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Wife's sissy  cocksucker 12/31/07:  My wife has always known of my crossdressing. One day after I lost my job she came to me and said that I could continue dressing on her terms or stop. I loved dressing so I knew I couldn't stop. But I was not prepared for what happen next she outed me as a woman. I became her sissy maid. Her mom and sister helped in my feminization process. Soon afterward she started dating other men.  I could not say anything. One evening she picked up a stud of a man she called me on her cell phone telling me that i was to be dressed very sexy when she came home. Upon her arrival I was shocked to see the man she had picked up. I was humaliated and teased by both of them. My wife then had me suck her stud's cock (my ist time) but before he came I was told to take his cock and place it in her pussy. He then fucked her hard and the two of them had multiple climaxes. I was then ordered to eat her pussy clean. It was the first time I ever ate another man's cum. The both of them teased and taunted me. I then felt my wife lubing my asshold with something the next thing I know she is using her strapon dildo on me while I suck her lover's cock. My wife exits my ass but soon I feel her lover stick his once again hard cock up my ass. I am fucked until he climaxes in my ass. used and spent I am forced to go to an allnight store and buy refreshments for the two of them.


sex mad69 12/30/07:  We just tried heavy spanking on my wife's ass, boobs and cunt. We got our friend to smack her ass with a thick big piece of timber leaving her big bruise marks on both checks. While she was bending over he then hit both boobs very hard leaving big bruises on both boobs and nipples. By this time her ass and boobs and nipples was bleeding from the beating. He then got her to lay on her back spread her legs wide and high he then begain beating her cunt ( both lips and inside her cunt ) with several blows of the timber. My wife had ten orgasm by this time as she loves having pain it makes her cum. Our friend then fucked her cunt and ass and cummed inside her badly bruised ass The next day all the bruices came out, it was black and purple and welt marks all over her ass , inside and outside her cunt and both boobs and welt marks across both nipples.  She was sore for weeks and wanted hard fast sex and got me to smack her ass before fucking her ass, she got me bite her nipples as when she was on top fucking me.

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good son-in-law 12/28/07:  This happened a few years ago and it involves my mother-in-law. It was the holiday season and I always had a hard time finding a gift for my wife. So I decided to ask her mother if she had any ideas that might help me. She took it one step better and offered to go shopping with me one evening after she got off of work. I thought this was a great idea so I agreed. She was a good looking woman about 45 at the time, nice tits, dark hair, slim and about 5' 2". I had thought for along time that she was attracted to me by the way she sometimes dressed if she knew I was coming over and by some of the comments she would make. She would occasionally go braless so I already had a good idea what her tits looked like.  The evening starts off with a slight clue of what was in store for me. She answered the door wearing her bath robe explaining that she was running a little late and that she would only be a few minutes. I sat in the living room as I waited. As I glanced around the room I realized that I had a perfect view of her bedroom door down the hall and noticed that it was about halfway open. I decided to quietly walk down the hall to improve my view. I was at the threshold of the bedroom when I stepped on a sqweeky board in the old wooden floor. I thought I was so busted. "Is that you Mike?" she said from the bedroom. "Uh yes... I was just looking at some of the pictures in your hallway." To which she replied "Good, I could use your help" I stepped into the room to find her only in her bra and panties. She asked me if I could help her hook her bra. Now stupid I'm not. I know any woman can hook her own bra but I was not going to turn down this opportunity. So I honored her request, she thanked me and told me I need not leave the room since I had already seen her in her bra and panties. So I sat on the bed and watched her finish getting ready. All this activity resulted in me growing quite the bulge in my pants of which she did take notice.  Soon we were off to the mall I was determined to make the shopping part of the evening a quick hit and I did. With gifts bought we headed out to my car in the parking structure she began to complain about her sex life and that her husband (2nd marriage) just couldn't meet her needs. She said that maybe she should just hire a giggilo. To which I replied "no need for that I'll be your giggilo." She giggled said that was so sweet and kissed me on the cheek. She must have used a mall bathroom visit to remove her panties because as she got into the car she made sure to slid up her skirt and give me a long and clear view of her clean shaven pussy.  Once in the car we decided that we were hungry so we headed off to a Mexican restuarant. I asked for a quiet booth, we were escorted off into a dark corner. We both ordered margaritas and downed them right away We ordered another round with our meals. She had slipped off her shoes and began rubbing her naked feet on my legs. At this point I felt pretty sure that I would get no resistance to any advances. Boy was I right I leaned over to give her a kiss to which she responded by slipping her tongue into my mouth and reaching for my groin. Wow this was so cool all I could think about was how far will tonight go. After our meal and 3 margaritas each we headed out to my car. I opened the door for her and got another intentional beaver shot. Our eyes met then mine went back to her pussy and she lifted her skirt even higher as she swung her legs into the car. I climbed into my side and leaned over to kiss her and it was on! We kissed for a while then I unhooked that bra that I had hooked ealier. I caressed her breasts with admiration which she seemed to appreciate very much. My hand soon found its way down to her pussy. My mother-in-law was really turned on at this point she had the wettest pussy I had ever felt. I massaged her clit with her pussy juice for about 15 minutes until she had an orgasm right there in my front seat. We put ourselves back together and made our way home. As I dropped her off I noticed her husbands car was in the driveway. I walked her up to the door she kissed me once more and I reached for her still sopping wet pussy one last time for the night. As she stepped into the house she thanked me for an unforgettable evening and loudly suggested (so her husband could here)I come over tommorrow for some household chores she needs done. "Not a problem, not a problem at all" I repied.


