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My Drunk Wife At The Neighborhood Party
My wife is a party slut. - By Raymond

Flipping through today’s mail, I came across a red envelope addressed only as ‘Raymond & Jayde’, no address on it and no other identifying marks as to who sent it.  My curiosity peaked I opened the envelope.  I smiled wickedly when I saw the invitation was from our neighbors a few doors down inviting us to the neighborhood New Year’s Eve party.  My mind raced back to the events of their July 4th backyard bbq earlier this year.  

My wife Jayde and I decided to make the move here to Syracuse, NY in February of this year.  We liked the feel of this neighborhood while we shopped around for a new home for us.  We didn’t know too many of the neighbors yet and were delighted when we were invited to the neighborhood Fourth of July bbq.  

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She looked at me with the naughtiest glint in her eyes.  She knelt down and unfastened one guy's shorts and slid them down to his ankles and gripped his throbbing fat cock and began licking at it greedily.  He tossed his head
back and groaned while the other two stripped out of their shorts and stroked their cocks as Jayde hungrily sucked that fat cock.  Within moments he shot his load down her throat.

The festivities had started early with lots of swimming and games.  The weather was perfect and my sexy little wife just had to make sure she pranced around in her skimpy red bikini with that perfect body of hers.  Sitting back with the guys, drinking our beers, as the host flipped burgers and hot dogs for the guests; several of the men had made comment to me how they wished they had a hot wife like mine.  Two of the guys had even told me they would give their last dollar to ‘tap that ass’. This of course made me feel quite proud inside to know that Jayde was turning on all the men in site.  I noticed a few times some of the less ‘attractive’ ladies were busy frowning and pointing at my Jayde as she frolicked around in the pool with some of their husbands.  

It finally got dark enough by 10pm to set off the fireworks that everyone had pitched in for.  All the kids were delighted running around with their sparklers and the settled down to watch the display from the center of the large open field behind our hosts home.  Jayde had been drinking most of the day and was getting a little loud and flirty with some of the husbands.  She was still in her little red bikini but had slipped on a big oversized white sweatshirt hoodie proudly displaying the American Flag on the back of it.

One of the wives had come up to Jayde and quietly asked her to please stop flirting with her husband, especially in front of their 3 yr old daughter.  Jayde told her to chill out and quit being such a party pooper.  Disgusted, the woman picked up her young daughter, grabbed their things and told her husband she was leaving and if he knew what was good for him then he would too.  The poor guy looked trapped, several of the guys snickered and teased him, so he decided to place his balls back and decided to stay.

Jayde downed another beer and climbed onto the picnic table facing the guys and suddenly flashed them her perfect 36C firm tits.  The guys loved it, cheering her on as she pretended to do a strip dance; knowing the wives were getting very angry and pissed at her. Several more women left the party, shaking their heads, fuming at such a public display.  Jayde was being a true slut and loving every minute of it.

I suggested to Jayde since there were several young children at the party that we continue the party at our house.  She jumped off the table into my arms, giving me a very wet, hungry kiss, grinding her body against me, making me instantly hard. She then led me by the strings of my shorts grinning wickedly as she turned back and winked at the guys. “Who’s coming with?” Three of the guys jumped to their feet immediately and followed us back to our place while the rest of the party guests watched in disbelief.  

Once we got inside, I quickly drew the blinds from any nosy eyes.  Jayde wasted no time and put on some seductive rock music and told the guys to get comfortable.  I sat back and watched my slutty wife enjoy herself.  She began to gyrate her sexy body to the tune of the music, sliding her tits against their faces, rubbing her ass into their laps and seductively giving the long kisses.  She peeled off the hoodie and rubbed her hands erotically all over her body, making sure she slid her hand between her thighs and slid her fingers into her bikini bottom and taking them out and slowly sucking on them.  When she did that, two of the guys grabbed their crotches and moaned.  Damn my wife is so fucking hot.  

