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The Naughty Nanny
My husband and I fucked our Nanny. - By Leslie

Most people would look at my life from the outside and think that it’s perfect.  My husband and I are young, attractive professionals, he a CFO at an international marketing firm and I a trial attorney on the up and up.  We own a palatial estate in Alpharetta’s most exclusive gated community, wear only the finest tailored suits to work, exchange our Lexus and Ranger Rover in for the newest model every year, and hobnob with all of society’s upper crust citizens at ritzy fundraisers.  

One big fairy tale, right?  Wrong.  As perfect as things might’ve looked from the outside, something was still missing.  Bryan and I were all work, no play.  We had been high school sweethearts and it felt as if we’d known each other for so long and had grown so comfortable in our relationship that the passion fizzled.  We were like best friends who happened to live in the same house, and the sex, which happened rarely, was routine and boring.  

One summer evening, at Dr. R’s annual black-tie gala, I overheard a conversation between the doctor’s wife and a few girlfriends about the Russian baby they’d adopted.  Apparently, adopting babies from Russia is very PC, and having baby Aleksandr in the house turned out to be just what the Dr. and Mrs. needed to spice things up some.  Three months later Bryan and I were on a plane to Russia to pick up our new baby girl Natalia.  We fell in love with the blue-eyed, fair-skinned infant instantly.  

I’d arranged for a two-month leave of absence from work and Bryan took to rushing straight home from the office just to spend time with his “two beautiful girls.”  Nights of feeding Natalia and tucking her into her crib were followed by sessions of passionate love-making.  As soon as we hit the bed we’d rip into each other, Bryan pulling my hair and me gripping his backside and pushing his rock hard dick inside of me as if I were starving for it.  Our younger days were full of hot sex, but never was it so intense, with me straddling him and us both sitting up, pressing mouth to mouth and chest to chest, dripping wet with sweat and moving in unison as his throbbing cock probed my deepest recesses.  The only sound in the room was heavy breathing and low, deep moaning as we intuitively worked our way toward orgasm.  I get hot now just thinking about it.

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As our two month post-adoption honeymoon drew to an end, I knew it was time to hire a nanny.  The ladies in my morning walking club recommended I search for a good fit.  Most of them had live-in nannies for their children, and they practically snubbed their noses at me when I told them I wouldn’t be hiring a live-in, but rather someone just to watch little Natalia while Bryan and I were working.  “Oh, but honey,” they said, “you’re going to be so exhausted after work.  You’re not going to want to change diapers and run bath water!”  I thought it was silly that they thought taking care of my baby would be too much for me.  After all, I did have a housekeeper.  What else would I want to do after a hard day’s work than spend time with my little girl and big man, reading books and having bath time?  Little did the old hens in my walking group know that those sorts of activities were exactly what drew Bryan and me closer together.  I was being fucked to high heaven almost every single night, and I didn’t need to hire a pool boy for it.  I wondered how many of my walking club friends actually got laid by their paunch-bellied, mistress-keeping husbands.  I pitied them.  I really did have it all.  And I was about to get more.

The week I interviewed nannies seemed to be one of the longest of my life.  None of the women seemed perfect for my little girl, but Bryan and I were able to narrow it down to two that were at least good enough and we were holding out on making a decision while we slept on it a few nights.  That’s when I came across the profile of a girl named Andrea.  She’d just registered with the service after the family she’d been working for moved out of state.  Her bright, friendly eyes caught my attention, but it was the paragraph about herself that really drew me in.  It was obvious that she really loved children and she had the experience to back it up, plus she’d been raised by her Russian grandmother and spoke a little Russian!  I loved the thought of exposing Natalia to her heritage and immediately scheduled a meeting with Andrea for later that day.

The first thing I noticed about the nineteen year old was that she was quite tiny.  She had a beautiful figure, though, and dressed more scantily than I would’ve thought appropriate for an interview:  a plaid schoolgirl skirt, a tight white polo-type shirt, and high-heeled Mary Janes.  For some reason Andrea’s outfit did not throw me off.  It was still very hot out that time of September and the cute skirt really suited her and her youthful demeanor.  I offered her a tea and then led her into the family room for the interview.  It was clear to me when Andrea spoke that she was an intelligent girl, and when she smiled that she was a genuine person.  I knew by the end of the interview she was the one.  When all of her references checked out, I was more than excited to call and ask her to start the next week.  

That night I told Bryan I’d found the perfect nanny.  I described how cute she was, down to her high pony-tail and tiny little waist.  He asked me to continue describing her body while he undressed me and slipped his hands into my panties.  It became a game.  The more I embellished on Andrea’s soft tits and tight ass, the wetter I got and the more voraciously Bryan fondled my engorged clit.  I asked him to pretend I was the nanny.  That’s when he spread my legs open and licked my tender, young pussy while I all too gladly sucked his warm, eager cock.  Once we were worked into a frenzy, he flipped me onto my stomach and thrust his dick into my creamy cunt until we were both wet with cum.  We fell asleep naked and locked together and, for the first time since she’d arrived in our home, Natalia slept through the night.