Lucky IN SanJose 12/27/07:  I'm married and started getting into sexual web sites and chat rooms since 1998. Since then I've been with 30 women and 16 men that I've met from my online exploits.  Its been so great I love it.  I have had sex with close friends, co-workers, family and even other men all because of the Internet.  Some has been in public places and once in the same house as her hubby was sleeping in another room, another was with a young college freshman in her room at her parents house, we were fucking when her dad knocked on her bedroom door to say goodbye as he left for work. She was actually talking to him as my cock was inside her. It was crazy but so stimulating. Another time i was getting a blow job from a guy in my car while talking with my wife on my cell phone.  I'm sure this is nothing compared to others out there but if you actually knew me you wouldn't believe it.  I'm just your average next door neighbor type of guy.  It feels good to be able to tell someone.  This site is perfect. Thanks

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DOG 12/26/07:  My sister in law had the keys to our home strictly for the purpose of feeding the dogs and for emergencies like a burglary if the alarm company called. We were supposed to be gone for eight days. But the weather turned terrible in Florida and was going to be bad for a week. So after five days of Disney and the rest, we headed back home to beat the hurricane.  We kept calling her as we drove home, but sis never answered her cell phone or her house phone. So after 9 hours of driving we made it home and I was the first one to go into the house.  My wife and kids stood out talking to the neighbors, showing photos and digging out souvenirs for them.  Sister in law s car was hidden in the garage, which I did not know. So I walked in, plopped down some luggage and heard sounds from the back. I called her name, but she did not hear me.  I looked in the computer room and Sis is leaned back in the chair with the web cam on, fingering her pussy and watching the images on screen.  I called her name and she must have jumped 2 feet out of that chair and turned almost snow white. She said I scared her. I said I imagine so, looking at her panties and blue jeans around her ankle. She quickly started getting dressed and then begged me to please, please, please  don t tell my wife.  I told her it would cost her. She said she would do anything, suck my dick, anything, but do not tell it on her.  She clicked off the screen and walked past me to help get the luggage unloaded. I grabbed her ass and kissed her on the lips.  After we ate and unpacked, I went to the computer room and sprayed down the keyboard with antibacterial spray, then retraced her steps, gathering all the images she had filmed and sent across the web.  I jerked off to them after putting them on a DVD.  That weekend, I told SIL, we needed to take a ride. We rode about an hour away and got a hotel room and fucked like nobody s business. I always knew she was sexy, but her pussy was so good we fucked all day and half the night. She is so tight and her pussy is so hairy I don t know if I can leave it alone.  I have heard of women squirting, but until I started fucking my SIL, I never thought it was true. But it is. I suck on her big clit and she goes nuts, screaming, calling me motherfucker, big dick bastard and anything else that comes to mind.  Last week, I learned she also gets off to rimming. I was licking the crack of her asshole and she got so hot she broke out in a cold sweat. I have been priming her for anal and I think she is ready now.


tiny 12/25/07:  Wife and I had an ongoing 3some with a male friend. He used to come over once or twice a month and we would double team her. It started innocently enough with a drunken strip poker game but when she saw how big his was she had to have it. She loved his big cock. It was 8 or 9 inches and very thick. One night she said the only thing that could be better is if mine was the same size or bigger than his.


Eric 12/23/07:  I started fooling around with my friend's girlfriend. She was hanging around and coming on to me and wearing sexy stuff so I started flirting back. We ended up making out at my place and we french kissed and i touched her breasts and felt her nipples. She had really big hard nipples from playing with them as she masturbated. she reached into my pants and started to play with my cock. We stripped and i fingered her pussy then got down and licked her clit until she came. The it was my turn as I kneeled above her and pushed my cock into her wet mouth as i played with her tits. She reached between her legs and masturbated her clit as she sucked me. She said my cock was big like her cousin's had been as a little girl. She sucked my balls like a pro and jacked my cock shaft as I began to cum all over her tits and cunt. Should I tell my friend?


Davem83338 12/23/07:  Yes my wife and I have been swinging for just about 2 years, We have done a MFM 3 some one time for my wifes 36th birthday. We have also done same room swap and also seperate room swap  and even a full weekend swap with some very good friends. Right now we are looking for a trustworthy single male for my wife to get some one on one time with.

