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Our Wife
A cuckold husband shares his wife with a well endowed friend. - By Dan

This story is about My Wife, Carol, our best friend Gary and myself. My name is Dan. The three of us live together and have done so for many years now. For all practical purposes, Carol is now Married to both Gary and I. There is never any jealousy, we just consider ourselves a married threesome...sharing love, sex and intimacy.

Okay... this story begins when Carol first slept with Gary, our best friend, in our spare bedroom several years ago and how things progressed from there. For starters, Gary has a nine inch Cock and I have a five inch cock. Carol is a very beautiful, but a small, petite woman. She is just under five feet tall. She was a virgin when we got married, so my 5 inch penis is all she had ever known.

Gary bought a small condo near Galveston beach, but he was having it renovated, so we asked him to stay with us.

The first time Carol saw Gary's beautiful big Cock was shortly after he had moved in. He was undressing in the spare bedroom, with the door open. She passed by his room and froze in her tracks, she couldn't believe what was hanging between his legs...when she finally noticed that he was watching her glare at his impressive manhood, all she could say was... "Oh my, excuse me Gary..." He just laughed and she scooted back to our bedroom.

For the next two nights when we went to bed (we always sleep naked), all Carol talked about was Gary's big dick. Saying things like " He wasn't even hard and it hung half way to his knees..." "You think he has trouble walking with something like that between his legs?"...She just went on and on. She was absolutely obsessed.

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Gary has been my best friend for most of my life, so I knew he was big in the Cock department. I also knew he wasn't shy about showing himself. I finally told Carol... "go to his room, I know You want to!!" she said..." no.. really?".. "are You sure, really sure?" She looked so excited after I said she could go to him. I kissed her and said.. "go have fun!!"... With that, my tiny, naked Wife tiptoed down the hall to the spare bedroom. ...GAWD, her little naked butt looked so cute as I watched her tiptoe out of our bedroom... I truly love Carol and wanted her to experience her first large Cock. It was also nice knowing it would be my best Friend that would introduce her to the sensation of a larger sized penis.

My Wife came back from his bedroom, where she had been with Gary for an hour or two, leaving me waiting, wondering and...listening.

When she walked back into our bedroom, she looked outright glorious. She was naked, her pretty face was slightly red, she had just been with another man and most likely, her pussy was full of his cum. She gave me a loving smile. She had just done this - she really wanted it - She was my Wife, but I wanted this for her too.

She silently walked over to our bed and slipped back in and got next to me. She rolled on her back right away, with her thighs slightly spread apart. I bent over and for a moment we looked at each other, sensing each other's feelings without having to say a word, not knowing where to begin, we kissed, just briefly.

I released myself from her mouth, and began to explore her small, feminine body. An unfamiliar masculine scent surrounded her body that got stronger the further I went down on her. I kissed her lower belly and then her pubic area, where the scent was almost intoxicating... Her little pussy and buttocks crack were visibly soaked. I bent over and kissed between her thighs, but then I felt her hands on my face, pulling me gently back up to Her.

She whispered... "Oh sweetheart, please don't...come up here with me, I want your penis inside me!" Apparently She was uncomfortable with me licking her down there, right then. I turned and rolled on top of her. Her body still radiated the sexual heat and aroma from what she had just done a few minutes earlier... I guided my cock to her waiting vagina.

I had no idea what to expect, I wasn't even completely sure if he had cum inside her, but he had...and did he ever!

First thing I noticed was how very easily I slipped inside her. I didn't feel the slightest resistance as I sunk my penis into her, I was overwhelmed...! Wow!!

She was very warm and She wasn't just wet, but slippery wet! My penis seemed to float in the puddle of cum that was inside her vagina. I had no idea how much Gary had unloaded in her pussy, but it seemed like a lot! When I pressed deeper inside I noticed that she was now incredibly loose and deep, literally stretched beyond my reach. It was his extra four inches and impressive girth that made all the difference.

I recovered a bit from this incredible sensation and looked at her. She smiled. I said... "You feel absolutely soaked, do you still have his cum inside you?"... (Just wanting to hear her confirm the obvious.) "yes dear, can you feel it inside me?"...she sincerely replied? "whew,'re very, very wet!" "how many times did he cum in your pussy??" She smiled again and said.. "just once" "but He...He came a lot. I had to wipe myself a little before I got up... I didn't want it to run down my thighs once I got out of bed." She grinned... "I had to walk back here with very, very small steps.."

