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The Boob Doctor
Special deals for my stripper friends. - By Dr. Matt

I’ve been a huge fan of your site for quite some time and thought I’d finally contribute to your naughty stories. My name is Matt, everyone calls me, Dr. Matt and I am one horny old bugger. I’ve lived here in Chicago most of my 54 years. I married my wife and she helped me get through med school to become a plastic surgeon. After I graduated, Helen and I raised our four kids in Lemont, Ill, near the Cog Hill Country Club. Life was always great except for one small problem. I had, no I still have a severe weakness for beautiful young women.

Over the thirty year span of our marriage, my wife caught me repeatedly with other women. She threatened me with ultimatum after ultimatum but to be honest, I never thought she was serious. Life would continue until the next hot young girl would grab my attention. Unfortunately she made good on her threat and divorced me about three years ago when she walked into my office and found me fucking a sexy eighteen year old bimbo. I really do miss my wife, but what made it really painful was the million dollar divorce settlement. The good thing now is I don’t have to sneak around anymore and can openly enjoy the fine company of these young hot ladies.

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The plastic surgery business is booming. I have women coming in for consultations daily from 8 am until 6 pm for boob jobs, tummy tucks, lipo, and Botox treatments. Some days I am at my office twelve hours a day trying to keep up to the demand.

There are approximately forty gentlemen’s clubs within a fifty mile radius of Chicago and a majority of the exotic dancers are my clients. I have a very well known reputation among the girls for giving the best boob jobs in northern Illinois. Typically a boob job here in the Chicago area will cost a young girl anywhere from $8000 to $12,000.

The girls look at it as an investment.  A dancer with beautiful double D’s can easily make $80,000 a year. That’s double the amount a girl with saggy C cups or flat A's can make. So I offer a "special" for some of the exotic dancers or wannabe dancers.  I can it the Dr. Matt Special.

For the attractive and extra friendly dancer I offer the ‘$3000 boob special’. For a $1000 payment up front, I will perform the consultation and surgery at my clinic and then finance the remaining two grand over the twelve months. This deal had gone over quite well and has spread by word of mouth. Over the last three years I have given the Dr. Matt Special to about forty girls. The "friendlier" the girl is, the lower the price of the surgery and I am willing to extend the terms of payment.

Next week I am scheduled to do a boob operation for a 20 year old girl named Michelle. She came in to see me two weeks ago after her girlfriend showed her my handy work on her 38F breasts. Perfect globes and no scars.  They both worked at the same club and Michelle’s stage name is Venus. She informed me that she also wanted bigger tits, like her friend Chastity. I asked her to open her robe so I could examine her smallish 34B tits.

When she stood and opened her paper robe, she was completely nude. My dick immediately began to stir. Michelle’s tits were sweet and immediately I began to salivate. How I wanted to take her sweet pink nipples into my mouth and feast on them. She also had a pretty shaven cunt with a red landing strip. As I examined her tits, my hands couldn’t help but linger longer than they should have. When I looked back up to her face, she had a coy smile and was somewhat flushed. I informed Michelle her tits would be fantastic if we inflated them with 1200 cc implants. Anything more and it would be too much for her slender frame. I couldn’t help inhale the scent of her sweet cunt just inches from my nose. I needed to fuck this young girl.

I instructed her to get dressed and we would discuss a payment plan. She told me had just moved here to Chicago a month ago and was just starting out in her new job and didn’t have a lot of money saved.  She said Chastity had told her about my special deal and she hoped I could come up with a special financial arrangement for her.. As she told me her tale of woe, she moved over to my side of the desk and sat with her leg up on my armchair, raising her short skirt and giving me a full view of her beautiful little snatch.

I explained the details of the special discount to her while my hand travelled up her slender smooth leg. Her legs spread wider as I neared her golden honey pot. My fingers stroked her smooth labia while her legs trembled with desire. I found her cunt extremely wet and tight as I inserted one finger into her sweet hole. Michelle gasped and I moaned with delight as my finger slowly slid in and out. I removed my finger and she took my hand and sensuously sucked her honey off my finger. My dick was straining, desperate to escape the confines of my pants.