Jayde never uttered a word as she danced, totally lost in the music.  She stripped off her bikini top, throwing it over one guys face.  He grabbed it and inhaled her scent as she played with her hard erect nipples.  Next came her bikini bottoms and she tossed it to the other two, who then fought for the item.  My wife was now completely nude before these three super horny men with raging hardons.  By this point, my hand was in my own pants stroking my own raging hard on.

She looked at me with the naughtiest glint in her eyes.  She knelt down and unfastened one guy's shorts and slid them down to his ankles and gripped his throbbing fat cock and began licking at it greedily.  He tossed his head back and groaned while the other two stripped out of their shorts and stroked their cocks as Jayde hungrily sucked that fat cock.  Within moments he shot his load down her throat.  

She moved on to the next guy and took his long thin dick deep into her throat.  He gasped and said “OMG, my wife has never been able to do that!”  The first guy got behind Jayde and began to massage her pussy as she sucked and slurped at the long cock in her mouth.  She gripped the third guys cock and began to stroke it as he leaked precum over her hand.  She pulled them both up in front of her and she sucked them both off at the same time until they both came and filled her mouth full of hot creamy cum. She played with it in her mouth, swirling it around with her tongue before she smiled and swallowed. “Thank you boys,” she cooed as she stood.

The first guy was hard again from playing with her beautiful shaved cunt and grabbed her by her wrist and led her upstairs to our bed.  The other two said they had to get going and thanked me for an incredible night but they had to get home before their other halves sent out a posse.  I led them out and then went upstairs to our bedroom where my wife Jayde was getting fucked.

I watched from the doorway as she was on her back, her leg spread wide as he pounded deep onto her cunt with his fat prick.  His balls could be heard slapping against her constantly.  He kept moaning how tight her sweet fuck hole was and how he was going to fill her full of his potent fuck seed.  This turned me on even more almost making me cum instantly as I imagined her cunt full of his cum.  Jayde screamed, “Fuck me harder, come on give it to me big boy, fuck my slutty pussy!”

He pulled out of her and pulled her onto her hands and knees facing my direction.  He mounted her from behind and slammed his fat prick deep and hard inside my wife’s cunt.  Her eyes flew open as she gasped, “Oh fuck yes!” and saw me standing there in the doorway with my hard prick in hand stroking.  Seeing me watch her made her even hotter and she began to fuck him back, slamming her ass against his groin.  He gripped her sweet firm ass cheeks in his large hands and fucked her harder. She cried out, “I’m going to fucking cum! Yes! Yes! Harder! Ahhhhhhh!”

He slammed one final thrust deep into her love canal and shot his load deep inside her as she clamped down around his fat dick.  He groaned deeply as his cum spewed into her.  Hearing my wife scream she was cumming caused me to lose my load and I exploded my hot liquid load out onto the wood floor beneath me and onto my legs and feet. Jayde dropped down onto the bed, exhausted and passed out within moments.  He pulled out of Jayde, exhausted, grabbing his clothes; he quickly got dressed and thanked me for an incredible fuck.  

I climbed into bed and pulled Jayde up next to me and held her as she slept.  I slipped my finger into her sloppy wet hole and was delighted to feel how much cum was deposited inside my wife.  Raising it to my mouth I sucked their juices off my finger and fell asleep content.  

The next morning, Jayde asked me about the nights events. I looked at the ‘innocent’ look displayed across her face. “You don’t remember anything from last night?” I asked.  “No, I don’t remember having any fireworks,” she replied.  I laughed and told her she had her own fireworks last night.  I explained to her the night’s events but she said she does not remember a thing. I was pretty sure my little nymphomaniac of a wife was the talk of the neighborhood that week if not for the next month.

I guess they got over it because now those exact neighbors had just invited us to their New Year’s Eve Bash.  I think I am going to buy Jayde just the perfect slutty dress for the occasion.  Grabbing a pen, I began to fill in the R.S.V.P. card, feeling my dick growing hard at the possibilities for us that night.  This will be one hot New Year’s Eve bash the neighbors will be talking about for quite a while.

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He mounted her from behind and slammed his fat prick deep and hard inside my wife’s cunt

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