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The Pastor's Wife
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As a writer, I keep a lot of crazy hours. I’ll often work early in the morning, if that’s when inspiration strikes, and I’ll keep going to 5 or 6 a.m. Of course, the computer is hooked up to Yahoo chat, and, when I hit a spot in my work when nothing’s happening, I’ll take time off to troll through the local chat rooms, hoping I’ll hook up with a lonely lady. I’d gotten lucky about a year or so ago, and ended up having an afternoon tryst with a nice lady named Jeannine.

Now it was a morning last December,  about 5 a.m., my eyes a little bleary, when a lady messaged me, right out of the blue. I have a provocative picture on one of my Yahoo profiles, and while sometimes it brings some pretty hostile comments, it also attracts more adventuresome ladies who are, at the very least, intrigued. Anyway, this lady asks me what I’m doing up so early. I told her, and then I said, “What are YOU doing up so early?”

“Oh, just looking for a friendly face, I guess,” she said.

So we got to chatting. She didn’t have a picture, and said she didn’t know how to send one anyway, some people being more computer-savvy than others, I guess. But I found out that she was 46 and lived in a rural community called Courtland. I had no idea in the world where that was. I live in Norfolk, Virginia, and I pretty much stay around town. But there are dozens and dozens of little towns in the Virginia countryside.

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I further found out that her name was Susan. She was very nice. It kind of bothered me that I didn’t know what she looked like, but I forgot that pretty fast when the conversation turned to relationships.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” she asked.

I said no, I was pretty much on my own. She told me she was married.

“How’s that going?” I asked.

“Not good,” she said. “I think eventually we’ll get divorced.”

“That’s too bad,” I said. “Seems to be happening all over. Any particular reason why?”

“Well, he just doesn’t pay any attention to me anymore. He’s just too busy wth his work.”

“What’s he do?”

“He’s the associate pastor at our local church. He’s totally involved in that. Matter of fact, he’s scheduled to go to Iraq in a month or so. He’s ministering to the troops.”

“Wow,” I said. “That’s certainly doing his duty.”

“LOL,” she typed across the Yahoo Messenger box. “He might be doing his duty for the church, but he’s not doing his duty in bed. I haven’t had sex in so long I can’t remember when it last was.”

I typed a little “frowny” face across the screen. “Sorry to hear that,” I continued. There was a pause. Then I said, “So where exactly did you say Courtland was? I’ve never heard of that place.”

“We’re out in the country,” she said. “You go west on highway 58, from Norfolk, about 10 miles west Franklin."

“Well, that’s out a ways from here, I think I know where Franklin is...” On the other hand, I thought, if you put the pedal to the metal, you can probably make a journey like that in an hour.  I got to thinking... “So, Susan, what are you doing today?”

“Well, I have to go to work at three o’clock. Other than that I’m just waiting for my daughter to come over for coffee. She’s pregnant and gonna have her first child in about four months. I’m gonna be a grandma.”

“Wow. Congrats....Hey, I was just wondering something...”


“Do you like adventures?”

“I guess...”

“Well, I was just thinking...I’m just now finishing up some work, and assuming I can send it off to my editor this morning, I’ll be free the rest of the day...Maybe I could pay you a visit...”

“You mean drive down here?”

“Sure, why not? It’d be an adventure...”

“Drive down just to visit with me? What’ll we do...?”

“I dunno. Get something to eat...just get acquainted... I’m willing to do it if you’re willing to go along... Besides, I could use a drive in the country...”

“Well, when would you get here? It’s 6 a.m. now. Haven’t you been up all night?”

“Don’t worry about that,” I said. “I could leave about 10 and get there at 11.”

“Well, okay,” she typed across the Messenger box. “But we don’t even know what we look like...”

“Well, I’m 5’6” about 160 pounds. I have brown hair and eyes and I wear glasses. I’m no Pierce Brosnan, but I’m okay...”

“Well, okay...I’m 5’4,” weight about 170.”

“Okay,” I said.

“So, you like your women a little chunky?”

“Oh yeah, I like a woman with some meat on her bones...I can’t deny it: I’m a breast-man...”

“Well...40C here...”

