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I Fucked The Boss Lady
Jo Anne loves young cock. - By The Office Intern

Jo Anne was probably the best boss anyone's ever had. My first day on the job, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven when they took me to her office and introduced us. I liked her right away - and it was obvious she liked me, too. She was a shortish, shapely woman, a bit on the top-heavy side with a nice round butt and huge heavy-lidded blue-green eyes. She gave me a special smile and winked at me as she told me she wanted to give me a little guided tour during my lunch hour.

My intern position was supposed to prepare me for real work later on. But knowing Jo Anne prepared me for so much more than that. I'd had sex a lot and thought I knew my way around a girl's body - but after my first night with her, I realized I hardly knew anything at all. I'm getting ahead of myself here, though . . .

And yeah, OK, I realized later that I'd heard a little something about her the day I'd gone there for the job interview - two young guys had been talking about the wild night they'd had together in the sack with the hot boss lady the night before - but I didn't put two and two together and I really wouldn't have thought much about it anyway because stuff like that always happened to other guys and never to me.

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I fucked the lady boss milf

I'm back in school now - with next summer's job safe and secure in my pocket. Jo Anne's promised me I'll be her personal assistant. I won't be an intern next year - I'll be getting paid. I can't wait - I've fucked a couple of college girls since I've been here, and they don't know what they're doing. I miss Jo Anne's tongue, cunt and ass already.

She'd invited me to dinner that first night - but we ended up just going to her house and ordering a couple of pizzas. We got all liquored up while we were waiting for the pizza guy. She told me she was married and that her husband was away on business. She told me not to worry because it wouldn't have made any difference anyway because he'd had a girlfriend for years now. Evidently, the two of them didn't spend a lot of time together. She said sometimes they still had sex, but not too often. They had a grown daughter who wasn't married who lived in a neighboring city.

As soon as we got to her house, she'd gone to her room and changed into a pair of really short shorts and a sort of sheer, filmy shirt. Then she'd danced all around the room, bending and shaking and pretty much showing me everything she had.  It was obvious she didn't have any underwear on. I felt my cock getting hard in my pants. The girls I knew didn't do stuff like this.

And then the pizza guy showed up. We ate outside on the patio and watched the sun go down with a pitcher of frozen margheritas. The night air was cool and it made her nipples hard, which had made my dick start to stiffen.

She stood up and took my hand and led me into the house and down the hall to her bedroom. She told me to get undressed as she pulled her shirt over her head and stepped out of her shorts.

Then she dropped to her knees and started licking my cock. She sucked my balls into her warm, wet mouth one at a time and swirled them around with her expert tongue. I grabbed her head and held it in place and shot a load down her throat so fast I was embarrassed. She swallowed it greedily. I wasn't used to that. Most of the girls I knew never swallowed; they gagged and spit it out immediately.

We walked over to the bed and she laid down on her back with her legs spread wide apart. She had a shaved snatch, which sort of fascinated me because I'd never seen a completely bald one before. She pulled her pussy lips wide apart, which shocked me. It was the first time I'd really seen a cunt up close like that because most of the girls I knew were of the sort of shy variety and liked to keep their junk hidden. Her clit was long and fat and wrinkly and I could really smell her pussy.

She sucked on one of her fingers and covered it generously with spit, then she started rubbing her clit with it. A few minutes later, her hips started moving up and down and she was moaning passionately. I couldn't believe it, but my cock was getting hard again.

I buried my head between her smooth thighs and started licking her slick clit. She grabbed my head and mashed her wet cunt into my face and told me to stop licking and start sucking. So I did. I was fucking her sopping pussy with my hard tongue when she started screaming and spasming violently. The next thing I knew, my face was totally drenched in her cunt juices and Jo Anne was limp as a rag. She was also breathing deep and ragged.

After a rapid recovery time, she was snuggling up to me and whispering some of the filthiest things I'd ever heard in my ear. My hard dick was jumping in her hands. She giggled softly as she started stroking it. We played all night long. She had more stamina than any girl I'd ever been with.

Monday morning at work, I noticed a lot of snickering going on behind my back. People stopped talking when I entered the room. After a couple of hours, I confronted my best bud Carl who told me Jo Anne and her appetites were legendary around the office. She'd made a career of hiring good-looking young guys and "showing them the ropes" in more ways than one. Evidently I fit the profile to a tee.