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Office-girl 12/23/07:  I'm 37, petite and blonde, and I recently  finished a 9 year relationship. He was the second guy I've had sex with in my life. The first was in a 7 year relationship. That's the way I've always been with sex, but people don't guess that about me. But I should add that I've given hand-jobs and blow-jobs to many other guys.  Anyway after finally breaking up, I moved down to Florida where my brother Mike lives. He's 40, and we've always got on well, without being so close. He left home early and was pretty wild in his younger days, but without any trouble with drugs or the law.   He always had beautiful girlfriends, and a friend told me he's gone to swingers clubs and stuff, and I knew that he prefers going to "clothing-optional" beaches. When I moved down, he and his girlfriend Lily were great, but at first I always found an excuse not to go to the beach with them, or him. Lily isn't crazy about the beach, but sometimes Mike goes with friends of hers, quite often with Alicia, who always gets naked.  One Sunday, we were driving around, and before I knew it we were on the way to the nudist beach, just me and Mike. He just loves the beach, and naturism, and tries to get there nearly every day in the summer. There weren't so many people there, and it was cool. I had my bikini on and Mike had stripped off and gone for a swim straight away. Afterwards he was pretty discreet, positioning himself out of my line of vision, and like I said everything was cool.  At normal beaches previously, I had got him to do my back with suncream, and I liked it when his fingers slipped a tiny bit inside my bikini on my ass. I was thinking about asking him to do my back, but probably wouldn't have dared, but then he asked me if I wanted some cream on. Even though he was nude it seemed natural to say yes.  And it was just like the other times, his hands didn't go near my pussy, but after starting at my neck he managed to massage my ass and thighs pretty well, and I was so warmed up by that stage that I didn't react when his fingers actually brushed within an inch of my asshole for a second. Afterwards I had to turn and check out his cock, which wasn't erect, but pretty swollen.  All in all, that day at the beach was great, and I went along every time I could after. I also got used to seeing him naked at his place, one morning also with a huge hard-on. But there's no chemistry or whatever between us, or danger of anything happening, so I see it all as quite harmless. And for that reason I let the suncream ritual develop.  Mike, Lily and Alicia have all "done my back", and have all let fingers slip to feel my wetness. And I always go shaved now, but I always keep the bikini bottoms on. I've put cream on Mike, and stroked his cock, and I've felt every inch of the 2 girls bodies. Everything has to be discreet but Mike actually fingered me to an orgasm almost by accident one day. We don't get into any funny business away from the beach, so things have been quiet for a while, but I'm looking forward to next summer.


Artguyxii 12/22/07:  Beth, I have been reading your site for quite sometime now. I am married to a woman that could care less about sex. She is average build; your body reminds me of hers only no tats or piercing, she is a redhead. Her name is Kelly. Sex is all I think about. I have a few girlfriends that I meet for sex and I always flirt online. I trade pictures with guys girls TVs does not matter. I have a fantasy of having my wife filled up with another mans cum and cleaning her pussy clean. This happened a few weeks ago. We had some of her and my friends over and we where all drinking we cooked out shooting pool and where having a good time. My wife was dressed like a sexy housewife should She had on a nice short skirt, tight fitting sweater and some classy thigh highs that looked like tights. She had my cock twitching all night. When everyone had left for the evening the only single guy, Scott we invited was still there. He had just mixed another drink so I mixed another for me and my wife at the bar figuring he would be here a while. When I walked back into the poolroom he was behind her pretending to give her a pool lesson, she is an awesome pool play so I knew she was letting him get away with rubbing against her ass. I walked down with the drinks and they seemed to pause. I said no go ahead she needs all the help she can get. I sat on the sofa and enjoyed the view and my drink. I could not believe my eyes when she spread her legs enough to see the tops of her thigh highs and his hands followed suit. My wife did not stop his hands at all. At first I was like what is going on. Then I was like just relax. She proceeded to rub his cock through his pants. I could see he was hard. He did not look at me and she seemed to keep her eyes closed. He knelt down so that his face was even with her ass, lifted her skirt and my jaw must have dropped when I saw she had on no panties. He kissed her cheeks softly moving under her to taste her sweet pussy. I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock to start to enjoy the show going on before me. She pushed her ass back towards him to get his tongue further inside her pussy. By now she looked liked she was ready to have a cavity search spread out with her two hands spread on the pool table and her legs spread like a small car could drive under them. He was working her pussy and ass with his tongue. She was moaning, something I have not heard in years. I started to crawl slowly towards them to take up residence in front of her. I just got around to see her newly shaved pussy and he stood up. I could not believe what was happening. I was going to see my wife get penetrated by another man cock. I started to lick at her clit and he dropped his pants. I saw his unprotected cock rub against my wife s pussy to get it wet. I would have sucked it for him but, I guess he did not want to push his luck. Scott pushed his large cock into my wife s pussy she let out a moan followed by fuck me hard Scott. Show Ryan how to fuck my pussy. I was licking her clit and also his cock as he fucked my wife s newly shaved pussy. Kelly and Scott were moaning in unison. She was more vocal then I had ever heard her being He pumped for what seemed like 30 minutes and I could see his balls start to get tight and thought he might be close to cumming. I reached up to cup his balls in my hands to help him when he exploded into my wife s unprotected pussy. Kelly does not even let me cum in her; she says she does not like it all the while I have been married to her. As he cam she said oh Scott cum in my shaved pussy I love it when you make me all wet inside. I saw their cum on his cock as he slowed and pulled out. I went after his cock to clean it up as cock popped out. He let me lick and suck and clean it up I guess he got what he wanted so he did not worry about offending my by sticking his cock in my mouth, then Scott went to what I thought was the bath room and left me and Kelly alone she rolled over onto the table and spread her legs his white love juice ran down to her ass, I licked his nectar up and cleaned her hole like it was a sweet hole of honey. I jacked off and came in my hand as I licked their juices from her pussy. Scott left and Kelly and I passed out on the table. She was up before me and we have not talked about that night since it happened ..More to follow when something else happens. Ryan


