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I Did Something Rotten.
I fucked my best friend's boyfriend. - by: Danielle

I recently did an awful rotten thing.  I fucked my roommate’s boyfriend.  Katy is more than my roommate, she has been my best friend since seventh grade.  We attended Appalachian State in  North Carolina together and continue to share an apartment near Blowing Rock. We’ve always been competitive about the usual things: fashion, makeup and hair styles however we always managed to work it out. Lately it’s been easier to let Katy think she’s the smartest and prettiest and agree when she comments about being the top bitch. After growing tired of her endless attempts to make passes at every guy I dated I avoided anyone that could be considered a serious love interest. It never seemed important enough to fight over.

Things changed when I began dating Gary.  Katy doesn’t like Gary. She thinks he is below our standards.  Gary is a bit of a nerd, also on the chubby side but very sweet and funny.  Gary treats me like a princess and he is decent in bed.  I mean he really tries hard to please me.   Most of the time we fuck at his place.  There we were able to enjoy ourselves without having to deal with Katy’s wisecracks and insults.  Gary feels uncomfortable in our apartment and stopped coming over at all when Katy was around.  

Katy has gone out of her way parading her current fuck buddy Owen, in front of me and comparing him to Gary.  “Owen is taller”, “Owen has a better job”, “Owen has a nicer car, etc. etc”.

I have to admit, Owen is pretty fucking hot.  In the past, whenever Katy had a guy sleep over it was easy for me to ignore the sounds of her moans or her headboard bouncing off the wall. But the first time I heard the sounds of the two of them fornicating like wild animals I fantasized about feeling his powerful cock buried deep inside me.  I spent many nights masturbating while imagining Owen sweating on top of me.

A couple of weeks ago Katy had to go to Atlanta for training for her new job.  Saturday afternoon as she packed for her trip she recited every detail about the night before. Owen tongued her twat, Owen fucked her ass. Katy’s laugh was evil. She told me while I could never land anyone as hot as Owen, I could do much better than the Pillsbury doughboy. She told me she found him so gross she wouldn’t let him lick her dirty ass clean.   The hair stood up on the back of my neck Katy had gone beyond being her usual catty self, she was being just plain mean. It was time she learned she was not the only bitch in Apt. #302.

Sunday morning there was a knock. “Hey! Danielle!” Owen called through the door. He had forgotten his sunglasses the night before. After retrieving his Oakleys from the coffee table Owen invited me to join him for lunch at Applebee's.  I readily accepted but told him we better keep this to ourselves.  Owen acknowledged that Katy wouldn’t approve.

Owen waited for me in his Mustang while I changed into the sexiest low cut top in my closet wondering how easy it was going to be to fuck Katy’s boyfriend.  I flirted openly at lunch, sucking the catchup from my french fries while Owen dissed Katy and acknowledged that it must be difficult for me to maintain a friendship with someone he referred to as the “Mean Queen”.   

On the way back to my place I casually brushed his leg with my hand. “If you really want to feel something feel this,” he remarked motioning toward his crotch.  When he parked he leaned over and opened the passenger door from the inside making sure his elbow landed in my lap.  “Do you want to come up?” I asked.  Owen nodded and reminded me that we were keeping this secret.

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The warmth of his breath on my neck made my nipples hard and my vagina flutter. He held me closer, his cock pressed against my fleshy mound and kissed me.  His thick, warm tongue moved slowly into my trembling mouth. One of Owen’s hands lifted the front of my short silk skirt revealing my naked crotch and trimmed pussy. Reaching down, I unzipped his fly and pushed him toward the sofa. He fell back and kick of his shoes. When I pulled off his jeans his pole was fully erect. Wriggling out of my skirt and tank top I straddled him. He stroked his shaft and large hairy balls.  I spread the wet lips of my honey hole wide open to reveal my glistening juices. Owen licked his lips, reached up and pinched my clit hard.  My knees buckled as I lowered myself onto his rock hard member, my ass cheeks slapping against his sac. He slowed my rapid thrusting movements using his hands around my waist to control me. My soppy fingers found his mouth and he sucked them dry. Owen tossed his hips in rhythm with mine. He took one tit, then the other between his teeth chewing on the tips hard enough to make them sting. The sensation of an orgasm began to brew in my snatch while Owen’s body stiffened. Hot cum shot like a geyser straight up and deep into my cervix coating its walls. When I returned from the kitchen with spot remover and a rag to remove the large cum spatter on the couch cushion, the phone rang.