Carl and I had burgers and beers that night and he told me it had been Jo Anne who had introduced him to the joys of anal sex. He suggested I give it a try. He said he'd been wanting to butt fuck someone for ages, but none of the girls he knew would let him put it in her ass. He said Jo Anne practically begged for it. He also told me he'd heard from a couple of other guys that she liked to be spanked - hard - but he wasn't into that so he hadn't even tried. I thought it might be interesting and made a mental note to check it out later.

A few days later, one of the guys from accounting dropped my desk to suggest he and I have a few drinks after work. He wanted to let me know that she had a wild exhibistionistic streak and liked to have sex outside in public places. He said he'd been fascinated with her, but that he'd stopped going out with her because she was a little too wild for his tastes.

Her husband was home that week and their daughter was visiting, so we only saw each other at the office. But we had sex in her office - every single day. And that accountant was right . . . she loved to have sex in public places. So we did it in the storage closet - and she insisted on leaving the door unlocked - which was really exciting to me because it was a busy office and anyone could have opened the door at any time. We also had sex in the parking lot most nights - sometimes in her car and sometimes in mine. And one night when we worked late, she even gave me a blow job right in the middle of the lobby. I popped my cork right away that time.

But I usually spent most evenings with her. The two of us even took a couple of short daytrips together. These little trips gave us the chance to do stuff like have sex in a park, as well as the toilet of a rest stop out on the highway. We were actually interrupted that time by a big, burly trucker who jerked off while he watched us. He squirted his hot load on Jo Anne's ass, which had made her have a massive orgasm immediately.

My birthday came during the first month we spent together, and for my present, she hired another girl to spend the night with us. Needless to say, I'd never been with two girls before. It was definitely a night I'll remember for the rest of my life. They about used my poor dick up - and just the memory of watching these two beautiful women licking each other's shaved pussies and making each other cum made my dick hard for years to come.

I decided to return the favor when it was her birthday. Her secretary told me the week before that her forty-fifth birthday was coming up. I was surprized about that because she didn't look that old - and she sure as shit didn't act like a forty-five year old woman. I asked my best friend Jon to join us in bed. He and I had been friends since pre-school. He was the first kid I'd ever hit. We'd been almost three years old, and he wouldn't give me the truck wanted, so I'd hauled off and smacked him. He still hadn't given me the truck. We'd shared a lot of stuff since then, but we'd never shared a woman.

He and I were both a little spooked and uncomfortable about rolling around naked in bed with another guy there, but Jo Anne grabbed a cock in each hand and suggested we each grab a tittie and start sucking . . . so that's exactly what we did. Before long, all three of us were breathing heavy and deeply involved in Jo Anne's pleasure. I shoved my tongue down her throat while Jon nibbled softly and gently at her neck. I finger-fucked her wet cunt while Jon rammed a couple of fingers into her hot asshole.Then he flipped her over on her belly and positioned the head of his stiff cock right up against her tight little brown asshole and shoved it in with one big push. Jo Anne gave a little scream as he entered, but was soon grunting loudly and began meeting his hard thrusts with her own. Before too long, she was covered in a fine film of shiny sweat. I reached down and started rubbing her hard, fat clit and in no time at all, she was cumming hard - and very loudly, too.Then Jon filled her asshole with a creamy load of jism and I squirted my sticky wad on her face. She winked at me and licked some of my cum off her face with the very tip of her tongue. Later I fucked her hot cunt while she sucked Jon off. Then he and I traded places.

One of the last nights she and I spent together, I decided to check out that spanking business I'd heard about earlier. Many was the night I'd jerked off thinking about spanking her butt. And then she said something I disagreed with, so I pulled her right over my lap. Without a word, I pulled her thin nylon panties down to her knees and started rubbing her nice round asscheeks. Then I started spanking her perfect butt - at first softly but getting harder and harder with each stroke. Her excellent ass was turning bright pink, and I could feel heat coming off it in waves. I could smell her pungent cunt juices. She was taken by completely surprize and began struggling. In no time flat, my cock had gotten amazingly hard. I reached down and touched her cunt and it was hot, slimy and gooey.

So I maneuvered her down onto the thick carpet onto her knees and ordered her to fuck herself with her index finger while she sucked me off. Then I pushed her over onto her back and spread her legs wide. I looked at her beautiful gaping cunt a second or two before I plunged my long, hard cock deep into it. She threw her legs over my shoulders and pulled me down to her. Then she rolled over on top of me and fucked me hard. It was the ride of my life. I thought she was going to fuck my brains out. I couldn't remember ever coming as hard or as much as I did right then.

And so it went for the rest of the summer; for the rest of my internship. I learned a lot about the business. I also learned a lot about women and about sex.

And now it's almost summertime. I can't wait.

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