Tallguy 12/21/07:  I had experienced swinging in the UK as a single guy but then got a job in the Caribbean. Every so often I took a break in Miami and luckily found a hotel just outside Miami which catered for the 'alternative' lifestyle. The hotel was a bit rundown but each of the bedrooms had large floor to celing windows that overlooked the walkways. There was also a swimming pool on the roof.  The first time I went when I arrived most of the guests were sat around the pool, mostly naked. I joined the group and laid down naked on a sun lounger. It was clear that there was some interaction between the people in the pool but could see very little as it was all going on underwater.  After a while I decided to walk around the hotel and soon discovered that many people had the curtains to their rooms open. As most people were around the pool the rooms were empty but in some people were going around their chores totally naked. Little was going on during the day but as the sun set went down it all changed. people went back to their rooms to get ready for the night, but it was clear that some wanted action before they went out. As i went round the hotel many couples were openly having sex, or giving blowjobs in full view of anybody who wanted to watch. I of course watched where I could.  At one room the woman noticed me watching her as she sucked off her partner. She continued, but after a few minutes she singnalled for me to enter the room. I introduced myself and she told me to stand next to the bed, near to hear. As i got in place she grabbed my cock and started to wank me as she continued to suck her husband. Then she turned to me and started to suck my cock. After all i had been seeing I didnt last long and As I told her I was about to cum she pulled me out of her mouth so I shot my load over her breasts. She then finished off her partner. Afterwards we talked for a short while and then she told me to cum back later at around 9pm if I wanted more fun.  I left the room and got changed and went for food. i made sure i was back at the hotel by 8.30, showered and went to their room. i was a little dissapointed when I got there to find several other couples and single guys there. However, the dissapointment didn't last long as soon everyone started to play. In total I fucked two of the women and received oral from them as well. It was great fun watching everyone fucking and the smell of sex was overpowering.  I have been back many times. On some occassions nothing happened on others the sex was amazing.


the dog 12/20/07: I'm a 32 year old male and have been fucking a married women. She gives the best blow job i ever had and lets me do what ever dirty thing my mind comes up with. We video tape and take lots of pictures during our sex. One day she said something that pissed me off three days later her husband received pictures of her sucking my dick and me fucking her in her ass.

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Loving Mother-in-law 12/20/07:  Dear Beth, I have been almost a daily reader of your site and I love it.  My husband and I have been married for 26 years and we are both 47 years old. Our three children are married and the two of us live in a large comfortable home.  We have sex several times a week and it still is great.  We are both very oral and I love it when my husband licks my cunt while I suck him off and he comes in my mouth.  For the about two years I have been fantasizing about my 25 year old son in law.  He has been married to my daughter for three years and is a very sexy looking man.  A month ago we attended my niece's wedding and my daughter and her husband (Ron) sat with us.  I was wearing a sexy black dress with quite a bit of cleavage showing and noticed that Ron checked out my tits several times.  We all had several drinks and Ron had just finished a slow dance with my daughter.  While I watched them I observed they were very close and that my daughter was rubbing up against his crotch with her own.  When they came back to the table, my daughter told Ron to ask me to dance.  I was elated because he has never had me in his arms before.  It was another slow dance, and I playfully snuggled against him.  I immediately felt his hard on as it rubbed against me, I got turned on right away and felt my cunt getting wet.  His cock felt huge and I came off while we were dancing (quitely I hope)  When we got home I was so horny that I stripped in front of my husband and fingered my cunt in front of him.  We ended up fucking on our bed but all the while I fantasized about Ron fucking me.  One week later my husband was out of state on business and my daughter who is a RN had to work a double evening shift, from 4 in the afternoon till 8 the next morning.  I invited Ron for dinner and we ended up talking abour the wedding we attended.  Ron then confessed that he was a little embarrased because my daughter rubbed against him and he got a hard on.  He then said when we danced he knew I could feel it. I knew if I was ever going to get a chance with him, it was now.  I told him not to be embarrased I did feel his hard on and I loved it.  I then told him when I got home that like many times before I fantasized about him while I fingered my self (I left out the part about my husband fucking me)  Ron then confessed that he loves to think about me when he jerks off.  I knelt down in front of him, and took his cock out of his pants and started to suck it.  He lasted a full ten minutes and he came off in my mouth.  The amount of his come was enormous and I sucked every drop of it in my mouth.  He spent the rest of the night in my bed and I had his beautiful cock in my cunt for most of the night.  He left at 7am to be home when my daughter came home both of came off at least 6 times.  I can't wait till our next time together, in the mean time I have my finger in my cunt very often, thinking about Ron's cock.


