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Naughty Step Mom
I fucked my step son. - By Diane

I’ve been married to Brian for 2 years. We have a pretty normal life in Decatur, Illinois. We get each other. Brian has been married once before, and I’ve been married twice. We both have teenage kids from our previous marriages: Brian and Megan.

I awoke all of the sudden in the dead of the night. I couldn’t tell what exactly had woken me, but I lay there for a while, unable to fall back asleep. I thought I’d go downstairs, get a drink, and surf my favorite porn sites until I got tired again.

I was really quiet because I didn’t want to wake Brian, and I kept remained silent all the way down the hall and down the steps. As I turned toward the living room, I got quite an eyeful.

In the dim light of the living room lamp, I saw my stepson Joel leaning back on the couch with his arms crossed behind his head. His eyes were closed, his pants were bunched up at his ankles, and his legs were spread apart. Between them was the back of a head that I knew quite well. My seventeen-year-old daughter Megan was on her knees in her pink pajama bottoms and a tight tank top. She was giving her stepbrother head.

Some mothers would have flown off the handle, I guess, but I stayed silent and watched as Megan took long slow strides down his shaft. As I watched her please him, I thought of her having trouble getting the bus in the morning, and always scamming rides from Brian. It made a little more sense now.

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I let him enjoy her services for a few minutes before I snuck into the kitchen, made some noise, and entered the room from the side. Brian and Megan had pulled on their clothes and were trying to look innocent, but my daughter was still crouched on the floor and Brian was bright red.

“I saw what you were doing,” I said as sternly as I could, wondering if Brian noticed my hard nipples through my threadbare t-shirt, if he could smell the juices oozing from my pussy. I wondered if my daughter was good at giving head. He certainly seemed to be enjoying her.

Both of the kids turned bright red and started explaining themselves. Of course, they were talking over each other and not making any sense, feeding me bullshit. I ordered them to their rooms and told them not to do it again. Megan stood up quickly and stormed to her room, slamming the door behind her. Brian took his time standing up and ambling over to the downstairs bedroom. He zipped his fly and checked out my body as he walked by me.

Brian lived with mom about 50 miles away in Springfield, but he’d been staying with us every weekend for about six months now. I wondered what the hell an eighteen-year-old boy was doing spending every weekend with his father and stepmom, but now I was pretty sure I got what he liked so much about our house.

I got a drink of lemonade and parked my butt at the computer, opening up my favorites folder. I contemplated setting up a secret camera in my living room so that I could tape the little fuckers getting it on. They were both good-looking kids. Brian was tall, dark, and handsome, with an athletic body. Megan looked a lot like me: blond and thin with big bouncy tits. The truth was, I’d been fantasizing about Brian for months now. I imagined coming home to find him alone in the house jerking off to his father’s porno magazines or into my underwear drawer, but those were only fantasies. Now that I’d gotten a view of his actual shlong, I knew my fantasies were going to get even more raunchy and involved. I had taken a good long look at my stepdick, and I was impressed. I got why my daughter couldn’t resist. I visited my favorite sites and clicked on the older woman/ younger guy stories, fingering myself lightly at first. Brian’s bedroom was only one door away from me, and I kept imaging him watching me from the keyhole. I huffed and puffed louder than I needed to, hoping that he would wake up.

When I did finally hear a sound, it was my husband. He was watching me with a shocked expression on his face.

“What if you wake the kids?” he asked.

“I’m sure they’ve seen it all before,” I said.

“Oh yeah?” he said. I saw his dick straining against his boxer briefs. I smiled, and he gave it a little rub, then pulled down his briefs and flashed his member at me. I had already pulled my pajamas off to finger myself, so I was sitting there in nothing but a flimsy t-shirt. I spread my legs to show him a view of my sopping wet pussy. I’d been rubbing it for an hour and still hadn’t cum.

Brian got on his knees in front of me and started eating my pussy. He was excellent at it—really if he had a specialty, this was it. This made up for his lack of size in the cock department. Joel’s naked cock flashed through my mind because, unlike his father, Joel had a nice-sized cock. I pictured him and Megan again just as Brian began to dart his thick tongue in and out of my hole.

I threw my head back and breathed hard, imagining that Joel was watching us. I came to the rhythm of the squeaking office chair. When I was finished, Brian lifted me up by my hand. He sat on the office chair and pulled me on top of him. My sopping cunt slid right over his hard cock and I let out a little whimper. He spun the chair around loudly, sending an electric surge through my pussy, and then I hooked my feet into the bottom of the chair and started bouncing up and down on his cock.

He grunted and closed his eyes, so I knew it wouldn’t be long until he was cumming. I knew Brian like the back of my hand. The chair stopped turning so that Brian’s back was to Joel’s bedroom, and I saw that Joel was watching us from the cracked door. He was hardly visible. I stared so he knew I knew he was there. I watched him as I fucked his daddy, and I squeezed my pussy as tight as I could.

“Oh Jesus,” Brian kept saying.

“Is my cunt tight enough for you?” I said as I stared at Joel.

