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Roadside Assistance
A cheating wife fucks her way out of a tight situation. - By Preston

I’m from a small town in east Texas near the Louisiana state line right off Interstate 20.  I enlisted in the Army right after high school where I learned how to be a mechanic.   I got deployed to Saudi Arabia in August 1990 and did 12 months over there.   What a fucking shit hole.   I got out as soon as my enlistment was up and went back home to Texas and married my high school sweetheart Blair.

I went to work for Blair’s dad as a mechanic in the only garage within 40 miles of here.    The shop does a fair business with townsfolk, but most of the business comes from roadside assistance calls and towing vehicles that break down on the highway.  

When Blair’s dad passed away a few years ago he left the business to Blair and her older sister Charlene.  I borrowed money from the bank to buy Charlene out.  Now the shop belongs to me and Blair.  Being your own boss is a pretty sweet deal.    I have three mechanics and a tow truck driver working for me.   I plan to leave this business to my boys someday.

Life is good.  The car repair business is booming.  With the economy being so fucked up, people are driving their cars longer and most cars are out of warranty.  People who break down on the highway are pretty much at our mercy.   I have a good relationship with the other tow operators up and down the highway and we pretty much stay out of each other’s territory.

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We got a roadside assistance call around 2PM a few weeks ago.  Gary was out in the tow truck picking up parts so I called his cell and told him to get over to the highway and look for a green Lincoln LS broke down on the shoulder in the westbound lane.  Gary rolled into the parking lot a half hour later with the Lincoln hooked up to the truck and a well dressed blond milf in the cab.   She wasn’t from around here that was for sure.

The lady waited at the counter while Gary came back in the office and told me it was a broken serpentine belt.  “What did you tell her?”  I asked.  Gary said he told her it looked like her water pump was shot.  We both looked at each other and said, “CHA CHING”.  That was our standing joke when we had the chance to turn a $50 repair into a $500 repair and it happened just about everyday.

I went out to the counter to talk to the customer.  She had her back to me and was talking on her cell phone. “I’m going to be late tonight honey.  I’m showing another house over in Kilgore, and I will probably be writing an offer.” She said.  “I’ll call you later…. I love you.  Bye.”

When she turned back around she was startled to see me standing there.  I told her if she had an appointment in Kilgore she probably wasn’t going to make it.  She turned red as a beet and explained that she was a real estate agent from Longview and her husband thought she was out showing houses.  She said she had been to the casino in Shreveport all morning and if her husband found out he would probably divorce her.

She looked at me with sad flirty eyes and pouted and asked,  “How fast do you think you can get me back on the road?”

I told her that I would have the first mechanic that was available check out her car and we would do the best we could.  In the meantime I told her to relax in the waiting room and offered her some coffee.  

Gary had already briefed J.D. on the belt by the time he got the car in the stall.   I made small talk with the lady and learned that her name was Maureen.    She said the real estate business had been dead and this car problem couldn’t have come at a worse time.   The car was a 2005 with 80,000 miles and there was no warranty left on it.

Maureen watched through the shop window as J.D. checked out her car.  J.D. put on a pretty good show.  He fucked around for a few minutes and then came into the office shaking his head.  “The water pump is definitely seized up.  It’s a good thing you didn’t drive any farther or you would have cooked the engine.”

I had already worked up an estimate but pretended to be entering information into the computer.  I punched the keyboard for a couple of minutes then announced… “With parts and labor plus tax and towing it comes to $534... Let’s just call it $530.… We can have it finished by 4:30 if we get started right now.”

I looked up at Maureen and she had tears streaming down her face.  “Can I talk to you in private?” She asked.  J.D. took the hint and went back into the shop.   

Maureen’s voice was breaking as she explained that she had lost all her cash at the casino that morning.  She said she had been gambling too much lately and her husband had taken her credit cards away.  She said she was getting a commission check the following week and asked if I would hold a personal check or let her sign a promissory note for the repair.

I lied and told her that I was only the manager and that the owner would fire me if I did that.  Then Maureen asked to speak to the owner, but I told her he was vacationing in Cancun.    I wasn’t really buying her story.    She was wearing an expensive cashmere sweater and jewelry and she carried a handbag that probably cost as much as what I quoted her for the repair.   Maybe she was a compulsive gambler, or maybe she was just a hustler trying to get a deal.

After a little more whining, she fished a credit card out of her purse and asked me to see if the charge would go through.  I swiped the card and entered the amount.  It came back declined right away.   Maureen looked distraught.  “Is there anything you can do?’  She asked.

I told her she could have the car towed back to Longview for around $200 and she could take it to a local shop.  No that wouldn’t work she said.   I told her she needed to make up her mind because I had a backlog of cars and J.D. was waiting.   Finally she said to go ahead and start the repair.  I printed a service contract and she signed it.

I went back to the office to do some paperwork.  When I came back to the counter a few minutes later I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Maureen was sitting on a chair directly across from the counter with her skirt hiked up and she was flashing her panty covered snatch.  She was wearing some of those sexy hose with garters and she was smiling at me as if she was saying, “Come and get it.”

When I smiled back she put her hand down between her legs and moved her panties to the side to show me her pussy.   It was the most beautiful pussy I had seen in awhile.  This wasn’t the first time a desperate woman or single mom had offered me sex in exchange for car repairs or a discount, but Maureen was by far the sexiest woman who had ever come onto me like that.