Lots more to come 12/18/07: I have done some crazy shit sexually. But I recently learned I am not a pervert as  I thought. My grandfather died 12 years ago. He was a psychiatrist. When grandmother passed three months ago we started clearing out the house and I came across my grandfathers journals, some taped interviews with patients and a lot of detailed records of his conversations with patients.  I have about 400 or more pages of stuff that has blown my mind. Most of his patients were there because of sexual deviancies. Some had been caught by family members having sex with other family members and were forced to see a shrink to discuss it. Others did stranger shit, like this wealthy woman who confessed she had gone to the red light district really often and sold pussy just to get her sexual satisfaction.  The most candid thing I have heard so far was this woman who started fucking her son at 15 and they went on to have four kids that the husband thought were his, but no one ever discovered it. The woman was telling my grandfather she just had to confess it to someone and knew that he would never reveal her.  She is on the tape describing EVERYTHING in detail, how she seduced him, how he penetrated her, how she felt, the whole nine!  Beth, my friends saw some of the cases and heard some of the tapes and they showed me your web site. One of my buddies who told me he had jerked to stories on your website was totally correct. People do strange shit sexually. I will decode some of these stories and let my friend who knows how to write, describe some of this stuff on your site one day. My buddy called it a perverted incest gold mine, whatever that means.


Betty 12/18/07:  I get the hots for tradesmen who come to my house to do a job when hubbys at work. They are all dirty buggers. One time this young plumber came to repair a leak in the bathroom. I know tht most plumbers have a good old sniff at the soiled linen basket so I left my dirty pantygirdle and tights on top of the basket. Well after he had gone I examined them and they were full of his cum and whats more is that a pair of my black panties were missing from the basket. Its always the same. If a tradesman calls and the first thing they say is, can I use your toilet, then you can be sure they want to examine the lady of the houses dirty underware. One time I got very naughty and left my used dildo and a naughty book about a plumber who shagged a housewife, in the linen basket. This was before the plumber arrived. After he arrived and was working in the bathroom, I got really bold this time and changed into my stockings just like one of the stories in the naughty book. Well I'd done it this time as he was all over me when he came out for his cup of tea. He was very bold and started to put his hand on my knees an slid them up to my pussy. I had no panties on and he felt how wet I was and that was it, his finger was rubbing my clit. I quickley pull out his large cock from his overalls and we were in a 69. We were at it for 3 hours and when he left I asked him to get his mates to call in if they want a good shagging. I now have an endless supply of tradies and just love getting all the cock I want.


Niki 12/16/07:  My future husband and I went over to his parents house so he could take his mom to do some erands. The plan was that I would stay with his father and get to know him better while he and his mom were of doing their thing. They were going to be gone about four hours so we were going to have some time to kill.  After they left we went to what he referred to as the play room. After a little small talk he said that it looked like his son hag chosen well as he looked me over. Nice little tits and I stuck my chest out farther. Nice legs so I rearranged my position to show a little more leg. Then he told me I had a nice ass. So I said thank you stood up put my back to him and raised my skirt so he could get a good look.  When I turned to face him he said you know you have made this old man very hard. I smiled and said oh let me see and I lowered his pants to expose his cock It was long and very thick about twice as big as his sons and his balls were huge. I had never seen balls like that in my life. I looked up at him and said I guess the creamery is open for business and he asked if I wanted a sample.  All I could say was what do you think. I removed my blouse unhooked my bra and dropped my skirt. My nipples were hard my pussy wet and I was ready to fly. He put me up on the pool table opened my legs and walked in. It felt like someone had pushed a baseball bat inside me. My mind drifted back to when I was a young girl and I first learned the pleasures of a man on my mothers kitchen table.  His thrust were long, slow and deep. I orgasmed several times and when he climaxed he pushed himself in as far as he could go and with a deep sigh our juices mixed. Wow, I haden't been fucked like that in a long time.  He and I would get together one or two times a week after that so I could get my creamy fix.

