to say hello and flirt with her. she sounded strange and kept pausing between her sentences,making smacking noises and answering with one word responses. i stayed quiet and listened and she was making cocksucking sounds. i asked what she was eating and she said a popsicle,and continued sucking. i knew she was sucking someones cock and told her to let me listen. i listened as she really got down on it and the guy was telling her what a slut she was. i was so turnedon hearing my slutty mexican wife suck cock over the phone. i could hear every suck,slurp and pop she made,and when i heard her swallow i shot a huge load under my desk,imagining what she looked like doing it


Debbie44_cd on 9/7/06: Well I have been a panty wearer since I was 5 I am now 44 and nobody knows I have always wished I was a girl. How do you tell you wife if 17 years somethings like this. Guess I never can.


The Vouyer on 9/6/06: I Love To Watch My Fat Hispanic Wife With Other Guys. A Lot Of Men Are Into Chubby Girls And My Slut Wife Has No Problem At All Picking Up Guys To Screw Her. Over This Past Weekend We Had A Little Party For Her 34th B-day And We Invited Seven Guys We Know That She Thinks Are Cute And One By One She Sucked And Fucked All Of Them Andi Watched It All. Next Time Were Going To Videotape The Action.


smackmyass_2please on 9/4/06: I'm a slut and my boyfriend of 3 years knows it, why I think he hooked up with me.We swing, I'm Bi, and he likes sharing me. You think that would be enough right? Well it's not. I've been seeing another man for the last 3 months who has the biggest and fattest cock i've ever seen or had. I can't get enough of it and every chance i get i wanna jump on it, which is now about 5 times a week. Glad I finally told some one.

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SuaFla2 on 8/31/06: My wife and I had our first threesome about two years ago. She found out she loves sex with girls and guys. Since that time we've had four other threesomes, sex with another couple and she has had sex with four other guys, once while I watched from outside our bedroom window. What really drives her crazy is to have both of her nipples sucked at the same time.


Dick Hammer on 8/30/06: Hey, I am a 32 year old married man from Iowa. I recently screwed my boss ( a very hot woman) in the next room from her husband. I am always looking for fun in the Iowa area so if any one is interested email me at


sister secret on 8/29/06: My boyfriend doesnt know but I have been secretly meeting with his sexy older sister for months. I love nothing more than eating her sweet, wet pussy and sucking on her cute little clit. We sometimes play with each other for hours, and I go home to my man so wet, but he thinks it's because I've been thinking about fucking his big, hard dick! If only he knew...


cumbuster66 on 8/28/06: I'm a man and I just sucked two rock hard cocks off the other day and I loved it. I am married, but she dosent know that i love man juice too.


handyman on 8/25/06:I masturbate in the bathroom at my various customers establishments.


Hismarriedslut on 8/25/06:Well I met this guy online about two months ago. At first it was just friendly flirting and then that led to me showing him my pussy and titts on cam. I decided to let him come over to my place after about a month so that we could meet face to face. This went on a couple of times. Then one day we decided to meet for a very tense sexual encounter that was long overdue. He got us a room for three hours and well for three hours we fucked like crazy. He made me cum more times than I can remember I even let him take pictures of him doing me. Well now he comes over to my place at least once a week to give me my dose of cock. One thing that I enjoy doing is sucking his big thick dick. Oh yeah did I forget to mention that we are both married!


