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I Have An Open Marriage
My husband lets me play with others. - By Trish

Hi. This is Trish from Portland Oregon, I've been married to Richard for 9 years and we have an open marriage. Richard and I met in college during my second year at Portland State. He was one of my professors.

Richard was my dad’s age.  Actually he's 4 years older than my dad. But Richard was classy, fit and very handsome.

It was well known at my sorority that the flirty professor dated some of his students over the years. I dressed extra slutty for his lectures and got to class early so I could sit in the front row. Before the end of the first semester we were having a red hot affair.

We fucked in Richard's office, his car, the Marriott hotel and even his house when his wife was away visiting their grown kids.  Richard always made me feel special when we were out.  He opened doors for me and listened to me. We had the greatest conversations.  He put me on a pedestal unlike any guy I had ever been with.

I got pregnant at the beginning of my Junior year.  Richard just assumed it was his and confessed our affair to his wife.  They ended up going through a nasty divorce.

Richard never asked me if I had been with anyone else during the time I got pregnant.  The truth was I had never been exclusive with him.  Before Richard got divorced I hardly ever saw him on the weekends.  Like I'm going to go all weekend without sex. I don't think so.

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One of the things I love about Richard is that he is so confident and never questioned me about my relationships with other guys.  I moved in with Richard shortly after his divorce was final.  Then I took a semester off from school when the baby came.

We got married a year later when I graduated.  Richard spoils the shit out of me. He always has.  We have a wonderful marriage and even with the age difference we're still best friends.

Richard's style of love making is slow and steady with lots of tender foreplay.  I feel safe and totally cherished when I am in his arms.  Making love with Richard is a beautiful warm experience but believe it or not, Richard has never made me cum.

I think my preferences for sex were formed while watching my dad's porno tapes with my older sister Jean when our parents went out on Friday nights.  She would sneak them out of their hiding place Dad's bottom dresser drawer.  Dad's porno collection was extensive.  He had a preference for the real kinky stuff.  Hair pulling, ass slapping, cock gagging, dirty talking, pussy pounding, cum drinking, hard core shit.  My sister and I would watch the tapes and masturbate with whatever dick shaped object we could find and scream out lout when we came.

Luckily for me Richard is totally cool with me having sex with other guys and couples.  I talked him into swinging a couple of times after we got married but it really wasn't his thing.  For all his confidence, Richard is very shy when it comes to sex.  Both times we hooked up with another couple, Richard couldn't get an erection. It was pretty embarrassing for both of us.

Richard gave me his total blessing to continue the swing scene without him.  He likes to read my messages and watch me when I get on the webcam with guys and couples that I meet on the website.   He loves to hear about my naughty encounters.

Last weekend I hooked up with Meg and Scott from Gresham.  I keep an eye out for new profiles on the site and when theirs popped up saying they were interested in trying a threesome with another woman I emailed them right away.  I love playing with couples. I was thrilled to get a response from Meg.  She said I seemed to be exactly what they were looking for. Meg had been fantasizing about being with another woman for years.

I got on the webcam with them later that night and we talked about fantasies and what to expect from an encounter.  I flashed my tits and pussy to them and Meg gave Scott a blowjob while I watched.   After several minutes Scott grunted and came all over Meg's face and tits.  I had been fingering myself the whole time and the sight of the gooey cumshot pushed me right over the edge and I had a powerful orgasm.  

I agreed to meet Meg and Scott Friday at the Holiday Inn in Gresham.  We met as planned in the bar at 7PM. I found them pounding Long Island Iced Teas at the bar.  Meg was wearing a sexy tight red spaghetti strapped top, short jean skirt and stripper shoes.  Her perfect D cup tits were spilling out of the sides and top . Every guy in the place was staring at her. They all wanted to fuck her.

We moved from the bar to a booth where we could get cozy and have an intimate conversation.  Meg sat next to me and Scott sat across from us beaming.  I sipped a glass of Riesling.  Meg hugged my arm and told me she was really horny but a little nervous.  She said she hadn't licked a pussy since she was 16.  I said it was like riding a bike and we all laughed.  Meg's hand moved down to my bare thigh.  I had on a tight short black cocktail dress that had a slit up the side and no panties.  I spread my legs to give Meg room to touch my pussy.  She slid her fingers across my wet pussy lips and hard clit.  She kept her hand there probing my hot wet hole with her middle finger.  I slipped out of my shoe and slid my bare foot between Scott's legs.  I massaged his hard cock with my toes.

Scott suggested we finish our drinks and head to the room since they only had a babysitter until 10 o'clock.  When we got up, Meg pushed her wet fingers into Scott's mouth and he sucked them.  We walked arm in arm toward the elevator with Scott in the middle.  Once we were in the elevator Scott started feeling up my ass from behind while Meg grabbed my breasts and kissed me with her tongue.  My hands were all over Meg's huge tits. I rubbed my thumbs over her hard nipples.  Scott ran his hands between my legs and lifted my dress.

We practically undressed each other as we made our way down the hall to room 314.  I helped Meg out of her top.  I stepped back to admire her beautiful enhanced boobs.  The scars under her nipples were barely noticeable.  I was thinking someone paid a lot of money for those.  I lowered my head and sucked her big brown nipples.  

Meg and I made our way toward the bed.  We undressed each other, throwing our clothes on the floor.  Meg pushed me back and crawled between my legs.  I pulled my knees and spread wide for her.  Scott didn't waste anytime getting naked.  He had taken a seat in a chair in the corner of the room and stroked his thick cock while watching Meg kiss my inner thighs and tease my labia with her tongue.

For a girl who only admitted to eating pussy once, she sure knew what the fuck she was doing.  Meg slid one finger, then two inside me.  She probed deep and massaged my g-spot while licking and sucking my clit.  I motioned to Scott to come over.  I moved over so that my head was hanging off the edge of the bed.  I reached up and massaged his balls and stroked his cock and tugged his big hard dick toward my mouth.  Scott stood at the edge of the bed fucking my throat while Meg increased the pace and force of her fingering and sucking.

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Scott and Meg knew that I wanted to have Scott cum on my face and tits the way he had done it to her when we played on the webcam.  My orgasm was building and I would have been screaming out loud except for the fact that I had Scott's fat cock in my throat.  Scott pulled out of my mouth and began to stroke his cock furiously, aiming it at my open mouth.  I felt the first hot quirt land on my bottom lip and chin and then I started to cum.   Things got a little hazy after that.

When I came down from the ceiling I could feel the warm cum dripping down the side of my face.  Both of my nipples were covered with cum and Meg was making her way up to lick me clean.  After a short recovery Scott positioned Meg and I on our hands and knees on the edge of the bed and took turns fucking us doggy style.  After several minutes of alternating between our well fucked pussies, Scott finally shot his load deep inside of Meg.

Scott stumbled back to the chair and collapsed totally exhausted.  I praised him for his stamina and power.  It was now my turn to get between Meg's legs and lick her clean.

I’m looking forward to playing with Meg and Scott again soon.  Meg wants me to fuck her with my strapon, Scott said he might even be up for some of that too.

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