Sounded good to me. I gave her my phone number, and we then logged off Yahoo, after which she called me to give me directions. Her voice was cute and it helped that we heard what each other sounded like. It seemed to put us both at ease. We hung up then, on to our adventure.

I got a late start, because I had to finish up the work I was doing and it took longer than I thought. Then I thought if I just sped a little faster than normal I could make up the time I lost.  I hit hwy 58 about 10:15.   I made good time until I got a few miles west of Suffolk.  An overturned dump truck had completely blocked one lane and traffic was backed up for a couple of miles.  I tapped on the steering wheel nervously and waited as traffic snaked past the obstruction a few cars at a time.  I had lost a good 15 minutes.

It was a cool December morning and I was in the middle of nowhere. It seemed like the more conscious I was of how late I might be, the later I got! It was now 11:15 and I still wasn’t in Courtland yet. Tall trees loomed overhead, well shading the entire road. The road swooped and dipped and curved, and I knew I was very far from the big city here.

Finally I came to a crossroads, and THIS was Courtland. I had to drive past the town itself to where I was supposed to meet Susan. It was all a little nerve-wracking but suddenly I saw the street sign at the corner at which we had agreed to meet. I turned in and sure enough, there was an SUV parked there. I could see two persons in the front seat. They quickly finished up their conversation, and someone stepped out of the passenger door. So this was Susan.

She was indeed about 5’4,” and 170 seemed about right. She had reddish hair and it was permed. As she walked toward me, I waved. She was no beauty, but she looked allright. She got into the car.

“Hi,” I said. “I made it. I was late and thought you’d think I wasn’t coming.” I nodded toward the SUV. “Who was that.”

“My daughter,” Susan said. “She’s all worried about me. Said I shouldn’t be meeting strange men off the Internet.”

“Well,” I said,  “I’m not strange at all. Just a nice guy looking to meet a new friend. How are ya?”

“I’m fine,” she said. She seemed a little nervous at first, but then, as I gunned the car and headed in the direction from which I’d come, she said, “Yes, that’s right. Go back that way.”

So we quickly got acquainted. She was a nice lady, and we got along immediately. She asked me to head back east toward Franklin.

“You hungry?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said. “I could use a burger.”

When we got to Franklin, we pulled into Rick's Cafe. We got a booth and began to chat. A waitress took our order and eventually brought us sandwiches. Susan and I made small talk, and it was pleasant. Clearly, neither of us was a psycho; just a couple of lonely people looking to make a connection.

We finished eating and when we got back to the car, she said, “What now?”

I said, “Why don’t we just go for a drive...”

“Better yet,” she said, “Let's drive over to Lee's Millpond.”

Just a few miles down the road was Lee's Millpond. This was a reservoir and recreation area.  We parked the car and walked around, eventually stopping to sit on a bench.  It was too chilly to sit for long.

We walked back toward my car and pulled out back onto the main road. We’d been getting along famously, very relaxed and easy. We were now heading back toward the center of Franklin where there were restaurants and motels and gas stations.

“So, what now?” I said.

“Well, I don’t know...It’s close to 1:30 now. I have to be at work at 3. You’ll need to drive me there. It’s about a half hour from here.”

“Well, it’d be a shame for this to end too soon, don’t you think?” I looked at her, but she was staring straight ahead.

“Would you like to stop somewhere around here?” I said.

“Well, if we’re gonna do that it’ll have to be right here, ‘cause back in Courtland I know everyone in town, and I can’t do anything there...”

“How about this?” I said, nodding over to a Day's Inn.

She didn’t reply, and I quicky turned left into the motel. There were only a couple of cars in the parking lot. It was a very laid-back scene.

“I’ll be right back,” I said. Susan nodded, and I went in to the motel office. Naturally, the clerk was a young East Indian girl—here in the middle of nowhere in rural Virginia. And probably this place was owned by her parents. Go figure. But she was very nice. She ran my credit card and that was it. It was very cheap too, it being off-season.

I went back to the car and waved Susan on. As she got out, I put my arm around her and we walked pretty confidently over to Room #7.

Wouldn’t you know it—I had trouble with the pass card. It wouldn’’t open the door.  We stood there like a couple of idiots as I fumbled with the card, sliding it in, waiting for a click that never came. I sighed. “Wait here.”

