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Mommy Likes To Suck My Pinky Dick
Kinky games for a guy with a very short cock. - By Ken

My name is Ken. I’m 32 and pretty normal. I’m five foot ten, hundred sixty seven pounds, sandy blonde hair and a mustache.  I did say pretty normal except I have what is known as a ‘pinky dick’. Not an average or small dick, but a genuine pinky dick. When it’s at its hardest, it is barely two and a half inches long and maybe three quarters of an inch across. It is almost the same size as my little finger.

My first realization that I was ‘different’ was when I was a young boy and I overheard my parents talking one night. I was in the kitchen doing homework and they were in the living room having cocktails. While dad read the paper, my mom told him she was afraid that my penis was grossly underdeveloped. She’d seen me as I changed out of my bathing suit. She said to him, “I could barely see it.” He told her it was probably the water thing and he would check into it but he never did.

As I grew older, I noticed in the showers after gym the other boys had more hair and were definitely bigger, a lot bigger! Mine was nothing like theirs. I showered after the other boys got out or would rush in quickly while they were joking around always kept my body wrapped in a towel. They always made fun of me and it made it hard for me to have a girlfriend.

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Around sixteen, I finally got a girlfriend, a girl named Cindy. She had just moved to town and we were lab partners. One night after a ball game, I went to her house to watch a movie in their basement family room. It was dark and her parents were upstairs. We were French kissing and making out on the sofa. I played with her tits through her blouse and bra. I knew she was getting excited, I sure as hell was. She rubbed at my crotch through my jeans. I loved someone else’s hand on my dick, but her hand kept searching, she couldn’t find my dick, so she unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. She reached into my underwear and thought she’d find a limp dick that needed special attention. Instead she found my pinky dick. The look on her face was total shock and disgust. She pushed it away and said, “OMG! That is just not right! What the hell are you going to do with that thing? Hell, I baby sit a three year old with a dick twice that size and my last boyfriend was close to five inches hard! That’s smaller than his AFTER he came! Um Ken, you should leave.” She buttoned her blouse back up and showed me the door. All through high school and after, I never got another date. Girls laughed and tormented me to my face. But that was not the worst of it.

I got a job in a factory, but I had to get a physical. I arrived at the Dr’s office and was horrified to see she was a woman. She took blood and hair samples and urine for drug tests, checked my height and weight, then she asked me to get undressed for an exam. I slowly undressed and she snapped, “Come on, I have seen them all. Don’t be bashful.”  I finally dropped my pants. Her eyes went wide and she sat down to take a look. She pulled on its head, to check if it was hiding inside or something. I was nervous and embarrassed and worse, it was getting hard.  While her fingers searched for my testicles, her face was so close, I could feel her breath. In no time I was completely hard and erect.

She had a smirk on her face but kept silent. She had me on all fours and said, “Now turn your head and cough.” “Wait, here it is,” she said as she cupped a testicle between two fingers; it was about the size of a peanut. I coughed. “I can’t feel anything so I am sure there is nothing there to worry about, you can get dressed.”  When I left the office, I saw her smiling and talking to her nurse. Then they both broke into laughter looking at me. I heard her say, “Really? You should have called me in!” I was out the door in a flash.

Since then, I’ve been too ashamed to show it to anyone. I’d stay at home at night, and surf the internet, jerking it off while holding it between my finger and thumb. One night while surfing at my desk, stroking my hard pinky dick, I came across a website called It was a site about guys with short cocks and the women who liked them. I was amazed to see there were other little dicks out there, but mine was still smaller. I noticed I could post pictures and chat and meet women who were interested. I snapped a couple pictures of my dick. I took a few of it hard with my two fingers stroking it, a couple after I came with my spunk on my fingers, and it limp almost hidden between my legs. I posted them and went to sleep; satisfied I had a good cum.

The following night I checked my e-mail there was eight women who had e-mailed me, telling me they loved my dick and described what they wanted to do to it. A week or so later I received an e-mail from a lady in my own town. She told me how much it turned her on and if it really was as small as it looked; she would give me the biggest thrill of my life. After several e-mails back and forth, I decided to give it a chance. At least if she made fun of me she was a stranger. Who knows, I might even get to see or even touch my first pussy in years.

We met for coffee on a Friday evening after work. After a few cups, she suggested we go for a drive and park. Her name was Helen, she was married and in her late forties, early fifties.  We went for a short drive in her car, a big Buick. She pulled into an industrial site not far away and parked at the back of a big parking lot. She didn’t want to kiss or anything, she wanted my dick.  "Do you need to see my tits to get hard? Can I see it limp first?” she asked while tugging my pants down.  I lifted my hips and in one swift pull, she had my pants and underwear down.