Oh man, I loved her so much for doing this! We were both so was wonderful!!

She told me that when she went to see him, she was ever so welcome... "He didn't ask about You, he just pulled me next to him." "I let him wake up a bit, then we began to kiss and fondle each other." When he reached between My thighs and noticed that I was already very wet, he was unstoppable and rolled on top of me"... "Then what?".. I said. "Then he fucked me, he..he knew exactly why I went to his bedroom!"... "He just took me!".. "Did you like it?" I asked. "Hmm, ahh..yes honey...I did..very much so.." "I was a little afraid of his full, thick erection when I first saw it." "but, he just laid it up there and it went right in...and he was so much bigger than You!" "Why do you always have so much trouble putting your smaller penis in me?"...she asked.

Hearing Her say that was so hot, I slowly started fucking her again, carefully though, as I wanted to make this moment last for as long as possible. I laid flat on her tummy and pressed my hand under her ass. I felt how my cock, balls and her pussy and ass had become wet and slippery and It was from his generous semen load leaking out. I pressed myself inside her as deep as I could, but it was useless. I really couldn't reach the places inside her where he had just been. She even stopped me from trying, saying.... "sweetie, you don't need to try and fuck me like he did... you can't and that's okay..."

She just laid there underneath me, letting me do my thing. She didn't moan, sigh or anything, not like what I had heard through the wall when she was fucking him in the bedroom next to ours.

I knew I wasn't doing much for her, this was simply her being nice and letting me enjoy the very erotic nature of the moment...

She let me fuck her for another couple of minutes before she asked me to please cum. "Baby, my pussy is a bit sore...I've been fucking for almost two hours now...I'm not used to that... would you mind cuming now?"

I would've loved to slide my penis around her sloppy pussy all night because it felt so good, but of course, I didn't want to hurt her, so I worked myself up to a quick cum. I kissed her pretty face, tucked her under the sheet and snuggled with her for a few minutes.

After she went to sleep, I went over to his room to bond. After all, we were now sharing my Wife. We talked for a bit, he thanked me for sending my Wife to him. He said.. "She is so pretty and has such a tight pussy." "Don't you ever fuck her?" We both laughed and then I went back to my Wife and spooned up against her slippery ass.

Well... Over the next few weeks she brought me many more very wet, very slippery pussies (or sloppy seconds). After that, we also had a couple of brief threesomes, but my Wife preferred to do it separately with him, most of the time.

"I'm just going to the spare bedroom for a bit"..she would say. Which meant that I had to sit and wait...But afterwards, she'd come back to me with her pussy filled with cum, or occasionally with her mouth still smelling of his semen. Some of the scenes of her returning to our bedroom are just indescribable. Such as the time she approached me with a long tail of his sperm persistently dangling from her vagina.

It took me some time before I was ready to take this a step further, which was to totally clean her after she had been with him. I did lick her every time she returned to our bed, because that's how I usually bring Her to orgasm, but I would only lick around her sloppy hole and his semen deposits, it was just so much cum. I wanted to get familiar with the smell of his semen before actually tasting it.

But, after awhile I began licking her clean when she came back from the spare bedroom. I was embarrassed doing it, but we both seemed to enjoy this sexual activity very much and I was really starting to love the taste of his sperm.

I didn't think I could ever work up the nerve to clean her, in his presence, but one morning when I saw her with him in the spare bedroom after they had just finished fucking, I looked at them kind of funny and told her I wanted to taste everything, all of it... They both looked at each other, smiled and She laid me on the spare bed, next to him and straddled her legs over my hips. She started to move forward... Her pussy approached closer and closer to my face... It was awesome to see her so excited as she was preparing to feed me Gary's Cum. Next, she lowered her hips and pressed her messy vagina smack on my lips... Gary had his hand on the small of her back and helped her press down on my mouth.


My tongue ran through her pussy and a warm flow of his cum leaked in my mouth right away. Then she moved her hips up, towards my nose, back over my mouth, down to my chin, and back up and down a few times. She purposely smeared their sex juices all over my face, and then she searched for the tip of my tongue to lick her swollen clitoris.. More cum flowed was persistently sticking to my tongue.

