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Gang Bang At The Roadhouse
Everyone took a turn with Rex's horny slut. - By Danny

Unbelievable!  That is how I have to describe what happened last Saturday night. Fucking unbelievable.  I never thought Rex was telling us the truth about a chick he met online.  All the guys here at the warehouse thought he was bullshitting us.  Rex proved he was indeed telling us the truth.

My name is Danny; I’ve been the head supervisor at the warehouse in the city of Pontiac, Michigan for several years.  Rex is a good buddy that also works here.  The last several weeks, Rex had been telling us wild tales about a woman he met online.  He told us she was a thirty eight year old divorcee with two kids and was looking to hook up.  We didn’t believe half the stories he told us during our lunch breaks.  You can’t be too careful lately with all the fraud artists you meet online.  Last Tuesday, Rex came rushing into the lunchroom so excited.

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Bill then took his place between her thighs and rammed her cunt hard with his six inch fat cock, stretching her full.  I shot my load down her throat into her belly moments after I watched Tom flick her clit while Bill fucked
her hard.  Her beautiful full tits bounced up and down with each thrust.

Several of us pulled up our chairs around the lunch table and listened intently.  Rex explained that he spoke to Debra the night before and their chat had turned to sexual fantasies.  He told her one of his fantasies would be of course to bang two women. He then explained excitedly, that Debra’s biggest fantasy would be to go to a biker bar and have a gangbang.  We all began to razz him and tell him he was full of shit.  Rex argued with us repeatedly that he was not bullshitting us.  I looked at him closely and realized that he really was telling the truth about this hot Milf.   I began to think about this overnight and thought of a plan to help this woman achieve her biggest fantasy.

Arriving at work on Wednesday, I told Rex I had an idea and would let him in on it during lunch.  Morning flew by quickly and soon the horn sounded from the lunch truck.  A few of the guys teased Rex about his hot online lover while they stood in line for the special of the day: lasagna with meat sauce.  

When we were all sitting in the lunchroom, I piped up to Rex, “I think I have a plan to help your lady friend with her gangbang fantasy.”

 Rex’ eyes lit up like a lit up Christmas tree.  I informed him of the biker bar in the next county, called  Whiskey Roadhouse. It was a popular spot for all the local bikers and where I plus a few of the guys from work hung out Friday or Saturday nights.  My good friend Bill was the bartender and could probably swing a favor for me.  I suggested he and Debra meet me and the guys on Saturday night and we would give her the fantasy of a lifetime.

Rex arrived at work Thursday and told me he had spoken to Debra the night before online and it was all arranged to have a few drinks at the Roadhouse. I instructed him to make sure she wore something hot and slutty, maybe a black leather mini skirt and no panties as well as a low cut halter-top.  Now I had to take care of my part.  

Throughout the next two days, I went around work and spoke to the guys I knew hung out at the bar.  I explained to them what Rex and I had in mind and they were in on the deal.  I called Bill at the bar and explained to him what I needed.  He asked if he could video tape the event.  I told him fair enough; maybe we could use it later and make some fast cash.

Saturday night arrived, and I went to the bar a little early with a bag of supplies we’d need later.  I handed the bag to Bill and he tucked it in safely behind the bar.  Bill popped open a Busch beer and one for himself and said, “Cheers’ with a glint in his eye.  Over the next half hour, the others had arrived and we all moved to a table near the back of the bar.  After another half hour later and a couple rounds of beers between us, we were beginning to wonder if Rex and Debra were going to show up.  I looked down at my watch, it was almost nine pm and no guest of honor.  

A few minutes later, Rex walked into the bar grinning ear to ear.  Behind him was Debra.  Wow, he certainly had kept her looks a secret.  Debra was hot for being thirty eight and a mom to two teenagers.  She had a fabulous figure; big tits and curves in all the right places. She wore a tight black mini skirt with five-inch stiletto heels and a red low cut halter-top that showed off her incredible D cup cleavage.  She had long blonde hair that flowed down her back to her mid-waist and striking blue eyes.  They twinkled brightly as she took her seat at the bar with Rex.  Rex nodded to us as they got comfortable and ordered their drinks.  

The bar was busy this particular Saturday night.  Most tables were full with various bikers and their bitches; some were playing their games of pool.  The music was loud and raunchy and several of the women got up onto the dance floor to let loose. I watched Rex intensely as he worked his charm on Debra.  His hand was always touching her, stroking her hair or rubbing her back or her exposed thigh. I noticed when his hand rested on her thigh; she would slightly open her legs further giving him access to slide his hand further under her short skirt.  This slut wanted cock and wanted it bad. Soon bitch; you would have more cock than you will know what to do with.