She gasped, “Oh! It’s beautiful! I love it. I want it…” and her mouth was sucking my limp dick hard. Her tongue licked at my balls and her mouth sucked my dick.  Soon it was a full two and a half inches long.

“Oh baby! Let mommy take care of that for you,” as she used her lips and mouth to suck my dick in and out of her mouth. No bobbing of her head like in the videos I’d seen, her mouth could suck it in and out all on its own. This was my first blow job and I loved it. My legs tensed and my orgasm started to build.  Her lips wrapped around my pinky dick and I pumped into her mouth. “Mmmmm,” she moaned as I came, “that’s a good boy! I think you covered mommy’s tongue.”  

“You are so wonderful! Can we meet at my house tomorrow afternoon? My husband has a one o’clock T time and we will have four hours to play. Please?” she asked me with her pretty brown pleading eyes. I agreed. I arrived the next day right on time and as I entered the door, she hugged me. “Kenny! I bought you some new clothes today. Let’s go up to your room and try them on.” I thought my room?

When we got to the room, it was decorated like an eight or ten year old child’s room. “Here you go Kenny, some new shorts and a polo shirt and tennis shirt also. C’mon, let’s get you dressed, let mommy help you,” she said. I stood naked before her, then she slowly dressed me and soon I was dressed like a little boy, she combed my hair and fussed all over me. I felt uncomfortable at first but then she laid me back on the bed and said, “Kenny, it’s time for your nap now. Let’s get you undressed so you don’t ruin your new clothes.” Soon I was naked and she was between my legs sucking my dick again. Only this time she had all of my dick and balls in her mouth, and it felt so good. I didn’t care if she was crazy dressing me up. I loved how her mouth and tongue danced on my dick and balls. With all of me in her mouth, she stuck her tongue out under my balls, pushed my hips up and licked my ass. As she tongued my brown hole, my dick swelled and I came in her mouth without warning. I could hear her sucking and swallowing.

“Mmmmm, you’re such a good boy Kenny. Are you thirsty?” she asked. “Yes ma'am,” I replied thinking I would get a beer or something, but she unbuttoned her blouse and undid a nursing bra and placed my lips to her breast. I began to suckle at her tit. She stroked my head, her heart thumping in my ear. Then it was time for me to leave. She had me back three times a week while her husband was at the club or playing golf or in meetings.

The next time I arrived, she scolded me for being dirty and took me into the bathroom for a bath. She ran about three inches of water into the tub and sat me down in it. She had a child’s wash cloth and baby soap and washed my body.  I had been drinking beer before I arrived and the feeling of the warm water; I suddenly felt the urge to go pee. I couldn’t hold back any longer and peed in the tub. The yellow stream jetted up between my legs and hit her in the chest. “Kenny! You little scamp!” she scolded and pushed my dick down to prevent any more from hitting her. When I was done, she stood and removed her blouse and bra that were now soaked. Her big D cup tits sagged in front of my face. I grabbed one and squeezed as she finished washing my body.  She spent a long time cleaning my pinky dick and balls.  She then dried me off and took me to my room. Only this time she undressed and lied in the bed, and said, “Come here Kenny.”

She sucked my dick to life. Looking at her nice hairy bush made me hard. “Come let mommy show you what that pinky  is for,” as she pulled me between her legs. “Now lean down and rub it here,” as she spread her pussy lips and rubbed her clit. I lowered my dick and felt my first pussy ever. I drove all two and a half inches of my hard dick into her big warm box. I humped her like a ten year old out of control and soon I busted my tiny nut in her big pussy. She held me tight, “Oh Kenny, you should have lasted longer. We’ll try again ok?” In moments, she sucked my dick hard and I fucked her again, lasting longer until she managed to cum.

She had me fucking her tight little ass also. I like that better since it’s tighter. When I cum in her mouth, she holds it all on her tongue and plays with it. She shaved my balls and ass to make me look younger. I also keep my face shaved plus I had to get a cute little boy’s haircut. I really like it now when she diapers me and puts lotion or baby powder all over my body.  I just get hard thinking about my new mommy, who buys me new clothes and toys all the time but really hate it when I am bad and I get a spanking. At first I was a little put off by all of this, but now I am ok with it as long as I get to fuck her ass and her pussy.  There are women out there after all who really do like pinky dicks.

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mommy likes Ken's little pinky dick

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