“Oh fuck yes,” he answered as I pumped.

“How bout my tits, you like ‘em?” I pulled my shirt over my head. They bounced up and down in his face,

“I love your beautiful tits,” he said, and he bit my nipple. I watched as the crack got a little wider, and suddenly I saw that Joel was jacking off to this scene.

“You think I’m as good as my daughter?” I asked. This was a little game Brian and I liked to play. We liked to pretend that I just came in and found him fucking my daughter. After I yelled at him for a while, I fucked him. He thought it was amazing that I was okay with his fantasy. Now, as I said it, I saw Joel’s eyes widen like he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The crack vanished and I knew he was cumming. Brian let out a little scream and he began to shoot hot loads of jiz into me. I kept pumping and pressing my tits in his face. I was pretending he was Joel.

We went to bed then, and I kept rubbing the folds of my pussy as I drifted off. I kept thinking of Joel and wondering.

The next day, I woke up and found Joel alone in the kitchen eating his breakfast. I was still wearing my thin t-shirt. My face reddened as I remembered the night before. He didn’t seem embarrassed at all.

“Morning, mom,” he said sarcastically.

“Morning, son.”

“Rough night?”

“Hardly got any sleep at all.”

He ate and I drank my coffee in silence. I was looking over a column in the paper when I felt his knee pushing between my knees. I let them open easily and looked up to see Joel staring at my tits. He moved his gaze up to my face and moved his chair so that he was next to me. He put his hand right into my crotch and began to finger me. I wondered if I was still dreaming. I looked at him, and we stared into each other’s eyes as he finger-fucked me. It was like we were daring each other to point out how wrong this was, but neither of us said anything.

When we heard footsteps bounding down the steps, we pulled apart and pretended to ignore each other. My daughter bounced into the kitchen and blushed when she saw us both there. She made herself something to eat and ran back upstairs. I was hoping Joel would stick his finger in my pussy again, or his cock for that matter, but then Brian entered the kitchen.

There was always someone around. For the rest of the weekend, whenever Joel and I were alone, someone always busted into the room and hovered. There was this charged attraction between us. I wanted to fuck him in the worst way, and I knew he felt the same, but we just couldn’t get alone.

When he went back to his mom’s, I was relieved. I could finally think straight and get shit done. When the next weekend rolled around, I was drinking tea on the couch, on the very spot where I had watched my daughter suck Joel’s cock. The phone rang. It was Brian.

“Honey, Joel is down at the train station. He needs a ride.”

“This is early,” I said. Megan wasn’t even home from school yet. I figured Joel must have skipped his afternoon classes to get here this early. “I’ll go get him.” I jumped in the car and drove to the train station. Joel waited with his backpack. He looked hotter than ever, and my pussy went into achy spasms.

“Mom,” he said.

“You’re home early,” I said.

“Well, maybe we could stop off for a bite to eat.”

Megan would be home any minute so home wasn’t safe. We were driving a long road surrounded on either side by woods when Brian unzipped my pants and let his thick fingers explore my pussy the way he had at the breakfast table.

“I’ve been thinking about you all week,” he said as I pulled off to the side of the road and put the car in park, “ever since I watched you fuck my dad.”

I turned to him and pulled off my top. I wasn’t wearing anything underneath so my tits bounced free. He buried his face in them and sucked on my nipples just like his daddy liked to do.

“I’ve been thinking about you too,” I whispered. He pulled his face away, unzipped his pants, and freed that giant schlong of his.

“It’s been hard all week,” he said. “I jerked off like five times, but it won’t go down.”

I grabbed that cock and started jerking him off. He leaned back in the passenger seat and said that he wanted me to get up on him and fuck him like he had seen me do to his dad. I was wearing a short little flouncy skirt—a loan from Megan—and nothing underneath. I moved over to the passenger side and straddled him.

He grunted just like his father and buried his face in my tits again. He grabbed my hips and guided me in just the right direction.

“Oh shit yeah,” he said as I rode him. Cars passed us on the road and I kept telling him what a good little boy he was, pleasing me like this. After he came in me once, he told me to get in the backseat. He told me to bend over so he could fuck me doggie style. He came on my back and then asked if I’d suck his dick. I couldn’t believe he had more cum to offer, but I kneeled on the seat and bent over to suck his cock. I knew all the things his daddy liked best and I did them for Joel.

Soon, he was shooting his hot juice down my throat, holding my head down to take it all in. I sucked him dry until his grasp released. Then I sat up and asked him, “Better than Megan?”

He was out of breath, so he just nodded. We pulled ourselves together and got back into our proper places for the drive home. Once we got there, we found Brian and Megan in the kitchen, starting dinner. I realized then that they both must have passed us on the side of the road. They must have driven by when Joel and I were too busy fucking to notice.

Joel squeezed my ass, and I ran to kiss Brian. I hoped he couldn’t taste the salty flavor of jiz on my tongue. I turned around just in time to see Joel winking at Megan. She licked her lips, and he smiled.

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Diane fucked her step son

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