I grabbed my pamphlet and wrote down the address of my condo on Lake Shore Drive. I told her if she came to see me at 9 pm that night, we could discuss a payment plan that she could afford is detail. She took the piece of paper and tucked it into her bra and I escorted her to the door. She turned to thank me and kissed me with a kiss that almost made me orgasm in my pants. I had trouble concentrating on work after she left.

Michelle arrived at my condo promptly at 9 pm. I opened the door and she looking incredible in her 5 inch stiletto stripper shoes and her white trench coat. I welcomed her in and offered to take her coat. She slowly opened the belt and unfastened the buttons, my eyes were glued to her. She then turned her back to me and slid the trench down her arms. I was breathless as I saw the soft creaminess of her skin, the curve of her waist, the roundedness of her butt. She turned and handed me the trench and now stood nude before me. Michelle certainly was doing everything in her power to seduce me.

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I tossed her trench to the floor and pulled her into my living room and laid her onto my leather sofa. I spread her legs wide open and ran my tongue down her inner thighs making her quiver with deep lust. “Oh! Dr. Matt, fuck me!” she pleaded. “Not yet my pet,” I mumbled back as I slid my tongue over her clit and labia, inhaling her scent. My tongue teased her anus and her cunt until she thrashed about on the sofa, begging for more. With one hand I reached up and cupped her tit and massaged it while I slid one finger into her cunt. She squealed as I inched deeper and deeper until I found her g spot. “OMG!” she cried as I stroked her soft button. Within moments a stream of hot cunt juice sprayed out into the air hitting my face and chest, drenching me. “That’s my naughty little slut, soak me with your sweet cunt juice!” I groaned.

I pulled her to the edge of the sofa as I stood up, “Suck my cock now my dirty pet.” She smiled up at me with the most delicious naughty smile and gripped hold of my rock hard member. She began to tease it slowly with her tongue as I had done to her. Then slowly she took me into her mouth until her lips were firmly pressed against my groin and my dick was at the back of her throat. She began to rock back and forth; her tongue swirled and twirled around it as she massaged my full balls. “Oh shit!” I moaned as my legs began to weaken. I pushed her off my dick before she could make me cum and turned her over the armrest of the sofa. I pulled her arms behind her back and spread her legs open and guided my dick to her soaked cunt. “Now you will be fucked my naughty girl!” I told her as I drove my rock hard seven inch thick dick into her tight twat.

“Oooooooooooh yes Doctor, yessssssss!” she cooed. I fucked her hard and wild, her body bounced wildly beneath me with each thrust. Her cunt was so incredibly hot and wet, my dick never wanted to leave it. “Harder Doctor, fuck me harder!” she begged. Seconds later, she bucked like a wild animal as she came all over my dick and balls. She went limp as she gasped for air. I pulled my dick out and scooped her cum onto her asshole and rubbed my dick in the special lube. She was too delirious from her massive orgasm to pay attention to what I was doing. I spit into my hand and lubed up my dick and pressed it against her anus. Michelle suddenly gasped and went stiff. “Doctor Matt, I’ve never …” she began. “Shhh my sweet, don’t worry, trust me,” I told her.

I reached under her and began to rub her clit slowly while my dick sat at her entrance. Soon her hips began to writhe and her ass began to open itself to my dick. Slowly I inched forward into her forbidden territory and with a little patience; soon I had my entire dick inside her ass. I massaged her soft butt cheeks and began to thrust in and out. Michelle began to beg for it deeper and harder. My body slammed into her ass over and over, as I pulled her long hair. “Oh fuck me yes Doctor, yessssssss!” she screamed and she squirted once again, soaking my leather sofa. My balls boiled up and shot deep into her dark tunnel, spurt after spurt.

I helped myself to Michelle twice more that night. She is coming over again in about forty minutes, so I must get going. Needless to say, Michelle won’t have to pay a dime for her boob job.

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