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Prostate Massage Confession
My wife was out of town and I got my pipes cleaned. - By Frank

This summer, my wife Vivian and her nut job sister went on a ladies only cruise and left me home to fend for myself for two weeks.  After a couple nights of eating chips and watching TV until I fell asleep on the couch I was bored as hell.  I found myself at the computer cruising sex sites—a pastime I don’t get to enjoy very often.

See, our home’s only computer is against a main wall in our den.  Ever since our neighbor Randy got caught having an affair with a woman he met online, Vivian keeps a close eye on me when I’m on the computer.  She spies on me and asks a lot of annoying questions.  For that reason, I don’t usually visit sites she might not approve of, but when the wife is away, Frank likes to play.

Our two daughters are grown and moved out.  This was the longest I’ve been away from my wife in more than twenty-five years.  I didn’t remember what it was like to be with any woman other than Vivian. I had never been very adventurous, even when I was younger. I had banged a few women, but none of them were the type that I fantasize about.  I am attracted to trashy slutty women who crave sex and know what they want and how to fuck. Basically, most of the women I’ve had just laid there and let me give it to them.

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I started looking at the anonymous women advertising themselves on websites and found myself drawn to the risqué stuff. After following a few links, I found some local ladies who wanted more than just companionship.

I found a site with lots of  Milwaukee area personal ads and women and couples looking for good times. I couldn’t believe how many ads were from right around my neighborhood. Anything you could want was advertised there. An ad for an erotic cleaning service caught my eye. According to the ad, girls would come to your home, strip, and leave your place spic and span. I wondered if those ladies would clean my pipes too, if you know what I mean. Another ad asked for volunteers to cum all over her face. She loved the taste of jizz and wanted to try every man in the Milwaukee area. One posting in particular fascinated me. It was under the headline “Expert Prostate Massage Services.”

The ad included a picture of an attractive thirty-something red-head—red all over. Her fingertip rested on her plump lips, and her big tits were perky and round—most likely fake. I had never even touched a fake breast in my life. I kept staring at her and reading her ad over and over again. I would look at a few other ads and then come back to her. I had never even heard of a prostate massage. The ad said that with two fingers, she could open up a brand new world that her clients had never imagined. I couldn’t take it anymore. I clicked the Contact Me link and wrote an email asking if I could partake of her services. Just clicking the send button had my dick so hard that I jacked off right there in the den and came all over the cotton spread Vivian keeps over the couch. I tossed it on the floor and thought about those erotic cleaning services again. I’d have to call them before Viv came back from her trip.

Less than an hour later, I received an email from someone named Janice with the subject line “Private Services.” I opened the message right away. Janice wrote that she’d love to hook up and show me what she could do for me. She would need, as I had guessed she would, a little money—300 to be exact. Vivian had spent over a grand on her sisters’ cruise, so she couldn’t really complain about me spending a measly $300 on entertainment while she was away.

I emailed Janice back that the money was no problem and we made an appointment to meet at 6pm. She gave me directions to her place in a part of town I didn’t usually venture.

At work the next day all I could think about was that gorgeous redhead and what she would do to me. At first I was a little leery of driving through the ghetto to see, well, a prostitute, but the more I pictured her there waiting for me, the harder my cock became. I felt like I had entered this whole underground culture of which Vivian would NEVER approve.

I knocked on her door at 6 PM sharp. She answered wearing only a blue silk robe.

“You Frank?” she asked.


She pulled me into the room. Her grip was strong and powerful. She felt around my stomach and back.

“You alone?” she asked.


“You’re not a cop, right?”

“No.” The idea made me laugh. “Far from it.” I offered her the three crisp hundred-dollar bills that I had just taken from the ATM. She stepped into the kitchen and left me alone. Her apartment was nice, but modest. You’d never guess prostate massages went on there.

She grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom. Clearly, this was her “office.” The red walls and velvet bedspread were lit up by a bunch of little candles. She directed me over to the bed and told me to take off my pants and sit down on the edge. Something about her voice made me want to do whatever she said. Meanwhile she went over to a dresser and lifted something out a drawer. I assumed she was grabbing a condom, but instead she came up with some kind of lube of lotion. She turned toward me, opened her robe, and let it fall to the floor. Then, she walked over to me. It felt like slow motion. The candlelight lit her up perfectly.  Her pale white freckled skin barely had any hair on it. She squeezed some goop on her hands, bent down in front of me. She took my swollen cock in her hands and squeezed. I was so nervous I let out a little scream.

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She smiled and asked me if this was my first time. I realized I had hardly said a word since I came into the apartment.

“I’ve been married to the same woman for twenty-five years and she has never massaged my, uh—“

“You’re cute,” she smiled again. Then she got down on her knees and stuffed my rock-hard dick in her mouth. Simultaneously, she slipped two fingers into my ass, stretching me out and reaching inside. Her face came down onto my pelvis as she took my whole dick down her throat. The pain of having my rectum stretched turned into a deep calm wave of pleasure. She rubbed and kneaded and seemed to push my penis deeper into her mouth. I never felt anything like it.

I watched her expert hands as she blew me. The muscles in her forearms clenched as she reached into my ass. Though I tried to watch her the whole time, I threw my head back in ecstasy several times. I couldn’t believe I had lived this long without knowing this feeling. It was like losing my virginity.

As Janice massaged, I became aware of sections of my body that I was never conscious of. Tingles radiated from my toes to my scalp. After a while I could no longer make out exactly what Janice was doing to my ass and dick. I just knew that pleasure was rippling through me.

Janice and I made eye contact and she smiled and then licked up the shaft of my penis. She rolled her tongue around the helmet and massaged slightly faster inside my ass. I could feel something building inside of me, like a wave curling up and getting ready to crash. I never felt such anticipation before.

Cumming felt like reaching the top of a mountain. A forceful euphoria took over every inch of my body, and I forgot who and where I was. I moaned as all the white goo in my body shot out of me like lava erupting. My spooge covered Janice’s face, hands, and tits. It covered my stomach and legs.

“I’ve never cum so much in my life,” I said.

“Thank you,” she said.

When I walked out of that place, my balls ached and my head throbbed. I had experienced the most intense pleasure of my life—right here, a few miles from my own neighborhood.

When Viv came back, she walked through the house as if she had never left, picking up the wadded up cotton blanket and tossing it down the laundry shoot.

“Have a good time without me?” she asked.

“Spectacular,” I answered honestly.

She never suspected a thing, and I couldn’t get Janice out of my mind. In a couple of weeks, I emailed her again, and we set up another meeting.

Now, I love visiting Janice’s part of town. I’ve been back a few times. She has introduced me to all sorts of services. She clamps my nipples while she massages me. At first, I resisted, but Janice is teaching me the art of submission. Something about that girl makes me want to shut up and do exactly what she says.

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 She took my swollen cock in her hands and squeezed. I was so nervous I let out a little scream.

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