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My Cock Craving Wife
She's my dirty little whore. - By Travis

Beth, my 26 year old wife of three years, recently confided to me while we were having sex, that she has secret fantasies of fucking a total stranger. Preferably one with a very big cock. Beth's kind of gotten spoiled in the "big cock" department because I've got almost 9" between my legs and am one of, if not THE biggest cock she's ever ridden. She wants to try even larger. But, her fantasies of fucking a total stranger don't require that he be hung, that would just be an added bonus.

So, we decided to make Beth's fantasy become a reality.

She put an ad online on a singles site and her ad was short and sweet: "Married white woman, looking to ride huge cock. Your pic gets mine." Beth is 5'10" and has blonde hair and blue eyes and has a nice curvy body. She would pretty much have her pick of any man that responded to her ad because, well, frankly, she's got a nice body and the looks to match. To top it off she has the most smoking pair of 38DD tits you've ever laid eyes on. They are 100% real and fantastic.

She posted the ad online at around 7:00 p.m. on a Saturday night and when she checked an hour later was amazed to find half a dozen responses. The one guy she picked admitted that he only had "an average size cock" but she thought he was better looking than the rest so she picked him. He agreed to meet her at a local coffee shop to "see if they click" and, if so, he would pay for a hotel room and they could go play.

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As Beth was getting ready I was talking dirty to her and getting her horny as all hell. I was saying things like, "I think you should just meet the guy and say 'Screw the coffee, let's just go get a room, I'm so damn horny.'" I told her that to avoid that awkward moment of "What do we do now" when she got to the hotel room she should just drop to her knees, unzip his pants and startgiving him head. He should take it from there.

My wife looked like a million bucks when she was ready to go. I kissed her deep as I sent her on her way to meet the total stranger that, with any luck, she would be fucking within half an hour. She was nervous but willing and ready to go through with it.

She met him at the local coffee shop and wasn't disappointed when she saw him. He was just as good looking in person as he was online. "Hi, I'm Steve...and you must be Beth?" he said as he greeted her. "I am" she responded, then added, "Why don't we just skip the coffee and small talk and go get a room? I'm pretty damn horny."

That's all Steve needed to hear. He smiled and said, "Fine by me" and asked her if she wanted to ride with him or drive her own car as she followed him. She chose to follow so she would have transportation if he turned into some sort of creep. The hotel he chose was just a block away. They parked and he said to her as she was getting out of her car, "I was kind of optimistic so, truth be told, I've already got a room. It's # 315." She said, "Let's go." As they rode up in the elevator they didn't look at each other or say a thing as they waited for the elevator to stop on the 3rd floor. They got out, walked down the hallway and he opened the door to their room. It was dimly lit by a lamp in the corner and, as he shut the door behind them, my wife wasted no time and took my advice. She dropped to her knees and smiled as she looked up at him and said "Don't mind me but I really want to suck your cock." He just said, "Be my guest" as she undid his pants and pulled out his quickly growing cock. She took his cock in her mouth and bobbed furiously on it like it was the last cock she might ever suck. He moaned his approval as he gently held her head in his hands as his eyes rolled back in his head. " feels so good. God you're a good little cock sucker." After several minutes of sucking the cock of a man she had just barely met, my wife's pussy was soaking wet. She wanted to be fucked so bad she almost ached. She took his cock from her mouth with a slurping sound and said, as she started to unzip her pants, exposing her little black thong, "I want you to fuck my tight pussy and make me your fucking whore." Steve said, "Gladly, lay down on the bed and I'll fuck you like you've never been fucked before you dirty little slut."

Beth loved to be called a slut by the stranger and he could tell by the way her eyes lit up that this was one woman who loved to be talked dirty to. He was going to have fun with this one. The fact that she was married made the experience all the more arousing for him. She removed her thong and took her shirt and bra off in a matter of seconds and plopped down on the bed. She looked at him and said, "Fuck me good and make me moan." He replied with, "After I lick that sweet little pussy of yours." Beth has a nice, pink pussy and has never had kids so it's nice and tight. The stranger got between her legs and lapped at her clit as she let out a moan. "Oh yeahhh...lick my pussy...suck on my clit." He stuck a couple of fingers in her as he continued to lick and suck on her clit. "Oh god, you're gonna make me cum." At that, Steve stopped licking her pussy and told my wife, "Oh, you'll cum but not before you suck my cock some more. Get on your knees and lick my balls and suck my cock some more you fucking whore." She was only too happy to follow his orders. She LOVED to be called a whore and be told what to do by the stranger. As she sucked furiously on his cock she was hornier than ever and wondered if his name was really even Steve. She didn't care. She bobbed on his cock and stopped just long enough to say to him, "I want you to fuck my pussy now and fuck me deep."