Lucky Hubby on 8/23/06: My wife and my nextdoor neighbor and I were listening to music and having a couple of cocktails in our garage the other night. It was hot outside and my neighbor took our shirts off to cool off. My wife said that it wasn't fair for just guys to be able to take our shirts off. I told her to go ahead it was just me and our neighbor friend. She took her shirt off and about 3 seconds later my neighbor touched them. My wife was aroused and grabbed his hands and urged him to keep doing it. Then he started to lick her tits. She went wild and rubbed his cock through his shorts and he rubbed her pussy. Then we all took off our shorts and underware. Our neighbor put my wife on the hood of the car and started licking her pussy and I went around and let her suck on my cock. I couldn't believe what was going on. She has never done anything this wild. It turned me on to see this guy eating my wife. She was a total whore. We went from there into our bedroom and they jumped into the bed. I told them that I had to pee real quick and to wait. It took a while for me to get it down enough to pee. I knew that I wouldn't enjoy it enough if I had to pee. When I returned my wife was sucking his dick. I told him to go ahead and fuck her that she was about to explode. I stood there and watched my wife fuck this guy with her legs in the air and her hips going wild. After he came inside her I fucked her. I would never believe that I was getting seconds on my wife but there I was. She was so wet. As I fucked her our neighbor shoved his dick in her face and I couldn't believe that she was doing all of this. It made me blow in her big time. We all went out to regroup and recoup in the garage with a beer and cigerette. We discussed that we would never do this again but gave it one more time before retiring to bed that night. My neighbor and I both double fucked her. She got ontop of me and he fucked her ass from behind. We all came togather. My wife and I made love a hundred times the next day. Since then our love life is unbeleivable. We have vowed to never do it again but can always live with the memory. What used to be her fantasy is now fact.


See my Girl on 8/22/06: I have always been extremely aroused by taking nude pictures of girlfriends. I am now engaged to a gorgeous girl and I have taken a few dozen pictures of her, including her bare pussy up close. I am planning on bringing them with me to show other men that I have met online. I want them to see her totally naked while they suck my cock. picture of slut wife


Oralgirl on 8/17/06: I had been talking online to this guy for about a month so we desided to meet turns out he was my old high school coach who I had a crush on years before well I just looked at him and said take me to a motel! we could'nt get there fast enough,as soon as we got in the room he riped my clothes off and shoved his cock in my mouth!! oh it tasted so good as I was sucking him his cell phone rang it was his wife!!! I just kept right on sucking his cock which was huge he was really liking that so he starts fucking me while talking to his wife! It was one of the best fucks I ever had after it was over he said you know I wanted to fuck you years ago! so every now and then we meet up just to suck and fuck!

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Jim on 8/15/06: Met a married chick on here while my wife was in the other room. This chick was lonely and we weren't doing anything so I told my wife I was going out for a while. I did her for the next 3 hours in her husbands bed


Oldhippie on 8/15/06: I started sucking cock at age 13 and as a married man of 50 I still like to suck cock and eat cum today.


Pantyboy on 8/14/06: I love to wear womens panties, when alone or traveling. They feel so soft and satiny against my cock. I like to rub them and masterbate.


Motherfucker on 8/14/06 : I have been fucking my wifes mother for 14 years now and my wife knows about it,has even filmed it on a few occasions,as well as with a couple of her aunts. Miriam is a super sexy 57 year old from el salvador and speaks very little english,but is outof this world at sex.  Yesterday I fucked my chubby wife really good for about an hour, cumming first in her mouth, then rammed her puss for awhile before sticking it up her fat ass blowing my load deep in her after a while.  A couple hours later Miriam wanted to suck it and did so for about 45 minutes as Abbey filmed it for distribution while one of her guy friends watched and waited for us to finish so he could fuck my wife in the same room, she only filmed the oral part.  After Miriam swallowed my load I went down on her sweet mature cunt while abbey sucked the guys cock right next to us,slurping and smacking on it.  Miriam came in no time, all down my chin and neck.  I had her get on her knees so I could plow her luscious ass.


Cumbuster66 on 8/13/06: What i love to do when my wife is not home, is to watch pornos and be naked in the living room. I'll be jerking my rock hard cock off up to the money shot of the movie and what i do is, i would pause the movie before the guy blows his load in the girls mouth and i would get on the floor and put my legs on the seat cushions so that my cock is facing me up side down. When i get ready i will un pause the movie and watch the cum in the chicks mouth and then i would postion my mouth under my cock and spew my hot cum in my mouth, and thinking of the guy shooting his cum in my mouth instead. Wow is it good and its fun to watch all that cum shoot in my mouth.