She bent over and looked down at me.. "Do I taste nice?" "How does Gary's sperm taste?" "You really like it, don't you, Dan?"...she asked. "Uhhh" was all I could utter as by now I had my mouth full of his cum and her pussy was smothering my mouth. She supported herself with her hands pressed against the wall, and with her pussy rotating back and forth on my face, she was about to reach orgasm, She pushed out the last drops of his cum in my mouth and sighed heavily as her orgasm rushed through her body...

By this time Gary had another strong erection. He grabbed my Wife by her hips and pulled her over to his side of the bed and guided her head down to the top of his Cock... "Watch this Dan, She almost pee's herself when I let her suck my dick!"... Carol giggled a little at what he said, then she curled up between his legs and started sucking his thick shaft as if it was a massive nipple and she was a baby, starving for milk!

He held her hair back, away from her face, so I could easily watch. As I watched this wonderful oral performance that my beautiful Wife was doing to our best friend, I started to pull frantically on my small, erect penis. Gary glanced over at me and saw that My pre-cum was starting to drip from my dick head. He was being nice and said... "Carol, put your little bottom in the air so Dan can play with you." Carol stopped sucking his cock for a second and looked over at me and said... "Yes honey, get behind me and enjoy yourself, please!"... I was so excited that I barely got the head of my penis between her slippery pussy when I shot my load. I was so embarrassed.. Carol felt my warm sperm on her vagina lips and knew I had ejaculated prematurely, again. She stopped sucking on Gary for another moment and looked back at me with a caring and loving face. She reached behind her butt and softly held my now limp little penis in her hand and said... " That's okay Dan, it happens sometimes"... "Why don't you go back to our bedroom and I'll join you after a bit."

A few nights later, I walked back to his room, where they were fucking again and ended up joining them in bed. She was sitting backwards on top of him, holding on to his knees, slowly riding his long shaft. I got between their legs, helped her lay back on his chest and started licking her clit and his hard, smooth cock at the same time.. They were fucking away at a nice, slow pace while I tried to make her cum with his cock inside her. It was very wet and messy between their crotches. He came before she could reach her point of pleasure, so what else was I to do but continue servicing her orally? His cock softened up and slipped out of her pussy, with it a gush of cum formed a stream down her buttock crack and onto his pubic area...I licked all of it off of both of them (licking cum off Gary's pubic hair was the first time I came close to actually sucking on his cock) I continued to eat all the rest of the cum that was continually draining out of Carol's pussy. She let me go ahead and clean her pussy even after she had a nice orgasm. I think She and Gary both knew I had developed a bit of a sperm fetish.

As time progressed, Carol was having intercourse with Gary much more often than with me. I had to travel a fair amount, so it wasn't uncommon for her to sleep with him for a few days or a week at a time.

She started keeping a horny little diary for me to read upon my return home. Sometimes she would leave a pair or two of her cum stained panties on my pillow, for me to sniff, when I came home. She thinks it's adorable to watch me lay in bed naked, reading her latest diary entries, sniffing her panties and masturbating myself.

One time, Gary was walking around the house naked, hard and horny, looking for Carol. He walked in our bedroom while Carol was sitting on the edge of the bed watching me read her diary, sniff her stained panties and masturbate myself. She patted her hand on our mattress and told Gary to come and join us. Carol was wearing Her sleep shirt, but when Gary got to our bed and stood next to her, he quickly helped her pull her shirt up over her head, so that all of us were naked.

I could tell by the look in his eyes that Gary was feeling devilishly f risky... He started rubbing his big, hard man-meat all around Carol's mouth, but not letting her suck it, then he slapped her bare nipples with the head of his Cock. When his pre-cum began to drool out of the tip of his Dick, he smeared it up and down on the top of her naked thighs as she sat on the edge of the bed. She nor I had ever seen him act like this before. We really didn't know what to expect, but it was just a couple of seconds later that his intentions were obvious to us and painfully obvious for Carol..! Somehow I knew he had no interest in fucking her pussy this night?!

In a swift and forceful move, Gary put Carol in a very awkward, tummy down position on the end of our bed, with her little virgin bottom just inches beyond the end of the mattress. I stopped reading and masturbating. Carol looked me in the eye, almost a fearful look. She then put both her hands on my thigh and dug her nails into my leg and waited for what we both knew was coming... suddenly, She let out a scream... "OUCH, GAWD" "Gary, that really hurts!!" "DAMMIT, DAMMIT"...she cried. Gary was going slow, but steadily driving his manhood deeper inside Her forbidden zone, the one place I was never allowed to touch, let alone fuck. I finally saw His belly pressing against her butt cheeks, then his movement stopped, allowing her to relax a bit and somewhat acclimate herself to this new sexual experience. I knew he had successfully worked all nine inches of his manhood into her anal cavity.