His cock was hard as a rock and, although not as big as mine, it was pretty close to 8" she guessed but seemed to be a bit thicker than my cock. She knew he wouldn't fuck her as deep as I do but he would definitely stretch her pussy more than mine. He said to her, "Lay down you dirty little whore and I'll fuck you good. At that Beth was on her back in a heartbeat and she spread her legs wide and said, "Oh yeah, fuck me good, fuck me hard. FUCK ME!"

Steve wasted no time. He climbed on and shoved his cock into her tight pussy in one smooth motion and she gasped for air as she felt his thick cock stretch her hole. "You like to be fucked like that Beth? You like to be fucked deep and hard by a total stranger you fucking little whore?" "OH YES!! FUCK MY PUSSY!!! CALL ME A WHORE AND SHOOT YOUR HOT CUM INSIDE ME!!!"

At that Steve didn't last much longer. He pounded her hard for just a few minutes and started to shudder as he shot a HUGE load of cum deep inside my wife. She started cumming herself when she felt him cum in her pussy and screamed out "OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!!! FUCK MY PUSSY, BABY!!! I'M CUMMING!!!!"

Steve lay on top of her for a minute while they caught their breath and then managed to say, "That. Was. Hot. We have SO gotta do this again sometime. Would that be cool with you?" My wife said, "Oh yeah!"

Within ten minutes Beth had gotten dressed, left the hotel and driven the five minutes to our house. When she walked in the door I could tell that she had gotten fucked and good. "Have fun?" I asked? She said, "Oh yeah." She then spent the next ten minutes telling me all about it. She could see the huge bulge in my pants as she was telling me her story and so she rubbed my hard cock through my pants and said, as she led me to the bedroom by my hand, "Surprisingly, he gave me an orgasm but I could use another."

We wasted no time getting naked and before she had a chance to get on the bed I said, "Show me how you sucked his cock" as I pushed her to her knees. She smiled and knelt in front of me and sucked on my cock and stopped just long enough to say, "He called me a 'good little cock sucker'. God that turned me on." I said, "You ARE a good little cock sucker. You should show other men how good of a cock sucking whore you are more often." I think it turned her on when I said that because she started furiously bobbing on my shaft as she stroked what wouldn't fit into her mouth with her hand. "Whoa, not so fast, baby, I don't wanna cum yet."

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and she laid down on the bed. As I started to kiss her neck she whispered to me, "I want you to go down on me and lick his cum out of my pussy." Frankly, the though of going down on my wife less than half an hour after another guy shot his load in her was a real turn on. It turns out, it was an even bigger turn on for my wife. As I started to lick her clit and then stick my tongue as far into her pussy as I could she moaned and said, "Oh yeah, baby, lick my pussy, lick all his cum out of me." My chin was dripping with her juices combined with the cum of the guy she had just been fucked by and I could tell that she was getting close to cumming. I stopped just long enough to look into her eyes and say, "Does it turn you on to have another guy fuck you and make me lick his cum out of you, baby?" She said, "OH GOD YES!" At that she started to cum and I could feel her pussy throbbing as I continued to lap up the other guys cum that continued to drip out of her soaking wet pussy."

When she finished cumming I wiped my mouth off and climbed on top of her and thrust my 9" rock hard cock deep inside her. She let out a gasp as I drilled her pussy deep and started fucking her hard. She loved to be, as she called it, "slam fucked". She loved to feel my balls slapping her on the ass as I pounded away at her wet pussy. Even more, something that the man she had just got back from fucking had discovered, my wife loved dirty talk.

"I hope you showed that guy tonight what a dirty little whore you are. Did he fuck you in the ass, baby?" I said as I continued to fuck her pussy. "No, but I wish he would have." I said, "Well, I'll just have to talk to him and tell him that he needs to fuck you in the ass next time, you fucking whore." She said, "Oh yeah, I loved to be fucked by a guy I just met. That was so hot. When he called me a 'little whore' I about came right then and there." "Well", I replied, "You ARE a good little whore and I hope you sucked his cock the minute you got there and begged him to cum in your pussy. Next time he fucks you, I think you should have him pull out and cum in your mouth." She moaned, "Oh yeah, baby...I'm gonna cum again...OH GOD OH GOD FUCK MY PUSSY HARD OH FUCK BABY FUCK ME HARD!!!" as she came two more times, one right after the other.

This just happened last week but my wife really wants to find a good looking guy with a HUGE (at least 10") cock but, the problem is, either the guys have big cocks and are ugly or they are good looking with small or average cocks. Surely there is a good looking guy with a BIG cock that would love to fuck my slutty wife like she wants to be fucked. Isn't there?

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