Gary called to cancel our plans to go to the movies. He felt like he was coming down with the flu. We agreed it would be best if I stayed home. Owen had pulled up his jeans and settled down in the LazyBoy.  Opening a chilled bottle of merlot, I offered him a glass and invited him to my room. He lifted me onto the bed, gently pushing my thighs apart. Watching him undress made me understand why Katy considered him such a trophy. His build was toned, a golden tan accented every rippled muscle. Owen stroked my pussy with his warm tongue gently splitting its lips to find my moist, pink flesh. One of his index fingers slid into my throbbing hole while he continued to massage my clit making a lapping sound.  He rolled my labia around in his mouth and suckled me intensifying my pleasure. He moved his digit in and out and in again stirring the milky liquid until it flowed freely gushing over his face. My crotch was on fire and slick from Owen’s saliva.

Sitting on the edge of my bed he wiped my sticky fluid from his chin, moving to the floor in front of him soon every inch of his schlong was in my mouth. Bathing the swollen, purple tip I tongued his slit. Gripping the mattress Owen groaned.  His breathing quickened. It would not take long for him to blow his creamy load into my waiting throat. Just then, Owen’s cell phone rang.  I told him to ignore it, but he reached for his jeans and retrieved it.

It didn’t take long for me to figure out it was Katy was on the other end. I wondered what she would think knowing her trophy’s prick was in my mouth I made longer sucking motions making it difficult for Owen to speak. “No,” he said, he was at his condo and planned to stay there. “Sure,” he missed her. Glancing up from my place between his tight, hairy thighs he struggled to maintain his composure motioning for me to stop.  I didn’t. While he tried desperately to carry on a conversation I hung on to his meaty rod. When I thought Owen might pull away I grabbed his testicles and sucked even harder. The idea of Katy listening to Owen’s hurried breaths excited me. He tried to end the conversation but the bitch wouldn’t shut up. Finally, he made some lame excuse and dropped the phone. Owen let out a loud yelp as his cock exploded in my mouth. Drinking the salty broth in steady gulps I felt incredibly aroused and ready for more. Owen obliged fucking me in the ass while I hung over a kitchen chair. Later we went at it in Katy’s room and fucked on her precious white shag carpet. He showed me where she kept her newest toy in the nightstand. Roger Rabbit was used on the opening of my snatch and clit while Owen entered my tight bung hole, the orgasms were unbelievable.

After dozing off for about an hour we woke ready to go another round. Moving into the kitchen we began to take things from the fridge including another bottle of wine. Dragging the comforter from my bed I settled on the tile while Owen began to decorate my naked body. Dipping his fingers into a jar of chocolate sauce he painted my breasts topping my nipples off with maraschino cherries. He drew a line of whipped cream from my navel to my cervix filling my cavity to the brim. Slowly he drew a cherry into his mouth. Planting a heavy kiss on my lips he deposited the sweet treat on my tongue. Sucking the sugary contents of the cream pie he created in my crotch his tongue swirled around with a slurping sound.  Wiping the excess off the lips of my pussy with his penis Owen turned me over on my belly drawing me up on my knees. Plunging his full length in my sticky vagina he arched his back driving his dick deeper into my creamy center. When he came Owen collapsed on top of me. Even with the comforter beneath my body the hard, cold surface chilled me. While pleasant enough, this time the intense sensation of gratification was absent. He clutched his floppy manhood struggling to find my asshole. It wasn’t going to happen. He was all used up. Something told me to leave him there and get cleaned up.

Using the pulsing shower attachment to rinse the soap from my body I directed the spray on my love bud. It grew hard as the tepid water flowed over my rosy folds.  I leaned against the ceramic enclosure steadying my shaky tired legs. I moved the head back and forth producing a concentrated stream on my cheating snatch. Soon there was relief having successfully washed Owen off me, I was certain Katy would never know.

Owen and I spooned in my bed the rest of the night, but the next morning I told him he needed to leave because I had to go to work.  Owen confessed he planned to stop seeing Katy so he could devote his attention to me. He had grown tired of her selfish attitude and admitted he was turned on by my passion and energy.

Panic choked me as I reminded Owen that we had made a pact.  Embarrassed I admitted fucking him was a way to execute my revenge on Katy for being such a shit head.  Owen looked pissed when he realized my enthusiasm was fueled by revenge, not desire. Then he got angry. He did not like being used and he wondered out loud why I screwed around on a guy as nice as Gary? His words stung telling me I was no different than Katy.

He was right. Gary had not even been a consideration.  Recalling he was sick made me feel even worse. This time the selfish thoughtless shit wasn’t Katy, it was me.

Katy returned from her trip Thursday night.  While she unpacked she told me she fucked the bartender at the hotel Sunday night. My temples pounded when she told me why she did it. When she had called Owen earlier that evening and she got pissed off because he didn’t seem interested in talking to her.  Katy said she was planning to break up with Owen and said she wished she could find a guy who cared for her as much as  Gary cared for me.  

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