I went back to the office and told the young girl my problem. She hollers into the back room and out comes another Indian woman, this one much older and probably her mother. The older lady fumbles around the office, then comes out with a different pass card. In her broken English, I gathered that she had to come check out the situation for herself. So now Indian Mama and myself are approaching Susan, who’s standing waiting in the chilly air. It’s a bit of a comedy of errors now, but eventually the woman opened the door herself, then handed me the correct pass card. I don’t think I said “thank you” or anything.  

The room was typical. A double bed, a sitting area, a TV, and to the left a bathroom. It looked clean and perfectly respectable. I sat on the bed and said, “Well, this is cool.”

Susan smiled, then excused herself and went to the bathroom. She was only in there a few minutes. She was still dressed when she came out, jeans and simple pullover top. I was already lying back on the bed, my shoes off.

She rather quickly moved around to the far side of the bed. She turned her back to me as she lay down, almost in a shy way.

“Do you like massages?” I asked.

“Yes.” She was playing coy, her face halfway buried into the pillow. I could smell the hint of cheap perfume.

“That’s good,” I said. “Because I give a good massage.”

I turned toward her and began to rub her shoulders. They were firm. She was a compact lady. It felt good to work her muscles under my fingers. I gently massaged her neck, then moved my hands down to her shoulder blades, firmly feeling her supple body. My hands moved all over her back,  and she wordlessly accepted my ministrations.

Suddenly, she turned completely around to me, and with a huge gasp she smashed her mouth onto mine. Her lips were thin but pliant, and we kissed hotly, our tongues thrusting out and entwining wetly. I pushed her back and kissed her deeply, my left hand reaching up to feel the swell of her right breast. Our breathing started to get heavier, and when she  shoved her tongue hard into mouth, I sucked on it desperately, holding it between my lips for several excruciating seconds.

“Oh Yes...” Susan breathed.

I moved my mouth to her neck and licked her all over. She gasped as my tongue moved back and forth, and then she swooned when I moved up  and licked inside her ear. She tasted good.

“Oh , baby,” I seethed. My hands went to her waist and I brought her blouse up over her head, revealing a black bra and a pair of wide plumpish titties. I moved my head down between her breasts, kissing and licking. I didn’t want to bother with unhooking her bra, ‘cause I didn’t want to break the flow. So I simply flipped up the bra-cup on her left tit. Her fat, floppy boob fell out, and almost immediately the rest of the bra was loose up around her neck, both titties now free to the air. They were more fat and wide than melon-shaped. They sat atop her chest like a pair of massive Jell-o molds, capped with soft, puckery pink nipples. I watched her pull the bra quickly up over her head, and my mouth descended on her left boob. My lips hit her titflesh with a loud, wet fluttery sound, as I gobbled her pink tumescent nipple into my mouth. Susan gasped as I suckled ravenously on her ripe tit, pulling the nipple hard between my teeth, gently nipping it and running my tongue in a tight circle around it.

“Oh, yeah,” she breathed.

My hands moved on top of her, grabbing at both of her tits, feeling their flabby fullness, squeezing them hard, my mouth darting from one nipple to the other, sucking them hungrily.

Then I got up on my knees and started to take my clothes off as fast as I could. I was naked now, as I watched Susan still struggling to get her tight jeans off over her knees.

“Here, let me help,” I said. I pulled at her jeans near her ankles, and they began to slide more easily off her legs. When I had them off, I tossed them aside to the floor.

Susan lay back on the bed, clad now only in a pair of royal blue panties.  She looked at me expectantly, desirously. I was on my knees before her, my cock dangling enticingly between my legs.Then I moved closer and down, and my hands grabbed onto the waistband of her panties. She lifted her fleshy ass up in the air, as I slipped the panties down over her meaty thighs, then pulled them off her feet and tossed them in the direction of her jeans.

Her pussy was fuckin’ hot. It was big, pink and gloriously, completely shaved—two steamy, fleshy love lips.just begging to be eaten. I plunged my head into her moist, gamy twat, eagerly running my tongue up and down her slit, tasting her girl juice. Susan lay back now with abandon, spreading her thick thighs widely, grabbing at her nipples as I devoured her cunt. I cupped the cheeks of her soft, plump ass and then pulled her twatlips into my mouth, suckling them together, making loud smacking sounds, as her pelvis moved to and fro, her ass writhing back and forth. I spread her pussylips with my fingers and then drove my tongue deeper into that hot horny hole, her pussy juice oozing in a steady flow. She was panting like a bitch in heat as I lapped at her twat, then gently suckled her pink distended clit into my mouth.