Tulips on 8/13/06: I have a very uptight husband and he does not ever want to try anything out of the ordinary! So about 10yrs ago I began a sex only affair w/a male coworker/friend. We fucked and sucked in every conceivable position and place. About a year into our fabulous fucking/sucking relationship we brought another male coworker/friend into the picture. I absolutley LOVED being "sandwiched",one dick in my cunt and another in my ass!I had so many multiple orgasams that I lost count! I soon became their hot little sex slave doing EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING as often as we could,where ever we could! The 3 of us worked for a large well known company in "white collar" jobs and many of our lunches and/or meetings were conducted in motels,our cars,in parking lots,stores,public parks,you name it! I wore sexy Victoria's Secret lingerie under my prim and proper business outfits and none of us could wait for our 2-4 hour "meetings and lunches" to begin! There were also times when we would have to go out of town on real business but of course once our actual work was completed we would play for hours on end all courtesy of our employer! We even found other men who sometimes joined us and I would get gangbanged by as many as 5 men at one time and they would enjoy the hot fucking fun covering me in their hot,sticky jizz as much as I did! I had never been with a woman before but we discussed the idea a few times and finally found thee perfect "other" female. She and I were very similar in looks...I am 36(C) 29 35..5'5"... 140lbs brunette.. and she was 38(D) 28 38..5'4"..130lbs...and a redhead. She had been w/a woman prior and so she kind of led the way by eating my pussy, sucking my tits,fingering my ass...and evnetually I just reciprocated and before we knew it we were 69ing and using all kinds of toys on each other. The orgasams I had were beyond my wildest dreams! The show we put on for the guys turned us all on to the point where we began having one of thee greatest little orgies ever! I prefer MEN hands down when it comes to sex but a little female diversion added to the mix every now and then worked out perfectly! I know this all sounds completely made up like those "stories" in mens magazines but for the last 15years this is exactly what I have been enjoying. I am a 51yr old middleclass woman, and no one would ever suspect me of even looking at another man let alone carry on as I have been! My husband has never found out and neither have the other men's wives,so as long as we can continue on this wild fucking ride,we will! Oh and one more thing,one of my most favorite role plays is to be dressed in my leather bustier,thong,fishnet stockings,stillettos and a blindfold w/my hands loosely tied behind my back,while I am "forced" to "service" the men in any way,doing whatever they demand of me,and only when I fulfill their each and every command am I allowed to cum,but the best part is to have them all circle jerk me until I am cum covered!


Nokidding on 8/12/06: A few years ago, I confided in my wife that I would like to see another man have sex with her. So she, being the crazy, but sweet wife that she is, decided to try to make my fantasy come true with one of her male co-workers who also happened to be her "friend". A few days later, we checked in to a local Motel and before long her cell phone rang and she talked for a while to a man she said that she had known for a while at work. About a 1/2 hour later there was a knock on the door and to make a long story short, I sat in a chair and watched my wife get fucked by one of her co-worker friends. It was surreal....We started out all just talking, then they suddenly started kissing deeply, then before long she was sitting on the bed giving him head. Then he laid her on her back and fucked her - then ate her....I just enjoyed watching. I was shocked, but still turned on. I cant believe how I felt.

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My Wife Rocks on 8/9/06 : I was gambling in vegas and my wife was drinking in the bar. We were both drunk and she came out and told me that there was a soldier in bar just back from Iraq who was hitting on her. I have often fantisized about her fuckingsomeone else. So I ask her is he hot. She replied extremely hot. I then asked her are you asking me permission. She said no. I asked her if she wanted to fuck him. She told me she would like to mess around with him but could never fuck someone else. i told her to invite him to room and I would be up there watching from the closet. I ran upstairs and hid in the closet. About 15 minutes later my wife and the soldier entered the room. They started kising on the bed and he began to feel my wife was so hot I thoght I was going to cum right then. He took my wife's top off and began to suck on her nipples. she slid her hand down his pants and began to stroke his cock. She then slid down and began to give him a blowjob. It was even better then i expected I started to jerk off in the closet. Then i couldn't believe what happened he flipped my wife over pull off her pants and panties and began to fuck my wife doggy style. He fucked her for about 15 minutes and came all over ass. he then ate her out until she came. He said he had to meet up with his thank her fo doing her country a sevice and left. We saw again 2 days later in studio 54 needless to say my wife blew him in the club with me and his friends watcihing along with others. We have never done anything like this again but we often talk about it.