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Sandy 12/16/07:  I'm 25 years old with a kid and having trouble keeping up with my bills. My girlfriend told me I could do a little hooking on the side, one's in while for extra money. She said it was only sex and I had a everything that men liked in a women. I told her she was crazy, but she mentioned I could get $300. for just a couple of hours. The idea stayed in my mind for days and finaly called her up. I told her I had never done that and din't know what I had to do or how to get started. It wasn't a problem because she would set me up with a date. I wanted to ask her about what I had to do, but said she'd call me. The next day she call me up and told me she had a date for me that would pay $400. and din't even had to fuck, it was just getting naked and giving blowjobs. She told me to dress sexy, meaning thong, short skirt and high heels, with a revealing top with no bra. She gave me an adress, 9pm and have a drink before getting there. I couldn't help getting nervous, but I rang the bell thinking of the 400. This well dressed guy greated me and took me into this room. He gave me the money and said he would wait in the livingroom for me and had to strip naked and walk out in my high heels, to meet him there. I stripped off and stood in front of the door, building up the courage to open the door and walk out bare naked in front of this stranger. I walked down the short hallway and into his livingroom with a hot blushing face. He said I had "knock out" leggs and looked really hot, obviously enjoying the fact it was my first time. He felt my breasts and and seemed to make a coment about it to someone. I looked back and realiced there were two of his friends there as well and a feeling of embarrassement shot threw my body. I thought of running off for my clothes, but realiced I had to go threw with it. I was stuck standing naked with three guys exploring my body and checking out every inch of it. At least they looked like nice clean cut guys that would rough me out and feeling there hands on me, was getting me horny and more relaxed. This guy had his hand between my thighs forcing them open and felt his fingers slide up the crack of my pussy. He was pleased when hi hi said out loud, that I was soak in wet. I was seated on the edge of a table with spread out leggs for them to feast on my wetness. They all new I was a fresh new comer and took turns sucking away at me. I had already lost control and given in to my inner feelings, I spread my leggs as wide as I could to give them easy access to my clit. I was already having an orgams and din't want it to stop. I just gave into my lust watching this guys strip their clothes off and exposing their hard dicks in front of me. It was time for me to kneel down on the floor and start sucking cocks. One kneelt behind holding my head with one hand and the other playing with my pussy, as I opened my mouth to recive my first pulsating dick. I din't have to worry about doing a good job, they took care of that thrusting their dicks back an fourth into my throat. I just had to suck on the backward motion and get ready to swallow their sperm. I felt like such a whore being passed around from guy to guy and having my pussy fingered and played with, I would have done anything they wanted. I was so wet and horny milking this three guys and having the most wondeful orgams doing it. I went home satisfied, with money and a stomack full of sperm, thinking that whore aren't supoused to enjoy it that much.   


Niki 12/15/07:  My husband and I moved into this nice little suburban area and started getting aquainted with the neighbors. As usual we started hearing some stories about some of the people in the neighbor hood. One of the stories was that they used to have sex parties where everybody was doing everybody. We both thought that could be interesting since we both have a bit of a roving eye. About 2 months after we moved in we were invited to a neighborhood get together  by one of the couples we had heard the stories about. These folks were great for theme parties. The men were to dress like dads and the gals would dress like young girls. Well this worked out good for me. I am only 4'8" tall, slim with a nice little set of boobs.  Well the morning of the getogether one of the girls came over to visit me and we talked a while. She asked if I had an open mind and I felt like saying Da we are coming to this party aren't we. When my husband came home we dressed for the party. I put on my knee socks a short pleated skirt a little tank top and a white blouse, the perfectly dressed little girl.  When we arrived at the neighbors we went through all of the introductions. I think everyone there had to feel my butt at least once and that included the girls. I had only had a brief encounter where a girl was involved and thats another story. My husband jumped right in there and was grabbing butt and boob. One of the guys was more interested in my husband than any of the gals. This guy eventually cleaned my husbands pipes for him while everyone watched and cheered. Then it was my turn they slowly striped me and it was time for the old gang bang on the coffee table trick. The host of the party had already introduced me to el'cocko while bent over the back of the couch taking it from behind. Well by the time the party was over I don't know if I had all the guys but I know I had most of them.  The next day my husband was embaarrest he had let a guy suck his cock but worse he had sucked a guys cock. I was even more horny than usual the next day. All my husband wanted to do was sit around feeling guilty. Finally I said to him so you sucked one cock, big deal I have sucked a lot of them and if I have my way I'll suck a lot more of them.  We never went to any more of the parties as a couple. I continued going until we moved.  


