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Ruben's Wife Has Cum In Her Panties
Her cheating pussy was full of cum. - By Ruben

Last week when I got up for work, my wife Doreen was still in the den on the computer right where she had been the night before.  Over the last few months she spent a lot of time on that fucking computer making me wonder what was going on.   My computer skills suck limited to emailing  my brothers in Arizona once in a while. Doreen can be heard all hours of the night clicking away at the keys.  Any time I came in the den she would turn off the screen and pretend she was doing something else.  One day she changed the room around making it impossible to see what she was doing at the desk.  My suspicions grew and it was obvious my wife was keeping secrets from me.

Doreen's part time job gave her a lot of free time and she convinced me her afternoons and Saturday mornings were spent shopping.  We got married when she was 20.  Doreen was a knock out but 16 years later she is 30 pounds heavier always complaining about finding any decent clothes that fit.  We rarely had sex and when we would the room had to be dark.  She didn’t like to take any time and  always rushed me.  Sure, I would blow my wad but there was no way she was being satisfied and that just made things worse.  Before long, Doreen began to resist my attempts to get near her crotch.  Since I am a certified pussy lover there was nothing better than making my wife crazy using my mouth all over her crack and clit.  Lapping away at her gash could literally make me cum all over myself but eventually, the only sex for me was masturbation and erotic daydreams about the sexy secretaries at the office building where I worked.

One advantage of being a security guard is seeing beautiful, shapely young women all day long. My favorite fantasy dessert  was a slice of Teresa, the long legged blonde receptionist for the law firm on the third floor.  She always wore short skirts and tight blouses revealing just enough cleavage to give me a killer hard on.  Standing the shower whacking off, I would imagine my pole buried soundly in her sizzling snatch, her muscles tightening as I filled her filled with hot streams of semen.  Her sweet hole becoming a savory, sensual custard dessert and I wanted to lick her bowl.    

When we were first married, our apartment was always neat and clean.  But not long after we moved to our house in Diamond Bar a year ago it became a total disaster.  It started to get on my nerves.  Even though Doreen only worked 20 hours a week she ignored the sink full of dishes and the basket overflowing with dirty clothes.  This past Saturday when I got up Doreen was already gone.  If there was gonna be any clean underwear for me to put on Monday the wash had to get done.  While sorting the clothes strewn all over the laundry room floor I came across several pairs of Doreen's panties and noticed every crotch was stained with the unmistakable crust of semen.  We had not fucked in over two weeks so there was no way the cum was mine.  

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The moment the door opened I grabbed Doreen by the arm and marched her into the bedroom.  Wide eyed Doreen asked me what was wrong.  "Take off your clothes, right now you slut!!", I screamed feeling my face turning red.  She stood there like a statue so I pushed her down on the bed and unzipped her jeans.  "Ruben!", she sniffled, "let me go!".  That was not going to happen until I got a look at what she had between her chubby, white thighs.  Once her bottoms were peeled off, she began to sob and went limp.  Spreading her legs revealed her large purple clit and the fresh sperm still pooled in her vaginal opening.  

By now, Doreen is begging me to forgive her.  "I'm sorry I have been bad, but I love you Ruben"  She pleaded for my forgiveness.  She sobbed uncontrollably her whole body shaking.  I told her to compose herself and tell the truth.  I warned her that if she lied I would be packing my shit and I would be gone.

She admitted she had been hooking up with strangers she had met on line.  She knew I was repulsed by her layers of fat and sloppy housekeeping. The men she fucked could care less about what was going on at home and only cared about getting laid.  Doreen was so horny and frustrated she began checking out chat rooms for a cheap thrill and was flattered by the attention of strangers.  Grabbing her by the shoulders, I demanded more details.  She told me about her encounter earlier that afternoon with a long haul truck driver.  She climbed into the sleeper cab of his rig parked behind the Waffle House stripped naked and slid under the covers.  First he played with her tits and then made his way down to her bush.  He tongued her twat and stuck his thumb in her asshole.  She recalled climaxing twice before he flipped her over on the bunk and climbed on top.  It was cramped but they managed to bang away for quite a while.  His long, stiff cock penetrated her juicy hole.  She managed to hang her legs over his hairy shoulders while he pounded away filling her pulsing cervix to the top with his heavy load of jizz.  