No Name on 8/9/06 : My wife was out of town one weekend and I met a woman on the internet, she was bbw from another town about an hour away, we meet at an intersection half way and i fucked her in her husbands work van. she only wanted to suck me and ride me. she was very good at both.

TXSTAR on 8/2/06:I had my first threesome with a married couple, I have never considered myself bi or bi-curious. While wife was straddling my face, her husband, started playing with me. Before I knew it he was going down on me. I was so rapped up in what I was doing, so I didnt stop him. His wife came like no tomorrow, and so did I.  I would like to try that again.
Catholic Wife on 8/1/06: I cheated on my husband the first year of my marriage with a man I work with.  I ended up getting pregnant in the second year of a very steamy affair.  Guilt got the best of me and I confessed the affair after the baby was born.  My husband forgave me even though a DNA test showed the baby was not his.  The affair cooled for a year, but then we resumed it for another five years.  My husband thinks I fucked my lover once.  It was more like 200 times.  I gave myself completely to my lover, including anal sex which my husband has never gotten.


Kumat on 8/1/06: Three years ago I had an awesome sexual experience with a youg girl who was a family friend. She was 24 and I was 50. I had not seen her in a long while and since i was going to be in her town I asked her if she would like to go to dinner. She said, oh yes, well that was to easy so I asked her, if she could get away after work on Friday and we would spent the night together. She said, yes! I was in heaven. She was a very beautiful sexy figured gal. Anyway we met and headed to a hotel. I ate her for 2 hours, since I love to eat pussy and don't get to eat at home. Then I fucked her good. We then showered and went to dinner. After dinner we fucked 8 more times in 13 hours. Later she told me that her nipples hurt till Thursday and her pussyhrt till Friday. It was the only time that we were able to have a sexual encounter. She moved shortly after that. I do miss that but relish the fact that she had a crush on me for years and I didn't know it nor does my wife or her family.
No Regrets on 7/31/06: I first fucked my sister when she turned 18. I sneaked into her bedroom and found to our dismay that her bed would squeak every time I tried to mount her. We then very quietly moved to the floor between the bed and the back wall, putting a blanket down for comfort. She was wearing Baby Doll pajamas and spread her legs and held the crotch of her panties aside so I could try slip the head of my dick between her labia. She quickly decided to slip out of her panties and give me full exposure to her cunt. I rubbed the head of my dick against her clit a few times and then gently inserted the head of my dick inside her. I saw a surprised expression on her face and asked if it had hurt her. She shook her head "no", so I asked if it felt good. She responded with a whispered "Oh Yea"! I then began to slow stroke amd push my cock a little farther into her each time. After a few strokes the pleasure ws so intense that I would have to stop for a few seconds to keep from "going off" in her pussy. Then I would resume penetrating a little deeper each time I humped her. She began to hump me stroke for stroke until we had two thirds penetration. I knew I didn't have much time left before my nuts exploded into her vagina, but thought I could control it for a couple of more strokes. Just as I began a downward pump into her pussy, she arched her back and pushed her pelvic bone against mine causing me dick to enter into her completely. I was in mid down stroke and could feel the come exploding out of my balls, I tried to withdraw before I went off (I was not wearing a condom) but was unable to withdraw in time. I fired my initial squirt of come deep into her pussy, withdrew and sprayed several more squirts onto her bare belly. She had climaxed just as my first shot of come errupted from my dick. I explained to her what had happened and suggested she go douch out to see if it would prevent pregnancy. It turned out I had not knocked her up, but it scared me so badly that I did not fuck her again for over a year, and then made sure I used a rubber when I did. We had several more good fucks on a weekly basis before I went into the Army and left home!:
Swingman on 7/31/06 Well, I have been having an affair for over 6 years with this wonderful lady. We decided to take our sexual adventure to the next step and have a 3some. Well, the first 3some we had was with my lady's sister. It was exciting fucking sisters, but it just wasn't what I expected. So the next time we tried it it was with another man. Now this was an experience. This guy fuck my woman for 8 hours. There wasn't a place in her house that they didn't fuck in. All the time they were fucking, I took pictures and videoed them. I have never ever seen a man fuck for so long. So we got approximately 300 pictures and and great XXXvideo we made. Now we are ready to try again with someone else
JohnnyMan on 7/27/06: When I was 21 (M) I was very good friends and I hung out with my (19/F) cousin, who is good looking and tall with Irish decent. One thing led to the other when we watched a movie on TV, we touched, kissed then I pulled her panties down and licked her pussy, then we fucked, made love all night, showered and I came inside her 3 times. This continued and still happens when we see each other, but its not often as we live far away from each other now. I have no regrets, she was nice and I love the way she tastes and fucks.
Step Sister on 7/25/06: This is a long and very hot confession. Click HERE to read.