Carol didn't like anal intercourse. She once told me that it was not the proper place for a man to put his penis.

Carol's breathing slowed and she wiped the sweat from her forehead...her discomfort was subsiding somewhat. Gary saw her discomfort and told me to run to the bathroom and get the tube of hand lotion, which I did. I handed him the lotion and he squeezed a liberal amount between her ass cheeks. He started short stroking her ass again, but kept generously lubricating her new fuck hole. The more comfortable she became, the longer and harder his strokes became. She began cooing and moving her hips with every thrust of his Cock...

"Gary, GAWD Gary, fuck my ass"... she kept saying as he skillfully worked hard on her poop chute with his massive shaft.

~ In less than an hour, Gary had accomplished what I wasn't even allowed to try after six years of marriage... It wasn't just Carol's first ass fucking... It was an awakening, a total release of all her sexual inhibitions and taboo's...~

When he finally shot his load up my wife's butt and plopped his Cock out of her, he grabbed her ass cheeks, spread them apart (for total exposure) and asked me... "want a turn, Dan?" "I think she's ready for You now?". I walked around behind Carol and looked at her ass. Her once tiny, tight, anal opening was now stretched out so much I could have dropped a Golf Ball in there...and I don't think she would have felt it go in!! I almost got sick to my stomach... Her butt hole was just loaded up with sperm and lotion and so very wide, I had never seen anything like that before in my life.

I went over to Carol, she was still on her tummy on the bed and I softly held her hand. I asked... "are You okay sweetheart?" "oh yes, Dan." "I'm just feeling a little different level of womanhood right now".. "I feel wonderful, Dan."

I glanced over at Gary, He was gently massaging her naked hips and upper thighs... He looked at me and said.. "Dan, come back here and enjoy your Wife's ass." "This should be special for you too!" I kissed Carol's hand and positioned myself behind her. As I slowly guided my penis into her butt, I couldn't really feel anything but lotion, Gary's sperm and the heat from her bowels. The tissue around my Wife's ass hole was stretched wider than the girth of my penis. My dick was just floating and sloshing around in her ass, just as it did in her vagina after the first time Gary fucked her pussy.

I started feeling a little bad as I fucked her butt, because I knew I would ne ver experience the tightness of my Wife's virgin bottom, that was lost forever! I think it was just the intense heat, wetness and the fact that for the first time in our marriage I had my penis in Carol's Ass. That thought brought me to a quick cum. I'm not sure why, maybe force of habit, but after my dick fell out of her sloppy ass, I put my face between her butt cheeks and passionately started cleaning her new love hole, with my tongue.

"Oh, Dan"... "that's so very hot.".. "put your fingers in my pussy so I have something to push on, hurry, please!!" "Don't You dare stop!" "suck my ass Baby, suck it!"...She said.

She clinched her fists, buried her face in the sheets... Her little body shook violently and then she totally soaked my hand and the bed!! She had never cum so hard, she was just absolutely soaked everywhere..

The three of us were spent and worn-out at this point. Gary went to his room and Carol and I spooned the rest of the night.

After that night, Carol almost became obsessed with anal sex. She would actually get mad if Gary didn't fuck her butt or if I wouldn't suck her ass. It was unbelievable! A few times I would fuck her butt, but it just wasn't the same for her. She was so stretched out from Gary's big Cock, that she really couldn't feel very much when my smaller penis was in her ass. A lot of times after I'd shoot my load up her butt, she would be sweet, pat my hips and say things like.. "Did that feel good for you, honey?" "I like having your cum in my ass, it feels nice and warm!".. But, even with her nice comments, I know it is always expected of me to orally clean her butt anytime Gary or myself fuck her there.

Gary is obviously the Dominant, Alfa-Male in our house. Gary is her Cock Man and I am her oral man. When she is in a flirtatious mood, that is what she calls us for fun.

Gary and I really are both husbands to her now. We even had a wedding ceremony at our house were Gary placed his ring on her finger, next to mine. We have enlarged the master bedroom to accommodate two King size beds and extra closet space. Our Wife is good about taking turns sleeping with us, but it's more common than not for her to sleep in his bed.

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