Two of my fingers found her gash and were moving in and out. Bringing my face down closer to her cunt hole she was still sloppy with sticky residue.  My breath brushed against the intimate folds of flesh between her legs.  “Ohhhh! Ruben, baby, pleeeease,” she begged.  “C’mon, lick my clit”.  It was shiny and quivered. “Eat me out!! Take it now!!!!” Wriggling out of my gym shorts Doreen started to stroke my dick.  Strangely, learning someone found Doreen attractive enough to fuck made me want her more than I had in a long time.  My tongue found her marble-sized clit and I rolled it back and forth as she moaned with pleasure squeezing my prick harder. Feeling her labia at the slippery entrance to her cum coated cunt aroused me even more.  Plunging my tongue deeper my face was pressed against her moist, hairy mound.  Her climax pushed even more liquid from her musky snatch covering my mouth and chin. while I shot a major wad all over her hand and down my leg.  

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For the rest of the night an remorseful Doreen confessed to having sex with five other fuck buddies she met on line.  We both sprawled out on a bed we had not really shared in months.  Doreen seemed a little less apprehensive after I’d downed her semen Slurpee and started to tell me about the guy who found her asshole irresistible.  She had seen him four or five times.  He would always go through the same routine mounting her from the rear using his dick like a ram rod after parting the rosy opening with his thumbs making room for his thick member.  Doreen liked to reach between her legs and play with herself by pulling on her clit, fingering herself and pinching her tits.  The sensation of his cock massaging the lining of her rectum produced chilling orgasms.  After, she would lie on the bed and her partner would wipe his meat clean and make his way to her crack filling her canal with hot gobs of sperm.  On the drive home she could feel the load she carried melt into a gooey stream running from her bung hole to her twat ending up all over her panties.   She would toss the soiled evidence of her extramarital exploit on the mounting pile of laundry and take a quick shower hoping the smell of the ass man would be gone before I got home from work.  Doreen just never got around to doing a load of wash.

Laying down on our bed beside her, Doreen began to cry softly.  There was a certain Internet affair that got really intense.  Doreen had a threesome with two of the men she met on line.  She described the older man as tall and thin with a biggest cock she had ever seen.  The younger one was really overweight with a pencil dick.  He laid on the mattress and Doreen got on top facing the foot of the bed.  The slim stick of muscle disappeared deep inside my wife's pussy.  The older guy caressed Doreen's teats in his hands and French kissed her.  She remarked his tongue was thick and coarse and he sucked so strongly  on her own tongue it began to ache.  All the while, the young guy thrust his hips up and down.  Doreen felt her cervix thickening with the ardor that comes from the forbidden.  She was close to an orgasm but never got there,  her young man shot a single, weak stream straight up into her hole.  The tall one guided Doreen off her mount and onto the plush carpeted floor.  He grabbed her ankles and spread her  wide. Using his fingers to gently part the lips of her cunt, the man took once sweeping suckling motion to retrieve the contents.  Doreen remarked the unexpected lick made her shudder with a sinful pleasure.  She remembered drawing him toward her by taking his large tool in one hand guiding it slowly inside her.  His member was so large it stretched her cervical rim.  The burning discomfort gave way to an intense extended climax washing her body with waves of  warm satisfaction.  

There was the story about the middle aged man who was a chubby chaser.  He would plant his penis between Doreen’s tits and ejaculate all over her face.  Sometimes, with Doreen flat on her belly he would fold her ass cheeks around his peter like a hot dog. Sliding his dick back and forth inside her butt crack until he sprayed his butter all over her backside.  He loved you fondle her full form , rubbing himself all over her damp flesh.  Soon his mast would be exploding in her snatch turning her nipples to steel and the rest of her body to Jello.

Rolling over on top of Doreen my sudden moment startled her.  Without a word  I jammed my poker hot pecker in her beaver. Moving slowly I shifted my weight back and forth and she arched her back to meet my burrowing thrusts.  Feeling the orgasm stewing in my ball sack I reached up her taking one erect tasty pink nipple between my teeth.   I bit down very hard.  She gasped at the intense shudder of our carnal union and the splash of my milky load on the walls of her cervix.

There are no more secrets. Doreen enjoys her afternoon play dates and at home every night we have story hour and I have a generous serving of my favorite dessert-cream filled hair pie.

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