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NVbiGuy on 7/20/06: Hey there I am a 30 yaer old BiMale and I been having sex with my 21yo cuz.We are both married and our wifes dont know about us but it started back when he was 16yo Man he has a big cock that I love to suck and be fucked by. And boy doses he know how to give great head and Take all of my 7 1/2" cock in his hot ass its great.
Anonymous on 7/19/06: I've been married for nearly 20 years. About two years ago I finally gave in to the advances of an older customer of mine. Our first encounter he actually fisted my pussy. The next time we were together he introduced me to anal. I love giving him blowjobs. I swallow, something I've never done for my husband.
Anonymous on 7/3/06: I fucked my best friend (a woman) when she came to visit my wife and I. We were to sleep on our futon and gave her our bed. My wife went to bed and I went into the bedroom and was touching and rubbing my friend until she said for me to get comfortable and we'd give it a try. I loved fucking her on the bed my wife bought. Knowing that while my cock ws sliding in and out of my friend, my wife slept just on the other side of the door. My only regret is that I used a condom. If my best friend showed up and wanted to fuck again I would always say yes. I love my wife but she just can't compare.  My friend's pussy felt better with a condom then my wife's does without.  After that we had an internet affair while my wife was always close and one time I even turned our camera so that my friend could watch me fuck my wife.  My friend knows everything about my wife sexuallly and my wife knows nothing about my friend.
Brotherly Love on 7/1/06: After a night of drinking my sister and I had a 69 together.  We both felt terrible but we both agreed it was good sex.


Tazz on 6/30/06: I was online in a chat talking to this lady.  Well i found out she lived just two miles from me and she wanted me to come over and fuck her.  All this time my girlfriend was next to me on the bed.  I told her ok I'll be there in ten minutes.  I got up after I logoff told my grilfriend I am going to the store and I'll be back.  The lady's husband was in the living room well we fucked in the back yard.  Neither one of them even knows what we did that day.
KC Blondie on 6/30/06: I am recently divorced and short on cash.  I make a little extra money by hooking up with men and couples through a personal ad.  Last night I fucked a married couple at the Marriott Courtyard hotel near the airport.   I went home $300 richer and worn out.
Addicted on 6/28/06: I have had sex with two of my wifes best friends. The first was only a few times, but the other has lasted for more than four years. I just cant get enough of her. My wife has no idea.

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Sneaky2 on 6/28/06: I have always wanted to show off my wifes pussy to a another guy. She was never in favor of it. Well last night we were in our hotel and she got drunk and passed out. I went to the bar and told met a guy and told him my fantasy. he came up to the room and slipped off my wifes g string and loved what he saw. i told him to start licking her pussy. She started hummping his face thinking it was me. he pulled out his cock and started rubbing it on my wifes pussy. It was dark with just alittle light from the next room. His cock was about 10 inches and very hard. He took him time sliding it in her. She was on her stomach so he started fucking her from behind. She started to hump him back and was really screaming " fuck me' fuck me! She Came hard and was out of energy so she laid there. The guy got up quickly and left. As i laid next to her she said that was the best fuck she has hed and asked how my cock got so big tonight. she will never know she was fucked and fucked hard by a stranger.
Horn Dog in Knoxville on 6/26/06: I met a couple on line. She gave me an incredible blowjob and swallowed my cum in the parking lot of a church. He sat in the back seat and watched the whole thing. I met another woman at a local mall.  We got in her SUV and she blew me in the backseat while in the parking garage....AT lunch time.
Donna on 6/25/06: When I was 17 I had heard about women having sex with their dogs. I thought it was gross at first. Then one evening after I had taken a shower, my dog , he is a black lab, started sniffing between my legs. I was going to push him away, but it was get me real excited. So I laid back and spread my legs, next thing I know he is licking me. I was going crazy with him licking me so hard and fast that I came right away. I spread my legs wider and spread my pussy and his tongue went deep inside of was great. I saw that he was hard so I pushed him away and started to stroke him. When I saw what he had I got down on my knees. He mounted me and I slipped it into myself and he started to hump. the more he humped, I could feel him get larger inside of me. At first it hurt a little but the more he humped the nicer it was. I could feel his knot, I was cumming like crazy and when he came, it was a feeling like nobody ever felt. When a dog cums it seems like there is no end, he keeps cumming and cumming. It was wild. I am 24 now and live with my girlfriend and own 2 black labs, both male. I introduced her to it and we have alot of great moments.
Grace on 6/21/06: I am a twenty year old female stripper, I bring home great money, my live in boyfriend has no idea that I'm a dirty girl. He thinks I hustle my ass off working table after table for lap dances, when in fact I have my regulars that pay me very well for hand jobs and blow jobs. The other girls know I'm dirty as do the bouncers who I tip out quite well to turn the other way.

