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Fucking the Pool Boy
Confessions of an oversexed "Rich Bitch". - By Angie

Ah, what a life ! I was floating in our pool with the warm golden sun shining down on my naked body. I had a margarita in one hand and a half-smoked fattie in the other - and not a care in the world. I enjoy my life. I'm a Rich Bitch.

It was late Wednesday afternoon. Benjamin (my husband) was out of town until after the weekend. If I was lucky, he'd be gone a lot longer than that. Adolfo (the pool boy) had just left, and I was wasted. Every cell - every pore - every molecule in my body was totally worn out, used up and completely satisfied. )

Yeah, what a life Benjamin and I had made for ourselves ! He and I would be celebrating our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary this summer. Pity we wouldn't be doing it together . . . He'd be kickin' back in Miami with a few of his little Lolitas; his "baby girls", as he called them. I'd be here partying with Adolfo - and we'd all be happy.

It had been a long time since Ben and I had shared anything even closely resembling passion. What we now shared was a really nice house . . .  and much more importantly, a bank account - a really big bank account. Back in the eighties, we'd been lucky enough to have a little extra cash - and he'd had known a few people and had been astute enough to bankroll a few big coke deals. And it had all been uphill from there, baby.

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We lived in a huge house on a nice plot of land in a nice gated community that included several other people who had too much money. The house had been built entirely to our specifications - it had a gym, a home cinema, and a greenhouse. We'd lived there about eight and a half years. The houses here were far apart, and we all had gardeners to do the yard work, so there was never any reason for any of us to speak to each other. We liked it that way.

Benjamin had set up a couple of fake businesses and an office in Miami, so he'd bought another house (not as nice as this one) and he stayed there most of the time - at least during the week. Once in awhile he came home on the weekend, but not often. That was just fine with me because my husband was a disgusting pig. He was well-known for his "generous nature" when it came to pretty young things - and every coke whore in town beat a mad path to his door. This fed his bald-headed, pot-bellied middle-aged ego and made him feel like he was something special. He'd keep these poor girls high and let them hang around until they were addicted and too wasted to bother with anymore, then he'd move them out and get himself a fresh new face or two. He always kept quite a few girls around so they'd be jealous of one another and try harder to please him. I warned him a long time ago: plant your seed in one of these bimbos, Buster - and my Jewish lawyer will help me get every penny you have - even the stuff you have you think I don't know about. Oh, yeah - and the younger they were, the better. Like I said: he was a disgusting pig.

So Ben was gone all the time, and I had a lot of time to fill. And I had plenty of money to fill it with. At first, I burned wads of money on vacations. Then I redecorated the entire house. After that, I spent an insane amount of money on clothes and jewelry.

Then I started buying art - a lot of modern stuff, a few old masters, a couple of sculptures. I only bought things I liked, but I had good taste. Within a couple of years, I had paintings I was lending to museums: a Warhol, a Degas and a Picasso. I liked the art world; it was populated with people who were young and pretty. Then I started getting a lot of invitations to smaller local gallery openings and actually went to a few of them. But here in Hialeah, the local art scene was more than a little pretentious. Ok, though - they were young, they were pretty, and I was easily entertained.

If it sounds like I had my own version of Benjamin's little coke whores, you're dead wrong. True enough that I had my share of pretty little boys that loved to spend time with me because I had mega-wads of cash to spend on them. Difference was that these boys enriched their lives during the time I spent with them. I took them on trips, taught them about fine art and good wines, bought them nice clothes and jewelry. I introduced them to people who could help them. I made sure I'd given them tools for better living as well as a good time before I sent them packing.

But why not have some fun with these sweet young things ? After all, I wasn't yet fifty, and I was in fabulous shape. I took excellent care of myself. I ate well, worked out every day in our gym, and swam laps in the pool when the weather was warm. I went to the spa once a week and had hot stone treatments, a massage and a facial. The maid's sister also dropped by a few times a week to give me a massage and a facial.

Those dear, sweet boys . . . they were so damned appreciative when I paid their bills or gave them nice boots or leather jackets or showed them plane tickets with their name on them. Benjamin's money just kept on rolling in, and I just kept spending it. One thing's for sure . . . these bad economic times are going to be a boom time for us. When times get hard, people don't like being uncomfortable. They like a little diversion from their problems. And they get it wherever they can. I expect we'll make a small fortune over the next couple of months, so I'd better get busy spending it.

For the last few months, I'd been lavishing most of my attention (not to mention a fair amount of cash and some great presents) on Luke, a promising young painter who had absolutely no money at all. What he DID have was a  magnificent cock and knowledge about women's bodies that extended far beyond his tender years. He also had an incredibly hard young body. Chiseled. Yum. Earlier this year, he and I had spent a month in a rented apartment in Paris. He'd spent the days painting. I'd spent the days shopping. We killed the evenings getting pleasantly sloshed on red wine and we spent the nights fucking our brains out. Springtime in Paris - it had been pure paradise. I had fond memories of our trip; both his imagination and stamina had been incredible. Taking it up the ass while staring at the Eiffel Tower at sunrise was a morning I'll long remember.

But Luke had moved to Florida from Manhattan's Lower East Side, and he'd never quite settled in here as well as he would have liked. So he'd decided to move back there, and our little thing was over.