Maureen just kept smiling at me and then she started fingering herself.  “Are you sure we can’t work something out?”  She asked.

I looked at my watch, it was 3:30.  I rubbed my goatee and nodded slowly up and down.  “Is that pussy as tight as it looks?”  I asked.   Maureen invited me to come over and find out.   I walked across the room and sat in the chair next to her.  I slid my hand under her skirt and up her thigh.   She held her panties to the side while I slid my index finger inside her.  Her pussy was hot, wet and tight.    “Fucking Nice!,  Yea I want some of that.” I said.

I told Maureen I would make her a deal.  “You come with me over to the Day’s Inn and let me do what I want for the next hour and a half.  Then I’ll bring you back over here at 5:00 and give you your car.  I’ll cut the bill in half and you can come back and pay me $250 next week when you get your check.”

“It’s a deal.” She said.   I told Gary I was taking Maureen to the bank and to watch the counter.   The Day’s Inn is just down the street.  I send a lot of business over there and I know the manager so he doesn’t charge when I get a room for a couple of hours.   

I expected Maureen to act like a put-out bitch but she actually seemed to be turned on by the situation.  Once we got in the room she said, “A deal is a deal.  You can do anything you want to me just don’t leave any marks.”  I sat in a chair and told her to undress for me.  

Maureen undressed slowly and seductively.  She removed her bra and then dropped it on my head.  She rubbed her nipples and made them hard then moved close to me and let me suck them.  She held my head and ran her fingers through my hair while I licked and sucked on her tits.  “Bite them.”  She said.   She moaned with pleasure as I lightly bit each nipple.  “Harder.”  She wanted me to bite harder.  I bit and chewed harder and slipped my hand inside her damp panties to finger her pussy again.  Her panties were soaked with her secretions.

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finger my snatch with your filthy fingers

Maureen took her panties off as I continued to bite her nipples.  She tugged on my hand pulling my fingers deeper inside her pussy.  “Mmmm like that,”  She said as she spread her stance.  “I’ve been bad.’ She said.

“I’d say so.  You gamble your husband’s money away.  You lie to him and tell him you’re working when you‘re not.  You flash your pussy to complete strangers and you trade sex for car repairs.”   I pushed Maureen down onto the bed and got undressed.

I crawled between her legs and started to kiss her vulva and thighs.   Maureen moaned with approval and my tongue explored her wet slit.   I pushed two dirty fingers into her cheating cunt while I licked and sucked on her big hard clit.  Maureen had an unusually large clit.   Maybe the biggest I had ever seen.   Maureen asked if she could sit on my face.   I was happy to oblige.

I took a position in the middle of the bed with my head against the headboard.  Maureen squatted on my face and held onto the top of the headboard as my tongue entered deep into her pussy.  She rode up and down a few times as I tongue fucked her tight honey hole.  Then she lowered her full weight on me as she continued to ride my face and I returned my attention to her clit.  She ground her pelvis into me as I sucked hard.  Her juices covered my chin and ran down the sides of my face.   I reached up and pinched her nipples as hard as I could and she started to moan.   She made sounds that were a combination of pleasure and pain.  

Maureen had a powerful orgasm causing her pussy to squirt milky fluid in my mouth.  I licked and swallowed as much of it as I could.   I pushed her off and wiped my face on the bed sheet then I stood up at the side of the bed and pulled Maureen over to the edge and got her into a doggie position.  I slid my hard cock between her legs and shoved it in her pussy without much warning.   She gasped as I started to pump, going as deep as I could.    Again Maureen seemed to be enjoying herself.

For a such classy looking lady, Maureen was quite the dirty motel slut.   It made me wonder what kind of relationship she had with her husband.   It made me wonder how many clients she had fucked to close a deal.  As I slammed my cock inside this bitch I thought about how she must have been pretty sure I would make a deal with her.  She had no way of paying that repair bill when she signed the service contract.  She had played me real good.    But the laugh was on her, because my cost for the repair job was less than $50.

“Yeah fuck me good baby.”  I said as I slapped her ass.  “Give Preston what he paid for.”  I slapped her ass a little harder.  I pumped and slapped real hard a few more times.   Maureen’s ass cheeks were blistered.  I thought she might complain since she had asked me not to leave any marks, but she seemed to be enjoying the rough treatment.   

I pulled out and pulled Maureen down on the floor and shoved my cock in her face.  “Suck my cock.  Suck it good.”  She sucked and licked it several times.  Her lips wrapped tightly around my shaft, her cheeks drawn tight from sucking.  She massaged my balls with one hand while using the other to stoke the base of my shaft.   Her tongue rubbed against my sensitive glans and her spit dripped from the corners of her mouth.

Electricity shot through my body and my balls tightened.  I pulled my cock out and began to stroke it.  I aimed the head at Maureen’s open mouth.  She knew the drill without having to be told.   The head of my cock rested on the tip of her tongue as I started to shoot cum all over her face and into her mouth.    She patiently waited with a wide open mouth until I had milked the last drop of cum from my cock.  She smiled and swallowed everything I had shot into her mouth then she licked the cum off my hand.

As we dressed, I asked her how she knew I would make a deal.  She just smiled at me and said, “Because you’re a guy.”  

“Hey, don’t forget you still owe me $250 next week and I know where you live.”  I laughed.

“I’m good for it.” She promised.  “Or we could do this again next week if you want.”

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