Grant 12/15/07: Sometime ago I wrote about the long term threesome my ex & I had with a well endowed black guy back in the late 70's & early 80's.  My virginity had been taken by my best friend Billy's mother, Jackie when I was 17 & my affair with her was carried on for several years on a regular basis. How she took my virginity is another story. This is how Jackie introduced me to threesome sex.  Let me describe Jackie: She stood almost 6 feet tall without an extra ounce on her body, which was in wonderful shape with all the curves in the right places & the longest legs I was ever to see. She was 44 years old & had been on the stage in a chorus line, prior to & during the 2nd world war in London, until she married Billy's dad & moved away from London to the south coast.  Any way back to my story. Jackie & I had been fucking each other as often as we could for several months & she had taught me all the bedroom secrets she knew. Needless to say I was headover heels in love with her & could hardly wait for the times we were together making love to each other.She was my teach & I was her sex to boy.  Normally we had most Saturdays from about 9 in the morning until about 3 in the afternoon, to spend in bed, enjoying each others bodies satisfying our lust for each other. This particular Saturday when I arrived she told me that she had a surprise for me, telling me to go to the bedroom that we normally made love in & she would join me shortly. Doing as she said I went to the room, stripped my clothes & got into bed. About 5 minutes later the door bell rang & I heard Jackie answering the door then talking to an obviously older man. I heard the front door close & then two people ascending the stairs. The bedroom door opened, allowing Jackie to enter the room followed by an older man, who looked to be over 50, but appeared to be very fit.  Jackie introduced him as Bill & explained that he was visiting from London. He was one of her frequent lovers when she had been on the stage & occassionally she would go up to London to carry on their relationship & sometimes he would visit her. She went on to explain that she wanted the pair of us to enjoy her together & for her to enjoy us. At this she told Bill to undress & she pulled on the belt of her dressing gown, allowing it to open, then shrugged it off her shoulders revealing her gorgeous body that I had come to worship over the last few months.  She beckoned the pair of us to move towards her, which we did, instantly allowing us to search her body with our hands, while her hands searched our bodies eventually taking our cocks & gently playing with them & passionately kissing us in turn, probing our mouths with her tongue. Eventually she told Bill to lie down on the bed, then she straddled over him, raising herself up slightly she took hold of his very erect throbbing penis, holding it against her pussy lips plying it back & forth, then slowly & deliberately started to lower herself down on it. I watched entranced as I saw his cock slowly disappear inch by inch into her love tunnel that had given me so much pleasure in recent weeks. As a rule Jackie would just sink down on to my penis & thrust at me when making love to me this way, but now she was moving herself up & down allowing me to see his cock moving in & out of her. How I loved this woman, she had regular given me the most perfect sex & now she was giving me the most wonderful sexual view of a woman fucking a man, better than any porno movie.  Her movements became more urgent as she fucked Bill, his hands were wrapped around her butt pulling her down on to him, staining to be deeper into her. She beckoned me to her, so I got beside the bed, she turned her head towards me & took my cock into her mouth which she knew I loved. My hands moved to her breasts, gently feeling them & working on her engorged nipples. I moved one hand away as she started to move herself more urgently on his penis nearing herself closer to an orgasm. Her pace quickened making her mouth work harder on my cock. Bill's body was thrusting up at her, beginning to get close to his orgasm. My one hand holding the one breast sensed it moving up & down as Jackie began to move even faster, as her orgasm was immenent. I looked at her other breast which was jiggling up & down at the same rate as her body fucked Bill's cock, while her mouth urgently worked on my cock making me approach my orgasm.  Bill was first to unload himself as I heard him moan in a sexual climax then telling Jackie to keep on fucking him & how wonderful she was. This set me off, my load ejaculating deep down Jackie's throat, she worked on it for a few seconds more then moved away from me, allowing her to cry out as her orgasm hit her. She crushed herself down on to Bill's cock writhing on it as she continued what was now a multiple orgasm & in between banshee sexual wails telling us how much she loved us both & how much she loved our cocks inside her pussy & mouth. Gradually the three of us came down from our highs, our hands gently searching each others bodies, knowing that we had shared something special. Do I need to tell you about the rest of the day how the three of us spent taking Jackie, other to say that Bill & I fucked her in every way that she directed us to, our cocks servicing her & her pussy servicing both of us. We were in her mouth, arse & pussy giving her the pleasure that she demanded form us & in return her giving us the pleasure that we wanted from her. I loved her even more.  

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wetpuss4842 12/14/07:  Were going to call her Diane, I have known her for 3 years. She is a co-worker of one of my friends. I met her when we all went out for drinks. This kept happening almost every friday for a few months. Well one night are mutual friend couldn't make it, so we went ahead without her. Diane wasted no time comming on to me. I was divorced and had 2 daughters She had 3 children, but was also divorced. I tried to shoot down her comming on to me. But I have to admit I was getting really turned on. My kids were at their dads house, I invited Diane over for a movie. We were sitting next to eachother on the couch. She reached over and grabbed my breast, soon we started to kiss. I couldn't resist. I thought I was going to cum as soon as she started to suck my breast. We took turns fingering eachothers wet pussies. She ate my pussy on the couch.I came so fast. I made her bend over and I kept sucking her clit, until she squirted her juices all over my face. It was a great night. We still meet up every friday. And eat eachothers pussies.