So I'd found myself lonely - with too much time and money on my hands. That's how I'd come to be involved with Adolfo, the pool boy. I usually had a strict rule about not getting involved on any level with the help. It was just a little too close for comfort, in my book. And when the "relationship" ended because something went wrong (and something always went wrong) it got messy because the person had to be replaced. And it's no joke that that good help is hard to find. Plus it gave the neighbors something to talk about. And no one around here liked to be the object of gossip.

Adolfo had shown up in the middle of April to take over as a replacement for the pool boy before him. The last one had gone not because of anything I'd done or shared with him, but because of another woman's discretions. A few of us around here shared some of the help. Someone named Doreen who lived a few streets over had been having an affair with the last pool boy when her husband had come home early one day and had caught them in the act. Of course, the husband had the pool boy fired.

That wouldn't have happened at our house - Benjamin and I have what we both think of as a very open marriage. It's been that way for years. We shared an exclusive relationship for only the first year or so of our marriage. Once he got involved with the whole drug thing, our lifestyle totally changed. We were wildly popular and became regulars at some incredible sex parties where drugs and alcohol were everywhere - and everybody did whatever they wanted. It was wicked.

I think I liked these parties more than Benjamin did. He wasn't very adventurous, sexually speaking. He was excited about the chance to have sex with other woman, but that was about all.

It was at these parties that I first had anal sex and discovered exactly how much I enjoyed gangbangs and nasty rough sex. I also had my first experience with a couple. I loved being fucked in the ass while my clit was being licked. I also liked having my cunt stuffed with a fat cock while I was eating pussy. After all these years, I still don't know which I like best: eating pussy - or having my own pussy eaten. These days, whenever I felt the desire for something a bit exotic, I'd head over to Velvet, a club that catered to those of us who had strange tastes.

What I liked best now was Adolfo's fat nine-inch dick and how he was using it. We'd been having fun with each other for the last month or so. He was twenty years old. Cuban. Muscled. Smokin'. I loved to watch him do his job. The first time he was there, I watched him work from behind the curtain of an upstairs window with a joint in my left hand and my right hand down the front of my pants rubbing my clitty. I told him later about this, and he said he'd known about it; he'd been able to see me. He told me he'd jerked off that night (and many others) by just recreating that scene in his mind.

As far as doing the job pool boys are hired to do, he was a cut above average. He worked a little faster than most, and he looked good doing it.

He'd been working for us a couple of weeks when I invited him inside for a cold drink and a smoke after he'd finished the job. At first he was hesitant, but then he accepted. It was hot out there, and the air-conditioning was set on high. My nipples were hard nuggets under my thin shirt. He couldn't take his eyes off them. A few joints and several bottles of champagne later, I wanted to catch the rest of the afternoon sun, so we went to lay out by the pool.

I was laying there feeling all warm and mellow and relaxed when I felt a soft breeze blowing over me. It felt like a caress and it made me want to touch him, so that's what I did. He was laying there with his eyes shut, and I rolled over and stroked his cheek once before I leaned in closer and kissed him softly, gently on the lips.

He surprized me slightly by wrapping a strong arm around my shoulders and pulling me closer to him. He slid his hot tongue into my mouth and held my ass firmly. I responded by grabbing his crotch.

No time or reason to be polite here. In a flash, all our clothes were off and we were rolling around on our finely-manicured lawn, giggling and exploring each other's bodies. After a few minutes, I stood up and jumped into the pool. Adolfo followed after me.

We swam around a little, laughing and flirting. Then I cornered him under the diving board. I kissed him and with my left hand, I reached down and began massaging his testicles. With my right had, I grabbed his cock and started pumping. He mashed his hard body up against mine and cupped my ass with one of his big hands and rubbed one of my nipples with the other.

We stayed together like that for awhile, tongue-kissing; pushing our bodies up against each other and sliding them around. The sun-warmed water lapping up against my body made me feel fine. I could feel Adolfo's penis growing stiff in my hand - and I had other plans for it.

So I bounced up and down with the motion of the water a few times and then all at once, I lowered myself onto his stiff dick. It felt so good, I gasped out loud. He grabbed my ass with both hands and I started playing with my own nipples.

His cock was huge. The way I was being bounced around by the water was making it possible for it to rub itself up against the inside of my cunt walls at a delicious angle.

Before I knew it, a series of small orgasms was rushing through my body, knocking me off guard and leaving me breathless, shaking and shuddering.They hit me one after the other, leaving me no time to regain my balance before the next one hit.

Just when I thought I was going to overdose on pleasure, I felt Alfredo start licking and nibbling on my neck as one of his thick fingers began working itself in and out of my asshole, completely filling my butt and causing me to spasm as I came again.

Then he smashed my ass up against the wall of the pool and stepped up the action, pumping into me hard and fast - and I had yet another orgasm. Then I heard him groan loudly as his cum splashed against the inside of my cunt.

We swam and splashed around for a little while, stopping once for another bottle of champagne and another joint. Then we laid in the sun and let it dry our bodies before I gave him a quick blowjob, a fat tip and told him I'd see him again next Wednesday.

So that's how it got started - who knows how it'll end ? Right now, his wallet's getting stuffed - and all my holes are all getting stuffed - so we're both happy.

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Rich bitch fucks the pool boy.

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