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Confessions of a Massachusetts Slut Wife. - By: Jill

I have been reading stories on for over a year. A while ago, I Googled dirty stories and found your site. Since then, I have been coming back every week to read a new story or two. My favorite stories are the ones about horny housewives who slut themselves out on the side. I never thought I would do the things that I read about in your stories, but today I am writing about my true adventures of being a slutty housewife.

I am only 27, and I still get really horny. My husband gives me the good fucking I need—for the most part. For me, there is always room for a little more cock. Sometimes I get so fucking horny from reading these naughty stories that I have to stop for a while and get out my big dildo.

After I read a story, I go back and re-read the good parts while I fuck myself silly and cum all over my office chair. Once, when I was feeling really frisky, I asked my husband if he wanted to watch me pleasure myself with the dildo. He was jumping out of his seat to get a better look. I have a real pretty bare snatch that I get waxed once a month. My husband likes it that way. Judging from the look on his face and how short a time it took him to squirt, I know my pussy looks real good taking in a giant rubber cock.

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Jill's Naughty Pictures

My husband Sean and I live in Plymouth, Massachusetts. A few days after watching me pleasure myself with the cock, he asked me what gets me so horny from the Internet. I confessed that I have all these fantasies of fucking other men on the side of our marriage. I thought he would get really mad so I kept emphasizing that they were only fantasies, but on the contrary, he started getting really into my stories. He wanted to hear all about my fantasies. To my surprise, as I told him the stories, his dick started swelling to a nice solid consistency and I started getting doubly turned on. That night he fucked me better than he’d fucked me in a long time.

Even as he was fucking me, he wanted me to tell me about my fantasies of fucking other guys. He wanted to know when I would bring them home and if we did it in his bed. When I said yes to this question, he jizzed deep inside of me. I could feel his spunk hitting the walls of my pussy. I love making my husband cum. And in the next few days, I wondered if the stories got him this fired up, how he would feel about me actually fucking another guy—with his permission of course.

I got online that night and started looking for people who would want to join us in a three-way fuck session. It didn’t take long for someone to respond to my ad for a guy who wanted no strings attached sex from a horny housewife. The first guy we brought home was named Mick. We weren’t sure how Mick would deal with Sean being there so I had him hide in the closet and just watch us fuck.

Mick had his clothes off in about three seconds and was salivating as he looked at my sexy little get up. I was wearing a mini-skirt and a tight white tank top. Plus I was wearing big tall fuck-me boots that I bought just for the occasion. I had also done my makeup so that I looked like I was about 17.

When the skirt came off and Mick saw my beautiful snatch, he whistled.

“I bet your husband would be mad if he knew I was hitting that fine pussy.”

I smiled knowing my husband was five feet away from us peering through the crack in the closet. Mick fucked me hard. He wasn’t gentle at all, not that I’m complaining. After fucking me straight for a while, he lifted my legs up in the air and said, “I’m going to fuck this tight ass, okay?”

My husband was the only person who ever fucked my ass, but I was so horny and so into this whole thing, that I nodded yes, reached into my bedside drawer and grabbed my lube. Within seconds, he had his dick all oiled up and he was dipping his finger into my ass, spreading out the lube, and preparing me for his dick.

He thrust in and out, gentler now that he was pounding my ass. I heard Sean shuffle a little in the closet, but Mick didn’t seem to notice anything. Soon, he pulled out of my ass and shot a thick load all over my tits and stomach.

I sent Mick off with a promise of more fucking, and then I ran upstairs to see what Sean thought of everything. He was sitting on the bed with a stiffie.

“You’re not mad, are you?” I asked.

He smiled, letting me off the hook easy.

Turns out the shuffling in the closet was him jerking off. I didn’t know how he would feel about sticking his dick where another man had just jizzed, so I got down on my knees and sucked his dick like a good wife. He put his hand on the back of my head so that he could control my movements and when he came, he pushed down hard so that his cock was down my throat. At first I thought I’d gag, but once I relaxed and just let his spunk shoot straight down my throat, I was fine.

I pulled away and wiped a bit of jiz from my lip.

“Want to look for another one?” he asked. That night we were back on the Internet.

The second guy we brought home was Lenny, a guy we picked up at a club. All night we was tweaking my nipples through my see-through shirt and bumping his hard cock against my hips. When I whispered in his ear that my husband was watching, his first instinct was to back away as if he was looking for a hiding spot. Then I said, “He likes to watch,” and Lenny smiled like he was really interested. He squeezed my whole tit and looked around the room, not knowing which guy was my husband.