“Oooohhh...God,,,Yeahhhh,” Susan moaned.  

Now I stuck two fingers into her gooey-hole. Her pussy wasn’t tight but it wasn’t exactly loose either. My two fingers slipped in easily enough, and she gasped when I started to pump ‘em in and out, my tongue continuing to lash across her clit.

“Oh, oh. oh. oh...” Susan exhaled to the rhythm of my finger-fuck. Then I tried three fingers, and I only had to push a little to get them in comfortably. Pretty soon I was pistoning that hungry twathole with intensity, my hand moving back and forth, in and out, her girl juice covering my eager fingers.

I picked up the motion now. My fingers pounded into her moist, steamy shaved cunt, and I suckled her clit delicately in between my lips, then nibbled it gently with my teeth. Then I lashed that clit back and forth very fast with my gurgling tongue. Susan lay back in ecstasy, panting and gasping, her thick thighs clamping onto my head, until finally she let out a long low moan. “Oh fuck yes...”  She came, and her pussy gushed with hot girl-juice. She grabbed the top of my head and I felt her fingers forcing my face deeper into her delicious bald snatch, her pelvis thrusting forward. Her body tightened, and she emitted a long low squeal. Her heavy breathing let me know she was seeing it to the end.

Even before she had finished cumming completely, I moved up close to her. I whispered, “I want you to touch me, baby...”

“Yes,” she said. She was a little bleary-eyed but she dutifully went for my cock.

Now that I’m well into my 40s, I don’t walk around with a perpetual hard-on like I used to, so even though I’d been sucking titties and eating hot pussy for a good half-hour—and loving every minute of it—I needed help from her mouth and hands.

I put my arm around Susan’s back and guided her across my chest. Her head fell into my lap. She grabbed my cock and started stroking it.

“Yessss,” I said. “Feels good...”

Her thin sweet lips opened and her tongue fluttered out to lick my cock-head. Then, still stroking my cock, she suckled the tip of my dick into her mouth. She probed my pee-hole with her tongue, as her hand moved up and down on my growing shaft.

“Yesssssss,” I murmured. I placed my left hand on her head and gently held her mouth to my cock. As she continued to suck, I ran my right hand over her plump ass cheeks. She had a nice, soft, big ol’ fat ass, and I couldn’t resist giving her a solid spank. She moaned a little, her mouth still engulfing my growing cock.

As I watched my cock moving in and out of her sweet mouth, I slid a finger down her ass-crack, and teasingly toyed with her asshole. She didn’t wince as I poked gently into her ass, then ran my palm all over those billowing white ass cheeks, then spanked her again.

My cock was getting hard now, expanding, getting longer and thicker, and starting to fill her hungry mouth. She made nasty slurpy sounds as she sucked, he lips smacking together, wet little humming noises as she bobbed on my growing, hardening rod.

“Play with my balls, Susan,” I said. “Lick ‘em.”

She didn’t need to be told twice. She immediately cupped my balls with her hand, then rubbed them gently in a circle, her mouth still slurping madly at my cock.Then she switched, her hand stroking my cock, and her mouth descending onto my tingling sac. She suckled my balls into her mouth. She made loud lip-smacking sounds as she lapped at my ball-sac. I spread my thighs wider, and I could feel my toes curl as my cock got stiffer still.

“Oh  baby....feels so good.” I was in ecstasy as she worked over my groin with her tender mouth and fidgety hands. My cock grew harder in her fingers, a purplish, straining mass of manflesh.

I was dying to do 69, and I didn’t wanna bother discussing it either. Suddenly, I fell all the way onto my back, and almost with the same motion I grabbed a hold of her plump asscheeks and swung her body up over me. “Oh fuck, baby,” I gasped. “I want to eat your pussy while you’re sucking my cock!”