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Franky the perv on 6/20/06: when i was 14 my sister had a nightmare and crawled into bed with me. she cuddeled up to me and we spooned while she calmed down. then my cock sliped into her pussy and we started to fuck. this continued for 3 years and she was 11 when it started.
Taloola on 6/20/06: Ive been trying to overcome my own paranoia to live out a very hot fantasy with my husband. I'm bisexual - he knows it - but I need to fullfill a fantasy of being in a 69 with a woman with her bald pussy over my face and my husband fucking her while we eat each other out. One day I'll conquer my own little paranoia and find the right girl that isnt gonna try to marry one or the other and just want to get fucked good
Biglen on 6/17/06: Three weeks after I got married, my sister in law needed a favor...I said sure, but that I wanted a blowjob...well one hand washes the other, and she gave me an awesome blowjob...after that she need a bunch more favors.
trickie2 on 6/17/06: My wife and I were in SD Calf. For the weekend and in the pool around 11:00pm. Two other guys were in there. I took her top off and started sucking on her nipple, then put her on the edge of the pool and started eating her pussy.  One of the guys came over to get a better look and I told him to take off his trunks. She started giving him head. I took her over to the tanning chair and let her suck and fuck both of then.  She got on top of one and then I fucked her in the ass at the same time. She also likes to have a woman eat her pussy eaten while I fuck that another woman.:


Tell-it on 6/15/06: I have a very sexy cousin that has always hit on me. One day she came over with a pair of short shorts on.  I commented on how good they looked and the next thing I know we are fucking..that was a very good night:
Good Memories on 6/12/06:  8 years ago my wife decided to have a female lover. One night, she asked me to come in the bedroom in 15 minutes. I walked in and saw this hot black girl eating my mexican wifes pussy from the edge of the bed. Ash got shy and ran in the bathroom. I went and got her and we had sex for weeks after that. I still remember when they both sucked my dick at the same time. The black girl was 18 and had never had sex with a man before. She was my first virgin, first black girl, and first threesome.
Strawman on 6/11/06:  My wife works for a small company, about ten people. After a while she was coming home complaining about her boss hitting on her, and asking her out. She thought I was going to go kick his ass, but I am about done with her. So I took all of our home porn tapes,(some of them were a threesome with a male friend of ours), made copies of them and took them in and gave them too her boss. I'm waiting for her to find out.:
burbgirl_linz on 6/11/06: Recently while my husband was out of town, I was chatting with a businessman who was in his hotel near O'Hare airport and he offered me $200 to meet him at his hotel. I ended up spending the night and he paid me $300. My husband has no clue.
JOY on 6/10/06: Last year we went to the beach with a couple of our friends, guys my husband works with, for a weekend. That night we all got really drunk and my husband passed out in our room. I went over to the other room where the guys were and partied some more. They talked me into taking my clothes off, and before I knew it I was having sex with both of them. It was a night I'll never forget or regret. To this day my husband still doesn't know.

