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Kelly Fucked Her Sister's Husband
My brother in law has a big cock. - By Kelly

I've been doing something naughty and I need to tell someone.

My name is Kelly and I live in Clearwater Florida.  My secret?  I'm fucking my sister's husband.

My husband Travis and I have been married for 5 years. We have two young kids.  Angel is my little sister. She and her husband Lonnie live about a mile from us.  They got married last April. I was Angel's Maid of Honor. We are very close.

Lonnie and my husband have become best friends.  They play golf together on the weekends. We all hang out and do stuff together. 

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Kelly's Naughty Pictures

Angel and Lonnie met at college. She was a cheerleader and he was a wrestler.  Lonnie has wavy blonde hair and big blue eyes.  He has big muscular arms and a body to die for.   

One day this summer I was over at their house while Lonnie was cutting the grass with his shirt off.  He came in to grab a beer.  He was standing next to me with sweat dripping off his chest and his tight flat stomach.  He was close enough to touch.... or lick.

He put his hand on my shoulder. I swear I got so fucking dizzy I almost fainted.  I couldn't help but notice the bulge in the crotch of his shorts.  I remember Angel bragging to me about Lonnie's huge cock when they first started going out.  She said he was the best fuck she ever had. My sister is sooo lucky.

Me? I wouldn't know what a big cock feels like.  The two guys I had been with besides my husband were both pinky dicks.  Travis is about average I guess.

A few months ago Travis got promoted to supervisor.  The extra money was nice, but that meant Travis had to go to the afternoon shift.  I hardly see him during the week now. I'm usually asleep by the time he gets home from work.  Our sex life was shit before he went to second shift, now it is completely dead.

I survive by watching pornos and using one of my dildos.  I started fantasizing regularly about Lonnie after the lawn mowing incident.  I even went to the dildo shop and bought a bigger dildo so I could imagine what it felt like to have him inside me.

I started flirting with Lonnie when he came over on the weekend to pick up Travis to play golf.  Lonnie always gives me a hug and kiss when he comes by. He calls me "sis".  Whenever my husband is out of the room the kisses tend to last a little longer.

I started making sure I had on a tight t-shirt when Lonnie came over and no bra.  I fantasized constantly about how I could seduce him.  I would have my chance soon enough.

One Wednesday afternoon my washing machine sprung a leak.  I called my husband at work and asked him if I should call a plumber.  He said to call Lonnie to see if he would come over and look at it on his way home.  

Lonnie is pretty handy. He built a huge deck on the back of their house this summer.  As I would find out, Lonnie is good at just about everything.  Lonnie was only minutes away when I called his cell phone.  He quickly found the problem which was a cracked hose.  He ran to Lowes and picked up a new one and came back and installed it.

My hero.

I stood close to him in the laundry room as we ran the washer through a cycle to make sure it wasn't leaking.  I hugged Lonnie and told him how much I appreciated his help.  He hugged me back, "no problem sis", and we kissed.  I decided that I wasn't going to be the one to stop kissing.

Apparently Lonnie was on the same page. The kiss continued for what seemed like minutes.  Then I opened my mouth. Lonnie pulled me close and opened his mouth.  Our tounges met and my pussy juices began to flow like a fountain.  My nipples became as hard as marbles and Lonnie's hands found their way under my shirt.

He cupped my bare tits and rolled his fingers across my nipples.  We continued to kiss and it felt like electricity was shooting through my body.  The laundry room door was open and my two boys were nearby.  I stopped Lonnie and told him to wait for me.

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I ran out and put a movie in the DVD player and told the boys to stay in the family room.  I ran back to Lonnie and closed the laundry room door.  We picked up where we left off. I could see that his huge cock was hard and pressing against his Dockers.

I dropped to my knees and began to unbuckle Lonnie's pants. He leaned back against the washing machine.  "Wait, Kelly" he said. It was the first time he called me Kelly in a long time.  "You have to promise me that Angel will never find out about this, and you have to promise this won't affect our friendship".  "I PROMISE", I said. I pulled his khakis and briefs down with one quick pull.

His enormous hard cock sprang out just inches from my mouth.  I helped him step out of his pants and wrapped my hand around the thick shaft.  My other hand cupped his balls and I eased the swollen head into my mouth.  I had been dreaming about this moment for months and it was playing out better than I could ever have hoped.

Lonnie's cock was so big that I had to use my hand and mouth together to give him a proper blowjob.  He moaned and sighed and I could feel his balls tighten.  I wanted to make him cum, but I wanted his cock inside my pussy.  I had waited so long for this moment. I wasn't sure if I would ever have another chance.

I stopped and looked up at Lonnie and begged him to fuck me.  Lonnie pulled me up pushed the laundry on my folding table to the side.  He bent me over the counter and yanked my jeans and panties off.  He used his foot to kick my legs apart.  I could feel the head of his enormous cock pressing against my drenched pussy.

I took a deep breath as he slid inside and filled my pussy.  Oh my God! It felt amazing.  He pumped against me slowly and steadily but the pace got quicker and harder.  Lonnie held me firmly around the waist as he fucked me.  It felt so good to be totally controlled and penetrated.

I was glad I had been stretching my pussy with that big dildo the past few weeks.

I begin to cum first. My legs started to shake.  I buried my face in some clean towels so I could scream out loud.   A moment later Lonnie started to cum. He grunted and plowed his cock into my pussy as far as it would go.  The pressure against my cervix was intense, almost painful.

I could feel the warm cum as it filled my pussy and mixed with my juices.  The cum dripped down my legs.  I continued to lay on the counter panting for a full minute as Lonnie kissed the back of my neck and back.  I fondled his cock with my right hand. He was still hard.

I wanted to take him to my bedroom and ride that beautiful cock, but the kids were yelling for me to make them something to eat.

Lonnie and I put ourselves back together without speaking or looking at each other.  Once we were dressed and I was ready to open the door I looked him in the eys and asked him, "Any regrets".  He responded without hesitation. "HELL NO, I've been wanting to fuck you since I first laid eyes on you."

Lonnie and I have had sex four more times since then.  He comes over after I get the kids in bed and before Travis gets off work.  He tells Angel he's playing poker with some guys from work.

I really could care less if my husband found out about me and Lonnie, but I would die if my sister knew I was fucking her husband.  We are being very careful not to get caught.

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