She hardly broke stride. She shifted herself a little, her fingers still grabbing at my cock, then she comfortably settled on all fours, her pink steamy bald snatch hovering just inches above my face.

My hands went up and cupped both of her fleshy round asscheeks, which were writhing with jittery excitement. Then I felt her mouth engulf my throbbing cock. She was using her tongue, too, licking at my manmeat as it filled her face. With that, I smacked her asscheeks hard, and I pulled her twat down into my mouth. Her thighs spread wide as she lowered her meaty pink snatch all the way down onto my head. My tongue slipped between those moist cuntlips and I ran it up and down, quickly, deeply, pushing through her gamy lovelips, which I then spread wide with my fingers, splitting that gash of hers wide open.

She moaned as I began to run my tongue back and forth across her clit. Then, excitedly, suddenly, she lost all resistance from the waist down, and slammed her hot shaved cunt down into my mouth, trapping my head between her flabby thighs.

She moaned as I began to run my tongue back and forth across her clit. Then, excitedly, suddenly, she lost all resistance from the waist down, and slammed her hot shaved cunt down into my mouth, trapping my head between her flabby thighs.
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We ate each other with abandon now, the motel bed creaking beneath us. My face was smashed deeply into her pussy. I tasted her; smelled her female dankness, almost suffocating. She sucked my cock eagerly, wetly, her tongue licking up and down its glistening length. Now my cock filled her mouth. I could hear a gurgling sound from the back of her throat. I slammed my straining shaft in and out of those hungry lips, faster and faster—in and out, in and out—her breathing harder, heavier. I fucked her face now, fucked it like a pussy, fast, hard, driving my cock deep. It felt so fucking good, I could hold out no longer. I reared up and slammed my pelvis up to her face, burying my cock deep into her straining, choking mouth.  

“Oh fuck, baby!” I cried. “Oh, fuccckkkkkkkk...” With her hot horny pussy slammed down on my face, my cock reached its limit. Suddenly I was spewing hot creamy manjuice into her tight engorged mouth. She was gurgling and gasping for air but she kept eating my cum determinedly, closing her lips tightly on my spurting penis, taking my jizzloads down into her throat. She swallowed it all and kept her mouth firmly and tightly around my cockshaft as I continued to move it back and forth gently. She licked at my cock affectionately, slurping at it like a little girl licks on a lollipop. We were both breathing heavily, exhaling satisfied low grunts into the dry motel-room air.   

“Whew,” I said finally. “Damn, Susan...that was good...”

She had turned over onto her back now. She looked at me from across the bed. “My husband...” she began.

“Yes?” I said. “What about him?”

“My husband...never...does that,” she said haltingly.

“Never does 69?” I asked.

“He never...eats my pussy. At all. Ever.”

“Really?” I said. “Wow. He doesn’t know what he’s missing.” Maybe it’s true about what they say about these redneck guys: they don’t like to eat pussy. I guess I’ll never figure that one out.

I looked over to the clock. “It’s 2:30, Susan,” I said. “Am I taking you to work?”

“Omigosh, yes,” she said a little panicked, and she flopped herself off the bed and started to gather up her clothing, which was strewn helter-skelter about the room.

I quickly threw my clothes on.

“What’re you gonna do now?” she asked.

“Not sure. I could go home, I guess. Got a drive ahead of me. But maybe I’ll just hang a little and watch some TV.”

“I wish I could stay,” she said. “But work is calling. We better scoot.”  

I drove her another 20 miles in a different direction, till we pulled up to a small nursing home. “What do you do here?” I asked.

“I’m a nurse’s aide. I have the 3-to-11 shift.”

“Like the work?”

“Yeah, it’s okay. The people are nice. It’s steady. I like helping people. Besides, out around here, there isn’t much other work to do, except clerking at a convenience store or something.”

“I hear ya...” I turned to her now. I was thinking of kissing her. It certainly crossed my mind. I started to bend toward her, but then she pulled me up short.

“No, can’t do that here.  I know too many people around here. It wouldn’t be wise. I’m the associate pastor’s wife, remember?”

I smiled then. “Sure, Susan. I understand. Well, I’m really glad we got together. It was fun. Thanks a lot.”

“Bye,” she said softly. She opened the door of the car, peered about, then quickly stepped out. In a moment she was gone.

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