I walked over to Rex and Debra, introduced myself to Debra as Rex’s boss and invited them to join our table.  She had already had a few margaritas, was feeling sociable, and said they would love to.  She stumbled off her stool, giggled and explained she might have had one too many already.  Rex and I assisted her safely to our group of horny hungry men; Rex introduced her around to the guys, and pulled out her chair.  She plunked down into the chair and asked who would buy her the next round of margaritas.  Three guys offered immediately and hollered for the waitress.  Another round for the lady they told her.  Within moments, she returned with her tray full and served them to each of us.  I told her to put it on our tab with Bill and spanked her sweet little ass as she turned to serve her next table.  She shot me a naughty grin and a wink.

Rex sat on one side of Debra and I sat on her other side.  I watched Rex slide his hand up and down her leg, occasionally slipping under her skirt to stroke her cunt.   I added my hand to her other leg and followed suit.  My hand was soon underneath her skirt and rubbing against her bald cunt lips.  Soon she was moaning quietly and getting wetter and wetter as Rex and I teased her. Rob suggested a game of pool and she jumped at the chance to play a game since she had not played in years.  Teasingly I told her if she lost, we would all get to have our way with her.   Smiling wickedly, she winked back at me and said she would probably have to lose the game then.

The bar started to empty out and Bill told the other patrons that he needed to close up early tonight as his wife was sick at home and needed him home early.  After the last customer left the bar, Bill locked the door behind him and pulled down the blinds.  He gave me the signal as he went around the bar and turned on the video camera. Hammered from her consumption of margaritas, Debra kept leaning over the pool table, exposing her bare cunt to all of us. She lined up her next shot and I slipped up behind her and slid my fingers along her wet slit.   She fumbled the shot and the ball bounced onto the floor. She turned to face me and announced I had cost her the game.  

I lifted her ass up onto the pool table and told her she was now at our mercy.  Bill handed me the bag from behind the bar and I instructed the guys to get the required items. Taking their cue, the others took out the blindfold and ropes and pulled Debra down onto the pool table, spreading her arms and legs and tying her down, then placed the blindfold over her eyes.  She did not put up much struggle.  

Within moments, her halter was pulled up over her incredible full tits and her skirt hiked up exposing her smooth shaven cunt.  Since Rex was her date, he should fuck her first. Grinning ear to ear, he hopped up onto the pool table and buried his face into her juicy hot cunt. She began to moan and grind her hips into his face as he feasted on her.  I whipped out my aching hard dick, straddled her face, and had her suck my cock.  Then Rob and Dave each had her stroking their cocks as Tom and Bill sucked her hard nipples. This turned her on incredibly.  Debra began to thrash about wildly as Rex brought her to her first huge orgasm within moments of Rex’ tongue assault.  We all watched Rex line his 9” thick rod and drive it into her cunt.  Debra groaned loudly around my cock, allowing my cock to fuck her throat deeply.  It didn’t take Rex long before he shot his creamy hot load into her cunt.

Bill then took his place between her thighs and rammed her cunt hard with his six inch fat cock, stretching her full.  I shot my load down her throat into her belly moments after I watched Tom flick her clit while Bill fucked her hard.  Her beautiful full tits bounced up and down with each thrust.  Bill was calling her all sorts of dirty names, which seemed to only encourage her even more.  He reached down and gripped her throat as he pounding brutally into her puffy pussy.  She screamed out as she reached another large orgasm.  Rex watched as her juices squirted out around Bill’s fat cock and began to drip all over the pool table. Feeling her cunt grip onto his cock like a vise, Bill erupted deep into her fuck hole.  He pulled out of her panting hard, his cock plopped out leaving her filled cunt wide-open and oozing copious amounts of fuck juice.  

Rob took his turn next and began to pound into Debra when Dave told him to hold on.  He untied Debra from her spread eagle position and had Rob roll onto his back with Debra on top, giving him access to her tight ass.  He wet his cock with her cunt juice, lined it up with her brown tight hole, and slowly entered her ass while Bill stuffed his growing hard on back into her mouth.  Debra was now being fucked in all three holes and loving every minute of it.

We all took a few more turns fucking Debra that night, filling each hole repeatedly.  By the end of the night, Rex had to dress Debra and place her in his car and took her back to his place where he continued to fuck her the rest of the weekend.  He came to work today looking happier than ever and said we all have another date set up next weekend for another round.  Maybe I can find a few more guys to join in the fuck fest.

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He pulled out of her panting hard, his cock plopped out leaving her filled cunt wide-open and oozing copious amounts of fuck juice.

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