That night was when I really started getting into having two guys make me the center of attention. Sean didn’t have to hide in the closet this time, so he and Lenny just got to share me as their sex slave. At one point they blindfolded me and made me keep my hands on the bedposts while they took turns fucking me doggy style. I love doggy style. I love how I can feel a man’s junk slapping off my pussy lips. But nothing is like getting it doggie style and not knowing whose cock is thrusting inside of me. As I was enjoying the feeling, I felt movement in front of me. Next thing I knew, my husband shoved his cock in my mouth while Lenny continued to take me from behind. My eyes were still covered, but I know my husband’s cock when I taste it.

I sucked as hard as I was getting fucked until my husband pulled out his cock without a word and blew his load all over my face.

“My wife loves to suck cock,” he said to Lenny. “Want my wife to suck your cock?”

They pulled me this way and that. I loved being the sex goddess in the middle of these two men. I was finally satisfying my horny inner housewife.

Sean lay on the bed and had me ride his still swollen cock while Lenny stood on the bed and shoved his cock in my mouth. I sucked and fucked until I had them both cumming in my hands, in my mouth, in my sore-ass pussy.

After all the fun I was having, I thought my husband deserved a special treat. That’s when I decided to ask Candy if she was interested in having a threesome with my husband and me. I know Candy from high school and the bar scene. She has a little Web site where she gives tips about how to do threesomes and shit. When I asked her if she would help me fuck my husband, she was all about it. I made a date for her to come over so that we would both be at the house when my husband came home from bar night with his friends. He is always horny as fuck after a bar night, so I just new that would be the perfect night to give him his “surprise.”

Candy and I sat on the couch in matching lingerie. For a while, I hoped he’d hurry the fuck up because I was getting horny as hell! When Sean came through the door, I thought he was going to fall over. For one thing, he had a nice buzz going. For another, his hard-on was visible through his pants and he was looking back and forth between Candy and me like he didn’t know if he had stumbled into heaven or hell.

“I’m Candy.”

“Ready to live out every man’s fantasy?”

We didn’t bother going upstairs. My husband sat down between us and put a hand between each of our legs. We crawled all over him, licking, sucking, rubbing. We took turns blowing his cock. And then I let Candy sit on his dick. He bounced her tiny frame up and down on his jock while I played with his balls and taint. She hopped up and crawled to one edge of the couch and told me to get up on my husband’s lap. She wanted to show him something. She had me lie down on the couch, so my ass was on my husband’s lap. She instructed him to keep my legs open. Then she kneeled down and licked my pussy right on my husband’s lap.

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Jill's Naughty Pictures

I moaned and moved around. I could feel my husband’s still-wet, hard-as-a rock cock itching to get into a hole. The more I shimmied, the more his cock came close to my ass. When Candy started to flick my clit fast and furiously, I immediately came all over the place.

But I didn’t forget my husband. I got on the floor and bent down showing him my beautiful ass. After Candy sucked him off and got him good and sopping wet, he started fucking my asshole. I don’t know what Candy was doing at this point, but I know that my husband gave me one final thrust and then moaned like he was having the best orgasm of his life.

Candy said we were one of the best couples she’d ever been with. She was going to write a story about her night with us and I should look for it on her site. That’s when I started thinking about writing about my sexual adventures. Candy pulled my face to hers and gave me a goodnight kiss right there on my front stoop.

At first I wondered if anyone was watching, but I soon found myself lost in the taste of my husband’s cock in her mouth. I kissed her back, grabbed her tit, and told her to come over again some time. That is also the night when I started wondering how I would be at eating pussy.

After Candy, I brought home a guy named Greg. That is when Sean started taking pictures of me getting fucked by other men. He likes to show his friends at the grocery store where he works, and a couple of them think it’s hot. They ask if they can fuck me too. We actually got my husband a raise by my fucking the store manager. Sean gave him pictures of me blowing him, and the guy, Terrence, keeps bugging my husband wanting to know when he can get a piece of my ass again.

Now we are looking for a bi female. After Candy, I often think about eating pussy. It was always a fantasy of mine, but one I thought would never come true. Now that all of my fantasies are coming true, I don’t see why I can’t eat a chick out. Sean is really excited about this. He thinks he found just the right person. I never thought I would be having such discussions with Sean, but now that I do, I am so fucking satisfied. Our sex life has gotten a million times better because of fucking other people.

Your Web site has changed my whole life.

As fun as your naughty stories are to read, they are even more fun to act out.

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