Devon 12/13/07: I answered a personal add threw the internet from this women saying she wanted a no strings attached relationship. She went on to say she just wanted to have sexual fun games with no inhibitions. Great! it was just what I was looking for, so I answered back. We finaly met in a bar and and talked freely about our lives but with no details of our personal lives. She wanted to do all the sexual things she couldn't do as a married women and basically was ready to let her fantsies run free. I got a bit embarrassed when she asked me if I had a big dick and if I was game for anything. I answered yes, except fulling around with men. She invited me to her home, chatted for a while over a couple of drinks and then asked me to strip naked for her. She noticed my face turnig red and said it was exciting to be naked in front of your fully clothed sex partner. "I bet your getting a hard on just by asking you to take your clothes off" and reached over and felt my crotch. By the time I dropped all my clothed I had a full erection on display. She looked strait at it and was pleased with my size, picked up my clothes and put them in her closet, saying I wouldn't need them for a while. She grabbed me by my dick and lead me into the kitchen, took a can of whip cream and covered my dick with it. Relax she said "it's just one of my bad boy fantasies come true" and she pulled out a wood spoon out of the drawer. I was just standing there covered in cream, as she confessed to me she liked girls as well as guys. She picked up the phone and told me her girlfriend was comming over to join us. Ten minutes latter I was blushing in front of two clothed women that were enjoying my naked embarrassement. I was bent over the counter and got my butt spanked red with the wooden spoon. I had never been in such a horny situation and excited like hell. I got turned around and they both shared my cock licking and sucking the whip cream off my cock. They took off their panties, kneelt my down on the floor and lifted up their skirts in front of me and ordered me to start eating them out. The more my face got smeared in their wet pussies the hornier I got. They were having total control of me and I was just loving it. They both enjoyed their orgams and now they were going to get me off. It was the best orgams I ever had, but the most humiliating one yet. Her girlfriend was laying on the kitchen floor and told me to cum in her mouth. I ended on all four over her, thrusting my dick into her mouth with my leggs spread apart and my asshole being greased by my web partner. She stuck a finger in, to get it well lubricated and then pushed a vibrator all the way in. She was sliding it in and out while my dick was being sucked into her girlfriends hot mouth, and knew I was about to explode. I came so hard a thought my balls were going to be sucked into my body. We ended up drained out on the floor covered in sex juices and satisfied. We showered together and and fulled around some more, before calling it a day. We made plans for other sexual fantasies almost every week since then.


Phil 12/13/07: My confession is that I am craving cock.  I have been bi most of my life and have been with several guys before I got married.  My first oral experience happened with a cousin when we were both just hitting puberty.  I had a couple of friends in high school that would get together for circle jerks and a little oral.  Then in college I had a  boyfriend  who really taught me about man on man sex. Blowjobs, hand jobs, and anal sex.  Toys, threesomes, and even sex in an adult theater.  We did it all.  I discovered while I like fucking a guy and getting fucked, my favorite part about doing another man is sucking him off.  When a guy shoots in my mouth it is almost orgasmic for me.  While growing up I fooled around with girls too.  In fact I usually prefer women to men as sex partners.  I like the anticipation and exploration that sex with women entails.  The feel of their soft bodies and figuring out what they respond to.  But sometimes I just need some cock.  The last time I was with a man was eight years ago, before I met my wife.  A couple picked me up at a restaurant and we ended up spending the weekend together.  Wendy and Greg were in their thirties and I was still in my early twenties.  Wendy loved to have two cocks in her at the same time.  She would suck one of us while the other fucked her and then we would switch places.  Greg and I had plenty of play time alone too.  He had a hard seven inch dick that I could take deep into my throat and his cum was salty sweet.  He loved to have his ass stuffed, with fingers, cock or a vibrator, and would hardly cum without some anal stimulation.  The memory that still gets me off was when Greg was fucking Wendy doggie style and she was sucking me while I lay beneath her and ate them both.  As I worked a dildo in his butt Greg came inside Wendy and then fed me his slick dick before I ate her cream filled box.  She and I came, wringing out all his tasty cum and making me shoot in her mouth.  I ve been married for almost a decade now.  While we have been monogamous for all that time my wife has talked about me fooling around with other people.  She does not share my voracious appetite for sex and it frustrates us both.  So far I have not taken her up on it because the right opportunity hasn t presented itself.  But one of these days I know I ll find myself with another man, woman, or couple and really get to play again.  Who knows when that will be.  All I know is right now I am craving cock.

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