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Redpatssox on 6/8/06: After my ex wife and i first got seperated, I slept with her cousin. She sucks cock, swallows, takes it in the ass, everything my ex did not do.
wife_loves_blkcock on 6/7/06: My wife really loves black men, gangbangs are her favorite.we figured it up the other night after one of her gang bangs, we put the number at probably 4200 guys.
Johnny Boy on 6/7/06: When I was a 23 y/o Soldier in Germany, I had the chance to go visit my mother's family in England. As we reconnected, my 45 y/o Aunt Susan suggested I stay with her and Aunt Sarah, they were twins. Both were divorced and had room. Both were slim and always wore dresses. As I showered that night , Sarah slipped in and asked if I needed anything. I laughed and said a backscrub. Well to my surprise she agreed, and immediately got naked and came in. Since I had not had any pussy in about 3 months, my cock grew its full 7 inches and she blushed but told me to turn around, as she washed my back , I slowly turned , and caught her squatting down , finger in her pussy and then my cock in her mouth. Between sucks and licks she admitted, she had had no dick in a year . I grabbed her pulled her up and whisper, turn around and bend over. She did obidiently ... I grabbed her hips and stuffed my hard cock in her hot sticky pussy and pumps her. She moaned loudly , so loud I forgot Susan was in the house. Sarah reaches between her legs and massages my tight balls, and says. CUM NEPHEW CUM OH PLEASE SQUIRT IN ME... As I pumped into Sarah, Susan came in , and said nothing, but put her hand between her legs and rubbed..OHHHH OHHHH SARAH YOU BITCH.. FUCK HER JOHNNNY FUCK HER.. I motioned for Susan to come closer and as she did she pulled off her pj bottoms , she and I kissed and I reached down and fingered her tight balded we all hit our cum peaks.. their's set off mine. I sqirted once in Sarah then pulled out and squeezed my dick, told Susan to suck me... she bent over and took my hard cock in her hand stuck my cock in her mouth.. I squirted hard and fast... Susan and Sarah fingered each other as Susan sucked til my dick got soft. It was a delicious 2 week leave in England:
NJsxlvr on 6/05/06: I like to go to bars in short skirts and no panties and catch the guys checking me out. On several occassions I ended up in the parking lot giving blow jobs. One time another woman approached me and I ended up having my first lez experience. That was 3 years ago. I've been eating pussy ever since.
Chuckie on 5/30/06:  When I was 20 yrs old and in the Military in Fayetteville NC, I had an affair with a 41 yr old married bisexual woman and her married neighbor. God what a Blast... If the Hubbies only knew.......
Ladybloom on 5/29/06: I am a Divorced, 44yo, Irish brunette live near Trenton, NJ and for the better part of two years I've been sleeping with & romantically involving myself with African-American men. Most the interludes I've enjoyed occured in my home, and the age of my lovers varies from 20 yrs old, up to 63 yrs. I find the twenty-something black guys are my preferance.

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Trilogy_37 on 5/27/06: My marriage has been very cold for almost the entire 25 years. About 15 years ago I started wearing the sexy lingerie that she refused to wear, and a few years later I began wearing it under my street clothes to go to bookstores and have oral sex with other men. I even had one guy take me back to his place and ravage me every way possible.