Bryan called in late Monday morning in order to meet and greet Andrea and, just as I’d anticipated, he instantly approved.  Natalia approved also, going straight into her new nanny’s outstretched arms and giggling with delight at the unfamiliar words Andrea enthusiastically trilled, “moya sladkaya!”  Meaning “my sweetheart” in Russian, “moya sladkaya” became Andrea’s pet name for Natalia and the two became inseparable.  I liked being greeted by Andrea’s bright eyes when she arrived at our front door every morning, and seeing how much she and Natalia loved each other etched for her a special place in my heart.  Bryan and I didn’t mind that she often wore little more than a tank top and short-shorts to work, or that her braless, prominent nipples called out for our attention.  It was like a private joke between the two of us that we acted out in the bedroom quite often.  At one point, I even revealed to Bryan that our nanny game went further than just play-acting – that I actually had a real-life fantasy about getting physical with our real-life nanny.  Bryan admitted that he, too, had daydreamed about seducing Andrea and that he sometimes masturbated in the shower while imagining us in a threesome.  I was sexually adventurous enough in college to know what to do with a woman, and even with a woman and a man (or two), but seducing my child’s nineteen year old caregiver was out of the question.  After all, Natalia was our top priority and we didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize a relationship with someone our baby loved so much.

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It must’ve been close to one o’clock in the morning when Bryan and I were awoken by a call from the Fulton County Jail.  This was about three months into Andrea’s employment with us and she was like a family member, but I was still surprised that she had used her one and only call to contact us.  It made me sad that Andrea didn’t have anyone else she could lean on.  I couldn’t imagine what she’d done to land herself in jail but it didn’t matter.  Within minutes Bryan and I were dropping Natalia off at her grandmother’s and rushing to bail out our nanny.

Andrea ran into my arms when she was released, sobbing and apologizing and thanking us for “saving” her.  It took a while for me to get the full story out of her, but when she finally fessed up I was shocked.  She’d been working the VIP room at a strip club for the two months following her grandmother’s death.  She needed tuition money for nursing school and when her grandmother passed she became fully responsible for taking care of herself.  Knowing she could make big bucks quickly if she worked on her customers at the strip club, she began offering after-hours sex for money.  Her big mistake was approaching the wrong guy; the undercover cop she solicited didn’t hesitate to arrest her on the spot, and in a most humiliating way.  Andrea finished telling her story, head held low, and then through teary eyes whimpered, “I understand why you have to fire me.  But please just give Natalia a big kiss and hug and tell her I love her.”  My heart melted for her.  And there was no way we were going to fire her for doing what she had to do to survive and then turning to us for help.  The following day I hired the best attorney around – a good friend of mine – and he got Andrea off on a technicality.  Unfortunately, Andrea continued to work the VIP room.

Things after that night were idyllic between me, Bryan and Andrea.  There was a closeness between us that felt good and right.  My attraction to her grew so strong that at times I had to fight myself not to kiss her on the mouth as we said our seven p.m. goodbyes.  Bryan felt the same way and our sex at night became wild and aggressive, painted with erotic talk of our fantasies with Andrea.  We’d both grown so horny for her that there was nothing to do but take it out on each other with reckless abandon.  Sometimes we fucked, sucked and rubbed until we were delightfully raw, but it still wasn’t enough.  One Friday, on a particularly tipsy couple’s night out, we made the half-drunken decision to pay a visit to our girl in the strip club.

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It was hard to pick Andrea out of the crowd in the smoky, strobe-lit club, so we told the first girl we saw that we wanted to request a lap dance from Andrea.  The drugged face staring back at us uttered a sarcastic, “you mean Mischa?”  (Of course Andrea had a Russian stage name.)  We assured the bowlegged stripper that we did, in fact mean Mischa before she led us to a VIP room in the back and sat us next to each other in plush red chairs.  I was just about to chicken out when Andrea walked in.  I knew her well enough to recognize the flush of embarrassment on her face, even as she played it cool.  But then she braved up, and I saw a side of her I’d never seen before but only imagined: a strong, sexual woman ready to feast.  She approached me first, tucking her face into my neck and then my cleavage, inhaling deeply as if to take in my scent.  Then she lowered her head into my lap, pushed my short skirt up with her chin, cupped her mouth to my crotch and exhaled hot breath through my silk underwear, making my pussy wet.  When Bryan placed his hand between her legs she rose to face me and said, “I’ve wanted this for so long.”  She then kissed my mouth tenderly, trailing my lips with her soft tongue, before moving over to straddle my eager partner.  It was an intense moment, seeing Bryan and Andrea lock gazes as she slid her open crotch around his penis, which was clearly erect through his slacks.  I moved my panties aside and began fingering myself, growing hornier by the second as I watched them grind to the music, his large hands cupping her supple ass and his face buried in her soft breasts.  After what seemed like only seconds, the bouncer signaled that our time was up.  Andrea agreed to go to our house after work for a nightcap, then Bryan and I rushed to the car where we fucked like wild animals in the back seat.

Our first night as a threesome was everything I could’ve fantasized about.  The three of us explored every inch of each others’ bodies in perfect harmony.  Andrea’s tongue prodded and tickled my pussy so lovingly while she took every inch of Bryan’s stone-hard penis into her with delight.  And I, in turn, couldn’t wait to lap up her sweet juices.  It was heaven.  All three of us came again and again and wrapped up our sex-fest with sweet admonitions of how much we’d fantasized about each other.  The night ended with a pact that Bryan and I would take care of Andrea financially and help her achieve her dreams on the condition that she quit her stripping job and continue to care for Natalia as she always had.  Andrea agreed and was thrilled at the prospect of such a wonderful new life in the guest suite of our home.

Three months have passed and things are better now than ever.  Natalia is growing bigger and more beautiful by the day.  Andrea is in school and thriving.  Bryan goes to work every day with the knowledge that he is being fucked every night in a world-class fashion and I’ve never had better sex or better companionship than that provided for by my husband and my new sister-wife.  Life really is perfect now in our mini-mansion behind the gates . . . and I don’t think the bed in Andrea’s guest suite has been slept on yet.

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