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I Knocked Up A 17 Year Old
My chat line hookup. - By: DavidMinGarlandTX

I had sex with a 17 year old that I had met on the chat line. We talked for hours and decided to exchange phone numbers. The first time I called her we talked about regular stuff and a little about getting together and going out and not so much about sex. The second phone call the next day we talked about what I wanted to do with her when I came to pick her up, since she lived about 90 minutes away from me. Jokingly I said bring her back to my place and have sex with her for a couple of days. She said ok!!!  I said really that you want to come back to my place and have sex with me and she said yes but to be eash with her because she had only been with 2 other guys.

What luck!! An almost virgin. My dream has been to have sex with a virgin but I never thought I would get this close. We talked about what we would do to each other and if she wanted me to wear a condom. She said I didn't have to wear one if I didn't want to, but not to cum in her because she could get pregnant. I agreed. We set up a meeting for the following week on my next 2 days off. When the time came and I got off of work I drove down to her place and picked her up and brought her back to mine. When we got to my apartment we ordered pizza and stayed in. I asked her if she wanted to go out and do something and she said no that she was tired and wanted to relax with me and have a quiet night. We ate our pizza and watched TV until about 1 in the morning. We were laying in bed and I started to touch her side and she did the same and I leaned over to kiss her and she didn't flinch back and pressed her lips hard into mine, letting me know that she wanted something more. She wanted my cock!!! I started to rub her tits and, at 17, were pretty big. About a 38 d cup. I wanted to take her bra off so I could feel her tits through her shirt but she went ahead and took off her shirt and bra.

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I started to caress and touch her nipples and then I took one of her breasts into my mouth and started to suck on the one while I massaged the other. I took off my shirt and she started to rub my chest. I told her I wanted to see her pussy and she said if I want it I need to come get it. I then took off her pants and thong underwear. She had a hot body with nice tits and a nice ass and a nice shaved pussy with just a thin strip of bright red hair at the top of her clit. I laid her down on my bed and got in between her legs and started to kiss all over her face, lips and down her neck to her collarbone and down to her breasts. I took one into my mouth and started to lick, kiss and suck on it and after 10 minutes I switched breasts. I then started to kiss and lick my way down her chest, her stomach and down to her pussy. I could tell she had not had much sex because she looked tight. I started to kiss her clit and heard her moan so I then started to kiss and lick my way down her right thigh and down to her knee and then down to her foot and then back up to her knee and her thigh then back to her clit. I sucked and licked her clit somemore and watched her squirm and then started to lick and suck my way down her left thigh, to her knee and then her foot and then back up her knee and thigh and back to her clit. I then started to kiss, lick and suck on her clit and pussy lips and she started to moan and squirm alot and she got really wet. I then slid a finger inside and she really liked that because she told me to slide 2 then 3 then 4 fingers into her pussy.

While I was fingering her and sucking her clit she had a huge orgasm and drenched my face with her juice. I looked up at her from between her legs and I could see this big smile on her face and she said no one has ever done that to her before. I told her that is just the beginning. After that I took my pants off and she played with my cock through my underwear then said she wanted to see it. I took my underwear off and she then took my cock into her hands and started to stroke me. She said she didn't like to give blowjobs because she chokes all the time. I asked her to try for me and she did but could only get the head in her mouth before she started gagging. I told her that it is ok and that she didn't have to do it but that I wanted her right now. She said ok and I told her to lay on her back and I got in between her legs and look at her naked body and though to myself "I am going to have sex with a 17 year old girl"! I took the head of my cock and rubbed it up and down her clit and pussy lips to get it wet and she looked at me and said "Don't tease me, just fuck me!!"

I then started to slide the head of my cock past her tight pussy lips until I had the head in. God was she tight!! It took everything I had not to cum in her right then and there. I then started to slide in and out of her pussy and she started to squirm alot and I asked her if she was ok and she said she was fine and that if I wanted to shove my whole cock into her she would be ok but not to cum inside of her. I slowly started to slide my cock in and out of her pussy and she got wetter and wetter. After about 10 minutes of almost cumnming I told her that I was getting ready to cum. She had already cum twice in 10 minutes, which she said she had never done either. She told me again not to cum inside of her because she did not want to get pregnant. I told her ok.

I really started fucking her pussy and as she was cumming for the 3rd time I felt my balls contract and knew I was gonna cum but she felt so good and so tight the I didn't take my cock out and thrust into her as far as I could and shot all of my cum deep into her 17 year old pussy. After I was done cumming inside of her she asked me if I came and I told her I did and then she asked me if I came inside of her and I lied to her and told her no that I came on her belly and pussy. She said good and we laid next to each other for a while until we went at it again. We fucked for another 2 hours and I came inside of her again. We fell asleep and woke up and fucked again and I came inside of her pussy again. We fucked one more time before I took her back and I came inside of her 2 more times. Everytime we came she asked me if I came inside of her and I asked her if she felt me cum inside of her and she said no so I said no I didn't cum inside of you. I came inside her pussy 5 tiems and she did not feel me cum in her even once!!

After I took her back she called me the next day and asked me if I came in her pussy and I told her no. She told me that she thinks I did and that she did not want to get pregnant. I told her that she told me not to cum inside her pussy and I did what she asked. She said good. A couple weeks went by and I did not hear from her until I got a call from her asking me again if I came inside of her and I told her no. She then told me that her nipples hurt alot and she started feeling sick. I told her to go see the doctor and the doctor will tell her if she is pregnant or not. She said you better not have cum in me because I don't want a baby. I told her I didn't but to go see a doctor. I didn't hear back from her until about 3 weeks later and asked me again if I came inside of her and I told her no. She called me a liar and said that I did cum inside of her when she asked me not to because now she is having morning sickness and throwing up all the time. I told her again that I didn't but that maybe some of my precum may have gotten inside of her. She got mad at that and told me that I should not have cum in her and I told her precum is not cum and that she couldn't get pregnant with my precum. Little did she know she actually could. She calmed down after that and said she would go see that doctor again and call me back and let me know what they said. I haven't heard from her since and this was over a year ago.

I am sure I got her pregnant because that is what I wanted to do to her in the first place and not tell her about it. She probably had an abortion or had the baby by now so I may have a child out there I don't know about but she was one of the best fucks I ever had and wouldn't mind fucking her again and see if she can tell if I cum inside her again. She probably won't notice and I would cum in her again and try to get her pregnant again. I will let you know. 

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