Biglenny2004 5/24/06: Two weeks after I was married. My sister in law who just turned 18, needed a favor, She was somewhat desparate. So I told her I would help her out if she would blow me. It didn't take her two seconds to answer.....Yes, and she did a great job....swallowed it all. I continued to play with her...till she moved out of state....We went from just blow jobs to screwing....We contined whenever we saw each other on visits. One of her children is mine...Wife nor does her husband know it.
BiKaren on 5/22/06: I've been with another woman before and sometimes I fantisize of having another woman eating me while my bofriend fucks her.
Johnny on 5/19/06: My wife went out of town for the weekend and there was a little gal in town that had the hots for me so I invited her over to my house for a few drinks. For some reason she started crying and I didn't know what to do so I hugged her and told her it would be ok. She then told me that she wanted me so I took her into the bedroom and we made love.  Boy was she ever tight. We met agin the next night and replayed the scene all over again.
Pherb2112 on 5/17/06: My wife has had sex with ten other men during our marriage. Four of them were hung over 10" and two of the four were over 12".
walter in miami on 5/17/06: my brother and i have fuck my sister in law several times.we even have done double penetration...and my wife loves to watch us
Am I Crazy on 5/16/06: I have always been the dominant part in my marriage, nothing very wild, but I did have her get gangbanged, watch me fuck other girls, and helped her start to love pussy. ....I recently met a domme woman, online, and am going to meet her to explore the other side of the life....I can't wait..
Andrew on 5/12/06: I was eighteen and I asked a good looking female friend to let me fuck her in the ass. She did and I had her shit all over my cock and when I came I pulled out and she sucked my cock, shit and all till it was clean. Rhonda, if you are listening I want to see you again!
FyrfytrD on 5/12/06: I am a Ivory male and my life long fantasy was to make love to a Ebony female, i got on AFF and found a very sexy Ebony female and we have hooked up two different times, so far. Now looking to find another Ebony Goddess to make love to.
Lisa on 5/12/06: I used to have sex with my sisters boyfriend.The night she had my nephew her man came home and we had sex in their bed.

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Ganusky / latham ny on 5/8/06: I am a 30 year old male, who is married and is bi. I love to suck big juicy cocks and get it in the ass. My wife has no idea how horny I am for a bi couple .
Alex on 5/7/06: My ex girlfriend used to visit me all the time after she had moved in with her now husband, she was a huge fan of anal sex and he wasn't so she came to me because she knew i would give her what ever she wanted. I honestly think our sex was better when we were sneaking around for it than when we had lived together.


No Name on 4/26/06: I had a affair with two older women when i was 17 one was 40 and the other was 36.
Rita on 4/24/06: In my younger years, I used to cruise the bars and have sex with as many men as I could - sometimes 3 in one night, 7 nights a week, in the backs of their cars in parking lots outside the bars. This went on for 3-4 years so I suppose I have fucked about 1000 guys. It was fun but I wouldn't do it again as it is now (and probably was back then) too dangerous.
LuckguyNO.1 on 4/23/06: After a couple of month being married, my wife told me to meet her in the bed room for sex and told me to keep the lights off, in between sex i found out i wasnt fucking my wife but her friend while she watched. was great!
Amylynn on 3/30/06: I love to suck my boyfriend's cock. I really do. I love to taste it. and drink from it and proudly wear his "pearls" wherever he wants to leave them, especially if it's all over my face or my ass!!
T.L. on 3/28/06: My secret is that my next door nieghbor is a over the road truck driver.On many occations i have not only fucked his wife but all three of his daughters.  I can remember several times that one of his daughters were giving head down in my living room while his wife was up in my bed!! He would litteraly kill me if he ever found out.
Walt on 2/6/06: I encourage my wife to fuck black men. I like to watch and then eat her pussy and suck his cock.
Crystlsexton on 2/3/06: I used to be a prostitute. I have had sex with over 300 men.
Tinny Tim on 1/22/06: I once had sex on top of a car with a woman and her hubby in front of a party of 200 people.
Hubbies Cunt on 1/17/06: My father in law is a widower. When he comes to visit, my husband has me give him a blow job.

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Bush45acp on 1/9/06: I've been joining my buddy in tag teaming his wife.
Pantyjim on 1/9/06: I like to go to adult theaters and give guys blowjobs.
Theotherguy on 1/7/06: I came home to find my wife having sex with another man. It turned me on so much that I watched without interrupting them, and then snuck away. I waited til he left and then snuck home and ravaged her still sweaty body. She was scared shitless until I confessed that I had watched. After that it was some of the wildest sex we have ever had.
Jgbrite on 12/31/05: I have tried to set up situations where my friend could have sex with my wife.
No Name on 12/28/05: I slept with a female friend one nite, came out of her bed and 45 minutes later I was fucking my wife.
SluttyThen on 12/20/05:  I once did a porno in front of a large number of guys where I participated in simaltaneous vaginal and anal intercourse.  picture of woman fucking two guys

John P on 12/18/05:  When I first started dating my wife, her mom made a pass at me and I ended up having sex with her several times. I had sex with my mother in law secretly even after I got married a couple more times.  She would still like to sleep with me, but I put a stop to it.

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